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Below- Alex Baldwin -- Was Murder a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice? (scroll down)

The "Plan" -- Vax Holocaust Will Ignite Total Anarchy

October 24, 2021

mad-max-3.jpg(The "Plan" is for the betrayed vaccinated to revolt and create a state of anarchy, such as seen in the Mad Max movies, left. The global government will save the day.)

A billionaire in NZ supposedly leaked this info to a service provider he befriended.

The goal, of course, is a return to feudalism in a one-world government tyranny.

"The PLAN is to turn each citizen violently against his own government" when the vaccines result in mass deaths. The people promoting the vax will take the fall. That's why they are so disposable. Biden is almost dead. Fidelito is a twit.

The damage timeline for the mRNA vaccines is 2-3 years. The mRNA uptake "has exceeded their wildest expectations."

There is an antidote which only a few will get. They will still need people to serve them.

The anger of the vaxed who are maimed and dying will result in the destruction of all social institutions. They will "burn their government to the ground."

In the wake of anarchy, a new global government will emerge as "the great saviour."

Is this why some prominent anti vaxers belong to a Masonic organization?  They believe in telling us in advance what they're going to do. Are these some of the people the billionaire says they "recruited." Is this why Twitter is allowing a lot of anti vaccine info to circulate?

Disclaimer- Obviously I don't know if this worst case scenario will play out. I certainly hope it doesn't. But we should be mindful of it.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below--Texe Marrs in 2018- Cabalist Agenda is to Enslave Mankind (scroll down)

Alex Baldwin -- Was Murder a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice?

baldwin.jpg"The majority of players in Hollywood are card carrying satanists. They keep it a secret.
Their families keep it a secret. They attend black masses. They attend orgies.
They attend animal sacrifices. They attend human sacrifices.
They pretend to be atheists and Christians to the public.
But they are full blown satanists operating under disguise."

(Disclaimer - I  reserve judgment on this but the anonymous author makes a good case.)

 Hollywood insider and pol lurker from back in the day here. I have worked in Hollywood for over a decade as a producer. I can tell you what really went down. It will fuck you up big time so be prepared.

1. He was given live rounds. Live rounds, as in bullets with gunpowder behind them aren't allowed on set because they can't be used. Let me repeat that. THEY CAN'T BE USED. The only rounds that are allowed are dummy rounds(no gunpowder) and blank rounds(no bullets.) There is no way a live round would make it to set because it wouldn't have been purchased or stored in the first place. This would only happen if a crime is being committed.

2. Virtually no one nowadays uses blank firing during day scenes. This is because you can't see the muzzle flash in the day time. You would just fire the revolver and let it cycle. It is pretty much completely unheard of nowadays and for good reason. Insurance is purchased for films and every single thing is scrutinized before it is approved. If you have something that is risky in the slightest, you pay thousands of dollars more for it and the studio tells you upfront to make the cheaper decision.

3. When firing a gun on set, the hired weapons expert, armorer, prop master, or other crew member loads blanks into it. It is damn near impossible to load a series of blanks and also a live round in a six shooter revolver without noticing. Any fucking idiot would hold six bullets in their hand and realize that five of them have no bullet attached to them and one of them does. It's like holding six dicks in your hand and only one of them has a dickhead. It's impossible not to notice.

Halyna-hutchins-2-1.jpg (Victim, Halyna Hutchins)

It is extremely rare that an actor would aim a gun at a crew member. Actors aim guns at other actors or at empty spaces. Even if they are pointing the gun at the camera, the cinematographer and director are not directly behind the camera or in the way of the gun, they are off to the side looking at the monitors. Even if the camera is moving and the cinematographer is behind it, it is still extremely rare that the actor would aim a gun at them due to all the other angles they could be aiming at. It is a very rare alignment that does not occur.

5. The press are misleading you on purpose. They keep saying he was given a prop gun. A prop gun is a gun that can't fire bullets. Only a real gun can fire real bullets. He was given a real gun which was a six shooter revolver. They are saying prop gun for a reason. They are trying to diminish the fact that this was a crime.

