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Psychiatry in Denial Over Demons

November 21, 2017


Demons Play a Major Role in Schizophrenia and Mental Illness. 

Schizophrenia is in the top 10 health problems of the world

and makes billions of dollars annually for drug companies. Currently, there is no cure except for suppressing the voices. Psychiatry refuses to recognize that demons

are the underlying factor in schizophrenia. They can be thwarted

without using drugs.

Even if you're not schizophrenic, those nasty thoughts we have on occasion could be demons. 

By "Mendel"


If any psychologist or psychiatrist were to mention the word demons, parasitic entities or evil spirits, they'd be out of a job and perhaps even a patient at the very institution they may have worked for.

Many years ago I started noticing that the audio hallucinations of schizophrenics were not random. The messages are always derogatory, discouraging, fearful or outright evil. A psychiatrist could lose his job for asking patients what the voices are saying, it's wrongfully believed that the patient will get worse if he describes what he hears or sees.

Anti-psychotic drugs can help to calm the voices, but long-term effects can literally turn people into brain-damaged zombies. Abilify (an anti-psychotic used for schizophrenia and other conditions) is the top-selling drug in the US with an estimated sales of over $7 billion a year. It is indicative of what a bad shape the general American population is currently in. It's big money and big profits. The top 7 antipsychotics each has sales well over a billion dollars annually.

From my own observations, big pharma absolutely does not want a cure and they will put you out of business or worse if you find a cure. There are some high up within big pharma that know about demons as they themselves are Satanists. Patients and professionals are misled into believing the voices are hallucinations. 


The patients are not mentally ill, they hear real voices that are not their own. These voices are out to create maximum negativity and chaos. The demons require this negative energy to survive. The voices can grow so loud that the patient is confused and can't hear others. The voices will tell the patient to do crazy or dangerous things. 

When we see a "crazy" person walking down the street talking to themselves, they are actually speaking with real entities and if you ever listened, the conversations are not pleasant. The demons will get their victims to believe they are worthless, hated, stupid and unwanted. Invariably after an attack, the victims will be left exhausted, drained and depressed. This is the point -- the demons drain the victim's energy. They are actually farming people; they allow them to recover and then harvest again. They require this negative energy to survive. There is a cure. 

WARNING: If you suffer from this, the voices will do all to distract you from reading further. 

First, they will tell you this article is fake or crazy. They will mock your attempts to follow through. 

Second, they will turn up the volume and become more hostile to stop your ability to think. 

Third, they will apply pressure get you to click out and away. They always seem to work in this same order when they perceive a threat to their sustenance. They will do all they can to stop your healing. They will threaten you and can even punish and cause physical pain. 


It's a Lie Program was developed by Sherry Swiney. She suffered from schizophrenia for many years and eventually was able to work her way out of it. The patient must understand and accept that the voices are not his own. Every time the patient hears the voices starting, he is to tell the voices "it's a lie". 

That simple, but it must be persistent.  Demons can actually tell us our weaknesses and if we know how to use energy healing techniques we can clear ourselves of these weaknesses. They really hate it once we figure this out. Demons can only attack us through our weaknesses. 

In addition, we all have Angels looking over us, but they are constrained to not help, unless we ask for their help. They can chase the entities away and help to heal your wounds and keep them away. Avoid negative thoughts, do not watch the news, horror or war movies. Stay away from porn, heavy metal and rap music. Illicit drugs (especially meth) and alcohol are a major gateway for demons to gain entry into our minds. The healing process may take months or longer, but then you cured the incurable.


Memorize the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm. Demons hate songs like Amazing Grace and they will do all they can to keep you away from positive influences such as church, inspiring movies or professional help. Cures can quickly come to pass with the guidance of a professional specializing in this subject. Energy therapies can be powerful tools if used properly.

 Demons also serve in major roles regarding panic attacks, OCD and they will take people already weakened with PTSD and amplify the problem and milk it for all the misery they can. When nightmares happen, you can be assured there is a demon nearby. They play a major role in the various personality disorder clusters. 

Those that unfortunately have been raised or in a relationship with a narcissist, a borderline or even a sociopath all note the uncanny ability of these people to be a step ahead in the torment game. Some even call them "demons incarnate" as they have an unfair advantage because they are heavily influenced by demons, demons that know our weaknesses to a molecule. 

Dr. Jerry Marzinsky worked for 35 years as a psychiatrist in mental hospitals and prisons in the US. He states that these thoughts happen to all of us sooner or later: "Think about the last time you were strolling along minding your own business and all of a sudden a horrible, disgusting, revolting thought blasted into your mind to do or say something that you would never do or say and were even shocked that you could even have such a thought. This has happened to all of us at one time or another. The first thing we wonder is, "Where did that come from?" It came from an outside source that doesn't belong to us and is not a part of you." 

Could you imagine if these thoughts and images were being blasted at you day and night? Most of these disorders can be cured and with the new energy therapies and it can happen pretty quick.

However, sociopaths and narcissists are a different problem because they will never acknowledge they have a problem nor will they ever introspect and look into themselves.


Further info: Keyhole Journey 

YouTube - Voices aren't Hallucinations 

First Comment from DG-

Based on the above article, as a healer, clairvoyant and someone who has been properly doing spirit releasement and deposession work for 10 years I have some very interesting insights into this article.

