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Why do Women Love Gay Men?

January 15, 2014


"Are women so insecure in the company
 of real men that they prefer emasculated ones?"

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
(from July 10, 2012)

"Why are women these days so enamored with homosexual men?"

A reader, Mark, asked this question recently. 

"There's a gay guy at my work who's totally obnoxious, self-centered, and spiteful, and yet all the female employees adore him.  They're hover around him all day like groupies, hanging on his every word and laughing at his jokes."

"Are they just too stupid to realize he's a jerk, or are women so insecure in the company of real men that they prefer the emasculated ones?  This seems to be the case everywhere."

Before I give my opinion, let's look at some of the explanations I found online.

1. Gay men are better friends: "Women love the fit, stylish, sensitive, sarcastic and supportive gay man. He looks good, listens to her and sympathizes. He is loyal to her (just not to his gay lover.)  They are both superficial and get on like a house on fire.

2. Gay men are more fun! As one woman said, "All the out gay guys I have ever known are just plain fun to be around. They are sensitive, intelligent, creative, wonderful people, usually with a fabulous sense of style--everything a woman wants in a man..."

3.  No pressure to have sex. Another woman said,  "Straight women are tired of loser straight men always hitting on them and wanting to get into their jeans. Women know that this isn't an issue with a gay man, so they are free to let down their guard and enjoy themselves with guys who don't have an ulterior motive, or female genitalia on their minds."

332_why-wom.jpg4. Attracted to  gay male relationships. They are "equal" and the sex is hot: In the words of another woman, "the idea of two guys kissing makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside! I just think its so genuine and attractive. And so equal. With girl/guy couples there's always that role thing going, and I always think the guy could easily end up being a 'traditional' male (i.e. NOT good!) but with gay guys they're so equal and lovey! They show their emotions and that's attractive in a man (though, I don't want floods of tears or anything!)

(In fact, gay male relationships are not equal, but mimic heterosexual relationships where the one playing the male role is dominant.)

According to a gay pop culture web site survey, half of the 2,000 women who answered found male homosexual relationships to be a "turn on."

Thirty-three percent like gay pairings because they "really enjoy love stories, no matter the gender of the pairing," while six percent say "It's unattainable for me and I love the fantasy."

It claims there are an unbelievable 117,000 websites about homosexual male relationships that cater to straight women.

Many women are simply aroused by the idea of two men together. Cheri told us: "I don't have any political reasons for enjoying gay couples on TV, movies and in books. I just like watching good-looking men, and the more the better."


These women love gay men because they affirm their own gender confusion and latent homosexuality (lesbianism.)

These women are unwitting victims of a massive social engineering program designed to turn them into homosexuals. It is sponsored by the Illuminati central banking cartel.

They are the target of relentless propaganda in school and media telling them to find fulfillment in career (self assertion) instead of marriage and motherhood (self effacement.)  This program has succeeded. These women are no longer feminine. They are mutants, neither male nor female.

Homosexuality is defined as arrested development caused by failure to form a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex due to gender role confusion. It is characterized by having promiscuous, anonymous sex to compensate for this failure to mate, find intimacy and grow past the courtship stage. (See defining homosexual & heterosexual in this essay.)


In her book, "The Power of Sexual Surrender" (1954) psychiatrist Marie Robinson explained that a woman's identity (i.e. femininity) lies in self sacrifice, an "essential feminine altruism."  

A woman's self-expression and power are based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on this self surrender.

Feminine women make themselves attractive to men. They build their life around their marriage. For a woman, 90% of love is trust. She surrenders worldly power to the man she loves in return for his power expressed as love. This is what women need for psychological and sexual satisfaction.

At the same time she empowers and nurtures a man with her love.

Masculinity is defined by power; femininity by love. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual union (marriage) is the exchange of the two (power for love) consecrated by exclusive sex.  

Feminism was designed by the Illuminati bankers to undermine marriage. It taught women to seek power instead of love.

Penis = power. Instead of seeking a man's power, feminism teaches women to grow a penis

Women became masculine. Both sexes competed for power and were sexually neutered. Instead of moving past courtship to marriage and family, they suffer arrested development, i.e. perpetual courtship.

Women seek the company of gays to justify their own gender confusion and avoid courtship. They
have been indoctrinated to find men threatening but gays "fun." They avoid sex with men but find male male sex a "turn on," though real heterosexuals find it repugnant. 

Unable to self efface or trust, they eschew the feminine role..

"With girl/guy couples there's always that role thing going, and I always think the guy could easily end up being a 'traditional' male (i.e. NOT good!) but with gay guys they're so equal and lovey!"

A woman's natural biological destiny lies through marriage and children.
Her husband provides and protects her and her children. Her family provides love and security in old age. She is part of the cycle of life.