6. The death falls in line with an occult practice of art predicting death.

Alec is in a movie where he plays a man trying to help his grandson who committed an accidental murder.

Brandon Lee was in a film where he played a man who gets shot and killed and resurrected.

Heath Ledger played a rebooted version of same character that got killed and resurrected.
(Heath Ledger played a character that was directly inspired by The Crow. The Joker. David Goyer and Chris Nolan admitted that The Joker's entire look and make-up, the way he goes into the gangster meeting, the knives he chooses, the fire symbols and a lot more are directly ripped from The Crow.)

They are all playing characters that they become in real life.

7. The movie is also a metaphor for Satan.

Do you see the connection? Brandon died playing a role. Heath died playing the same role. They were both playing men that were burning society down. They were both playing the role of Satan. They were both murdered as sacrifices. They were both killed at the age of 28.

But what about Alec's character? He plays an outlaw that is breaking a 13 year old murderer out of prison. 13 is a metaphor for the spirit of rebellion. He is also playing the role of Satan.

baldwin-clinton.jpg(Clinton & Baldwin in Masonic --thumb on knuckle-- handshake)

8. The deaths all align with occult satanic numerology.

March 31st, 1993 at 1:03. 3311993103 = 33 = 6.
January 22nd, 2008 at 3:33. 1222008333 = 24 = 6.
October 21st, 2021 at 1:50. 10212021150 = 15 = 6.

They all result in 6.

9. All three of those deaths occurred during times of satanic sacrifice on the satanic calendar.

The majority of players in Hollywood are card carrying satanists. They keep it a secret. Their families keep it a secret. They attend black masses. They attend orgies. They attend animal sacrifices. They attend human sacrifices. They pretend to be atheists and Christians to the public. But they are full blown satanists operating under disguise. In private if you are at a party with them inside one of their homes you will be able to tell by the artwork they keep. They always most always have some sort of satanic artwork. If you are good friends with them they will tell you that they are a satanist and that they believe that Satan is more powerful as God and is going to defeat him in the end times. These people hold sacrifices during certain times of the year. They often come in threes.

Thanks to M for sending this!

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Mike Yeadon -- Timetable to Tyranny (scroll down)

Texe Marrs in 2018- Cabalist Agenda is to Enslave Mankind

October 23, 2021

blood_covenant_cover (1).jpg

"The plan of the Jews is to employ the tools of chaos magic --to use deception, lies, craft and magic --to obtain... the conquest of the Gentile world... and the establishment of a [satanic] Kingdom on earth. Thus the world will eventually be "mended" (repaired or restored) and 
"made perfect." Perfect for them, the Jews that is. For Gentiles, unholy hell will have arrived on earth." (p.26)

This is "the Jewish Utopia."  Sounds farfetched,  but it explains much of what is happening today.  

by Henry Makow PhD

In his latest book, Texe Marrs provides a rude reminder of the "big picture" behind world events. The West is already controlled by satanist
Jews whose goal is to establish a technological police state akin to Stalin's darkest days and to slaughter any Christians or Muslims stubborn enough to adhere to Christ or Mohammed.  

This seems farfetched but daily events confirm this analysis. They have used the banking system to subvert and control all social institutions worldwide. They carry out a mass shooting in Florida and no one is questioning the authenticity of this event? Here are the real shooters. yMHpU3vMzuRJCTWK.mp4  Instead, they enlist an army of child fanatics to disarm adults. 

Why do they have to disarm the goyim? So the goyim cannot defend themselves from a planned terror such as took place in previous Masonic Jewish revolutions in France and Russia.  

They censor free speech on the Internet. They sabotage gender and coerce girls into seeking high-powered careers instead of becoming wives and mothers. By destroying femininity and masculinity (heterosexuality) they are thwarting the fundamental alchemy of reproduction. This upending of nature is at the heart of Satanism. Western society is being inducted into a satanic cult, call it Communism. 

They promote migration and miscegenation. There is blanket mass surveillance. We are the target of the most hateful campaign of social engineering but are accused of "hate speech" if we so much as mention it. How more diabolical can you get? The Communist (Satanist) takeover has already occurred. They're just waiting for the right moment to take off the final wraps. 