Some of the article is factual, yes, many people who hear voices are being negatively influenced, however to call everything doing the influencing 'a demon' is simply not the truth. I've had my fair share of run ins with demons, discarnate spirits (disembodied entities), negative ET's and frankly much worse stuff out there that most people have no idea or conceptualization of. All of them are 'different' and not so easily classifiable or can be dealt with from a 'Christian' framework as not everything is from an outside influence. Some of what people as negative chatter are 'shadow characters' or sub personalities that have developed over someone's lifetime do to unhealed childhood wounds that have stunted the psychological and emotional well being of the person. These are the 'unloved and rejected' aspects of ourself that we beat up and deny.

The spirit releasement work I've done for years has been by and far, tremendously effective. As in people were having their whole lives fucked with, i.e. hearing voices, being under psychic attack, feeling a dark presence around them, nightmares, and a continuous stream of bad luck, after the spirit releasement, complete abatement. No more voices, life rapidly returns to normal, etc. In some cases, this work was done and accomplished through prayer but for the most part it was done by going out of body to a higher dimensional aspect of myself wherein I can 'look down from above' on what is really taking place and using higher dimensional tools and techniques, remove the afflicting entity and send it on to its next experience wherever that may be.

To the comments section, invoking the healing power of God is waaaaaaaay more effective than invoking Christ. Christ was a prophet, God is God. The idea that one can only be saved through Christ is a corruption in the bible that steals away a direct relationship with God and keeps one tied into religious dogma. Miracles are the domain of all spiritually awake and aware people that actively work on themselves and are open to them. This is not to take away from the remarkable being that Christ developed into, more so to point out that Christ's message was that he was no different than anyone else, in other words he didn't put himself on a pedestal, religion made him an idol for control purposes.

In my healing work, I've worked on several hundred people and witnessed more miracles than I can count, some one-on-one and others in group healing sessions. In each case, I invoked God's name for healing and asked the persons soul for permission. Some of these times, I was given instructions in my mind on what to do myself on the person energetically, in other instances light beings showed up of various types and I just acted as a passive channel and on occasion, God will show up however this is the exception as opposed to the norm.

I had a conversation with God about this as to why this is and the response was beautiful, the question was, 'Beloved, how come when I ask for healing to come through from you, it's often times light beings that show up to do the work?' The response I got back: 'I would not want to take away the learning experience for other souls that can be had from them coming down to do the healing work that is required and thus continue their own personal growth and evolution even though they are not on Earth or having a human experience.'

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Psychiatry in Denial Over Demons "

Luis J said (November 21, 2017):

That is so true. I can tell you that voices its not the only way demons play with us. I always believed in God and knew demons were real but I never lose to much time with it.

When growing up I had a lot of strange things happening to me. I remember pretty vividly hearing voices screaming in my head. I could not sleep because of it. My mother took someone to our house, to bless it and it stopped.

I remember one time waking up in the middle of the night and something was trying to kill me. At least its what i make of it. I was being gagged by my beds sheets. As I stood up, it stopped.

Another time I was getting ready to go to sleep and something slapped me in my right shoulder. It freaked me out but I was kind of used to it and I tried not to give it to much attention.

Fast forward a few years. New house, new experiences. Demons started to mess with my dreams. They tried to seduced me and when I woke up from it I could not move. I knew something was right there with me because I could feel his presence getting closer and closer. Only thing I could do was moving my eyes and use my thoughts. I never saw it but I feel it around my bed and above my body. I never read the entire bible but I knew that we could defeat them. I tried several times using the name of Jesus but nothing happened. Only calling out to God or saying the Lord's prayer would work. It worked every single time! The dream would stop, the sleep paralysis would stop and they would go away. Since then, those things stopped, I try to read my bible, hear gospel songs (they lift your spirit) and stay away from horror movies (I loved them back in the day).

The real important thing to do is to keep God in our mind, in our prayers and in our heart. He will protect us and He will guide us. Do not be afraid, God is right there with you, you just need to call for His help.

Angela said (November 21, 2017):

An excellent, practical and enlightening book is "An Exorcist tells his Story" by Gabriele Amorth, who was the chief exorcist in Rome for decades.

ML said (November 21, 2017):

I never learned anything about schizophrenia until I read Dr. Henry Wright's Book A More Excellent Way. My sister was diagnosed with it and lived many years under enforced drug treatment, which she despised. She was never healed by any of the current establishment's methods; the drugs only masked her condition and caused her an early death of kidney failure, as so many of the drugs she was forced to take, along with shock treatments, were harmful and toxic.

She had her master's degree but lived a very lonely, isolated life, and perhaps knew a lot of emotional deprivation as a child, with a severely depressed mother. We were never taught about Christ in our home, as my father had lost his faith through modernism is the elite establishment schools of the East.

When there is no God, no Christ, there is very little protection from the satanic. My grandparents were all involved in Freemasonry to one degree or another and our home was full of occult oppression as a result of that.

I do not know all the demons that afflicted my sister but she was the poster child for unforgiveness, self-pity, hatred and resentment. The Word of God tells us that if we do not forgive others from our hearts, we will be delivered to the tormentors. What would the tormentors be but demons?

Wright teaches that schizophrenia is composed of the spirits of Rejection, Fear and Rebellion. He also has a teaching about the frequencies that spirits can use to implant a thought or word into our spirits. There is also a scripture passage 1 John 4:1-6 which tells us how to discern the spirits, or voices, we might hear coming at us. If the accosting spirit does not acknowledge that Jesus is come in the flesh, then it is not from God, and needs to be refused, repudiated and rejected.

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they be of God Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: EVERY SPIRIT THAT CONFESSETH THAT JESUS CHRIST IS COME IN THE FLESH IS OF GOD.

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is NOT of God: and this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now is already in the world. Ye are of God, Little Children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. .....hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.".

