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Gary D. Barnett -- Americans are Pathetic Cowardly Fools

September 20, 2021


"Only a nation of pathetic cowardly fools would allow such an abominable fate for their own defenseless offspring. This type of behavior indicates a total lack of intellect, and a mass ignorance of reality. It also indicates widespread indifference, which is the incarnate of a sick and immoral society."

"Once the deaths from these jabs reach unprecedented numbers, and they will, the rest of society who have not succumbed to the idiocy of taking such a dangerous concoction, will be blamed."


The gullibility of man it seems has no bounds, for if it did, how could so many be so blind?

As I reflect on the past 18 months or so, it is quite alarming to understand the scope of this scam called a 'pandemic,' and how this entire country (and world) have embraced lies, deception, and tyranny of such magnitude.

Mass murder at the hands of the state has already begun, but with the rollout of deadly and poisonous injections purposely mislabelled as 'vaccines,' the murder of large numbers that is democide, will be evident among this entire population for years to come. The perpetrators of this genocidal takeover of society are now coming after all children, and will attempt to poison as many as possible with their 'vaccines' over the course of this year and next.

Only a nation of pathetic cowardly fools would allow such an abominable fate for their own defenseless offspring. This type of behavior indicates a total lack of intellect, and a mass ignorance of reality. It also indicates widespread indifference, which is the incarnate of a sick and immoral society.

masks-sheep.jpgSo, it seems that the so-called "new normal" of totalitarian rule over a slave-like society, is not just the fault of those who wish to rule over us, but more so the people at large for allowing this to happen without proper resistance.

Blaming the enemy is easy, but accepting blame of self is avoided at all cost, and this attitude is even worse than that of tyrants. It is expected that the evil among us who are the ruling class exist, but the evil of mass apathy can never be accepted or excused.


In the course of the past few months, this country's citizens have fully acquiesced to the will of a totalitarian regime, and in the process, have laid bare their weaknesses due to an unfounded fear. Many believe there is safety in numbers, but that is only the mindset of herd animals, not humans.

By voluntarily allowing for the death and destruction of part of the herd, the rest survive to live one more day, but when people accept this attitude, they also have to accept the death and destruction of their family, friends, and neighbors as normal for survival. If that is the case, it seems that the evolution of the human species is going backward, and that is exactly what collectivism is meant to accomplish.

With this comes the consequences of non-action, and under these circumstances, those consequences are always at the discretion of the tyrants. What has happened to date should be enough for anyone to see the folly of having confidence in any state or nation. What began with lockdowns and quarantines, led to business closings, job loss, extreme stress, supply line disruption, shortages, higher prices for goods and services, (inflation) and of course economic chaos. This in turn led to much more poverty, despair, and starvation, setting the stage for the next phase of this takeover. By this time, the people should have recognized the totalitarian nature of what was going on, but alas, they remained obedient and passive, and watched as their world was decimated.

In order to see the writing on the wall, one must seek out and accept the truth, regardless of the risk involved in doing so. To avoid the truth in favor of hiding from reality, hoping that someone else will 'fix' things, is exactly what all tyrannical rulers seek in the populations they are attempting to control. It is my expressed opinion, that the timing of this takeover coup was based fully on the fact that the master class knew that the general population was too afraid, too dependent, and too apathetic to fight back against this dictatorial authoritarianism that had been planned for decades. The timing of this was genius, because the masses acted in exactly the manner desired.


While no such thing as 'Covid-19' actually exists, and has never been identified, the real threat that is the real pandemic, had been held aside for just the right moment, and early this year the 'vaccine' pandemic was released.

The 'vaccine' is the bio-weapon, and the so-called non-existent variants a of a non-existent virus, are the result of the deadly 'vaccines.'

In other words, the 'vaccine' is the pandemic, and all those who have voluntarily taken the injections will be the victims of this staged pandemic.

Once the deaths from these jabs reach unprecedented numbers, and they will, the rest of society who have not succumbed to the idiocy of taking such a dangerous concoction, will be blamed.

In effect, all will have been targeted by the criminal state, whether they got the injection or not.

The 'vaccinated' group will be sick and dying, while the unvaccinated group will be hunted by the state.

This is why this society has already been divided by stealth in order to pit those vaccinated against those who are unvaccinated; a sinister plot meant to solidify control of both groups.


This is a communistic takeover attempt, that has all the elements of Fascism, Marxism, and Communism rolled into one.

