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Taboo Against Anti-Semitism Must be Lifted

January 17, 2018

(left, Trump is a crypto-Jew who has won power by opposing globalism. Beholden to Mossad, he belongs to
the Zionist branch of the Masonic Communist-Zionist dialectical strategy. Orchestrated by George Soros, 
Communist Jews & their liberal minions appear to oppose him.)

Organized Jewry clearly has a pernicious political agenda. 
To stigmatize resistance as "bigotry" is a ruse that
will no longer work. While Gentile Freemasonry is   
an active accomplice, Charles Bausman, 
editor of Russia Insider says, "Jewish influence 
is nothing short of an extinction-level threat to the entire planet."

Makow - Jews and Freemasons are the vehicles through which the central bank cartel extends its monopoly over government credit to a monopoly over everything, i.e. business, government, media and thought. As Bausman suggests this monopoly largely has been achieved in the WestDoes Russia pose a real obstacle to its imposition worldwide?

by Charles Bausman
(Excerpt by 

Russia Insider's mission is to explain and describe Russia and her role in the world. As soon as you begin to drill into how other nations relate to Russia, and Russian history, it becomes obvious that the unreasonable hostility towards Putin's Russia, particularly coming from the US and the UK, is very much a Jewish phenomenon, and has been for centuries.

And yes, 'Jewish' is the only term that accurately describes it, and not one of the many euphemisms we frequently see used.

The most vitriolic and obsessive Russia-bashing journalists in the media are mostly Jewish. The publications which push these writers most energetically are ALL Jewish-owned, and as a publisher, I know very well, that is where the buck stops.

On the policy side, the neo-conservative movement, Russia's harshest foe, was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of, Jews. And their trouble-making extends far beyond Russia - they are responsible for America's disastrous debacle in the Middle East over the last 20 years - where their crimes have been stymied by precisely one country - Russia. The psychotically anti-Russian recent UN ambassadors, Nikki Haley and Samantha Power, were put there by the Israel lobby, and given an independent brief, in other words, they answer not to their presidents, rather to their Jewish sponsors.

schumer, feinstein, levin - SUPPORT EVERY  NEO-CON ATROCITY they can dream up!!.JPG
In Congress the biggest Russia-Gate tub-thumpers are noticeably Jewish - Schiff, Schumer, Blumenthal, Franken (although not as overwhelmingly as in the media). The Israel lobby routinely enforces legislation hostile to Russia. Bill Browder with his Magnitsky Sanctions - is Jewish.

But let's talk about the media - for this is where the real power lies. All other levers and branches of government pale in comparison when it comes to real political influence.

The two leading newspapers of the land, the New York Times and The Washington Post, both very Jewish in ownership, editors, and staff, have been waging an all-out jihad against Putin's Russia, and are guilty of the most grotesque dishonesty, slander and journalistic malpractice - exhaustively catalogued by one of the most authoritative and admired veteran journalists in America, Robert Parry, winner of the Polk award among other accolades. You can see an archive of his extraordinary work criticizing these two publications, particularly in relation to Russia, here.

PBS, with its lily-white image as a purveyor of Masterpiece Theater and other highbrow offerings, is wholly dependent on donations from wealthy Jews. Like some Gentile starlet submitting to Harvey Weinstein, that station has allowed itself to be used, churning out a relentless stream of the most ridiculous anti-Putin propaganda that would be funny if it wasn't so effective among the gray-haired, non-flyover denizens of America, and their deep pocketbooks. CNN, a deeply Jewish company, has been pushing Russiagate like a religion, to the point to where their brand has suffered severe damage.

Rachel Maddow, the nation's most popular and influential liberal political show host is Jewish. She has gone so overboard demonizing Russia and pushing Russiagate that she has become a figure of fun. On the print side, the list is the same - the ones shrieking the loudest are mostly Jews, and disproportionately female - and there is an important lesson there too - Masha Gessen, Anne Applebaum, and Julia Joffe, to name a few.

The refrain from the male chorus is no less strident. David Remnick, David Frum, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer. Even comedy news hates Russia - John Oliver, Jon Stewart (previously), Bill Maher, all Jews, go to great efforts to convince Americans that Putin's Russia is, quite literally, - and this term is frequently used - 'Hitlerian.'

Jewish-owned high brow magazines have been leading the charge against Putin - the Newhouse's New Yorker, the NY Review of Books (the management of this venerable magazine is obsessed with the subject). The New Republic, Newsweek, The Atlantic, and the Rothschild-owned Economist pump out story after story full of what can only be called lies, in a massive campaign to demonize Russia and Putin.

Timothy Snyder, the Yale historian, and Michael Weiss, the neocon firebrand whose website, The Interpreter,  is funded by the exiled Jewish oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, are two more prominent figures in this phenomenon.

The Economist deserves special mention with Ed Lucas leading the charge (he is the great nephew of Charles Portal, a Jewish air marshal in Britain who was a relentless proponent of fire-bombing German civilians and is thought to be behind the burning of Dresden). Equally vitriolic are the writings of Ben Judah and his father, Tim.

But to draw attention to all this, or to investigate whether there is something about their Jewishness that makes them so hostile to Russia, is simply, verboten. Inevitably, when I point out this overwhelming ethnic imbalance, people say, well what about the many critics of the hostility to Russia who are Jewish? - the eminently admirable Glenn Greenwald is a prominent example, and there are many others. The answer is, that the exception to a trend doesn't disprove it, and can often serve to mask it.