Tim M said (November 21, 2017):

Hi Henry, Thank you for posting the article about demons and psychiatry.

It is ALL TRUE! However, Mendel does not mention Jesus. The most powerful name in the universe. But even so, it says in the Bible, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you". And it sure works.

"Unto us a child is born ... and his name shall be called the Everlasting Father!" "All power is given unto me in heaven and earth"

The Demons tremble at the reverent and sincere mention of his name. The Demons know who he is, and how powerful Jesus is, but most humans do not.

Jesus has promised us, behold I give you the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and power over all the power of the enemy. So, let's use that power.

In the past I have been plagued by lustful thoughts and pushed into self abuse by demons, over and over again. I even could sometimes sense their frustration when I was resisting them, they got annoyed and pushed the thoughts onto me more and more. But then I learned to rebuked them OUT LOUD, in the name of Jesus, I told them to leave me, and immediately there was silence, and relief from their foul thoughts. Eventually they have left me alone more and more.

So yes, the above article is very true, resist the devil and he sure will flee from you, but to get even faster immediate results, rebuke them sincerely and with faith, in the all-powerful name of Jesus, and they will flee. Just say out load, "In the name of Jesus, I command you demons of lust, (or demons of addiction, or whatever they may be,) to leave me alone!" You will get immediate relief, but the next day or so, they will come back, and just do it again and again, and eventually, they will leave you alone for good. It is a spiritual warfare that we are in, and it's a battle for our souls, but we have the almighty creator on our side! Praise Jesus.

Tony B said (November 21, 2017):

One cannot logically believe in actual demons without believing in all the supernatural as created by God. Seems to me that many shrinks who are holding "confession," which concept they have stolen from Catholic priests, are really twisted themselves. Too, instead of asking their patents to do penance and ask God for forgiveness, they just tell them that they are okay as they are, which is no help whatsoever.

All that said, anyone interested in getting rid of real existing demons is missing the boat unless he confers with Catholic priests who exorcise them. It is no game and it is not fun.

Moreover, if not already possessed, the language which sends demons away immediately is: "Leave in the name of Jesus Christ."

CR said (November 21, 2017):

I don't know whether all cases of schizophrenia or other mental illnesses are actually due to demonic influence, but at the very least there are some cases of demonic influence/possession that would be mistaken for a mental illness by those who don't believe in such things.

The most obvious example of this that I have witnessed was about 10 years ago when I lived in downtown Ottawa, there were many mentally ill people, many homeless, that I would see on the street but one particular incident really stood out.

There was a Lebanese restaurant I used to eat from regularly that had a counter and a few chair in the front window facing the street. One time when I entered there was a black man wearing a blue hat with "Haiti" in red (almost sounds made up, doesn't it?) sitting at the counter, holding a shawarma in one hand while engaged in a heated argument, despite the fact that there were no other customers in the place and the owner and one employee were standing by the entrance to the kitchen about 30 feet away.

I looked at him and laughed, assuming he was just another madman or under the influence of drugs. The owner, who I knew fairly well, told me to come over to him. He said, "stay away from him, he has a spirit". I didn't know what to make of it, but a moment later the man was gasping for air and it appeared that he as being choked from behind by some invisible entity, he nearly fell out of his chair.

He struggled and stood up, yelling something in Creole and eventually wrestled his way out of the restaurant. At that time I was skeptical of the idea of demons and spirits, but this incident kind of freaked me out. There is no way that this man was imagining something attacking him. There was some invisible force that was physically attacking him; he couldn't have faked that if he tried.

Dan said (November 21, 2017):

I don't really believe demons have a direct role in mental illness such as schizophrenia. Due to my lifestyle now, I know plenty of people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. But their diagnosis is cloudy, as their symptoms vary depending on the person I'm speaking with at the time. I do not find such people have raging voices in their heads- I don't believe it's like that. It's more episodic perhaps, and often mild, such symptoms of schizophrenics.

I took an atypical antipsychotic called Seroquel not long ago. I took the drug to help me sleep, but it is prescribed to schizophrenics. Such antipsychotic drugs sedate you, which is why mental health patients appear as zombies at times.

Presently I have major depression, PTSD, panic attacks, and high anxiety. And presently I take no drugs for these conditions. I manage these things on my own through such activities as exercise and writing. That is much better than taking drugs.

G said (November 21, 2017):

Thanks for today's article, Henry. Some very powerful points and supportive help. Just wanted to add that I've also read that the voices can be coming from implants. Some nefarious force tampering with our minds. Speculation has named government and even aliens. Can't prove any of this but put nothing past the evil in this world and the power it yields. Implants, like chips could be a device of control or eugenics.

Crazy that we even have to think of such dark things, but with the stats stated in this article regarding the number of prescriptions for schizophrenia, this is certainly something that needs more looking into. Feels like a silent epidemic.

There may be times when we feel dark or threatening energy around us. As the article suggests, "That's a lie" is a powerful affirmation. Another I learned about is to command: "Stand in the Light of Christ." Seems demons cannot tolerate such a clean and high vibration and this causes them to flee. There's some hope there, but darn, Henry, there is so much we don't yet know.

Below- Jewish Conspiracy Responsible for Anti-Semitism, says Young Israeli (scroll down)

Foul Play in Death of Michael Collins Piper?

November 20, 2017

Michael Collins Piper 1960- May 30, 2015

Tony Blizzard was Michael Collins Piper's friend 
and colleague on The Spotlight and American Free Press.
 Piper is responsible for exposing "the enemy within" 
and I wondered if they took their revenge.  

