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Cognitive Dissonance: Media Masks Ghastly Truth Behind Terror

February 22, 2018


left, Traitor David Hogg has become a symbol of the staged school shooting psyop in FL

Almost all terror is staged by the Deep State in order to enslave the people of the West. I am reposting this article written on the occasion of the Paris Massacre in Dec 2015 because the same players are at work. We need to see the big picture. 

Western elites are traitors. 

This cancer cannot be treated 

unless the disease is recognized.

From Dec 12, 2015

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We are doomed unless we face bitter truths that we've been trained to deny. Society has been subverted; terrorism is state-sponsored; politicians and media are complicit.

We must overcome our cognitive dissonance. The "Jewish Conspiracy for World Domination" is not only genuine but has been a fait accompli for a 100 years and more. Despite the corporate media and academe saying the opposite, The Protocols of Zion are in fact 100% genuine.

This centuries-old plot jeopardizes Jews as well as Gentiles because most Jews like myself are not privy to it. We are human shields. Non-Jewish Freemasons are in on this plot in greater numbers, so the question of antisemitism is irrelevant, a ruse used to disarm resistance.

Western society has been colonized by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Illuminism.) The true occult meaning of "revolution" is inverting reality and replacing God at the top with Lucifer. Lucifer represents their perversions and pretensions. They invert good and evil, healthy and sick, true and false, beautiful and ugly. 

In The Red Symphony insider Christian Rakowski explained that "war is revolutionary." This is because war destroys and demoralizes humanity while concentrating power and wealth in the hands of the Illuminati, who naturally initiate all wars. War is satanic human sacrifice expressing the Illuminati's hatred of mankind.

Their power originates in the private central banking cartel which produces the means of exchange (currency) in the form of a debt to itself. Currency is nothing but a coupon that government could easily produce debt-and-interest free. The Masonic Jewish bankers must prevent any country from doing this by establishing a world tyranny ("world government, globalism"). As soon as one country tries to escape the net, the others will invade.


They use false flag terror to concentrate totalitarian power in the State (which they control.) They are not satisfied with a monopoly over credit. They seek a complete monopoly on human life--political, economic, mental, cultural and spiritual. They want your property. More important, they want your soul. They want your spouse and your children (feminism, homosexuality, sex ed).  This is the meaning of Communism and the goal of the NWO. 

Because of the "debt," most governments (and nation states) are nothing but facades for the bankers. I liken them to high school student councils.

According to The Protocols of Zion (15), "the people of the world and even their governments" will be "as children under-age."


The Illuminati imagine that society will acquiesce, and so far they've been right.

We are like prisoners in Plato's cave. The Illuminati media projects a picture of reality on the wall which allows them to initiate endless war, terror psy ops or climate change hoaxes.

We suffer from cognitive dissonance. 

ISIS commits gruesome atrocities and acts of terror. Yet it is armed and financed by the West who pretend to fight it.

(Donald Trump talks about banning Muslims when he knows perfectly well the CIA and Mossad are behind ISIS and terror.)

A jetliner crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11 yet there is no wreckage. World Trade Center 7 was wired for demolition on Sept 11 but the twin towers weren't?


Robbie Parker, the grieving Sandy Hook father is laughing seconds before going on camera. The so-called child victims of Sandy Hook sing at the Superbowl two months later. The Economist announced the date of the Paris attack on their front cover 11 months prior and so on...These mass shootings are all followed by resolutions to disarm law abiding Americans.

All major social institutions have been subverted. But thanks to the media, the public is none the wiser. Their secret societies control government, business, the church, military, education and law. It is considered a breach of good taste to even mention this.

Democracy is a form of social control and a charade. The Illuminati sponsor most "grass roots" activism.

Our political leaders are Freemasons. The only difference is the speed with which they enact the NWO agenda.

We have de facto Communism. The news consists of psy ops and propaganda. Entertainment is social engineering and satanism. Religion is suppressed.

Would so many Fortune 500 companies spontaneously promote diversity and homosexuality if they weren't all controlled by the bankers? "Political correctness" is an old Communist Party term. 


Western intelligence services like the CIA and MI-6 serve the bankers, not the taxpayers who pay for them. They are responsible for most terrorism. Politicians and media make this charade possible.

The Israeli Mossad seems to coordinate things. In a book, entitled "Coups et Blessures" (Assaults and Injuries), former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas wrote, "The "Israelis" are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling the French Intelligence with what serves them."

French Intelligence certainly carried out Charlie Hebdo and the Paris attacks.

Mahoud Admo, an eyewitness of the Nov. 13 massacre of 20 people at the Cafe Le Belle Eqippe said the shooter arrived in a chauffeur-driven black Mercedes.