The truth is, that in a nation which frantically pats itself on the shoulder for enshrining 'free speech' in its national credo, and ceaselessly lectures others on the subject with pompous sanctimony, speech is not de facto free on this crucial and world-threatening subject, a remarkable, and dangerous, state of affairs. I will not be clapped into prison for publishing this article, but the taboo works like a charm to keep the topic out of public discussion. Who needs repressive laws when you can con people into censoring themselves? In Germany, the dominant power in Europe, and in other European countries, I could be locked up for it - another shocking thought, for this son of Germany.

The Jewish dominance of the Russia-bashing phenomenon is far more extensive than I can convey in a couple of short paragraphs, and I urge someone to do this in a more systematic way. I will be happy to publish it. [email protected]

Yes, 1900 years after the exasperated Romans scattered the Hebrew tribes to the four winds, the 'JQ' is still a huge, messy, unsolved problem, and in our age, it is reaching yet another crisis. I can only speak with any expertise on a subject I know a lot about. Western foreign policy towards Russia, and Russian history, and the Jewish influence there is nothing short of an extinction-level threat to the entire planet. I am sure experts in Middle Eastern politics would confirm something similar.

All this needs scholarship and serious inquiry, to finally get to the bottom of this ongoing tragedy, a tragedy for both Jew and Gentile alike. Some writers have made important inroads, like Kevin MacDonald, but much more needs to be done to understand the problem.

One serious writer, Michael Hoffman, in his book Judaism's Strange Gods, argues the problem is with modern Judaism, which has changed radically from the religion of the Old Testament, effectively hijacked by various Jewish sects such as the New Testament era Pharisees who inspire misanthropic behavior among elites. I really can't say, but it is precisely this kind of inquiry which is needed to figure out, as our president likes to say 'what the hell is going on'.



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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Taboo Against Anti-Semitism Must be Lifted "

CR said (January 18, 2018):

Does Russia present an obstacle to NWO?

Remember this article (that you tweeted) from two days ago:

"RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has compared communism to Christianity and likened Bolshevik revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin to a “saint” in a revealing new interview."

He must have been thinking of the crusades. You yourself said that communism is Satanic and all communists are masons, how can a high ranking mason be an obstacle to masonic global domination?

My grandparents (Polish) told me that Russia was a bad country and not to trust them, they were right. See this article from 2015:
"Russian Ambassador Says Poland Was Partly to Blame for World War II"
"Ambassador Sergey Andreev of Russia on Friday described the Soviet Union’s 1939 invasion of Poland as an act of self-defense, not aggression."
“Polish policy led to the disaster in September 1939, because during the 1930s Poland repeatedly blocked the formation of a coalition against Hitler’s Germany. Poland was therefore partly responsible for the disaster which then took place.”
I don't know whether the last part is true or not, but last I heard Stalin and Hitler were allies and simultaneously invaded Poland from both sides.

Remember the Katyn massacre? Christianity in action.

Below- Where have all the Mentors gone? (scroll down)

Jews- Neither Race nor Religion but Cult

Uri Shapir - Israeli Jewish Artist.jpg
This is not Michael Berg. But, like this blue-eyed Israeli, Berg found that his DNA test results show NO trace of Non-European or Semitic DNA. His DNA test shows that despite coming from a multigenerational Jewish family,  his DNA is 98.7% Northern European, mostly Germanic and the rest is Celtic etc.

Judaism (much like Freemasonry) isn't really a race and a folk in the traditional sense but a secret society - a Satanic cult - whose main goal is to enslave mankind. "Race" and "Nation" are used as covers to keep the brainwashed mixed race "Jewish" masses following the Satanic agenda.

By Michael Berg

I was born in Israel
in 1985. My parents are European Jews. 

In the following article, I would like to make the point that Jews are mixed-race population and are as much as victims of the Satanic Cabalist-Talmudic agenda as anybody else. 


The Talmudic Jews refer to negative behavior as "Yerida L'tzorich Aliya" which means "Descent for the Purpose of Ascent" (the same philosophy was also embraced by the Frankists.)  In other words, you can engage in all form of evil things and the lower you descend, the higher you ascend. They believe that their Messiah will only come once Humanity is totally morally degraded hence they attack the only normal, healthy, natural and God-given form of Sexuality i.e. Heterosexuality (Opposite-Sex Attraction = Marriage) and promote Homosexuality (i.e. Same-Sex Attraction), Zoosexuality (Human Animal Attraction), Pedophilia (Adult-Children Attraction) and incest.


Many people believe that ordinary Jews are spared the Satanic influence of the Jewish Masonic NWO. This isn't true. Jews are as much victims
as anybody else. We have to remember that the agenda is SATANIC by nature. The Agenda is indeed directed by Jewish forces but these forces could not care less about ordinary Jews. Ordinary Jews are being used to serve the agenda of International Jewry. 

The rulers won't be ordinary Jews or ordinary people but the Elite. They don't care about Jews in general since Jews aren't really a race in the traditional sense (as shown below) but a Satanic cult. 

Judaism, much like Freemasonry, is only a means to push the NWO agenda. The Rothschild and the rest of the Jewish Elite are willing to throw ordinary Jews under the bus if it serves their agenda.

Ordinary Jews are affected by the same social ills that affect the west today. Feminism, Abortion, Divorce and LGBT deviancy are 
also promoted and tolerated in Israel. Jews are also poisoned by Feminism. in Israel it is very difficult to find a good woman. Half of the women in Israel care only about money and their ego. They don't care about getting married and starting a family. 

