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Phil Giraldi - Neocons Clamor for More Goy Blood

September 20, 2017

307 (2).jpgIn 2003, an Israeli newspaper said  25 American-Jewish intellectuals were responsible for
starting the Iraq war. This war has cost $2.5 trillion and over 200,000 lives. 
Former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi says the same group is clamoring for another war, against Iran. He thinks they should be banned from working for Israel. He doesn't realize they actually represent the Rothschild-Soros banking cartel.

"These individuals largely constitute a cabal of sanctimonious chairborne warriors 
who prefer to do the heavy thinking while they let others do the fighting and dying."

[Makow note- Please direct any resentment you may feel at the many Jews Giraldi mentions here, rather than Jews in general, most of whom are not consulted.]

(abridged by 

I spoke recently at a conference on America's war party where afterward an elderly gentleman came up to me and asked, "We all know it's American Jews with all their money and power who are supporting every war in the Middle East? Shouldn't we start calling them out?"

 My answer is always the same: any organization... knows that to touch the livewire of Israel and American Jews guarantees a quick trip to obscurity. Jewish groups and deep pocket individual donors not only control the politicians, they own and run the media and entertainment industries, meaning that no one will hear about or from the offending party ever again. They are particularly sensitive on the issue of so-called "dual loyalty," particularly as the expression itself is a bit of a sham since it is pretty clear that some of them only have real loyalty to Israel.

Most recently, some pundits, including myself, have been warning of an impending war with Iran. To be sure, the urging to strike Iran comes from many quarters, to include generals in the Administration who always think first in terms of settling problems through force, from a Saudi government obsessed with fear over Iranian hegemony, and, of course, from Israel itself. But what makes the war engine run is provided by American Jews who have taken upon themselves the onerous task of starting a war with a country that does not conceivably threaten the United States. They have been very successful at faking the Iranian threat, so much so that nearly all Republican and most Democratic congressmen, as well as much of the media, seem to be convinced that Iran needs to be dealt with firmly, most definitely by using the U.S. military, and the sooner the better.

And while they are doing it, the issue that nearly all the Iran haters are Jewish has somehow fallen out of sight, as if it does not matter. But it should matter. A recent article in the New Yorker on stopping the impending war with Iran strangely suggests that the current generation "Iran hawks" might be a force of moderation regarding policy options given the lessons learned from Iraq. The article cites as hardliners on Iran David Frum, Max Boot, Bill Kristol (left) and Bret Stephens.

Daniel Larison over at The American Conservative has a good review of the New Yorker piece entitled "Yes, Iran Hawks Want Conflict with Iran," which identifies the four above cited hawks by name before describing them as "...a Who's Who of consistently lousy foreign policy thinking. If they have been right about any major foreign policy issue in the last twenty years, it would be news to the entire world. Every single one of them hates the nuclear deal with Iran with a passion, and they have argued in favor of military action against Iran at one point or another. There is zero evidence that any of them would oppose attacking Iran."

And I would add a few more names, Mark Dubowitz, Michael Ledeen and Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum; John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine; Elliot Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations; Meyrav Wurmser of the Middle East Media Research Institute; Kimberly Kagan of the Institute for the Study of War; and Frederick Kagan, Danielle Pletka and David Wurmser of the American Enterprise Institute. And you can also throw into the hopper entire organizations like The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) and the Hudson Institute. And yep, they're all Jewish, plus most of them would self-describe as neo-conservatives. And I might add that only one of the named individuals has ever served in any branch of the American military - David Wurmser was once in the Navy reserve. These individuals largely constitute a cabal of sanctimonious chairborne warriors who prefer to do the heavy thinking while they let others do the fighting and dying.


So it is safe to say that much of the agitation to do something about Iran comes from Israel and from American Jews. Indeed, I would opine that most of the fury from Congress re Iran comes from the same source, with AIPAC showering our Solons on the Potomac with "fact sheets" explaining how Iran is worthy of annihilation because it has pledged to "destroy Israel," which is both a lie and an impossibility as Tehran does not have the resources to carry out such a task. The AIPAC lies are then picked up and replayed by an obliging media, where nearly every "expert" who speaks about the Middle East on television and radio or who is interviewed for newspaper stories is Jewish.

