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"The World is Full of Negative Energy"

November 18, 2018

"Be aware of what you let into your mind."

People responded to the comment below on Reddit Conspiracy and spoke about the need to unplug from the Internet, and to think positive thoughts. 

"The world is full of negative energy. Our news is based on hatred and scorn on the other side, our food is based on the mass murder of animals and tons of chemicals we know not off, Meanwhile, our politicians try to divide and confuse us with their lies hiding us from the truth. People are dumber than ever, Pornography is widespread through kids, This system is designed to keep us in a depressed state because they want to kill us emotionally and physically preventing us from uniting. Unity is the most positive thing can happen when we all together as a human being. "When we unite we strong but when we divide we fall."     84% Upvoted What are your thoughts?   

It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. One candle can light someone else's candle without diminishing your own candle. Eventually, it's a brighter place.

Not my quote and I'm paraphrasing but it's a powerful message that sticks with me when doom and gloom start to occupy too much of my conscience.

The further you get away from the city/internet/people, the more that negative energy is reduced. It's tough, but it's really the case. When I take ski trips out west, I actually shut down the internet and phone, I don't do FB, etc. And wow do I feel better after a few days. But then right back at it when you get home and back "to work". Fuck that noiz.


I know what you mean. I didn't have my phone for two weeks and was shut off from the outside world. As soon as I got internet access, I logged onto Facebook and immediately saw a mass shooting in my hometown.


I love the interconnectedness and positivity that the internet brings, but fuuuck, you have to sift through a lot of negativity.


I think we are subconsciously trying to solve all those problems we see in social media / the news, but we can't so it makes us depressed.


Fuck the internet sometimes. remember to get back to your inner being roots. do yoga. meditate. get to the highest state and project where you want to be. what you want to do. project your future. eat, sleep, dream that shit and i promise you, it will fulfilled. It may not be tomorrow or next week or in 2 years but the universe will deliver. if you truly believe it, it will become reality.


You sound like me. The wife and I deleted FB four years ago and I can't honestly say that our relationship has made great strides. Only thing we do is Reddit and Instagram and just Instagram to keep up with our grandbaby. I was actually writing down a list of goals and my first objective is to practice meditation every day for just 2 mins concentrating on only breathing. I'm a huge believer of the laws of attraction too. It's great to see other people stepping away from sites like FB. And to mention, they're thieves over there at FB


Deleting Facebook was easy that was almost the same time it was out - easy to see the viciousness of it in early stages as it pretended and everyone else I knew pretended to be something they weren't Everyone was trying desperately to 'casually' impress their circle in the beginning but the battle for attention was always going to depend on more artificial factors like glamour and perceived 'coolness' of certain people over others and the sheep showed their cowardly support to the popular ideas and notions right from the start.


Facebook's genius was its way of making us idiots self regulate each in pursuit of some kind of popularity contest all destroying real relationships that once depended on meets ups and at worse phone calls now written off to a virtual relationships thank's to the medium of written and the way that tone can be misunderstood much of relationships strained even further until every word that written was so watered and useless that everyone felt constantly fake. That's the agenda - the dumbing of everyone to lazy unquestioning consumers incapable of meaningful rebellion and obsessing over artificial trends



Move back to the country. GTFO out of the city. Only 16% of people are currently living in rural America. It used to be something like 90% a mere hundred years ago. It's cheap and peaceful. Chances are you can find a place within a 30-45 minute commute into a good-sized city for work and hipster stuff if you really need it.


Yep this, moved to the country and I'm happier and more positive and sleep better because I have to work to keep nature at bay. Cities are places of decadence and decay, always have been.


I agree with you, but you don't need to be in nature or get out of the city to achieve this. Although I do think everyone needs to be less mindful of their phones/social accounts. Spend time with your family/friends and just forget about what's going on everywhere else, especially BS like Insta and FB. Live life in the real world and not thru some social media app.


You should start travelling and see how people live in other parts of the world. Definitely will make you realize just how much pro-military propaganda and mass shooting hysteria we have going on in the US.


The world certainly has it's share of negativity, in all the forms mentioned and more. However, it's also full of beauty, kindness, love and positive energy.

Be aware of what you let into your mind. You do after all have some choice over what you feed it. First, don't purposefully feed it garbage all the time. Next, make an effort to protect it from unnecessary negativity. Then, make an effort to find ways to feed your mind with positive, good things.