"He fired lots of bullets. He was white, cleanly shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed. He was dressed all in black except for a red scarf.

"The shooter was aged about 35 and had an extremely muscular build, which you could tell from the size of his arms. He looked like a weightlifter.

"He was not wearing gloves and his face was expressionless as he walked towards the bar.

"The driver had opened his door shortly before the shooting began and stood up with his arm and a machine gun rested on the roof of the car. He stood there with his foot up in the door acting as a lookout.

"I would describe him as tall, with dark hair and also quite muscular.

unnamed (16).jpg

(left, ISIS leader with Sen McCain. The West is complicit in all their atrocities.) 

"They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation. It was clear that they were both very heavily armed and the gunman was carrying several magazines on him. They both then coolly sat back in the car and sped off in the direction of the Bataclan."

We never know how many actually die in these psy ops. In the Paris attack for example, it seems unlikely that the Illuminati, who are Satanists, would mow down a theatre full of young people celebrating Satanic music. More likely such an audience would be collaborators in a psy op. There are reports that the picture of bodies show dummies, and the pattern of smeared "blood" makes no sense.

These psyops all have the same hallmarks. There is a "drill" happening at the same time. There are character actors, fake wounds and no convincing pictures of the so-called victims.

False flag terror is the oldest trick in the Zionist tool bag. "We wage war by means of deception," is the actual Mossad motto.  I won't rehash the scores of attacks designed to alienate the West from the Muslim world. Some of the highlights would be the Lavon Affair (1954), the destruction of the SS Liberty in 1967, (killing and wounding 200 which they wanted to blame on Egypt,) and of course 9-11.


(left, Patria sinking in Haifa harbour)

Often Jews are the targets of these false flags. The Haganah admitted that in 1940,  they blew up the ship "Patria"  killing 252 Jews and pretended this was a Masada-like gesture by the passengers whom the British wouldn't allow to disembark. Of course, the holocaust itself was the biggest false flag of all time. 

In 1951, Zionists staged a series of "anti Semitic" bombing attacks against Baghdad Jews to force them to leave to Israel where they were shamelessly exploited by Zionists. Google my article Terror is Longterm Zionist Strategy for World Domination for more examples.


The Paris attack and subsequent false flags have created a wave of anti-Muslim hysteria and prepared the ground for the Third World War planned in Albert Pike's famous 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini.

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion..."

Putin is a member of the Illuminati who realized the NWO agenda involved the subjugation and rape of Russia. I like to believe his opposition to this agenda is sincere and not a pretext for world war.

Hitler probably was false opposition that allowed the Illuminati to manufacture World War Two and slaughter 60 million people, mainly Gentiles.

We can rely on Jews themselves to understand the Jewish Conspiracy.

The Jewish World of Feb 9, 1883 stated:


(left, Anton Levy)

"The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people and in this capacity must act and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is ...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a universal Brotherhood of Nations - a greater Judaism, in fact -- all the separate races and religions shall disappear.

"As a cosmopolitan people, Jews have passed the stage that the national form of separatism represents in social life. They have made the whole world their home. By their activities in literature and science, by their dominant position in all branches of public activity, they are gradually moulding gentile thinking and systems into Jewish moulds."

Organized Jewry is also a solvent of family and morality. Multiculturalism, miscegenation, homosexuality and feminism are not about "tolerance and human rights." They are about shredding the social fabric, dissolving European Christian culture and civilization. 

In my website article, Destructive Cabala Doctrine Dooms Humanity, I detail why Judaism as defined by Talmud and Cabala is satanic.

"Secularism" and "Humanism" are masks for this Satanism. So when we read that 135 years ago, they were already "moulding Gentile thinking into Jewish moulds," it means humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult to serve the Cabalist Jewish banker.

Certainly this agenda is nearing fruition. At Hanukah, we saw politicians from every background lighting the Menorahs in front of the White House lawn and  Eiffel Tower. Clearly the "whole world has been imbued with Jewish teaching." 

migrants (1).jpg

We see Masonic politicians rushing to welcome millions of refugees into the West after the psy op where a three-year-old refugee Alan Kurdi, or a convincing replica, washed up on shore.

Illuminati Jews make no secret that, "all the races and religions shall disappear." Migrants cross boundaries as if nation states don't exist.

Society has been brainwashed to deny reality. The Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish agenda is to enslave mankind, mentally and spiritually if not physically.  

The Proof -- they have largely succeeded. In the future, they will rely increasing on false flag terror to galvanize their plot. Western society has a cancer that cannot be treated unless it is first recognized. 


