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Channeling God

December 16, 2018


God is the Master Plan.
Humanity is reaching a tipping point. 
We must dedicate ourselves to God
or be destroyed

by Henry Makow  Ph.D

Forgive me for using a dirty word, "God" a term banned by the Masters of Discourse. Humanity has been taken under by Satanists who find any reference to the Creator offensive. His Design runs counter to their agenda to monopolize everything of value and enslave the masses mentally, spiritually and ultimately physically i.e. the NWO. Therefore they have brainwashed us to think anyone who believes in God is a doofus. 

Increasingly, people realize something is fundamentally wrong. The ship of state has run aground and is taking water. Indeed, if the Soros-Communist-globalist agenda is stymied, the satanist bankers may resort to "Plan B" --nuclear war, the Zionist-nationalist agenda. I'm afraid this could be where Trump is leading us. 

 We need a worldwide affirmation of God. God created the miracle of life. The only reason we don't have heaven-on-earth is that His Will has been subverted by central bankers and their Masonic accomplices  (opportunistic politicians, media, educators etc.) 

The situation is reminiscent of the fifties horror classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Millions have lost the ability to think independently and to discern what is truth and good. They have been inducted into a satanic cult--Communism, Illuminism--which rules by deceit, intimidation and slander.


The central bankers deserve credit (excuse the pun) for creating an incredibly sophisticated and effective banking system. What we call "money" is really an abstraction, a measure of value, a medium of exchange. Popularly known for its coupon-form (currency) it can magically transform into anything that can be purchased and back again. 

Billions of transactions take place every day. All that changes is a number on ledgers kept by the bankers signifying your share of the "credit" your government has negotiated from them. They can wipe this ledger clean any time they want.

"Money" is the lifeblood of society. Everyone needs it to survive. That's why it cannot be controlled by people who hate God. They hate people. Ultimately humanity is doomed unless the power to create and control "money" is returned to sovereign national governments.  


You cannot have a religion without devotion to God. Satanism is not a religion; it is an anti-religion. 

We need not wait for banking reform to return to God. God is the principle of our personal and social development. 

Society should be mainly devoted to a respectful discussion of God. In that spirit, I offer the following. 

God is the intelligent design governing the universe. If we conform to this Design, we will thrive.
If we rebel, we will suffer and be destroyed. When we pursue our selfish material interests, we find we are not satisfied even if we are successful. More things do not satisfy the soul.

snowflake (1).jpg
How do we worship God? God is Perfection: spiritual absolutes like Beauty, Love, Truth, Goodness & Justice. God's Design is complex and intricate like a snowflake. If we all focus on serving God, humanity will fit together perfectly. 

In fact, we are in love with God but have been pursuing chimeras instead. 

We worship God by trying to be as perfect, as pleasing in God's eye as we can be, every minute of the day. This quest for perfection gives life its purpose and challenge. Without it, we are despondent and seek false gods. 

This is not New Age mumbo jumbo. Jesus said, Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. (Matt 5:48)

I am 69 and won't be around for much longer. Most of the time, I am also asleep. But, when I am awake, I can see that Life is a Miracle. I can see that Miracle in nature, in animals, in loving families. Life is a precious gift.  

Humanity is reaching a tipping point. Individually and as a society, we must rededicate ourselves to God. God is the answer.

First Comment from Daniel L

Thank you for your latest article "Channeling God."
I'm 75yrs old married for 56 years and was talking about these thing starting in the late 60s....people thought I was crazy.

We all should do something to awaken others around us.
Here is my attempt to do just that.
It started as a letter to my family and now is a website.
Money has no value there.

Your website exposes many things....that are hard to take....but even if half true we are in deep trouble and our only hope is for the coming of Messiah for the first time or second time, depending on one's point of reference.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Channeling God"

JG said (December 16, 2018):

For anyone who would like to know what's down the road for the world you need not look beyond the Book of Revelation.
We soon forget that God is still in control. He always has been and always will be.
These New Age beliefs have taken us away from the Word of God. It's as if the God that is now being preached by many is not a judgemental God. The whole sacrifice of Jesus Christ dying for our sins is incomprehensible to many also. Why? Because they don't believe that God demands payment for sin. They don't believe in salvation either because they think they are in no need of salvation. They believe they are just fine the way they are.
Some people are so far away from truth that they believe they can get to the Kingdom of Heaven without Jesus Christ. How can that be, he has been given the authority over heaven and earth (Mt 28:18-20).
Evil is having it's day with the unbelievers but in the end evil will defeated.

Art said (December 16, 2018):

God is the only game in town

The Real Makow!

