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My Story: Young Women in Death Spiral

August 19, 2010

party_girls_00.jpg"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order."
Protocols of Zion, 16

"Leaving a long-term relationship and reentering the brave new world of dating was a culture shock....Many of these young women substitute an engagement ring with a noose."

by Stewart Overton

(Stewart is a 31-yr-old man living in Florida.)

It all started on a cool January day in 1995.  I went to the mall with a friend of mine to "Mac" or in other words to court any random young lady that I might find.  Well, that day I lucked out and found a beautiful young girl that I would shortly begin to date. I was fifteen years old.  Unbelievably, we braved the storm of youth together and it lasted eleven years.  We never married or had children. Instead she went to college and I began a promising career.  What was the cause of our eventual demise?

She obtained a bachelors degree in Biology and was an excellent pupil of the liberal establishment.  She was highly competitive with me and was overtly against having a child.  I demanded we seek counseling and she demanded that I go first; so I left, for good.
My woman was highly intelligent, fiercely argumentative, and had absolutely no sympathy for the anguish my young and idealistic mind was suffering, post 9-11 studying the manipulation and mechanics of an evil global elite.  (She referred to my rants as psycho babble)

The break-up was devastating. Our friends cried for us. What a beautiful wedding it would have been. Afterward, I connected with the comrades of my youth.  I assuaged my pain by embracing the social scene and all of it's debauchery and decadence.  We caroused the bars and strip clubs, drinking, smoking, and looking for women in an apparent quest to debase ourselves.


I am politically conservative and a free thinker, because I obtained my high school diploma and didn't go to university. This spared me the scorched earth liberal indoctrination agenda. Secondly, I WAS in a long term relationship and didn't spend every waking moment chasing sex spiked with promiscuity. I was allowed to focus on higher things instead.

Leaving this long-term relationship and reentering the brave new world of dating was a culture shock.

I met a girl from a social website at the time too.  She was 23 and asked me to join her for our first encounter on a Friday night around midnight at a gas station.  She jumped in my car and we drove down the street to her home and It took all of five minutes for her to sit on my lap and begin kissing me.  She asked me to come inside to have sex with her but I bit my knuckle and told her I would pick her up the next day so we could get to know each other a bit. I will leave the rest to your imagination.  It is worth noting that she admitted to me she was a nymphomaniac and bi-sexual.  Our courtship dance lasted about three days.

As a matter of fact, the six women I was with after the break up including the one I am with now, are self proclaimed bi-sexuals.

The next girl I encountered was frightening.  She was 18 years old and I met her at a Gothic club.  My pick up line was an insult.  I managed to get her phone number and within the week, seduced her with sexual text messages and she drove to my neighborhood to see me.  She had lots of tattoo's and piercings everywhere imaginable, including the six in her tongue.  She was the most backward girl I have ever met.

She revealed to me plans for her suicide in the coming months.  She was a sexual deviant; threesomes and S&M were commonplace in her life.  I couldn't stay with her for many reasons but I learned something important. 

Many of these young women substitute an engagement ring with a rope .  Several of the girls I was with wanted me to choke them or tie them up and they would scratch and bite me till I bled during sex.

They needed to be physically assaulted in order to reach an orgasm and ensure they were far away from making love.

It's almost as if I was experiencing a perverted form of marriage.  If they could seduce me to enter their world of sex and violence, I would become another casualty of having to engage in reckless behavior just to ejaculate and therefore, be trapped with a certain caliber of woman.  I ran like Hell.  

This particular example is an extreme situation, true, but I found it to be relative with most young women, even "normal" ones. 

Bottom line, It was easy to get laid but the idea of commitment and family were laughable.  The moral of the story is, morals have gone down the tube.  The struggles that younger men and women face in America are collateral damage in a war zone as expansive as the western world itself.

I'm in a three year relationship now with a woman who was very liberal but has come around a lot to the idea that getting married, having a baby, and traditional male female roles might actually make us happy. 

The problem is, I don't know if we can recover from the damage social engineering has inflicted upon us .  The sex has all but disappeared. We both just look at smut instead, afraid of pregnancy. We're engaged but there is no wedding date in sight; It's falling apart because of our fear to move forward.

I feel like I have been brutalized by the media promotion of instant sex with all and sundry. I have pity for the generations to come, for I fear they will be twice as warped as me.  We are being systematically and structurally re defined.  I do not see any hope beside a barrage of solar flares setting us back a thousand years, or some of your articles becoming required reading.  :)

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Comments for "My Story: Young Women in Death Spiral"

Bob said (August 29, 2010):

There is nothing new in this situation. It is the fulfillment of Marx's goal as stated in The Communist Manifesto: "Bourgeois marriage is, in reality, a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalized community of women." Aldous Huxley was just describing a relatively benevolent form of applied Marxism.

Anonymous said (August 21, 2010):

This article is unfortunately 100% accurate. In the early '90's when I started dating I quickly discovered that the vast majority of girls proclaimed themselves"bisexual"

I always wondered why they did this? They were usually bright,educated and had fairly good backgrounds. Their default position was fancying men rarely did they actually act bisexually except in public. At the time I assumed where us blokes acted like the gangsters we weren't this was the female version of the dating persona. However self harming and abuse stories were ever present too.
My wake up call was University where I found out how this"persona"was cultivated. I attended a series of talks on the first day and sandwiching two courses I was to take was an introduction to Women's Studies. A highly aggressive dungaree wearing woman proceeded to deride,attack and ridicule"Man" for 30 minutes.

