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Patriot Elder: "Militias Will Not Be Allowed"

March 22, 2010

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"Sacrifice is not a part of the American mind set." 

by Tony Blizzard


For 60 some years now, I have been hearing - and was often in the thick of - "getting everybody organized."  It ain't gonna happen. 

In the 1960s, there were thousands more people directly involved in getting everyone educated and organized.  We consistently lost practically every battle we engaged in.  We played by the rules because we weren't criminals; the other side has no rules except winning power.

There was an active, growing, organized and dedicated militia centered in California but known and influential nationwide until its leader, Robert DePugh was framed and jailed for bank robbery.
The militia was called the Minutemen.  It was a real group organized in cells. 
When DePugh was released early, he started up another organization to "educate everyone" but it soon became clear he was only released because he agreed to separate patriots from their money and list them for the feds.  He disappeared after a few years of begging funding.

Militias, real militias, simply will not be allowed.  Small very secret cells, Communist style, would work a hell of a lot better.  Anyone who thinks he can easily spot any infiltrator needs an education on the real facts of life.  Remember, Christ said following him would not be easy. It would pit "sons against fathers, brothers against brothers," etc.

The schools and colleges have, in the mentioned time span, continually dumbed down the kids, each generation more zombie like than the last, each more trusting of government, each with fewer morals and more apt to take whatever it can get "for nothing," each leaning more on government itself for everything imaginable. 

I'm 77 years old and I'm the only person I know over 63 who does not take so-called social security.  Moreover EVERYONE advises me to apply for it RIGHT NOW and get what's coming to me.  No one has a clue or cares that it is a scheme to make everyone dependent on government.  Sacrifice is not a part of the American mind set.  Except to sacrifice everything and more for the sake of ersatz Israel.  Mass insanity?  Absolutely.  But it's what we are dealing with.


The Hungarians actually won their revolt against the Soviets.  Budapest was theirs and that meant the rest of the nation too.  It happened when there was a massive anti Soviet rally in the square of Budapest and some Volpo (Hungarian Communist police) on a roof fired into the crowd.

When a woman held up her murdered baby, the Russian commander in the lead tank ordered his men to machine gun the Volpo machine gun nests on the roofs.  Then he and the rest of the Russians got out of their tanks and turned them over to the Hungarians.

The Russians refused to murder the Hungarians.  The nation was free for as long as it took for the Soviets to bring in Mongolian troops, who would kill anyone or anything.  This did not happen until Eisenhower, then U.S. president and traitor supreme, assured the Soviets that the U.S. would not allow anyone in the world to fly supplies into Hungary to aid the freedom fighters even while those freedom fighters were begging the U.S. government to give them basic aid.

I'm not convinced that non violence is Godly, even Christian, at all.  Toleration of evil is itself evil.  This is what "hate crime laws" are all about, tolerating evil, thus allowing it to flourish.

Take some time to read Solzhenitsyn.  Some of his final writings asked the question:  Suppose the Russian people would have just killed the murdering thugs who came in the night and dragged innocent people away to be tortured, murdered, or worked to death in prison camps.  Those thugs murdered between 60 million and 100 million people in the last century (no one on earth is certain of the count), most of them Christians.  Their legacy to the world has been the plummeting of world wide morals and culture to the depths of depravity from what had been largely a Christian civilization.  Are we all better off, are we more godly, more edified, because the good Russian people took a nonviolent stance - which is really no stance at all?  Do today's generations have a better chance to be godly because of that non stance?
Again, Hungarians won over the evil which had enslaved their nation.  What they didn't know was that the lying west, i.e., the U.S., was (and is) the greater evil because it was (and is) a hypocritical liar on top of being just as criminally anti-mankind as the Soviets.

Tony Blizzard's email address is  <[email protected]>


Robert DePugh and The Minutemen   (Profile by the ADL)

Robert DePugh, 72, came into prominence in the early 1960s as founder of the Minutemen - a secretive, extreme right-wing group that perceived an impending Communist takeover of the U.S. and organized violent "counteraction" to prevent the alleged takeover. Organized into secret cells of five to 15 members, the Minutemen stockpiled weapons and trained together to defend the country against what they deemed "subversives." In scattered incidents throughout the U.S. during the 1960s, armed Minutemen clashed with law enforcement authorities and private citizens.

