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Obama Lost White Vote & Won

November 8, 2012


"Obama lost every age-group of white voters, including those aged 18 to 29, which he won by 10 points in 2008."

"We will undermine every collective identity except our own." 

 ["Collective identity" refers to race, religion (God), nation and family (gender)] Protocols of Zion, the blueprint of the New World Order   They promote immigration, homosexuality and miscegenation to destroy the white race.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Presidential election Tuesday is being touted as a victory for "minorities." The message is that minorities are growing, so other Americans might as well surrender the country to them.

The minorities, of course, are beholden to their sponsors, the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish bankers. This is called "invasion by migration," i.e. how they took Israel. 

Israel, India, China, Japan, and Indonesia are allowed their cultural and racial homogeneity. Even Quebec can protect its French identity

But not North America, Western Europe and Australia, because the Illuminati Jewish bankers perceive white Christians as an obstacle to their NWO.

Their program, known as the Cloward - Piven strategy is to  use government handouts to bribe the "have-nots" as well as the haves (Illuminati-owned banks & corporations.) This ensures that their agents like Obama keep power and increase the debt, which is the means of enslaving the country. Greece and Spain are a harbinger for America.   

Organized Jewry champions minorities because a coalition of the "have-nots" yields political power.

(left. Victor Rothschild, making a Cabalist sign)

Organized Jewry does not represent Jews, although it claims to, so Jews can take the blame for the NWO. It represents the Illuminati Jewish bankers who use it to deceive and manipulate Jews and everyone else. Organized Jewry puts Jews in jeopardy because the bankers are Cabalists, i.e. Satanists who hate humanity.  


Only 39% of white voters went for Obama down from 43% in 2008. Whites were 87% of voters in 1992. In 2012, they are 72%

-  Obama won 93%of black voters, and 71%  of hispanic voters. Obama lost every age-group of white voters, including those 18 to 29, which he won by 10 points in 2008.

-- In 1988 W.H. Bush was able to win 288 electoral college seat with 60% of the white vote. In 2012, Romney could muster only 206 electoral college seats with the same 60% of whites. 

-- According to the 2011 census, 63 % of the US population is white; 17% hispanic and 13% black.  The hispanic population in the United States grew by 43% since 2001, surpassing 50 million and accounting for about 1 out of 6 Americans. In the next election, Texas and Georgia will no longer be Republican. 

-- Hispanics now are one in 10 voters nationally and reaching higher levels in states such as Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico, which have become comfortable turf for Democrats in presidential politics. Obama carried Colorado by winning three-quarters of Hispanics, up from 61 percent in 2008

Obama, whose mother was a white Communist Jew is the pied piper of this social engineering designed to make the US as heterogeneous as a box of Smarties:  

"It doesn't matter whether you're black, or white, or hispanic, or asian or native American, or young, or old, or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you're willing to try," Obama said in his Victory Speech.

Liberal Jews are heralding a new era of pandering to their controlled minorities

"This election affirms that there is a new politics, a new demographic reality in America, and that the Democrats are further along in adapting their politics to these new realities than the Republicans are," said Simon Rosenberg, left, whose liberal NDN think tank has been tracking the changing Hispanic electorate.

Obama's success followed intense efforts by his campaign and outside groups to recruit and register minority voters. The campaign registered hundreds of thousands of blacks and Hispanics in Florida alone, surpassing its 2008 efforts. Nationally, the NAACP aimed to bring 1 million new African Americans into the electorate, and the Service Employees International Union devoted much of its $75 million effort to registering minorities in eight battleground states." 



I have no illusions about Romney actually representing the interests of the White Christian majority of Americans. I don't believe his squeaky clean image is real.  If you are not a traitor, criminal and pervert, you do not get to run for President. 

 Romney was a stalking horse for Obama, like Kerry and McCain were for Bush and Obama. 

Romney gave Obama a pass on the $16 trillion in debt run up under his watch, and his failure to punish those responsible for the credit crisis. He gave Obama a pass on the Birther issue and the fact Obama's mother and father were Communists. He ignored the passage of more police state measures; and the real human cost of the recession. I wouldn't be surprised if the "47%" speech leak was orchestrated. The circumstances of this critical leak are still hidden.

Then there are Romney's Zionist backers ... 'nuff said


I hate to end without suggesting a solution.  New immigration should be curtailed or new immigrants should not be given the vote. This is mild medicine compared to Israel which won't assign citizenship to non-Jews, and  deports migrants.

Conservatives must convince immigrants that they better represent their family and religious values. However, the bigger problem is that our politicians are mostly Freemasons who don't really mean what they say 

Unless a solution is found, white Americans will become a political minority, one that is not championed by our Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish controllers as present minorities are.

