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"Inception" - Illuminati Want Our Dreams Too

July 31, 2010

"The personal is the political" -Feminist Communist slogan.

By Paul Sandu
(abridged for 

INCEPTION is a new blockbuster movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It has been dubbed a Science Fiction action thriller but it may be more appropriate to call it a Psych - Fiction action mystery movie. The premise  is that technology has made it possible to extract information from other peoples' dreams. 

DiCaprio is Dorn Cobb, an 'Extractor', a modern day dream robber. The  movie has a feel of a synchronized swimming drill, where everyone plays their part as choreographed, but there is a sense of unreality that makes it impossible to fully relate to any of the characters. There are plenty of car chases, big explosions, and fantastical landscapes and cityscapes; it may be more accurate to term these dreamscapes since they are not to be found in the real world.

The catchphrase on all the promo materials for the film reads: YOUR MIND IS THE SCENE OF THE CRIME! Therefore the person that commits the crime of stealing the victim's thoughts is a criminal (the victim is cleverly misrepresented as 'Subject' in the movie, and is even cleverly made to participate in the crime).

However the main character, Cobb is portrayed as anything but a criminal and the morality, or rather immorality, and the ethics of the crime are not discussed. [The implication is that the dreamer is the criminal. The movie prepares the way for "thought crimes." Predictive programming. Ultimately  Illuminati bankers want to own the oxygen you breathe. -Makow]

The clinical nature of the deeds of these modern day Ewan Camerons makes the sympathetic portrayal of Cobb as deceptive, for in real life he would have been a cruel, cold hearted, and merciless clinician like Mengele not a soft hearted thief  like the Humphrey Bogart character, Rick Blaine, in Casablanca.

By the way, this was also true in De Caprio's earlier film Shutter Island, where the crimes of Freudian psychiatry were cleverly covered up, and portrayed as good and beneficial for the victims (the subjects). Even though the horrors of modern psychiatry were alluded to, in the end were all shown to be justifiable, even lobotomies, such as shown in the brilliant Jack Nicholson film, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.

An interesting idea that is central to the storyline is that of a mind's defences against outside intrusion. This is what makes both extraction and inception a challenging task. The training of the subconscious to defend itself against unwanted intrusions is an important part of the storyline, which also helps the filmmakers blow up things real good in the vein of 'The Matrix' movies, and provides the means to incorporate car chases, Hummers on skis and other innovative ideas for moviegoers who like big explosions.

I believe the story would have been better if they had dwelt more on the psychology, the nature of reality versus dreams, rather than James Bond type incendiaries going off every few minutes but it is what it is, and I am sure the storyline was intentionally made action friendly to appeal to a larger audience, a mission in which the moviemakers seems to have succeeded.

One major theme of the movie presented in a very low key form is the idea of 'Sedation'. In one scene, reminiscent of the opium dens of 19th century China, patrons were heavily sedated to escape the real world. They had become so dependent on the sedation, and the accompanying dreams that the dream world had become their real world. The chemist, more appropriately the druggist, concocted powerful potions to provide the patrons with a hallucinogenic experience in the vein of Timothy Leary's LSD induced hallucinations.

By deceptively calling their powerful hallucinogenics, 'Sedatives' the movie makers again introduce the idea that altered states of the mind achieved through powerful mind altering drugs are a positive thing for the 'subject'.

The very idea of a powerful sedative to induce a hypnotic sleep raises the question of how the extractors were able to maintain their own consciousness on a waking level, when they themselves were under the influence of very powerful drugs that were required to create multi layered dreams?

In conclusion I would say that INCEPTION is an above average movie with many layers, especially the subject of a dream within a dream within a dream, and how the mind is really like a networked computer that can be accessed by just about anyone with the right tools.

However, it raises more questions than it answers, which in itself is not a bad thing because the process of trying to find the answers makes one think, and also makes for some interesting discussions. Nonetheless, the movie is far from ideal, and it is the ideals of the movie that are most troubling.

Although the motto of the movie is that 'Your mind is the scene of the crime', none of the perpetrators of these insidious crimes is identified as a criminal. No one is held accountable for drugging people against their will, and stealing their most precious thoughts and ideas from them. None of us would approve of thugs who violently batter their way into a person's home, and steal their most valuable possessions, yet this is exactly what the protagonists in this movie were doing.

And did they hang for their crimes in the end? On the contrary they got a 'Get out of jail free' card! The hidden message seems to be that the end justifies the means, and that philosophy is never justifiable. So when viewing the film, please look at Cobb and Co. as violent criminals, not sympathetic villains, look upon their targets (no matter how despicable) as victims, not subjects; only then will you be able to see beyond the dream into the realities of dream sharing, which is the subject of this movie.


