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Getting Out of The Matrix

May 22, 2018


"Can't stop thinking; can't stop drinking; can't stop smoking; can't stop eating; thinking is a greater addiction than any of these."   Eckhart Tolle

In an increasingly depraved and crazy world, 
we need to discover our true identity 
or go crazy ourselves. 

Thinking is an Addiction (Updated from Jan 26, 2016)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When I say thinking is an addiction, I'm NOT referring to thoughts based on independent observation and analysis, or intuition or inspiration.

I'm referring to the compulsive stream of worry, judgment, chatter, and trivia that usually fills our minds. Most stress is mentally-induced.

I used to depend on the mass media for my image of reality. As a result, I was dysfunctional. 

Like sickness, war and poverty, dysfunction is systemic (inherent in society.) They are profitable.  
Illuminati member Harold Rosenthal spelled it out: 
"We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are pawns in our game of world conquest. They are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants."  Harold Rosenthal The Hidden Tyranny


 As Rosenthal says, our minds have been programmed to "be dissatisfied" and want more. The programming is in music, movies, TV and education.  There must always be striving, conflict. 

Tell a man he is a chicken, and he struts around and clucks and even tries to lay an egg. Thus, men go to war and die "to defend freedom." Look at the Vietnam War for example. "If Vietnam goes Communist," they told us,"all South East Asia will fall." Didn't happen. Look at Vietnam today. Was that war necessary? Were Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria? Necessary only for profit and to impose the NWO.

hollywood7.jpg(Remember "terrorists" did this)

The Illuminati fabricate reality. Consider the JFK-RFK-MLK assassinations, 9-11, Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook. They determine reality simply by lying. They created ISIS and are responsible for war crimes as bad as any in history.

They program our minds to adopt self-destructive behavior. 


Teachers can no longer refer to children as "boys" and "girls." Children are encouraged to change their gender and experiment with homosexuality. Women are taught that being a wife and mother is "oppressive" and promiscuity is "empowering."  Men are taught to seek sex and not love. Society is governed by depravity & nonsense.

The mind unmoored from the Moral Order, (i.e. the soul) is malleable indeed!  By soul, I am including intuition and instinct. 

We experience our programming rather than reality.  For example, Hollywood presents romance and sex as panaceas and we actually experience them as such...until the illusion dispels like a morning fog. The Cabalists love hypnotizing us with their "magic."

By themselves, our minds have no anchor in truth. The mental world is a house-of-mirrors.  


The mind and the consciousness (soul) are two competing sources of identity. We have been programmed to identify entirely with the thought world and deny the existence of the soul.

We need to experience ourselves as consciousness.  Consciousness witnesses thought. Empty the mind and what's left is the real you.

Religion teaches that man's true character is spiritual. Our soul is our hotline to God. We need to shift from inhabiting thought to inhabiting spirit. Turn off thought like a light switch.
As we shift our center from mind to spirit, many "desires" fade away. They were mental in character.

The poet Henry More (1614-1687) wrote:

"When the inordinate desire after knowledge of things was allayed in me,  and I aspired after nothing but purity and simplicity of mind, there shone in me daily a greater assurance than ever I could have expected, even of those things which before I had the greatest desire to know." 

Like penguins stranded on an ice floe, mankind is an ape colony on a speck in the universe.  No one really understands what we're doing here. Predator apes are trying to monopolize power and wealth. 

We are here to realize the Creator's purpose. God wants to know Himself through us, (his creation knowing Him.) But collective salvation is NOT possible without personal salvation. 

Most of us can achieve personal salvation. 


I recommend the YouTubes by Eckhart Tolle below.  "Find your identity in the present moment," Tolle says. He is referring to pure consciousness. With so many people spinning webs of crazy thought, we need an anchor in spiritual reality.


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Eckhart Tolle   
How to Escape Prison of Your Mind   
Guided Meditation - This is his best explanation of the purpose of meditation. Deep.

First Comment from Henrique:

I find this type of article annoying, not so much because of the content, but because it concedes territory to New-Agers and hipsters. The crucial point is that people think they ARE their minds, which is an atrocious mistake. "There's something feminine in reason", said Schopenhauer. The mind is a computer, or a horse, that you must ride with your spirit. You are your spirit - something pre-verbal, a fire that burns inside you. The mind is like an impersonal computer that deals in symbols ( words ) and translates your base desires in them. If you instead of being you, identifies with the mind, you become the "modern man". The pussy that goes out with miniskirts to protest rapes, that competes incessantly to be the Champion of Political Correctness, fighting against the new oppression and "cause" his mind ( "himself" ) was able to codify and make communicable. Your spirit must ride your mind, or you're basically lost - I believe this is a message the Catholic Church used to try to convey to the masses, albeit in an infantile, oversimplified way - not today of course, with Bergoglio-Soros at the helm.

