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Media Gloats Over Decline of the Family - Why?

September 21, 2012


(left, wicked nuclear family, marked for extinction.)

The Canadian mass media's glee over the decline of the family exposes its true satanic (i.e. "revolutionary") Communist corporate roots.  

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

When passenger trains collide, you don't see the mass media doing high-fives.

When unemployment soars, the media will still adopt a somber tone.

When hurricanes wreak havoc, the presstitutes still know up from down. It is not good.

So when the 2011 Canadian census shows marriage and family in decline, why is the media positively giddy?

 "The Canadian Family is in Transition" the headlines boast. "Blended Families becoming the national norm." "Same-sex unions the fastest group of married couples." "Childless Couples Outnumber Families." (taken from Ottawa Citizen  Sept 20, pp. A2-A3)

Something that should cause alarm is unanimously welcomed as progress. Why? 

"Traditional nuclear families--married couples with children now make up less than a third of families, 31.9%," one reporter crowed. "That's well down from 37.4% in the 2001 census."

 "Social conservatism is dead!" he said.

What did the nuclear family do to earn such contempt? 

Why is a man and a woman falling in love, getting married, staying together and raising their children, so threatening? 

Why is raising children in a wholesome and stable environment, with parents as gender role models, so repugnant?

I'll tell you why. Because the nuclear family is the most healthy arrangement for procreation.  

Humanity, especially the West, is satanically possessed. Satanism is the inversion of good and evil, truth and lies, healthy and sick. That's why degradation is considered progress.

The lowly nuclear family stands in the way of the New World Order. 

Ultimately, like homosexuals, we are meant to have sex but not children.The State will take over reproduction. This is behind the push to mainstream homosexuality.


The central banking cartel  holds the world in its thrall through "debt. It consists of Cabalist Jews and Freemasons joined in a satanic cult called the Illuminati. Its mission is to replace God with the symbol of their rebellion, Lucifer.

The essence of the New World Order is for us to worship Satan instead of God. That's the "New" part.

The central banking cartel controls big business. Big business controls government and media. Both induct society into the lower ranks of the Illuminati as serfs/cattle. 

The bankers want to translate their monopoly over credit into a monopoly over everything. Marriage and the family must be destroyed because people get identity and meaning from family roles. Family must go (along with nation, race and religion) before we can assume our new identity.

The destruction of the family is a tenet of the Illuminati Communist |Manifesto. 

Communism has always been about monopoly capitalism, where the central bankers, fronted by the state, own and control everyone and everything.

Despite the rhetoric, that's where we're headed. And the mass media is designed to get us there. 


This article contains the latest census figures and reflects the general liberal Masonic spin.
The National Post is a Neo Con i.e. Zionist newspaper. It shows their "conservatism" is skin deep.

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Comments for "Media Gloats Over Decline of the Family - Why?"

Oliver said (September 22, 2012):

Until recently I was the one to shake my head at people who would give up easily. But within the recent two years, I went from being still a majority (as a German in Germany) to being minority. Same in public transportation. I´m now minority. When I was a child here I was somewhat an outsider because I didn´t speak the thick native accent and didn´t have 5 generations going back in the same city. This place has been raped within a few decades without firing a single shot.

I ordered some noodles and had to repeat several times, because hardly anyone around would understand much German language. I observed other Germans being slightly annoyed because they have to repeat everything a few times and slowly, even in recently very traditional places. As a delivery truck driver on bigger construction sites, if I ask anything to the workers around, they look at me mute, almost shocked about my incomprehensible language.

Manners, attitudes and cultured behaviours are on a downward track. My mother says, she regularly gets responses like "fuck off old c**t" from migrants, when she dares say something like "let people first step out of the subway before you step in".

