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Damning Arab Take on the American Male

January 10, 2011


"You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to its core. " 

(From "Happier Abroad" Forum)

What you are about to read is a rare look into how the West and its culture is perceived by an Arab who has lived and traveled all over the world and is a keen observer of society and people.

Meeting Westerners, one of the things I noticed was how insecure and emasculated they seemed to me; compared to myself and the male-dominated, testosterone-driven culture of my land.

Western men seemed fragile somehow, unsure of themselves and their worth, the vast majority of them. Some put on fake personas, some overcompensated ... none quite had the quiet confidence that people from our culture possess. On the internet, most Americans seemed to act like little bitches, little girls brought up in a Feminist perversion of nature.

I now understand why; after observing the complex dynamics of U.S. and Western society.

It was only after coming to the U.S. and studying here that all the pieces came together - a fascinating look at a dysfunctional man-hating civilization that is the polar opposite of my own culture, and will eventually lead to the collapse of Western civilization.

Where I come from, men walk proud and rule the streets and testosterone runs in the air; and strong patriarchal foundations of family and the father as ruler of the household. Men harass and aggressively follow women - it is unapologetically a man's world. Men are imbued with confidence and have high self esteem; women are (funnily enough) horny and demure; and feminine and understand the natural order of things.

In the U.S., Feminism has so corrupted the society to its core, damaged the very concept of family and the family unit and the father's role, that society as a whole is like some bizarre alien planet - where men are bland, lack personality, are anti-social, gossipy, soul-less. Men are weak and insecure deep inside. People are disconnected and paranoid, anti-social and self-absorbed.

It's a society where men have become emasculated. Bizarre and cliquish; I can sense the odd social-cultural constructs permeating the country - it is a deeply segregated and fake culture. Men cannot feel confident and assured here like in strong patriarchies; women have all the power and American men seem clueless as to how bizarre the male-female dynamic has become.

In the workplace, Americans are Automatons, like soul-less hamsters on a wheel. Fake conversations, no intellectualism, no interest in other countries, peoples, or history.

Also, terrible social and people skills - at least in California. Most people communicate via twitter and Facebook, even though most of the people on their Facebook live in the same city and a phone call away.

People are vacuous, shallow, superficial, suggestible. Men raised here are fake, insecure, lack personality; they seem to have "issues." Women are confused and messed up ..

You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to its core. The patriarchy is a male conceived and enforced institution that was imposed on females, because men, and only men understand well the long-term impacts of civilization and harnessing male energies into productive family units and a stable society .... civilization itself is a result of patriarchy.

To sum if up, it seems to be that the United States is schizophrenic , like a Jekyll and Hyde monstrosity. There is no community, no camaraderie, no soul; men and women are willing servants to their corporate masters and slaves to materialism and superficiality; and incredibly conformist, reserved, and politically correct to the point of totalitarianism.

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Comments for " Damning Arab Take on the American Male"

SA said (January 13, 2011):

As 30 year-old Arab-American who lived in the states for 20 years, i would not generalize the entire population of the US as such. There are still those very rooted and conventional americans whom i would be proud to call my fellow=0Aamericans and even some lovely american women who would make a much better spouce then some of today's arab women.of course the statistic and figures are somewhat lopsided as you would imagine.

My country {Yemen} is very similar to Saudi Arabia in tradition ans values. However, Women are free to pretty much do anything they want here. Islam does not limit or oppress women here or anywhere; it is the traditions and and=0Aclinging to the dark ages of pre-islamic ignorance that does.Infact, here in Yemen, before the invasion and submerging of the Wahaabi doctrine propaganda, women were as the were in the times of the Prophet [pbuh], they were our sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers. there we
re bukras/Niqab, and they roamed and socialized with men of their tribes and
villages and played an active role in society. Today, about 90% are bukra covered and sexual deviance is ever more widespread then say 20 r 30 years ago because of this sexual repression coupled with the economic conditions and costs of marriage

This guy writes:
"Meeting Westerners, one of the things I noticed was how insecure and emasculated they seemed to me; compared to myself and the male-dominated, testosterone-driven culture of my land"