It will change you for the better. You are not a passive, helpless part of the equation.



 I just circled the US in trips to visit family and friends, and hit several places. NYC, Atlanta, Asheville NC, Detroit, Portland, back to So. Cal. What struck me as I just listened and observed, was how happy and normal people are, full of plans and goals, going about their business, and an overall feeling of optimism amongst real people. At total odds with the media presentations. Yes there's cruelty and oppression as there has ALWAYS been, in human history, but strangely feels to me in reality life is better than ever. (I'm old and the 'sky has been falling' per the news, religion and cultural memes - my whole life!).


This is very true. Social media is even worse because that's where people with no power in real life go to project their worldview and its usually not a good one which is why they are doing it in the first place.


I think modern society has programmed the populace into being in a constant state of fear & anxiety which allows dis-ease to take hold as a rather effective means of population control. The elites/global corporatocracy have introduced cheap junk into our diets as a way to "eat away the pain" to fill voids in our trite, superficial existence now programmed collectively through social media & materialism which only contributes more to our poor health. Most developed countries are fat, sick, & dying which has been by design.


There is so much more to this world people just need to keep searching for the truth because it's not what we were told in school or by our reductionist, materialist society. We are all interconnected; please spread the love!

continued here

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- From Crotch Awareness to Christ Consciousness (scroll down)

Trump-Russian "Collusion" Report is Credible -- Tim Fitzpatrick

November 17, 2018

screen-shot-2018-11-16-at-09-14-36 (1).png
Russian Intelligence Report Describes Trump "Collusion" 

Tim Fitzpatrick's mission: Reminding us that neither 
Putin nor Trump are the good guys 
we think they are. 

 I asked him to comment on the 
"Russian Intelligence Report" sent to me last week
which details Trump's ties to Russia and their opinion of him. 

by Tim Fitzpatrick
(slightly abridged by  

Henry Makow's alleged Russian source seems credible. There is little doubt that the Kremlin's manipulation of Trump involves "kompromat", specifically sexual compromise, as I have thoroughly documented in my series Trump Controlled By Mossad. (At the time I wrote that series, except for perhaps parts IV and V, I wasn't aware that the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip.

 I am open-minded. So, when I came across information contradicting the standard so-called patriot/conservative narrative of geo-politics, I gave it an honest hearing and quickly adopted a revised position. Where I might disagree with Makow's source is in his verbiage. Trump is a Kremlin asset, for sure. His personal and financial instability makes him all the more easy to blackmail and control.

Makow prefaced this article with "They regard him (Trump) as unstable and unreliable. But it does describe a kind of collusion. So what? Why shouldn't Russia support a pro-peace candidate?" Trump does what he is told. If he appears to be pro-peace, it's only because his masters have not mandated war.

 I also disagree with Makow calling disinformation the report saying "Putin attributes anti-Russian agitation in the US to "right-wing groups". Since the source doesn't specify which right-wing groups, we can only assume that he means the truly awakened patriots who know that the Kremlin is pursuing a world communistic agenda--in which case, the source, again, is correct. Makow appears mistakenly to believe that the Left's cheap and shallow so-called anti-Russianism is what the defector was referring to. Obviously, the insider knows that the Left's perceived anti-Russianism is phoney and empty.

The report's second contention is that Wikileaks is controlled by Russia's SVR. Again, this is a more-than-plausible argument. For a while, I and several others have been warning people that Wikileaks is an Israeli psyop. Wikileaks is either soft on or completely ignores issues related to both Israel and Russia, especially neo-Russian communism. 

However, after having learned that Soviet Jewry and Israeli Jewry--which control both Israel and Russia--are one and the same entity, it makes more sense that Wikileaks is a joint Russian-Israeli operation, with Russian institutions being the actual base of operations due to Russia's well documented massive Internet psych warfare agenda. Unfortunately, the report doesn't go beyond Wikileaks in exposing Russian psych warfare operations. It's clear that there are many more, including Guccifer 2.0, Qanon, and, probably, Edward Snowden.

The report seems to say that the CIA was trying to thwart Putin's support of Trump by arranging for the assassination of one of Putin's drivers, which was a warning to Putin to abandon his pursuit of Trump. It's possible. If true, it's unclear what the CIA's motives would have been. Were they sincerely concerned about having a Kremlin puppet as U.S. president or were they acting on behalf of the Democrats? Perhaps there were other reasons. We will probably never know.