In his new book, Texe Marrs reminds us that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. THE WORSHIP OF DEATH Is the aim of Satanism. The goal is the destruction of everything that is wholesome and good. The population has been lulled to sleep by the Jewish-controlled media. They won't know what hit them.

Marrs says that Zionism is the "most satanic and depraved form of racial supremacism". He blames Zionism and its ugly twin Communism for 250 million deaths in the last century. He sees a hideous "beast slouching toward Bethlehem" in the form of a merciless Jewish tyranny already on full display in Palestine. Palestine might be the dry run. US police are trained by Israel.

"Humanity has long had a rendezvous with this cruel beast. We cannot escape...his psychopathic and barbaric criminal insanity...He is the epitome of consummated evil.." (14)

"The Jews are on a fast track to their occult fate. They have made an agreement with hell, a covenant with death, and payments on their debt to Satan must be made in accordance with that contractual agreement." (15)

"The average Christian assumes that the Jews are merely Old Testament believers who simply need Jesus to be "completed." Judaism is, in reality, a wicked corrupt religion of hatred, deception and of deviant rampant, sexuality and hedonism." (130)

Marrs shows how throughout history Jews have behaved in a barbaric fashion whenever they held the upper hand. He delves into the Talmud and Kabbalah to show that the real Jewish Covenant is not with God but with the devil. He shows how the Kabbala is an incestuous family soap opera where the participants achieve cosmic balance by screwing each other. Jewish prayer (davening) imitates coitus. 

"The ultimate objective of Kabbalah, despite the vain and empty denials of many of its advocates, is the utter destruction of all matter, of mankind itself: Annihilation. The Ouroboros serpent encircling and strangling humanity. Creative destruction, the wicked satanic kabbalists call it....The neocon cabal is a veiled and shadowed demonstration of it. They actually want to plunge the world into nuclear catastrophe and chaos. A fiery chaos and destruction atop of which they hope to build their new, occult utopian Order of the Ages. It is a frightening prospect and so far it has been successful." (86) 

The pieces are being put in place for a nuclear war. Trump has betrayed his campaign promise to defuse tensions with Russia and avoid gratuitous wars in places like Syria. The West is preparing to attack Iran and, if it goes nuclear, Putin has vowed to respond in kind.  Trump's hand signals remind us that he is a kabbalist Freemason. He distracts Americans with domestic issues. These won't mean very much when we're all dead and the country is in smoldering ruins. 


As an ethnic Jew, I am heartsick that a secret faction of "my people" have gone over to Satan, and the majority are either ignorant or indifferent. The Satanists have put all Jews in jeopardy. Anti-Semitism could burst into violence. Some foresee a civil war.  Jews must disown the satanic agenda or face the consequences if there are any. They must stand with their Gentile neighbors and oppose Communism in all its myriad forms. 

But the goyim have also been complicit. I am puzzled at Marrs' narrow focus on Jews. This statement puzzles me most: "The Jewish majority hates humanity, they despise life, they hate God. Therefore they are psychopaths and love death." (16)

(If you want to hate Jews, hate the ones who are instrumental in the Conspiracy.)
This is true of Jewish leadership and their minions but "the Jewish majority" are dupes who do not feel this way. Like Freemasonry, Judaism is a satanic cult. Only the "initiated" know the real agenda. The rank-and-file are manipulated with high-sounding platitudes. 

 The Jews I know do not hate humanity and love death. They are oblivious to the dark side of Judaism and prefer assimilation. The rate of intermarriage is almost 60%.They are just as ignorant as the average goyim. Guilt by association is wrong. The real haters are the Chabadniks and their ilk.   (See how Jewish liberals react to this Jewish hate.) 

I am puzzled by Texe Marrs' failure to include Freemasonry. The bankers require the collaboration of goyim who have betrayed their society, religion and culture. What about the US Congress? The McCains and the Lindsey Grahams are not Jews. They are Freemasons who hope "Jews" will take all the blame for America's downfall.  

