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Obama's Slip Revealed His True Colors (Encore)

February 20, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Originally posted on April 15, 2008)

Barrack Obama's remarks
caused an uproar because they remind Americans that they are being duped and American democracy is mind control.

Americans want to be deceived but they demand a certain level of competence. They don't want the harsh truth thrown in their face.

Obama's remarks were incendiary because he let his mask slip and showed his true feelings. He is a Communist. His father and mother were Communists and he is proud of his heritage.

We've gotten past the idea that Communism is a working class rebellion for public ownership and social justice. That's just window dressing to capture idealistic "useful idiots." Communism is government tyranny designed  by the London-based Illuminati bankers who sponsor it to absorb all wealth. Some form of Communism is the true face of the New World Order.

The Illuminati is the highest rank of Freemasonry, an octopus-like secret society which the bankers use to exercise power. Obama is a member of the Illuminati, as are Clinton and McCain. 


As I have said, the Illuminati is enslaving us by destroying the four pillars of human identity: race, religion, nation and family. This is also the Communist platform.

Obama's statement demonizes people who resist their rapacious and evil program. This is what Communists (and Socialists and Liberals) do as a reflex. They need to dehumanize people who believe in God and want to preserve their country, heritage and family. They need to believe we are prejudiced, hate-filled fanatics, yokels and fascists.  They cannot see how they have been brainwashed.

 "You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Obama depicts religion as an irrational prejudice fed by economic frustration. "Antipathy to people who aren't like them" refers to the homosexual and feminist activists who are destroying the institution of the family. "Anti immigrant or anti trade sentiment" refers to policies that protect national or racial character. "Guns" refers to the necessity to render these people powerless.

Obama managed to touch all the bases.

(Newsweek Cover February 16, 2009)

newsweek.jpegAmericans have been distracted by a faux Presidential race for over a year and this will intensify for the next seven months. This exercise makes them believe there is a chance for democratic change. There is not. This should be obvious from the Congressional elections when the  public gave the Democrats a mandate to end the Iraq war.  What happened? The opposite. Bush sent more troops.

Clearly the Iraq war will end not when the Democracts or anyone says, but when the Illuminati bankers decide it will.  It was the same with Vietnam.


Hillary Clinton's slip about dodging sniper fire caused an uproar for the same reason. It was a reminder that the candidates are telling boldfaced lies and the process is a charade. 

When she was asked how she could "oppose" Free Trade when her husband is getting millions of dollars to lobby for it, she just laughed and shrugged. Caught red-handed again.

Look at the choice the Illuminati have given Americans. A Black Communist; a crooked lesbian; and a fossil who represents a continuation of the disastrous policies of the Bush administration. Who represents the majority of good hardworking honest Americans? Who really represents change? No one.

Obama is related to both Bush and Cheney.

When will Americans recognize that the illuminati is destroying their country and laughing at them? Humiliating and ridiculing and killing them? When will they realize that 9-11 was perpetrated by the Illuminati, that their leaders and mass media are betraying them? When will they realize US democracy has been hijacked?

When they do, Americans will take to the streets with guns. And that is what the "war on terror" is really about: creating a police state to oppress the American people who will be called "terrorists."

That's when soldiers and policemen will have to ask, where do their loyalties belong? With the foreign- based satanic cult that runs the government or with their fellow citizens.  

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Comments for "Obama's Slip Revealed His True Colors (Encore)"

Allen said (April 27, 2008):

I just wanted to tell you that I just finished reading an article that you wrote titled "Obama's slip shows his true colors", and it was awesome in its truth. What a delight it is to read such a great, uncolored piece. I Thank You, and I will be a regular visitor to your site. Please keep up the great writing. What we need in America right now are more people like you who are not afraid to tell it like it is. I for one am tired of the Smoke and Mirrors...................

Jack said (April 19, 2008):

Is this all the Illuminati can cough up, a smooth talking black man, a she devil, and Grandpa Munster, as Bill Mahr calls him. Every time I see one of these Illuminati stooges on TV, I'm reminded of a story from Marshal McLuhans book "Understanding Media", "A woman calls the radio station and asks, are you the station that gives twice as much weather?, and the announcer says, yes we are, and the woman replies, well turn it off I'm drowning."

Covert74 said (April 17, 2008):

I just read your latest article on and as usual you hit it right on the head. As a law enforcement officer I will not side with these criminals. There are many like me who will not go along with these destructive policies. Thank you for your insight.

Carlos said (April 17, 2008):

Your reader Wayne [below] got it right!