Women are also put into military service in combat units which degrades the quality of the military. Feminism had made these women so difficult to start a relationship with.


In terms of multiculturalism, Israel is even more multi-racial in the real sense of the word than any other country in the world. 

500,000 gentile Russians have been converted to Judaism and had become Jews legally, along with 120,000 Blacks from Africa who also converted and became "Jews".There are about 1.5 Million Arabic & Iranian Jews, 2 Million North African Jews and about 4 Million European Jews - and all of these "Jews" don't look the same as there are Nordic, Turkish, Iranian, Arabic and African looking Jews. 

Article intro - Jewish Men (1).jpg(Four Jewish men -  members of the Jewish extremist Chabad cult)

The Talmud indeed speaks of non-Jews as "animals". However, once a non-Jew is being converted into Judaism they suddenly receive a "Jewish Soul" and become "God" along with every cell of their DNA. (Suddenly, DNA turns "Godly"). 

This is further proof that Jewish racism against non-Jews is not a biological racism - anybody can become Jewish - but rather a spiritual racism. You are "God" as long as you are part of the "Club". If you are a non-Jew, you can become a "Jew" and part of the "club" by conversion and thus you get a "Godly Jewish Soul". If you chose to remain a non-Jew, that means you have a "Satanic soul." Of course, they are the ones embracing Satan.

As already stated, Israel is by no means a racially pure country - fact that the powers-that-be know very well. Jewish marriage laws aren't based on biological racism. Anybody can be converted into Judaism and allowed to marry a Jew. If you are not a Jew, you cannot marry a Jew but if you converted to Judaism you can.  This proves to me that Judaism (much like Freemasonry) isn't really a race and a folk in the traditional sense but a secret society - a Satanic cult - whose main goal is to enslave mankind. "Race" and "People" are used as covers to keep the brainwashed mixed race "Jewish" masses follow the Satanic agenda.

While I was in the United States not long ago, I did a DNA test to find out who I really am in terms of my blood. I was simply curious to know since I read that it is possible to do a DNA test and trace one's ancestry based on their DNA. I was told by my parents that my grandparents on both sides told them (who were secular Jews in Germany) that their ancestors lived in Germany for many generations and that they were "Jews" all that time. They also told me the area their ancestors originate from in Northern Germany, which to my surprise - I later found out thanks to the internet - was not known to be inhabited by Jewish communities......
This is where I felt that something just doesn't add up.

bar-rafaeli-bio-gty.jpg(left Israeli Jewish model, Bar Rafaeli) 

Furthermore, physically I don't look like a "typical" Jewish person. I look like an ethnic German person i.e. I have white skin, blue eyes, blond hair and Nordic facial features. Both of my parents have blond hair and blue eyes as well and since I now realized that the story my grandparents on both sides told my parents just doesn't add up since there were no Jewish communities in that area of Northern Germany. I decided to do a DNA test to find out who I am through my blood.

I got the result of the test a few weeks ago, My DNA test results show NO trace of Non-European or Semitic DNA. My DNA test shows that I'm 98.7% of Northern European blood. Mostly Germanic and the rest is Celtic etc. While there's only 1.3% deviation (which is well within a margin of error). I am a "Jew" but my DNA says "Germanic".

To be frank, I wasn't surprised at all. Things now started to make sense to me. Accepting the "Jews" as a "one unified race" was always a paradox to me, given the immense differences between different Jewish groups. Studies show that European Jews contain huge amounts of European DNA in addition to Turkish and Semitic DNA and many of them are total converts whose ancestors lived in European towns who were totally converted into Judaism during the past 500-1000 years.

European Jews started out Kazhars (Turkish People) converting to Judaism after they mingled with Semitic Jews. These Kazhars (Mixed with Semites) who initiated European Jewry then mixed and added more converts from among the Slavic and Germanic populations with whom they contacted. European Jews of today are basically a mixed-race people made up of largely Kazarian (Turkish), Germanic, Slavic elements. Since there are Nordic blond blue-eyed 
Jews, Brown Arabic Jews, Black Jews from Africa etc I came to the conclusion that present-day Jews cannot be regarded as a race in the traditional sense. 

So what do they base their identity on? Simply put, You are a "Jew"

 if you are a member of the "Club". What club? A Satanic Cult whose main goal is to enslave mankind as I've shown in my previous articles.
Jews present themselves as a religion and a race when they are obviously neither.


(examples of "ethnic Jews")

As the pictures above prove, Jews are comprised of all the worlds races - There are White Jews, Brown Jews, and Black Jews. There are Jews in all shapes and colors. Yet Jews are brainwashed into believing that they are a "race" and a "people". 

All Jews are not the same race as all Christians are not the same race. 

Judaism Is a Satanic Cult - Not a race - whose main goal is to enslave mankind. It's a secret society that keeps its followers under control by selling them the lie that they are a race (a Biological absurdity as I've shown) in order to make them unite and keep the club going - The club in the service of Satanism i.e. Judaism.
-------------------------- Your Life Before and After This One 
-------------------------   The Devil & the Jews 

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Jews- Neither Race nor Religion but Cult "

TB said (January 17, 2018):

That is correct! Today I read again the Article from Dr. Andrew Joyce

I think it is very important to know that the hostile Elite is quite the same as Judaism. Look at Merkel, the German chancellor, she got a lot of Jewish awards and honoring, for instance from B'nai and B'rith for whatsoever she has done.