There is only one reference to Freemasonry in Texe Marrs book. On page 85, he says Freemasonry "a Judaic religious sect, believes that God is both good and evil..."   That's it?  When the US is run by Freemasons as well as Jews? Why does everyone let the Freemasons off the hook? 
Because they "were only obeying orders?" Don't these cowardly opportunists deserve equal blame? 

Freemasons have played as large a part as Jews in the subversion of Western society. They expect to get a seat at the table or at least a few crumbs. But, according to prophesy, both Jews and Gentiles will be destroyed.  

I commend Texer Marrs for writing a courageous unwelcome book. We don't like to be reminded of the diabolical agenda behind daily events.  Western society has been taken over by people who seek its ruin. This is mindboggling. If we realize these people are both Jewish and Gentile, we can overcome the charge that our resistance is bigotry.  The enemy is Satanism. And Satanism takes many forms.

The question remains, what can we do? Prepare.  Armageddon may be closer than we think. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Texe Marrs in 2018- Cabalist Agenda is to Enslave Mankind "

RK said (October 24, 2021):

Artificial famine is standard Communist policy

The Povolzhye in Bolshevik Russia, the Holodomor in Ukraine, the Maoist and Cambodian orchestrated famines--all have been imposed by Communist governments in order to break popular resistance to dictatorship. If you think It won't happen here, then you should be brushing up on your history and re-evaluating your understanding of who are dictating the policies of your government.

CR said (October 24, 2021):

I agree that Texe Marrs is overly fixated on Jews, but it appears that he is right about a lot of things. What he says about "A fiery chaos and destruction atop of which they hope to build their new, occult utopian Order of the Ages." is echoed by non-Jew Aleister Crowley in his "Book 4":

"When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World-Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon."

This is where we are heading unless more people start to wake up to what is happening. This would also explain certain recent developments in the US military such as the toxic vaccine mandate, transsexuals and pregnant women in combat roles, and the appointment of the transsexual "Rachel" Levine to admiral. The Western world is being set up for destruction.

CW said (October 24, 2021):

You are right about Marrs work... the absence of blame of Masonry in his works he often quoted from famous masons[Pike etc.] perhaps Texe was one himself[a closet mason] there are many Masons who profess being christian..i have them in my family. they have played a profound role in world history

Doug P said (October 24, 2021):

I asked a Jewish government attorney why she would want to be ruled by these Talmudists when you consider the rights they afford women - none. She had no answer. It's like asking a soldier why we are fighting all these wars and occupying all these foreign countries. A blank stare is the only possible response. The statutory obligations that surround normal bodily functions show their insanity - rabbis inspecting women's underwear during menstrual cycles and biting the foreskin off newborns.

They have no definition of evil, their definition of evil changes to fit immediate needs. They have no laws, only statutes. Law is the thing that separates us from the beasts and keeps us living according to our own basic nature, which is peaceful cooperation. A long long list of statutory obligations which no one person can know keep them in line and confused- as our existing courts have been moving towards, due to their influence. (At least 80% of attorneys are Jews according to multiple attorneys I've asked)

Texx, being a PhD engineer was probably surrounded by masons and probably could not believe what countered what he saw with his own eyes - honest, hard-working disciplined people. I bet there are many reasons why he had to avoid the topic.

"Secret Societies exist to take something away from everyone else" (paraphrased) The Republic of Plato.

Chris W said (March 12, 2018):

Yes i am aware of his tendency to blanket the bad guys as "the Jews" as if they were all on the same page. Michael Hoffman has often made the statement that generalizations do a real disservice to Truth. Holy Scripture says people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...that applies to all of us.

Ann said (March 11, 2018):

We have probably been on the brink of WW3 since 1948 when a group of people falsely calling themselves Jews occupied Palestine with the
approval to occupy the entire nation as they saw fit.

When organized-religious people of a common ethnicity, in the case of

Ashkenazi counterfeit-Jews, are permitted to occupy a nation, expect consequences with a dire conclusion as in WW3.

Call 1948 a landmark for the beginning of The End-times referred to in The Bible; being religious is always a problem when it is associated with organized-religions (all of them).