See informative riposte from Mark Glenn below! 

By Tony Blizzard

I gave it much thought BEFORE he died. His death confirmed my suspicions although I have not one single fact to back them up.  

I think because of his talks with Muslim nations, and Muslim friends he made, he became hooked up somewhat with Mark Glenn.  Glenn had sent me a really nasty email over something - I never figured out what - demanding that I take him off my mailing list.  Figured it probably had to do with his love match of Christians and Muslims.  I have no problem writing that the Koran promotes the killing of all "infidels" and that Christians are considered infidels by them.

Later, I was perplexed at Mike's acceptance - and insane argument for - Sandy Hook and Boston essentially as presented by the media until I saw that Glenn was of the same identical mindset.  This made me believe that Glenn had developed some sort of influence over Mike's thinking.  In fact, I learned of the similarity because Mike mentioned it, using Glenn as a backup to his take on the events.

Then, when Mike chose the option to go live in Glenn's "guest house" that thought was confirmed in my mind.  I invited Mike to come live with me but told him it would not be all that easy for him with his walking problems.  

His emails to me became depressed, even when traveling across the country with Glenn, left.  After he was established in the house, they were even more depressed, as though he was being pretty much isolated from the world.  In fact, he wrote as much.  Before the place burnt down he emailed me that the railing of the porch to that house had been sabotaged, broke when he pressed against it, and he almost fell a distance to the ground.  He was definite about it being done on purpose.  Shortly later, he was extremely unhappy about being dumped into a motel room with no one he knew around him after the fire, the circumstances of which I never heard.

Either the day before he died or the day before that, can't remember, he sent me the first upbeat email I had from him since leaving DC.  He relayed that he was about to start writing in earnest exposing ???????  He didn't tell me what but it was obviously big.  Wish I still had that email but I had a computer crash since and lost all the emails.

I believe there was likely a plot to get him isolated where no one knew anything about him.  For one thing, like most such murders, the police authorities didn't wait for any sort of autopsy to declare it a "natural" death.  In fact, I've never been able to discover what that "natural death" was supposed to have been.  There was some talk about a heart attack but nothing official that I ever heard or read.

Mark Glenn wrote Henry Makow in July 2015

Mike was sick. Exactly a year ago, he underwent quintuple by-pass surgery to relieve 98% blockage in his arteries. After surgery, his heart operated at only around 25% of its capacity. In the 5 months he stayed with us, he had no less than half a dozen different heart 'incidents' that were more thank likely heart attacks of some sort. I personally took him to the emergency room several times because of it. He was in excruciating pain 24 hours a day from the neuropathy in his legs and feet, pain so severe at times that he found himself breathless and dizzy.

Adding to Mike's physical misery was watching as slowly, bit by bit, people in this 'movement' surrendered their ability to think rationally in favor of indulging in self-gratifying sensationalism. Gordon Duff has been a significant contributor to this unfortunate development and his latest madness stating that Mike was 'murdered' is just more of the same. Please do not do injury to Mike's memory by throwing gasoline on Duff's latest act of arson.

Blizzard final comment-

Absolutely Mike was sick.  But I think there is some exaggeration there.  I had at first thought that his strange take on Sandy Hook was due to his thinking becoming confused.  But his manner and use of crudity in defense of his stand there was just not like Mike at all.  At times I wondered if he wasn't taking some pain drug which was rendering him delusional at times, which could explain his behavior to a point.  I also wondered a bit if there could be some drug-related paranoia in some emails but that last was just like the old Mike.  All in all, for me the weight is as I wrote before. 
First Comment from Mark Glenn:

Henry, I have defended you for years against those who claimed (and continue to claim) that you are a disinfo agent, including (as coincidental as it may sound in this context) Mike Piper himself, who was convinced you were placed conspicuously in our midst by 'them' for reasons of distraction and diversion. I still maintain this to be the case, that you are not some deliberate disinfo agent but rather have difficulty in discerning between fact and fiction when it comes to certain 'hot button' issues that are discussed within the 'movement'.

This does not change the fact however that just because you don't deliberately do damage that somehow you are detached and disassociated from causing problems, this latest business on your website dealing with Mike's passing and the mad rantings of Tony Blizzard being a prime example.

For the record, here is a 'bird's eye view' of the items listed in Tony Blizzard's blizzard of nonsense--

Mike's position on Sandy Hook, Boston, etc, were Mike's. Anyone who knew Mike knew that he had an indomitable intellect and could not be convinced of anything which he himself did not believe to be true. As he liked to describe himself, he was a 'stickler for details' and had NO patience whatsoever for sloppy theorizing and speculation.

Blizzard and others who are bothered by this and seek some 'conspiracy' in understanding and explaining Mike's take on SH, Boston, etc, do nothing more than make fools of themselves in doing so, because, after all, what they are expecting us all to believe is that Mike--clearly the brightest mind this 'movement' ever produced who singularly decoded and uncovered the whosits and whatsits of the JFK assassination (and other events) was somehow unable to 'see' what people such as Blizzard & co have convinced themselves was the case.

By the way, as a friend, Mike thought very highly of Tony Blizzard but thought his views on Sandy Hook et al were insane and was more than a little bothered that someone whose intellect he had always respected could have gotten so completely detached from reality as to become a full fledged 'hoaxer'.

Next, how Blizzard would somehow associate Mike's favorable ideas concerning Islam with me (a Christian and not a Muslim, but who has gone to great lengths in explaining to people just how they are being lied to by Jewish interests concerning what Islam teaches) leaves me bewildered, in addition to what Blizzard asserts are the directives in the 'Koran' referring to Christians as 'infidels' who deserve to be killed.