Whoever wins, (gets appointed) will do exactly as the ruling elite decree! It will probably be between Obama and Clinton, but I have a high suspicion their leaning more towards Clinton, because of her past experience.

However, regardless of who wins, I can clearly say that the next U.S. president will continue and expand on their not so secret plans for gloom and doom, both in the U.S. and abroad! Don’t bother to vote, you’ll only be wasting your time! I wish I could be more optimistic but this is their reality, not mine!

Wayne said (April 17, 2008):

I read your article about "Obama's Slip" and how when Americans awaken they will take to the streets with guns. I think that this is correct, but you miss a major point. America has changed and it is NOT a righteous country. The nation's morals are defunct, and that goes for men, women and children.

For the past fifty years a gross state of morality has been inculcated into the population. If the mob takes to the street, it will not be for righteousness, but it will be for annihilation. They will kill, rape, and steal what food and fuel they can find. They will loot at will. This is not the basis for a new righteous government. Our world is coming to an end, and if the mob takes to the street with their guns, we can kiss any hope for justice good-bye.

Peter said (April 17, 2008):

Thanks again for another great article. Obama is just another Illuminati puppet like Hitlary and Insane McCain. Obama's sponsoring of 'The Global
Poverty Act' (S.2433) shows his subservience to the NWO. 9/11 should really be a clarion call to thinking Americans. Speaking truth to power is
worth a try, but it may be the equivalent of someone speaking Swahili to a Mandarin. Namely, that it is not a language it understands. Even when the common language between the colonists and the king was English, the king didn't want to understand. The pen is said to be mightier than the sword, but honestly, when confronting a sword wielding adversary, common sense would dictate using..

Laura said (April 16, 2008):

Regarding your article about Obama, you mention that the American people gave a mandate to a Democrat Congress to stop the Iraq war and nothing happened. Or, in fact, Bush sent more troops. Along the same line of thinking, I was absolutely committed to voting for Republicans at every election to save some vestige of our Constitutional rights. However, under a Republican president, the hateful Patriot Act was passed and the Soviet-era “Real ID” was also passed into legislation. States that do not ratify this will have their citizens stranded from travel on airlines and you will not even be able to get a bank account without a “Real ID”. Hello Brave New World!

Obama has done NOTHING noteworthy. He is an inexperienced liberal or communist, as you say, and the liberal media need to put their pom-poms away long enough to see that he is a patsy (just like them all).

I’ve read most of your site and I agree with you about 75% of the time. Keep up the good work and reach as many people as you can. I have some friends in California who attest to the fact that as you peel the onion skin off the conspiracy, it becomes more and more spiritual. They have also said that you cannot fight the conspiracy. It is just too powerful. I would like to think that you can.

Bob said (April 16, 2008):

In the "Obama's Slip" article you ask:

"When will Americans recognize that the illuminati is destroying their country and laughing at them? Humiliating and ridiculing and killing them? When will they realize that 9-11 was perpetrated by the Illuminati, that their leaders and mass media are betraying them? When will they realize US democracy has been hijacked?"

I don't believe that Americans (most of them) ARE going to wake up until the country is totally wrecked and they are enslaved. And even when that comes to pass, most will think the conditions they face came about by chance and believe they are fortunate that government saved them from even more dire consequences.

They will not wake up in sufficient numbers to effect a change. That's what explains meaningless protests that MAY temporarily stem one of the egregious policies being foisted on us by our paid for political class instead of meaningful removal of the traitors from office and subsequent imprisonment. It explains why idiots still believe that it is the human race that is the primary, and maybe sole, cause of global climate changes. It's what explains the fact that most have no clue about how they are being screwed day in and day out by illegal counterfeiters called The Federal Reserve System with the willing complicity of their strong arm collection team, the IRS.

Truly there will be no change until the citizens are willing to back up their rights by force of arms. The chances of this happening are somewhere between no chance at all and a snowballs chance in hell.

Sadly, I believe the United States, Canada, and other western countries are far beyond retrieval.

I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. A reason to feel more optimistic would be most welcome, but such reason doesn't seem to be at hand.

Thank you so much for your articles providing such useful insight into both historical and current events.

Brian said (April 16, 2008):

Dear Henry,

I disagree with you.

The people were given a choice. They were given Dr. Ron Paul a true American hero.

It's unfortunate though that most Americans are poisoned and mentally unfit to make clear and rational decisions. Their beloved country is being stolen from them via the mainstream media, chemicals, and Hollywood fluff.

ADD/ADHD were the best creations those evil bastards ever came up with!