One might also add that neocons as a group were founded by Jews and are largely Jewish, hence their universal attachment to the state of Israel. They first rose into prominence when they obtained a number of national security positions during the Reagan Administration and their ascendancy was completed when they staffed senior positions in the Pentagon and White House under George W. Bush. Recall for a moment Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith, and Scooter Libby. Yes, all Jewish and all conduits for the false information that led to a war that has spread and effectively destroyed much of the Middle East. Except for Israel, of course. Philip Zelikow, also Jewish, in a moment of candor, admitted that the Iraq War, in his opinion, was fought for Israel. [Zelikow was in charge of the 9-11 cover-up. --Makow] 

Add to the folly a Jewish U.S. Ambassador to Israel who identifies with the most right-wing Israeli settler elements, a White House-appointed chief negotiator who is Jewish and a Jewish son-in-law who is also involved in formulating Middle East policy. Is anyone providing an alternative viewpoint to eternal and uncritical support for Benjamin Netanyahu and his kleptocratic regime of racist thugs? I think not.


There are a couple of simple fixes for the dominant involvement of American Jews in foreign policy issues where they have a personal interest due to their ethnicity or family ties. First of all, don't put them into national security positions involving the Middle East, where they will potentially be conflicted. Let them worry instead about North Korea, which does not have a Jewish minority and which was not involved in the holocaust. This type of solution was, in fact, somewhat of a policy regarding the U.S. Ambassador position in Israel. No Jew was appointed to avoid any conflict of interest prior to 1995, an understanding that was violated by Bill Clinton (wouldn't you know it!) who named Martin Indyk to the post. Indyk was not even an American citizen at the time and had to be naturalized quickly prior to being approved by congress.

Those American Jews who are strongly attached to Israel and somehow find themselves in senior policy-making positions involving the Middle East and who actually possess any integrity on the issue should recuse themselves, just as any judge would do if he were presiding over a case in which he had a personal interest. Any American should be free to exercise first amendment rights to debate possible options regarding policy, up to and including embracing positions that damage the United States and benefit a foreign nation. But if he or she is in a position to actually create those policies, he or she should butt out and leave the policy generation to those who have no personal baggage.

(Left, the once-real Donald Trump) 

For those American Jews who lack any shred of integrity, the media should be required to label them at the bottom of the television screen whenever they pop up, e.g. Bill Kristol is "Jewish and an outspoken supporter of the state of Israel." That would be kind-of-like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison - translating roughly as "ingest even the tiniest little dosage of the nonsense spewed by Bill Kristol at your own peril."

As none of the above is likely to happen, the only alternative is for American citizens who are tired of having their country's national security interests hijacked by a group that is in thrall to a foreign government to become more assertive about what is happening. Shine a little light into the darkness and recognize who is being diddled and by whom. Call it like it is. And if someone's feelings are hurt, too bad. We don't need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don't need it.
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Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Mohammed Ali's Defence of Race (scroll down)

David Irving - Not a Holocaust Denier

September 19, 2017

In a 2009 confession, David Irving 
acknowledges that more than two million
Jews were gassed at four camps.
 So why has he been persecuted? 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

David Irving has been vilified by Organized Jewry as a "holocaust denier" but his real crime has been to do original research. 

Someone said, "history is propaganda about the past" and, while affirming there were gassings, Irving has deviated from the Party Line. He questions how many Jews died at Auschwitz and whether exterminations were carried out under Hitler's orders. He claims Hitler always tried to mitigate or stop violence against Jews. 

In 2009, Irving made a two-hour autobiographical "Confession" (above)  which I highly recommend. He is a genius, the best Britain can produce in terms of character and courage. His speaking ability and grasp of information are phenomenal. This man should have been Prime Minister of England. He puts all the other doofuses, including the psychopath Winston Churchill, to shame. Organized Jewry owes David Irving an apology and millions in compensation. 

In 2005 Irving was lured to Austria by a secret police agent posing as a student and jailed for 13 months. That's 400 days in solitary confinement, in a 6' x 6' cell, for doing nothing but seeking to learn the facts about the holocaust.  He deals with the holocaust starting at 1 hr. 35 min in the Confession. He found documents that confirm that the "Bug River" camps were indeed extermination camps, and that around two million Jews were gassed
at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, as well as Majdanek. He says he is a "deviationist" among revisionists who claim no gassing took place. He says these exterminations, called Operation Reinhard, were economic in nature - looting rich Jews and then murdering them. Documents list the gold watches, coins, fountain pens etc accrued by this operation.  