We are on the road to our self-destruction for this civilization. The only way out is when the crash and burn starts, that our civilization comes to consciousness and change the direction. But I think this will be wishful thinking.
The Illuminati's force is strong upwards. No opposition here in Europe.

Greetings from Germany

Syd Green said (January 17, 2018):

There is no such thing as "Northern Germanic" "DNA"
or "Celtic" DNA. The Celts and Germans were two waves of the same migrants.

The Germans and Celts originate in the near east and not in Europe.

The history of the Scythians, the ancestors of these peoples starts in Mesopotamia and the Caucasus. There have always been Jews living amongst Scythians, Jews and Scythians are the same people and the leaders of Scythian tribes were descended from the tribes of Judah through the Persian Arshakuni lines. There is no valid distinction between "Jewish" DNA and "German" or "Celtic" DNA. Khazars are a Scythian race that was descended from the lost tribes of Israel and Semitic Jews as Berg even stated. They converted to Judaism through Jewish influence. The Khazars, Germans, Celts, and Ashkenazi Jews are all the same people and they all descend from the near east.

There is no such thing as "Germanic" DNA proving someone to be "not Jewish".

European DNA contains Jewish blood. Judaism may not be a homogenous race, but Europeans are in no way "non Jewish" You have to actually research things before you make assertions.

There is no such thing as some indigenous European race spawning as white people in Europe, those were migratory tribes that came from the middle east including Israel. "Scythopolis" is Beit She'an in Israel Henry. This guy's DNA is on file now, and they gave him definitions that don't mean anything. Read European historical chronicles, Europeans are Jews.

Luis said (January 17, 2018):

Jews are a race dr henry..We know most of them are false ashekanazi jews, but t here are still some sherpadim ones around.
Of course, the great majority of true jews have long converted to Catholicism and by doing so, they stopped calling themselves jews, but christians. This is what happened from the apostles times onwards.

I find surprising that you are now stating that jews are not a what are you?

To be a jew is to belong to the Jewish race and has nothing to do with religion, faith or country. Like the Arabs are a race, so are the jews. Where is the difficulty in understanding this? The problem is that you spreading disinformation, loads of people are gonna believe only because you got a PHD !!

Be wise Dr Henry, please !!!



Open your mind.


JG said (January 17, 2018):

I don't believe in all these "New Age" definitions of what Judaism is.
You had to have Jewish bloodlines in the Old Testament to be accepted as a Jew. This only changed when the Law was fulfilled by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Then and only then was the promise of eternal life open to all who believe in Jesus as the Messiah and Savoir.

The Old Testament blessings were earthly. The New Testament blessings are heavenly. Salvation is no longer restricted by race but it is now racially unrestricted for all those who believe in Jesus.

Fred N said (January 17, 2018):

I believe it was Moses Mendelssohn ( the Jewish Plato) who said that Judaism was not a religion but was a Law. Does that correlate with the article?

Yes indeed Fred. The Law is "Buy low, sell high."

Mohammed from SA said (January 17, 2018):

I know that most ordinary Jews are also victims to a great degree. Many are having to deal with insults & criticism due to the actions of their Zionist brethren. Actions which they don't necessarily agree with.

Even the majority of the original Jewish settlers in Palestine were forced by the actions of the Zionists to leave comfortable homes & lives in Europe to go live in a strange land.

that said, there's something I have noticed that's common among almost every Jewish businessman or professional: they worship money.

we all need money to fulfill our necessities but it's not the object of our creation. Many non-Jews are just plain greedy but when it comes to the type of Jews I'm talking about- they are on another level altogether.

these people don't like to talk of death(most non Muslims don't like the mention of death) and act as if we have been put on earth solely for the purpose of amassing as much wealth & material possessions as we any means possible(as long as you don't get caught).

so although they don't totally agree with the Zionists, they happily make the most of the advantages & opportunities that come with being one of the tribe of "Gods Chosen People"

one thing I find interesting:
Zionist Jews claim to be Gods Chosen People ie they are the most beloved to God but you will NEVER hear them saying that THEY love God the most.I believe that they don't want to claim to love God because they are very afraid of dying & they know that the ONLY way to physically meet God is by dying- when our soul leaves our earthly body. so they are content with just having God love them without claiming to love God in return.

Mr. Berg also says: "If you are a non-Jew, you can become a "Jew" and part of the "club" by conversion and thus you get a "Godly Jewish Soul".

does he not know how black Jews are being treated by the Ashkenazim scum? these black Jews are pure Semites & practice REAL Judaism but just because of their skin color, they are seen as inferior by the fake Jews from E. Europe.

The ONLY white Semite Jews are those who have been living in Palestine & surrounding areas for centuries- not the Rothschilds & other Satanists have decided to create & use Zionism as a vehicle to push forward their evil plans.

other than that, I agree with what he says.

Kevin Boyle said (January 17, 2018):

Nailed it today Henry.
Once you find the right word for something you wonder why it hasn't always been obvious. (I know you've been using this for a long time in the form "humanity has been hijacked by a Satanic cult" but today's slightly more direct formation of the words alongside the clear demonstration that Jews are not a race arms people with a usable truth:

Jews are neither a race nor a religion but a cult.... a cult that has befogged not only ordinary innocent Jews but also the minds of hundreds of millions of gentiles into associate membership.