B (Australia) said (December 16, 2018):

Well said. Great sermon. Short and sweet. And sharp. Poignant and pertinent. It's Sunday down here. And as is usual for me now didn't go to any church. I would if Fr Henry was in the pulpit. In the cockpit. In the bullpit. How'd you like a vacation? However am perturbed to hear you are sleeping and saying you are not long for this Godforsaking world. Implying ur not so well. May I make another suggestion. Look also at the physical ways they are killing us. Start with say YouTubes by Dr Jason Fung on diabetics. The ideology of sickness. Kutgw and long life. PS you sound like you might be pray a psalm or two. It would be remiss of me if I didn't add the Godbearer our universal mother loves you and would v much appreciate yr love letter in return one of these days or nights called the Angelic Salutation in long lost tradition. Tradition!! Oi vei...

RL said (December 15, 2018):

God has been taken so has his Ten Commandments there shredded and worse yet no body cares every one is going to heaven what a con job that is when Christ himself said just because you say Lord Lord you will enter the kingdom of heaven ,he said I forgive you sin NO MORE you have to answer for every sin he also said he takes no excuses or bribes but is just .It is time to bend the necks and knees daily and sin no more and follow what God gave Mosses Ten Commandments that where never Eliminated but man Eliminated with the help of Lucifer

Below - Wilhelm Reich: Pervert or Martyred Genius? (scroll down)

Victor Rothschild was a "Soviet" Agent

December 15, 2018

(Victor Rothschild, 1910-1980,  the famous "Fifth Man" of the Cambridge Five Spy Ring)

Reprise of key article:

Here is proof that the Rothschild-controlled
world central banking cartel is behind
Communism, war and world government tyranny.

As the New World Order ("globalism") reveals its ugly face--censorship, gender dysphoria, migration-- this article reveals who is behind it. Most politicians and media are bought by the people who create money out of nothing. 

slightly revised from July 19, 2013 
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1942, Sir Mark Oliphant, a leading British physicist was shocked when a messenger delivered a part from his new radar technology with a warning from MI-5 Security Inspector Victor Rothschild to "tighten up your security."

A few days earlier Rothschild had visited Oliphant's Birmingham University lab, quizzed him on his research, and pocketed the three-inch diameter magnetron.

But talk about chutzpah!

Baron Rothschild was himself a Soviet agent! Before returning the magnetron, he had transmitted detailed drawings to Moscow, a fact later confirmed by his KGB handlers.

fifth-man.jpgOliphant related this story in 1994 to Roland Perry, the Australian author of The Fifth Man (1994, Sedgwick and Jackson, 475 pp).

Between 1935 and 1963, the Soviet Union knew all of Britain's military and scientific secrets thanks  to "The Cambridge Five" a spy ring that operated in M1-5, MI-6 and the Foreign Office. Western intelligence agencies were rendered ineffective and Allied secrets, including the design of the atomic bomb, were stolen.

The traitors were Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt. But there is a natural reluctance to admit that "the Fifth Man" was Nathaniel Meyer Victor Rothschild (1910-1990), the Third Baron Rothschild, the British head of the world's richest banking dynasty, which controls the Bank of England.

In 1993, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, six retired KGB Colonels in Moscow confirmed Rothschild's identity to Roland Perry. Col. Yuri Modin, the spy ring's handler, went on the record.

Perry writes: "According to ...Modin, Rothschild was the key to most of the Cambridge ring's penetration of British intelligence. 'He had the contacts,' Modin noted. 'He was able to introduce Burgess, Blunt and others to important figures in Intelligence such as Stewart Menzies, Dick White and Robert Vansittart in the Foreign Office...who controlled Mi-6."  (p.89)

You can understand the reluctance. The Rothschilds are undoubtedly the largest shareholders in the world's central banking system. Victor Rothschild's career as Soviet agent confirms that these London-based bankers plan to translate their monopoly on credit into a monopoly on everything using government as their instrument, ultimately a "world government" dictatorship akin to Communism.

It adds credence to the claim the Rothschilds were behind the Bolshevik Revolution, and used the Cold War and more recently the 9-11 hoax and bogus "War on Terror" to advance their world hegemony. 

Which is more plausible? One of the richest men in the world, Victor Rothschild espoused Communist ideals so that his own fabulous wealth and position could be taken away? 

Or that Communism in fact was a deception designed to take away our wealth and freedom in the name of "equality" and "brotherhood"? 

rothschild8.jpg(Evil and Rich)


According to "The Fifth Man", Victor Rothschild had an IQ of 184. He was a gifted jazz pianist with an intuitive understanding of many scientific disciplines. He saw banking as a dreary affair and preferred the exciting example of his great grandfather Lionel Rothschild (1808-1879) who Benjamin Disraeli immortalized as "Sidonia" in the novel Coningsby (1844).