As for Auschwitz, he quotes a source who says people unfit for work were gassed, but he tends to minimize the numbers. He cites a post-war Polish document that places the death total of all people at 300,000 . 

"According to Rees, in 1942, there were 2.7 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, including 1.6 million at the Operation Reinhard camps, but only 200,000 Jews were gassed at Auschwitz that year in two old converted farmhouses. Rees wrote that almost one-half of all the Jews that were killed at Auschwitz were Hungarian Jews who were gassed within a period of 10 weeks in 1944. Up until the Spring of 1944, it had been the three Operation Reinhard camps at Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor, that were the main Nazi killing centers for the Jews, not Auschwitz."
Since Irving acknowledges that many more Jews also died by the bullet, it is hard to understand why he is considered a "holocaust denier." Even official historians like Raul Hilberg put the number killed at closer to five million. Irving suggests that the holocaust is big money for Organized Jewry and that is why they came down so hard on him. Of course, it's also used to give Jews special status as martyrs. 


Irving's humanizing Hitler is another reason he has been ostracized. He quote Hitler as saying he wanted to postpone the resolution of the "Jewish Question" until after the war. 

irving (1).jpg
I don't know why Irving sued Deborah Lipstadt for defamation for calling him a holcaust denier. How did he ever expect to get justice? 

He says Lipstadt admitted in an interview they tried to "destabilize" him before the trial. Irving relates how on the day his 30-year-old daughter who suffered from incurable disease committed suicide, a rich Jew sent him an expensive reeve with an inscription "a merciful death" referencing the Nazi euthanasia program.  

Lipstadt's $15 million defense team was financed by Illuminati Jews like Steven Spielberg.  Irving stood alone. The verdict cleaned him out.  Yet when Hollywood recently made a movie about this trial, David, the lone hero who stood for truth against Goliath, is made out to be the villain. This is what organized Jewry is all about, inverting good and evil. (This is the true meaning of "revolution.")  

I am glad David Irving's confession is on tape and still on YouTube. People with character and courage are a dying breed in a dying culture. We need to listen to him speak and be inspired. 

Although I think Irving is naive about Hitler, generally he is one of the few historians we can trust. As he says, a hundred years from now, people will want to read his books, because he was jailed for writing them.  

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "David Irving - Not a Holocaust Denier "

Kurt B said (September 20, 2017):

David C.’s contention that the Germans used “carbon monoxide from diesel engines” to kill people is untenable. Diesel exhaust is oxygen rich and would be terribly inefficient as a lethal agent.

Also, since there were no crematoria at any of the Operation Reinhard camps, disposal of the remains is problematic. The contemporary narrative is that the Germans first buried the corpses in massive pits then later dug them up and burned them. However, in the 1990’s an Australian team using ground penetrating radar examined several of the sites and found no evidence that the soil had been disrupted anywhere.

I can believe that the SS rounded up and shot many partisans toward the end of the war but to claim that there was a central plan of extermination fails to convince. 70 years after the end of the war there is no evidence of a plan, budget, disbursement records or blueprint of a homicidal gas chamber. We are supposed to believe it was all done with a wink and a wave.
I’ve read Irving and like his books although he seems too often contradict himself on the holocaust story.

David C said (September 19, 2017):

I'm aware that approximately 500,000 people were gassed by the National Socialist Workers Party, mostly derelicts, drug addicts, prostitutes, mentally ill, mentally retarded - all "useless eaters" to the Reich. Many of the condemned were not Jewish - the purpose was to "sanitize" the cities, by getting rid of the more decadent faction of society during Weimar Germany era. If indeed they did gas people at the 'labor' camps during the 1940's, they would have used carbon monoxide from diesel engines, like they did during the 1930's. That would explain the lack of gas chambers, because any garage or enclosed space can be a gas chamber for carbon monoxide. Cremating that many people would have been problematic, and then burying all those ashes - where is it all? I think they likely did gas people at the camps, especially those who were unfit for work, and had no other use to them - like they did previously. I doubt the high numbers of deaths though, because there wasn't that many Jews to start with, and there were so many left after the war it seems doubtful 2 million were gassed, but it's possible.