It is the most dangerous time in history for the inhabitants of this planet, as it is an attempt to achieve a globalized takeover of all in order to convert to one technocratically controlled system, where there are an 'elite' few' at the top, their enforcers and corporate partners below, including government, with the rest being a slave class known as the proletariat.

While this 'pandemic' is thought to be about a mystery virus, it is not, as the virus narrative is just the tool being used to accomplish the real agenda, which has its roots based in the guise of 'sustainable development' marketed through the idiocy of man-made climate change.

own-nothing-swab-happy.jpegThis has been fully outlined in the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, and in the aptly named "Great Reset' agenda described by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

In reality, it has but one objective, and that is to achieve total global governance and universal control over all. To be successful in this venture, many hundreds of millions, or more likely billions, will need to be murdered. The 'vaccines' are the tools of murder, so avoidance of these injections at all cost is imperative.

This is not a new threat, but it has been carefully manipulated to occur at this time in order to coincide with the people's ignorance and indifference, their prepared division, their weakness and dependence on the state, and therefore their cowardice in the face of adversity. This 'vaccine' is the key to success for the evil and criminal rulers, so the fewer of us that take this witches brew, the more of us who will be able to fight back against this heinous attempt to destroy humanity.

Our only hope is to remain non-compliant, to disobey every order, and to abolish the current governing system that has assumed dictatorial powers with the voluntary cooperation from the masses.


Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional that has been writing about freedom and liberty matters, politics, and history for two decades. He is against all war and aggression, and against the state. He recently finished a collaboration with former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and was a contributor to her new book, "When China Sneezes" From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Political-Economic Crisis." Currently, he lives in Montana with his wife and son. Visit his website.


The silent weapon that is the mRNA 'vaccine'

The non-existent 'virus' called 'Covid-19'

Sustainability and super pandemics

Agenda 21

Agenda 2030: Global communism unleashed

'Covid' equals murder: the children are next

Covid-19 'Vaccine': A slow-motion genocidal bioweapon


The Best of Gary D. Barnett

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Gary D. Barnett -- Americans are Pathetic Cowardly Fools "

Chris H said (September 21, 2021):

His line halfway through, "the timing of this was genius" is a vindication of what I've been saying to friends since this latest crap began.

The powers that be knew damn well most of the hell raising WWII and Silent Generation men were already dead, dying or simply very old. Boomer men were for the most part getting too old to fight. Gen X men such as myself hit middle age and while still viable are not the physical machines we were in our 20s and 30s, plus a decent percentage of our group drank the Kool Aid.

The Millennials are mostly gone as they've been brainwashed since birth in to compliance and fear of punishment from authorities and Gen Z was just raised to be stupid and ruled. Any attempt to act on their own behalf will be quashed quickly and easily.

And there you have it, the proverbial volleyball for authoritarianism was already set at the front of the net and just needed someone or something to smash it over.. Covid served the purpose perfectly.

CB said (September 21, 2021):

and canadians are waaaaaay worse!!

Below-- Gary D. Barnett -- Covid Vaccine Equals State Sanctioned Murder (scroll down) ---------- Twitter blocks some news Get

Mike Stone - How NOT to Be an Idiot

September 19, 2021


Mike's original title was "How to Spot an Idiot." I changed it because I am going to introduce it with a dissenting comment.

It is a mistake to disparage people who are under the covid thrall. Our job is to show them the truth, and if that fails, be patient and loving. They are good people. I know because they include my family. They have simply been indoctrinated to believe satanists have not subverted government, doctors have integrity and the media doesn't lie. That does´t make them idiots. Just dupes. If Jesus could love the lepers, surely we can love them. They are under enormous social and economic pressure.

Secondly, How Not to Be an Idiot.   By not complying. A reader is being coerced to take the vaccine or lose his warehouse job. I told him to quit. Apart from potential health damage, the vaccine is a rite of initiation into a satanic cult. It probably contains your bar code.  This whole scam from social distancing to masks leads to vaccines and digital id's. They are exerting so much pressure to vaccinate because there is a sinister hidden agenda. Only an idiot would comply.

We must face the fact that we are at war with an occult power that has seized the reins of government and economy. They're coming for anyone who believes in God, country, family and race. (I mean racial identity not superiority. Mankind is a family of races. Like individuals we all have strengths and weaknesses. We are all brothers.) So if you are among those who still have a measure of sanity, you must make changes to your life. You must refuse the vax even if you lose your job. It's not about your body. It's about your soul. You cannot see the Beast if you are part of it.  They want to banish all who won't accept the bar code from society.  Let them banish you from their satanic cult.