"No minister of state had such communication with secret agents and political spies as Sidonia. He held relations with all the clever outcasts of the world. The catalog of his acquaintances in the shape of Greeks, Armenians, Moors, secret Jews, Tartars, Gypsies, wandering Poles and Carbonari, would throw a curious light on those subterranean agencies of which the world in general knows so little, but which exercise so great an influence on public events. The secret history of the world was his pastime. His great pleasure was to contrast the hidden motive, with the public pretext, of transactions." (Coningsby pp. 218-219)

Rothschild studied Zoology at Cambridge where Anthony Blunt recruited him for the KGB about 1936. (Blunt later said it was Rothschild who recruited him.) Rothschild later joined MI-5 and was in charge of counter sabotage. He instructed the military on how to recognize and defuse bombs. Rothschild was a personal friend of Winston Churchill. Perry writes:

"The two socialized often during the war years. Rothschild used his wealth and position to invite the prime minister to private parties. His entree to the wartime leader, plus access to all the key intelligence information, every major weapons development and his command of counter-sabotage operations in Britain, made Rothschild a secretly powerful figure during the war years...The result was that Stalin knew as much as Churchill about vital information, often before the British High Command was informed." (xxviii-xxix) 

cambridge-spies .jpg
(left, only a society with a death wish would idealize traitors and dupes.) 

Rothschild helped neutralize enemies of the Soviet Union who came to the British for support. For example, he was involved in the cover-up of the assassination of Polish war leader and British ally Wladyslaw Sikorski, whose plane was blown up in July 1944. Sikorski had become burdensome to Stalin after he discovered the KGB had massacred 16,000 Polish officers in the Katyn Woods and elsewhere in 1940.  

In 1944, Blunt, Burgess and Philby all stayed with Victor at the Rothschild mansion in Paris.  Rothschild was briefly in charge of Allied intelligence in Paris and interrogated many prisoners. 

After the war Rothschild spent time in the US overseeing attempts to learn the atom bomb secrets. Due in part to the Cambridge Five, Perry says "the Russians knew about every major intelligence operation run against them in the years 1945 to 1963."  (xxxi)


Victor Rothschild held many jobs that served to disguise his true role which I suspect was that of a member of the Illuminati Grand Council. (The Illuminati represent the highest rank of Freemasonry.)  He was not a lowly agent. He probably gave orders to people like Winston Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

For example, he ensured that the USSR supported the establishment of the State of Israel.  "He knew the proper back-channels to reach decision-makers in Moscow," a KGB Colonel told Perry. "Let us just say, he got things done. You only did that if you reached the top. He was very persuasive." (176)

T Stokes wrote: " In the Russian Intel archives Lord and Lady Rothschild are codenamed; "David and Rosa." Rothschild and Churchill were inseparable during W.W.II. The bankers bought Churchill's services in W.W.II for a recorded £50,000 to lobby for total war with Germany, and in W.W.1 Churchill had a bank account in the name of 'Colonel Arden,' to accept these secret donations."

SSrothschild.jpg(Rothschild making Satanist hand sign)

The fact that Rothschild was protected until his death suggests this is a ruling class conspiracy. According to Greg Hallett, Anthony Blunt, a fellow spy, was an illegitimate son of George V, half-brother and look-alike to Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor. Until his exposure in 1964, Blunt was Knighted and Curator of the Queen's art collection. He received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his confession.

Many believe this conspiracy is "Jewish." Yes but "generational Satanist" would be more accurate. These  Sabbatean Jews intermarry with Gentiles. The current Lord Jacob Rothschild, the Fourth Baron Rothschild is Victor's son by his first wife Barbara Hutchinson, pictured above, a non-Jew who converted. In Jewish law, Jacob Rothschild is not a Jew. He married Serena Dunn. By the way, Meyer Amschel,  Victor's only son by his second marriage, also to a non-Jew, 'committed suicide' in 1996. 

While Victor Rothschild pretended to "socialist ideals," this was just a ruse to entrap misguided idealists. The banker was a conscious traitor. Treason is the template for contemporary politics. The central banking cartel is erecting its "world governance" dictatorship and anyone who wants to succeed must be loyal to the sick new paradigm and a traitor to the genuine old.

While distracting us with sex and sports, our political and cultural "leaders" attack our national, religious, racial and family foundations using  war, homosexuality, pornography, feminism, migration and "diversity."

Clearly, we need new leaders who will stand up to the owners of the world monetary system. The destiny of humanity is at stake.

First Comment by James Perloff

I read Perry's book years ago; it was very enlightening, and further affirmed the intimacy between bankers and communists. The Fabian Society's Nicholas Murray Butler explained it well in 1937: "Communism is the instrument with which the financial world can topple national governments and then erect a world government with a world police and a world money." 

The Protocols of Zion also affirmed it: "We appear on the scene as alleged saviors of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists . . . . By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way."

The only reason Victor Rothschild gave Britain's World War 2 nuclear secrets to the USSR instead of Israel: Israel did not yet exist! The Soviet Union was the Rothschilds' first proxy state. But with the establishment of their REAL proxy state--Israel--in 1948, the Soviets became expendable. So we had the Cold War, which gave the Zionists a pretext for building up and weaponizing Israel as our "ally." 

