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Is the Pope a Catholic?

June 27, 2017

Pope with broken cross

(left, John Paul II)

My self appointed task is to keep alive the knowledge of

the Judeo Masonic conspiracy that has engulfed 

and subverted humanity.  

Many classics like Piers Compton's The Broken Cross 

have been forgotten.

According to Piers Compton, the Papacy was actually 

subverted by the Illuminati in 1958 when John XXIII, became Pope.

 This was the culmination of a 200-year campaign 

to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church.

The goal was "the complete annihilation of the Catholicism and even ultimately of Christianity."

This has taken place before our eyes. 

"When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court...we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders...[Jesuits?] By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place." Protocols of the Elders of Zion-17

(from Aug 19. 2008)

by Henry Makow Ph.D

On New Years Day
2004 former Pope John Paul II called for a "new world order... based on the goals of the United Nations."

When a world leader uses this terminology, it can only mean one thing. He is a part of the Luciferian conspiracy to create a totalitarian world government.

According to Piers Compton, the Papacy was actually subverted by the Illuminati in 1958 when John XXIII became Pope. This was the culmination of a 200-year campaign to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church.


Piers Compton (1903-1986) was the Literary Editor of the Catholic Weekly The Universe for 14 years. He documents his claims in The Broken Cross, (1981) a book that is almost impossible to find because it was mysteriously withdrawn a few weeks after its release. The hardcover edition is offered on Amazon for $500. It is available online here.

Compton traces the modern phase of the Luciferian Conspiracy to Adam Weishaupt who established the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.

"[Weishhaupt] was backed financially, as are most if not all anarchistic leaders, by a group of bankers under the House of Rothschild. It was under their direction that the long range and worldwide plans of the Illuminati were drawn up." (8)

In 1783, the Illuminati assumed control of much of Freemasonry, which secretly coordinated the revolutionary movement (Liberalism, Socialism, and Communism.) According to David Bay, "secret societies like the "Skull and Bones" have always functioned as Satan's church, as the only way to pass the baton from generation to generation."

The Illuminati regarded the Catholic Church as their chief enemy and marked it for ruin. In 1818, their Italian lodge issued a set of Permanent Instructions that included: "We require a Pope for march more securely to the storming of the church...." 

The goal was "the complete annihilation of the Catholicism and even ultimately of Christianity. If Christianity were to revive, even upon the ruins of Rome, it would, a little later revive and live." (13-14)


In an Encyclical Dec. 8, 1892 Pope Leo XIII identified two Kingdoms. "The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ; and those who desire from their heart to be united with it...The other is the kingdom of Satan...those who refuse to obey the divine and eternal law, and who have many aims of their own in contempt of God, and many aims also against God."

Throughout history they have been in conflict.

"At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself."

Ironically, when Leo XIII died in 1903, a Freemason, Cardinal Mariano Rampolla, was almost elected Pope. Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria vetoed his appointment in the last moment. .

The Illuminists had to wait another 55 years to gain control of the Papacy. When Pope Pius XII died in 1958, a Freemason Cardinal Angello Roncalli, became Pope John XXIII.

Predictably, his first act was to begin to remove the element of Divine Revelation from Catholic teaching, and to embrace naturalism, materialism and Communism. These steps were taken at the Ecumenical Council in 1962 and Vatican Two in 1965.

As a result, Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit, predicted the Roman Catholic Church would no longer be recognizable by the year 2000. "There will be no centralized control, no uniformity in teaching, no universality in practice and worship, prayer, sacrifice and priesthood." (63)


Cardinal Giovanni Montini, who succeeded John XXIII as Pope Paul VI in 1963, was also a Freemason and socialist. (In 1944, Pope Pius XII had dismissed him as Vatican Secretary of State for conducting secret negotiations with the Communists. 53)


Paul VI revealed his true colors in a speech to the United Nations in 1965: "It is your task here to proclaim the basic rights and duties of Man. You are the interpreters of all that is permanent in human wisdom; we could almost say of its sacred character." (67)

This repudiation of the church's spiritual authority was symbolized by Paul's gift of the Papal Ring and his Pectoral Cross to Secretary General U Thant who sold them at an auction. (71)

The United Nations was set up on land donated by the Rockefellers as a front for the elite's Luciferian dictatorship. Its Charter was based on the Constitution of Soviet Russia and its leaders were Communists. It's Chapel is dedicated to paganism and run by the Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) which also handles all its publications.


Paul VI also embraced a sinister symbol used by Satanists in the Sixth Century, which had been revived by Vatican Two.

This was a bent or broken cross (above) on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ. Black magicians and sorcerers in the Middle Ages had used it for occult purposes. It represented the "Mark of the Beast."

Compton:" Yet not only Paul VI but also his successors the two John Pauls carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds who had not the slightest idea that it stood for the anti Christ." (72)

Paul VI abolished the anti-Modernist Oath, the Index of forbidden books, and revised the Canon Laws. History and texts written from a predominantly Catholic point of view were re-edited. He encouraged "humanist" theologians like Edward Schillebeeck who taught that the "the most honest and natural man was one who believed nothing." (105)

In 1976, the Journal Borghese printed a list of 125 top clerics who were Freemasons in contravention of Church law. It included their dates of initiation and secret code names taken from the Italian Register of Secret Societies. Compton prints the list, which includes the heads of Vatican radio and press, Catholic education as well as numerous high officials, Cardinals and Archbishops.

Because Paul VI was Pope, nothing came of it. Sounding very much like the Mason he was, Paul said in 1969: "We are about to witness a greater freedom in the life of the Church...fewer obligations and fewer inward prohibitions. Formal disciplines will be reduced...every form of intolerance will be abolished." (104)

This attitude is explained by reports that from 1936-1950, the future Paul VI was part of a Communist espionage network, a part owner in a chain of brothels and financed erotic films. (110)


Albino Luciano, the Cardinal of Venice became Pope John Paul I on August 26 1978. He was also a "committed Left-winger" but he may have taken issue with the Vatican's financial shenanigans because he was dead a month later. There was no autopsy.

Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, succeeded him. Wojtyla is the first non-Italian since 1522, and the only Pope from an Iron Curtain country. Compton notes that while the other Polish Cardinal Wyszynski "never yielded an inch" to the Communists, Wojtyla opposed this attitude and collaborated. The Abbe de Nantes exclaimed, "We have a Communist Pope."


During the Conclave at which he was elected, Wojtyla read from a book of Marxist principles. In his first Encyclical, he praised Paul VI for having "revealed the true countenance of the Church" and bringing it in step "with the times." He went so far as to say that opponents of Vatican Two "cannot be considered the faithful." (172)

In a letter Sept 1, 1981 he said, "Christian tradition has never upheld the right of private property as absolute and untouchable." This contradicts numerous Encyclicals which state that private property is "a necessary incentive to human enterprise" and in accordance with divine wisdom and the laws of nature.

