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Court Unmasks Secularism as State "Religion"

June 23, 2010

mtl-loyola-students.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last week, Quebec Superior Court Judge Gérard Dugré  ruled that the government showed "Inquisition-like intolerance"  by imposing a secular ethics course on a private Roman Catholic school in Montreal.

The reference to secularism as an "Inquisition" was satisfying for Loyola High School, a Jesuit boy's school that went to court to protect its freedom to teach from a Roman Catholic perspective.

This case demonstrates that "separation of church and state" is really a pretext for the imposition of a State Religion, i.e. Illuminism, or secularism. (I will expand on the true nature of this "religion" later.)  

Judge Dugre turned secular rhetoric of "tolerance" and "diversity" back on the government, exposing its hidden Masonic agenda: to stamp out Christianity.

Judge Dugré said that not only did Quebec violate Loyola's religious freedoms but it went about it in a "totalitarian" manner.

"In this age of the respect of fundamental rights, of tolerance, reasonable accommodation and multiculturalism, the attitude adopted by the [education] minister is surprising," Judge Dugré wrote.

I will continue to quote the Globe and Mail report followed by my analysis.

"The obligation imposed on Loyola to teach the ethics and religious culture course in a lay fashion assumes a totalitarian character essentially equivalent to Galileo's being ordered by the Inquisition to deny the Copernican universe."

"The strongly worded decision sparked a renewed round of discussion over how far Quebec, which has struggled with the place of religion in the face of growing immigration, can go on imposing a secular vision on the province.

charest.jpg"Quebec Premier Jean Charest (left) immediately announced on Monday that his government would go to appeal. "It is too serious an issue which has been debated for a long time," the Premier said.

"The government's ethics and religious course, introduced in 2008, aimed to give equal time to world religions, including Judaism, Islam and first nations spirituality, in response to growing immigration and pluralism in schools.


The Masonic strategy is to pay lip service to all religions so that we believe in none. Most of our politicians and pundits are Freemasons. Although most may not know it, Freemasonry is a satanic cult. They worship Lucifer and their hidden agenda is to unify mankind in this worship. Secularism is, in fact, a mask for societal transition to Satanism.
satanicemblem.jpgIn a June 2003 article,"The Government Religion of the United States," Erica Carle writes:

"The separation of church and state argument for removing all traces of Biblical teaching from public life and public land is a gigantic fraud.

Why? Because there is no separation of church and state. Government religion is a fact in the United States. What is wanted by the government religion adherents is not separation of church and state, but exclusive rights for their religion. This is why attempts are being made to destroy Christianity."

Religion by definition is "knowing and obeying God." The government religion in fact is anti-religion, the denial of God, i.e. materialism, Illuminism, Freemasonry, and ultimately Satanism.

The primary assumption of materialism is that there is no inherent  moral dimension or purpose in the universe, (i.e. God) and that man has no soul capable of discerning God's will and experiencing Him.

Despite the rhetoric, in practice, Illuminist man does not reach up to God but rather indulges his materialist appetites and revels in naturalistic squalor in a race to the bottom. Illuminist man is an animal shaped and governed by the Illuminati social engineers, educators and writers.

The secular vision is not value-neutral. It is actually very negative and evil. "God" is the principle of our self determination (freedom), development and fulfillment. "God" is what distinguishes us from animals, as human.

The Quebec case reveals the totalitarian character of Illuminati secularism.
The Illuminati will impose their vision on us. They will determine what we know and how we find fulfillment.

The value neutral "secular" state is actually an intermediary for Illuminati Satanism. Moral order is replaced by central banker (i.e. Illuminati) power. 

We don't really have a choice between a "value-neutral" state and a religious one. We must have values to function and they must be based on acceptance of a Moral Order. 

We cannot base values on "reason." Reason is just another term for self-interest. Any behavior can be rationalized.

The Illuminati will smear true religions as "superstition."  It will insist they be studied like butterflies mounted on pins. It will substitute occult New Age beliefs. 

Western civilization is based on Christianity. It has been undermined by   Jewish Cabalism in the form of Illuminism, occultism and materialism.

The majority of Westerners consider themselves Christians. Christianity should be the state religion,
not Satanism in secular dress.

Of course "minorities," including atheists, are free to worship as they see fit.  


For more characteristics of the "state religion" see this 2010 article by Erica Carle

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Comments for "Court Unmasks Secularism as State "Religion" "

Becky said (June 24, 2010):

Henry--this is the very reason that we are taught and encouraged to hate Muslims. They have the courage to stand against this denouncing of their belief in God, morals and ethics. As long as they are capable of fighting back the masters will keep demanding that we hate and fear them. I do not believe in man but I do believe in God.
What these evil creatures are doing is indoctrinating our children into their sadistic, materialistic ways so they have a belief in nothing--thereby falling for everything!!!~

Kevin Boyle said (June 23, 2010):

am very grateful to have been instructed on this issue by yourself over the years. You are the only one I know hitting the nail smack on the head with such regularity. The spiritual war is the basic war. I can't remember if I sent you my own article along similar lines from a few weeks ago. There is a addendum to this that is one of Bishop Williamson's weekly articles which, again, in a different, very Catholic, language really says the same thing.

I have got to know Bishop Williamson. He is isolated in London within a SSPX house in Wimbledon, South London. He has been pressed into silence by his own order. As I'm sure you know he spoke out about 9/11, was moved from the USA to Argentina, then got in more serious trouble by saying that the human gas chambers at Auschwitz did not exist (referring to research carried out by Leuchter and Rudolf, separately). Personally, I have taken your advice to more-or-less avoid 'going there' which is, at least, sensible behaviour in our culture.

However, one thing that happened fairly recently in SSPX affairs I found very interesting. The Bishop never mentioned this to me. I found it on their website (see below). The SSPX was trying to buy a small church in Gorton, Manchester. The sale was vigorously opposed by the local orthodox Jewish community. One of their spokesmen made the following rather breathtaking statement amongst its representations to the local council.

"Of particular interest was the statement made by the Jewish spokesman who opposed the sale, not primarily for reasons to do with revisionist history and the Holocaust question, but rather because of the Society’s opposition to Vatican II and specifically the conciliar decree on Non-Christian religions, Nostra Aetate. Furthermore he went on to say that the Jewish community could not be at peace or live without fear as long as the Society of Saint Pius X remained in this country! "

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