Then, in the mid 1980s, the Rothschilds were ready to have America switch its enemies. In 1985, Gorbachev came to power, signalling the end of the Cold War, and in 1986 Reagan bombed Libya based on a Mossad ruse, marking the start of the "War on Terror." After all, the goyim couldn't very well die fighting Muslims for Israel in Middle East wars if the dreaded Commies were still a threat.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Victor Rothschild was a "Soviet" Agent "

Anonymous said (December 15, 2018):

Henry you hit the nail on the head so many times.
In the 80s and 90s i used to go to talks at the friends meeting house in London.
One such talk was by Trevor Stokes and Peter Wright who wrote Spycathcher
both these men saw the British government as betraying its people to the bankers.
Stokes said in the talk that Rothschild used his contacts in intelligence to get the Cambridge 5 into top positions, stokes claimed the letters of introduction lay in the archives until Tony Blair came into office when they were all shredded
During the war he said a man named Roaul Berry a linguist went to the head of British intel and told them about Kim Philby and others being spies, Philby's wife was going to tell on him, so Rothschild had her murdered/
Peter Wright had to take out the first chapter of his book spy-catcher, on Rothschilds instance, the threat to was all Wrights family, so he moved to the other side of the world, Tasmania, Rothschild agreed that he would make up any shortfall in Peter Wrights pension, but he betrayed his friend, it was a shocking thing that a man much feared by Britains enemies should have been cheated out of his full pension, but he was.
I heard a radio interview by Stokes who became a whistleblower and claimed both world warts were Rothschild wars, a barrage of criticism was levelled at him for revealing many secrets, i have mo xed feelings on this, but he said all along Rothschild his banks and his Board of British deputies control the UK

Brendon O'Connell said (April 20, 2017):

Right on Henry. It's all theatre. ALL of it. At the

All "the boys" doing deals. Lining their pockets keeping their greatest threat at bay - the people. Join their club. Or be poor. Never get in the news. Rot in jail. Pay a mortgage till u die. End it all alone in a nursing home, the kids waiting to collect the inheritance.

6 months ago Alex Jones was ranting Hillary would cause WW3 with Russia. Dr Steve Pieczenik laughed and said, "Don't worry about that Alex. The Generals are in charge. They talk to each other. There will be no war with Russia." Alex 'Fear Porn' Jones was quite upset.

That's all we are seeing. A bunch of bankers and stooges laughing at us as they throw one liner 'war' sound bites around the MSM as they simultaneously throw carrier battle groups around the Indian ocean.

Brown people will die in Gaza and Syria and southern Lebanon. Everyone should rest easy, grab a latte and enjoy the show live on CNN and express their pious outrage with a growley face on the Facebook internet ghetto.

Thanks for your ever insightful articles Henry while others scratch the surface.

At some level, somewhere, sometime, there is an elite club and you and I ain't in it and they are playing us like parents manufacture the consent of their 4 year old with threats and promises of chocolate bars.

Brian said (April 20, 2017):

A Great article henry, some years back i attended a lecture in Londons Grays Inn Rd, it was on foreign penetration of UK secret services and given by Peter Wright of Spycatcher fame and his friend T Stokes.

Stokes claimed that Rothschild demanded Peter Wright remove a whole chapter from the book and make some slight alterations, Stokes knew that Rothschild was a Soviet Spy and used the UK in his battle to retake the German economy , which was taken away by Adolf Hitler.

Hampstead London in W W 2 , was the HQ of all jewish intel gathering for the war on Germany, the boss of Marks and Spenser at his home in there employed several women such as

Flora Solomons and others to entrap and use anyone of use to the war effort, when Kim Philbys wife Aileen was threatening to tell the police of her husbands spying, it was Rothschild who gave the order for her murder.
Peter Wright was more careful in his accusations but insisted that a high level spy had operated against the UK for decades, and in fact without Rothschild there would have been no wars involving Britain and Germany.

Wade said (April 19, 2017):

JFK was a true patriot and that is what cost him his life. He stabbed the International banking cartel in the back with his Executive Order dated in June 1963 that stopped the Federal Reserve from printing and controlling our currency. JFK started printing debt free money through the US Treasury. The currency was called "Kennedy Dollars" and was backed by silver. That executive order has never been rescinded to this day.
However no US President has dared enforce it since that fateful day in Dallas when Kennedy's own driver shot him in the forehead with an exploding bullet.

The news media cut out that part from what the public was allowed to see. The news media did the same dirty trick on 9/11. They cut out the part that proved the so called planes were actually holographic images.

As bizarre as the truth sounds, if anyone doubts anything written in my response they can still do the work of research and discover that all I have said is the truth. Most will be to lazy.