As for David Irving: I've read much of his work, and some videos. I always wonder why he was the only historian who had access to those archives, which would have been a virtual gold mine to historical researchers, so why was Irving the only "archivist" who had access to the records? I've never seen any other researcher have so much information about the Nazis from "original" sources. MI6 has specialized in forging "real" documents forever, so there is no guarantee the archives Irving was given access to were real. Irving seems to have a Nazi/Hitleri fetish, and supposedly likes to dress as a Nazi, but maybe that's just propaganda. His stint in prison might have been real, or it may have been done deliberately to give him credibility, as they did with Hitler, and others. David Irving seems like a good man and excellent researcher, but I wonder if he is real, or is he just another psyop, probably not even knowing that himself. The best-controlled opposition is the ones that don't know they are being controlled.

Your website is one of the first I read each day. I appreciate what you're doing: grateful thanks for your dedication, honesty, courage, and integrity, even though I don't always agree with everything you write.

Below- Was WW2 a Genocidal War on Germany? (scroll down)

Mohammed Ali's Defence of Racial Identity

September 18, 2017

(This is a longer excerpt from the BBC interview. Watch the host deflate when he can't convert Ali to his PC view.) 

Many goyim have drunk the Cabalist kool-aid 
and are accomplices in their own destruction.
They think that preserving their racial
heritage is "white supremacy" and "hateful." 
Here is Mohammed Ali's eloquent rejection in 1971
of interracial marriage: 

(See my comments below) 

Interviewer - That's because, that's societies fault, we got to educate people about it.

M.A. - Life is too short for me to be catching hell for something like that, I'd rather be with my own, and have a beautiful daughter, beautiful wife, both look like me and we are all happy and I don't have no trouble. I ain't that in love with no women to go through all that hell, there's no one woman that good. You understand?

Interviewer - I understand, I do understand, I think it's sad ....

M.A. - (Interrupting) It ain't sad because I want my child to look like me, every intelligent person wants their child to look like them, I'm sad because I want to blot out my race and lose my identity? Chinese love Chinese they love the little slanty eye, pretty brown skin babies. Pakistani love their culture, Jewish people love their culture, a lot of catholic wanna be with Catholics and want the religion to stay the same... who would want to spot up yourself and kill your race? You're a hater of your people if you don't want to stay who you are. You ashamed of what god made you? You think he made a mistake when he made you?

Interviewer - I think that's a philosophy of despair, I really do

M.A. - Philosophy of despair? Here let me tell you, listen. No woman on this earth, not even a black woman in Muslim countries can please me and cook for me and socialize with me like my American black woman, no woman, and last is a white woman... can really identify with me and my feelings, and the way I act, and the way I talk.... it's just nature, you can do what you want, but it's nature to want to be with your own, I want to be with my own.


Incidentally, at the time when this interview was carried out (1971), about 75% of Americans would have agreed with him, including 40% of US Blacks.

Makow Comment- Defined by Cabalism and Talmud, Judaism is not a religion but a satanic cult. First Jews were inducted, then Freemasons and now humanity as a whole. A satanic cult exploits and controls its members by corrupting and making them sick, and then "managing the symptoms" for profit.

Making us sick requires dehumanizing us. They dynamite the four legs of human identity: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.) 
The Masonic bankers are promoting miscegenation to destroy the white race. They stigmatize anyone who objects as "racist."
But "racism" is only a negative thing when it imputes superior or inferior qualities to every member of a race by virtue of birth. 

The "anti-racists" are the true haters; they wanted to dispossess or destroy the white race. So-called "racists" want to preserve all races.

Mankind is a family. All races are beautiful and have something special to bring to the party. True diversity means every race retains its distinctive qualities.  Together we are strong!

As for intermarriage, I believe that marrying within your race is an ideal but we shouldn't be dogmatic about it. I was married to a Filipina and members of my family are intermarrying. Love and individual freedom must supersede racial considerations. However, there is something very wrong when the mass media and corporations promote miscegenation based on the satanist agenda of the cabalist central banking cartel. 

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Mohammed Ali's Defence of Racial Identity "

Afzal said (September 20, 2017):

A verse from Holy Quraan chapter 49 verse 13 also signifies why we are differently created by Almighty God.

''O mankind! We created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other).
Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is , the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted.''

Although verse doesn't stop us from intermarriages.But clarifies why we are of different nations and tribes.
And it is but natural to remain in one's race, culture nation and tribe.
Makes perfect sense to me what Ali says in the interview.