What's also credible and extremely important is the defector's allegation that Trump is indebted to Russian and European banks. It's well known that Trump is not a self-made man and was heavily bankrupt. This makes him even more vulnerable to kompromat as if the sexual stuff weren't enough.

The report's last allegation, that Melania wants a divorce but can't because of how it would affect Trump's presidency, is very probable. Trump is a pig. What decent woman would want to remain married to him?

As this evil system continues to squeeze the populace, you can bet that there will be many more people rising up and declaring the truth. But we must be on guard, as there will be fake ones, too.


First Comment from Brendon O'Connell-

Henry, here is an example of how bad the Syrian, Russian, Israel narrative is...a quote from a readers response...

In my opinion, the idea that "the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip" is totally contradicted by Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict.  Russia's intervention raises an unavoidable question:  Why would Russia intervene on Syria's behalf if it were actually allied with Israel?  Israel wants Assad out, yet it was only Russian intervention that kept Assad in power.

Syria is in ruins. The fighting continues unabated for seven years and counting despite constant bleating that ISIS/Sunni Militias were "finished" and "mopping up operations" were completing - I've heard that seven times in the last seven years.

The country is roughly divided into three, and counting.

Assad is not running Syria, Putin is. And with Putin joined at the hip with Netanyahu with a well documented bromance involving Russia, Israel and China building The Belt & Road infrastructure you'd think the online commentators would have a clue by now.

Russia sits on the borders of Saudi along with Iran and Israel is courting Saudi for a Egypt/Jordan style peace deal as, "they have a common enemy". Iran. And of course Russia wants those arms deals instead of America - $150 billion worth.

These simple self evident facts do not get a look in with the Putin groupies. They WANNA believe! As did I for many years.

The analysis is so bad the Putin fan's keep stating Assad is a "democrat". The Assad family are as much democrats as Saddam Hussein was. You gotta be kidding me? The Assad family are INFAMOUS fingernail pullers who broker ZERO competition. Hence 3000 dead young people in the southern province in 2011 in a legitimate grassroots reaction to the brutality of the Assad regime. Even Iranian Generals were complaining Assad had completely overreacted. But that's normal.

The Soviet Union has been in Syria for over 50 years and basically, run it and teach the Assad thugs all the techniques of surveillance, torture and maintaining power.

First Comment by James C

In my opinion, the idea that "the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip" is totally contradicted by Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict.  Russia's intervention raises an unavoidable question:  Why would Russia intervene on Syria's behalf if it were actually allied with Israel?  Israel wants Assad out, yet it was only Russian intervention that kept Assad in power. 

Rich replies to James C

There is no significant contradiction to be read into Russia's involvement in the Syrian conflict. The aim of Chabad Jewry (arguably running Russia as well as Israel) is total world war so as to birth from the ashes an unopposed globalism, which in their imagination they hope to control, though they too are dupes in the game. The very last thing the "powers that be" want at this stage is peace ANYWHERE in the world, for they need conflict to enrapture and control the masses while advancing their end game final manoeuvres. Therefore if conflict is a vital element, why should it seem strange that the Illuminati would have their puppets performing both sides of the dialectic, until the time was right for outright war, fiscal collapse, ebola, EMP chaos, -- the whole choreographed diapason of fright and upset? After which, the "saviors" from multiple nations, wearing their newly-issued UN blue helmets can (after sufficient suffering and population reduction) step in to complete the ultimate despotism.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Trump-Russian "Collusion" Report is Credible -- Tim Fitzpatrick"

Chris W said (November 17, 2018):

If there really is no difference between the globalists and Trump then we might as well give up now. And I mean, seriously, we might as well just kill ourselves. What is the point of living if there is no hope? There is certainly none under the scenario you are constantly portraying on your website. The whole world is a complete fucking waste of time and effort.


There is a difference. We must support Trump but we cannot ignore the fact that he is also a Freemason and that all the so-called "nationalists" are tied to Israel.


Mary H said (November 17, 2018):

I totally disagree with you on this one. Trump is the only one with enough guts to try to clean up this shitty situation here in the US. And he doesn’t need more people turning against him because people come up with augmented faulty opinions! What if you guys manage to get Trump out of the picture? What chance do we stand? No one has the balls that Trump has!!!!!! I don’t care if Trump had slept with 1 million prostitutes. It does not interfere with what he is accomplishing!