I don't have very much hope for our country....

Carl said (April 16, 2008):

Thanks for your great work as always. I will beg to differ with your remarks concerning Barack Obama. I have no doubt that he is a flawed man, as are we all. Yet compared to the others in the race he approaches something akin to real decency. He gave a very good speech on race here in Philadelphia - a speech that he actually wrote himself! He
expressed himself on the subject of the Israel Lobby with a bit of nuance. (And by the way, they don't want him - they want Hilary or McCain- that should tell you something.)

Henry - you've got the hammer - Illuminism, feminism, etc. - but the danger is that everything you see becomes a nail. Barack Obama is certainly not perfect, but he does represent a clear repudiation of the Empire. For that reason alone he should be supported.

We can only work our way out of the abyss to which we have come gradually in step-wise motion. Don't ask for perfection, don't expect perfection. If we get a candidate who seems to be recognizably human - that is already alot --compared to the robots McCain and Clinton, who seem never to have had a disinterested thought of their own or even to be capable of such. Barack Obama seems to have a thought for the country as a whole. He may be better than we could have ever expected.

Don't quash the good by a self-righteous insistence on the perfect. You are too good for that.


Thanks Carl, I think you're being naive. I'd love to see some non-nails! I hope you're right about Obama.


D & J said (April 15, 2008):

Hello Henry:

Your recent article posted on rense is right on. The continuing farce called the U.S. election campaign brings out some truths every so often. Obomba is a tried and true communist - so is hillary bile, of that there is no doubt. The choices for next potus for the u.s. voter are staggering in their depths of depravity. I suspect that they may even make bushco look bad, if that were possible. Then again, bush may figure out a way to install himelf as supreme dictator through martial law before he leaves - either way, its pretty grim. Thanks for shedding light on inconvenient truths.

Thor said (April 15, 2008):

I just read your article on Rense. You are point on!

I have been voting since LBJ chose to not run and Nixon ran on the promise to end the Vietnam War....and he did only in his second term, when, as I suspect the powerful elite decided to end the War.

You're right too about Vietnam and this War. Nothing has changed. When will we see the helicopter evac. of the Iraq Embassy....? Or a 'refugee boat' heading for our shores, from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, etc.....? Just keep 'em coming, until there is no majority ethnicity in America...Yeah, let's make this into another India, in 50 years or less.....damn them, that have planned this..!

This election cycle is a joke. I for one do not even watch the news on teevee, I would have to be masochist. The candidates are jokes, arrogant and full of hubris!

Your points about Obama, Hillary and McCain are what alot of us out here in the "Middle" have been saying for some time now. The majority, has NO representation in this election.
As you have warned this does not bode well, for the future.

Axel said (April 15, 2008):

In order to know Obama within context one must look in depth at his wife who has always been a Marxist in life,and go deeply into her corporate involvement which is and was a sellout for big money at the expense of poor workers.

Obama is living two lives; the one he portrays and the one that others from his early days have stated, and Obama 'hates America' with his heart and soul. He is a puppet, and Makow you are very close to the mark.

Anthony said (April 15, 2008):

Obama is well-qualified for the Presidency. Just about every US President since Woodrow Wilson has been a Communist. The last Church Age was Laodicea (1906-1963). The word means "Rights of the people," which in the modern idion means "Communism".

Dan said (April 15, 2008):

Never before has a pre-selected top front man's grooming and affiliations been so overtly hidden in plain sight. There's little hidden about him. At this point in time they're so assured that the public's trance-formation is complete, nothing has to be hidden.
Member Council on Foreign Relations, globalist, 'Communitarian', and we already know that his bloodline pedigree of that special bloodline in common with Cheney, the Bush family, and the royals of Britain.
Make a note that this time the politician's Illuminist handlers themselves wanted these things known to the general public. Nobody had to dig for Obama's bloodline, it just appeared in the mainstream media outlets simultaneously. They're now assured that the broader public can know these things and they won't react, so they're flaunting it now.

But today, I will focus upon Obama's avowed and documented Communitarian agenda for this country. The 'third way' - which is nothing less that the fusion of Capitalist Communism. Now that our presidents have been openly telling us they're working to fully deploy Communitarianism in the US, your thesis that the Soviets - the Nazis - were funded and created by the Capitalist elite bankers is confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

This must be known and understood to grasp what he, and Hillary Clinton, are really telling us in their speeches.

Communitarianism is a term the general public knows little or nothing about. It was first uttered in mainstream US media in 1988 by G H W Bush himself, along with his announcement of the New World Order, and his 'thousand points of light' statement.. What is Communitarianism?

