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University of Winnipeg Stung by Its Own Viper

October 19, 2010

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

For decades the University of Winnipeg has been teaching students hatred and intolerance for those who hold traditional values. On Sunday this policy stung them.

Vic Toews, the Federal Minister of Public Safety, was humiliated in front of the Convocation which included many MPs and his 93-year-old mother. He was receiving an Honorary Doctorate, the only kind the University of Winnipeg is eligible to confer.

Referring to Toews' opposition to gay marriage, Erin Larson, 22, the Valedictorian said she wasn't proud to share the stage with him.

"I feel the University of Winnipeg has recently suffered a profound loss of integrity due to the actions of the administration," she said. "The decision to give an honorary doctorate to someone who is best known among my generation of students as a vocal opponent of the expansion to human rights is questionable at best."

This unlikely story was the lead item on the CBC TV National News Sunday night.

Toews is the Senior Federal Minister for Manitoba. As such he is responsible for millions in funding which the university desperately needs to complete its ambitious building program. University President Lloyd Axworthy understands this very well. He used to hold Toews' position in former Liberal Governments. 

Obviously Axworthy was maneuvering for more federal handouts. But now it's unlikely that the University will see a dime.


The University of Winnipeg is one of Canada's foremost producers of feminist zealots and lesbians. For decades, the student council has been run by homosexuals. Female summer students are instructed on how to use zucchinis rather than have relationships with men. The womyn's center takes plaster casts of co-eds breasts. Orientation activities encourage lesbianism.   

"Diversity" i.e the subversion of European Christians and their values is drummed into student's heads. In Erin Larson's words: "We are known as the liberal college. You go to the U of Manitoba to be the man and you go to the U of W to fight the man and I wanted to uphold that on behalf of my student body."

In no mood to fight, Vic Toews slipped out a side door after the ceremony.

Larson, who is disfigured by a lip ring, sees gay marriage as a "human right."

Never mind that less than 5% of gays get married, and their own activists say they are pushing this to destroy heterosexual marriage. Never mind that gays are only 2% of the population but are redefining the main social rite of 98% of the population. In Larson's mind, heterosexuals have no "human rights."

Gay marriage is like Muslims celebrating Passover. Is that a Muslim "human right" too? 

Vic Toews was the Minister responsible for the G-20 fiasco where hundreds of innocent bystanders were rounded up and put in detention camps in a mock exercise for future martial law.

Erin Larson didn't mention this. Apparently this didn't fall under her conception of "human rights."

That's because they didn't teach her this at the University of Winnipeg.


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Comments for "University of Winnipeg Stung by Its Own Viper"

Ed said (October 20, 2010):

This story is a great illustration of something that I have learned over the years, and that is that many if not most leftists have the tact and social awareness of seven-year-olds. That's all right if they actually are seven years old...

Dab said (October 20, 2010):

Tonight's story got a chuckle out of me. It's happened before. I saw the radical homosexuals hit the wall in '83 and the Feminazis on Austin City Council self destruct in '93. Confusing obsessive compulsive disorder for will power and drive leads to self destruction because it lacks self control. They don't know when to quit when they're ahead.
There's no 'off' switch for the Energizer Bunnies of licentious sex 'rights'.
Rebellious women and raging queens are only unleashed as wrecking balls to demolish sovereign society. Maybe that's why the real beneficiaries of 'change' use them. They tend to self destruct when they're done.

Robert said (October 20, 2010):

Generations of students were conditioned to think of the university they attended with affection as an alternative "mother' (alma mater). This was, I suspect, a Freemasonic ploy to generate sentimentality destructive of critical perception and to submerge individuality within collectivist thinking. However, in fact universities are often very accommodating toward evil. For example, Dr. Ewen Cameron, who performed torturous psychological experiments at McGill University at the behest of the CIA half a century ago is still treated in that institution's propaganda as one of its star achievers.

I remember that when I registered at the University of Alberta in 1965 one of the first things 'frosh' had to do was complete a questionnaire delving into all aspects of our sexuality. My girlfriend was required to strip to her underwear and was photographed in this state. I'm sure many students were like me in wondering what this had to do with higher education, but we were naive and intimidated by admittance to the "grand institution".

Paul said (October 20, 2010):

"Gay marriage is like Muslims celebrating Passover. Is that a Muslim "human right" too?"

Best line I've read in a long while, thanks!

Orest said (October 20, 2010):

Re "University of Winnipeg stung by its own viper"

You might've added that UoW president Lloyd Axeworthy also coined the mother of all oxymorons in 1999, when he defended the "humanitarian bombing:" of Yugoslavia by NATO jets and bombers as a good thing, even though it included destroying civilian infrastructure like the TV studios of the sports network in Belgrade, a passenger train crossing a bridge, schools, factories, apartment blocks, etc. And, President Axworthy finds valedictorian Erin Larson's speech unacceptable and what-not.

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