Anonymous said (November 17, 2018):

In response to all the Trumper Stumpers and those creaming their jeans over Putin; I share this bit of political humor with your readers. I know I have posted this before in the past, but I would like for you to re-post this it again if you don't mind. Here it goes:

Politicians, regardless of their political stripe are like the carnies of old (carnival hustlers). They roll into town, pitch their tents, fleece the local yokels (suckers) with their games of chance, dog and pony shows; then pull up stakes and roll on to the next town.

Simply put; both left and right, democrat and republican all work toward the same goal; the destruction of our nation. The democrat, republican, left, right is a paradigm which is one of the ways that keeps us a divided nation.

Of course, people will believe what they will regardless of the facts and undeniable evidence that is put before them. Were they to accept the facts and evidence, that would burst their little worlds they have created for themselves.

RL said (November 17, 2018):

Bravo Gods grace someone else sees Truth both of these men are the same, they wear the same masks deception is the game maybe heaven is fulfilling scripture that says all will be uncovered before I strike, wake up sheeple there is no knight in shining armour except one Gods mother Mary ,wake up you norvus order Catholics ,your not catholic your conciliar, the Vatican and the world is run by the prince of this world Lucifer

JG said (November 17, 2018):

Nice try here. It's not Putin who wants to control President Trump, it's the NGO Foreign Oligarchs that want the control over Russia they once had under Yeltsin back.
Putin continues to thwart their efforts and for this reason, they want President Trump to oppose Putin and a "free" Russia with Democratic rule.
The Foreign Oligarchs want Russia back to Communism once more so they can continue looting their wealth making them irrelevant like the rest of these NWO slave states.

Below -Assange & Snowden are CIA "Rat Traps" (scroll down)

From Crotch Awareness to Christ Consciousness

November 16, 2018

neo.jpgLike Neo in the 'Matrix', the more he awakened, the more he wanted to awaken. The Matrix is the material world. 

In terms of our spiritual evolution, humanity is at the level of a toddler
playing with a hand grenade. We are taught to deny the very existence of
the thing we all actually seek, God.  
Everything else --money, sex, fame, power --are cheap facsimiles. 
We are satanically oppressed. When do we ever hear good news? 

The Vedanta (Yoga) View of Life

"The senses suck the soul into this temporal world and shackle it there. The dark forces in this world require us
 to indulge our senses to the max. Indulgence inevitably keeps us dumbed-down and oblivious to life's true goal."

from Nov 26, 2013
by Narayan Das

Sex. The subject is a vital one. 

Depending on how we deal with it, we align ourselves with saints or we cavort with demons - literally.

Absorption in sexual matters diverts the soul from its goal in this world,  i.e. to experience itself as part of God.

Detaching from sexual concerns enables the soul to realize the folly of pursuing mundane sense gratification.


According to the Vedic version of things, the human soul is imbued with the quest for Divine awareness. ...

Like Neo in the 'Matrix'; the more he awakened, the more he wanted to awaken.

This awakening to the divine order to the bigger picture is voluntary but ultimately inevitable. The extent of one's free will is simply a question of postponement. I can put effort into the process now, or tomorrow, or whenever; but I live daily in the school of hard knocks until I commit to God/ self-realization.


The origins of celibacy, as with the concept of sin, were never the domain of sexually frustrated clergy, finger-waving from the pulpits. No, they hail from Godly advice given out of sheer kindness to us, the wayward souls of this world.  Sex-oriented clergy is a more recent phenomenon in this demoniac influenced age of Kali.

The wayward mind allows the senses to seek sense objects within this temporal world, and, by dint of that sense indulgence, shackle us there. Shackle the soul to the bodily concept of life (the profound bane of our involvement here), shackle us to the school of hard knocks, and shackle us to repeating the same mistakes over and over in the said school. Conversely, abstinence from rampant sense activity, combined with effective spiritual guidance, will transition the soul from crotch consciousness to Christ consciousness. One's vista then transcends that of the beasts.

BodyCard_2x2.jpgThere are some significant dots to be connected here. Indulging in any sex for the sake of trying to wring out some pleasure in this mundane zone causes oneself and partner to remain in the deluded bodily concept of life. It is a profound violence, at the soul level, to all involved.