Pope Pius XII: "Only private enterprise can provide the head of a family with the healthy freedom it requires to carry out the duties allotted to him by the Creator for the physical, spiritual and religious well being of the family." (174)

Communism (state ownership) is a facade by which the bankers and monopoly capitalists will own everything.

On Nov. 27, 1983 Pope John Paul II issued a Papal Bull that legalized secret society membership for Roman Catholics.

While ostensibly a celibate priest, Compton suggests that Woytyla's behavior resembled a Bohemian artist. He was involved in theatre in Poland and penned a play about prostitution. Compton reproduces pictures of him when he was a Bishop or Cardinal. He is with a woman and child on a beach. The child is climbing on him. They look very much like a family.

In 1960, he published a book "Love and Responsibility" which extolled sexual love and describes both the physiology and psychology of sex. He told an audience of French youth: "Bodily union has always been the strongest language two people can have for each other."


Writing from the vantage point of 1981, Compton predicted that the Church's traditional positions will continue to be watered down.


Around the same time, Malachi Martin said, "The Christian church is decaying, has nothing to say and is on the way out." He added that the other great religions are suffering the same fate and predicted, "A worldwide religion with one structure and institutions," managed by "one great bureaucracy. And out of that will emerge the ultimate disaster."

I present this material because it is consistent with the emerging picture of an organized Satanic Conspiracy to subvert mankind.

Only in this light can we identify the lures of the modern world -- materialism, the mystification of sexual love, and the social engineering associated with feminism, zionism, gay rights, tolerance, diversity -- as part of a diabolical process of spiritual, mental and physical enslavement.

"Modern" western society appears to be based on this conspiracy against God. Our cultural and political leaders are mostly witting or unwitting accomplices.

Eventually we will learn that real freedom lies in obeying God. The alternative is to become Lucifer's slave. The barbarism of the past century was not an aberration, but a harbinger of the future.


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-----------  Pope Francis- Longtime Zionist Tool 

----------------- Most Senior Catholic Cardinal in Australia Charged With Sex Offences

Interview with Malachi Martin by Uri Dowbenko

First Comment from "an Anonymous Priest"

I believe that Dr Steve Pieczenik speaks truthfully in his testimony specifically regarding Jorge Bergoglio, which makes the "peace loving" "Pope Francis" out to be more like Stalin than St Francis of Assisi.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a violent co-conspirator of a bloody military junta in Argentina. I do not endorse Pieczenik's opinions in general, but his testimony regarding Bergoglio I think is probably true and consistent with Bergoglio's actions as impostor and pope.

I would rather you not publish my name, as it may disturb my difficult relations with superiors in the Catholic Church, who are in denial about this and many other things.

Tony B writes:

A few comments which seem necessary to put this article in proper perspective.

1.  The article is essentially true although the addition in brackets of the word "Jesuits?" needs amplification.  The original Jesuits were created expressly for and DID save the Church at that time.  This is probably the reason that the organization has been throughly infiltrated and is now an active arm of the enemies of God.

2.  Nothing in the article indicates that the reason for this current satanizing of God's Church is because it has been, from its creation by Jesus Christ, the ONLY organization in the way of the devil controlling the world.  Most people of the English language have no idea that protestantism was, from the beginning, created as a weapon against God's Church yet it is proved so by its very name "protestantism" a protest against the rules of God on earth vested in the Church created by Jesus Christ.  

They tend to dismiss Christ's adamant demand that "unless one eat his flesh and drink his blood (via the Eucharist) there is no salvation" as not important to their worship when He made it crystal clear that it is the very heart of it. 

The enemies of God have never had any fear of "Christianity lite."

3.  Although the Church and therefore the whole world is in a dark, satanic funk at present, the devil has already lost the war against God.  Christ insisted that His Church would last until the end of the world and the Virgin Mary told Lucy, the only one of the Fatima children to live to be an adult, that eventually her Immaculate Heart would triumph, an indication that the Church will return to godliness at its top.  

Therefore, even though the Church at present is satanically overrun at that top, the people will not all be fooled but will keep their faith, as many did in England and Ireland, after Henry VIII, for hundreds of years despite every kind of persecution including mass murder.

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Is the Pope a Catholic?"

Ken Adachi said (June 29, 2017):

I haven't read this book and I'm not a scholar or historian, but anyone can put anything to print in a book. It doesn't mean it's true. You can color a story in any direction desired to fit your intentions. The biggest problem here is accusation without substantiation. Where is the PROOF that the last 4 or 5 or 6 Popes were Freemasons? A photo of the man to become the current Pope is seen in a bus (or subway train) in Argentina reaching into his jacket when the picture was snapped and THAT proves he's a Freemason? A cropped photo (which excludes the husband standing nearby) of a beach scene showing Bishop Woytyla with a woman and a child being playful and affectionate with Woytyla does not prove, imply, or even HINT of anything illicit. We find out Malachi Martin was a Zionist plant AFTER he dies, not when he was bad mouthing the Vatican and Papacy during his many lurid interviews with Art Bell 10 or 15 years ago. Nowadays, you'll find that in practically every anti-NWO article or Youtube videos (or Youtube comment) the word "Jesuit" is linked to the names of Rothchild, Illuminati, the "Black Pope" etc., and characterized as top architects and planners of the NWO world takeover scheme without even a SMIDGEN of proof of ANY nefarious involvement whatsoever. Are we expected to accept the imaginary fantasies of a Zionist-hired gun like novelist Dan Brown, or that Zionist-hired stonemason-come-"scholar" Eric Jon Phelps as proof of anything?

The Catholic church is not the Pope, the Vatican, the College of Cardinals, or even the Bishops or Archbishops. It's the PEOPLE who go to church on Sunday and call themselves Catholics. It's the people who get married by a Catholic priest, have their kids baptized in church, go to confession and take communion on Sunday. Some are still able to send their kids to the rapidly-dwindling-in-number Catholic schools where they will receive an education that is FAR superior to the garbage that kids are fed in public schools. I don't know what is left of Catholic Charities today, but there was a time when the Catholic church aided and rescued millions of poor people in distress in America and around the world without fanfare or acclaim. THIS is the Catholic Church that is the foundation of Catholicism; the people who believe in the moral lessons explained in the catechism of their youth and carry that morality - and charity - forward into adult life.