In conclusion: The murder of JFK taught many lessons. #1. No one is allowed to upset the decades of planning (to control the currency of the USA) that resulted in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. #2. No Kennedy will ever be allowed to again hold the office of President. #3. The news media long ago was the fourth branch of government (keeping the other three branches honest).

Those days are long gone. The news media was brought in as a co-conspirator with the Illuminati plan for world government long ago, and absent the news media's complete cooperation with every deception perpetrated on the American people going back to the turn of the century...None of the many false flags and deceptions would have had a prayer of succeeding.

That brings us to #4. With the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy the Illuminati learned that there were virtually no critical thinkers left in the USA and that the American people would believe any matter how long as the story was backed by the main stream media hacks. The main stream media has the blood of literally millions on their hands.

Krister said (July 21, 2013):

Barry Chamish wrote an article named "Just As Scared, Just As Doomed", where he writes:

"Chaim Weizmann was the emissary of the British crown, and its associated secret
societies. He did their bidding and was welcome in all corridors of power. As you
shall see, even the Rothschilds had to seek his permission before financing any

Then he quotes a part from M. J. Nurenberger's book "The Scared And The Doomed -
The Jewish Establishment vs.The Six Million" (he also writes that the book "is one of the
most important works about modern Jewish history"):

"It was no accident that Weizmann fought any attempt to support the 'illegal'
immigration when the doors of Palestine were closed, and that he resented anyone
who contradicted his views. For example, at the beginning of World War II, in
London, where he lived, when asked by one of the Rothschilds to help the Irgun
bring a boat of Aliyah Bet to Palestine, Weizmann said, 'he would not sit down with a
satan.' This was already at the time that there was no other avenue of escape." pp 90

The above indicates that there was people like Chaim Weizmann above Victor Rothschild, making the decisions about Jewish world affairs. My guess is that we shall look at the Rothschilds as financial technocrates, taking orders from a secret Jewish World-Kahal making decisions in accordance with the Protocols.

Below-Neocon Jews Behind Chinese Tech Exec Arrest (scroll down)

Wilhelm Reich: Pervert or Martyred Genius?

December 14, 2018

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was a Jewish psychoanalyst who, like Freud, claimed  sexual repression was the cause of neurosis. He falls into the satanist Jewish tradition of advocating the removal of all cultural limitations to "free sex" (marriage, pedophilia.) As Benjamin Garland says below, "We have this one blatantly insane, perverted Jew to thank -- maybe more than anybody else -- for the 'sexual revolution.'"

On the other hand, he championed sexual energy as the divine life force and the orgasm as its necessary expression. He claimed to have captured it in an "orgone accumulator" this life-giving "orgone" which could cure cancer. He was ruthlessly persecuted and his books were burned. He died in prison at age 60 supposedly of a heart attack. 

Was he an unsung genius like Nicola TeslaThis documentary makes the case that he was. So does this one.

Below is an excerpt from an article in The National Vanguard that sees him as a pervert. I have left out many shocking quotations and vile accounts of his satanist Jewish perversity. 

The paradox is that married couples have a more satisfying sex life than people who believe in "free love." (A recent poll on this site revealed that twice as many married people were happy with their sex life as single people. 33-15)

The Jewish Cabalist view that sex is sacred is a measure of our satanic possession

Love, not sex, is sacred. To evolve, man must control his carnal desires and express them in marriage and family. 

Nevertheless, I suspect there might be redeeming value in some of Reich's work.

by Benjamin Garland

In The Mass Psychology of Fascism, (1933) Reich recognized the traditional patriarchal family as a microcosm of the authoritarian and theorized that sexual suppression within this structure is the root of fascism. Occurring first in the nuclear family ("the authoritarian miniature state"), sexual repression ensures "later subordination to the general authoritarian system," he wrote.10

In this view, it is an anti-fascist imperative to work towards destroying the traditional, nuclear family at all costs, as well as any and all sexual restraints, even (or even especially) in children. Marx had also called for the "abolition of the family" in The Communist Manifesto, and Reich took this declaration very seriously.11 Reich spoke of the family "as a disease.12

With his perverted mind, Reich found sexual symbolism everywhere in his analysis of fascism. Freud's theory of the "Oedipal Complex" posits that all children want to have sex with their parents, and Reich wholeheartedly believed this (remember, he himself literally had an incestuous fixation with his mother).

According to Reich, the suppression of the so-called "mother fixation" found its ultimate outlet in the state, exemplified in things such as Goebbels' "10

Nationalist feeling," Reich wrote, "is based on the unconscious, deeply anchored mother fixation."13

Race theory, he further claimed, for reasons which fail to even resemble coherency, comes from a "mortal terror of natural sexuality and its orgasm function."14

He even went so far as to claim that the swastika represents "intertwined human bodies" having sex. The more sexually unsatisfied an individual is, he argued, the more powerfully they are subconsciously drawn to the symbol, conveniently drawing a direct correlation between one's sexual repression and inadequacy and their level of dedication to National Socialism.15

After effectively being kicked out of Denmark, and then Sweden, by those governments refusing to extend his visas due to the blatantly subversive nature of his political and theoretical work, Reich settled in Norway in 1934.