In a way, the mind is like that serpent in the depths of the sea, always agitated, unsatisfiable, restless. If it rules you - if you give it total power - you're lost. I don't think most Social Justice Warriors actually lead very happy lives. Being led around by your conscience equals being dominated by a neurotic woman.

The Elite rules by controlling money AND the mind.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Getting Out of The Matrix"

Mathew B said (May 22, 2018):

have to agree with Henrique on this one, in that I associate these types of articles with New Ageism, which is a fruit of our satanic rulers.

The problem with authors such as Tolle is that they preach naturalism. They deny the cross and preach salvation free of dogma.

What do the 10 Commandments mean to Tolle? How about the consequences of denying the 10 Commandments e.g. broken families and sexual addiction?

How is the Power of Now going to save us from sin? What is sin according to a man like Tolle? Is it relative to the 'individual'? What universal laws is man bound by according to Tolle? Or do he just need to focus on the 'now' and everything will magically fall into place?

I'll stick to praying my daily Rosaries and reading Sacred Scripture, etc.

SL said (September 26, 2017):

(Translated from French)

Apparently, given the comments that you have not been understood. It's a shame but understandable.

American culture (which even Americans of good will hardly escape) is in itself a great fiction that originated in the false idealist philosophy (Descartes, Kant et al) that radically denies - against the evidence - the possibility for man to know something (ie partially and imperfectly) of reality.

The human soul is not ectoplasm but according to Aristotle (hylomorphism) and St. Thomas Aquinas, the "form" of the human compound, the organizing principle of matter premium, which itself n ' is not to be real. The soul is immortal because not divisible puisqu'immatérielle. She survives death is the dissolution of the human compound.

In its majority, the "white" America is Protestant, so more or less Kantist. He is seen here once again in these sad comments - dear friend, forgive me emphasize - that Protestantism (in general) is not a kind of "Christianity", but against-religion and against -Philosophy of authentic Christianity, called "Catholicism" since the sixteenth century. Despite the misleading vocabulary, there are opposition contradiction between the two.

The existence and uniqueness of God as being real and not simply thinking or "being of reason" rationally demonstrated in many ways that deny Protestantism. Here begin the drift and ambiguity. This is of course sought.

George said (September 26, 2017):

Great article! The Tao te Ching says that the masses must always have their minds filled, like children, to pacify them.

William said (September 26, 2017):

The solution is to disconnect from the groupthink mentality that dominates society. Start questioning things, even if it's just questioning them in your own mind. The notion of this is scary to most since it means potentially being shunned by the herd, but I'd rather be alone than in bad company.

Pat said (September 26, 2017):

I don't think emptying the mind does anything for you in the long run. It's kind of selfish really. Probably the happiest people are those who are busy doing things for others. I am thinking of a young nun who works on an Indian reserve. She's brimming over with love. She was married - had kids.She, her husband and her kids are determined to help on the reserves. At the moment, she's looking after her parents and working on another reserve. You should see her. She's radiant.

Ava said (January 27, 2016):

I read your newsletter daily. But I find this article somewhat misleading.

The problem, and how the world got into the grips of the cabal, is by NOT thinking.

Blind acceptance, without applying one's own intelligence and observations, is not the same thing as "thinking". Who could believe that an airplane built out of aluminum could fly straight through a skyscraper made of steel? The same goes for how the towers fell. An airplane would not cause them to fall like a controlled demolition. If one stopped to THINK about it, they would question the official story. As indeed many physicists and aeronautical engineers have done and written copiously about it.

People have been programmed to trust in authority -- government, politicians, news readers, published books and newspaper articles. Plus, it seems to be part and parcel of adult human nature: look at The Emperor's New Clothes fairy tale: it took the perception of a child to disclose the truth. Adult humans tend to a herd instinct. Hence the term "sheeple" or blind followers.

We got into the mess we're in because people have not been thinking!

They have also been deprived of information. Important information that enables one to think and draw conclusions contrary to what's doled out by the media and government is deliberately withheld, so that unless one spends what requires a great deal of time and effort doing "off road" research people do not have the information to ascertain false flags, and downright lies. It becomes easy to see through the lies and propaganda once people are alerted to a few simple facts about the true nature of those in charge. That's why this information is hidden.

How do you change the populace so that they start disbelieving rather than believing hook line and sinker everything they are told? They need to be wised up. But children are a whole other matter: they are brainwashed before their critical thinking skills develop.
Public Relations -- a euphemism for propaganda -- is one of the greatest evils of the 20th century because it is the art of deception and manipulation. The PR bible, "Propaganda" was written by Sigmund Freud's nephew. The psychopaths running the world have all the best psychological tools at their disposal to mesmerize and program humanity, and they have used them mercilessly.