Wherever possible, don't be an idiot. Do not comply.

What do you think of Stone's case against idiots?       [email protected]

by Mike Stone

Idiot - noun informal

a stupid person.

Idiots come in all shapes and sizes and judging people
by looks alone can be deceiving. Some idiots are fashion conscious, some aren't. Some idiots appear outwardly friendly, some don't. Sometimes the person you least suspect of idiocy turns out to be the biggest idiot of all.

In current time America, you could make the case that anyone wearing a face diaper is an idiot and I wouldn't argue with you. Although, I would suggest exceptions be made for children, teenagers, and even those in their early-mid twenties. They've been duped and lied to by their parents and their teachers and many of them honestly don't know any better. Certainly anyone over the age of thirty and wearing a face diaper has earned the label idiot.

You could also make the case that anyone taking the jab is an idiot. Once again, I would not argue with you, only ask that you include the same age limits, as well as a few rare exceptions. A good friend of mine took the jab in order to save his marriage. He knew the score, but decided that the risks outweighed the alternative (losing his marriage).

Knowing what we do about the dangers of vaccines, let alone the current one, I would once again say that anyone over the age of thirty--with rare exceptions, as noted above--who submits to the jab is clearly an idiot.

How else can you spot an idiot?

Idiots are television watchers. Big time television watchers. Their favorite programs are soap operas, game shows, sports ball, talent competitions, sitcoms, and CNN News.

An idiot's opinion on any subject is often a word-for-word regurgitation of the last television news show they watched. If you ask their opinion about something that hasn't been covered on television, you'll likely be met with a fluoride stare. They won't have an opinion on it, because no one has told them what to think.

Television to an idiot is a mental life preserver. Take away their television for a week and they wouldn't know what to think about anything. They would flounder like a beached whale and experience withdrawal symptoms. If you know anyone who watches more than an hour a week of television, that person is most likely an idiot.

Idiots occupy two extremes when it comes to education. They're either uneducated without a high school diploma or highly educated with a college degree. The former group is comprised of welfare mothers, non-working males, and generally anyone who depends on the government dole to survive, while the latter group tend to be white collar professionals.

idiots9.jpgBecause they belong to these two extremes, idiots are most often found in the following professions: journalism--both print and broadcast, teaching, academia, nursing, medicine, corporate management and administration, education administration, the entertainment industry, and working for the government. If you know anyone employed in those industries, that person is most likely an idiot.

Idiots tend to vote Democrat. Not that those who don't vote Democrat are much smarter--there are plenty of idiots in that camp too. But generally those who don't vote Democrat are smart enough to see the economic devastation that has resulted from leftwing economic policies. They see homeless tents and cardboard shelters pitched on the streets of every city in the country. They see businesses being forced to close and rising food and gas prices, and they are smart enough to put two-and-two together.

Idiots see the same thing, but shrug it off. They lack the brain cells to comprehend the connection between leftwing government policies and economic collapse. As long as they're getting theirs, they don't care about the economic plight of the country or the harm others endure. Which leads to the next point .

Idiots are self-centered and care only about themselves. They vote for their own self-interests, regardless of the negative consequences those interests cause to others. They act, often in hysterical fashion, in order to satisfy their own selfish whims.

Witness the extreme animosity displayed by idiots towards those who understand the virus hoax and refuse to partake in it. Observe the fear and outright terror experienced by idiots when confronted with facts, evidence and reality that differs from what they've been programmed to believe.

morons.pngIdiots have a blind faith in authority, yet almost all of them are irreligious. The few that aren't irreligious are what I call CINOs--Catholics in Name Only. They've been brainwashed to accept the post Vatican II counterfeit church and its line of wicked antipopes. They call themselves Christian, but their actions are decidedly anti-Christian.

There's only so much you can do with the idiots in your life. I've found the best approach is to have as little to do with them as possible. That can be difficult as the vast majority of people today are idiots in one way or another. Parents must be extremely watchful not to let their children be brainwashed, corrupted or influenced by idiots in any way. That almost certainly means homeschooling them.