In 1936 he published The Sexual Revolution, which in part excoriated the Soviet Union for pulling back on the radical sexual policies they had implemented after the Bolshevik Revolution, and in part laid out Reich's own ideas for sexual and social reform.

By this time he had been officially kicked out of both the Communist Party, and the International Psychoanalytic Association, and was under vicious assault by the Norwegian press and scientific community, who publicly denounced him as a "quack," "destructive for the spirit and morals of society," and the "slimiest kind of pornographer."16

Reich complained of the almost daily dispute in the newspapers as to whether I was a charlatan or a genius, a Jew, a psychopath or a sexual monomaniac. They asked the police authorities to throw me out of the country; they tried to bring a charge against me concerning the seduction of minors  because I had affirmed infantile masturbation.

Reich's insistence on the ridiculous notion of child sexuality was as present as ever in The Sexual Revolution.

"[I]n principle," he wrote, "unless we are charlatans or cowards, we must affirm the sexuality of adolescents, help them wherever we can, and do everything to prepare the final liberation of adolescent sexuality. This is a gigantic and responsible task."17

Children and adults should be naked in front of each other as much as possible, Reich argued. His reasoning was that first, covering up makes the child develop "guilt feelings," and second, nakedness being "taboo" leads to "lascivious curiosity."18

In regard to having children watch their parents have sex, Reich could find "no argument against it," except that it might disturb the adults' pleasure.


Related  -  Spartacus --Detailed Biography of Reich

Reich as Cloud Buster   (YouTube)

Reich Unique Private Recording 



Sharaf, p. 157, gives Reich's seven-point program in The Sexual Revolution (1931): 

"1. Free distribution of contraceptives to those who could not obtain them through normal channels; massive propaganda for birth control. 
2. Abolition of laws against abortion. Provision for free abortions at public clinics; financial and medical safeguards for pregnant and nursing mothers.
 3. Abolition of any legal distinctions between the married and the unmarried. Freedom of divorce. Elimination of prostitution through economic and sex-economic changes to eradicate its causes. 
4. Elimination of venereal diseases by full sexual education. 
5. Avoidance of neuroses and sexual problems by a life-affirmative education. Study of principles of sexual pedagogy. Establishment of therapeutic clinics. 
6. Training of doctors, teachers, social workers, and so on, in all relevant matters of sexual hygiene. 
7. Treatment rather than punishment for sexual offences. Protection of children and adolescents against adult seduction."

First Comment from Jeff:


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Wilhelm Reich: Pervert or Martyred Genius? "

Peter G said (December 14, 2018):

learly a genius he walked a crooked path.

Many years before I started reading this website of yours Henry, I studied the inventions of Wilhelm Reich to some considerable extent and it became evident that they had gone after this man not because of his idiosyncrasies or his unconventional leanings but because of the fact that he had demonstrated that his devices did in fact work.

When it comes to cancer this cannot be tolerated and he suffered the same fate which has now been bestowed upon David Noakes at Southwark Crown Court a couple of weeks ago.

When a man who had been found guilty of selling and producing the unlicensable cancer curative gcmaf was sent down for quite a low sentence of 2 years following a mitigation hearing which lasted over a week.

David having pleaded guilty already to helping Humanity by bringing forward this suppressed cure for cancer.

And so it is that people who challenge the Cancer Monopoly of the pharmaceutical industrial complex have their Liberty curtailed.

Let's hope that David Noakes doesn't suffer the same fate in prison that befell Wilhelm Reich.

Lets also rejoice in the fact that he appears, judging by the previous comments, to have found Salvation in Jesus before his end I do hope that this was a genuine declaration on his part.

Having read his story of his childhood I find it bewildering to consider how he was not even more perverted than he was surely he had the naughty nanny that Freddie Mercury speaks of in his song Fat Bottomed Girls.

Didnt do Freddie any good either.

Art said (December 14, 2018):

Orgonite formulated by American Don Croft, based on Reich's or gone works, no doubt about that.

Orgonite is made from quartz crystal, iron, or aluminium filings, & fibreglass resin.

I've made a lot of orgonite, & it has many applications. Quart crystal is a by-product of gold mining, & its to be found all over the place here.

Freud/Reich is toxic. Reich/Croft is good stuff.

Reich was a genius!