To clear up any misunderstanding, I was an immigrant. Immigrants of every race contribute a great deal to their adopted countries. Each race is equal and brings something unique to the family of man.  

However, a nation is not required to forfeit its racial and cultural identity and destiny so that the Illuminati can use immigrants to subvert it. No other nation allows this, unless it has been decapitated by Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic goyim lackeys.     



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Comments for "Obama Lost White Vote & Won "

F said (November 12, 2012):

i just returned from las vegas.

i spoke to a number of locals about the election and the
condition of america. it disheartens me to hear that they still
have hope because, "Obama will, this second time around, adopt some of the ideas that they opposition raised during the election"

he really has convinced americans who voted for him, that "this time, he listened and will do a better job"...newspaper front pages showed O's face, with the words "WHEW" beside it, in honor of his win.

one popular tv network devoted an entire show to "why americans disrespect our black president" thus spinning
any anger against his policies and affiliations, as a racial issue.

i was quickly shut out by locals who defended their new Obamacare such as, " only the tip of the iceberg"...

when i mentioned the selective government enforcement of Obamacare, medical exclusions on treatments,and possibilities of no coverage for pre-existing conditions, one cab driver said,

"i have no awareness of what you are talking about, and i highly
doubt that to be the case"...

i almost wonder if some of these people were "spies" or change agents for the establishment working amongst the public, to gather data and influence. the way that these individuals spoke, the friendliness suddenly changing to a stern, angry, suspicious, hardened attitudes defending their ruler.

the only hope that i had, was in conversation with a military guy who sat beside us at a pub. he knew that the game was rigged.

when i took a photo of a sport gambling station
and remarked to my Canadian acquaintances that,

"this photo will sit on my desk as a reminder that we are
far gone as a society", they just gave me a blank stare. i was
speaking alien lingo to them. my Canadian friends were just there to drink, smoke and shop anyways. we are in huge trouble as a cursed, deceived and lost majority of people. many times during the trip, i thought that it may be too late for all of us.

Frank said (November 10, 2012):

Robamney won and lost because the Ron Paul republicans and the independents stayed home. The repubs can't win without the Ron Paul people as well as the independents,along with a sprinkling of dems.

This wasn't a matter of race or ethnicity,this was one wing of the establishment party putting up a weak candidate who had to have crowds photoshopped into pics of his rallies! You can't piss off the repub conservatives and libertarians and alienate independents and expect to win the election. Race had very little to do with this!

Sherry said (November 9, 2012):

Romney really thought he could win, his wife is a very high ranking witch so probably part of the MOD group (Mothers of Darkness)...from what I hear from my sources he was doing rituals every night to make satan happy and even started drinking RH- neg blood everyday and even started carrying it in his briefcase (sound familiar..i.e. Al Gore)

he was so desperate he even offered to have himself sodomized by the Reptilians if it would get him into office..

Obama on the other hand was getting tired of it, that's why he flopped during the first debate, the demons who normally help him with thoughts/speech abandoned him because he wasn't doing rituals...

from what I hear, Michelle was trying to come find/visit me when Yah kicked her out of the area and portalled her...sent her to Columbus...that's why the motorcycle cops crashed, they freaked out...but of course the Obama camp isn't giving Yah the credit for it, they think one of my friends is responsible for who could do such a thing but Yah Himself?? The media had a slight blurb about Michelle's motorcycle escort getting into a crash but didn't give any details..

then 2 weeks before elections she's at Ceasar's Palace with her boyfriend (she always has so many diff ones I can't keep up with them) and late getting back to the WH so they put out a lie about the plane having mechanical probs...

ah interesting times, apocalyptic now...

Sherry Shriner,
Author of Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion and the author of Aliens on the Internet

Christopher2 said (November 9, 2012):

"Most of the swing states Romney lost had very small Hispanic fractions: 3% in Ohio, 5% in Virginia, 4% in Wisconsin, 6% in Pennsylvania, 3% in Michigan, and 2% in Iowa. The idea that there is large enough constituency of pro-amnesty, but otherwise conservative Latinos to swing the election in these states is absurd. In the swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa, even if the entire Hispanic population had voted for Romney, he still would have lost."


Also, it's not just the indolent poor voting for redistribution, it's the rapacious rich:

Obama Wins 8 of the Nation’s 10 Wealthiest Counties

Christopher said (November 9, 2012):

Romney simply didn't get enough white votes to win, not by percentage, but by raw numbers.