The last time I checked, the Jesuit Order was involved in the profession of TEACHING in high schools and universities in America and abroad. If anyone has substantiated PROOF that they are training assassins, or were responsible for the planning and assassination of JFK, or are killing babies in Satanic rituals, or are raping children under the Vatican, or were behind the Bolshevik Revolution and the planned starvation of Ukrainian peasants in the 1930s, etc., etc., etc., then I'd love to see it and judge for myself of their guilt - according to the merits of their PROVEN transgressions.

Jude said (June 28, 2017):

Malachi Martin is an interesting case. He was a hero to self-styled traditionalist Catholics during the his latter years, and he wrote many books supposedly lamenting the takeover of the Church by NWO agents. Yet he was a Zionist agent himself. For me this is one of many indicators that the Catholic traditionalist movement has itself been coopted by New World Order agents.

The role of the so called trads is to give right-wing cover to the anti-Catholic hate campaigns of the secular media - especially when it comes to clerical sexual abuse. Most trads promote this hate campaign under the pretext that anything that damages the reputation of the post-Vatican II Church vindicates the tradtionalist position. Tellingly the vast majority of these same trads ridicule as wacky conspiracy theorists those who present compelling evidence of paedophile rings in the secular establishment. They conform exactly to Lenin's idea of controlled opposition.

Connie said (June 28, 2017):

Like millions of Catholics, I left the Church in disgust, but then returned after 30 years (count 'em) once I was able to sort things out.

The real threat to the Church are the rank and file Catholics who oppose, undermine, or radically reinterpret Church teaching, which are MOST of them, and that includes both liberals AND conservatives.

The Church will shrink in the coming years. The median age of US Catholics is now 60. Yet Jesus promised the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, in Matthew 16:18.

Andrew said (June 28, 2017):

Excellent posting. Henry. And thank you for Compton's book.

Which is why I say that the faith of the Hebrew Judeans aka Israelites is the traditional Roman Catholic Faith.

To these great men who gave their life to me so that I can receive salvation I will be forever greatful. Recall that Judeans didn't want heathens inside their camp. Saint Peter advised otherwise. His orders came from Jesus Christ. That's why I am an ethnic Roman Catholic. Just like you should be. And I think secretly are.
Nothing wrong calling yourself a Hebrew Judean. But as builders of the true faith of Christ who is Lord God you must "passover"

I pray that you do.

Tom said (August 23, 2008):

I was fascinated by your piece on the Church, "Is the Pope a Catholic?" I even printed out a couple of sections of Piers Compton's book. To read the whole thing requires, I suspect, a younger man than I am. I have something like the same feeling about it that I do about the Protocols, which I lately assayed again and have got through about 6 protocols. Both books make horrid reading. Is the world really so awful or, rather, are there such awful people in it? I fear the answer is yes to both questions. But it is also true that God is in his heaven and all's well with the world. The present mess will not perdure, that we can be sure of. It may last longer than I do. (I am 85.)

I speak as a Christian, Catholic variety, very much more certain that the Christ is the Spirit or Self that the Upanishads (I know them in Yeats's translation ) speak of than I am of anything about any of the Popes. Alice Hildebrandt used to tell Catholic audiences of the reply of the Vatican Secty of State (or at least some biggie) who accompanied the then Pope to Paris to meet with Napoleon, Emperor of All at that moment, who was capable of summoning the Pope from Rome as he had just done. Nappy was in an imperial mood and told the Pope he had two weeks to think over a pact Napoleon wanted signed turning God knows what powers over the Church to him, the Rightful Ruler of Everything, etc. Nap came back in two weeks to get his answer. The Secty of State responded the Pope had not signed the document and wouldn't. Nap was furious and said he would destroy the Church. The Secty of State said, "Sire, if all the priests, and nuns, and bishops and cardinals and popes have in 1800 years been unable to destroy the Church, what makes you think you can? Nap's reply not on record. If wrecking the Church means wrecking the Lord Christ, the Word of God, the "light that lighteth everyman that cometh into the world," then it won't happen. An impossibility. I'd stake my life on that. All manner of real estate may get smashed as assorted creeps muscle up, even perhaps the Sistine Chapel, etc., but that in no way would diminish the Christ. All the Mammonites and Luciferians in the world can rage and tear; they do so in vain. I cannot even guess when and how they will learn that their acts are folly, but folly it is.

I liked Tony B's comment: revolutionary (usurious) capitalism (what Lenin called finance capitalism) is the particular source of all the modern craziness and of the gross power of the bankers, led by the Rothschilds, the City of London, and all the rest. It is the absolute dominance of the money power that is now being shown up as fatal to the entire human race. We've got a wrecked planet, every dog biting every other, the great mass of people shoved down by the arrogant rich. What we are witnessing now is a replay on a vaster scale of the 1930s: money withdrawn from circulation, prices of everything rising, and politics rigged to crush the poor and enrich the few, while the police are being instructed as to what is expected of them if the "people" should begin to cut up. Prisons aplenty and mirabile dictu prisons are now a profitable private enterprise. So it should all work smoothly according to plan, but it won't. Or I'm a monkey's uncle. What can we do about it? Damn all—just wait and watch and train to eat beans (if any are available).

Vatican 1 said (August 22, 2008):

Dear Henry

we have not had a Catholic pope since 1958. If I have anything to add to the discussion then you can see it on

It should be plain to all Catholics that we have had antipopes for fifty years now.

However, for the majority God has blinded their hearts just as he blinded the Jews.

What we are now witnessing in the Catholic Church is Israel (old) versus Israel (new)

Good luck and may God lead you into the truth to be found only in the eclipsed Catholic Church

Louis said (August 21, 2008):

Hello Henry, I am a regular reader of your articles, appreciate your efforts and opinions, but must point out an error you posted concerning Catholic teaching concerning ( posted 2-22-04 revised 8-19-08-on RENSE) Masonery; it has never been permitted or approved to belong to Masonery. see below-from a web search of the Vatican archives Also, I have seen THE picture of Pope John II ,the woman and child---it is cropped from a larger picture including the woman's husband. They are all on picnic together at a park. other than these errors,a compelling article. I hope that you will correct these misconceptions, when you see that I am correct.The Catholic Church is under terrible attack from many sides; and I hope that you, in seeking the Truth, may wish to avoid spreading errors. May God Bless you and keep you safe.



That pic didn't look like JP was a family friend.

Salman said (August 21, 2008):

A Catholic?

Hell no, he's a Jew according to the Halakha since his momma Emily Katz was Jewish - and so is Hillary Clinton - which makes Chelsea Clinton Jewish - that is why these two satanic Jews wear the upside down AND broken cross !!! Please post this when you get it...thanks a lot for the revelations about the Pop!!!

and google Hillary Rodomski (Hillary's real name) - she' s Jewish...and Bill Clinton's Grandpa's line may be Jewish as well (some say he's a hidden bastard son of Rockefeller/Rogdenfeller)...u can fill in the gaps perhaps!