In my view we could get out of this mess if only people would stop sleepwalking, wake up, and start THINKING.

Another thing: I have come to distrust any author who gets published on a massive scale, like Tolle. I'm sorry, but nothing gets published unless it contributes to the evil agenda because of who owns the publishing houses. Once awakened, it's a very lonely world indeed.

Susanne said (January 27, 2016):

Re: Thinking is An Addiction

Firstly, I’m so grateful for all the work you have done. I have read your first book and your others are waiting in my book shelves to get to.

I whole heartedly agree that we are constantly being told what and how to think and feel.

But as my Catholic priest says, there is not one person in the whole world that you are going to agree with 100% of the time. So, not having seen the Eckhart Tolle video, I would caution against meditation after having read the Australian New Scientist magazine of 16 May 2015. The article Ommm… aargh!, page 28, stated that "7 per cent of people of meditation retreats experienced profoundly adverse effects, including panic and depression.” “Another reason … is that when you meditate ‘the scum rises to the surface’. … intrusive thoughts and feelings - such as sexual, sad, fearful or violent ones - that may arise rather abruptly when you meditate. … Buddhist texts that explain how individuals who have become enlightened through meditative practice may act amorally if their actions are undertaken in a detached state of mind. Rather than being exceptional, the association between meditation and detached killing became the norm in Japan during the second world war. … People who try meditation and mindfulness should be aware of the whole range of effects associated with these techniques and how they work differently for each of us.”

Again, that you so much for your work and I look forward to reading tomorrow’s article.

FH said (January 26, 2016):

I just finished reading your essay on mind control. It's so heart wrenching to see all the turmoil, discontent, and the tragic dysfunction heaped upon decent God loving people(Americans as a whole, decieved by the crumbling yet powerful elite shit heads) who take the false flag garbage as the total truth. As a native Philadelphian who constantly tries to maneuver the current waterways of evil, misinformation and well, corruption to the core of my nation, I am Henry, confused and broken by what feels like a world of total street theater run by these wicked brainwashed imbeciles. What am I to do amidst a beautiful people (USA) hijacked by a Satanic cabal?

Please pray for us. Please continue your honest evaluations of this complete false flag garbage. And feel free to be still and be filled with our creators protection and love..

Below - Twitter suspended me for this? (scroll down)

Brazil's Racial Diversity = Chaos and Disunity?

May 21, 2018

blogmoving to brazil cultural div.jpg
Is Brazil a positive or negative model for a racially diverse society? 

The more "racially mixed" a country is, the more unstable it becomes because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background. Diversity + Proximity = War 
Chris comments about his time in Brazil, "the muddy confluence of the world's races."

Marcos, who lives in San Paolo disagrees, saying culture not race is the problem. Race has become irrelevant in Brazil, he says.  

"Preliminary results from the 2010 census show that 97 million Brazilians, or 50.7% of the population, now define themselves as black or mixed race, compared with 91 million or 47.7% who label themselves white." Source (Pure black only 7.6%)

"According to Brazil's Institute of geography and statistics, black (i.e. mixed race), Brazilians earn 44 percent less than whites. A 2016 study by the Instituto Ethos and the Inter-American Development Bank showed that black people, despite comprising the majority of the population, occupy only 6.3 percent of management positions and 4.7 percent of executive posts in Brazil's 500 largest companies." Source

Blacks seek white mates. 1/3 of all marriages in Brazil are interracial: In contrast  "to what happened in the United States where the black population was purposely segregated from the white population in order to eliminate or significantly diminish the possibility of racial mixture, in Brazil, the goal was to encourage inter-mixture so that all traces of the black race would eventually disappear from the country within a period of about 100 years." Source

by Chris 

I lived in Brazil 4 years as an American young man back in the 1990s and I have yet to see a more distrusting and antagonist society on the planet. 

Brazilians HATE each other; they hate their country, and they distrust each other to the point the country is really nothing more than a 3rd world powderkeg of social and economic disharmony and violence. Brazil is California on steroids. Highly-racially and culturally mixed and yet that country is divided, dishonest, and self-loathing.

The more "racially mixed" a country is, the more unstable it becomes because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background. The only part of Brazil that works (sorta) is the South, where the population is overwhelmingly German, with Italians as second largest group, Ukrainians around 500,000, and about 100,000 Lithuanians, all concentrated in their own cities and towns across the 3 southern States. The south of Brazil is the only coherent part of Brazil and only white-majority region. 

Most Conservative, prettiest girls, and least Feminist. The rest of Brazil is a messy chaos of mixed and semi-white populations, all distrusting and hating one another. It is a sight to behold! 