He is delusional and if he can't get this one right--what the Qu'ran actually says--when all it takes is a mere 5 minutes of reading then why anyone would give such an 'investigator' a place of honor on their website to peddle his latest 'theories' concerning Mike's death would lead me to question their sanity as well.

Next, Mike did not 'choose' to come and live with us--he had no other choice other than to die on the streets of DC. He had an estranged relationship with his brother--the only 'family' he had, and the only other person (of which I am aware) who offered Mike a home was Nashid Abdul Khalliq who had rental properties in Texas and offered one to Mike rent-free for life, which Mike did refuse on the basis that he needed help getting around and didn't know anyone in Houston where these rental properties were. And while it is possible Mike was offered to come and live with Blizzard, he made no mention of it to me that I can recall.

Next, my 'guest house', as Blizzard referred to it (and just why he would put that in quotation marks as if it didn't exist I can't even begin to imagine. I guess it must be a 'hoax' as well) did not 'burn down', a little discrepancy that reveals just how detached from the facts Blizzard (and hence his theories and conclusions) are. The roof caught fire, burned along the entire length of the house, (roughly 34 feet and a good 4 feet down the rafters to the collar ties) and did substantial structural damage that necessitated Mike going to a hotel for safety reasons. The 'railing on the porch' as Blizzard put it was not 'sabotaged' and the proof of this is that there WASN'T ANY RAILING. A section of the porch did collapse under Mike's weight as he stepped on it, hurting the shin of his right leg considerably, but 15 minutes later when I asked MIke if he wanted to go to the hospital he said no, that the pain was subsiding, which amazed me, given as much pain as he was constantly in and how much worse it had to have been after he scraped his legs. 

The reason the floor collapsed is that it was a new porch built with old wood right before Mike arrived, had 3 feet of snow sitting on it throughout the months of December, January, February, and March and afterwards was subjected to months of rain which weakened the wood and thus collapsed in one section when Mike stepped on it. I know Mike thought it was sabotaged, but the person to blame for this was me, the guy who used old wood in building it and who did not put a roof over it as I was in a rush to get the living quarters themselves in order for Mike before he arrived.

One part Blizzard did manage to get right was Mike being upbeat before he died. He had gotten himself into a new apartment in the old part of CdA that was considerably more comfortable than our (hoax) 'guest' house and indeed he was getting ready to start writing again. The topic he planned on 'exposing' dealt Willis and Elizabeth Carto and the dealings they had had with others over the years, how they had screwed various people over (just as they had Mike) and what he believed to be criminal activity on their part in hiding money from both the government and the readers/subscribers to AFP and TBR. Before Mike left DC and came out here, he wrote everything down and sent it to me (a 20+ page document) detailing what had been done to him by them and asked that I go public with it when/if he ever died.

I still have the papers but due to the fact that what they represented to me were just the bitter words of a man who had been stabbed in the back by the people to whom he had given 34 years of his life, I saw no point in opening yet another ugly chapter in all of this that would have caused even more heartache for everyone in the aftermath of his passing and thus just put the papers away, to say nothing of the manner that they would have made Mike appear when he was not in the position to defend himself.

Next I suppose that Blizzard will allege that there is something 'fishy' about me not releasing the papers, a charge to which--if indeed it were to come forth--my response would be that he can take a running jump straight into hell, something Mike used to say quite often.

Next--Blizzard's assertion that there is an 'exaggeration' in my description of how bad-off Mike was physically. What absolute, unbridled idiocy on his part. Was Mike's 98% blockage in his arteries a fabrication or exaggeration? How about his quintuple bypass surgery--an exaggeration as well? How about the fact that there were complications during Mike's procedure where he almost died, or the various heart-related episodes he had here during his 6-month stay that required me personally taking him to the emergency room, on several occasions--Exaggerations? Fabrications? On this issue alone, Blizzard's assertion that these are 'exaggerations' indicates that Mike's original concerns that Blizzard had gone insane were/are well-founded.

As far as the meds Mike took 'for pain', I know he took Lyrica for a short while prior to coming out here but he told me it did him no good and he said he didn't like the way it made him feel loopy and disconnected, so Blizzard's theory concerning Mike being 'delusional' because of drugs is a non-starter as well.

Henry, you used to be one of the sharpest knives in the drawer and a gifted intellectual, so for the life of me, I can't even begin to imagine why you would waste good web space on something like this other than it possibly causes your conspiracy funny bone to tingle and therefore you feel the need to 'pass the bottle around' to everyone else, making you in substance no different from the self-admitted lunatic Gordon Duff who proudly asserts that nearly half of the material he posts on VT is--in his own words-- 'deliberate disinformation.'

Goodbye Henry, have a good life


Why? In order to provoke an informative response from you. Thank you Mark!   -H

Tony B replies:

Henry, must make a few comments here.

1.  On Sandy Hook and Boston, Mike, very unlike Mike ever before, studiously ignored hundreds of FACTS, small and major, about these false flags which he ABSOLUTELY HAD TO IGNORE in order to promote his thesis that they happened as the media said.

2.  My information about the happenings at Glenn's place all came directly from Mike, I assumed nothing about them as I had no other source other than Mike's emails.

3.  Glenn does not say why he sent me a very nasty email demanding that I take his name off my mailing list which came out of the blue.

