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Veteran UK Soccer Broadcasters Fired For "Sexism"

January 26, 2011

Andy-Gray-and-Richard-Key-003.jpgRichard Keys (right) suggested "dark forces" were at work. And indeed they are. He and his colleague are examples in the Illuminati's war on freedom.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Two 20-year soccer commentators for Rupert Murdoch's Sky Sports lost their jobs Wednesday over comments that were made off-air!

Richard Keys and Andy Gray discussed whether a woman referee knew the off-side rules which apparently are very complex. For this, the two men were fired.

This despite abject apologies.  And despite the fact that it was a PRIVATE conversation that happened to be recorded. What's next? Are they going to monitor our phone calls and emails for thought crimes?  

Frankly I am disgusted. It's OK to criticize heterosexual males or Christians. It's OK to criticize or fire people who wear crucifixes or say they'll pray for you. These are fair game.

But don't dare resist the Illuminati's plan to erase gender or racial distinctions! Don't dare suggest that the genders are different or unequal in various respects, unless of course you're disparaging white men.

It was OK when Keys and Gray criticized male participants, or made off-color jokes. But don't mess with the Illuminati's chosen instruments of social subversion (a.k.a. "change") - homosexuals, feminists and elite Jews.

Richard Keys suggested "dark forces" were at work. And indeed they are. He and his colleague are examples in the Illuminati's war on freedom.

"Sexism" is the recognition that men and women are different. The attempt to banish it - feminism - is an attack on gender.
This consists of women usurping the male role. Males have every right to resist this vicious underhanded attack on heterosexuality masquerading as feminism and "gay rights."

Look at this ridiculous women's soccer game. Look at how respectfully Keys and Gray cover it. The truth is that women are no good at certain sports and they should not get the same coverage as their male counterparts.  

This is reminiscent of the Don Imus scandal in 2007. He was fired for calling Black women basketball players "nappy headed ho's" by executives who also produce the most obscene misogynist gangster rap. It is also reminiscent of the Shirley Sharrod case last July where a government official was hastily dismissed because her remarks were taken out of context. She was offered her job back.  

In the neo-Communist New World Order, you don't work unless you accept the Illuminati's political shibboleths. It's no coincidence that the term "political correctness"  originated in the Communist Party in the 1920's.

Communism in the 21st Century means the bankers own or control all the major corporations, and if you resist their pernicious social engineering,( i.e. "change") you don't work. It is a solipsism where the money men redefine truth i.e. men and women are the same, homosexuality is normal, terrorists demolished the World Trade Center etc. 

I hope Keys and Gray sue Rupert Murdoch and Sky for all they're worth. I hope British soccer fans show their displeasure to Sky Sports.

Finally, in an era of thought and speech crimes,
the only way to resist is to commit as many as possible, as loudly as possible. I'm doing my part.


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Comments for "Veteran UK Soccer Broadcasters Fired For "Sexism" "

Rod said (January 28, 2011):

As an addendum to the comment by Pyrrhus regarding the 'male' --- Andrej Pejic --- who is apparently a top 'female' model striding the International catwalks.

This same story was published (front page) by the UK's Telegraph 'newspaper' (on 27th January) right after it had finished assisting the mob attack on Richard Keys and Andy Gray. The online frontpage carried (in the most prominent position) TWO full length pictures showing Andrej Pejic wearing both haute couture and a Wedding Dress, with full make-up of course.

I revisited the Telegraph to obtain a URL but my search using "Andrej Pejic" and other search strings proved unfruitful. Perhaps they are now covering their tracks?

Anyway, the British Press is highly toxic and all potential readers should be VERY circumspect when visiting any website run by ANY British media outlet. Those of you with subscriptions to any British Media Company should consider cancelling at the earliest opportunity. Let them starve to death.

Keep up the great work Henry. Your British readers and football fans everywhere will have appreciated you making the effort to run an article on this shameful witch hunt.

Tony B said (January 27, 2011):

Rather than avoid commenting on the feminist crap to crappy feminists, I would be more inclined to give them both barrels. The reason they shut the hell up on Troy's comments was because they realized he was dead right and THEY were wrong. That's exactly what needs to be broadcast, loudly and clearly, over and over and over until it blows the damned lies away forever. After all, that's basically what your site is all about.

