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Is Leaked Zionist Plan Pertinent to US?

May 26, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A primer for Zionist subversion caused a sensation in Russia in 1989 because it seemed to prove that Zionism was an ideology dedicated to world domination, not just a Jewish homeland.

Called "A Catechism for the Jews of the Soviet Union," Estonian writer Jyri Lina says it contained secret instructions worked out in Tel Aviv in 1958 for the control of Russia. The plan was leaked to a newspaper in 1989 by non-Zionist Jews, including an "S. Peisner," who wanted to distance himself from it.
Whether this plan is authentic or a vicious anti-Semitic hoax, I'll leave to you. Parts of this plan seem pertinent to what has happened in Europe and the United States. Here are some typical directives:

"It is necessary to help our young Jews into leading positions. The Russians are not capable of profound thought, analysis... they are like pigs...Everything, which belongs to them today, is actually ours--they are using all this only temporarily . God has instructed us to take everything from them....

The gentiles are stupid and primitive..they can't even lie...Slander their most eminent people who are capable of making speeches...our motto is respectable audacity...Label anti-Semites   all who try to work against us. Constantly spread spread statements about the eternal suffering of the Jewish people, who have been persecuted in the past and are now discriminated against. The tactic of the 'poor Jew' has vindicated its practitioners for thousands of years.

God wanted us Jews to rule the world and this is what we do. Keep the mass media and information tools in our hands. People without history are like children without parents. They must begin all over again and then it will be easy to give them our world view and way of thinking. In this way, we can liquidate entire races. They must lose their history and their traditions, following which we shall be able to shape them in our own way...

Through marriages with Jewesses, there is a possibility to bring Russians under our influence and into our sphere of interest. Buy up, destroy and prevent the publishing of books, which reveal our tactics and strategy. The goys must never know the real reason behind the Jew-- pogroms. 

They must be forced to choose [between] chaos and us. When they try to do without us, we must cause complete chaos. Make sure that the disorder remains until the suffering and tortured gentiles desperately want our regime back. The gentiles must work under our lkeadership and be useful to us. Those who are not useful to us must be expelled. He who is not with us is against us. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." That is what Moses taught us. "Money is our God!"  
(Lina, "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" p.405)


The author uses the term "goys." The plural of goy is goyim. This makes me wonder if this document is authentic. (Perhaps the mistake was made by a translator.) The reference to using guilt to manipulate people also sounds like an anti-Semite making a point. In general, the document lacks sophistication. Finally, I would have thought that Jewish domination of Russia was complete by 1958 and such a document would be redundant.

Some points ring true however. The suppression of national history and tradition also happened in America. Prominent Russians like Nikita Khrushchev were married to Jewesses. The idea of extorting power by creating chaos appears in The Protocols. The "liquidation of entire races" seems to be behind mass migration both to Europe (Arabs) and the US (Latinos).

Indeed, Jyri Lina cites Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) the President of the Pan European Union, founded in 1923 and sponsored by Rothschild and Warburg: "The future man will be a mongrel. As for a Pan Europe, i wish to see there an Eurasian Negroid mixture with a great variation in personality types...the Jews shall take the leading positions, since good providence has given Europe a spiritually superior race of nobility called the Jews."  (Practical Idealism, 1925  pp. 22,50)


Throughout modern history, the majority of Jews have expressed a preference for assimilation. They regarded Judaism as a religion and not a race. However, a powerful minority led by bankers devoted to the Cabala have manipulated Jews to implement their design for world dominion.

Their Satanic plan for "world government" reaching fruition today endangers Jews who don't want any part of it. Most believe that a plan such as in the Catechism above doesn't exist but the truth soon will become apparent.

Jyri Lina's book can be purchased for $30 by writing to him --


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Comments for "Is Leaked Zionist Plan Pertinent to US?"

SD said (May 28, 2009):

You are one of my favourite thikers, together with Israel Shahak, Norman Finkelstein, Israel Shamir, Joe Sobran, Uri Avneri and others. As Ardeshir Mehta says, righteous way for a human is just to admit one's natural descent and never praise it, on no case make a cult or religion out of it...
Quite possibly, Jesus, Baruch Spinoza, Uriel Acosta, Albert Einstein and others were brilliant not because they were Jewish but in site of it. Nazism is equally vicious- be it German or Polish one, or Jewish, Negro or Chechen Nazism...

Your review of the book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" confirms that not all is so fine with the "Elected Folk" as zionists and the Kremlin Elders suggest to the nations. Unfortunately there are not so ideal traits in them which make the "goyim" rather nervous than friendly about them (though surely, there are always exclusions in every nations, be it good or bad). On the other hand, it's not objective to call Khrushchev's wife a Jewess, as well as Gorbachev, or Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill too, evildoers are in each nation, let's not invent fake cliches and treat people for what they deserve. We should blame vicious ideology, Judaism and Zionism, not the nation per se, yet never let nationalism be turned into the religion (Holocaust style)...

To the comments to Your article, I'd add that it's naive to belive that heroic "Russian people has thrown Zion's Yoke away from his shoulders", especially with the help of a brave ex-president Mr./adon Putino, and that "Khazars" don't control Russia anymore. All is straight vise versa, thanks to Kremlin's satanic Plot... Russia badly bleeds by the same neoBolsheviks which started the Great Criminal Revolution over 90 years ago....

Very best, mit freundlichen sozialistischen Gruess,
SD (Moscow)

Vano said (May 26, 2009):

This catechism indeed exists and I even have the Russian version saved in my comp mailbox.Not many are aware of this Catechism but all this is true.

Regardless of this the white populations steadily grew under the communist system and as soon as the Warsaw pact fell,they started to experience a demographic catastrophe. Capitalism equals death while communism equals life and by communism I mean the Stalinist version which is a sort of national-socialism and not the Trotzkyist satanic version which has been planned for the entire world by the bankers. Stalin paid with his life for standing up to the Jewish bankers and siding with the gentiles. There are many in the Russian Orthodox circles who consider him the second coming of Christ.

V- I do not share your view of Stalin! Why didn't he nationalize the Bank of Russia? -h

CM said (May 26, 2009):

understand that the Russians have thrown out their Zionists now and are christian in the true sense of the word. while they may be have been pretty in control long before 1958 they are not now. And they are dedicated to rising this world of the false Khazar Jews,

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at