Below- We Are Being Farmed Like the Animals We Eat (Scroll Down)

The Transgender Boondoggle


Young man who flirted with transgenderism exposes the scam.

It costs over $100K, not counting a lifetime of hormones etc. Increasingly, this burden is falling on taxpayers. 

[Gender doubting] "people are cash cows for the medical industry. Unfortunately, there are not a lot actual transgender people in the world today. So why not make more? I think that big pharma is shilling forums and paying off doctors and therapists to convince people that they need these hormones."


Apologies for my terrible writing, I'm really tired/sick right now.

Hi. I've never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but after thinking about things that happened to me a few years ago, I think I may have nearly been taken advantage of by nefarious actions from the pharmaceutical industry. I really want to get the word out, and find other people with similar experiences, and this sub seems like a good place to start.

I went to a very stereotypical high school, with all the standard cliques and shit you would expect. I was, and still am, not a very masculine person and because of this I didn't fit in. 

I was far more interested in music, fashion, anime and film than sports or "getting pussy", which made me an outcast. As a result, I struggled with self esteem issues, and generally was confused and annoyed for most of this time. Then, when I was 17, I found something that made my life make sense: transgender forums. These websites told me that my feelings were classic transgender feelings, and that I needed treatment immediately. 

Over the next years I began the process of changing my gender. I saw a "gender therapist, attending support groups, and even put myself on the waiting list for female hormones. Then, when I went to University, I got a wakeup call. There were loads of guys like me, who may not act like the "manly man" ideal, but still have no intention to change their gender. That's when I realized that I was going down a dark path, and quickly abandoned the idea of me wanting to become a girl.

During my year in the transgender world, I noticed some things that made me uncomfortable. The following is common rhetoric from support groups, forums and therapists.

1) Everyone who feels confused is transgender. If you make a single post on a transgender forum saying you think you might be trans, you will be validated in those feelings. No matter what the story, whether it's about enjoying "female" interests, or something that sounds more like a sexual fetish than a legit medical condition, you are trans according to the users.

2) Any gender non-conforming is proof of trans status. Like certain movies, music or TV? You are trans. Like wearing bright colored clothes? You are trans. Have more female than male friends? You are trans.

3) You are trans, and don't trust anyone who says otherwise. The most common complaint on these websites is that doctors are "gatekeeping" them. Anyone who doubts you in your feelings is evil, and you should lie and cheat your way into getting the treatment you "need".
Asking questions is evil and dangerous". Trans people commit suicide all the time, and asking any questions about trans ideology just makes the problem worse. Accept what we say, or gtfo.

4) If you are trans, you are amazing. Trans people love boosting their own and each other's egos. When you are a depressed teenager who doesn't fit in, this can be huge.

So where's the conspiracy?

When someone takes the hormones they need for "treatment", they prescribe to expensive medication for life, one that requires lots of medical attention. These people are cash cows for the medical industry. Unfortunately, there are not a lot actual transgender people in the world today. So why not make more? I think that big pharma is shilling forums and paying off doctors and therapists to convince people that they need these hormones.

The average trans person, when discussing their time before transition, fits a simple mold. An awkward nerdy teenager who doesn't act like a stereotypical manly guy and doesn't fit in with jocks and "tough guys". 

However, that description probably describes a large portion of the population. That's where the medical companies take advantage of people. 

By convincing completely normal and healthy people that they need help during a low point in their lives. 

High school sucks for people like me, but once you leave it gets better. University and the real world isn't high school. But pharmaceutical companies are convincing people that the problem isn't that high school sucks, but instead they are suffering from a serious medical problem, and they need treatment now.

What are your thoughts on my theory? Do I have a point, or am I just rambling?


First Comment from TWH

The author of the article is right about the predatory nature of the medical-pharma axis.  They need a steady stream of customers and the more money they can mine from them, the better.

We cannot discount, though, the satanic agenda that is at the root of the transgender push.  The author states that university and real life are different than high school.  In some ways, yes.  In many ways, however, the indoctrination into these satanic ideals only intensifies in university and continues on in corporate life afterward.  Why would corporations, who allegedly care about the bottom line for shareholders, be overly concerned with something that affects a tiny fraction of the general population?  Yet they are.

People must ask themselves why centres of higher learning and multinational corporations, along with governments, are suddenly foisting this propaganda onto people.  It's much like the push to normalize homosexuality.  In that case, it affects about 1-2% of the general population.  In the case of transgenders, the percentage is much less, yet the tail keeps wagging the dog, so to speak.  We have very important matters to attend to as a society, yet all we hear about lately is transgenderism.  People need to stop and ask why we keep getting pushed into legitimizing mental illness instead of trying to cure it.  There's a definite hidden agenda here and it has to do with more than just money.

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Transgender Boondoggle"

Amber H said (June 28, 2017):

Powerful comments Marco, [below] except we ALL should stop calling them the “Illuminati” and instead call them for what they are – the DEMONATI (as they are demon sourced). Therefore they should not have such an auspicious title liked an illumined / enlightened sage. Once the correct terminology is used – their power will start to diminish – you’ll see as it points directly to EVIL and calls it what it is.

Also, very enlightening article from the author – and very glad he was not numb to his own feelings / intuition / own INNER LIGHT that something was “not right.” A counter forum(s) needs to started (by the author perhaps) to save other young, vulnerable kids from falling into these demonic traps.

Barney said (June 28, 2017):

Two years ago I nearly died of "heart failure", and unlike a lot of people I know of, I couldn't have had better treatment from the medical profession. I was lucky, and I'm grateful to the specialist team that saved my life ...

... BUT ...

Now that my health has been fully restored, I've been looking into the various drugs I was given. These include Digoxin, Warfarin, Bisoprolol, Ramipril, Spironolactone, Candesartan and others, and almost without exception they list "erectile dysfunction" (impotence) among their "side-effects".

I'm convinced this is no coincidence, and that these intentional "side-effects" are intended to lower our rate of reproduction.

Thank goodness I'm off the things now (my decision). No more headaches, weakness, confusion, nausea or spontaneous "bruising". I'm becoming stronger as the effects of these poisons slowly wears off, and the other undesirable effects are starting to fade.

Homosexual brainwashing, transgender indoctrination, vaccines, chemical castration disguised as "side-effects" of life-saving drugs, poisoned food, poisoned water, poisoned air (chemtrails). It's all part of the war on life itself.

Marco said (June 28, 2017):

This is all demonic. Thank God the author had an instinct for danger awaken before he proceeded further down that "dark path". Many don't however, and I feel very sorry for them, especially the transsexual - because of the radical surgery and hormone manipulation involved.