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----------------    Early Examples of Zionist Terror in Palestine 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Cognitive Dissonance: Media Masks Ghastly Truth Behind Terror"

WB said (December 13, 2015):

Henry, Putin is not controlled by the Illuminati. He is the only head of a major state that is going against the NWO. He is against GMO, climate change fraud, terrorism (for real), homosexuality, etc. He has removed many of the Jewish oligarchs. He has allowed the rebuilding of over 1500 Russian Orthodox Churches. You had better hope he succeeds.

Robert K said (December 12, 2015):

When Peter Wright, the top MI5 (British Military Intelligence) scientific expert, moved into an office with an MI5 research officer, she asked him, "Are you a Freemason?" He said he wasn't, and added that he didn't approve of Freemasonry. She replied, 'darkly' says Wright, "I didn't think you looked like one, but you'd better join if you want to be a success in this place." (Wright, Spycatcher, p. 187).

Spy and author John le Carré has stated that a larcenous tendency is regarded as a plus by recruiters for the secret service.

These are the types who are being given the ability to snoop into the lives of all citizens by means of modern surveillance systems. Nobody in their right mind would trust them--or for that matter trust anybody at all--not to abuse such a power. Would you entrust it even to your best friend where your family's affairs are concerned? Surely not. Then why tolerate its being exercised by total strangers with larcenous characters, dubious purposes, and very bad records for maintaining the integrity of so-called "national security"?

Below-Why would they use a pornography model's photos for Sandy Hoax teacher Victoria Soto? (scroll down)

The Talented Samuel Dickstein

February 21, 2018


( Samuel Dickstein 1885-1954)

Samuel Dickstein, a Lithuanian-born Jew, was a Congressman 

from 1923 to 1945 and a founder of the Committee for UnAmerican Activities

originally the "McCormack-Dickstein Committee."

During this time, he was a paid agent of the USSR. 

by John Simpkin

Spartacus International 

(Abridged by

Samuel Dickstein was born into a Jewish family in VilniusLithuania, on 5th February 1885. The family emigrated to the United States in 1887 and settled in New York City. An intelligent student, Dickstein won a place at the College of the City of New York, and graduated from New York City Law School in 1906. He was admitted to the bar in 1908 and three years later was appointed as a Special Deputy New York Attorney General.

...Dickstein, a member of the Democratic Party, defeated Meyer London at the election for the 68th Congress in November 1922. ...He eventually became the chairman of House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization. It has been claimed that during this period he became corrupt and received money for arranging people to obtain United States citizenship. NKVD station chief, Gaik Ovakimyan, described Dickstein as "heading a criminal gang that was involved in shady businesses, selling passports, illegal smuggling of people, and getting them citizenship."


In 1933 Adolf Hitler gained power in Germany. In 1934 Dickstein established the first congressional committee to investigate subversive activities in the United States. John William McCormack was named chairman and Dickstein vice-chairman. Most of the major figures in the American fascist movement were called to appear before the Special Committee on Un-American Activities. Dickstein personally questioned each witness. According to Gary Kern: "Dickstein's bellicose behaviour as its vice-chairman undermined it. The chairman, John McCormack, wanted nothing more to do with it, and no one wanted anything more to do with Dickstein."

In December 1937, Samuel Dickstein had a meeting with the Soviet ambassador Alexander Troyanovsky  Troyanovsky reported back to Moscow: "Congressman Dickstein... let me know that while investigating Nazi activities in the U.S., his agents unmasked their liaison with Russian Fascists living in the U.S." Dickstein promised to inform on these "fascists" but "he would need 5-6 thousand dollars".


Nikolai Yezhov instructed Troyanovsky to cut a deal with Dickstein. However, there was a dispute over money. Dickstein demanded $2,500 a month but initially, the NKVD was only willing to pay $500. After lengthy negotiations, Dickstein agreed to a compromise monthly payment of $1,250. Of course, this assistance came "out of sympathy toward the Soviet Union". Most agents not only did not ask for money, but refused it when offered. To show its disgust, the NKVD gave Dickstein the codename ZHULIK (CROOK).

Peter Gutzeit became Dickstein's handler. He reported on 25th May, 1937: "We are fully aware whom we are dealing with. CROOK is completely justifying his code name. This is an unscrupulous type, greedy for money, consented to work because of money, a very cunning swindler... Therefore it is difficult for us to guarantee the fulfillment of the planned program even in the part which he proposed to us himself."


On 26th May, 1938, the United States House of Representatives authorized the formation of a successor to the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, by a 191 to 41 vote "for the purpose of conducting an investigation of (1) the extent, character, and object of un-American propaganda activities in the United States, (2) the diffusion within the United States of subversive and un-American propaganda that is instigated from foreign countries or of a domestic origin and attacks the principle of the form of government as guaranteed by the Constitution, and (3) all other questions in relations thereto that would aid Congress in any necessary remedial legislation."