JG said (March 11, 2018):

It really doesn't matter what category we are throw into by the MSM or anybody else. We're all guilty of neglect towards humanity by turning our minds and hearts away from all the shedding of innocent blood in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, and the many other nations that are suffering around the globe.

Most Jews and Gentiles are NOT privy to the NWO plan nor do they really care to know. Political correctness has subverted their conscience and religion.They are no longer idealists, they only care about their own personal well being.

Al Thompson said (March 11, 2018):

I'm thinking that the true line of the "authority" of the Jew World Order is as follows:
Organized religion
The true authority of the natural order which God created:
The God who created everything
Free men and women
Living a moral life
Rejecting immorality
Abiding in the natural order
The problem the government has is that it is not capable of staying within God's World Order because the operations of it are completely immoral. We all should be focusing on this more because the solution to the problem is going to be establishing a moral society. And it is the order followers who are just as immoral as the people who give them the orders; maybe more.

Morality is staying within the natural order of life and refusing to pervert it. It can be difficult to do because all of us have been brain-raped since birth. I'm 71 years old and I feel like I'm just now "getting it." The governments and the religions are not the answer to any problems; they are the cause of them. We should be thinking for ourselves; using right reason and common sense. We don't need to document every turd in the cesspool. We should be trying to establish a moral society and that mankind has a latent knowledge of it.

The slavery comes from the Jews. We the goyim are like animals to the Jews; to be bought and sold like livestock (birth certificate and bonds?). The world's political systems are all communist. Under the system of Judaism, everyone is a nigger. (The word nigger is not limited to just blacks. It also means people who are economically, socially, and politically disenfranchised.) All of us live under the principles of The Communist Manifesto which makes us all slaves. Remember, the communists allow a certain amount of free market activity; otherwise, there would be nothing to steal. Slavery and stealing is evil and these governments and religions are just plain evil.

What will bring down these governments; I hope, will be the pedophilia. This is a major problem of biblical proportions and the shit will eventually hit the fan.

What gets good results is to ask yourself this question: Is what I am doing moral or good? Think about it and then act according to the right reason and common sense. Remember, the governments and the religions are the false gods of the New World Order.

"Are Biden's handlers deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance? Or do they fear it?" (2 replies)

October 17, 2021

"Are Biden's handlers deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance? Or do they fear it?"

NH replied-

Yes, Biden's handlers are deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance, and no - they don't fear it.

Anyone who thinks TPTB fear anything we, the mere "Goyim", do is badly mistaken. Everything is governed by force (violence) and they are the master's of that.

In other words, our central banks, governments, institutions, families and us, individually, are all held at "gun-point".

They are simply instituting temporary chaos, out of which will they will phoenix-like "raise" their new CCP-like management style that they have already decided on.

They want massive civil unrest & violence, banks closed and ATM's down, power-out, internet down, crops failed, infrastructure hacked, transportation collapsed, stock market and economy crashed, massive food shortages, population "die-off" and so on.

They call it "Helter Skelter" and even plan to release dangerous prisoners to make it more fun for them.

Dark Winter - this winter and for the following 4 years until they get what they want (and they want absolutely everything this time).

Martial law (already in effect), internment camps and chipped / vaccinated slave populations are what's in store.

(((They))) have decided to rule as Jewish pharaohs over a radically reduced and disarmed population, not realizing that that will be even more boring for them than owning almost everything indirectly, as they already do.

Somebody said: "The Jews are our misfortune" - which definitely was the understatement of all time.

G wrote-

Am I saying what you already know?  That is that Biden's handlers are the same as Trump's handlers even though they are given different pieces of theater to act out. 

The tippy-top handlers implementing The Protocols/Yinon Plan/Noahide Laws certainly are calling us out.

They want us to reveal ourselves as to who is a resister/fighter. Yes, they fear us, so in drawing us out, they see an easy "Identify and kill" opportunity. 

They are so very desperate.  If only real spiritual truth could somehow overtake them where they admit their evil wrongs and then crawl away into oblivion, leaving the good people of the world to clean things up and once again get life up and running. 