Minutemen carrying out DePugh's orders and objectives placed armed caches in various locations around the country. They attracted notoriety when this military equipment was discovered by law enforcement. In October 1966, for example, 19 New York Minutemen were arrested in raids and accused of planning to bomb and burn three summer camps in the New York metropolitan area, which the Minutemen claimed were being used by "Communist, left-wing, and liberal" individuals. Huge supplies of weapons and explosives - including rifles, pipe bombs, mortars, machine guns, grenade launchers and a bazooka - were uncovered. Because of faulty search warrants, however, the charges against the Minutemen were dropped in 1971, after lengthy court proceedings.

In addition, the Minutemen used threats against their perceived enemies. In one incident, DePugh's monthly publication, On Target, listed the names of 20 Congressmen who had criticized the then-active House Committee on Un-American Activities, warning: "Traitors beware! Even now the cross hairs are on the back of your necks."

In February 1968, DePugh went underground after a Federal grand jury in Seattle indicted him and seven other Minutemen on charges of conspiring to rob a bank. Federal agents captured DePugh and an associate 17 months later as they were leaving a hideout in Truth-or-Consequences, New Mexico. In July 1969, DePugh was sentenced to an 11-year prison term for firearms violations, bond jumping, and breaking Federal fugitive gun control laws.

DePugh's incarceration signalled the end of the Minutemen as a significant presence among the radical right in America. Following his release from prison in May 1973, DePugh attempted to revive his stature in the hate movement, first by affiliating himself briefly with Liberty Lobby, the leading anti-Semitic propaganda organization in the country, and then by collaborating with United Klans of America leader Robert Shelton on an unsuccessful project called "the Committee of Ten Million."

In June 1992, John Grady, leader of the American Pistol and Rifle Association (APRA) - a far-right alternative to the National Rifle Association - appealed to "Selected Patriots" to initiate a letter-writing campaign to overturn DePugh's conviction on other weapons violations. According to press accounts, DePugh had been convicted on two counts of weapons possession by a felon and one count of possessing an unregistered machine gun following a September 1991 Iowa arrest on charges of sexual exploitation of a 13-year-old girl and misdemeanor possession of of child pornography. No further details on these charges have been reported since. (Anti-Defamation League, 15-16)

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Comments for "Patriot Elder: "Militias Will Not Be Allowed" "

K said (March 25, 2010):

Regarding the discussion on
Patriot Elder: "Militias Will Not Be Allowed"
and the comments by the former Sinn Fein fellow, there is a great little movie that was
BANNED in Britain, about the very thing, and could easily be applied here regarding
any organized efforts to restore the US Republic. It is called "Hidden Agenda."

Everyone I have ever shown it to, goes away awakened, and unsettled, for it raises
the very points your commentators make.

You can hardly find it online; it has been removed even on IMDB; most of the listings
when you search for it are "porno" so that should tell you how close to home it hits.

Here's a link where you can watch in in parts on youtube:

If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to do so. As I said, when it was released back in
1990, it was banned in the UK.

Rita said (March 24, 2010):

Your Jewishness is showing. Are you trying to discourage us? Are you friend or foe Henry? When you publish an article like this you are being like Orwell with his message that "Big Brother wins in the end". I don't appreciate it.



I post different points of view including rebuttals to this article. I resent your implication and don't want to hear from you again. Question my sincerity and you are on spam.

Tony Blizzard is a devout Catholic. Is his "Jewishness" showing too?


Denny said (March 24, 2010):

The comments on this piece themselves deserve comment. TT takes Blizzard to task for pointing out problems but offering no solutions. I think Blizzard himself points out the solution with his mention of Hungary. Two times he says that Hungary won their revolt. But what wasn’t given any prominence was the fact that it took a “critical mass” moment when everyone just reacted to an unplanned event. The police overstepped and the crowd reacted. That is how it will happen in the US. It will be pandemonium in the early days but things will sort themselves out.