The first chairman of the Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was Martin Dies. Dickstein did not manage even to gain a seat on the new committee. Walter Goodman, the author of The Committee: The Extraordinary Career of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (1968), argued: "Despite this setback, no cause took more of Dickstein's energies or his passion, than the creation of a committee to investigate subversive activities. If any man deserves the title of Father of the Committee, it is Representative Dickstein. He earned the distinction by relentlessly trying to create such a committee from 1933 to 1938 and had the rest of his life to regret it."

The NKVD was disappointed when Dickstein was not appointed to the HUAC. Peter Gutzeit wrote that Dickstein "won't be able to carry out measures planned by us together with him." 

He did provide transcripts of its hearings, lists of American Nazis and details of the war budget, but this was not enough to justify his handsome salary. Dickstein told Gutzeit: "If there was no trust, it was impossible to work. For illustration, he told that for some years he had worked for Poland and everything was OK. He was paid money without any questions. A couple of years ago he worked for the English and was paid good money without any questions. Everything was delicate and on the sly. Our case is only trouble... Apparently, he really managed to fool the Poles and the English -i.e., to promise something substantial and to limit himself to rubbish."

Gutzeit complained that Dickstein had been unable to obtain grand jury interrogations of suspected German agents. Gutzeit reported that when he told Dickstein in July 1938 that his information did not justify his monthly payments: "He blazed up very much, claimed that if we didn't give him money he would break with us ... that he is employing people and he must pay them, that he demands nothing for himself." Gutzeit reminded Dickstein that his other arrangements involved only money while with the NKVD "he is guided by ideological considerations, by the necessity of struggling against a common enemy - fascism."

Finally, the Un-American Activities Committee began to concentrate on communists in the United States. According to Allen Weinstein, the author of The Hunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America (1999): "In response to Peter Gutzeit's request in September 1938, the Congressman publicly denounced the Dies Committee's focus on Communist groups and their allies. Dickstein also provided his Soviet associates with the names of several informants within the ranks of fascist organizations in the United States whom he argued could provide useful information. He even turned over transcripts of alleged tape-recorded hotel room conversations between American Nazi leader Fritz Kuhn and his mistress, the latter a Dickstein snitch. By then, the New York Democrat had begun to speak out in favor of terminating the Dies Committee."


Walter Krivitsky was invited to appear before Martin Dies and the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) on 11th October, 1939. Dies asked Krivitsky if Soviet intelligence agencies cooperated with German and Italian agents and therefore faced with "a combined espionage problem?" Krivitsky admitted that even before the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany had been co-operating. He argued that an "exchange of military secrets and information, as well as other forms of collaboration, is indispensable to both Hitler and Stalin." After the session, he provided additional information in closed chambers on Soviet agents working in the United States.

Peter Gutzeit asked Dickstein to obtain a copy of Krivitsky's testimony in the closed session of the HUAC. He was unable to do this and instead produced a vague summary. He also insisted that Krivitsky had presented no concrete evidence of espionage on its part in the United States. The NKVD agents, however, found Dickstein's report suspicious when they recognized that portions of it strongly resembled news accounts and Krivitsky's public speeches. Dickstein did agree to attack Krivitsky and he dismissed the hearings as ridiculous and described Krivitsky as "nothing but a phony".

Dickstein contacted James Houghteling, the commissioner of immigration at the Department of Labor (DOL) suggesting that Krivitsky should be deported: "My attention has been called to the activities of a certain Russian General, alias Ginzberg, who entered the country as a temporary visitor, supposedly for the purpose of doing some academic research work at an American university... and instead of doing the research work he claimed he came here to do, he is traveling around the country making all kind of statements which as a visitor in this country he has no right to make."


NKVD decided that Dickstein was a hopeless spy and in memo to Moscow from Peter Gutzeit concluded that Dickstein's only possible future use was in giving speeches in Congress under NKVD direction, receiving for each from $500 to $1,000. The following month NKVD reported: "According to all datat, his source can't be a useful organizer who could gather around him a group of liberal Congressmen to exercise our influence and, alone, he doesn't represent any interest. On the other hand, (Dickstein) refuses to give documentary materials and refused to switch to per-piece pay (i.e., for speeches) and we are not going to pay thousands for idleness. Therefore, we decided to break with Dickstein." 

Dickstein resigned from Congress on 30th December, 1945 and served as a Justice on the New York State Supreme Court until his death in New York City on 22nd April, 1954 at age 69.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- CIA's Jackie Kennedy Flirted with LBJ After Assassination (scroll down)

"Russian Meddling?" FDR's Soviet Spies Sodomized the US

February 20, 2018


(Maj. George Racey Jordan, Lend-Lease expediter and liaison with the Russians during World War II.)