This is the case anywhere in the world. When Norway was almost 100% ethnic Norwegian, the country worked and functioned, even with dumb socialist policies (like national healthcare). Because the population was homogeneous and educated, they did not abuse and overuse public services and that enabled socialist policies to work to some extent. 

After they allowed SOME immigration, not even at the ridiculous levels of Sweden or Germany, NOTHING works in Norway anymore. Healthcare is overwhelmed, people bleeding in ERs, elderly drinking water out of potted plants, and all levels of social services and police are overwhelmed, and the country has become more polarized and unstable.

But unlike Sweden (a country headed for total collapse), Norway woke-up and elected the "Go Forward Party" and the zero immigration parties are growing rapidly. Their motto "let's not become Sweden".

Simply put: mass immigration = chaos and disunity. No matter how much you "mix races" or "mix cultures", the "mixing" will not resolve the most basic of human behavior, which is distrust, disunity, and hate. No matter how much you indoctrinate, the truth of our most basic ideas, behaviors, and reactions will never change. That is hwy "Progressivism" has always fails, since it replies on humans to "evolve" (progress) into holy and perfect beings. This will never happen, thus Progressivism fails over an dover again.

In fact, all this "mixing" makes it all worse. My 2 cents.

Diversity + Proximity = War (by whatever means). Racial diversity introduces social instability. The races have on average differing worldviews, behaviors, temperaments, personalities, and preferences, and forcing them together into an artificial union under one political and cultural umbrella amplifies preexisting antagonisms and distinctions, resulting in lower trust and a less livable society by any one group's standards.

Marcos replies from San Paolo:

Yes, the country is dishonest, but it has nothing to do with race. It is culture. 

On the contrary, it is the best example of miscegenation in the planet, no ghettos, nobody says  "I'm Italian-Brazilian" or "I'm Irish" like in the US. Actually, nobody gives a damn about your origin here, everybody is just a Brazilian. I had black and many Japanese friends as a kid, and that was never an issue, no bullying, nothing. America is ten times worse regarding this division and lack of trust. Their gang-rapper thug culture is just starting here, being imported from America. 

The talk about the South is BS. Only small towns have any ethnic enclaves left, and even there they are disappearing or being changed into Oktoberfest-like curiosities. The Germans and Italians are mixed with everybody else, especially in big cities. 

Gisele Bundchen, left, was born almost in a farm, not in the capitals of Curitiba or Porto Alegre. And even her family spoke Portuguese, not German. And the South doesn't work, especially Rio Grande do Sul, a pocket of Marxists, a state that is bankrupt. It is the mixed Southeast (Sao Paulo, Rio, Minas Gerais) who power the country. It is also interesting to notice that the grandchildren of these European immigrant are the ones who migrated to the Northern states of Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Goias, etc, and created the largest agricultural area in the world. Do you think they wouldn't marry a beautiful mulatta? Think again. 

He completely misses the point.  The problem with Brazil is with the old Iberian (Portuguese) bureaucratic culture based on privileges mixed with Indians and African slaves who were treated like animals and never developed a modern civilized ethos. Portuguese men usually came to Brazil as explorer and plunderers, and not pioneers or settlers like in North America. They wanted to make money and go back to Europe. Because they didn't bring family, they would marry mulattas or indian women and eventually some stayed. Therefore, a culture of tolerance for racial mixing was developed, but also one of dishonest tricks from rich people who needed to fool the bureaucracy and poor people who just needed to survive. 

When immigrants came from Europe in the later XIX and early XX century, they brought a new work ethic and knowledge that resulted in development and riches, and this was in stark contrast to the more primitive early Iberian culture. Because they settled more in the South, the North is still more backward even today. That's what our friend is seeing, and he gets confused. Many of these same immigrants married mixed people, nobody cares. 

The diversity+proximity=war motto comes from Chateau Heartiste. He copied it. It makes sense in the case of Europe, where a less developed influx of immigrants invades a more established culture, but in Brazil, it was the contrary. Immigrants brought prosperity. And it happened 100 years ago, for goodness' sake. 

Again, the problem in Brazil is the privileged culture of a corrupt elite who behave like nobility above the common folk. It comes directly from the Portuguese monarchy, a regime which had different sets of laws depending on your social status. As soon as a black or mulatto person gets to power here, he starts to behave exactly like a Portuguese nobleman, I can assure you. 

First Comment from Marcio

As a Brazilian, I prefer to agree with Marcos.

We do not have serious racial problems in Brazil. It is a matter of social classes - if you are rich and well-groomed, you are welcome everywhere, whichever color your skin is. It is easy to see friends from different skin colors and different ethnic origins together. That does not start any civil war here. The few ones we had were waged by Freemasons to promote chaos and subversion. We are different from the blood-thirsty people who are always in some kind of conflict (such as in Spanish America, Africa and many parts of Asia). 