Donal has a story to tell and I wish that he hadn’t pulled up short when he got to “What I am saying is given the Irish experience of the recent past, a long, hard, grim look should be taken and much consideration given to the methodologies used”. Would there be anyway to get him to elaborate? Blizzard points to how a revolt is born and Donal may just have the know how to keep one alive. How about an essay from him along those lines? If you’d consider it, feel free to pass my email address along to Donal if he’d be willing to share his views privately.

Mark was the guy who is most representative of the newly enlightened. He’s tried to share his message via “numerous Internet boards, FaceBook, MySpace etc” to no avail. There’s no one as convincing as a faceless, nameless and totally anonymous latter day Paul Revere. The results are no better in person. When you first confront that blank stare or worse, that look that says that you’ve just been fitted with a tin foil hat it’s a crushing blow. Within days you question your own sanity for believing what you believe. Next it will be a “why me, why do I see what 95% of the world can’t”. I’m still struggling with the answer to that one.

I’m not a professional profiler by any means but from what Mark said and how he phrased it I’m glad he has no guns. It’s like my late father always said “the only person you have to fear is the guy with nothing left to lose”. Questioning whether or not to vandalize an abortion clinic. Sounds to me like Mark is dancing precariously to close to the edge.

What a powerful glimpse at a cross section of our collective psyche in those three comments. I don’t know, I know and I know but wish I didn’t. We’re all in there somewhere.

Henry, your website is always a breath of fresh air.

Patrick said (March 24, 2010):

I was very struck by a recent despairing comment about "What can we do?" - but I couldn't see how to add a comment directly - so I'm sending this to you.

There is a very valuable, focused activity aimed at setting up State Banks following, as a minimum, the success of the unique Bank of North Dakota (BND) - brought to public attetion by Ellen Brown.
This is summarised here - though there are now many other articles on the web by Ellen Brown and others:

Much of the activity is logged here:

Since it is the ownership of the banking system & central banks that gave the banksters their huge and illegal power which they are using for their psychopathic purposes, this seems to be an excellent point to target - particularly for Americans, for whom a major cause of the War of Independence was the then bank of england's attempt to prevent the States issuing their own money.

Despite the many possibilities for infiltration, hijacking etc, this activity has the advantages of being extemely simple for people to understand, easy to support, very educational, locally based, copiable around the world . . . . and various others!

So perhaps you'd like to give it a few plugs?
I guess that many, many of your readers are looking for practical things that they can do themselves to help escape the banksters' sick intentions.

This seems to be one of the best.

Arkansas Cajun said (March 24, 2010):

to be successful any revolutionary movement needs a majority of the people. we don't need firearms. A NATIONAL STRIKE would suffice. If we all took a week off work and hung out with the family, playing video games, watching movies, whatever and didn't buy ANYTHING. No gas, don't go to walmarts or sears or anywhere else. no fast food, no eating out. no NOTHING just stayed at home for a week. I GUARANTEE they would be on thier knees BEGGING us to tell them what we want to end the strike. no violence needed.

Troy said (March 24, 2010):

The lightbulb just came on. I was watching coverage of this massive power grab that just happened and a family member started arguing how it'll be great for her and that I should be commpassionate towards her health.
As I began to state that this whole thing makes me sick, it suddenly hit me that I finally see what's being done to all of us.
I've heard it said before, but finally GOT IT. THEY have diverted our attention and gotten us all to fight about details while they mess with the bigger picture. For the last two days I keep hearing the same arguments, but have yet to hear someone speak about what really just happened. We were just told that we have no choice anymore. No matter who's in power, whether we like it or not, the government can now do whatever they want and laugh at us while they do it.
I cannot argue a side anymore, because I realize it's futile. I will continue to fight for what I believe, but now will be stressing the real issue behind my opinion instead of just arguing about the issue we've been handed at any given moment.
Thanks for your website. I've beat myself up for awhile by thinking maybe I'm just a conspiracy nut case because nobody else around me saw what I believed was happening. Now I realize that I've been chosen to bring awareness of this larger battle to anyone I can.