The dark forces in this world program us to indulge our senses to the max. They know that rampant indulgence will inevitably keep us dumbed-down and oblivious to life's goals. Being unaware and dumbed down facilitates herding of the victims into the obedient, fearful mindset. The ill-intended control freaks desire the populace to perceive all manner of undesirable shortcomings to be the result of sense restraint.

As we know, the opposite of their propaganda is much closer to the truth. That being said, rare is the person who sees the all-pervasive hand of the regressive ones in matters sexual.


According to the wisdom of the ancients, all sexual activity binds us to the illusion. The exception is, of course, for procreation only.

Such a lofty level of mind control is almost non-existent today. I know, howls of protest from the New Age construct. Please be aware, that this New Age movement has provided a classic 'poisoning of the well' scenario by the dark agents for us, the vulgar.

JoyToEarthCard_2x2.jpgYou know - if it feels good, do it! Or 'free love' is the go, where 'love' means fucking. White becomes black, and vice versa. Truths are to be found within the New Age framework, but it's laced with poison - at the user's discretion - whatever discretion is intact after all the 'free love'!

Another interesting point is the most valuable effects of semen retention. I presented a little something on the subject a few years ago to an forum, and got run out of town by a couple of the more vacuous of the keyboard cowboys online at the time - their comfort zones having been breached - big time!

Thanks for hammering the sex thing Henry, for indeed it's a pivotal piece in the jigsaw puzzle of our lot in this world. Practising some intelligent discrimination in this regard ramps up a certain objective awareness of the bigger picture, and conversely, going with the PC flow of not discriminating on sexual matters encourages the reverse effect where seeing a world beyond the genitals is unthinkable!

The assault is from within (the loose mind) and from without (the dark globalists). To undo the negative exploitation which has targeted the crotch is no mean feat!




Can God Turn this Game Around?
Sex Obsession as Occult Possession
Cabala-How Sex Became Our Religion
Illuminati Use Porn to Shackle Us
Freud's Part in Our Satanic Possession

First Comment from Dan Butler:

What we need most in the Western countries is the recovery of chastity as a serious social value.  How can people who never learned chastity during pubescence leap straight up to celibacy? 

The Upanishads divide a human life cycle into 4 stages of ages.  "Brahmacharya" starts at puberty through 20 years old.  That the stage the young nobles mastered their sex urges, called 'animal nature'.

This is chastity.   A "brahmacharya" has to master chastity before a guru would accept him for higher instruction. The texts acknowledged that mastering chastity is the most overwhelming challenge boys, but absolutely required for nobility and leadership. And it wasn't just abstaining from intercourse.  Not only no masturbation, but the self-control extends to becoming free of erotic thoughts. 

I read somewhere in Hindu literature that girls are naturally chaste unless a man corrupts them.  Today that's "achieved" by broadcasting a steady stream of pornographic imagery into homes, stores, and schools.

We live in a sickened society.  The Hindu calendar says we're living through the Kali Yuga (age). It's the age of degeneration before the return of Lord Vishnu, incarnated as a man who will be called Sri Kalki.  A discourse in the Mahabharata gives a list of signs of the Kali Yuga.  Pertaining to sex:

"Lust will be viewed as socially acceptable and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life."

If the West is going to pull out of its nose-dive millions of people are going to have to radically change the course of their own lives. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " From Crotch Awareness to Christ Consciousness "

JJ said (November 16, 2018):

What people don't understand was that the Matrix movie was a trick. We are supposed to work and take care of ourselves - as dull and boring as that is (the hardest thing in life to do though). In the movie Neo decides to opt out of the real world and enter a world of sensuality and lust and parties and emotionalism. The Matrix was a very deceptive movie.

James C said (November 16, 2018):

Beware of turning to eastern religions because the bible teaches that celibacy and vegetarianism are both demonic doctrines. It also teaches that celibacy can lead to homosexuality and inordinate lust:

"And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved" (Rom. 1:27 NLT).

"Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. 2 These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead. 3 They will say it is wrong to be married and wrong to eat certain foods. But God created those foods to be eaten with thanks by faithful people who know the truth. 4 Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks. 5 For we know it is made acceptable by the word of God and prayer" (1 Tim. 4:1 NLT).

"Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come together again so that Satan won't be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control" (1 Cor. 7:5 NLT).

Art said (November 16, 2018):

Good stuff Henry. You do good to bring peoples' attention to these issues.

The kundalini yoga practices your writer has outlined, are meant for the Bronze Age aka Copper Age. Life expectancy was 1,000 years. & adepts demanded great sacrifices & discipline from acolytes.