Gordon W said (December 14, 2018):

The overview of Wilhelm Reich's work on your website leaves out the most important part of his life ... after he came to America. Reich had been a student of Sigmund Freud, yet it is most important to acknowledge that Reich kept on learning. For instance = having lived under both = Reich coined the terms 'red fascism' to identify communism and 'black fascism' for National Socialism.
By about 1978, I had read just about everything I could find to do with Wilhelm Reich. I subscribed to the magazine published by the school which was still going at that time.
I wish I could cite the very title and page of one of those books which reported that just before he died in the penitentiary, Wilhelm Reich declared that Jesus Christ was his Saviour.

Reich's work on 'orgone energy' ... whatever that ultimately turns out to be ... was a century ahead of his time. And he was no mere armchair philosopher. He worked hard as a scientist, and had the undeniable evidence to prove his devices were drawing-down orgone energy, with attendant moisture, in the desert. Wilhelm Reich, like so many pioneers, was a genius with flaws.

Goddess Feminism is Satanism

December 12, 2018

hell.jpgGoddess Feminism is Satanism 

by Rich

Goddess feminism is an ancient occult belief that women are superior to men and that men are here to serve women. It teaches that men are nothing more than the work horses for women to provide for them, while a woman's true strength is to be in charge of men and society. It worships the sacred feminine and elevates it above that of man. This is one of the reasons why women studies and all things female are constantly being pushed in western society as being superior to that of the man.

Women we're strongly encouraged into the workplace for 5 main reasons
1) To destroy heterosexual relationships
2) The Central bankers/government realized that they were only taxing half the population. (CENTRAL BANK.. Item #5 on the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!!!)
3) To get the children away from the parents so that they could brainwash them via the public school system so that the kids would no longer look to the parents as the progenitors of knowledge and wisdom, but would look to the state as the parent (Communism!)
4) To destabilize society by destroying the family. 
5) To further push the homosexual agenda onto the population by creating so many problems between male and female relationships that many, especially women, would become lesbian. 

Goddess feminism itself had 5 main goals as well. They said "We women are;
1) Going to put and end to God
2) Destroy the bible
3) Destroy Christianity 
4) Destroy men
5) Destroy heterosexual relationships

That is their actual stated goals of feminism. Most men don't mind what's called "equality feminism" equal work for equal pay, etc. But what is described above is part of radical and goddess feminism which is not the same as "Equality feminism" though they try and tell the public that they're the same thing...they're not. 

Doctrine of Demons

However, feminism has a far darker side to it which most are not aware of. A side which ties is direcly into demon, worship and Satanism. 

Author Betty Friedan said in her 1963 book "The Feminine Mystique" that "...housewives were slaves and victims and that the home was a 'comfortable concentration camp.' Self-fulfillment was vital, she argued, and required that women enter businesses and the professions."

However  Friedan also revealed that when she was writing her book that "..the book took me over, obsessed me, wanted to write itself. I have never experienced anything as powerful, truly mystical as the forces that seemed to take me over when I was writing The Feminine Mystique" (Friedan, pp. 78)

In the occult, letting yourself go in order to be possessed by spirits that do the writing FOR you in known as "automatic writing" This happens not only to some writers, but very often to singers, who time and time again have admitted to being possesed by spirits once they get on stage. So we can already see how the beginnings of the modern feminst agenda has demonic origins and is really nothing more than a "doctrine of demons" 1 Timothy 4:1 But this goddess feminist movement has orgins going back all the way to the Garden of Eden.

"...we women are going to bring an end to God" (Spirit Wars, Jones, 1997, pp. 180, 195). 

The goddess feminism is an occult religion akin to sorcery or witchcraft that has been pushed onto the world and especially the US. It was part of their plans for revenge as they sought to destroy Christianity from the earth and as it once spread around the entire world and very few knew about the occult and other dark religions, they now sought to do the exact opposite, destroy Christianity from the earth and have the occult knowledge spread around the entire world.

Was Huawei Exec Arrest Designed to Undermine Trump?

December 9, 2018

Was Huawei Exec Illegal Arrest Designed to Sabotage Trump's Trade Talks?