Kurt B said (January 17, 2018):

I believe it was Michael Hoffman who said people who identify as ‘Jews’ are really part of a “paranoid cult being manipulated by a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion”.

Below- The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati (scroll down)

Where Have All Our Mentors Gone?

January 16, 2018


AZ writes, "What I really needed was a good mentor to ground me 
and teach me to hold standards for the men coming in and out of my life." 
With this single sentence, AZ describes perhaps the most glaring default 
facing society today: we no longer have mentors.

Mike Stone surveys family, school, church, & workplace and finds that mentors 
are few and far between.

By Mike Stone

What's the missing ingredient in almost all of our lives? Mentors!

Boys are no longer taught how to be men, and girls are no longer taught how to be women. As a result, society has turned upside down.
I speak from personal experience. Growing up, nobody told me anything about money, about being a man, about women. It was years later before I began to figure life out on my own, and in some areas, I'm still struggling.

It would be easy to blame our mentor-less society on the two-income system we currently inhabit, in which both parents work and their children are raised by the state via daycare and the school system. While that is definitely a factor, it's not the entire answer.

As a child, I was never sent to daycare. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and yet she offered little to nothing in the way of mentorship.

When the kids came home from school, she was on the phone, complaining about her life and talking for hours about absolutely nothing.
At night, she sat in front of the boob tube with a stupid grin on her face, laughing at the stupidest sitcoms imaginable. 

The senseless sitcom characters that my mother idolized were her mentors, and she hated the fact that her own life did not match theirs. This led to constant arguments and fights with my father, who retreated by hiding in his work. As children, we never saw him not working. The poor guy literally worked himself to death and died at age 48.

Needless to say, I found no mentors at home.

You would think that my childhood was an aberration, but most of my friends led similar lives. And school was no better. Looking back, I believe almost every teacher I had, from kindergarten to college, was a leftist. Certainly, every teacher I had in college was a leftist, more concerned with their paycheck, their pension, and their propaganda than anything else. I had no idea what leftism was in those days, or that it even existed, but I did recognize the anti-white agenda, as well as the obsession with sex, personal feelings, and radical feminism. As a result, I left college after only a year.

School provided no mentors in my life.

I was raised Catholic, and from what I've read, there were priests and nuns before Vatican II who taught the true Catholic faith and acted as mentors to the young people of their parishes. Not anymore. Once the church was infiltrated and overrun by communists, that all ended. Today, the so-called Catholic Church is a complete sham. It's a counterfeit church that no longer teaches the true Christian Faith and is presided over by a leftist antipope who epitomizes everything that's gone wrong in the world for the last fifty years.

I found no mentors who could help me in the counterfeit Catholic Church.

When a young man finds no mentors at home, at school, or at church, where else can he turn? Most young men look to sports and entertainment figures. I can't speak for sports, but I did work in the entertainment industry for several years, and I guarantee you that anyone looking to anyone in the entertainment industry to be mentors or role models has gone completely mad.

Almost every male that I met in the entertainment industry was either openly homo, a closet homo, or a sex addict. All but one were leftists. All but one were egomaniacs. All but one were lousy role models.

The women I met in the entertainment industry were even worse. They were all whores, on one level or another, whether they admit it or not. When I produced my first film, young women sent me half-naked pictures of themselves. The implication was clear. Today, those same women would scream, "Me too!"

I feel so bad for young women today who look to actresses, female pop stars, and female media figures to teach them about life. Women in the entertainment industry are among the most disgustingly perverse individuals on the planet. Some of them aren't even women. At least, they weren't born that way. It's no surprise that both women and men today are half out of their minds when you consider the absolute garbage Hollywood and the media feed them.

So where does that leave us? Very few parents are acting as positive mentors and role models for their children. The education system is a complete joke and causing more harm than good. The Church is now a counterfeit church that no longer practices the Catholic faith. What passes for pop culture and "art" in today's society is complete garbage, and the people responsible for that garbage are the worst role models imaginable.

The only answer I can see is it's up to us.

We're going to have to become the mentors and role models for the children and young people in our lives because no one else is doing it. And we all have children in our lives.

Practical steps include practicing the true Catholic faith ( and encouraging young people to do the same, turning off the boob tube and educating our young on what complete garbage it is, boycotting everything coming out of Hollywood and the music industry, homeschooling children and encouraging others to do the same, and most of all, becoming true role models ourselves. 

Imagine how much better life would be if we'd only had positive mentors in our lives. We can be those same mentors to young people today.
Mike Stone is the author of "It's Okay To Be White"  - and "A New America" the first novel of the alt-right -- Available Exclusively on Amazon.

Makow Comment -  Write to me about your search for mentors and the special ones you may have found. Or, how you provide a role model for someone in your life. [email protected]

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------------------------------------------------------The Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality   (How heterosexuality works) 

First Comment by RL

A mentor is someone who tells you the truth and you already knew it, but never thought about it. I found my mentors on the radio and the internet. I used to listen to a lot of radio and surf the web. One guy was Roy Masters. I agree with him 80-90%. But he is a Zionist because he's a Jew. He is a bit ignorant sometimes and likes to fill in the blanks. I think he started the whole talk radio gig. 

Another one is Dean Gotcher, a traditional Christian who has done a lot of research on Transformational (cultural) Marxism and the dialectic. They're both on youtube. There are others like George Gordon (dead now but his radio show is archived). He tough biblical and common law and had a lot of interesting stories. Also, I'm my own mentor since I don't socialize much. Jesus is the best mentor. I wish He had a radio show. And your site is one a unique one and has a lot of truth. Thank you. More people need to wake up. But most prefer to be asleep.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Where Have All Our Mentors Gone?"