Now we're in Kali Yuga aka the Iron Age, with a life expectancy of 100 years

It is recommended that we be householders, with marriage strongly preferred.

Satan is a wily bastard & has created many snares & entrapments to keep us within the realms of the mind & senses.

Kundalini yoga is for the Bronze Age. The Iron Age requires the practice of Devotion to the Audible Life Stream. The creative streams of Sound & Light, emanating from God Himself.

Joe A said (November 27, 2013):

In reading The Bible on my own and developing my own relationship with GOD I feel empowered. When I meet people who identify themselves as Christian, I don't get a sense of empowerment from them. I see people accepting suffering as natural and believing they will get their reward in heaven. I get almost nauseous thinking about this because I truly believe this is the opposite of what GOD wants for us.


I totally agree. I believe that's what GOD wants for us and when I bring up stuff like that to Christians, they think I'm talking new age, satanic stuff.

The man said "May you live in interesting times."

Victoria said (November 27, 2013):

It sounds like Ingmor [below] should open his mind and realize that 'religion' is the major part of what has driven human beings since time, immemorial because it is in this way that one begins to understand so much of what happens in the so-called, secular, world.

His attitude smacks of someone who has just rejected a well-entrenched religious belief system and who has as a consequence, thrown out the proverbial 'baby with the bath water'.

Undoubtedly, religion has been used by our controllers as a means of dividing (not to mention, conquering) the human race but it can't be denied that most human beings desire (especially when facing death) some sort of spiritual understanding of life. It is this desire that has allowed us to be cynically manipulated by purveyors of all religions, bar none.

I highly recommend that he check out this speaker: His name is Bill Donahue and the title of this talk is 'The Biblical Temple is The Brain', one of many of his talks available on youtube. I've just discovered him myself and have found his lectures to be enlightening to say the least.

It's the first time I've heard the Bible explained in a way that makes complete sense and it has nothing to do with religion - any of them, about which he is equally disparaging. Although at first he comes across as a little bit 'nerdy' (he looks like he should have a slide rule in his shirt pocket), it doesn't take long for his passion, his intelligence, his wisdom, his sense of humor and his self-deprecation to win you over. He's amazing!

Philip said (November 27, 2013):

The open mind will gain speck or nuggets of gold from every source. Accept what is truth to you and reject that what to you is anathema! Religion has nothing to do with it.

Ingmor said (November 27, 2013):

I really like your site but articles like this keep me from recommending you to people. Please try to refrain from posting up religious material on your website such as this new age "Christ consciousness" article.

Please stick the facts and keep the religion out of it. Especially new age garbage such as this repackaged tantra/kundalini.

There's obviously some truth in the article but all of this tantra/kundalini stuff is really spoiling all of the good stuff.



Suggest you do not visit my site.


Adrian said (November 27, 2013):

The science of the transformation from From Crotch awareness to Christ Consciousness is called Kundalini.

The science of consciousness was developed by the "Copernicus of consciousness", Gopi Krishna in the 1970's. His writings were championed by luminaries such as Claus Nobel of the Nobel Foundation and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker professor of Life Sciences at the prestigious Max Planck science institute in Germany.

Krishna stated :

1.Sexual energy is a form of prana, universal energy responsible for evolution.

2. Prana can be be directed downwards to the crotch for physical evolution through sex and procreation. It can also be directed
upwards to the brain for evolution of human consciousness.

3.As a rule of thumb, the average guy interested in God intended development should have sex only about once per month.

Higher consciousness is the pinnacle of human experience. It is telling that homosexuals shun sexual control with a vengeance and scream in
internet blogs that sex is mainly for entertainment.

Krishna wrote about 20 books, but his first is the reference: "The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius by Gopi Krishna; Carl Freiherr
Von Weizsacker, Intro; Ruth Nanda Anshen, Ed Krishna (1972)"

From Marcos- The Cuban "Doctor" Scam

November 16, 2018

From Marcos- The Cuban "Doctor" Scam 

Fake doctors from Cuba working in Brazil, invited by Lula to spread communist ideology,  had to give 75% of their salaries to the Cuban government. Their families stayed on the island as hostages. Cuba made billions of dollars from Brazil. Most can't prescribe aspirin. Don't know the medicines, the exams, nothing. Many medical errors.
Bolsonaro demanded they got the full salary and possibility of bringing family. Cuba refused, so they will leave next month, except those who accept asylum offer and have no families to pay the cost of retribution that will come.