I stand by what I wrote.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Foul Play in Death of Michael Collins Piper? "

Allen said (November 21, 2017):

Good morning Henry-
Sad to see division in the camp of TRUTH.
His book " Judas Goats..." was spot-on.
Why o why can not the declaration be made-
so obvious-that present day " Isreal" is Revelation 2:9...
This was the plan. It was a masonic ACT. 1948-2018
is 70 years...Daniel 9:2.
This worthless paper script the US mandates and forces on the world is absolute COMMUNISM.
It was game over in 1913.
The US is Jeremiah 50:23...... "the hammer of all the earth".
Thank you for your diligence.

JG said (November 21, 2017):

Mark Glenn was a good friend to Mike Piper having moved him into his home after transporting him all the way from Washington not to mention his numerous trips to the hospitals that he drove Mike to.

Don't we all wish we had a friend like that?
If there was any foul play in Mike Piper's death no one would know better than Marc Glenn. And, if so, I'm sure he would have let everyone know by now.

Below- Jewish Conspiracy Responsible for Anti-Semitism, says Young Israeli (scroll down)

Are Jewish Men Afraid of Women?

(left, Senator Al Franken. Castration complex? )

Many people have noted a dispropriate number of Jews
among the men accused of harassing women. It made me wonder
why so many successful guys could not master the art of courtship,
like simply asking a woman out for a date?

Then I recalled this article and wondered if the reason is their mothers! 
Jewish mothers often are strong and overbearing.
Do many Jewish males behave so badly because they're afraid of women?
Do they find them unapproachable?  Many become homosexuals.
Do they also become sexual molesters? In the article below,
Frank Senger remarked on how Jewish husbands he knows are all henpecked. 

Why are Jewish Husbands Henpecked?
(from Dec. 27, 2013)
By Frank Senger

I found your site after reading about a man who didn't marry a jewish woman because "he was tired of always being wrong."   (Sept.28, 2011) This is after I googled, "Why are Jewish men such pussies?".

I did this because I am an alpha male. I am the only child of Holocaust survivors. I take after my Berlin-born Jewish father.
 I am very accomplished and have been very successful in many occupations and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

My Jewish wife lacks the common sense, analytical ability, memory of cause and effects and my broad base of knowledge. To this I have always maintained the role of lead dog, but with an open ear. I always recant any position or decision that my wife can show is flawed. I gave my daughter that same right, which she used at 4 years old, no problem.

I just realized that almost all of my Jewish friends and their wives share the same domestic structure. The men all are Very Successful and work about 40 to 60 hours a weeks, while their wives either do not work or work part time. 

Yet all these women decide who, when, where and how. It is reminiscent of indentured servitude. Why are 99% of Jewish husbands like this? 

I know a man who probably earns over $1,000,000 a year, lives in a $1,500,000 mansion in Richmond, Va. His wife doesn't work, yet she dictates that he can play golf on Sat. but only if he gets home by 11:00 a.m... 

Another similar couple has the man working 6 days a week. His wife works 2 days a week for 5 hours a day babysitting children, yet he gets up to walk their dog at 6:00 a.m. then goes back to sleep for a few more hours of sleep while his wife snores undisturbed in the arms of Morpheus 7 days a week. Not even one day a week does she get her fat ass up out of bed for the most devoted husband I know.

As with most Jewish husbands who reside in a scarcely Jewish populated area, we tend to polarize with others Jewish couples. 
ALL of my male friends are pussy whipped beyond belief. 

Their wives have totally alienated or excommunicated us because of my "alfa maleness". The wives want to keep me and my views away from their husbands, lest they get the idea that they may have a voice in their marriages. I might kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Is it just me, or does this happen to others of my ilk? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Related-  Oy Vey! Most Jews are not this depraved.  I hope.

Makow comment:

My mother-in-law's answer: "Jewish mothers."   I extrapolate that in secular Jewish culture, women often are altogether too dominant. Husbands withdraw. That's why so many Jewish males become homosexuals. 

Jim Perloff Comment:

Jackie Mason totally agrees, so it can't be coincidence:

And here "Three Stooges" Jewish Shemp Howard depicts typical domination by females: 

Henry, the woman who henpecked the author of the "Protocols" must have been some battle-ax!

 First Comment from Mary:

I am a young, Christian woman married to a Jewish man. My husband is extremely nice and easy-going, but can be such a wimp sometimes. It used to be pretty bad before. I don't know if it had to do with his childhood (he was raised by a mentally unstable and domineering mother), but I found it to be a huge turn-off. Things are better now because I've addressed my need for a strong, masculine husband.

I came from a Christian family where dad's word was law, so I told my husband, "You need to be the boss of this family. It's what I want." I also treated him with complete respect which really made a difference. He is getting better. However, after meeting his family, I was completely shocked at how he was treated by the women. Not only did his mother constantly, scream, yell, and demean him....but his aunts and grandmother were the same way!

After we were married, he would get constant calls from them at all hours of the day....the disrespect was unbelievable. They treated him like garbage.....this is a grown married man and father! The saddest thing is he acted like it was totally normal!


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Are Jewish Men Afraid of Women? "

KS said (November 21, 2017):

I'll probably regret this but here's a video that seems to go a long with Monday's topic. You've probably seen it but for some reason it's too good to pass up.

William said (November 21, 2017):

I realize it's just his opinion, as he stated, but Al Thompson's notion that a man's masculinity lies in his facial hair seems rather silly to me. Why facial hair? Why not the hair atop a man's head too? Should we grow out that hair so that we look more like women?
When I see a fellow man who is clean shaven, the thought he has a "girly face" never enters my mind. If he had a "girly face" I'd mistake him for a girl, wouldn't I? But no, I can tell he's a man unless he's one of those tranny freaks.