Steve said (January 17, 2018):

The recent one about mentoring struck a chord with me,having grown up Catholic and had a similar parental experience.The corruption of the Church which happened in the sixties robbed the Parishes of their spiritual essence.The lack of any sort of initiation structure into manhood and womanhood,has left avoid in our lives,filled by vain pursuits to have our first drink,or sexual encounter,or gain a driver's license...all selfish and material.

But it is the 'elephant in the room',the deceptive influence in all aspects of world financial,cultural,gender and political affairs of this Israel-obsessed,goyim-hating,Russia and Iran-hating Khazarian-zio evil-empire builders,which astounds me.How they have managed to deceive the world through their propaganda and money networks,that the evil is caused by 'other' groups,has been utterly astounding.They are the hidden-hand behind all the 'other' trouble-makers in the world.And I read all news now,and watch all tv and movies ,with open eyes to the propaganda machine's workings.Makes life interesting,if not a little depressing !

Peter G said (January 17, 2018):

I was a concrete jungled latchkey kid of a divorced family and Gilligan's Island and reruns of I Love Lucy etc were my time wasters, I'd call them de-mentors. Porn has been my handmaiden, I'll call that a twisted sister, and being born with an imbalanced back (I now realise) and acquiring somewhere a bad gut balance (now fixed) has kept me out of trouble, but also out of a normal life which might not have been a bad thing considering modern life. I know few if any normal family situations.

I get a lot from Rick Adams Christian oriented anti "Canite" weekly shows as he also accentuates the positives and trusts in God who controls everything and refers to the scriptures, trusting in Judgement Day rather than demented avengers.

Oh and another good mentor, yourself here. Jesus is the best though, so far.

SP said (January 16, 2018):

I also believe that the lack of mentors has destroyed at least two previous generations before mine, my generation, and the following generation. I got to the point where I don’t feel bad for anyone anymore though. I have seen too many people running around knowing what they do is wrong. They still decide to do wrong. Even speaking to them is fruitless. Deep down we all know when we do stuff that is wrong. People can only sort themselves out, and that’s the hard truth.

Regarding mentorship, I always picked a role model in every field. For example, success/money/wealth, it’s by far my step dad; Morality: the Bible or any religious/philosophical texts/scholars; manliness (dressing up, posture, charm, etc) from people I instinctively feel are manly or who espouse manliness; parental aspects obviously my own parents (if you don’t have that, just look at other functioning fathers/mothers); a very useful and very big one to me is the fear of doing wrong. Just think about what you do before you do things. I strongly believe we will be reminded of our deeds one day. Fear is a mentor for me.

There are so many things we need mentors for. Sort that out. I think as a base to go by, just learn how people pre-sex/drug revolution used to be, and find your own mentors for everything in life. But you also got to be a good observer in combination with having an instinct for these things. As a man, just observe how real men behave. It will appeal to you straight away.

TWH said (January 16, 2018):

Like Mike Stone, I too lacked mentors in my youth and young adulthood. Television ruled my home life and I had a real asshole for a stepfather who would, rather than mentor, delight in any sign of failing on my part. Anyone I knew at school was either self-absorbed, media-saturated, or was too interested in pot (you know, that "wonder drug" that supposedly gives you illumination) to be of any use. Oh, my stepfather was also into pot use. I guess that puts the lie to any belief that marijuana is supposed to make you more compassionate and amiable. Keep getting high, people. The globalist masters like you that way.

Mike's experience with the Catholic Church providing no mentorship is not exclusive to just the Catholics. I was involved in a couple of Baptist churches during my young adulthood that provided zilch in this regard. They would all tell me they'd "pray for" me, but would be at pains to spend any time with me. Running home to television was more important to them.

As for the workplace, I once had someone who designated themselves as my mentor, but who would never listen to my input. It was their way or the highway.

I think the root of the problem (or at least one of the main roots of it) is that we've become too distracted with superfluous things in our society. If we were to somehow wean ourselves off of television (and the ludicrous idea that we need to emulate what we see on it) and the notion that we need to feel good all the time with substances, we might then clearly see that we need one another. I won't hold my breath.

Ann S said (January 16, 2018):

From Mr. Stone's description and the epigraph, it is very clear what was lacking: parents! The girl lacked a mother, the boy a father, and look what happened.

No, what is lacking is real fathers and mothers, who understand the nature of their duties toward their children and earnestly try to fulfill them. Public institutions used to understand this, and laws were enacted to enable parents to accomplish their task, so vital to the stability, health, and continuation of society.

Everyone desires a mentor because his parents failed in their duty to bring them up properly, even as regards the observance of natural virtue. How essential it is that everyone, even the irreligious, understand and practice the cardinal virtues. The pagans of Antiquity understood this well.

What chaos has entered the home through radio, television, computers — with devastating effect. The sanctuary of the family hearth has been invaded and defiled; an enemy hath done this.

Jim T said (January 16, 2018):

These sentiments are clearly heart-felt, with a form of godliness about them; however, since my birth in 1949, as best I can recall, this old world has been going increasingly downhill. I turned to the Sacred Scriptures in 1974, and since that time I choose not ever to spend one day of life without interjecting Scripture into my journey. This change began true learning for me, yet Scripture still holds true speaking of these TWO WITNESSES most assuredly "clothed in sackcloth" (Revelation 11: 3, KJV) in these latter days, due to the lack of understanding that might be learned by making them a part of every new day.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [i.e. they choose not to seek after the inherent need for mankind to have a true knowledge of their Creator found only in the Scriptures]: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy [Elohim], I will also forget thy children" (Hosea 4: 6, KJV, Name change and notation in brackets, mine).