Cuba wants to create a problem for Bolsonaro, so they gave the doctors only 10 days to return.
There are 8,000 of them here. 2,000 are in relationships with Brazilians and are not expected to go back. I would say more.
Brazil graduates 28,000 new doctors every year, but the Workers Party made sure to not give them any support, in order to fabricate an artificial crisis. Meanwhile, people in Cuba are dying like flies for lack of medical assistance and diseases like dengue fever.
Castro made almost 2 Billion dollars from the program since 2013. For a fraction of this money, Brazilian doctors can be hired to go anywhere. 
Cuba is using the situation also as an excuse to not pay $700 MM in debt for the construction of Muriel Harbour it owes Brazil. 
Lula was nothing but a traitor of Brazil.

Aangirfan has Been Suppressed by Brabantian

November 11, 2018

Aangirfan has Been Suppressed  

by Brabantian

Just to share with you, that the long-running blog of the noble UK lady truther Aangirfan, seems to have been totally censored and shut down today - it had been hosted by the CIA's Google monster
Aangirfan - a self-described 'convent girl' in her youth, based in Britain, who also spent time living in Indonesia, often linked to, and discussed, Henry Makow articles on her site
Aangirfan has been perhaps the most courageous truthing female on the internet, blogging for 14 years since 2004
Very spiritual and uplifting and religious-inspirational at times, she also covered with immense courage, the abuse and violation of children in Britain and around the world; the actions of Zionist and other mafias; and the corruption of elites in general ... Aangirfan was a great complement to Henry Makow in the variety of significant material that she covered
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ADHD as a Scientific Barbarism

October 22, 2018

ADHD as a Scientific Barbarism  

ADHD has spawned a scientific barbarism. Children are seized by Children's Aid from families who don't want their child drugged. Children suffering from drug side effects are locked up for 28 days in psychiatric centers for children - a concentration camp for kids and often those kids are denied their rightful advocates.
Schools get up to $28,000 in grants for an ADHD child. The child may get extra time to complete tests. Parents get tax write-offs for an ADHD child. The list goes on to entrap families.

Knowledge of this scientific barbarism could put an end to the drugging of children.

by KJ

     "Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 - Use by Normal Humans" is the 1971 book that documents the development of the pseudo-scientific condition, ADHD.

     It references the earlier 1965 book, "Ictal and Subictal Neurosis, Diagnosis and Treatment" by A. D. Jonas, M.D. as the foundation for the administration of amphetamines to active children.

     ICTAL refers to an event such as a seizure, stroke or a headache. Dr. Jonas wanted to create an identification for hyperactivity as an "abortive form of epilepsy".

     Dr. Jonas, funded by a grant from the drug company, Parke, Davis and Company which eventually became Pfizer, used the experience of pediatrician, Charles Bradley, to develop the use of amphetamines in children.

     In the 1930s, pre WWII, Bradley became director of his parents' Connecticut estate which they transformed into the first children's psychiatric hospital in the United States. Bradley performed pneumoencephalography on these children - an X-ray of the brain that requires the removal by lumbar puncture of the cerebrospinal fluid and its replacement with air or oxygen. This test was immortalized in the movie, "The Exorcist" - a real test done by a real Standford technician.

     The side effect of this test is excruciating headaches for weeks. To treat these headaches, Dr. Bradley gave the children Benzedrine, or "Bennies", which soon became known as "Arithmetic Pills" as they improved concentration. Benzedrine was the first drug containing amphetamine.

     After WWII, Dr. Jonas seized upon this experience with the grant from Parke, Davis and Company and for 12 years developed the tradition of treating behaviour with amphetamines.

     The treatment of children in the book, "Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 - Use by Normal Humans", is covered in Chapter 8 - "The Use of Psychotropic Drugs with Criminals" written by the psychiatric researcher, Oscar Resnick.

      Child and adolescent psychiatrists, Leon Eisenberg and Keith Connors, are quoted in this chapter recommending dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) and methylphenidate (Ritalin). Here is a revealing statement: ": "...the amphetamines have been shown to possess anticonvulsant properties". (page 115)

     Leon Eisenberg developed the tradition of drugging active children during his 40 years at work and Connors is famous for inventing the tests used today by psychologists.