My masculinity lies inside me. I don't need to eschew the razor in order to be a man. With respect, the notion that my external appearance determines my manliness makes about as much sense as the what the weirdos say about gender being fluid and how we can assign gender by rearranging this piece and that piece.

Al Thompson said (November 20, 2017):

>>ALL of my male friends are pussy whipped beyond belief.

They are pussy-whipped because most if not all of them have pussy-faces. It's my opinion, that the reason men get so disrespected is that they don't look like men. By shaving the face, gives the observer notice that he likes looking more like a girl than a man. I suspect that this was one of the primary ways for men to become pussified. Once a man's natural masculinity is compromised, then the man's life becomes compromised and weak. If the woman he is with doesn't like his beard, chances are she isn't going to like his masculine traits. I wish I had learned this sooner rather than later. Also, the beard is a great bimbo filter. If a woman

"Their wives have totally alienated or excommunicated us because of my "alfa maleness". The wives want to keep me and my views away from their husbands, lest they get the idea that they may have a voice in their marriages. I might kill the goose that lays the golden egg."

I've experienced this myself and I'm learning to deal with it. Modern society does not appreciate real men. I don't think this is as much of a Jewish thing as it is a problem with society in general. Men are "groomed" to be pussies and immoral right from the beginning. It is a part of the NWO culture that has been in place for thousands of years. The men have become effeminate and immature. Notice how most of the men in the government have girly-faces. So, if you want to be treated like a man, it would help to look like one. Throwing away the razor blade would be a good first step.

Karen said (November 20, 2017):

Say what you want. I've known several Hebrew families and worked for some. Some of the wives worked in very successful jobs, some lunched. Some of the men played around, well, maybe they all did. I don't know. But they were all successful. I know one who came from a humble beginning and is now the financial officer in charge of a large restaurant corporation that you would recognize if I said it. It's a trying job.

The question is would these men have been successful if their mothers hadn't insisted they study and work hard? How about it, Henry? Who was the mover and shaker in your life? And don't you dare tell me you did it all by yourself.


My mother modeled love and self-sacrifice. She was traditional. My dad was the boss.



I'm sure your mom made sure you would become a success. Actually it's Christian families I see this lacking. As far as the other problems listed in the article, we can't blame Jews or their mothers. This is a common problem that runs through the human race. It's just because successful men are becoming snared and they seem to be Jewish. -K

Joyce said (December 28, 2013):

Is this a rhetorical question? The answer is in the question. They make too God'damned much money and have way too much status. That is why they are hen'pecked. The inordinate status that the entire family enjoys depends on the status and income of the men. Therefore, they have to abuse the husband in order to maintain control over their husbands.

There is, however, another possibility. These men may be self'selected to be hen'pecked. They are obedient to their industries, professions, bankers, etc., That is why they are allowed these high positions and salaries. Therefore, they are pre'disposed to obedience.

Connie said (December 28, 2013):

Let's not let the men off the hook... Wouldn't you say the men who work 50-60 hours a week have abandoned their wives and kids and married their jobs? There's no one at home for the wife to submit to. She has to play both mother and father to the children, an impossible job, and goes to work to escape this.

He has no time or energy for domestic concerns. He has no time for friends of his own. He has made himself dependent on her but won't admit it. He's deceiving himself that he is a man and there's nothing she can do about it. She should be angry.

Will said (December 28, 2013):

The Jewish henpecked thing reminded me of a joke: what’s the difference between an Italian mother and a Jewish mother? At dinnertime, the Italian mother says to her offspring, if you don't eat your dinner I’ll kill you. The Jewish mother says, if you don't eat your dinner, I’ll kill myself.

Len said (December 28, 2013):

THE DOMINATION & AGGRESSIVENESS OF JEWISH WIVES and GENTILE wives as well is directly linked to what the Bible calls "the spirit of Jezebel." And this demonic stronghold is definitely no myth or imaginary problem!

If you do a study by simply googling, "the evils of the spirit of jezebel", you will find such a study VERY enlightening. The truth is it is an actual demonic spirit and principality that makes women overly dominant and self-willed, ... and turns most men into wimps. It's not a joke.

When a woman finds that she can dominate, manipulate, and mostly control the men in her life, she becomes a perversion of godly womanhood and (worse) moves and lives in opposition to THE GOD ORDAINED ORDER that GOD has for both men and women [and much for their own benefit, I might add]. That order is:

children under the authority of parents; women under the authority & responsible leadership of the husband;
husbands with the burden of protection & provision for the family.

Any woman who does not know how to relate to men properly will find themselves outside of GOD's favor upon their lives. This issue is strictly a matter of GOD'S GOVERNMENT & DIVINE ORDER. Without THAT, people are simply living a self-willed life without regard to what GOD has ordained in relationships.

This is actually an extremely important issue of morality and relationships.

Organized Jewry acts as Rothschild Proxy

November 19, 2017

Organized Jewry acts as Rothschild Proxy 

William Aberhart (1878-1943) was Social Credit Premier of Alberta from 1935-1943. 
He tried to break the Rothschild monopoly on money creation, As Robert K
demonstrates, Organized Jewry behaved as a proxy for the Rothschilds, defending
their fraudulent monopoly on government credit by the most ruthless means. 

by Robert K

Henry, you say you are "alarmed that political freedom--free speech and the right of peaceful assembly-- has been curtailed in Canada, making it sound as if this is a new phenomenon.  Your regular commentary belies this impression.