Marcos is also right as far as economics is concerned. Many people moved from the "European" South to succeed in the Northern and Mid-Western States as farmers. Three Southwestern States (I am in one of them) out of almost 30 States produce more than 50% of the Gross National Product. As Brazil is kind of an isolated country few people know anything about, people had better ask either a local or someone who has been living here for a while (and immersed into the society, and not as a closed off expatriate who does not socialize with locals) to give them a fairer idea of how things work down here.

What causes chaos is bad governance and ill-adapted people to their new home, who bring chaos and barbarism along with them. Here, we almost force foreigners to get adapted. For extra information on Brazilians, please see a good-humored German's view on us.

As far as "distrust" is concerned, that is the outcome of the bankruptcy of a legal system, thanks to socialism, in which criminals should not be punished - therefore, crime does pay off and people are exposed to frauds, robberies, homicides, etc. They aim at making a new order out of chaos. So that is why most people are wary and distrustful of many crooks or crypto-crooks around. In the past (until the 1980s, when the military in power would not allow socialists to influence people's minds so strongly), neighbors used to be known as your closest relatives without your family surname, police authority used to be highly respected, immorality used to be condemned, etc. Many people want the military back to power, and many others wish we could become a monarchy again (so a South American country was once a Habsburg-Orleans-Bragança / Austrian-French-Portuguese monarchy, did you know that?).

"Self-loathing" is also socialist, globalist propaganda. Nothing is better than an "international citizen" without any patriotism (being far-right, in their opinion). If we had 210 million patriots, we would be a second USA with huge natural resources and ready to smash intruders - and that bothers globalists, who want to plunder such resources.

I think much of the corruption is due to lack of authority presence, not due to it, in most of the territory, as settlers used to reach far away places much before the Church, the Portuguese  military,  police, and  government were able to follow them, so such tyrannical practices throve in the midst of nowhere. Where there was a strong and steady Portuguese presence, people have been much more civilized until today. 

Unfortunately, most Indians and Africans did not give a very good contribution to local morals as they were pagans with primitive and beastly customs (as everywhere else), but civilized people of such ethnic origin are even nicer than many whites. There is a saying here: "a gentle black is gentler than most whites", or "he is a black with white soul". Such lack of civil customs also plagues places with those people from Canada to Argentina as much as there are such uncivilized people there. 

I think ill-adapted or non-adapted people to local customs and from such diverse origins are the ones who can foster chaos in European and North-American countries - even because their governments have done nothing to force their adaptation; on the contrary, native inhabitants are the ones who have been forced to accept foreign and barbaric people and their attitudes under "political correctness" instead of openly condemning them. 

Alexandre, another Brazilian, writes:

To say that Brazilians hate each other is simply preposterous. To say that Brazilians hate their country is an exaggeration. Life in Brazil is very hard for most people, especially so for those who are poor and live in the great cities. Heat and poverty make a terrible mix. That Brazil still functions at the average temperature of 35° C is a quasi-miracle in itself. Criticism of one's country is only natural so how could Brazilians not say bad things about Brazil? Have you ever heard what Italians say about Italy? I have, and they made me wonder about how rational and productive the Brazilian Government (federal, state and local) is...

Now, truth be told, Brazil was a much gentler society up until, say, the early 1960s, but so was the world. Today, with a population of 200 million people and 60000 murders per year (+ 40000 people killed in car accidents), day by day life in Brazil is not for careless and naïve people. Please do not go down the Amazon river alone on a boat neither go visit slums infested with drug dealers who hold honest workers hostage of their mad, murderous whims, okay!? Forget about riding a bicycle in the streets, either.

But Marcos is right when he says that race in Brazil is not THE problem. I like to illustrate this point by telling you that Booker Pittman (1909-1969), a grandson of the great Booker T. Washington, chose to live and die in Brazil. Interesting, eh!?

Unlike Marcos, though, I think the problem with Brazil is the lack of taste of its population for real, good and sound education, at all social levels. Granted: there are good physicians and dentists; good lawyers and some good academics at various fields (the agricultural sciences come to mind immediately), but there is a generalized lack of people well-prepared for the educated public debate of the grand issues, hence the low level of governance. For instance: the recently (2016) impeached president, Dilma Vana Rousseff, (of Bulgarian descent - a mere curiosity) could not (cannot) finish a single coherent sentence. (There is a book about this, entitled "Dilmese".) How could she be elected in 2010? And reelected in 2014?

Now, add to all of this the horrors of Cultural Marxism. Fortunately, the hegemony of the Left in Brazil seems to be fractured, though not broken (the American Foundations keep very generou$). By the way: former president (2003-2010) Lula da Silva (and the top brass of his Workers Party, too) has been in custody down here in Curitiba since April 7, after having his conviction (corruption and money laundering) upheld (other appeals to the Superior Courts in Brasilia still pending, but his political rights have been suspended for the next eight years). Any news of criminal procedures against the Clintons?...