But it doesn't look like they'll do that.  Fight ahead, for liberty.  Slavery is not an option, nor is agreeing to be murdered. Love, honor, and courage bless us all.

Why People Comply by CR

October 10, 2021

camel.jpgWhy People Comply

Mathew 24 "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."


I saw the same thing somewhere else, looks like it's true but the regular office-working bureaucrats are not exempt.  I don't have much faith in the unions either, many unions initially opposed the mandates only to back down at the last moment.  Like the TTC union, and I know someone who works for the province of Ontario, union was initially opposed to even mandating disclosure of vaccine status but now bowed to the pressure.

The worst thing is how so many people are just giving up and taking the vaccine now that they are facing job loss.  If they all stood their ground then there would be a good chance these mandates would get thrown out, instead they are going to be taking booster shots for years to come.

Once you give into this coerced vaccination you are essentially giving the government authority over your body, you are like a puppet on a string.  If next they say you have to donate a kidney or have a vasectomy or whatever, how can you oppose once you have given them absolute power over you?

I bet there would be less opposition to mandated worship of satan or whatever demonic idol.  It poses no physical threat to your health, and this is a society that has abandoned God and given up freedom.  This could very well be what is happening next.

My observation is that people with good jobs are least likely to resist, while people living in public housing, and even better if they are on welfare or disability, have no incentive to comply and aren't at risk of losing anything.  It makes me think of the story of Jesus and the rich man:

Matthew 19:21-24

21 Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.

23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

Many people living comfortably are more willing to accept servitude to evil people rather than risk losing their possessions and suffering.  This is why things are the way they are now.

Singapore -- Unvaccinated "Hanging On by a Thread"

Singapore -- Unvaccinated "Hanging On by a Thread"

og zeusire
4 hours ago

Singapore is 85% vaccinated and they're pushing for 3rd boosters to 30 years old and up right now.

The remaining UV are just hanging by the thread. Today, they announced that UV are officially banned from malls and even outdoor eateries in a few days time even though the FV are THE super-spreaders.

Ironically, they're also being told to stay home for self-recovery cause they'd only have mild symptoms even though these tighter restrictions were put in place for "safety" while at the same time fear-mongering people with pseudo covid surges in time for boosters rollout.

They continue to persistently remind the whole nation go take their jabs and go for more booster jabs for the extra layer of illusive protection even though it's been proven useless.

The immunocompromised here are asked to take it after 2 months and not even 6months?!

Even though the trial was never done on sick people?! There was never even a trial done for boosters!

Israel and Iceland were the first to fail this rushed vaccine program miserably. This "miracle jab" does NOT prevent transmission, neither severe diseases, nor deaths. All that BS promises been thrown out of the window long ago. We're already having more FV deaths now.

Docile sheep can't see that cause they don't look beyond the local MSM statistical charts and numbers. They still think that mortality rates are kept low because of vaccination. They would have otherwise recovered naturally even without, if they were healthy to begin with. They'd always lump the UV and partially vaccinated together daily to confuse and blur the lines, and even when they die within 2 weeks of vaccination, they'd be counted as UV.

On one end they keep reminding the FV it's not "deadly" as long as you're vaccinated.. while on the other, they keep taking away more and more basic rights now called "privileges" for UV to "reward" the FV with their carrot-stick strategy.

Especially with travel promises. These docile sheep never learn and they fall for it every single time and get screwed over whenever it's time to claim their reward after being duped to take the shot and that travel bubble would pop.

Every week since last month, they'd open up boosters to lower and lower age groups and ultimately, they want to reach the children early next year, even year end if possible. We started to ignore WHO early on and mixed vaccine brands like a cocktail party and giving them to age groups that were never approved.

Also fudging covid numbers with more and more weekly antigen rapid and PCR tests that long proven to only create high false positives.

These "gold standard" PCR tests are going to be officially recalled by CDC year end 31 Dec 2021 but we're still using them for testing daily for BOTH the UV and FV and also increasing "covid deaths" as when the need arises while hiding and omitting ALL vaccines deaths throughout this entire theatrics for the pandemic.