The religious voters were well-motivated and all showed up, but the white working class did not. Now, I wonder, how could that be?

Could it be perhaps because Romney conveyed the perception of being "out of touch" with working class concerns? Did the RNC really think that in the middle of a recession, that running "Richy McRich" was the best thing to do?

The GOP is now recriminating, typically as they do after a loss, about whether they should "moderate" more. Moderate more? They nominated a moderate, a liberal even! Their problem was a class issue, NOT social conservatism.

Marcos said (November 9, 2012):

Henry hit the nail on the head. This was a perfect implementation of the Cloward-Piven, aka dole money / food stamps strategy for Marxist domination.

Immigration, the destruction of the family and sending jobs to China create a mass of desperate people who will vote for the dole money always.

See the image below: 98% of single black mothers voted for Obama.

It is exactly the same situation in Brazil, where Lula was reelected on the prestige of his dole programs. Expect to see Hillary follow him, on the platform of "the first woman president", just like Dilma was elected after Lula. Obama was elected by women, a woman candidate is just logical.

If Obama follows the Marxist agenda, and he does, he will expand drastically the dole programs, create more government jobs for leftists and make government incursions in every cranny of society.

The result of this strategy is disaster. Yesterday, Argentina,, which is far ahead than the US and Brazil in the Marxist nightmare, witnessed 700,000 people demonstrating in the streets against their proto-dictator, president Cristina. The money government had for the dole is already gone, down there.

Doug said (November 9, 2012):

They literally threw the election by opening the gates to mexicans, and registering all of them - legals and probably illegals too - to vote. The 39% of whites that voted for Obama are the biggest assholes in this country. I am opposed to the "right" to vote. You dont leave such an important tasks in the hands of uneducated, illiterate, ignorant, naive fools... unless of course its all a RUSE! I honestly don't know why I even care. We know who's actually running the show, and its not the US President.

As for the "right" to vote, first off, the voting age should be raised to at least age 21. Actually, correction. Make that age 25. Also, if a person is on any type of government assistance, they may not vote. In the business world, we call this a conflict of interest. And for new immigrants, they have no right to vote until they've lived here legally for 15 years, and can prove that they've worked full time and paid taxes for 12 of those 15 years. There. Problem solved.

Kris said (November 9, 2012):

We here in Australia have the same garbage. The communist fascist nwo is already in our world in the late blossom stage.

After world war 3 it will fruit as or trade as the nwo, all things are currently being finalised for it. No doubt world war three will be upon us within a year or two at the latest.

As the prophet Daniel says in the bible the king of the south,which is obama the lepoard, will provoke the king of the north(russia). Obama is the king of the south cause he was born in kenya and he is the lepoard cause he is of mixed racial makeup,mother white and father black.

If we look at what the US is doing in Syria and Iran it is nothing but provocation. This is how all world wars begin.

Here in Australia they have divided and split society exactly the same as in th us. Through breakup of family through immigration(non Christian), through minorities through brainwashing and by circulating the idea/s of helplessness what if you know about what can you do.

I was recently with a group of friends from work. I started to chat with a friend about all the above things, some of the others overheard our conversation and rudely interrupted saying white power heil hitler etc etc. My friend said to me isn't it funny when some speak up about their race or country is labeled some kind of freak or nazi. This is what the new generation has been engineered to be.

Together we stand, divided we fall.

How well has the nwo divided us, obviously they know the above quote. So if anyone tells you what can you do about it just tell them the above quote.

And as Jesus said "cause you where neither warm or cold i shall spit you out".

And as to no surprise to you Im sure my friends, before they interrupted my conversation, talked about football and tv shows.
God bless.

Robert said (November 8, 2012):

(1) As a matter of global strategy, in every society a very self-conscious minority is developed as a lever that can be used against the majority. Quebec cultural identity is encouraged to fulfil this role in Canada, just as the Latinos are doing in the USA. This is not regarded as a threat to centralization of power,
because minorities are programmed to think in terms of collective, not individual, rights. Hence, for example,
the strong socialist orientation of Quebec governments, regardless of their label.

(2) The dilution and intermingling of cultures in Asia is probably coming. I have a son who has lived in China for nearly a decade and he says the visibility of foreigners (Blacks, Whites, Arabs, etc.) in his area nowadays is remarkable. However, the huge indigenous populations of those countries are naturally harder to swamp than North America and Europe have proven to be. The goal is to erase homogeneity everywhere because of the effective resistance it can mount against dictatorial policies. The
political activism and emphasis on individual rights that have characterized Christian societies of course make
them primary targets for destruction, but all historical cultures are in the cross-hairs of the World Planners.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at