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Sexual Liberation is about Slavery

February 16, 2008

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the Preface to Brave New World, (1932) Aldous Huxley wrote:

"As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends correspondingly to increase. And the dictator will do well to encourage that will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."  

There is an inverse relation between sexual "freedom" and personal and political freedom. The sexual "liberation" of the past 50 years is part of the Illuminati bankers' long-term plan to enslave humanity and make us love our slavery. Whether Sabbatean, Frankist or Communist, these Satan-loving Illuminati bankers always have promoted the sexual promiscuity now widely accepted.


For the survival of the species, nature has hard-wired us to have sex. This powerful primitive instinct is more of a curse than a blessing.  Men are sexually attracted to practically all pretty fertile females. Females are probably sexually attracted to most powerful handsome men.   Given license, this primitive imperative is a recipe for social chaos. It leads to the destruction of marriage and family, another feature of the  Communist banker program.

Human beings are really shaped by their "culture." We desire what we are taught to desire. We experience what we are taught to experience. Sex is largely in the collective mind.

Through their control of culture and media, the bankers have invested sex with meaning it just doesn't have. They teach us it is an ecstatic experience with mystical & religious significance. It is "unhealthy" to repress sexual desires.

For example, those commercials for Viagra and Cialis are not so much about erectile dysfunction as about convincing older people who don't need  sex that they are sick and missing out on the de facto religion practised in our society.

Sex is  a physical need like eating. It has to be satisfied but it has no spiritual value unless part of a  larger more profound relationship like marriage. 

Yet we have been conditioned to believe that personal worth is a function of sexual attraction. People (especially women) are judged on the basis of whether they are "HOT" i.e. worthy of anonymous sex. Sex has been divorced from love and propagation and is considered an end in itself. We have been transformed from a family-oriented society, brothers and sisters,parents and children, into one of lone predators and prey.

Our societal obsession with sex is an aberration. It is the result of a kabalistic spell, and is neither normal nor healthy. The emphasis on sex cannibalizes the energy we would devote to other things that define us as human. Mankind is in the thrall of a satanic cult.


Most of us  seek much more than sexual release. We have a basic need to love and nurture other human beings. We want the companionship of the  opposite sex who complement us.  We seek intimacy and security and peace of mind. These all require strict monogamy.  We must resist the temptation for random drive-by sex.

Resisting this temptation is easy when you are happily married. Men and women balance each other emotionally and spiritually. Thus, married couples need sex a lot less.

There is nothing more empowering than to be immune to sexual siren calls. I feel like bullets would go right through me, like I'm walking through a force field. But what if you are a young single male, and have no sexual outlet?

There are three courses of action:

1) Take advantage of the modern degradation of women and have casual sex and hook ups.

2) Manage your sex drive through tasteful porn and masturbation.

3) Transcend sex  by avoiding sexual cues and practicing celibacy.

The pros and cons of #1 are pretty self evident.  The challenge of #2 is to not let your fantasy life become a permanent substitute. Alot of men become addicted to porn.  Men have got to get satiated and lose interest. The ideal is to outgrow sexual desire. If you don't get sick of sex after masturbating, you must stop altogether and try #3.


Millions of practically identical images of young naked women are posted on the Internet. There is something retarded about this. They are all the same. Males search in vain for one who will move their needle. The naked bodies begin to resemble images of concentration camp corpses piled high. 

Naked women are not that attractive. Breasts? Imagine bulls ogling utters. C'mon boys. Grow up. They are for babies.

And the vacant faces of girls who have been flattered and tricked into giving away their innocence... Pathetic. There is no dignity in posing nude. Dignity is all we have. How easily they throw it away.

A woman's sexuality is her destiny. Her womb is the nest in which her children will be born.  Letting strange men plant their seed there is like letting predator birds eat her eggs. That's what it does to her psyche.

Porn is so plentiful and free that some people have speculated the bankers are financing it somehow. Their agenda: Millions of women (and men) are made less fit for marriage. Nancy Levant has called it "weaponized porn."

Another thought: We get sick of anything we have too much of. Could porn be designed to turn us off the opposite sex permanently? I couldn't be the only one disgusted.

In conclusion, when I was younger, and in a torrid affair, I pitied older people. They were "missing out." Now that I am 58, I pity my younger self. I was chasing a chimera. Preoccupation with sex is a curse that consumes our energy. It is elite mind control.

The solution I recommend is marriage. Marriage neutralizes the sex drive for men. There are too many more urgent and enjoyable things to do in life.