I just pray that God can give them healing in this life, and help them escape the clutches of this LGBT monster.
Our illuminated masters have us under a deep hypnosis, that is growing stronger every day, and I don't see any indication that mankind will experience a mass awakening ever... "However, when the son of man returns, will He find faith on earth?"

Even the conspiracy network has been totally saturated by shills and made impotent, its hard enough finding good information, let alone engaging in important conversation anymore. Its a lot worse now than it was even just a few years ago, there is a feeling now that everything is in hyper-drive, like the masters of this world are working harder than ever to open up the gates of Hell.

People are so hypnotized and controlled, that they are openly encouraging these unnatural choices globally. They don't see the black evil that they are idolizing, because they are all asleep - truly. And if you are not awake and in control of your own mind, something else will control it in your place. And this something is always Satanic - it puts you to sleep causing your instincts towards danger to become dull, then it possesses you.

Everyone needs to fight hard now to keep possession of their own mind and heart. The victory over this demonic global system is to stay awake, retain your instincts, and keep your heart pure.

Every generation is becoming worse and worse. I wish I didn't have to live to see the culmination of this evil, but I fear I will see the day when blind and enslaved humanity is irreversibly changed and worships the Devil openly, we aren't very far away... in fact we may already be there, the Devil just hasn't been personified yet.

Below- Archeological Hoax Quickly Exposed on Reddit (scroll down)

We Are Being Farmed Like the Animals We Eat

June 26, 2017


This documentary argues convincingly 
that our animal-based diet is
responsible for 
most of our health problems. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

The 90-minute documentary "What the Health" unveils a new dimension in the conspiracy: we are being farmed like the animals we eat.   

I've seen many films advocating vegetarianism or veganism but usually my enthusiasm fades after a couple of days. I'm from an east-European background and I love my meat, especially sausages and cold cuts.  However this documentary made quite an impact on me because it showed convincingly that my animal-and-dairy-based diet is responsible for most of my health problems. 

(True benefactors of humanity, filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn will never get the Nobel Prize.) 

A satanic cult such as is Western society makes its members sick and then sells them a phoney "cure." Our animal-and-dairy-based diet is fuelling a trillion dollar food, healthcare and pharmaceutical boondoggle that is gradually bankrupting and killing us all. 

We are no different from the factory-farmed chickens and cattle we see in the film. Except we are farmed to be consumers of foods which make us sick, and drugs which only manage the symptoms. We are not supposed to be healthy or get well.

The government actually subsidizes and promotes unhealthy diets. Laws protect producers of toxic food and treat whistle blowers as "terrorists." There is even a "cheese burger" law which protects fast food restaurants from being sued. 

Why is this? Because the US government is controlled by lobbyists who funnel money to politicians. Our democratically-elected leaders sell themselves to the highest bidders and it's perfectly legal.

Similarly, organizations like the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association are sponsored by the food manufacturers that cause the sicknesses in the first place. The role of these groups is to perpetuate the illness.

The same applies to doctors in general. They are drug pushers. They don't learn anything about diet in medical school. Can you imagine?
When California tried to mandate seven hours of instruction on diet, the American Medical Association actually fought and stopped it.  That proves that a good diet is fatal to medical industry profits.

I have had Diabetes 2 for decades which makes me feel tired. My doctor has me on a no-sugar low-carb diet and the drug metformin. I was surprised to learn from this documentary that sugar and carbs are not the problem. It is animal fat which prevents the sugar from getting into my cells from my bloodstream. He has never mentioned this. 






Here are many more startling facts revealed by this incredible documentary. 

Especially persuasive were interviews with three invalids who were taking a cocktail of drugs to manage their illness. They were so desperate and defeated. In all three cases, they were on the road to recovery only two weeks after changing to a plant-based diet.   

Meanwhile Congress is debating the "Affordable Healthcare Act" -- how many billions to devote to this racket.  

The bottom line is that health like war is a boondoggle, but this one immediately affects us all. We talk about dropping out of "the system."
"Going off the grid." Fighting the bankers.  It could be as simple as changing our diet. 

First Comment by Tony B:

Can't agree with this, Henry.  

The problem is not what we eat but what has been done to poison what we eat in every stage from the seed or the newborn to the final processing.  Chem trails constantly dumped into the sky poison everything - air, water, ground, plants, animals and us.  Worse, most of the common vegetables are now GMOed and the grains are all soaked in Roundup at the time they are harvested, therefore vegetables are just as poisoned as animal food.  Soy in the west is practically 100% GMOed, is a natural poison to the human system unless fermented (almost none is) and is used as a filler in almost everything that is processed, meat or vegetable.
Humans are designed to eat every kind of natural food.  There are diseases and sicknesses directly connected to NOT eating any meat as well as the other way around.  Moreover, "vegans" end up with weakened systems especially a weakened immune system, propaganda notwithstanding.

If people understood how vegetable fats are created they would not come near any of them.  To be profitable they have to be heated into a rancid mess.  Then chemicals are added to make them look good, smell good and taste good.  Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic.  Set out a stick of it and no insect will touch it while they will devour butter as quickly as they can.  Animal fat is the fuel the human body must have in every cell in order to live.  It is insane to deny people the fuel which runs their bodies and replace it with faked up garbage.  But it works well for the "bottom line" of high profit at the expense of human health.

Diabetes?  Probably every American has "type 2" diabetes.  So what?  People who take medication for it suffer - from the medication.  Want rid of it?  Simple.  There are a million places to find out how many pounds of sugar we consume today per person.  It's enough to kill an elephant partly because it, like soy, is in practically every last processed food.  Moreover every last sugar beet is GMOed and now all cane sugar is soaked in Roundup at harvesting.  Kids who chew on natural sugar cane in the field have perfect teeth and are otherwise healthy also, but after the processing sugar is the product that was responsible for the miserable health of kings when only they could afford it and now it is one more of the poisons we all massively consume constantly to our detriment.

The only true answer to proper human food consumption, beside making it natural, unprocessed food as much as possible, is the ancient and reliable, "All things to moderation."  The rest is a lie, no matter who pushes it.

Marco adds:

Henry, visit Italy and look for people in bad physical condition because of their diet, it will be hard to find. All they eat over there is salty meats and dairy, with a good round of starchy carbs mixed with oil to top it off. Italy would be Hell for a health crazed gluten obsessed vegan.