The Illuminati bankers are Satanists, waging a covert war on humanity. They want to enslave us by eliminating marriage and family, controlling reproduction and education (indoctrination) from birth. They want us totally isolated and dependent on them.

Women have a relatively short window to marry and bear children. The bankers intend they should miss this opportunity by cultivating homosexuals instead of husbands. They pay a heavy price.


The promotion of "gay rights" and homosexuality disguises the real goal -- making homosexual norms dominant. We are becoming a homosexual society in the sense that we will have sex but not marriage or children.

About 5% of homosexuals actually marry. About two percent of the population is gay. Do the math. For 1/1000 people, they are redefining marriage, the central heterosexual institution. Get it?   

The plan is succeeding. Witness that heterosexuals now gauge each other in purely homosexual terms, i.e. on desirability for anonymous sex, "hotness."

Apart from money, heterosexuals (especially women) no longer cultivate  qualities desirable in a marital partner: character, personality, warmth, charm, style, parental and other nurturing skills, talents etc.

Everything has been reduced to the lowest common denominator. Nothing matters but sex. They want to dehumanize and degrade us.

Why do women love gay men? It's a sign of gender confusion and arrested development, i.e. homosexuality.         


Thank you Mark for suggesting a great subject!!!

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Another example of how we now behave like most (but not all) homosexuals do-- pursuing promiscuous sex.

First Comment from Stephen Coleman:

It is a common complaint in marital counseling that women are trying to force their men to be women.  The message men get from the media is that they should be women and subservient.

But, there are some good messages too. Men tend to turn off or not a pay attention to their feelings.  We are brought up that showing feelings is a sign of weakness. This causes confusion among women.  This is also the primary reason behind why men on average do not live as long as women. 

Men need to get over the fear and acknowledge and pay attention to their feelings. We would all be happier as a result, if we choose to do something about our less than ideal feelings.  

For all the women enjoying gay sex,  there are more men enjoying lesbian sex.  I don't think it is fair to women in general by calling them latent lesbians anymore than calling men latent homosexuals.

Granted homosexuals have a heavy burden and most have a plethora of mental and emotional problems. They need professional help. Unfortunately the militant mentally ill are controlling the messages we get.   

God gave us free will but seeking to control others goes against God's will and therefore is sinful.  When a woman or a man seeks control over an other, only unhappiness will result.  Allowing others to control us is also sinful and will never bring us fulfillment. 

The truth is the more you try to control, the less control you will have.  Societies and relationships built upon control will eventually fail. 
Stephen Coleman 

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Comments for "Why do Women Love Gay Men?"

Andre said (January 17, 2014):

On your article Why do Women Love Gay Men? On top of it all, gay men don't worry much what women think about them. They are not compliant (as are many hetero men) because they want to bed them. In a way it is much the same as why straight alpha men don't pussy talk so much; they get laid whenever they want anyway. So the one doesn't want it, the other gets more supply than needed. Most men are in between and overly concerned about what she may think of him. Here's some of the logic.

Roman said (January 17, 2014):

Women like homos because it's one more way to rebel against patriarchy. They feel justified and right when they discuss feeling and opinions with like-minded "men".

Women also like psychologists. Psychologists justify their feelings. If they obey their father or husband or God instead of their feelings they are considered neurotic(have a conscience).

The moment one starts to discuss one's feelings and opinions divine order, conscience, truth and patriarchy become irrelevant.

Noah said (February 11, 2012):

The worst feminists here in Denmark are men (!). You would not believe the state of the Danish man. I am not talking from a pedestal. Either chumps on the brink of developing wombs, or overcompensating whack jobs (...until they smarten up...hopefully).

When I look at around and try to spot a male like my grandfather or (thankfully) my father, I understand that they are a dying breed on the brink of extinction. Perhaps not all is lost. Some of the girls have smelled the burning fuse and have started to lash back. The men. They enjoy their Latte and a cool magazine (lots of pictures) in their favorite hipster café and whine about their periods or whatever. They give me headaches.

Steven said (February 11, 2012):

Then again it does explain why Lots wife looked back to sodom and gomorrah and was vaporized as the cities were destroyed due to homosexuality and pagan worship. The first woman listened to satan and disbelieved god and gave the first man the eve says syndrome.

Eve was the first human feminist and satan worshipper.... Since heterosexual patriarchy is ordained of god it is also logical for all who are of satan to rebel against patriarchy and heterosexuality , hence this rather bizarre alliance between women and homosexuals.