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Comments for ""Inception" - Illuminati Want Our Dreams Too "

Kirk said (August 1, 2010):

You will notice that the article contains the statement "it is what it is". This is now a ubiquitous phrase. The very fact this phrase is used so much anymore is an obvious indication that most people live in a delusional fantasy land. If you want to try to get through to them, you have to bring them back to reality with a phrase such as this (and there are similar phrases in use these days) or they just keep on thinking their delusions are reality. Fascinating.

Christine said (August 1, 2010):

In the 1940s, there was an Ingrid Berman/ Charles Boyer film called "Gaslight" supposedly based on the true story of a man who deliberately drove his wife insane for his own nefarious reasons. As a result, the American English term to "gaslight" someone came to mean
"to manipulate someone into questioning their own sanity; to subtly drive someone crazy"

You might recall the famous interview with the KGB agent on demoralization and the newsmedia, which can be viewed here:

That is the message of "Inception" and many films and the newsmedia: the State is all powerful, and you are powerless to stop us. Which isn't true.

Don't let the State gaslight you. Place your trust in God and avoid films like "Inception" like the plague they are.

Mark said (August 1, 2010):

While I thought the movie was interesting, I was worried that we've even lost the privacy of our own private thoughts and dreams.

There is no law governing what goes on in our dreams. My god! What could these bastards do if they find a way to get in there too?

But I think there is a surprise waiting for the control freaks and mental overlords. There are genuine entities that inhabit alternate realities. They are reachable when you receive a sufficient level of DMT in any of its multitudinous forms. According to Graham Hancock, Terence McKenna, John Lilly and many others, including such folks as the questionable Carlos Castaneda, entities in these alternate realities have been meeting shamans, sweat lodgers, peyote button popping hippies for many many years. The interaction between man and these entities has been the source of mankind's advancement. I am reminded of Bill Hicks' routine about mushrooms growing on dollops of cowsh*t taking a grunting ape-man from foraging primate to civilized man with a sense of humor.

Inception is a great movie about a terrible subject. I think it will do well, but I fear it will establish the meme that there is nothing "out there" except our mental creations. To borrow an idea from Castaneda, Inception is attempting to take something that is in the realm of the Nagual and place it in the realm of the Tonal (read TALES OF POWER to get more on this idea). Inception is an attempt to trivialize and manipulate the last place in which we thought we could remain free - our own dreams.

In these last days and turbulent times of the KALI YUGA, we are watching the controllers bug out as they attempt to maintain control during the transition to the next golden age. Although I may not make it, I can only say that I am excited as hell at the prospect that the current command and control structure of the powers that be is falling apart in front of our very eyes.

I pray my kids make it. I pray that I get a glimpse of the Golden Age before I die.

Alan said (July 31, 2010):

Hi Henry have seen the movie and it is intense as they multiply the numbers of layers of sub thought (crimes) they enter, but what strikes me is your editorial comments - namely:

"However the main character, Cobb is portrayed as anything but a criminal and the morality, or rather immorality, and the ethics of the crime are not discussed, (The implication is that the dreamer is the criminal. The movie prepares the way for 'thought crimes.' Predictive programming. Ultimately Illuminati bankers want to own the oxygen you breath. -Makow)"

First cord is the thought crimes and how we are being subliminally prepared for the thought police of minds, dreams, prejudices, preferences, beliefs, etc.

Second is the fine line between perception and reality i.e. what we perceive we believe therefore perception IS reality. Of coarse it is NOT!

Third they (Illuminati bankers) want to own the oxygen we breath. Yes they do but under the guise of the global warming myth they want to tax our exhale which is CO2 our natural oxygen regeneration to give life back to the plants.

Last look at how we are being conned by Governments to swap reality (pure, solid, natural materials for false substitutes) to name a few -

Real Grass for Astro-turf
Solid Chrome Bumpers on cars for Plastic
Real Foods both animal and vegetables for Processed crap filled with hormones, fillers, and other artificial flavorings
Reality (what you see is what you get) vs. Artificial reality
Real work or play vs. Unproductive exercise machines
Face to face communication substitute voice, video or texting
Real Love with God ordained Husband & Wife Intercourse vs. Virtual Lust from voyaring, porn etc.
Parent child teaching values and THINKING at home (school) vs. Government day care and education for agendas
Participative sports such as golf, tennis, bowling vs. simulated sports Wii video gaming
Fresh vs. Frozen

You get the point, add your own to this never ending list. Wake up and smell the roses or maybe spray fragrance!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at