I used to feel sorry for idiots and occasionally I still do. But it's almost always younger people that earn my sympathy. When I see children and teens being forced to wear masks and know that very soon they will be forced to submit to the beast by taking the jab, it breaks my heart. I wish I could help them, but there's only so much I can do. Especially when their parents are idiots.

Mike Stone is the author of "Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding," available here. And "COVID-19 and the Mark of the Beast: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Trump Vaccine" He is also the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Mike Stone - How NOT to Be an Idiot"

MS said (September 21, 2021):

The amount of lying, etc. going on today is unsustainable in the long term. "They" are overreaching; but I will hardly expect them to walk it back at this point. Perhaps when the situation deteriorates much further this event will happen: Apoc, Ch. 6: 12-17. I believe the co-hoax is already spoken for (Apoc. 6: 9-11).

I find it slightly amusing when some people find time to blame Catholicism for this situation when it is precisely the opposite which has enabled the enemy to prevail. The false-popes and the newchurch of V2 (Apoc. Ch. 17 - but it is not quite there yet - there will be additions) are one with the world, instead of standing against it; one of the reasons why so many believe the authority of the world under control of the "mystery of iniquity" is because they don't believe in a higher authority (such as God) which used to be particularly represented by the true Popes.

So what will come instead is the opposite of the true Popes for all to follow:

"And then that wicked one shall be revealed: whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: him / Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power and signs and lying wonders: / And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish: because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved..." (2 Thess. 2: 8-10)

R said (September 20, 2021):

Didn't read the whole article because Mike isn't that bright either.

Masks are humiliating, satanic, marks of beasts. I quit the best paying job I've ever had because of them. Anyone who wears one worse than an idiot. They are traitors to mankind.They are fearful, feminine idolators who have no dignity or self respect. They are enemies of reason and everything good. They deserve what's coming to them and then some.

G said (September 20, 2021):

Henry, I also have family who've been duped. I try to be loving and patient with them, but there comes a point when they become the foot-soldiers of the enemy. It becomes they, who are contributing to the kill-shot being forced on me and those I love. It becomes they who quietly accept all the little (and big) atrocities the satanic enemy is dishin' up. From chemtrails to unbelievably invasive surveillance, to cruel and unjust wars, and to all manner of tyranny and deception.

I don't like to think about being on the other side of the line with people who have been an important part of my life, but don't I owe it to humanity to move out of the way anything or anyone who is aiding the horror?

Reminds me of what Christ said about two in the field where one will be taken and one left. And where he spoke of, "Every man who leaves a house or a brother or sister or father or mother or wife or children or towns for my name's sake..."

I don't think he saw much value in people-pleasing, or in co-dependency/enabling.

Henry, this ain't easy. Serving truth can be a ruthless enterprise. I mean who wants to be in this position?!! It's a harrowing dilemma. But with a spiritual focus, I have to believe we'll know what to do as each moment presents itself. Yet, I cannot imagine shooting my mother. God, if ever we've needed a miracle, IT IS NOW!!!

TP said (September 20, 2021):

Here in France, people sleepily walk toward that nightmare. Some very few feel or even understand the trap, but most are shapeless consumerist calves willing to unconsciously surrender their freedom to be for their freedom to consume. Others are blinded by their leftist thinking and unable to reason. The emptiness of the mass is limitless. The few who stand up are immediately called conspirators and sometimes even anti-Semites. Questioning has become a forbidden subject, even among friends. People forbid themselves to think. So we no longer even evoke the mind-boggling everyday life. It is so forbidden to question that there was a young woman in a demonstration who, on a sign, asked the question WHO? with the names of people who are all responsible for this coup in France. Well, since everyone is Jewish, she was charged with anti-Semitism. While obviously, the link was never made with their origin. It's just a magical coincidence.

Ann from Netherlands said (September 20, 2021):

I read in the article anger and powerlessness. I experience that myself every day.

We try to wake people up and it doesn't work or is too slow. We must, however, be patient because each person must develop at his own pace through his own suffering. (see the book of Job in the Old Testament)

Sad as it is, it is not just an ordeal for the sleeping. It is also an ordeal for those who have awakened. We have to watch the suffering of our loved ones and we would like to cry out a lot more often but it doesn't work that way. Our pain is that we must face this and that we must persevere in the gentle forces. But my heart cries every day.

Wesley Everest said (September 20, 2021):

I sometimes get a flicker of hope in a masked persons' eyes when I tell them, "If it comes out of a hole in my body, I don't put it back in. I don't eat my boogers.".