I'm sure our masters would love it if we all ate seeds, and nuts, while they gorged themselves on fillet mignon. 
I don't understand the neurosis these days about diet, I think its a trap, there are enough things to worry about - why worry about what you are going to put in your belly. 
It's very simple, if a certain food makes you feel healthy and good after eating it, keep eating it. If it makes you feel sluggish and depressed, don't. 
Nothing makes me feel better than a good meal of meat and potatoes. 

If people are truly worried about processed meat and dairy, find a local farmer to buy meat and raw milk from.
Thanks Marco-


Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Comments for "We Are Being Farmed Like the Animals We Eat "

Amber H said (June 27, 2017):

Actually Henry, you are spot on with what you have said in your article.

As a vegetarian (in contrast to vegan), I of course, refrain from all meat eating including fish, and eat dairy and eggs in moderation.

I do so as it does not make sense on all levels of our being to eat meat--intellectual, physical, moral, compassionate and spiritual levels.

Intellectual – because of the pollution, antibiotics, GMO feed and other toxins and chemicals they foist on the animal; fish in the seas are now laden with mercury and plastics;

Physical because of the obvious health effects – plus our intestines were not designed for the ingestion of meat—and neither are our teeth for that matter.

Moral and compassionate – because of the IMMENSE CRUELTY involved in the slaughtering of animals – from the beginning to the end of their lives; Gandhi even said (paraphrase): “you can judge the moral fiber (greatness) of a nation by the way it treats its animals.”

The spiritual / religious level is through what is stated here:

Here is also something on the eating of pork, which may shock all the Christians as well:

Becoming a vegetarian requires a daily plant-based protein powder drink (can mix with almond, rice or coconut milk), taking a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement and eating ALL ORGANIC food—with organic dairy and eggs also in moderation.

Fortifying with a further B12 supplement wouldn’t hurt either as it is not abundant in a plant-based diet.

All diseases can be cured through food – as the ancient Greeks held the knowledge that “food is medicine.”

Herbs, supplements, and plant-based diet cures all human ailments – did you ever hear of meat “cures” – other than “cured” meat -- trust the Satanists to turn that around as well as the process of “curing” is actually carcinogenic—where you are sure to get cancer.

Henry, does your “no sugar” diet (prescribed by your Rockefeller schooled doctor) mean using artificial sugar like aspartame? – which the Satanists have dumped prolifically into our food supply – as it harms the body and kills brain cells:

Do see why EVERYONE on this Planet needs to take high grade vitamins and minerals—because these Satanists have also wrecked the soil:

The conspiracies behind it:

Linda said (June 27, 2017):

Henry you got to be kidding. Mycoplasa is the most common cause of cancer and disease - a worldwide epidemic

It was a bio-weapon unleashed in the 70s and 80s in CD and US, Africa and more

Probably for the better. People lose their lives exposing the truth about this organism - i.e Dr. Bradstreet, Dr. Gonzalez and many others - the pharmaceuticals don't want people to know that cancer and disease are INFECTIONS and that there are alternative and safe protocols to kill mycoplasma and Lyme.

God knows I tried - I supposeI I am being protected until the truth is ready to come out at the right time.

Blessings to you - I love your site - stay with it

HA said (June 27, 2017):

I find it suspect when a Jewish owned 'dreamwork' produces such a documentary which essentially pedlers their new age Gia religion of "let's all become rabbits because we and the planet is dying because of our eating habits" , when they are the same ones polluting and running theses multinational corporations that have systemically destroyed our health, our planet and our souls.

GMOs, refined carbohydrates, artificial sugars, preservatives and chemical additives in our diet are the main culprits of most our aliments.

Less food in the belly equals higher state of consciousness. That's why I recommend fasting at least 2 times a week. Abstaining from food from sunrise to sunset a few times a month can add an extra five years to your lifespan according to studies.

Prophet Noah formulated the fast one day and eat the next method. Which would have you fasting half the year. He lived to be 950 years of age. All Prophets from Adam to Mohammed practiced fasting. Prophet Mohammed said " the best of fasting is the fasting of Noah". Muslims are urged to fast the 13th, 14th and 15th days of every lunar month. Others fast on Mondays and Thursdays as practiced by The Prophet as well.

Eating naturally raised and cared for animal meat and fat (butter, ghee, kefir, yogurt, milk, cheese) is one of last remaining pleasures we have in this lifetime. The satanic power that has their cold grasp on us want to take everything pleasurable the Almighty Creator has sanctioned for us turn it upside down. Typical of everything else they have distorted and manipulated.

John said (June 27, 2017):

Eat anything and everything in moderation. Red meats of choice are bison, venison and finally good old fashion hamburger meat or steaks (cow). Noticed gamey meat never slows me down except for when eating cow steaks and its hamburgers so my advice sticks to game meat if possible. If I were to attempt to start to eat healthy would detox the system. Then, attempt to eat right whatever that means. Try a local butcher shops for buying meats may see a difference. Last but not least would purchase diet book for whatever diet would improve my health. If I were sick, would use the Max Gerson way or other.

Anonymous said (June 27, 2017):

Henry, I have followed your blog for years, and find it to be the most hard hitting YES !! truth sources. I follow your links, and marvel how they are my “missing links” to understanding. One of my other interests beside history is nutrition. For the first time in 6 years or so I find an article on your blog to be junk, specifically, junk science. Iam , of course referring to “What the Health”. Do some better research on this , and be more careful. After all, your reputation depends on it.

Thank you for all your wonderful research and opinion,




Just because I may be wrong about diet should not discredit my other work.


RA said (June 26, 2017):

As a nurse, I can affirm this abnormal symptoms and our so called noble profession which has been turned into slavery – pushing bpharm in a 12 hour shift, without any art of nursing – touching and talking to our patients, we experience sore, swollen legs from standing the whole 12-hour shift mixing all sorts of cocktails medicines to be pumped into human symptoms, we manage created symptoms without having time to observe the adverse reactions to this drugs.

Al Thompson said (June 26, 2017):

I haven't watched the film yet, but I've never seen so many fat people. When I was a kid, over 60 years ago, I don't remember seeing so many fat people. When I say fat, I don't me people with a little overweight, I mean really fat. Now, I see men and women 300 to 600lbs at Wal-Mart. It's so bad that the store actually has carts for them to move around the store.

I don't overeat, yet it is difficult for me to lose weight. I do eat meat everyday. I like my peppered bacon in the morning. I don't think it is the meat so much as it is the chemicals that are being used with the livestock. Even the veggies are contaminated. I've noticed that they have lost their flavor over the years. I used to make spaghetti with bell peppers. My mother taught me how to do it and you could smell and taste them in the sauce. I don't have anywhere near the flavor that the peppers my mom used years ago. In short, the food sucks and it lacks flavor.