Afzal K.
Ardent reader of your website since 2001

Al Thompson said (September 18, 2017):

I think Ali's statement about race is interesting and there's a lot of truth to it. However, if God didn't want the races mixing, then they wouldn't be able to reproduce. Under the natural law, we all have the same plumbing. It is only the skin color and maybe some other features, such as slanted eyes that are different. If a Chinese woman gives birth from a white husband then there shouldn't be any problem either way.

I actually prefer Asian women over any white feminist woman. And it is difficult if not impossible to find a white woman who has all their marbles. Almost all of them are one fry short of a Happy Meal.

People should be free to choose their mates and people should be free to express their opinions.

Bill said (September 18, 2017):

Good article Henry! People who love their neighbor as themselves don't give two hoots nor a holler about who others choose for a helpmate. God doesn't make any junk, men create junk through their diabolical wickedness because of their own selfish, degenerate sinful nature to dominate and subjugate those less fortunate, why?... because they assimilate demonic spirits which dominate and rule them.

Most men never understand that they must imbibe the spirit of the living God in order to conquer their evil nature which can only be conquered by the power of The Living God.

Kevin Boyle on Swedenborg and the Power of Prayer

August 29, 2017

(Emanuel Swedenborg, 1688-1772, Swedish theologian, scientist and playwright) 

Kevin Boyle on Swedenborg and the Power of Prayer 

Cabbalists do indeed channel the spirit of "God" but that their God is Lucifer.  
According to Swedenborg, there is no single "Devil" but rather individual spirits 
that can appear to the 'observer' or the afflicted as one.
Prayer of all kinds including the imagining of our own preferred futures is indispensable.


Quote from your "The God of the Cabbalah" article: Cabalist Jewish central bankers - whose "religion" is to lie and deceive. They believe that perception is reality, thinking is believing, and saying so makes it true. They claim to channel God's will, and create a solipsism that reflects their insane megalomania and avarice. 

The problem is that there is a great deal of truth in this. As we desire and we imagine, we do create. Like Swedenborg believed and Christ taught, we channel spirit from the eternal realms ... from the heavenly angelic realms or the hellish (demonic, Satanic or Luciferian) ones. We do not know where our thoughts come from (I believe they are given to us according to our desires and predilections), nor our feelings, but we do know that we choose which thoughts and feelings we will act upon.

As many near-death experiencers have testified. We command the spiritual realms. If we sincerely and passionately demand the manifestation of a reality then the eternal realms are obliged to respond to our call.

As Christ Himself said,  "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24

This is why (as 'The Protocols' demand) there is a war against God and a forbidding of Christ. Because if we believe, we pray and we learn how to pray and if our prayers are incantations to the heavens we will prevail because the spirits of Heaven are MUCH more powerful than the spirits of Hell.

Swedenborg reported that one angel can scatter a thousand demons. Many NDE witnesses have attested that demons flee from 'the Light'.

The other important factor in prayer is that mere desire, if vague and unfocused, is not enough. In the spiritual war assistance must be specifically requested. 

An example that might highlight this is that if we ever consciously decide to do a bad thing for the first time against our own inner resistance and then commit the act or say the word ... repetition of the offence is thereafter a painless procedure. In fact repetition of the error is often very difficult to stop. The behaviour (using bad language, for instance) becomes instinctive and uninhibited. It is as if the angels step aside and say, "OK then, it's your decision. Find out the hard way."

In order to stop such behaviour (which might then be described as habitual or addictive) we NEED spiritual assistance. We must pray and ask for help. If we do, it comes. Ask any recovered alcoholic how this stuff works. They will tell you.

Prayer of all kinds including the imagining of our own preferred futures is indispensable.

Old Age and Death

August 25, 2017

Old Age and Death

Dik Browne (1917-1989) the creator of the cartoon strip, Hagar the Horrible, is quoted in a recent Vanity Fair article by Cullen Murphy as saying something about getting old and dying which resonated with me. Here is the excerpt.  

I remember talking with Dik Browne one afternoon in 1979, about Fairfield County and how the Connecticut School was even then winding down. We were having lunch at his house in Wilton. His wife, Joan, was with us, and the television was on in the background. Joan suffered from emphysema and moved about the house on a motorized scooter, hooked up to a tank of oxygen. For some reason Dik wanted to change the channel, but every time he used the remote, wielding it clumsily with an arthritic arm, he also caused the seat on the scooter to rise. When Joan used her own controls to fix the seat, the channel would change. For several minutes the two of them engaged in electronic warfare.