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Brazil's Racial Diversity = Chaos and Disunity?"

KK said (May 22, 2018):

When speaking with multi-racial people, including many Brazilians, history, culture and politics are almost always off limits, including any lessons from history. These topics are too painful. The result? Trivial conversations and shallow friendships.

Al Thompson said (May 21, 2018):

Race has nothing to do about anything. The problem is the communism, socialism, and fascism. Ask yourself this question: Is it immoral to marry someone of a different race? In using that natural law, the only possible answer to the question is no. Racism is a big nothing burger.

Below- John Coleman- Social Reality is Carefully Controlled (scroll down)

Twitter Suspends Me for 12 Hours for Retweeting This

May 20, 2018

Suspended for 12 hrs because of the following because it "promotes hate and violence."  I cannot update the latest news. 

Despite being only 1-2% of the population, sodomites are responsible for approximately one-third of all child sexual abuse offenses, meaning that, statistically, 1 in 20 homosexuals is a child molester as opposed to 1 in 495 heterosexuals.
7:42 AM - 12 May 2018

We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we've temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you're limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers -- no Tweets, Retweets, or likes. Your account will be restored to full functionality in:
11 hours and 52 minutes.
I have sent almost 50,000 tweets in my six years on Twitter and this gets me banned? (I also had to delete it in order to be reinstated tomorrow.) 

·" Homosexuals are overrepresented in child sex offenses: Individuals from the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is sexually attracted to the same sex are committing up to one-third of the sex crimes against children."  Source 

This means that Twitter reads every post to decide if it is acceptable according to their terms. I'll bet if the post said that Catholic priests are 10 times as likely to be pedophiles as Jewish rabbis, I wouldn't have been suspended. 

I will be migrating to Gab. Please open an account with 
Please retweet this to your followers on Twitter

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Twitter Suspends Me for 12 Hours for Retweeting This"

Wade said (May 21, 2018):

It is my opinion that virtually all social media is the brainchild of the deep state. IE Illuminati Satanists... To some extent, this plan has backfired on them, but they have also seen some success. As you are well aware dear friend Henry...telling the truth has become a very quick way to get people all over this corrupt and degenerate world into trouble.

If Facebook and Twitter are forced into bankruptcy by a public who is sick and tired of their tyranny...that would help the cause of telling the truth. Pardon me if I don't hold my breath waiting for the brain dead American sheeple to ever wake up.

As you know...America is a land where the vast majority of the population is totally ignorant and determined to remain that way. When the huge calamity that I expect to come actually arrives, most Americans will be dumbfounded. SAD!!! and infuriating... Because they are taking you and me and our children and grandchildren down with them.

Men want women. But resort to porn and video games instead. by Michael Berg

May 15, 2018

Men want women. But resort to porn and video games instead. 
by Michael Berg

Men want sex with real flesh and blood women. But they have to resort to porn and video games instead (due to Feminism.)

I don't think that pornography is always a negative especially for single men (as long as it is controlled and presented in a loving and a nondegrading manner.)

In some cases pornography is used as a weapon to control society - for example, Israeli government broadcasted porn to the Palestinians in order to keep them under control. When used in that manner it is negative indeed because the Israelis are exploiting the natural healthy procreative drive men have as a WEAPON against them. They were exploiting the most natural drive males have - their desire to mate with females - against them. However, for the most part, porn is just a natural evolution of humans living in a modern technological society. If the Jews didn't invent it then someone else would have done it anyway. You can't blame Jews for everything. The first porn movie was done in the late 1800s (more than 100 years ago) and it was NOT done by a Jew.

I remember before I met my wife, I used to watch some porn. But I did not like the degrading kind of porn (more than one male on one female aggressive, spitting, Sado etc.) and I was held back by it. I found it offensive and disgusting.

But there was one German porn star which I liked the most (and no, it is not because I am of German descent - which I didn't know at the time anyways.). And I found most of her porn movies to have the impression of love with her male German boyfriend. They were having sex in a manner I found to be much better than other porn movies. It involved french kissing, gentle sex, more romantic sex (for the most part).

Her name is Anja Laval. You can find her movies on PornHub. (BTW, Me and my wife have learned many of our sex positions from her movies)
Anyway, Now East- Asians control the internet porn industry and porn is here to stay in our connected technological world. Porn is legal in most nations - including Poland and Russia (Even though there are legal restrictions about its production). China is one of the leading consumers of porn. In China, porn is legal for adults in privacy of their homes only. They import porn from Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Nigeria is the biggest porn consumer in Africa. Porn is legal there (Except Gay porn)
Porn is legal in Turkey. Even in other Muslim countries, people consume porn (For example Egypt is one of the leading consumers of porn on the planet - much more than the US) .

