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Cocaine Funds NWO Takeover in S. America

May 30, 2010

lula-evo.jpgBolivia a Narco State


The Forum of Sao Paulo has the objective of creating the Bolivarian-Marxist revolution in South America, in the image of Fidel's Cuba and Chavez's Venezuela.  Political parties such as the Worker's Party (PT) of Brazil, the drug-trafficking Marxist guerrillas of FARC and other radical organizations are allied in this plan.

Cocaine is financing this political agenda. Chavez almost went to war against Colombia (the last resistance to Marxism in the continent) in order to support the FARC, a violent guerrilla group that wants to overthrow the democratically elected Columbian government. He allows the FARC to use Venezuela's territory to escape from Colombian army. Unfortunately, the FARC is funded by cocaine they sell to Brazil and re-exported to Europe and the United States via Mexico.

Brazil is also extremely active in the support to the FARC, allowing them free range in the Brazilian territory. This month (May 2010), a FARC base was found in the urban confines of Manaus in the Brazilian Amazon. Apparently, the Federal Police took the FARC trafickers for common drug lords. Some police officers are afraid of the government reaction if they bust the FARC operations.


This week the situation reached a surrealist tone, when presidential candidate Jose Serra denounced Bolivia for making it easy for cocaine to reach Brazil. Lula and his candidate, Dilma Rousseff (a former Communist terrorist and murderer) attacked Serra in the press and defended Evo Morales, Bolivia's president.

Ironically, the same day, a truck with half a ton of cocaine from Bolivia was intercepted by the police in the state of Mato Grosso. At this moment, Lula was with Morales in Rio wearing coca leaves (left) and joking about the drug trade.

Earlier this month, another truck from Bolivia with 725 kilos (3/4 of a ton) of cocaine hidden under refrigerated meat was intercepted. Let's not forget that Lula is the man who carved a fake deal with Ahmadinejad this month, and has been honored by Illuminati Chatham House and the UN. Lula is a New World Order pawn.


Evo Morales justifies the use of cocaine with the argument of tradition. Bolivian Indians chew coca leaves to fight the effects of altitude. However, they ingest a very tiny amount of the active substance. Only 3% of the cocaine harvest is chewed. 97% is processed as cocaine and is exported. Since Evo took power, the growth of coca has risen by 41% and "exports" to Brazil have increased 200% (source: Veja magazine).

Evo says that colonization has been a genocide, and white civilization is destroying the planet. Only a Communist society can reverse the harm done to the people. This comes from a man who has lost all his indian roots, can't speak the language and is totally acculturated in European civilization. 

Not only the Communists let cocaine flow undisturbed, now they will use money from the tax payers in order to build a road to connect the coca producing regions in Bolivia to the markets in Brazil. While Brazil severely neglects its roads, a government bank (BNDS) will invest US$ 332 million in a road in the middle of nowhere. The road has already been nicknamed the "Transcocaleira" or "Cocaine Highway".


How does a political leader betray his basic responsibilities and still get approved by almost 80% of the population? 50,000 Brazilians die violent deaths every year, most of them related to drugs, and still Lula is able to name his successor.
Dilma Rousseff, a Marxist terrorist, killed a 19 year-old recruit in front of an army station, by throwing a home-made bomb through the window of a car.

The answer is that the mass media controls information. Communist theoretician Antonio Grasmci showed that the infiltration of the press, universities and government agencies is a much more effective strategy than direct armed conflict. It comes to a point where there is no effective, intelligent opposition, apart from the 1% who read the internet alternative media.

consumidores-decrack.jpg(Left, Crack addicts on Brazil streets)

Add to this diversions such as the Soccer World Cup and the Olympics (both events will take place in Brazil) and the distribution of pocket money in form of government dole, and you have a fail proof recipe for success.

When one talks about Communism, people usually think about the Red Guards taking power with guns. That's why it is difficult for the common folk to understand the zig-zag way Communism now works. See the FARC, for example: they want to become a political party. This is the ideal: after killing thousands, after getting extremely rich with drug money, they know they can buy any election and the respect that comes with it. Communists pretend to respect the market, the stock exchange, fooling the capitalists while at the same time  destroying all the basis which guarantee the very life of capitalism, individual freedoms and initiative. They are masters of deception.

The naive Americans who support Chavez should see behind the curtain and realize that you already have a much more sophisticated and good looking Chavez in DC, in the person of Obama. You will get there, it will only take a little more time.


Comments for "Cocaine Funds NWO Takeover in S. America "

Carlos MD said (May 31, 2010):

I recently sent a letter to professor Garth (below). But I received no reply. You are a journalist concerned with Brazil and our people as I could read in your last post COCAINE FUNDS NWO TAKEOVER IN SOUTH America. Absolutely true!

Our government is killing us all. Squalen, formaldeid, thimerosal, prohibited drugs in USA, here are totally free, and without resistance hit our people.

We have 1,000,000 children with ASD (autism spectrum disease) at school. Most of them are thimerosl victims.

Look the numbers, please: 40,000,000 victims of squalen and mercury in general population. They are genocide numbers. Nobody knows? How?

We need help of doctors from the rest of the world.

Do something, please. You can. Mr. Jeff Rense can too.


Carlos MD


Professor Garth Nicolson, PhD

I´m Brazilian doctor. I know your work and I believed it. I am deeply concerned with our people, Brazilian people. This year almost 40 million of us got the H1N1 vaccine with thimerosal, formaldeid and squalen, added in Butantan Institute from GSK.

Children above 2 years will take two shots. Pregnants and young adults have received 1 shot of squalen.

I ask you, I beg you, what we must wait in a recent future?
What about the onset of the symptons?

How can I do besides to warn us all?

Our government leader is completely false. He lieS constantly. Our people, including the medical class, are entirely unconscious of the danger. Can you help?

Michael said (May 31, 2010):

Good post, Marcos. You are looking at things from the Brazilian side, which is mostly Bolivian cocaine I would guess. I'm in Venezuela and see it from here, and my guess would be most of what goes through Venezuela is coming from or at least through Colombia. In my view, probably half of the cocaine coming from Colombia is controlled by the government, flown up through Mexico to the US, mostly by the CIA. The other half is controlled by FARC and comes through Venezuela on its way to Africa and then Europe. So a major part of the conflict in Colombia is all about who controls most of the drug trade.

Re Chavez, here is a newly translated interview with the head of one of Venezuela's largest labor unions, condemning Chavez' recent threat to expropriate the company this forklift driver works for. Any readers who still think Chavez cares about "el pueblo" really should read it, and some of the other English language blogs linked there:

The Naked Emperor:

The funniest line I've heard about Evo Morales is that he blames the imperialists for everything except his bad haircut.

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