Again, as an Arab, i would have to=0Adisagree with this pompous and arrogant rem
ark. This guy makes it seem like comes straight out of the Serengeti or something. He doesn't mention how homosexuality is prevalent amongst the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia in particular. In fact the letter from KD is pretty accurate, albeit he seems to blame all this on the 'hypocrisy of slam', which is like blaming a disease on its cure or remedy because it was not administered or applied as it should. Do we blame all 'Christian' or 'Jewish' deviance on their religion, its effectiveness or its 'hypocrisy'? Very narrow minded and biased, if you ask me. This is also a diservice to Arabs and Muslims as much as what this guy write.

The best way to realize this for your self is to visit a somewhat moderate Islamic nation like Syria,Palestineturkey or Malaysia.This isn't about arab vs. non-arab. it is about FAITH and tradition as well as culture and civilization and the ability of one side to grasp and apply while the other has been deluded literally to aculture of 'what was last released in the movie theatres' or last fashioned and marketed as hip and trendy and 'normal' by the Satanic powers that be.

Izdihar said (January 12, 2011):

I just wanted to make a brief comment as I’m an American Muslim woman who has lived in the United Arab Emirates for over two years.

I felt that the entry was very vague and radically different from my experiences as a Muslim American woman living in Dubai. He doesn’t state which Arab country he’s from, and each Arab Muslim country has its own unique culture and customs. Saudi Arabia is vastly different from Morocco or Egypt although many of the people share the same race and religion. I found that staring and gawking at women in a sexual manner, in this culture, is quite frowned upon by the local Arabs. Plus, many of the Muslim Arab men dress just as modestly as the women—covering their hair and everything.

Walking down the streets of Dubai is not a hotbed of testosterone gone wild. It’s actually quite an uneventful experience, whereas in places like Cairo, harassment has become a sport. Thank God, I feel very comfortable Dubai and most of my interactions with Arab men have been respectful and kind. I’m not sure who the writer is, but this entry just plays into the stereotype of the aggressive Arab man dominating the submissive, oppressed Arab woman. Both ideas are an insult to Arabs and Muslims.

Among the decent, kind Arab and/or Muslim men, you find a very masculine sense of chivalry—the ability to be kind and nurturing without losing your manhood. And as far as for domination, Arab men may have a foothold outside the home, but in the home, the Arab woman is queen. Plus, in most Arab countries, particularly in the Arabian Gulf, women outnumber men in all the universities.

There are A-class jerks everywhere who are hypocrities, liars and losers. But I hope that in the future, men and women could work together and find a way to balance their complementary mutual roles. There has to be a better way of balancing our complementary qualities then having these constant turf wars over who should dominate.

Men should not be grunting Neanderthals or simpering weaklings. Women shouldn’t be emasculating witches or submissive doormats. The answer, of course, lies somewhere in the middle.

Tony said (January 12, 2011):

I'm an American living in America and I know damned well most American women, progressively worse as their age is younger, are OUT OF PLACE and OUT OF CONTROL. Not to mention miserable to be around, both to themselves and anyone else. And the law backs them to the hilt to the point where almost all men are afraid to speak up.

The Arab is correct about American men, by and large, too. Hell, I can't find another person where I live that I can tell the truth because they simply are afraid of it, cannot handle it, will run to the even worse law with it, and probably, one of their teen age sons would burn down my house - when he's certain I'm nowhere around.

Tom said (January 12, 2011):

As an American who lived in Saudi Arabia for 8 years i wouldn't place any credence to anything an Arab male says about relationships with women. in Saudi Arabia women are basically owned. they can't drive, mix with men socially, travel alone etc. basic human freedoms are not extended to women. most families have maids from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and so many are abused and raped by the Arab man. and these guys are never brought to justice.

justice, for women? that's a joke over there. many married Saudis also enjoyed the fleshpots of bangkok and manila. i saw them there every time i went but at least I've never married. believe me, they felt no guilt at all. the biggest hypocrites I've ever met. hear the arrogance in this guy's writing. you can bet he would never admit to the points I've brought up.

now i know other Arab countries aren't as bad as the savages in Saudi Arabia but the repression and subjugation is still there even if of a lesser degree.

oh, and because they don't allow mixing of the sexes homosexuality is rampant even though condemned by their religion. like i said, hypocrites.

so holding up their views as something to be emulated is a joke.