AM said (March 24, 2010):

I agree with Mr Blizzard about not tolerating evil, however, in his use of the Hungarian situation to make his point it was not the armed militia who, for a brief moment in history turned the tables on the tyrants, it was a distressed, fed up, dignified and courageous mother holding up the bloodied lifeless body of her innocent one. Very telling.

There is a big difference between people having courage to stand up to tyrants unarmed with dignity and truth on their sides on masse or killing others even for, what may seem, a noble and just cause. The bloodying and slaying of the innocent Son of God attests to would be useful to follow His example.

TT said (March 23, 2010):

I am wondering if [email protected] would have any ideas on a solution.... voting doesn't seem to work since the g do what they want anyway.

Irish Dan said (March 23, 2010):

I have served on The National Executive of Sinn Fein for some years and I was one of those who helped to turn the mainstream political. Once the absolute secrecy that the I.R.A. had to operate in lifted and people began to discuss events and operations, it soon became evident that almost every aspect of the I.R.A. had been penetrated by British Intelligence. They had even fully controlled the I.R.A.'s own internal security organization. for a number of years. It is not politic for the current Leadership to yet publicly admit the full extent of this penetration, old discipline and loyalties still hold, but among ourselves there is still shock and anger at the extent of it. We still have probably less than 50% of the true story.

My point in all of this, if the I.R.A. with all it's experience of operating in Ireland, with close to one hundred years of its own experience against the British and a legacy of hundred of years of armed struggle to draw on, a culture that either actively or passively supported it, what chance has a militia starting up scratch in a society that as a whole do not support this activity.

Then there is the practical side, unseen sky drones that can photograph faces and car number plates, video transmission units smaller than cigarette packets monitoring homes and people, tracking devices little bigger than a cent devices on weapons etc. By the time any of these proposed militias have learned a fraction of what organizations could afford to forget, they too will be infiltrated lock, stock, and barrel. Without being able to match and counter the ultra- sophistication electronic surveillance of State Forces, Leaders of militias are not only leading concerned citizens up a cul de sac, they are also leading them straight through the penitentiary gates at a time and place of the State's own choosing.

I am not saying that these State forces should be resisted and opposed where liberties are curtailed or deleted. What I am saying is given the Irish experience of the recent past, a long, hard, grim look should be taken and much consideration given to the methodologies used.

Mark said (March 23, 2010):

Tony. I would have to agree with your sentiments for the most part. I didn't learn what was going on until I was about 40 years old or so. I too am a believer in the "God of the Bible" although I don't use the term "Christian". My heart is heavy for what I see going on in my country too. I have tried to share what I know on numerous Internet boards, FaceBook, MySpace etc. I made it very plain I wasn't there to socialize, My plan was to educate people on what is going on.

I have tried to share with people that I know too, and some "leadership" folks at church where I went. I bet you can guess the response I got can't you?

I have prayed about this quite abit as well. There is an abortion clinic about 6 blocks from here (Leroy Carhartt). I want to vandalize it and burn it down every time I see it. I have asked the Almighty would it further his mission if I did this, especially if I were caught and went to prison. I haven't gotten an answer that it would do anything except destroy his witness and show the world what 'wackos" Bible believers are plus the fact that my life would be ruined too because I don't think I could handle prison. I don't like the prison we are in, it drains my batteries every day I'm alive. I have tried writing senators, congressman, a waste of time. I cannot overcome the NWO.

I am broke, have been unemployed for 16 months, I cannot afford guns, ammo, food, gold, homes in the wilderness ad infinitum. So what does a person do? Talking does nothing and going to prison does nothing. I don't know what to do quite frankly. My life is pretty much over now at 47.

The only one who can fix this mess now is the Almighty, and probably always was. Unless there is a mass repentence I would say he isn't inclined to do so. Your suggestions are welcome of course.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at