Russian "meddling" in 2016 election is a farce considering the US has been

Communist-controlled since the FDR Administration when KGB Agent  

Harry Hopkins was known as "Co-President" and ran Foreign Policy
Working out of the White House, using Lend-Lease as a smokescreen,
Hopkins looted the United States and ran a massive espionage program.  
A patriot, Major George Racey Jordan, exposed this travesty in
his 1952 book, From Major Jordan's Diary. As you would expect, he has been
flushed down the memory hole. No Hollywood movies for real patriots. 
Americans are their mind-controlled prisoners.

How could this looting take place? The USSR was the Rothschild's private fiefdom and model for their NWO tyranny. 

(Now they think they can impose this tyranny with a happy face.) Communism concentrates all power and money in their hands. The bankers control the American corporations and politicians that subsidized the USSR at the expense of the American people. Liberals are the tip of the Communist Deep State iceberg.

"This was a national looting far and above the exigencies of war supply."  -Diana West


by Diana West 


A book called American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (St. Martin's Press, 2013) doesn't promise uplift and renewal. I know. I wrote it.

That said, the story of "betrayal" my new book lays out - betrayal enabled by a de facto Communist occupation of Washington by American traitors loyal to Stalin, which would solidify in the 1930s under FDR and be covered up by successive U.S. administrations and elites - is not without inspiration. I am talking about the inspiration of the truth-tellers.

"American Betrayal" presents a rewrite of most of World War II and Cold War history, something I never imagined doing when I first began writing the book. This is simply the story that took shape from my research. And it takes shape in the book in a first-person narrative exactly as I stumbled across the revelations and put them together according to two basic mechanisms.

One relates to revelations from secret archives in Moscow and Washington that opened, briefly and partially, after the USSR dissolved in 1991. I discovered that the treason documented in these archives, treason committed by Americans in government, some in the very highest positions of power, had not been incorporated into our general historical understanding of such defining events as World War II and the Cold War. So I did my best to incorporate them. What emerges makes our history look completely different - even our near-sacred history of World War II.

The other stream of new information that I was able to reweave into the American story came from those I think of as the truth-tellers. These are the forgotten and/or maligned witnesses and investigators who told and sought the truth about the massive penetration and infiltration by Americans serving a hostile foreign power. (Yes, among them is Sen. Joe McCarthy.)

Their truth-seeking example is inspiring, particularly in an age of routine, serial lying and obfuscation in Washington. If there is one thing I hope my book does, it is to reintroduce us to these great Americans. Because they contradicted the official narrative - the "court histories" as author and historian M. Stanton Evans calls it - these Americans were smeared, marginalized and lost to us, their rudderless descendants.

Diana West .jpg

We need them back in our historical and moral consciousness. To that end, I am embarking on an occasional series devoted to truth-tellers highlighted in "American Betrayal."

I will begin with Maj. George Racey Jordan, who in 1949 and 1950 came forward to testify under oath before Congress that one big reason the Soviet Union had recently surprised the world by exploding an atomic bomb was that he, Jordan, the top "expediter" shipping thousands of tons of U.S. war supplies and aircraft through an airfield in Great Falls, Mont., to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease during World War II, had personally overseen the shipment of uranium to Moscow.

Really? Sure enough, as a congressional investigator would testify, two specific shipments of uranium oxide and nitrate were "completely documented to include even the number of the plane that the flew the uranium ... out of Great Falls." This postwar revelation before Congress would shock and anger Gen. Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project, because he had slapped an embargo on the wartime export of uranium from the U.S. Of course, the shipments in question came from Canadian stocks. How did that happen? Therein lies a tale - a tale of betrayal.

Meanwhile, it wasn't just uranium Jordan expedited, as he testified. Heavy water, too.

The congressional committee was able to document the shipment of heavy water, too.

In all, Jordan "expedited" 23 atomic materials through the big airbase in Montana to Moscow during the war, along with nearly 14 million pounds of aluminum tubes, also essential to atomic experimentation.

Findings in Soviet archives would later confirm that possession of the atomic bomb was what emboldened Stalin to trigger the Korean War in 1950. The implications of the theft of U.S. atomic secrets, then, becomes staggering.

After Jordan went public, all manner of witnesses stepped forward to corroborate different aspects of his story. There was the pilot who flew the uranium shipment (and said he handled brown grains of uranium that spilled from a box). There was the GI who recognized in Moscow-bound blueprints the chemical structure of uranium. 