Marcos said (January 11, 2011):

I am also a foreigner who lived in the US and I must say that the Arab's view is biased. It may be a good description of the hipsters in Los Angeles or San Francisco, but 90% of the Americans are still family oriented and have traditional values.

They are the silent majority who built and still keep the country running. Most believe in God and are, in my opinion of someone who has traveled extensively, the most honest and generous people in the world. Of course, this is slowly changing due to the elite's social engineering and punks are everywhere now, but the core remains.

The story that Arab countries are a paradise is a myth. Women are indeed often mistreated. Rich Arabs have their secret parties with booze and prostitutes, when the religious police is not near.

See the case of the Saudi prince who murdered his slave boy-lover. Women spend their time gossiping and spending thousands in gold jewelry and dresses that they use under their burkas, only to show off to their friends.I suggest people read Osama Bin Laden's step-sister's book to see the hell her life was.

I challenge the notion that man can fully enjoy his masculinity, be creative and productive, when he is watched and controlled by Mullahs in everything he does and all opportunities go to the family of some princeling. Without production, what is left is just excess testosterone to be spent in street fights.

It is important for the Illuminati to bash and bring down America, because it is the only country with an idea of what freedom and individual rights are.

KD said (January 11, 2011):

Yes, our Arab friend comes from a testosterone-driven male culture that keeps women locked away in the house and in burkas, where homosexuality
does not exist because EVERY single male ONLY has clandestine sex with EVERY other male from eleven to the day they get married. And then some.

But no, that's not homosexual. Homosexuality is against Islam, and a crime punishable by death. Rather, overt obvious effeminacy is the
crime. Unless you're a highly valued Afghan "dancing" boy.

Having sex with other testosterone-driven Arab men is "UNDERSTANDABLE", because women aren't available in the culture. Conveniently. And it's
just "practice" for "marriage".

Denial, thy name isn't just a river in Egypt. And methinks thou protest too much. American high school males are getting plenty of sex. Of all
kinds. And from females.

What a 21st century concept!

Dan said (January 11, 2011):

He's right. " Western men seemed fragile somehow, unsure of themselves and their worth, the vast majority of them. Some put on fake personas, some overcompensated ... none quite had the quiet confidence that people from our culture possess."
Compare men in the West with those a hundred years ago, fifty, even twenty years ago and see the steady metamorphosis. How did this happen?

It wasn't accidental, and it sure wasn't 'evolution of the human species'. Look at the pattern of 20th century wars. In America each generation the most robust and aggressive young men were used for cannon fodder every 25 years. While they were off to war, the women were placed in men's jobs and inundated with the feminist rhetoric. That's too deep a subject to go into further here, but that' history. This had the effect of prompting women to 'challenge authority' in the home, and that led to skyrocketing divorce. That was the situation half a century ago.
The result was broken homes and single mothers on the rise. These 'phenomena' are now history. The 1999 movie Fight Club was made to speak to the demographic of the generation of fatherless men. "We are a generation of men raised by women, I wonder if another woman is what we need ." That was the result of mass divorce, which was the direct result of opening up sexual promiscuity, and telling women they needed 'financial independence', which lead to competition with the husband. The result was millions of women with children working 80 hours a week and boys grew up in day care and schools run by feminists.
What did we expect?

The appearance that women have risen to take the helm of Western civilization is a deception, and feminists aren't to blame. Feminism like Communism was a creation of the coterie of power brokers far above us all. Their family traditions, their schools, their social order hasn't changed. They changed it for the rest of us.
"The "Sugar Daddies" Behind Feminism"

Conquest is an ancient science. Julius Caesar wrote about psychological warfare, that an attacker need only convince the women of his superior force, and promise them safety if they persuade their men to lay down their arms. I read Mahatma Ghandi mention how the British emasculated the Indian Rajas. Other examples are found in any history of conquest.