You can't get rid of it even if you want to in a technologically advanced and connected society (Unless you want to get rid of technology completely and return to the stone age)
I am an Engineer in the fields of computers (Planning on having a Ph.D. in the field) and I tell you it is technologically impossible to get rid of porn once you live in a technologically computerized and connected society.

Therefore our goal isn't to get rid of porn but to make sure men consume it as little as possible. How? By diverting the sexual energy of men to real naked flesh and blood women - their wives and not to virtual fantasies. How are we going to do that?

By changing the culture (getting rid of feminism in education and mainstream media) and educating women to be mothers and give them economic benefits for doing so. People DO PREFER real sex and relationships to porn. I do. But they (especially males) are afraid of having a relationship especially since women are so toxic nowadays due to feminism and that the legal system is biased against men when it comes to marriage and parenting. We need to change that.

We need more traditionalist producing porn in order to control the energy flow and divert men to positive porn (loving and romantic) rather than the negative porn (95% of porn which is violent unloving and degrading), Otherwise, they will consume only the negative stuff. So at least give them a positive substitute. Please read this info on "Kosher Porn":
Christian Pornography:

But how can they when women have become so toxic nowadays due to Feminism and "Women Studies"!?

The tragedy of modern western men. Feminism made women so toxic that men in the west are uncomfortable to approach them in order to start a real sexual relationship with them. Thus men have no choice but to resort to pornography and video games instead and of curse feminism blames men for it (as always):

Jordan Peterson is False Opposition by Matt B

May 14, 2018


(left, explaining Communism as a "mindset" without reference to Jews or central bankers)

Jordan Peterson is False Opposition

Jordan Peterson has been elevated to the status of 'false idol.' He wouldn't be getting the media attention he does (online or offline) if he were any threat to our revolutionary (i.e. Antichrist) status quo. 

by Matt B


Peterson is being splashed on every billboard in neon signs, figuratively speaking, and treated like the "second coming", because his opposition in reality is NO opposition. 

Conservatives have become the 'controlled opposition' to liberals, and Peterson is a textbook example of this. He is a liberal who dresses up his ideas in 'conservatism.' 

Take this short answer to a question on same-sex couples adopting children for example: 

Peterson SUPPORTS same-sex couples ADOPTING CHILDREN whilst at the same time asserting it is unnatural and poses unique challenges for them (that they can supposedly meet). 

In other words, Peterson supports the rights of same-sex couples (the most damaged people in our society whose sexuality is intrinsically disordered) to adopt the most vulnerable children in our society. If that's not gunpowder meeting a lighted match, what is? 

To quote a text titled Liberalism is a Sin authored by a Spanish priest in 1886, Don Felix Sarda y Salvany:

"The theater, literature, public and private morals are all saturated with obscenity and impurity. The result is inevitable; a corrupt generation necessarily begets a revolutionary generation. Liberalism is the program of naturalism. Free-thought begets free morals, or immorality. Restraint is thrown off and a free rein given to the passions. Whoever thinks what he pleases will do what he pleases. Liberalism in the intellectual order is license in the moral order. Disorder in the intellect begets disorder in the heart, and vice-versa. Thus does Liberalism propagate immorality, and immorality Liberalism." (Ch. 26).

Liberalism "is, therefore, the radical and universal denial of all divine truth and Christian dogma, the primal type of all heresy, and the supreme rebellion against the authority of God and His Church. As with Lucifer, its maxim is, 'I will not serve.'" (Ch. 3).

"Liberalism, whether in the doctrinal or practical order, is a sin. In the doctrinal order, it is heresy, and consequently a mortal sin against faith. In the practical order, it is a sin against the commandments of God and of the Church, for it virtually transgresses all commandments. To be more precise: in the doctrinal order, Liberalism strikes at the very foundations of faith; it is heresy radical and universal, because within it are comprehended all heresies. In the practical order it is a radical and universal infraction of the divine law, since it sanctions and authorizes all infractions of that law." (Ch. 3).


Liberalism denies the slippery slope of sin. It preaches, as Peterson illustrates, that good can come from evil e.g. two men sodomising each other for pleasure can provide for the needs of a child. 

Evil loves compromise because every time Truth makes a compromise with Evil, Good loses. This is why the false-left right paradigm (Hegelian dialectic) is so effective for the forces of evil. 

Take contraceptives for example. Liberals convinced us that artificial birth control (i.e. separating the unitive from the procreative God intended for the marital act), should be permitted but strictly limited to married couples. Then what followed after Evil orchestrated this 'compromise' with the Truth? 