Soviet defector Victor Kravchenko celebrated author of "I Chose Freedom," would himself testify before Congress and corroborate specific allegations by Jordan attesting to Lend-Lease as a giant conduit of Soviet espionage.

What even this skeletal synopsis of a tale that unfolds in detail in "American Betrayal" should make clear is that it wasn't just the Rosenberg atomic spy ring that enabled the Soviet theft of U.S. atomic secrets. There was a massive looting effort underway inside the U.S. government overseen by senior Washington officials. 



Chief among these powers was Harry Hopkins, (left) FDR's very top, very enigmatic, very sinister (I have concluded) adviser. Hopkins was the power behind Lend-Lease - often the power behind Roosevelt, too - and a central figure in my book. [The KGB confirmed he was their agent. p. 147]

I knew none of this "lost" history going into my research more than four years ago. Precious few Americans, I've since learned, do. Hopkins, once famously known as Roosevelt's "co-president," is as absent from our national history lessons as Jordan, a credible eyewitness to what might well have been treason. Why do we have such blanks? Why isn't Jordan's earth-shaking testimony, most of it corroborated by documentation and supporting eyewitness accounts, ever taught? How did Hopkins, once the most powerful man in Washington next to FDR (and maybe more so) slip out of our collective memory? Who stole our history - and why?

These are the questions I set out to unravel in American Betrayal. On this quest, I learned there was nothing like seeking out, dusting off and listening to history's truth-tellers.

Related- YouTube Lecture by Diana West 


Excerpts from American Betrayal re. Lend Lease- 

Singapore fell because 200 US fighter jets earmarked for the British enclave were diverted to Russia. As result, more than 100,000 British soldiers were interned.  p. 45

"War supplies didn't just "flow" to the Soviet Union, they flooded it, with half a million trucks and jeeps, nearly 1$ billion (1940 dollars) of ordinance and ammunition, thousands of fighter aircraft, bombers and tanks, 13 million pairs of winter boots, 1.7 million tons of petroleum products. a merchant fleet, 1000 steam locomotives, 581 naval vessels including minesweepers, landing craft, sub chasers, frigates, torpedo boats... icebreakers and a light cruiser. " p.43

"Non-military supplies included diesel engines, entire prefab factories, and hydroelectric plants...hundreds of thousands of patents were stolen including secret military blueprints, pip-fabricating works, nearly a million miles of copper wire (sent after the war), tens of millions worth of switchboard panels, lathes and power tools for metalworking, machinery for textiles, woodworking, and typesetting, cranes, hoists, serricks, elevators, drills, not to mention $152 milion in women's dress goods, 18.4 million pounds of writing opaper and assorted cigarette cases, compacts, jewelled watches, lipstick, liquor. ...217,660,666 pounds of butter were shipped to the USSR at a time of strict rationing state-side.

planes for Russia were prioritized over US Airforce. " p. 44

"This was a national looting far and above the exigencies of war supply."  Jordan opened a few of the hundreds of black suitcases being transferred to Russia through the Great Falls MT airbase and found espionage of the highest order, including the location and blueprints of key US factories and infrastructure, patents, and plans and materiel for the atomic bomb. He also witnessed 481 Russian agents jump off the planes from Russia, and enter the USA no questions asked. ( pp. 138-142) 


Makow Note- Diana West is Jewish, and a conservative like myself. She has taken a lot of flack for her lucid portrayal of Communist influence although she does not understand how the central banking system, Organized Jewry, and Freemasonry are behind it. She wrote another book about the reaction to the truth she told in American Betrayal. Her acceptance in establishment conservative circles is partly due to her espousal of radical Islam as a genuine threat and not something conjured up by the CIA and Mossad. See her talks on YouTube.

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----------------- FDR Turned Blind Eye to Soviet Spies 

-----------FDR Controlled by his (((Braintrust)))  

-----------McCarthy & the Khazar Curse

First Comment from James C:

In response to your article, I would cite the testimony of Antony C. Sutton before Subcommittee VII of the Platform Committee of the Republican Party at Miami Beach, Florida, August 15, 1972:

 "I have spent ten years in research on Soviet technology.  What it is--what it can do--and particularly where it came from.  I have published three books and several articles summarizing the work...

 In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology.  Almost all--perhaps 90-95 percent--came directly or indirectly from the United States and its allies.  In effect, the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union.  Its industrial and its military capabilities.  This massive construction job has taken 50 years.  Since the Revolution in 1917.  It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance" (Antony C. Sutton, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy [Billings, MT:  Liberty House Press, 1986], pp. 200-201).