Henry, I try to be nice to all people, it's my natural self. Lately, it's 0 to 60 with idiots.

The mask wearer has deep-seated shame. What other reason would one cover up your smile and withdrawal from society? Full of guilt, as I see it. It's a purification ritual like a Catholic confession. The fact that they may also be passive-aggressive petty tyrants, without an army or common sense doesn't help my anger management.

It seems there are a lot of people that secretly want to die and the jab is an easy exit with an excuse, "I didn't know." Ignorance is a choice. And running a marathon with a mask on is a death wish. Idiots.

GL said (September 20, 2021):

Catholicism has always blinded people. Having grown up under it, I've seen what they've done to my family. Under the hood, their leadership
very well stands for what we're seeing today.

Check out the Woman Rides the Beast series talking about it...

My thoughts on the current... What God has given me… my body, soul, spirit, and mind… He has left me, not you, to give account for what I’ve
done with them during my time in this age. For you to intervene, attempting to usurp, my God-given authority, charge, and responsibility
for my own future is… not acceptable, period. I don’t need your permission, or your exemption, to obey the God of Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob… the God of Israel—permission granted, by the Cross of Jesus Christ, only comes from Him!

Doug P said (September 20, 2021):

They are not idiots, they are under a spell. Twenty percent of the population is highly hypnotizeable - Aldous Huxley said that in the 60's.

Furthermore, my thinking is that people will not recognize the devil the first time they meet him. Many people find it hard to believe that there really are people who enjoy hurting others or hurting others helps them deal with their own anger, which they often have a good reason for and cannot control.

I have met the devil, the first time I experienced cognitive dissonance, there is just no way a rational and normal consciousness can believe in this evil without some kind of experience.

Also, we have allowed private banks to fund our governments and control our money. How could anyone who knows anything about political science believe something like the current COVID agenda would not eventually happen? Lots of anti vaxxers have filled out income tax forms and paid without protest.

You also have to imagine what it would be like to have a job and have your employer require vaccinations. People have mortgages and children, they are locked in. They don't want to lose their children.

Thinking people try to understand and get insight to remedy the problem. In one way or another we are all idiots. I've never met anyone who wasn't in one way or another. There is something wrong with everyone.

Below¿ Putting a Smiley Face on Death (scroll down) Twitter blocks many sites.. Get

Gary D. Barnett -- Covid Vaccine Equals State Sanctioned Murder

Funeral Director John O'Looney spills the beans.  Here is another address for the video.

"We are in the midst of pure evil, and the purposeful injury, murder, sterilization, and depopulation of mankind. There is no longer any doubt about this, regardless of the apathetic and gullible nature of most. We are at a crossroads so important and so dangerous, that we are facing death from every angle, and few are standing against this onslaught of terror.


At times, the frustration is so great that I question why I continue to write and expose this premeditated murderous plot called 'COVID-19'. That question is always answered by: "I have to do this for my own sanity, and for others that are not capable of seeing the truth."

We are in the midst of pure evil, and the purposeful injury, murder, sterilization, and depopulation of mankind. There is no longer any doubt about this, regardless of the apathetic and gullible nature of most. We are at a crossroads so important and so dangerous, that we are facing death from every angle, and few are standing against this onslaught of terror.

Yes, some protest and carry signs, and some beg for redress from their state enemies in politics, but that will never get the job done, and it certainly will not stop the agendas of the state. Only mass resistance, dissent, and total disobedience to any government mandate will stop this assault on all of us. That includes not allowing under any circumstances any deadly injection called a 'COVID vaccine.' It is simply a bioweapon for murder!

I will keep this short because the video below must be watched. It is a real life account of exactly what is and has been going on during this fraudulent scam.

This is a very brave funeral director/owner named John O'Looney talking with Max Egan, and the information is staggering to say the very least.

Please watch and listen to it all, including Max's wrap-up at the end. While it will sicken you, it is necessary in order to grasp the scope of the horror being attempted and prosecuted by those in power, and all their fascist partners and accessories in the media, corporate world, the medical establishment, and of course the evil state.

Key Points by Mark Crispin Miller  (for those who don't have patience or stomach to watch this 40 min video)

"These are my rough notes, taken as I watched this searing video.

> The number of "COVID deaths" was systematically inflated throughout 2020, by calling deaths by cancer, heart attack, car accident, etc. all "deaths by COVID." There was no unusual spike in deaths.