Once the artificial separation of the unitive from the procreative was normalized the whole law collapsed. The unmarried demanded 'equal rights' and 'equal access' to contraceptives and were freely granted it. Abortion (the murder of a child) was then legalized as a fail-safe for when these technologies failed. Pornography was legalized. Sodomy was legalized. Secular feminism launched (because sexually active women were now free to pursue their careers over families). Broken families and sterile sex has become the norm, and so on. 

Proverbs 14:12 (DRA)

12 There is a way which seemeth just to a man: but the ends thereof lead to death.

When will the world finally acknowledge Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Humanae Vitae (and the longstanding traditional teaching of the Church) has always been right? 

John 14:6 (DRA)

Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.

John 8:31-32 (DRA)

31 Then Jesus said to those Jews, who believed him: If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed.

32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

There is good and there is evil. There is right and there is wrong.

Liberalism, which is rampant among both liberals and conservatives (as Peterson's cult status shows), is a sin, and it's one that leads to tyranny i.e. order out of chaos. Liberalism is moral anarchy and the chaos of moral anarchy requires outside an outside force (totalitarian government) to maintain order. 

If we want to free ourselves from decadence as individuals, families and nations, first we have to sacrifice our liberalism at the foot of Cross of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. 

Israel has always owned the US Soul by Francis

May 12, 2018

JEWS76_n.pngIsrael has always owned the US Soul

America is regressing into childhood, and America's childhood was pure Zionism

by Francis (a white voodoo practitioner) 


As Israel damns itself out of all respectable existence into the most failed state of the world, the US just crumbles apart : it must be known that the US was right from the start founded (by all Masonic Founding Fathers) as a country with no soul of its own but Israel, even though it took a certain time for them to see that soul-endowed mate in material form.

 But if Israel's damns itself out of existence, the US is just a body with no soul, that is to say a decomposing corpse. There was no golden age when America was not under Zionist control : the US could refuse to their loyalty to King George only by offering it in exchange to the (then virtual) King of Israel. Without such a mystical contraption, the Masonic Founding Fathers would never have secured any backing from the mostly Calvinistic incipient American higher middle class; these people would never have subscribed to a merely humanistic idea to replace their allegiance to the King of England : only the idea of owing allegiance to an even higher degree of political hierarchy could make the American Revolution acceptable to most. 

America was always under Zionist control: there is just no other unifying energy making the country's existence possible. The only thing is that up to a certain date, the Jews in power were not a definite majority initiated into heavy-duty witchcraft. 

Actually, about 1820 Jewish or pro-Jewish (under Biblical pseudo-justifications) cultural influence in America was as detestable as now or even more, it is not well known because most Jews then were Sephardic ones concentrated in the South and providing most of the brain-work for the plantation economy : they did their best after Northern victory to make themselves FORGOTTEN at all costs (which meant asserting the big fat lie that their numbers were then very small, whereas the reality was that they considered themselves too superior to accept ordinary American citizenship and be censused as such), so as to retell the whole American narrative with a blank slate, and identify with the Ashkenazi (and rather humanistic and progressive) newcomers only (the Sephardic community was the most ultra-reactionary and anti humanistic immigrant community ever in America.

They pushed for all American states to be slave states employing as such not only Negroes but also Irish and most other non-anglo-Calvinist Whites). Many now complain that Christmas is being phased out into a more and more forcibly un-Christian holiday, to the point one should speak of festive trees rather than of Christmas trees. 

About 1820 celebrating Christmas or abstaining from work on that day was FORBIDDEN in most states as an immoral, pagan, and anti-Jewish (or anti-Biblical) feast (anyway shirking from work to celebrate any holiday was considered impious and a declaration of parasitism on a commoner's part. Calvinism considered that the only house of prayer God really approved of was a factory), only Mexican subhumans would stoop to such a degree of incivility and disloyalty. 

Nowadays Jewish cultural dominance speaks the language of multiculturalism, which has a strong anti-white de facto import. But in the beginning the very same influence spoke the language of Anglo-Israelism as it was called : the 1% Anglo-Saxon elite prided themselves of being actual Jews by blood and even more direct ancient Jewish descendence than Jews proper, though acknowledging Calvinist Christianity as their faith, and the other Whites had to consider themselves as goys by birth. 

Mere successful ruthlessness at making money was thought to be the most probable proof of being a Jew by blood through a Calvinist by faith. 

The first racism that structured American fascism was Jewish, antisemitic fascism came long after through Europe. As all countries in terminal decadence to the point of dotage, America is regressing into childhood, and America's childhood was pure Zionism: the ground had to be made clear of Indians and work-shirkers in general by invoking Biblical passages for Jews to exterminate useless people in their wake so as to make room to industrial plantations running on cheap imported slave manpower.