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The Masonic Spin on the Toronto Shooting Rampage

"We deny with our lips what we do with our hands," Arnold Toynbee said. This is the way Satanists operate. 'Believe what I tell you, not what you see.' Cognitive dissonance. This is why the Illuminati is downplaying the obvious terrorist nature of the shooting rampage in Toronto July 22. by Henry Makow

The US Democratic Party is Communist--David Horowitz

My view that Communism is a fait accompli in the US is confirmed by noless an authority than David Horowitz, editor of, a manwho was a Communist for most of his life.   He says Obama, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are Communists.Curious that Zionist Jews like Horowitz oppose the Communist
This poster for a Miami area public library celebration of the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth July 18 is an indication of widespread and pervasive Communist control. Honoring people like Mandel and Rosa Parks are signs that Communism is a fait accompli. Communism is a ruse. It is not concerned with

Subverted Amerika Spurns Patriots Like Alan Stang

(Left, Three months before his death, Alan Stang talks about the need for the Tea Party toadopt a program.) Alan Stang (1932-2009) died nine years ago today (July 19). For almost 50 years, the American people had no more stalwart and courageous defender than this man, who was born Jewish and

The Shortage of Humans

9 of the 10 countries with the top birthrate are in Africa.  After decades of toxic feminist (homosexual) propaganda and policies,much of the world is facing a demographic crisis. We cannotreplenish our populations without im-migration.  Spanishblogger Felix Rodrigo Mora shows how, with the exceptionof Africa, human reservoirs are drying up.

Canadian PM, Lester Pearson, was Communist Traitor

WORLD GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY "Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."Treason is the secret policy of the governing Illuminati elite in the West. Wittingly or unwittingly, they serve the Masonic plan for "world government," a satanist police state.  The aim of

The "Victim" as Moral Zombie

I was reminded of this 2003 essay by a recentepisode of South Park where Cartman's girlfriend Heidi says she is tired of "being a victim."  She says victimhood has turned her into a moral zombie who does evil with impunity.  Women, sexual and racial minorities are manipulated this way.  9-11 tricked Americans to

Will Illuminati Use Homeless to Dispossess Us?

 (Patrick Michalishyn, 30, left, found squatters in his garage.)Extrapolating from a minor incident. Connecting the Henry Makow What would you do if you found homeless people living in your garage?This was the predicament fellow Winnipegger Patrick Michalishyn, 30, faced Wednesday when a young woman made a home in his garage. He gave her some

Communism is ISIS on Steroids

And it was created, funded and trained by the Masonic bankers as well. I highly recommend this two-hour documentary, "In the Shadow of Hermes" by Estonian historian Juri Lina. It perfectly demonstrates mankind's bondage to a satanic cult, Freemasonry (Cabalist Judaism) which is responsible for the slaughter of 300 million people in the

Freemasonry as Tool of Revolution (Communist Subversion)

Mankind is victim of an ancient satanic conspiracy. The esoteric meaning of revolution is turning the world upside down, replacing God with SATAN.This is behind the ongoing subversion of Western countries -- racial cohesion, gender (family), national independence and Christianity. This is behind the Communist control of mass media, academia,

Ricardo Duchesne Resists "Ethnocide of Euro Canadians"

Ricardo Duchesne, a Sociology professor at the University of New Brunswick has emerged as a defender of Canada's European heritage. An immigrant from Puerto Rico, he says multiculturalism is a cultural Marxist ideology to undermine the historic rightsof the majority European population of Canada by reducing them to the statusof one among many minorities.  This
Reminder - George Soros was Behind Iran DealAmerican politics today are defined by two versions of the Jew World Order, Zionism (nationalism) on the Right and Communism (globalism) on the Left.The article below is a reminder that when George Soros pushed through the Iran nuclear deal to the consternation of

Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade?

Trump is killing the Iran nuclear deal.Netanyahu has convinced Trump that leaving the Iran deal protects Israel. But this means that a full-on Israel-Iran war in Syria is far more likely.If all world leaders are Freemasons,we ask, "Is this conflict a charade?"If so, what is its purpose?To start WW3?As early as 1823, Hoene

Karl Marx Was Rothschilds' Third Cousin

(Rothschild agent Chaim Mordecai makes Masonic sign. Freemasonry is Jewish Cabalism. Cabalism is Satanism.) May 5 is the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth. "In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time, we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire to

How the Illuminati Control Culture

(left, Clay Felker in 1967. Founder of New York and Editor of Esquire and many other popular magazines, Felker was one of some 600 US journalists secretly working for the CIA. They were "cheaper than a good call girl" according to CIA handler, Washington Post publisher Phillip Graham.)   A pervasive

Now, Heterosexuals are in the Closet

by Henry Makow Ph.D. (Updated Nov 27, 2008) Although 97% of the population is not gay, there is relatively little cultural support for heterosexual institutions (family, motherhood, fatherhood); roles (masculinity and femininity); and life events (courtship, marriage, birth and child rearing.) Although building a strong family is probably the purpose

George Soros Subverts Israel as Well

(Left, George Soros)The Rothschild Money Power seeks to re-engineer and enslave humanity using Freemasonry and Organized Jewry. The Rothschilds have two pincers: Communism (globalism) and Zionism (nationalism) that appear to be at odds. This conflict -- real or artificial -- was on display last week when the Zionist Netanyahu accused the Communist

Hugh Hefner & the (Homo) Sexual Revolution

PLAYBOY founder, Hugh Hefner, died last September. No man has done more to destroy family values by making sex an end in itself.While the PLAYBOY philosophywas touted as theheight of masculinity, it was reallyhomosexual in essence. This key article describes how baby boomers were brainwashed to behave like homosexuals, and eschew family in favor of promiscuity. This

Hatred of Trump Reflects Century-Old Jewish Schism

Globalism and nationalism reflect a longtime rift between two factions of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy:  Communism (globalism) Vs. Zionism (nationalism.) Like Trump, every nationalist party in Europe is pro-Zionist. As Brendon O'Connell is trying to tell us, don't assume that Putin isn't also Jewish-controlled.  In this 1965 document, left, Louis Bielsky explained the Cold War was
Clinton Foundation Fraud is Face of Both Deep State & Illuminati Communism  For those who missed it, I am featuring this 28-min interview which providesthe clearest picture of the Illuminati satanist crime syndicate that threatensdecency and freedom worldwide. However, former CIA counterintelligence agent, Kevin Shipp neglects to mention how Freemasonry and Zionism fit

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