When the fun was over, Dik came back to what we had been talking about. He was under no illusions--holding on to no cat. He said, "I feel right now the way I used to feel as a kid when the movie was over. The credits would start to roll. The lights would start to come up. And I would walk slowly backwards up the slanting aisle, watching the screen, just trying to make it last as long as I could."

Focus on the Fed! Tony B

August 15, 2017

Focus on the Fed! 

by Tony B

All the billions of words about Trump are meaningless.  Unless and until people are willing to actually think, which means getting outside of the box created by the world owner criminals to corrupt their brains, there will only be more confusion. 

To understand the U.S. political situation people must be willing to understand that AMERICANS DO NOT VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT, nor for many other high offices when not convenient to our owners.  At least one of these arrogant bastards, several decades ago make the unguarded, because true, statement:  "AMERICANS ARE TOO STUPID TO ELECT THE PRESIDENT, WE DECIDE WHO WILL BE PRESIDENT."  Until you face this simple fact you cannot understand politics because you are forever searching for what exactly it was that got this person the vote and not that person.  

Note carefully the following:  IN THIS COUNTRY (and undoubtedly most others) THE PARTIES ARE NOW OWNED OUTRIGHT BY THE ROTHSCHILD CABAL SEATED IN ITS CITY OF LONDON.  NO ONE CAN BE NAMED ON A BALLOT WHOM THEY DO NOT OWN.  ALL "VIABLE" CANDIDATES ARE THEIR PROSTITUTES.  ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Is everyone too brain dead to see that no matter who is put in what office the direction of the politics NEVER CHANGES?

It is no minor detail that Hillary had been promised this office by that cabal for decades.  Have all forgotten that early on in the last election this woman, who could not fill a small room with supporters, was being handed a fake "landslide" victory?  The lying media was handing her states almost before the voting began. 

As opposition to her, the tactic decided upon, and publically acknowledged, had been someone who would spout "right wing fanaticisms" as, believing their own deceitful lies or else their success in selling them, the people would surely be turned off by this noise.  It should be obvious how that succeeded from the huge audiences Trump attracted while Hillary had to resort to depraved but highly promoted entertainment to fill a room.

Then there was an odd election day happening.  Someone or some group, real unsung heroes in some ways, began dumping to the public extremely damaging information about Hillary and Co. involvement in child trafficking, child sex, child sacrifice to the devil.  ALL VERY TRUE. 

 This leading UP THE LADDER OF WORLD CONTROL, not down it.  To an extend that the cabal, the central promoter of this satanic hell, realized they may all shortly be hanging from lamp posts in their various nations if they did not stem the exposures which they had to know concerned their No 1 satanic choice as president.  The were actually forced to change their choice, a first since they grabbed power.

THEN THERE WAS A SUDDEN REVERSAL OF THE MEDIA "VOTE COVERAGE" and those states so happily handed to Hillary were grudgingly pulled back and became "not sure" and finally given to Trump.  

So what actually happened?  Did the people vote for Trump?  Well, maybe but that doesn't matter at all.  WHAT MATTERS IS THAT THE CABAL FELT FORCED TO DUMP THEIR CHOICE AND PUT IN THEIR SECOND STRING PROSTITUTE.

So what is all the constant blather about?  True, from the campaign fanatical flight to Trump of the populous and flight from Hillary, Trump likely was the intended choice of probably 95% of the voters.  But does it matter?  HE IS OWNED BY THE SAME CABAL THAT OWNS HILLARY, ET AL.  HE WILL DO AS HE IS TOLD.  UNTIL THE CABAL IS ELIMINATED NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.  PERIOD.  

Why waste time, energy and resources on a president, any president, who will never be YOUR CHOICE unless you work to get rid of the Rothschild cabal.  The number one requirement for this to happen is TO FORCE YOUR GOVERNMENT TO CREATE AND CIRCULATE REAL MONEY AS THE NATION'S MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE INSTEAD OF THE INSANE BORROWING OF NON-EXISTENT "CREDIT" FROM THE ROTHSCHILD FRANCHISES SUCH AS THE FEDERAL RESERVE, the real seat of the satanic power of this cabal..