What makes the whole situation worse however is the alliance of talmudists, masons, banksters, politicians and social activists with women and homosexuals to hijack and corrupt society to the point where getting society back on the straight and narrow is impossible to do legally and where society now deserves the same punishment as sodom and gomorrah and mostly for the majority of the public being tolerant of evil as well as the extreme evil done by special interest groups. This larger alliance makes the whole problem of rebellion against patriarchy and heterosexuality more dangerous because it gives it political power and it has become a political goal. Now we have this abomination imposed on society and protected by the power of the state. National punishment can not be far off.

Jeffrey said (February 11, 2012):

I come from a family steeped in the performing arts, dated a woman who was a ballet dancer and had mainly gay male friends, lived with a gay couple and worked in an industry that was very gay, so I can relate to another response that talked about their behavior being pretty much psychotic.

Oh, and I had a gay neighbor who I was friends with for a while, a "bear" (very much masculine in appearance and general demeanor) who confirmed all generalities or stereotypes concerning their promiscuity and/or drug abuse.

One thing I've noticed, if it hasn't already been mentioned, is how women relate to their sense of victimization. Once, I found a journal my girlfriend at the time had been writing, and there was a short story about how she gave blood to a friend dying of AIDS and how, through a botched transfusion, she wound up with the virus as well. She made it seem tragic, yet heroic.

Really disturbed me (this was many years ago). The fact that many gays actually like giving it to each other and love to "ride bareback" seems to get ignored in order to favor their helplessness.

Here in the United States, gay marriage is the lead story in every MSM news broadcast. The second is socialized healthcare providing birth control for women and the outrage of the Catholic Church. Gay marriage being a polarizing topic that most people would not concern themselves with otherwise.

From all I've seen, gay men do not desire a Leave it to Beaver/Father Knows Best domestic partnership existence that would include children. They want to party, take drugs, and hook up with each other. Lasting relationships are few and far between.

Yet, we are conditioned to believe that they are being abused by patriarchy, and women really grab onto that. They're usually standing IN FRONT at rallies to legalize same sex unions. You see, they're victims of abuse too, mostly through perception, not actual fact or experience.

Malcolm said (February 11, 2012):

There is another reason why women are so enamoured with gay men, but it is rarely acknowledged. The reason is explained in John 3:19

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”

In other words, it is instinctive for fallen creatures to be attracted towards the very opposite of what God intended.

Romans 1:27 Explains this downward and diabolical process even further – “and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.”

David said (February 11, 2012):

Henry, in the early 80's when my bride and I first moved to a big city from our small rural beginnings, I found immediate employment in the "hospitality" industry, i.e., hotel work, for a short while until I built up enough life skills and experience to get a better job. I was almost alone as a happily married heterosexual male in a sea of gay men. I can tell you from firsthand observation, there was more misery, substance abuse, psychiatric problems and promiscuity among my gay male coworkers than you could imagine.

What struck me about so many young gay men was their main ambition in life seemed to be to make the bar scene after work. it didn't matter how menial or unpromising their day job was, they lived to go to the dance clubs and gay bars where they could do poppers, drink and have anonymous sex on demand for most of the night.

Needless to say, this was rampant in the early to mid 80's; we all know what lay ahead for so many of these gay men. I just found it to be an incredibly shortsighted and self-destructive lifestyle. The AIDS epidemic proved my early impressions correct.

Reading the shallow, superficial reactions of so many women to the gay lifestyle -- now that it's considered "cool" to have a gay friend -- they couldn't imagine how miserable these gay men I knew were, because the guys were looking for the same things the rest of us were in their serial anonymous encounters: a mate for life, permanence, devotion, love, the same things a man and woman who bond in marriage hope to achieve. Of course, it's a hopeless pursuit for fulfillment going to the bars every night. That's why there's so much mental illness and drug abuse in the gay community.

Al Thompson said (February 11, 2012):

To some women, a real man is a horror. You may as well be Frankenstein. It's not only gay men, but they like feminized men; they don't even need to be gay. They like the kind of guy which I call a "quiche eater." You know, the kind of guy who sits with his legs crossed and eats quiche at Newport Beach in his yachting outfit. Quiche eaters are soft and sensitive to a woman's "needs."

The difference between a quiche eater and a gay man is that the quiche eater hasn't been in touch with his inner bitch. A gay man is really just a male "bitch." While they act "gay" the fact is that they are miserable wretches. Nonetheless, the men of the western "civilization" are just too soft; too feminized to be of any value.

A friend of mine mentioned that gay men like this lifestyle because they don't want the responsibility for a wife and a family. The men of our generation were expected to be the main provider for the family, while the wife stayed home and took care of the children. Life doesn't get any better raising children in a two parent, husband and wife environment.

A real man goes out and financially takes care of his family and raises respectable children. He loves his wife and stays with her until one or the other dies. That's really the way it is supposed to be.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at