See  my "Managing the Male Sex Drive"

History of Sexual Revolution-always a mechanism of social control.

This is the topic of my show Sunday. My guest is Julian Lee, of

Comments for "Sexual Liberation is about Slavery"

RC-legacy of liberation said (February 19, 2008):

I was a young adult between the late 70's and and 80's Back in pre-aids carefree days when It was easy to go out any night and score (believe
me i was no Don Juan) Back then It never crossed my mind that any of these females would be any thing more than a fleeting memory. if that at

Occasionally i see a familiar face in the crowd and wonder, I never did remember the names just some there faces (and other things) i would
see them (if recognizable) with there children spouses, and i would think of the things she was capable of doing to a man and the thing i
had done to her, i would think of her body.

Recently I recognized a sex partner whoose name came to my lips in an instant, a women that for some reason had impressed me so i called out
to her, as she looked back, i could sense that she did not have the slightest idea of who i was. She looked bewildered as I walked towards
her, with a loose smile trying to figure me out in her memory.

I presented my self and inquired about where she studied, when and what places she hung out, and they all matched but still she did not recognize me.

Finally trying to be as diplomatic as i could telling her that i was not looking for anything thing from her nor that i would look to become
part of her life nor she part of mine and asked her to forgive me and stop me me if i got to personal, I told her that we had a one night
stand together back in 86. She was quite gracious and told me that it could have been. I told her that i had been reminiscing about my past
attitudes and relationships with women.

I told her that I had been married twice and could not say that i had a real deep personal relationship with any of my ex's and that I think
that it was because of the easy sex. I told her that I just wanted to know something more about her than just memory of copulating. She
looked into my eyes for a few seconds and told me with much ease as she started to walk away - Get a life!

What a dick ? she probably said about me in her mind what a bitch i said in mine as the distance came between once again And the war goes on....

D.B. said (February 19, 2008):

Excellent post Henry, you are spot on there (almost). But abstinance or celibacy is not a realistic option, for the sex drive is a natural and healthy imperative that requires fulfillment and marriage is not always the answer. Seventeen year olds are seldom mature enough for it.
Sex is like is no big deal unless you aren't getting any.

I don't know what the answer is, but rampant promiscuity is certainly not it, for as you correctly surmise, it is a destructive force promoted by the ruling elite in order to weaken and subvert Western society and civilization.

Faye in Ohio said (February 19, 2008):

Years ago, I am 80, Sex didn't occur to me or others. Outdoor fun, nature, exploration, Our upper natures were culivated, obedience, manners,
respect for authority, Parental control, disipline,

Hardship was growth, Make your own fun with small things.

Attraction was exciting, but quiet. Courtship was something to hope for.

It was very strong, but controlled. We waited for our special person.

Its so sad that sex has become almost without restraint even in young children.

I think we are lost if this doesn't turn around. God help us.

David-The Soy Debate said (February 18, 2008):

I know that soy can be an easy whipping post for people complaining about men becoming soft, but I think they are chasing a phantom.

Soy is a hell of a lot better for most people than milk. I drink Soy milk everyday and I am still quite masculine and sometimes pushy.

I play hockey and I have always gotten penalties for mixing it up in front of the net (pushing around forwards), this is typical of defenseman. I have not noticed a decline in the amount of penalties I receive in hockey games since I quit milk 3 years ago.

I have noticed a significant decrease in my LDL cholesterol without the need for Lipitor or other statins.

I will take my chances with the soy milk and skip the liquid animal fat.

Jamie said (February 18, 2008):

Mr. Makow, I enjoyed your article, 'Sexual Liberation is slavery', immensely! I
am currently having a very heated debate at about the issue of
Porn in our society ( I was termed a "Fan" because I don't get that people find
[it] enhances their relationships). I am in total accord with your view point.
It is demoralizing, destructive and devastating.

I agree that this is a "man-made" epidemic and is designed to keep the yin/yang
principal at odds with itself.
I will keep reading your articles because you are one of the few who speak
truth. Thanks for having the intelligence and courage to speak it.

Judy said (February 17, 2008):

Hi! Re your recent essay on sex: I agree basically with what you have said. You are always rational and perceptive. However, as an educated woman who has had the inestimable good fortune to have loved and been loved by a real man, one, I might add, raised in a first generation Sicilian American family, I can tell you that sex -- the real thing, not mutual masturbation -- is beyond description. It does reach spiritual levels and it does contain something of the meaning of life. I think you underestimate the depth that the sexual experience, at its best, can reach. Granted, not many people, and certainly not many today are capable of reaching it. And now that men have been castrated (that soybean comment was interesting, I must check on that) women are in trouble. Thanks for your many insights.


