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Eco Nazis & the Coming Global Famine

November 29, 2011

marina.png left. Marina receives the Duke of Edinburgh medal from WWF's Prince Philip

Green Party pressure tried to force Congress to pass a law that would effectively destroy Brazilian agriculture.

by Marcos

Sao Paulo - Marina Silva is not a very known name, but you may think of her the next time you are at your supermarket checkout.

This woman, a senator in Brazil, has started a war against agriculture with the help of international NGOs such as (the Nazi) WWF and Greenpeace.

In the last decade, Brazil has become the second largest producer of food in the world, and exports 30% of its production. In a world where hunger is still a problem, with 13 million people at the risk of immediate starvation and 750 million in hunger, this is making a huge difference.

However, feeding the hungry contradicts the New World Order plan (elucidated in the UN's Agenda XXI and the Club of Rome papers,) to depopulate the Earth and concentrate people in super-crowded and controlled cities, while preserving vast amounts of land for the global elite to hunt and spend exotic vacations.

The key agent in this strategy is the Green Party, an international socialist organization dedicated to the spreading of the eco nazi ideology as a chic replacement of old-fashioned and blood-stained Marxism. In Brazil, many NGOs receive tons of money from the eco nazi global movement.

As a member of this Party, Marina was the Minister of Environment from 2003 to 2008 and made life a living hell for small farmers, with draconian regulations similar to those applied in the US by the EPA.

At the same time, the real criminals in the Amazon, foreign logging companies employing local Indians, are still untouched.

People in Marina's own state don't like her, and her popularity in the Amazon region is low, because they know what kind of demagogue she is.

She is popular in the urban south and with the Brazilian billionaires, actors and singers. Illuminati's puppet James Cameron of Avatar fame is a fan, helping to spread absurd lies in the globalist media.

brazil-illuminaticardgame.png(left. Illuminati play the Brazil card)

Green Party pressure tried to force Congress to pass a law that would effectively destroy Brazilian agriculture. After much backstabbing, slander and lies from the Greens, challenged by a grassroots reaction from the farmers,  the Forest Code has been approved with modest changes. It is the most restrictive environmental law on the planet, by far.

Today, 76% of the Amazon region is already protected and untouchable. In the 24% where some agriculture is permitted, the farmers will have to keep 80% of the forest.

That means that 95,2% of the forest will stay untouched. Brazil has 64% of native forests. The UK has 11%. The US has 24%. China has 17%.

But Brazil is not only Amazon. Almost all agriculture is outside the forest.

The Greens are not satisfied and still want to destroy the 5,1 million small farms in the remainder of the country, by forcing them to stay away from rivers and hills (in Europe most farm land is just by the rivers) and reforesting land that has been cultivated for centuries.

They want President Dilma to veto the Code, even after it has been approved by the Senate. These people are dangerous. They already gave away half of a state (Roraima), the size of a country, to an Indian reservation for a few thousand Indians.

In the process, they destroyed century-old rice farming small businesses and sent dozens of thousands of people, including farmer Indians, to the slums of the capital cities. 

If they are successful with their Nazi tactics, we can expect to see sky rocketing prices for food and many more pictures of starving children in the news.

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Comments for "Eco Nazis & the Coming Global Famine "

KK said (December 2, 2011):

Marcos, I've always appreciated your writings, but this time I just don't share your vision of the WWF.

You are right on the Green Party. Besides, all Green Parties throughout are more or less naive, liberal people mainpulated by the big sharks of the Illuminati banking system. They are so hypnotyzed by the mainstream media and the masonic education programmes that they never thought about the true meaning of the word CONSERVATION.

The genesis of the word is on the conservative side of things, including religion -- the good religion, that is, the religion that teaches men to be good. Within science "conservation" is centered on what we call today "Conservation Biology," the science of scarcity and diversity.

So, a true conservationist must be a true conservative, not a liberal or a communist, which is not the case of Marina Silva, Greenpeace or the Club of Rome. While the WWF network is an exception among the golbalists' groups.

First, it was founded by gentlemen who really cared about endangered wildlife, and not by Princes Bernhard and Philip as is told by the mainstram media. These two guys, the former a gangster and the second an idiot and satanist-influenced, as well as many others, were -- and are --- being associated with the WWF to pass them as great men -- and to cover for themselves.

Last but not least, the WWF is one of the rare international institutions that know the proper balance between the national and the international. That's why it never get itself involved in controversal issues such abortion, vaccines, feminism, death penalty, tradional hunting/gathering or cultural/linguistic diversity as is the case with the other "green" groups like Greenpeace, etc. It is purely conservation network, it has helped save an impressive number of endangered animals, plants and habitats.

Unlike, the Green Party you're talking about, the WWF is against draconian regulations towards small farmers. You state that the "foreign logging companies employing local indians are still untouched," please know that the WWF is the only conservation organization that is seriously putting pressure on these companies to go about their job -- and take profit -- in a sustainable way. The results are still small and the main problem are the gansters at the head of this conservation group, it's like a university with good teachers and clever students but whose directors are Freemasons and satanists.

MP said (November 30, 2011):

In my view, Marxist ecofeminism is a powerful meme that started in British Columbia in the early 1990's and is sweeping the globe through the eco-friendly industry.

This meme elevates non-White bisexual women into leader roles while placing White heterosexual Christian men at the lowest socio-moral ranks. But this reverse-racism is perfectly acceptible according to the philosophy of this meme. Is this meme being used by the NWG?

Possibly. But I think it has its own power and ability to self-perpetuate. I see ordinary women (and wussie men) adopt this new culture all the time.

Marcio said (November 30, 2011):

First of all, congratulations on Marcos's article: he has always been very accurate and updated about what has happened in South America, mainly in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the biggest laboratories of the NWO: the reds have made us tired of endless changes. There is no stability.

Ecoterrorism, smashing bureaucracy, tax tyranny, high crime rates (nearly 50,000 murders a year, nearly a civil war body count!), subversion of values through school and media, drug addicting, transgenic crops, manipulated media, alcoholism, widespread public and private corruption, hopelessness and desperation. That is an open pathway to demagogues like Marina Silva and others, who exchange votes for promises of an earthly heaven (typical of communists).

Now, animals, trees, children, women, criminals are untouchable.

And stupid countryfellows of mine still think we are on the way of becoming a developed country, thanks to our government submissive attitude to the UN rules...

Karlos said (November 29, 2011):

MARIA OSMARINA SILVA DE SOUZA no longer is a SENATOR of BRAZIL. She´s only an activist that receives money from outsiders of Brazil to DESTROY our activities on agriculture.

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