Back in Sept, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I started having to do the finger prick thing three or four times a day and I was prescribed Metformin. After a few weeks, I stopped the medication and the finger pricking. I didn't stop eating meat but I eliminated almost all refined sugar. I eat a low carb diet and my glucose went from 73 to 61.5 or thereabouts. The normal is 59. Type II Diabetes can be reversed by adjusting the diet. So, within a few months, I've almost reversed the condition. But remember, there's no money in a cure, so don't expect a lot of support from your doctor.

I'm not convinced about a vegan diet because most of that produce has chemicals in it and I don't eat a lot of veggies like I used to because it doesn't taste good. Regardless, after paying more attention to my own diet (diabetes made me do it) I feel much better. It can be a lot of work trying to figure out what works but it is worth the effort.

I've also had a 2cm lung cancer which I worked on with 3000mg of calcium. A good diet holds the keys to good health and it is true that most doctors don't understand it or won't teach their patients how to eat properly. I've seen small children eat gobs of sugar and then notice how many fillings they have in their teeth.

I think the whole food supply is now compromised because of the corporations (owned by communist Jews?). The food makes people fat and sick. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, they make money of the phony cancer treatments. The water is not good so I recommend people drink a high pH water like Essential. The pH level should be around 7.3 I suggest getting pH test strips at the drug store. They are easy to use and it would be very worthwhile to monitor your own pH. That should solve a lot of health problems. I recommend Dr. Barefoot's (a Canadian) book Death by Diet. That book is a good primer on the failings of the current medical system.

Polish Holocaust- Reply from Poland by BR

June 20, 2017

article-0-150C44FC000005DC-236_634x424.jpgPolish Holocaust- Reply from Poland  by BR

First off, you'll have to excuse me for my poor English, feel free to smooth it out if you decide to publish my comment.

Whilst an "anti-Semite" / Judeo-sceptic and not buying into the 6 million and gas chambers mythology, I have living witnesses of the german persecution of Jews in my own family. Don't let the hardcore 'revisionists' or negationists rather tell you no Jews had been deliberately exterminated. According to my grandma's testimony, a German military man shot and killed a Jew on her way from school. No trail, no charges, no nothing. Killed on the spot, his body rolled to the drainage ditch going along the road. This was near the town (a part Shtetl actually) of Annopol on the Vistula river, where she used to go to school. Her sister can attest to another crime - whilst not a direct witness herself, she remembers going at a mass execution site where numerous Jews along with Polish partisans were said to have been machine-gunned into pits and she reports that the soil was still moving shortly after the event. Which goes to show you that the supposedly superior aryan german Uber-menschen tended to botch executions.

Anyway, as to the article itself, and especially the Ewa Thompson's piece, both texts failed to mention and stress that Poland was the only [sic!] (that I know of anyway) country in nazi-occupied Europe where to hide a Jew was punishable by death, and it pertained not only to the person found guilty but to their entire family. Also, you fail to mention that a totally predominant majority - despite the death penalty - of people honored by Yad Vashem Institute with the so called "Righteous among the Nations" medal were actually Poles. What's also omitted is that the numbers of people honored are tremendously understated as Yad Vashem in each case only honors only one person out of a whole chain of people involved in hiding/feeding/moving when necessary a Jew. Usually it took well over a dozen of people to save one Jew. This brilliant article may serve as an example (please use Google Translate, simply paste and then click the URL):

Now, why am I saying all this? It's because in the late '90s /early 2000s publications started to appear in English, asserting that Poles as a nation took part in the 'holocaust' of the Jews. 'Scholars' like Jan Tomasz Gross (Princeton graduate in... sociology, not history, mind you) claimed that pogroms under the nazi occupation were commonplace and that backward, envious and virulent Pollack peasentry, EN MASSE, took sadistic pleasure in killng / handing over Jews to hitlerites which is a total lie and very hurtful to the Polosh nation at large, in the light of the aforementioned widespread phenomenon of risking one's and one's family's lives for saving even if a single Jew. Trust me, Poles, especially in the eastern part of the country (occupied by USSR after 17 Sep 1939) had no reason to fancy Jews, who - as mostly communists - welcomed the Soviet invador with flowers and commonly engaged in to denouncing and oftentimes in the mass killings of those Poles who the Soviets deemed dangerous to their future rule, like members of the intelligentsia, pre-war nationalist/patriotic activists etc. - and yet the so called 'Jedwabne pogrom' turned out to be a total fabrication. Millions were shipped of to Siberia where most of them died in the labor/death camps of the Gulag (directors of which were Jews Naftali Frenkel and Genrikh Yagoda/Yehuda). I feel incomfortable sharing those facts with a righteous Jew like yourself, Mr. Makow but that's how things were. I refer you to:

Also, apart from Lukas, another Polish-American specialist on those matters is the late prof. Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski.

On the Polish (and to a lesser degree, also Jewish) holocaust: it's worth mentioning that the germans turned a blind eye to the horrificly sadistic (mostly done with axes, forks, hammers and the like, as the perpetrators were rural ukrainian paupers) genocide of Poles (and Jews, Czechs, Hungarians and other minorities) in Volhynia.

In terms of cruelty and bestiality they out-run the nazis tenfold. And it's their ideological neo-nazi descendants that now run "Ukraine". Their idol is Stepan Bandera who gave the ideological/spiritual fuel for this atrocious ethinc cleansing. His cult is widespread in modern day war-torn Ukraine (mainly the West where Galicia and Volhynia lay). And our zionist authorities are letting those neo-banderite migrants by the millions. The chairman of ukraininan minority in Poland already announced Volhynia-bis and there are numerous incidents taking place all over the country where those scumbags parade with the image of their idol, the butcher of 200.000 Poles and their neo-nazi flags, effectively spitting on the graves of the massacred.

Oh, I almost forgot. re. why am I saying this? It's because in the late '90s /early 2000s publications started to appear in English, asserting that Poles as a nation took part in the 'holocaust' of the Jews".

It's basically a new extortion racket by the 'Holocaust Industry' (©by prof. Norman Finkelstein) - in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the then president of the World Jewish Congress, one Israel Singer, said "more than three million Jews died in Poland and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this.... They're gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be publicly attacked and humiliated.

This despite the fact that the communist Poland already paid off the lawful heirs and that American Jewry / various Jewish organizations had no legal claim to the jewish victims' properties. Most of Polish Jewry  had either perished (leaving no family members in which case the property was taken by the state, according to the law) or made Aliyah and were compensated by the communist authorities. In short: Jewry has no legal title to the brazenly demanded $65 billion, which would economically ruin the already poor country that Poland is. They even go as far as to demand, as a country of Israel, which didn't even exist at the time of WW2 extortion money from Polish citizens.  The Chutzpah!