Thanks for this. I don't think you are saying sex with a stranger does contain something of the meaning of life. Nor am I. I appreciate this note and I say, good for you for finding a real man and a real marriage!


CC said (February 17, 2008):

You are truly one of the most obnoxious and annoying people to have come along in ages. Your shocking ignorance and narrow-mindedness are appalling, and your pedantic style is laughable. Pompous fools like you should just shut up and go away.



Told some people didn't like his speech, Abe Lincoln responded, "A dog scratches but never reaches all the fleas."

Pavlov said (February 17, 2008):

Though it may not seem significant, the Babylonian attempt to destroy the (Christian) family takes many subtle and devious forms. Take for instance the Welch’s Grape Juice commercial currently in heavy rotation in North America. It is quite possibly the most evil commercial I have ever seen. The subliminal message is so heavy-handed that it hardly qualifies as subliminal. It features a little girl who, late at night, upon hearing a noise in her closet, and fearing monsters, walks past her father and sets up a trap of glasses of juice. When the father inquires, she tells him not to worry, that ‘the anti-oxidants will protect me’. The commercial closes with the little girl who has independently tucked herself back into bed (no help from ‘daddy’) and the father who is then glimpsed creeping into the girl’s room by the alert and vigilant little girl, snatching some of the precious protective magic juice. Peering at him through one half-eye open, she tells him “Daddy, put that back.” The message here is that fathers are useless, weak, irresponsible, and ultimately unnecessary. The ironic truth is that many fathers have indeed been so-rendered by decades of social engineering by the very Babylonians that now so deftly and snidely trumpet their own evil (but apparently) successful results.

Mark said (February 17, 2008):

n addition to the psycological attack on the genders I believe there is a chemical one as well:

Not only are we being dumbed down through the media, but also we are being fed huge amounts of plant estrogen from the soybean... Which is feminizing the nation... It really sounds crazy... I know... But take a look in the super market; the soybean is in every thing except veggies and meat... Don't take my word for it

So, this hit me like a bolt of lightning... I have found that the government itself has bank rolled the soy conspiracy... Ever wonder why there so many limp wristed types out there now days? According to one article I read in the health today magazine, Males today are sporting 30% less testosterone than males in the 1940's... the cause SOY!... This is also affecting the hormones of women not to mention thyroid damage. So, I'm wondering about the sanity of someone who is woofing down 1000 times more estrogen than is healthy to do? We never used have soy in every type of food we eat.

Flaming liberals are being manufactured! Now, is that right out of a Sci Fi Book or what? When the Communitarinists hand over our country to the Bilderberg Elites do you think there will be much resistance from a nation full of dumbed down, limp wristed, politically correct liberal robots?

So, there you have it, what do you think? It's my basic theory on the attack upon the nation via programming and diet...

[email protected]

Jon said (February 17, 2008):

You write "Marriage neutralizes the sex drive for men. There are too many more important and enjoyable things to do in life."

The first statement is false, at least for me. And nothing is more important in my life than my marriage, of which sex is an important aspect. Also, I have read Julian Lee's web site. It is full of misinformation. He claims that sex is unhealthy, which is provably wrong! You write "If you don't get sick of sex after masturbating, you must stop altogether and try [celibacy]."

Why should a young man get sick of sex after masturbation? Masturbation is not satisfying. It functions simply as a physical release which is necessary for the health of the sex organs. Long term celibacy is in fact unhealthy. Many celibates chemically castrate themselves in order to suppress their libido. This can be done by consuming large amounts of soy products. Of course nowadays you can use progesterone shots!

Most people don't have a clue about how to have sex. For instance, men and women alike do not know where the women is in her monthly cycle, so they don't know when she is fertile, and when she isn't. One should be able to tell just by smell alone, or by observing mucous. This is just part of modern man's disconnect from his true nature.


Jon, "by get sick of" sex I mean temporary relief, satiation. Thanks for your valuable perspective.

Margaret said (February 16, 2008):

Thank you so much for this article. It says exactly what I have been feeling in my intuition and sense, in spite of what is always being thrown at me from the media.

Your articles are very much appreciated. I tell people about them all the time. It is wonderful to know that there is a voice of reason in the wilderness. It helps people so much.

I also appreciate how you are unbiased toward any gender or ethnic issues. You can cut through to the issue without being overwhelmed by political correctness.

God bless,

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at