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for ""Russian Meddling?" FDR's Soviet Spies Sodomized the US"

Bill W said (February 22, 2018):

According to our family's understanding, it was my mother's brother, Col. Leon Winfield Armour who pretty much ran the lend-lease program from behind the scenes. An observation I recall hearing him make as a child was "Anything is possible, so long as it doesn't matter who gets credit for it." He personally shunned the limelight, retiring from the army air corps (the second time ; after having been a dirigible pilot in WW I he worked for the DOD) when it threatened to make him a general over his objections, he went back to the DOD (one of the "double dipper" pension collectors. They later outlawed that), where he ran logistics at the huge supply depot at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (curiously, where they took the Roswell crash debris. He wouldn't talk about that, but did tell my mother "He might not be so far off the mark as you think" when she jokingly complained that I thought flying saucers were real).

Again from memory, the US gave him the distinguished service cross, & the British made (or offered ?) him a KCB -- had he moved there he would have been "Sir Winfield." He was, incidentally, a 33rd degree freemason (the second in the family -- the rest were 32s except his father who, like me, would have nothing to do with them).

JG said (February 21, 2018):

America has been under the control of the Communist International Financiers like the rest of the world since Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the Federal Reserve. One of these financiers who had a great amount of influence over Woodrow Wilson was Bernard Baruch. He basically owned him politically and was his top advisor. These same banksters also funded the bloody Communist Coup in Russia which is inappropriately called the Russian Revolution.
Russia and Putin are being targeted today because of the real Russian Revolution that took place in 1991which overthrew the existing Communist Order in Russia. The NWO allowed it to happen to clear the way for the oligarchs and bankers to look their nation's wealth which happened under their new installed leader Boris Yeltsin.

The Iron Curtin was also allowed to come down to consolidate the Eastern Bloc nations with Western Bloc nations under an entirely new universal Communist World Order. This is also when Democracy was lost in the 'free world" forever.

Putin and Russia already know what Communism is all about and refuse to become a mule all over again to even think of becoming a part of this present NWO government.

Peter C said (February 21, 2018):

Diana West is an absolute wonder with all she has uncovered. I remember the butter rationing that was imposed during the war while living on an island that was placed in front of WWII stuff going on when I was between 5 and 8 years old. Of course no one knew what was really going on. There was a shipyard at the harbor. An occasional US Navy vessel, lots of old-fashioned oil tankers, one of which blew up with a boom that echoed across the bay, and we had an oil spill unload on the beach. My dad was an engineer at the shipyard and he almost lost it when he fell into a large fuel tank on the ship under construction. A work crew discovered him just before they were going to drop the lid onto the tank. Knocked up and bruised, he did survive that.

Diana is an angel. May God bless her.

Why would they use a pornography model's photos for Victoria Soto? -C

February 22, 2018

u-elise - victoria 0501.bmp
Why would they use a pornography model's photos for Victoria Soto?

Teacher Victoria Soto didn`t exist, like so many other Sandy Hook actors. And now someone is researching the non-existent - no birth certificates - "Students" at Stoneman High? We already see the same patterns as Sandy Hook developing. 

Start with; The Sandy Hook school parking lot indicated the school hadn`t been used for 10+ years since there were NO oil stains in the lot. Add the students who were actually 11-12, singing at their own Eulogy - their 5-6 year old photos were used as the fake "dead" children. To make the story complete they needed fictitious parents, and the dead school teacher heroine, and the fictional shooter; Adam Lanza, and the David Wheeler guy who played both a parent and FBI gun guy - Humorously, he didn`t even know how to hold that gun! And he hid from the cameras! And then "crying" actress; Cali Soto. Add a bunch of other actors; i.e. Jennifer Greenberg [Sexton]. Supposedly the PAY for acting in this was $250,000. or your house in Newtown - the mortgage paid off. The Bank stayed open on a Sunday to make all this happen secretly. What a DEAL!
Commie-Obama was shown with little blonde Emilie Parker ALIVE AFTER the shooting hoax. All "actors" got a ride on Air Force One, supposedly. Others have done the research on much of this. I`ll take a guess that the Stoneman High School event will turn out just as false. 
The NEED to demolish - PULVERIZE!!! the school building like Sandy Hook School is to completely obliterate any evidence of what actually happened there. They spent 700% of what a replacement school would cost. -C

Sandy Hook victim teacher Victoria Soto i- a crisis actress with a background in porn?

February 17, 2018

Victoria Soto image 00001 (1).jpgSandy Hook victim teacher Victoria Soto -- a crisis actress with a background in porn? 