Underneath the usual layers of fluffy fuzzy words used in Communitarian publications and public statements, it's the same old collectivism of Communism. Collectivism for the general public - no private property, no private enterprise. The same old pyramid scheme - collectivized masses under absolutely centralized power.

Whether they call it 'Democratic' Communitarianism or just 'community' as Obama and Hillary often do in their pretty speeches, there is nothing democratic about it.

To fully understand what Communitarianism is requires understanding what Capitalism. Fascism and Communism have actually been at the level of synergy between them operating in the real world during the 20th century. These are such loaded terms that one has to scrap whatever they were taught in school or the tube about these, and re-educate oneself at the level of the origins and connections between them, and the source of funding for Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, all world dictators and statesmen, and the Presidents of the United States all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt.

Listen carefully to the speeches of Obama and Clinton. It's genuine and fluent doublespeak. I'll even coin the term 'multi-speak' - three people can hear three entirely different things from these speeches. Those who've studied the agendas of the 'third way' - communitarianism, Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations will hear loud and clear what they're telling us who they are and what they mean to do between 2000-2010, 2012.

To the broad public who never look farther than the superficial Democrat vs Republican, 'right/left' dialectic they give us, these speeches sound like wonderful visions, or vague platitudes, depending on one's emotional attraction or revulsion to the candidate's image.

Those of the uniformed 'right' persuasion accuse him of saying nothing but vague empty promises of 'change'. The mesmerized left hears their own wishful thinking echoed in the words.

But read up on the 'third way', communitarianism, and the speeches will send chills down your spine.

It's true, most Americans want to be deceived. They will follow anyone who promises them warm fuzzy comfort, that their insulation won't be disturbed. Unfortunately, this world doesn't work like that. The only 'saviors' we can rely upon are our immediate selves - insight and wits, and each other. That's real community, the very thing that Communitarians cannot allow. They're sell of 'community' is childish love of Big Daddy and Big Mama commissar, and fear of their local representative commissars, enforcers, and ... your own neighbors, co-workers, and each other. .

David Livingstone said (April 15, 2008):

The reason Obama "slipped" is because it was already decided at the 2006 Bilderberger meeting that Hillary would be the next president.

Communism is just the thesis of the antithesis, or vice versa. The Illuminati, as we know, will fan both sides of the debate. Before the Illuminati created Communism, they created the right-wing, through their agent and Freemason, Adam Smith.

He was the first to argue that the "economy" (read bankers and the industries they monopolize) should be given free reign, because the wealth they produce will compensate for any taxes or public spending levied by the state. This was a direct attack against one of the most sacred of Christian principles. Still to this day, the far right are denouncing "big government" and calling for "free-enterprise".

This is why they worked to establish secular states out of the American and French Revolutions.

The Illuminati created the great excesses of the industrial revolution that gave perceived justification to Communism. But Communism was just a bastardization of the same Christian principle of charity, distorted again to serve the interests of the bankers. It was state-run capitalism.

The beauty of Christian charity, being the same guiding principle of Islam, as it was originally in Judaism, is the all-important command for charity. Because, it not only permits but encourages free-enterprise, but recognizes that it will inevitably lead to inequalities. So one of the greatest challenges posed to mankind is the alleviation of inequality and injustice, by collecting and redistributing charity.

This is a revolutionary message, and why the Illuminati have fought so hard to distort it, because it goes right up against their centuries old-plot of enslaving humanity by taking hold of their resources. The way we have been able to fall into this trap is by having been duped into self-indulgence, now called materialism, as opposed to remaining conscious of our role in bringing about social-justice. So the plot proceeded unchecked.

In Isaiah 1:11-17, God reports that he is tired of the Israelites meaningless rituals. Instead, He says: "The multitude of your sacrifices-- what are they to me?" says the Lord... wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow. "

The Koran effectively says the same: "And they have been commanded no more than this: to worship God, offering him sincere devotion, being true, to establish regular prayer, and to practice regular charity; and that is the Religion Right and Straight." (98:5)

Greg said (April 15, 2008):

The problem, of course, was not that Obama was mistaken in his remarks. The problem is that he regarded the reaction of working class America, of which he admits not being a member, to be pathological rather than the healthy reaction of a free nation. Nothing to apologize about. There is a popular saying among NRA members, one of them being myself. The three Gs that made America great are God, guts, and guns. Obama doesn't seem to be able to stand the sight of any of the three.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at