Eddie said (January 11, 2011):

Henry, This is the height of silliness.

Did this man who comes from a "testosterone"-driven culture ever have to endure then shake off "educational" fluff, survive feminine aggression without beating a woman or two, then gone on to legally cover his ass so he can see his kids again.

Why isn't this testosterone-driven man disclosing his country of origin? Why is this testosterone-driven man seeking a western education when his country offers a supposedly better one? How many countries has this man's own country subdued or expanded into illegally or not?

Does he count his own culture's obsession with violence as a way to bring women in line?

Anne said (January 11, 2011):

Where to begin? :) What a doozy. Actually it was men emulating the patterns of women to group together and work towards the common good of the group rather than every man for himself that led to civilization, but I guess everyone has their own take on it.

A former co-worker of mine was an arab woman living in the US for over a decade who once told me that every arab woman from the mid east has PTSD to some degree or another throughout their lives, directly because of the treatment of them by men. If arab men "control" their women they came by it the dirty way, it's certainly not their charm or hearts that swayed women to their side. Knowing what we do about the behavior of arab men in europe towards women in general and their host communities at large, trying to portray a romantic version of what arab men do is not only bizarre but desperate.

"Women" are not in control of the western world, that dubious honor rests at the feet of very many men in the Zionist-Freemason cabal that runs much of the world. Any woman you see in politics is a puppet, same as the western men you see on the political "stage", it doesn't somehow mean more for us to read into just because they are women.

The western man has grown soft because of the soft suit-wearing, butt-sitting, pseudo-egghead, cloistered, advertureless and disconnected lifestyles we all, male and female alike, are living. So men feel a certain quality is missing from their manhood and quickly blame women for somehow destroying their confidence, but even that complaint shows a man is soft in his own mind, because real men know it's the challenges they face and how they respond to them that gain the respect of women.

Simply put - it's very easy today for men to avoid making themselves into "men", and it has less to do with control over women than it does control over themselves. Western people are very spoiled and have an overly-extended "youth" phase of life that harms their ability to completely grow-up in a useful timeframe, and this is the biggest problem we are facing in regards to the behavior of our people.

I have a lot of respect for the western man, even those who are struggling and not quite being all that they can be because I know the challenges they are facing right now. In any argument I've ever had with a feminist the only thing that flashes any shame across their face is pointing out the fact that very men they rally the hardest against - the western man - are the only men who give a damn about their human rights.

David said (January 11, 2011):

Henry, as a US male myself, this take (assuming the writer's identity is as he claims) is a largely accurate view of the rot at the core of our society. It is validated daily by actions of the ego-driven balloonheads in Washington DC: their only response to a difference of opinion is to dispatch drones to bomb the critics into oblivion abroad, or taser and imprison (or gun down) the ones at home. You can see how this twisted worldview has made the US a pariah among nations, just like the Master Blaster (Israel) who calls the tune for our politicians. We are becoming increasingly, terminally isolated in the world community, like petulant children smashing everything in sight when events don't go our way. Those of us who don't see the world in the same terms as our sick political class are like passengers trapped in the back of a runaway train.

TA said (January 11, 2011):

I lived in Saudi and didn't find anyone matching what your writer describes as a testosterone filled male.

I am not offended by his ramblings but I am amused.

I found Arab men are quiet and often crabby but can't do much with testosterone but try to avoid hanging, chopping, or some other amusing sort of slaughter.

They take off the dresses and sneak over to Bahrain every now and then for affairs and drinking but slink back home to be an even more testosterone deficient individual afterward.
Not one would disagree with the stupidity of their government or masters because they are princes...or so they say.

They can't talk about religion but can have you killed for speaking about it.

They say Inch Allah (will of god) to any request so they can keep you waiting instead of saying a simple no. for a sense of humor, they keep it to themselves as I didn't notice one.

They do laugh at the poor Pakistanis who are getting beheaded for smuggling heroin though.
The article was by a man who is ashamed of what Arab men are really like.

Cruel overlords of anyone who religion says must submit to them, and scared of anyone else.
A bunch of them are major gay as well.

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