 Sandy Hook school teacher, "Victoria Soto" is absolutely identified as "Karups DB" model; Kati Majorova or Elise Brown by the incredible micro facial lines that match up perfectly! Of note; micro secondary dimple line, 4th tooth gap, eye lines and shape, eyebrows, flat spot on the nose bone, small bald spot in the sideburns. Ear shapes. She is the only model in 100,000+ that have eyes like THAT! --C

Reader "A"  challenges this finding:

"C" must be blind. Those women don't look alike (you don't need a "microfacial line" analysis to see it). Soto had a larger, wider nose, not to mention that Soto would be 32 years old. Kati is in her early 20s. The ears don't match either.
C replies:

The micro-lines are a match. The ears and some features ARE photoshopped occasionally in Pornography. The wide nose? This is why the model holds her face at that certain angle frequently. Many models in pornography pose in certain ways to HIDE various features; Tattoos, small butts, thin legs, big feet!  Many other critics of the "actors" at false flags criticize but show no proof.  Newtown Ct. Coroner and FBI show no Deaths for those days.  More proof? Look up "Madeline Hsu" images in; Sandy Hook children alive-images. The proof is there if you study.


C adds:

The original photo of Victoria Soto offered by the FBI was very different than the batch we see today. She was a swarthy Puerto Rico mixed race female - very different!  We may have the photo analysis backward; The existing Pornography model is real enough - a match to that one Sandy Hook photo. It`s the Victoria Soto page it`self that offers the continuous discrepancies; They may be showing as many as three or more look-alikes, possibly sisters? Or like you suspected Henry; Possibly AGE differences of the same woman also? But there really ARE  photoshopped photos of Victoria that are conjured up - false on that page. She was badly photoshopped sitting on a rock at the sea. Also inserted into a group photo - the photo badly falsified. 

Another example of this is the fictitious "Adam Lanza;  false Sandy Hook shooter" = an obvious younger photo of actor; "Eddie Small" who also played Christine Grimmie`s brother; Marcus Grimmie. Notice he is much older for that part.  Same with the fictitious Carli Soto "Mom" who also played Christine Grimmie`s "Mom" at Charlottesville. And we may now see Carli Soto again but older at the recent Florida event! 

The Sandy Hook "David Wheeler" and "Emilie Parker" scams and the children themselves are much easier to prove. Also the photoshopped Carli Soto into the Ferguson March scam - defective photo.
If the LYING DEEP STATE keeps using false photos, they need better photo shoppers like the guys who just have fun with Pornography on the net.

Incidentally, Eddie Small - Adam Lanza - Marcus Grimmie is not a genetic match to Christine Grimmie. And let`s remember that Sandy Hook school parking lot with NO oil stains! Ha! What does that tell you?

Adam Lanza 00001.jpg
Eddie Small 00001.jpg

Left, Eddie Small 


Most all the pornography model photos I`ve sent to you are from 1984 to 1998 British Mayfair magazine models; The face makeup; some very recent.  The matching "Victoria Soto" Model images have to be right on the Sandy Hook "schedule"!!!

Porn Culture, Tinder, Online Dating, & the loss of meaningful connection between the sexes

February 12, 2018


(AZ is second from right)

Porn Culture, Tinder, Online Dating, & the loss of 

meaningful connection between the sexes:

Related - Marriage-minded women are confused and depressed 

by AZ


It's 2018 and you think that people would be more connected than ever via technology. However, having true deep meaningful relationships has been lost to the pursuit of quantity over quality. Everyone is seeking something better than the next: Truly a form of selfish behavior and not genuine love.

The reason people are so self-seeking nowadays and refrain from marriage is the obsession with sexual pursuits. Who is the best looking? Who can give me the best sex? Me. Me. Me. What about asking about the person's character and other qualities they can bring into a loving relationship? 

If anyone has been with someone based on sexual attraction and lust, you will know that soon fades after a few months.

Our culture no longer promotes the value of building something that lasts. Most people grew up programmed by the Hollywood culture of rampant narcissism. Most people have an unhealthy level of narcissism which bleeds over into the rest of their life and relationships.

Wasting some of your best years just chasing people through online dating and hookups causes lifeong regret. A lot of people don't want to take the time to do the work to get to know someone deepy. As soon as it gets difficult, people now can go online find someone else and have sex easily with another.


Porn culture also lies to men. No woman wants to marry a man who was with a multitude of women. There is nothing attractive about a man who is a player and not connected to a deeper purpose. 

Also, women are now obsessed with using social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook to gain male attention only through their sexuality and looks. Nothing wrong with a woman embracing her beauty, but there is a line. You get what you put out there in the world. Just be realistic about how you show up online and in the real world because it matters.

We live in a time where men forgot how to be men and women forgot how to be women. It is like we are all confused adult children running around looking for the next toy. 

We need to bring back healthy knowledge and interactions between men and women and know how we are different and respect one another and our differences.