> BBC deliberately staged fear-propaganda.

> Elderly in care homes euthanized with Midazolam.

> Death rate SOARED with the roll out of the "vaccination" drive, now including all ages. "I've never seen anything like it.... It was just awful."

Lasted through April; then months of the "quietest" period he'd ever seen--followed by another surge of deaths "of all kinds," among all ages. ALL "fully vaccinated."

> BBC et al. won't talk to him

> "Delta variant" is widely regarded in the NHS as a "vaccine" . injury, deliberately misreported as COVID.

> They're jabbing children, inventing new "variants" to keep everyone afraid; and children will be dying from the shots, but they'll all be misreported as due to those new "variants."

> Funeral directors with integrity are frightened. knowing that they will be silenced if they dare speak out

> This is a depopulation drive, carried out by killing people outright, and by sterilizing children.

> Despite the shattering of the economy, the state has built massive new prison complexes, large enough to hold 30,000 people. They include crematoria and mortuaries.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Gary D. Barnett -- Covid Vaccine Equals State Sanctioned Murder"

Chad said (September 19, 2021):

There are other ways around vaccines.

Never turn your radar off.

The mRNA is used to manufacture the spike protein in the body. “COVID” will manifest itself w

Reminder- They Sacrifice Children in Satanic Rituals

September 8, 2021

Reminder- They Sacrifice Children in Satanic Rituals

In 2017, Illuminati banker defector Ronald Bernard revealed he witnessed satanic child sacrifices as part of his initiation.  They would murder children but not commit vaccine genocide? Watch starting at 24 min.

Dutch financier Ronald Bernard confirms the Illuminati is "an annihilating force that hates our guts.
It hates creation. It hates life. And it will do anything to destroy us completely."

He also confirms that all secret services serve these Satanists, who use child sacrifices to blackmail their

Here is the transcript.


Jacques Attali -- Manufacturing Human Beings

July 24, 2021

Jacques Attali in the shadow of all the former Presidents - he himself says that he created Macron - speaks of the codes and unveils the satanic plan behind the Covid.
Should we change the genetic code to improve humans? In this current crisis, all the codes are called into question.
Man must become an artifact, an object, we are going to go towards the manufacture of artificial beings ..

Translated by GB

Codes,codes,codes. Jacques Attali says we must change our codes. Codes of the social body, codes of behavior, and (no surprise here), our genetic code.

Through tampering with our genetic code, Jacques claims we can change it "to get a little more responsible, compassionate, empathetic, softer, and tolerant."

"Mastery of the codes" is what they strive for, with a change to all the laws and rules that govern us. This is what will make life possible for future generations, according to Jacques Attali, with an end goal of eternal life through artificial manufacturing.

What has happened is the rulers of the earth have taken counsel together to replace our Creator with themselves. They claim they can remove selfishness and greed, and replace it with a code of altruism and empathy. And of course, they will decide which sectors are useful to life and which are a poison.

 How perverse of them! Should what is made say of its Maker," He did not make me"?

And what is formed say of God who formed it, "He did not understand."

When you listen to Jacques Attali speak, this is precisely what he is saying.

D.V. - California 7/20/21 (adverse reactions)

July 23, 2021


D.V. - California

My name is Deep. I am 38 year old asian female. I would like to share that I have been suffering after getting Pfizer vaccination from past 2 months, After getting Pfizer vaccination, I got Panic Attack,developed anxiety, brain fog, concentration issues, electric shock kind of sensations in the whole body, headaches which do not go away even after taking medicines. I went to see the doctor after my panic attack and told her that this has happened after getting Pfizer vaccination but she did not believe and said that we do not have enough data to believe you that it happened because of Pfizer vaccination. I am very scared of my health and need help. I have been referred to Psychiatrist and Therapist. I was a healthy person before getting vaccination. I could not drive as I got Panic attack while driving. I am unable to concentrate and focus as I am terrified with the whole situation. I had reported to Pfizer, CDC & FDA but got no help and support. I wish Pfizer at least help us to come out of this as they only know what ingredients they have added in their vaccination which is causing such adverse effects and whether this will fade away after 6 months when the effect of vaccination will go away or we have to deal with this for entire life. I repent my decision of taking Pfizer vaccine as I was a healthy and happy person before taking the vaccination.

-D.V. - California