Moreover, what's also noticeable is the ever more visible german-jewish alliance in slowly but surely shifting the blame from the Germans who the Holocaust Industry already milked dry, on to their victims, the Poles (interestingly enough, contrary to the Jews, Polish survivors/forced labor workers haven't seen a penny in german reparations to this day). Expect more Hollywood movies like that in the future.

"Asylum seekers" could cost Canadians $3 Billion

June 16, 2017

"Asylum seekers" could cost Canadians $3 Billion
Despite the fact that only 36% of Canadians are in favor of accepting economic migrants, there is little discussion in Parliament or in the mass media. 
Here we learn that asylum seekers may take 11 years to process and cost Canadians three billion dollars. I support legal immigration, not queue jumping that serves a globalist agenda. 

OTTAWA - A increase in asylum claims in Canada could eventually mean a staggering 11-year wait for a hearing and $2.97 billion in federal social supports for claimants in the meantime, an internal government analysis has concluded.

The Immigration and Refugee Board is already trying to whittle down its current backlog, but received no new money in the latest federal budget.

With 2017 application numbers expected to far exceed earlier projections, the board simply can't keep up, says the memo, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

The Immigration Department memorandum was drawn up this spring amid a flood of people illegally crossing into Canada from the U.S. to claim asylum, dominating headlines and raising pointed House of Commons questions about the integrity of Canada's borders and immigration system.

The department was asked to explore estimated backlogs at the Immigration and Refugee Board and the associated wait times under different scenarios, following a meeting about the U.S. border-crosser issue in March.

Since January, at least 2,700 people have been intercepted by the RCMP between legal border points; most went on to file claims. The memo does not directly address the impact of the border crossers, though certain sections were redacted.

But those numbers are only part of the mix. Asylum claims have been steadily rising since 2015; that year, there were 16,115, and in 2016 there were 23,895. As of April this year, the last month for which data is publicly available, there were already 12,040 claims in the system.

The memo projects that claim levels will hit 36,000 this year and could continue to increase after that.

"This scenario best reflects current concerns around increased volumes of claimants observed to date in 2017, and takes into account overall increases in asylum intake from 2015 to 2016," it says.

The memo goes on to say that by the end of 2021, the new system inventory would grow to approximately 192,700 claims, equivalent to 133 months' worth of output from the board, or a wait time of approximately 11 years.

The social support costs for claimants were $600 a month each in 2016-17, the memo said. At that claim volume, those costs could climb to $2.97 billion from 2017 through 2021. [This estimate is too little, surely.]

Last Friday, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced a wide-ranging review of the IRB, bringing in a former deputy minister in the department to study the system and report back by the summer of 2018.

"Canada's asylum system must strike a balance between providing protection to those fleeing persecution and ensuring that the system is not misused by those who do not need Canada's protection," he said.

A budget for the program has not been established, but a spokesperson for the department said it will be paid for by them and the IRB.

The Saga of Monica Lewinsky

June 9, 2017


Monica Samille Lewinsky is of Russian Jewish descent. Her father is Dr. Bernard Lewinsky who has a lucrative oncology practice. Her divorced mother, Marcia Lewis, is an author. She grew up in a luxury $1.6 million home in Beverly Hills. A friend of her mother, Walter Kaye, a rich Jewish New York insurance magnate, contributed over $100, 000 to the Democratic Party and was one of the elite invited to sleep in the White House Lincoln Room. Kaye got Lewinsky the unpaid job as an "intern" in the White House. In Nov. 1995 Clinton took notice of her and within a month the affair began. Clinton would take Lewinsky into his private study of which the only entrance is into the Presidential Oval Office. She was still college age- only 21. 

In the Spring of 1996, Evelyn Lieberman, Clinton's Jewish Chief of Staff, noticed the close relationship and had her transferred to the Pentagon to try and avoid scandal. Clinton intervened and got her an important job with top security clearance as a "Confidential Assistant" to chief Pentagon spokesman, Kenneth Bacon. She received a salary of $32,700 a year including travel expenses to Europe. Clinton bought Lewinsky gifts and phoned her late at night for obscene "sex talk." No intern had ever moved up so fast. Clinton provided her with a special pass to enter the White House late at night and on weekends when Lieberman and others were away. 

However, things did not go well at the Pentagon. Lewinsky bumbled clerical tasks and mis-managed Bacon's schedule. Thus he let her go. Clinton immediately contacted U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson and asked him to give her a job and he agreed. Then Lewinsky's name came up in the Paula Jones case as one of Clinton's mistresses. He then told her to see Negro lawyer, Vernon Jordan in New York for a non-government job and advice on how to deny any questioning about their relationship. Jordan tried to get her a job at American Express and the Jewish-owned Revlon cosmetics. Revlon agreed to hire her but withdrew the offer once this scandal broke. (Revlon, a major source of funds for Clinton, also paid Hubbell hush-money for non-work.) 

Clinton Tells Women That Oral Sex Is Not Intercourse and That It Is Biblically Sanctioned! 

Lewinsky says that she performed oral sex on Clinton for 18 months. Clinton told her that this was not "intercourse" or an act of "infidelity." 

She was simply serving her President. 

Lewinsky explained all this to Linda Tripp who was taping their conversations about Clinton. She said that Clinton said that they must restrict their acts to oral sex only because, "you can't take the risks of intercourse these days!" 

Clinton explained that this is Biblically sanctioned and cited Genesis 38: 8-10 where Onan is reluctant to impregnate his brother's widow and "spills his seed on the ground." 

Clinton also quotes Black's Law Dictionary which states that oral sex is not technically adultery. In fact, Clinton told both Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers that oral activities are not sex at all but, "an advanced massage technique!" This is why he was able to go on national TV and state that he did not engage in sexual intercourse with Monica Lewinsky. 

This is a blunt explanation as to the how Clinton's mind works. How many Americans who believe in family values will go along with such warped thinking? 


Dr Paul Fick holds a Ph.D in clinical psychology. In 1995 he wrote the book, 

"The Dysfunctional President, Inside the Mind of Bill Clinton." 

At the time little attention was paid to the book. Now it is being studied by other researchers. 

Dr. Fick wrote: 

"Clinton is someone who has a significant psychological disorder. He needs treatment. He suffers from Compulsive Sexual Disorder. This is a constant striving for more and more sex. It is a pathological behavior that does not get better by itself. They exhibit such tendencies as to lie or bend the truth, waffle, cover up conflict, deny or set aside harsh realities and become energized by self-created chaos. They also tend to assume a heroic role and strive to excel and be liked by everyone. With relative ease one can predict from past behavior that Clinton's sexual appetite will continue to produce problems for his presidency."