Men need to get back to being men and say what needs to be said, letting the chips fall wherever they fall. If they fall so hot they start fires, all the better. The sooner that house of cards burns down the better for all, women included.

Pyrrhus said (January 27, 2011):

Your observations are spot on. Check out this "Entertainment News" from Australia.

The strategy is to "confuse the youth and innocent"

Ann said (January 27, 2011):

The sky sports commentators were sacked but there is a deeper dimension to this.

Singer boy george was convicted of kidnapping a young rent boy, and he and a friend beat him, raped him and threatened him, he is a well known drug addict and yet is still seen at events and on TV. Elton John was 'outed'by the sun newspaper as having involvement with teenage boys, yet is still seen on TV. Michael Barrymore, used two attractive girls to bring a straight guy back for a party, drugged him beat him, raped him and threw him into the swimming pool to drown, yet he is still seen on our Tv screens and at events.

Yet these two TV commentators who used bad language and foolish horseplay are sacked ? the real reason was that the horseplay was heterosexual, had it been homosexual it would have been ignored.

Another point is the underground students newspaper claimed that so many gays work at the BBC that fear grips many to be caught in the lift at the same time with certain gays.

Hans said (January 27, 2011):

Had female TV-presenters been sacked for reasoning that men can not knit properly?

If Murdock wants something to be done against discriminating women, he should stop publishing adverts for prostitution in his tabloids, or presenting pictures of "naked female flesh".

Woman would probably care more about equal pay, security for their children instead of being pushed towards abortion, and respect for being a mother, then worrying about wheather or not woman can referee a match. (i think they can, but why would it be wrong to argue about it?)

These two TV Personalities were not sacked for saying "woman are unable to referee in Football", but merely discussing the subject, if i understood the article correctly.

Murdoch and his ilk thrive on racism, weather color, social position or gender; so they can detract from their plans and keep the masses divided - thats the true reason behind their shallow "political correctness", which leads to even more division in society.

The Bible teaches equal rights for all:
"Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good."

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Dave said (January 27, 2011):

In this article you reference that women are simply not that good at certain sports. Personally, I love watching them in the Olympics in things like speed skating, skiing, figure skating and the like.

However, women’s basketball is an absolute joke. As a 45 year participant in basketball (I’m a man obviously), it offends my sensibilities to watch someone shoot a chest shot, set shot. It’s like watching 6th grade boys who are just learning the game. And then to have our feminist media faun all over these “professional” athletes as if they’re Michael Jordan or something.

And the most offensive of all was ESPN’s recent campaign to create an equivalence between Connecticut women’s basketball program and the record that UCLA men’s basketball team set in the 1970’s of 88 straight wins.

They literally said on air that they had broken that record!

I could go to LA Fitness center today and pick 5 men off the court and play a couple of games with them and we would destroy that “great” Connecticut team.

As a long time resident of LA, the boys basketball teams in high school are already looking like men and they would simply overpower any women’s basketball team in the world. Not just the best high school teams, but even bad ones. The women could not handle the physicality. They can’t even really shoot jump shots. I bet I could push it to take the top 5 junior high kids in LA against that Connecticut team and it would be an utter destruction.

The absurdity of ESPN’s push to make an equivalence between Men’s and Women’s basketball was performed in the face of severe criticism from its core audience – young males 16-49. We were deeply offended by this and hardly any comments agreed with ESPN’s take on this issue. So you know that there was significant political correctness from an insanely feminist agenda behind this push.

Why else would the risk offending the vast majority of their core audience?

They still occasionally reference this feat a month after the “streak” was (mercifully) snapped.

Again, thanks for your timely articles.
always enjoy them, even times when there are parts of them that I disagree with!

Peter said (January 27, 2011):

For your information Henry, they have started legal action against Sky Sports.

The double standards in this country is now getting beyond a joke and a perfect example
of these double standards is a program over here in the UK that is on everyday and is
called LOOSE WOMEN its a panel of about 4 to 5 women presenters and 90% of their
content is taken up with sexist remarks about men but these women don't get fired for
their sex discrimination.