German women seem to prefer migrants here. The migrants seem to still have more testosterone. I remember the old black and white pictures when German men still had these abundant beards. With decades of xenoestrogens (plastics), vaccinations (sterilization), chemtrails (debilitation), combat feminism, pesticides (feminizing pests ... and humans), socially engineered gender wars, and a permanent guilt trip, those times are gone. Lots of homosexuals, "nice" sissy men and fear of political correctness.

With the current trend, the German people will be history within 2 generations (or maybe 15 - 20 years). The people do not want to be helped or informed. They defend their brainwashing with indignation and disgust about my "conspiracy theories". Maybe just one out of 50 can see the den of vipers, scribes and hypocrites behind the curtain writing the scripts for the showdown.

My comment is probably too long for publication, but really within the recent months I lost some hope that the european peoples could still resist or even survive the onslaught of the nwo. Your website is among the "intellectual refuges" for me with lots of rational and sane observations as well as independent research.

PS said (September 22, 2012):

Henry, here is some in-your-face illuminati mind control programming. There are adds all over NYC for a new tv show called THE NEW NORMAL. It has a picture of 4 people; 3 guys and a girl. "4 people, 3 relationships" it says.

One couple is heterosexual, the guy is also obviously bisexual, and the partner with whom he has a relationship has another gay relationship! How disgusting. And they want everyone to now call this NORMAL.

See my article Illuminati mind control in psych drugs music & education at

Please post this article too. It has really important warnings about the music they play everywhere and the demonic cursing going on over the masters of all the pop music at the record labels; this is what is creating so much mental illness & conditioning, in addition to the psych drugs which hypnotize everyone, and fluoridated water. Does Canada have fluoridated water? 65% of the US & UK do; europe banned it. It is mass drugging, used by the nazis to make prisoners docile. It is the ingredient in rat poison. Toothepastes with it say to call poison control if swallowed. Fluoride is the main ingredient in all the anti-psychotic and anti-depressants. It causes canc-, bone fractures, brain damage. The illuminati are using it for mind control and genocide.

Dan said (September 22, 2012):

While media cheers the nuclear family's decline, they're doing the same to anybody that's taking a stand for normalcy.

"Chick-fil-A Bows to Pressure From Same-Sex Marriage Groups"

What kind of pressure makes a billionaire family back off? Their business soared off the chart when they stood up for the nuclear family.

The story goes that a City alderman in Chicago (Joe Moreno) and officials in other big gay enclaves threatened to use their clout to block building permits, and no doubt create a host of other licensing and inspection gestapos to destroy the restaurant chain.

It boggles my mind that a City alderman anywhere is allowed by law to attack a private business over an opinion. Is political incorrectness against the law yet?

Len said (September 21, 2012):

Another solid article exposing the extreme evil & satanic agenda of the NWO, Henry.

There's only one solution: we who are aware and reasonably sane about what is going on in
a world that is basically run by luciferians and flat-out pagan satanists & money-worshipers,
MUST invest our time & lives in upholding Christian values relating to family and society.

If those values of Faith, Hope, and Love are lost: ALL is lost.

Ray said (September 21, 2012):

I think the best option these days is for men who want to be fathers to choose women who are likely to give them access to the kids post-divorce. On the bright side, the new Family Relations Act that takes effect in British Columbia in March gives much more weight to the child's wishes in terms of parenting time than the current Family Relations Act, which dates back to the early '70s. B.C. copied their new law from one in Alberta, where apparently it has been helpful in keeping both parents in the child-rearing picture post-separation. We have go with the flow, Henry. Not much choice.

Al Thompson said (September 21, 2012):

I have the solution to this problem. I would encourage every married couple to have two extra children more than what they had planned. I won't
hurt to have a few spare children around, plus the joy children bring into a family. Make more babies, they already know what to do, just make it happen. Men, learn to make more money so the wife can stay at home, and never let your children be taught by these nazi-knuckleheads. I would also suggest just shutting off the television. I don't have one anymore and life is glorious without listening to communist drivel 24/7. So, there's your solution: Make More Babies.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at