Had she spoken of any other social group in the way she did she would have served a sentence! Having been raised by and around women I respected the ingenuity,hard work and bravery it took to do all they achieved and how poorly they were rewarded for their efforts but I didn't deserve this surely? There were words to be used and others never to mention,manhole,mankind,chairman these were to replaced with drain cover,humankind and chair. How this was to help my mother pay the bills on time was beyond me!

This was a drop in the Ocean as every single course was infected by this imposed self censorship and one by one the impressionable girls altered, becoming aggressive,resentful and bullying. One absolutely stunning Danish girl came in one day with a shaven head,Doctor Martin's boots and the ubiquitous dungarees. I almost cried to see Boris Vallejo's ultimate fantasy looking like a caught collaborator for the Vichy regime. Sexist? Perhaps but she had been made to fall in line and I resented that the University had made her feel that way!

This was more than a side effect of female emancipation,the end of a kind of prohibition this was Brainwashing! We were being divided on genetic lines that instead of mixing normally there was now a set of criteria to consider before talking to anyone at all! I became very depressed,nervous around people and knew that my opinions and indeed face didn't fit.

I was conscious that everyday words were being warped to warp me and my values my Mother had instilled in me. There was enormous pressure to conform to a strawman of the University's choosing. Nine months were enough I went home and spent years almost alone and suicidal. When I learnt of NLP I knew what had been done to wreck my confidence and almost every girl I dated and that's when the fog began to lift.

I come from an area in South Wales that has become notorious for the taking of life. It is my opinion that Brian Gerrish is correct in my first hand experience that an agenda is being enacted to alter us against our will and unless it is pointed out we will blame ourselves for their actions. If you want to know why young people are taking their lives and becoming a breed different to us LOOK AT THE EDUCATION!

Kyle said (August 20, 2010):

I want to thank you for your most recent article, "My Story: Young Women in Death Spiral " The reason I want to thank you is because as
a "Gen Xer" in my early 30s I can attest to the truth of this article.

First, this level of degeneracy came to its full fruition in the 1990s and continues today. Never in the past was this level of debauchery
so prevalent. Of course you can argue that deviance has been around since the beginning of time, but unless your in your 30s or younger
you really have no clue -NONE!

In the article the young man quotes that 5 out of 6 of these girls were "bi". YEP! I live in a small city in Upstate NY with a population of 50,000 so this NOT just happening in the "Big Cities".

Many women I meet who are young (20s-30s) are either Bi, Gay, or Bi-curious. And let me tell you Henry this is NOT the 2% statistical
average of those who claim they are gay. I would argue that Gen X Women are nearly 20-25% Bi, Gay, or Bi-curious.

Henry, this is NO LIE. I implore you to believe Stewart 1000%. And you must believe me also.

Henry, the 1960s "youth" culture you grew up in is pure and innocent "comparatively" to the sexual debauchery of the 90s - Present.

Mary said (August 20, 2010):

Hi Henry, The girls that Stewart encountered that wanted to be choked could have experienced that as children growing up and being abused by adults, like, Jon Bennett, Cathie O'Brien, etc. It would also be interesting to know how many of his girlfriends were survivors of child abuse. There is an agenda afoot to ruin society and I believe this is part of it.

Joe said (August 19, 2010):

Interesting account of what constitutes a "dating scene," however, its author has not made the connection between how it is that what you harvest depends upon where you go harvesting. If he is going to "cruise" the mall, what sort of
girl/woman does he expect to find?

Going to a Goth bar should require no explanation as far as the search for a wholesome, well-adjusted women is concerned. Decent, upstanding women do not frequent bars or
congregations of deviants as part of seeking a mate.

The moral of this story follows along these lines:
Do not expect to find gold nuggets in a septic tank (there may be some, but they are extremely rare) nor expect to find decent people voluntarily mixed in with human debris.

If you are going to find a decent spouse who shares your social values as well as your spiritual values, begin at your house of worship, not at a local convention of deviants(!).

To say that the whole world has departed the path of decency may be too broadly applied. Admittedly, the population of
humans following deviant behavior has grown over the past century, accelerating over these past twenty years.

None the less, a sizable population still exists clinging tenaciously to traditional values. This is just a matter of seeking in order to find.

Michael said (August 19, 2010):

I just read the article by Stewart Overton on your website, and I was dumbstruck with how far we have come to fulfilling the predictions of Huxley's "Brave New World". In that novel no one had an exclusive relationship or even a family and casual sex was standard, and even encouraged by the Powers That Be that ran that "fictional" dystopia (actually, I think it was a blueprint and not a novel). It looks like we're just starting to come into port on that terrible, terrible voyage.

Marcos said (August 19, 2010):

I usually don't recommend sites, but I suggest your readers visit the blog

It is the reflection of a revolution about to happen. A highly intelligent bunch of machiavellic guys sharing knowledge and life experiences. It is the best source of analysis on the current men-women situation.

Men are tired of being misused, and good men more tired of being replaced by jerks. Modern women, after being separated from their femininity and grace, now love jerks, for they are the only ones who can give them some excitement to fulfill the void their spirits have. Good men are "boring".

Therefore, a whole new psychological technique has been developed, called "game". It is just bitter, nihilistic retribution, but it works and makes sense in the situation we are now. Even if one doesn't agree with the worldview, it is amazing how correct and true are the assessments of these guys. Most of their conclusions are intellectually conservative, but they have given up finding conservative girls.

They treat women the way they want to be treated (badly) and then dump them. Who can blame them?

Glenn said (August 19, 2010):

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14).

My Dad, who is a devout Christian once told me of my plight with woman, which eerily resembled that which Stewart describes in his article, " Stop dating all of those sluts ! ".. and.. " Get yourself a good, healthy, happy, wholesome Christian girl ". Because until you do, you'll never know true happiness.

Best advise my Dad ever gave me.

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