Dan said (January 27, 2011):

I just listened to the audio interview of Richard Keys and I must say it makes me sad to listen to the man still trying to save his career. That's the Murdock touch - Murdock bushwhacks people and broadcasts their reactions

before they have a chance to think about it. Keyes senses that 'dark force' that's blown a trivial, meaningless situation out of proportion. His career has been sacrificed on altar of Pavlovian Political Correctness. Humiliating celebrities of men's sports is a routine shot across the bow to cow their male audience. Ruined over nothing, he hasn't had time to realize yet that he'd feel better a year from now if he stood his ground instead of doing double back flips to suck up. His big time sports broadcasting days are history. I hope the next guy they do this to has the street smarts to take it like a man and stick to his guns.

You have to be 50 to know that Joe Namath was Americas most famous football star between 1969-76. That long ago, he sold out and did a television commercial in women's panty hose -- and also posed in a mink stole for Playgirl Magazine.

Plato was the Grand Daddy of Feminism. The blueprint of the gender erasure which is essential to Communism.

Book 5 of 'The Republic' by Plato proposed "in the matter of women and children 'friends have all things in common.". Hillary Clinton's slogan, "it takes a village to raise a child" came from a speech by Communist China's dictator Mao Tse Tung (d. 1976) . She also quoted Mao's "Little Red Book" at UN women's conference saying "women hold up half the sky"., Mao got the notions from Plato's Republic.

But it must be understood that Plato saw equality as a political possibility only under conditions of complete communism. When they noticed this, post-Modern feminists turned around and labeled Plato, a homosexual, 'sexist'. They either resent or don't understand that the feminist definition of 'equality' erases the feminine, thus it is anti-woman to the extreme.

Feminism is the masculinization of women, which as we've already seen can only be done by substantial sustained alterations of the natural. The feminist utopia involves artificial insemination or exotic test tube baby manufacture. It involves hormone "treatments" and body modifications.

Troy said (January 27, 2011):

I was going to write you anyways about an issue I've repeatedly come up against. The story on the two broadcasters fits in nicely with that subject.

I've had it up to my eyeballs with women trying to turn men into females. Yesterday, while at dinner with my mom and sister, the subject of "men's grooming" came up in reference to a discussion on that subject from last week. My mom kept pushing the idea of men (me specifically) having my eyebrows groomed. Btw, the girl who cuts my hair tried to do the same even though I don't have a unibrow or anything. I repeatedly said I wasn't going to do it, but she kept pushing with the "there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself" bit. To me it's the principle that along with "getting in touch with our feelings", "it doesn't make you less of a man to cry", "many athletes get manicures and pedicures", etc, this is just an attempt to try and make men more like women (i.e. blurring the gender roles). This comes on the heels of trying to point out how men/boys are made to look like incompetent buffoons while the wife/girlfriend saves the day in every type of media.

When I said I didn't want to be like a woman, the sarcastic response was "that's really great that you are demeaning women with comments like that." Wow, the brainwashing is absolutely amazing. I took a couple breathes and explained that my meaning was that women like to do certain things that make them feel good, but that doesn't mean men need to also. In addition, that I was sick of the push to make men more feminine.
Dead silence and obvious seething irrational was all I got after that.

I've almost given up explaining myself on these type of subjects anymore and just be content to let whoever I'm talking to assume whatever they want to about my response to their suggestions.
I'm not the only one dealing with this am I?


I don't think trimming your eyebrows would be feminine. Best to avoid thee subjects with people who are not receptive to your point of view.


David said (January 27, 2011):

The two presenters were reacting to a woman officiating a male sports match. The likely goal of this trend is for girls to start playing professional sport with men, and it should be noted that all the arguments made by journalists as to why woman should officiate can be also applied to them playing.

When I was in primary school in England we had a good cricket team, traveling to play competitions and eventually reaching the national final. One rule of the tournaments was that each team had to include at least one girl. When the girl in our team bowled she was regularly hit out the park. She was traumatized by the whole affair and had to be consoled by her mum during games because she felt everyone was blaming her.

Promoting male and female equality in contact sports is especially sick. When I play soccer I don't want to kick a girl, break her leg or headbutt her. Officials in soccer take an enormous amount of really nasty abuse from fans, is this how society wants to treat women? I'm sure liberals would feel a warm glow seeing men and women playing ice hockey together.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at