Catholic people in my early days, were being brought up with an initial intermingling of ancient Sun worship/Baal worship, with Mithraism. With the addition of the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, Jesuitism: a casuistic worship of who else but Haylale/Lucifer, adds such intrinsic subtlety to the initial teachings, believing it has the ability to function as a stable human mentor, is to lay aside the adversarial manner of the Antichrist system it is, and only greater confusion will eventually result from these inaccuracies being set forth as truth for the masses!

Doug P said (January 16, 2018):

There is no shortage of mentors and great advice on youtube. I would suggest looking at Jordan Peterson videos. He has other profs and great people that he has interviews with, both men and women of all kinds. There are some great "right wing" female profs that he talks with. He does a series on the Bible.

You are right - the people in our lives have had their mind twisted by materialism and cannot think rationally or critically for the most part. Read philosophy - early Greek and Kant if you want really good books.

D said (January 16, 2018):

I'm a woman who's been reading your site for years and have wakened up to what feminism has done to society. You brought up a very good point in your latest article, "Where have all our mentors gone?" in that many of us out there have never learned about or how to be or find satisfaction (for men) or joy (for women) in our inherent roles of being male or female.

In my quest over the years to "deprogram" myself from feminism (I'm gen X who knew never knew how to understand men but was taught good values), I discovered a website that actually mentors women into loving their female role. It's a website called What Women Never Hear (, written by an 80+-year-old man who teaches the wisdom of male/female relationships and trains us ladies how to be good women and learn about and deal with the male nature in a cooperative way.
He's been faithfully writing to ladies for the last 10 years and faithfully answers any questions we may have in the comments section.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass this info about this site along in case you have any ladies that you know could benefit as to HOW to understand men, become cooperative, pretty ladies who love being wife and mother. What's sad is I think the author is getting discouraged from lack of interest/readers in the blog, although I'm thinking recent changes in Google could be part of the problem in him not getting found.

Here is an excerpt from one of the latest articles, "Love is never enough:"

"....Women inherit a special motivational drive at birth. Whatever man they mate with, they want him to become better. Men resist direct attempts to be changed. So women have an indirect way to overcome. They are born motivated to be good. Men are born with the ability to do good, but no incentive to spark actions to do or be good. A woman confirms her goodness by doing good, and when she can get her man to do good, she is the better for it and he has pleased her by becoming a better man. It’s a strong motivation imperative in women, until individuals lose it to popular opinion or male dominance...."

Thank you for all your eye-opening work over the years!

Princess Grace Was Murdered by Solar Temple Cult -

January 15, 2018


This cult is similar to Illuminati. 

Prince Rainier of Monaco is furiously denying an investigation that claims Princess Grace was a secret priestess in a bizarre sex cult!

Grace joined the Order of the Solar Temple just months before her death in 1982, according to a blockbuster TV documentary.

They say she stripped and underwent a sexual initiation ceremony -- and she handed over more than $9 million before she eventually turned against the cult's charismatic leader shortly before she died following a car accident.

"Grace was a woman of many secrets," said TV producer David Cohen, who spent a year investigating the cult. "Her lovers are only one aspect of the story. She was an extremely religious woman -- and it was her search for spirituality that delivered her to the Order of the Solar Temple."

Prince Rainier "is furious about these claims," a Monaco insider told The ENQUIRER.

"He thinks it's all just sensational rubbish to grab TV ratings and a cheap shot at somebody who can't answer back," the insider said.

"He's convinced it never happened, and he is sure she couldn't have given them so much money without him knowing. Prince Rainier is going to make sure this program is never shown in Monaco."

The cult became notorious three years ago after 69 members in Canada and Europe died in an apparent mass suicide, which now is being probed as mass murder.

According to the program, Grace was not alone among the European upper class duped by the Solar Temple. Many rich and powerful people in Monaco and Europe were lured to join and then conned out of money by cult leader Joseph di Mambro.

They were told the Order gave them special access to God during ceremonies that involved part- Catholic, part-mystic mumbo jumbo.

Di Mambro convinced his recruits he was in touch with 33 spiritual masters who watched over the world from the Himalayas. He also told followers that they were reincarnated from biblical figures or saints.

Producers for the program -- to be aired in Britain this month -- say their evidence comes from interviews with the cult leader's chauffeur/security guard and an acupuncturist who stripped and prepared Grace for the initiation ceremony.

When the Princess arrived at the ancient church in the South of France for the rite, she was "frightened and apprehensive" at first.

But she was sexually aroused by the acupuncturist, then given a drugged drink before being told to lie on a huge round altar in the church's crypt during the ceremony.

One of the cult's top leaders, Luc Jouret, then declared her a "High Priestess of the Order."

She was asked to donate $10 million. She paid $9 million, but soon had second thoughts.

Cohen said, "The notion of somebody as loved and respected as Princess Grace joining a cult -- after undergoing the sexually loaded initiation ceremony -- was hard to believe when we first stumbled across her secret two years ago."

Despite Prince Rainier's strong denials, Cohen said he is convinced the story is true.

