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June 24, 2009

This may be your gayest article yet! Even so, I think you can cram in some more critical info that was perhaps omitted in the interest of brevity.


                Firstly, with regards to the eugenics angle; I think the thrust of you argument is already well-understood by all but the most doltish of your readership. In the interest of driving deeper I would urge curious readers to plow on through the first chapter of Carol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope, in which he describes, on a macro-level, the various population dynamics of differing civilizations. A brief perusal of this analysis yields the knowledge that our population is currently, and has been for some time, accurately categorized by the following trends: a low birthrate, a rising death rate, falling numbers, and an age distribution tilted more and more heavily towards those over 50. This has been the case for some time, and with regards to your article--it has been the case well before the Rockefeller's APA meddling, and other pro-homo social engineering moves were made. That said, I argue that the goal of this veritable smorgasbord of gayness that seems to be permeating Western Civilization is not "to turn you gay," but rather to make men into sissies, gay or not.

Interestingly, and non-coincidentally, our southern continental neighbor is not accurately categorized by what Quigley calls Population Type D. Furthermore, the homosexual agenda is not rammed into the Mexican people with nearly the same zeal as it is taken to our collective posterior here in the US--yet. Couple this discrepancy with open borders and a quasi-secretive plan to join the US, Canada, and Mexico and you begin achieve a type of continental population control that even Quigley didn't anticipate. I will call this continental population plan "Population Type E"--breed out the future patriots, and pussify the remaining ones.

No one is going to "turn gay" because of Madison Avenue pressures, just as no mother and father will slay their children to reduce carbon emissions. But, promiscuity, vanity, narcissism and a bestial lack of empathy for one's fellow man achieves the same goal as "turning someone gay" in that that individual will not gravitate towards having a family and children. Convincing future families to have less children due to "green concerns" achieves the same goal as tossing babies into Moloch's steaming maw. The latter tactics are just smarter. This is not to say that tactics are not being employed that are directly aimed at "turning you gay" so to speak. To name just a few:

The deliberate selection of plastics that secrete estrogen-mimicking hormones for widespread use as beverage containers. There are many articles explaining this "coincidental" choice of plastics for widespread use. Here is one:

The pooh-poohing of breastfeeding.

The emasculating constrictions placed on growing boys in public school: no fighting, no recess, no dodge-ball, no nothing!

The testosterone-squashing "healthy diet" that our RDA calls for. Eat your starch girly-men!!!

The BS surrounding cholesterol and the dangers of red meat--eating meat and exercising has been popular since Socrates lifted his first stone tablet.

The proliferation of soy products as viable sources of protein for men.


Finally, to plug up this argument, I agree that civilization has been hijacked by those who seek to rule over us as men do beasts. The success of this plan hinges on the maintaining of a monopoly of force over said beasts by their respective governments, be them national (the US to some degree), transitional (EU Member nations), or supranational (African puppet states ruled by IMF, etc.) The simplest and most dangerous threat to this monopoly of force comes from men in their prime--that's just Revolution 101. Whether these would-be revolutionaries lose their zeal due to chemical castration, soul-draining propaganda, or any other cause matters not their respective masters. Many of us have been lowered to a bestial state: fully driven by the impulses of the limbic system to fear, shop, think, and react like overgrown unconscious reptiles. For those remaining conscious souls who have not, let us band together like a great bundle of sticks and declare--the NWO is gay.


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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at