Janine Stingel's study Social Credit: Anti-Semitism, Social Credit and the Jewish Response (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2000), which grew from her doctoral thesis, reveals with candour the covert methods used decades ago by Jewish organizations to subvert the Social Credit government of the Province of Alberta (first elected in 1935) and its less remarkable foray into federal politics.  

In her introduction, she credits the "exhaustive work" on Social Credit by Louis Rosenberg of the Canadian Jewish Congress with enabling her to write the book (p. xiv).  As I have been unable to find references to Rosenberg's work in this area on the Internet, I suspect that his gargantuan efforts were clandestine as far as the wider Canadian public is concerned.  Note that Stingel had privileged access to the National Archives of the Canadian Jewish Congress, which at the time she is concerned with had concluded that Social Credit was its "most serious public relations problem" (p. 5).

The Social Credit parties, Albertan and federal, in the 1930s and 1940s captured the attention of Canadian and American Jewish organizations because of the evidence of what Stingel terms, without definition, "anti-Semitism" among their ranks.  This led to proposals for multifaceted covert methods of "battle" (p. 6), and attack "by all means, fair or foul" (p. 123, words of Wolfe Margolus) against Social Credit (presumably covered under the rubric of the "fight against our common enemy", phraseology used in a joint resolution of the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith in 1938--p. 29) including: 

 employing private detectives to collect information to blacken the reputations of key Social Credit leaders (p. 123);

targeting certain key Social Credit leaders for defeat in their ridings (p. 123); funnelling money to the rival (Socialist) CCF party (p. 124); 

bringing criminal charges on the basis of seditious libel and defamatory libel (p. 110); 

meeting with the American Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee for advice on how to deal with the Social Credit phenomenon in Western Canada (p. 118); 

closely monitoring Social Credit speeches, correspondence, and memoranda (p. 118);

 accumulating "all data" shedding discredit on Social Credit parliamentarians or supporters (p. 118); 

discrediting the party leaders by means of "a constant barrage of literature" (p. 118); 

getting the American government to bar Member of Parliament Norman Jaques from the USA and "us[ing] this widely for publicity purposes" (p. 118); 

looking into obtaining a formal censure of Jaques in the House of Commons (p. 118);

 investigating whether the Canadian Legion could be persuaded to protest the Social Credit platform (p. 119); 

finding churches, trade unions and other political parties wanting to "obliterate" Social Credit (p. 119); 

undertaking "smear campaigns" (p. 120, recommended by the ADL); 

infiltrating disreputable people into the Social Credit movement (p. 120, recommended by the American Jewish Committee).  

Of course, all these schemes--none of which Stingel finds fault with on ethical grounds--were intended covertly to subvert the expressed political preferences of the people of Alberta.

BTW, if Stingel cannot substantiate her unreferenced and never-before-heard-of assertion that near the end of his life the founder of Social Credit, Major C.H. Douglas, was "hospitalized and diagnosed as certifiably insane" (p. 16), McGill University clearly has a duty to withdraw her doctoral status and to censure all who approved her thesis.  But, given the scandalous record of this institution (e.g., CIA/MKUltra experimentation), I'm not holding my breath waiting.

Take Five Minutes to Watch this Mind Blowing Speech

November 15, 2017

"We're both guards and prisoners" 

 "OK. Yes, we are bored. We're all bored now. But has it ever occurred to you Wally that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may very well be a self-perpetuating, unconscious form of brainwashing, created by a world totalitarian government based on money, and that all of this is much more dangerous than one thinks? and it's not just a question of individual survival Wally, but that somebody who's bored is asleep, and somebody who's asleep will not say no?

They've built their own prison, so they exist a state of schizophrenia. They're both guards and prisoners and as a result, they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they've made, or to even see it as a prison."


Bombshell! Roy Rogers Posthumously Implicated in Sexual Misconduct with Horse

November 11, 2017

triggered .jpg

Bombshell! Roy Rogers Posthumously Implicated 
in Sexual Misconduct with Horse

Trigger "Triggered" by Weinstein Controversy

"My rear-quarters were patted." 

c. 2017 S.A.P. (spiritualist associated press)

Famed psychic/meduim Maureen Handcock recently held a seance to contact the famous horse, Trigger, to find out how he was enjoying the afterlife.

"Trigger, Roy Rogers' beautiful Golden Palomino stallion, and co-star with Roy in many of his movies and Roy's TV show, was often billed as "the smartest horse in the movies".

The two of them appeared in dozens of westerns in the 1930s and 40s, always chasing and thwarting the bad guys, and working to serve peace and justice.

Trigger even shared the movie title with Roy on two occasions: My Pal Trigger (1946) and Trigger, Jr. (1950).

Smiley Burnette, who played Roy's sidekick in his first two films, was watching and mentioned how quick on the trigger this horse was. Roy agreed and decided that Trigger was the perfect name for the horse. Roy purchased the horse for $2,500 and eventually outfitted it with a $5,000 gold/silver saddle."

 Among other things meduim Maureen Handcock wanted to know was, if Trigger had gone to "purgatory" first before entering heaven. Trigger, billed as the smartest horse to ever live said "No!"

Trigger was also asked how he was treated by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and that's when things really heated up. Trigger reportedly told Maureen that after his performances Roy would remove his briddle and saddle and pat his side towards his rear-end telling him what a good horse he was. He said that Dale Evans would also do the same thing when they were both together with him.

"Come to think of it, it was definitely sexual misconduct by Rogers and Evans," Trigger added. "I felt embarrassed and degraded." "They both treated me like I was some kind of an animal or something,"

Maureen Handcock then concluded the se'ance and reported the above story to S.A.P. and media outlets the world over.