Cohen claims Grace fought with di Mambro when she demanded her money back, threatening to expose him as a fraud. Then she died.

"Her attitude frightened di Mambro," Cohen said. "It draws attention to the mysterious circumstances of her death."


Trump is perfect Illuminati agent, says anonymous contributor who is a Freemason.

January 14, 2018


Trump is perfect Illuminati agent, 

says anonymous contributor who is a Freemason. 

by Anonymous


Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is carrying out the same Illuminati directives as Donald Trump, designed to lead to World War 3 and a one world, New World Illuminati Order, with its headquarters based in Jerusalem, as is the Oath and Swear when one becomes a Freemason, and which is reiterated over and over, time and time again, as one progresses and rises through the ranks of the Freemasons, and then on to the Illuminati which is the ultimate secret society within a secret society, at the top of the Freemasonic foodchain.

Open racism and discrimination are now de rigeur, and racial purity and ethnic cleansing have now been augmented and increased, without care or concern of the billions of people that will be exterminated or inconvenienced;

Jerusalem has now been declared to be the sovereign capital of Israel, which as everyone plugged into Freemasonry and Illuminati is aware, is not slated to be a Jewish state at all, but who are using proud and patriotic IDF-type Jews to clear the land, exterminate the "undesirable races/religions," so that a Third Temple of Luciferian (not Jewish) Illuminati can be built;

All around the world, various bloodthirsty dictators (murderers) are being touted as "tough," and "direct," for such blood-drenched acts as outright murder of their own people, under different pretexts, such as Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, whom Donald Trump also makes no secret of admiring and adoring;

As discussed above, arch-Illuminati eugenicist and racist Rupert Murdoch, another one of Donald Trump's idols, often gives him advice of everything under the sun, according to the book "Fire & Fury" by Michael Wolff;

The game plan is to eradicate any and all races, religions, creeds, and ideologies that stand in the way of "A to B" type global governance (i.e., global communist dictatorship/Luciferian monarchy) and are now on the fast track thanks to the concerted efforts of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, with the former's participation being due to his having been blackmailed/bought out by international central banker interests rather than by any brains or intelligence, while the latter, Mr. Netanyahu, is a full fledged, full blown 33rd Degree Freemason/Illuminati figure, loyal only to his ancient brethren secret society Illuminati brotherhood, as was the case all the way back to the founder and first prime minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion;

The war against Islam is not really ideological. Rather it is a "Luciferian" exercise of destroying the last people of any true faith in God left on this planet, after Christianity (and true Judaism) and other world religions have been either infiltrated or decimated by the Luciferian Illuminati who want to be the only "Gods" on earth, in their continued drive to fulfil the mantra of "Deus Meumque Jus," or "God is according to my own right;"

Because Donald Trump is easily blackmailed, lacks self-control or an internal moral compass of any kind, respects only strength/money/power, and is easily corruptible, he makes an absolutely perfect Illuminati President/Messenger because he will carry out their will without even flinching, as he has already done so far, and will speed up the global New World Order to lightning fast speeds, approaching final completion probably within the next few years.

Jews Behind Christian-Muslim Tension by Bojack Horseman

January 8, 2018



Jews Behind Christian-Muslim Tension

When the smoke clears and the dust settles from the seemingly inevitable next world war,

the history books will hopefully state that the terror attacks that started the Islam vs. Christian wars were perpetrated by those who refer to themselves as "Jews".

by Bojack Horseman 


I say hopefully, because as we all have come to know the hard way that history is always written by the winners. The biggest terror attack of course, was carried out by none other than prominent Jews in and out of the halls of American power they have long ago usurped.

Here are some Zionist Jew characters whom helped orchestrate, or inadvertently helped uncover true events of September 11th, 2001:

World Trade Center leaseholder Lawrence Silverstein admitted that 7 World Trade Center had been "pulled" in a controlled demolition, a feat that takes weeks of careful planning at the very least. According to Silverstein this was a "last minute decision" WTC 7 flawlessly collapsed at a gravity defying "free fall speed" neatly into it's own footprint as stunned architects and engineers around the planet looked on. "Lucky Larry" happened to have a dermatologist appointment that day. His two adult children who happened to have offices in the WTC, also stayed home.

 Perhaps as many as 4000 Jews were warned from an Israeli run instant messaging service called Odigo not to go anywhere near lower Manhattan that day, including Disgraced Senator Alan Franken who was personally warned by former Mayor Ed Koch. "To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. "Al," he told me, "don't go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul [September 11, 2001]." - Al Franken from his book Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them.



Ronald S. Lauder, the Esteé Lauder cosmetics heir, for some strange reason happened to be on Ronald Reagan's defense policy board in 1981 influencing U.S. war policy in the Middle East and funding schools for the Mossad. Later on, Lauder's random acts of kindness curiously included successfully privatizing the WTC complex and tiny Stewart Air Cadet base in New Windsor, N.Y. , where the fateful flights 11 & 175 nearly collided in mid-air despite leaving Boston's Logan airport a full 16 minutes apart.

None of us in western society had ever heard the term "Islamic terror"; until Jews dressed as Arabs detonated bombs in the King David hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 to help usher in the Jewish state. Senator Ron Paul considers the terrorists we may see mowing us down in trucks or strapping explosives to their bodies "blowback" for the years of endless wars perpetrated on Muslims. I call them Israeli orchestrated false flag events designed for one purpose and one purpose only; To vilify Islam in the eyes of the "Goyim". 

The "Goyim" or "cattle", is you.