by Brabantian

Legal principles here involving Ms Meng Wanzhou are the following:
(1) 'Lex injusta non est lex' - 'An unjust law is no law at all', a legal principle going back at least to the 4th-5th century Christian Augustine. The alleged 'crimes' of Bobby Fischer and Meng Wanzhou are not viewed as 'crimes' by most of the world's peoples.
(2) The "general principle in international law that one state cannot take measures on the territory of another state by means of enforcement of national laws without the consent of the latter", along with "non-interference in the internal affairs of states" and the "political independence of any state" per the United Nations charter.
(3) The principle against 'selective, arbitrary, and political prosecutions'. There has apparently never previously been a case, where the USA requested a 3rd country to arrest and jail a foreign citizen, for violating a USA sanctions law. There have been charges against companies with monetary fines and settlements the USA extorted, but apparently never an arrest or extradition request. The criminal indictment of Bobby Fischer was egregious enough, but he was a USA citizen, so the USA was at least trying to enforce laws against its own.
And God knows there are endless crimes in the USA which are not prosecuted, because the criminals have superb political connections, so the USA prosecutors avoid fulfilling their legal obligation to present the evidence of crime to a grand jury, when the criminals have political clout that the victim lacks.
(4) The 'proportionality of law', which demands that penalty for any said 'crime' needs to be proportionate to the offence, and not draconian, 'cruel and unusual', per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Canada and Trudeau have intentionally jailed Ms Meng with the expectation of shipping her off to perhaps life in prison (multiple 30-year prison terms), for activity that harmed no one and which most people in the world do not find unethical.
Chinese lady Ms Meng Wanzhou is accused of 'bank fraud' but this is a misnomer, as it is not the defrauding of a bank or client of its funds, but rather fibbing about bank activity as being un-related to the sanctions, in other words a fib to suit the reality that most Chinese and most people in the world do not consider commerce with Iran to be illegal or unethical. Just like fibbing about the whisky a Canadian drove into the USA in 1931, or fibbing about having given a USA citizen Fidel Castro's favourite Cohiba Corona Especial cigar.
There is a further aspect here, that the sadistic arrest of Ms Meng, a clear political act, was also designed as a total international humiliation of President Donald Trump, who was apparently uninformed by his Deep State tormenters filling the government around him, although, very bizarrely, Canada's premier Justin Trudeau did know about it. As one extreme-right commenter put it:
"Kidnapping this woman is a dastardly, devious act that in the current world climate can only be viewed as an attack on Trump's attempts to negotiate a trade deal with China. ... This is the people who actually run the [USA] government once again announcing to the world that Trump does not run the government. And of course, Trump doesn't want to come out and say "Actually, I don't even run my own government, sorry," so instead he's forced to just go along with this stuff." (Andrew Anglin)
President Donald Trump is being degraded before China, before the world, and before his own supporters, as an 'empty suit' who cannot even save one elegant woman, the daughter of a fellow billionaire, from an unjust jailing. It is a similar shame for Canada's Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau needs to put aside his pink pull-over and pussyhat, man up as a Canadian gentleman, and have the Mounties ride out to that Canadian jail, release Ms Wanzhou Meng, and let her go home to her family.

Don't Give Up on Women By Michael Berg

December 8, 2018

Don't Give Up on Women 

By Michael Berg

Excellent Article Mark, But I agree with Henry that we should not be giving up on women (even if it means taking their "rights" away). Women ARE our own flesh and blood - the complementary part of our biology. Women aren't the problem. It's the system that empowered them and gave them "rights" that's the problem. We need to clean the schools, the university system, the feminist media, and the government from Feminism. Feminism creates a divide between the sexes. Feminism had made women the way they are today. Women are as much victims of this evil agenda to destroy male-female love as anybody else. I am a 33-year-old male. Married. I am a father to 3 beautiful little girls (who have my looks:). I cannot give up on my daughters - they are my flesh and blood!. The problem isn't women. The problem is the SYSTEM. women were poisoned - they are victims of it too..

Regarding fertility, Studies on fertility including feminists confessions themselves show that Feminism is a tool they use to "combat" what they call "overpopulation" by destroying marriage and family (What they really do is make Europe's native White population wiped out and replaced with the third world). All the data and the statistics show that Feminism (female empowerment)  is THE cause for the decline in marriage and fertility in the west and NOT porn & video-games as some mindless traditionalist cucks claim. For them, everything is men's fault. These cucks will never stand up to Feminism & to women's demands. These cucks ally themselves with feminism which means many men will have to depend on porn & prostitutes for sex since Feminism had destroyed the marriage contract.

Women are gatekeepers of sexuality. THEY are the ones who decide if to accept the male offer or not. Today they are encouraged by the system simply not to. Causes for the decline in marriage and fertility: 1) Feminism fuels hypergamy which means the avg men isn't good enough for many women (unless you have a degree and you make twice as much as them). 2) Empowered women are by definition "economically independent" which means they have less incentive to marry a man to be supported (Even feminists - below- admit this). 3) The divorce and marriage laws which according to the latest poll made 25% abandon the very idea of family and marriage due to the risk involved. 4) The fact that the laws and the mood in society, in general, are against men. Now thanks to #MeToo everything now days is "sexual harassment" - even talking to a girl and courting her (What an INSANE anti-Nature, anti-Life world we live in!!. How can a species even survive like that when even courtship is regarded as a "sexual offence"?!) 

Links :
Also type in google : "Overpopulation women's rights" to see how there are many studies that show that the way to destroy fertility (and thus marriage) is to "empower" women and make them less depended on men and marriage :

My point I meant in a mini article

Mark adds:

 MGTOW is not a rebellion against women. It's a rebellion against the system. All intelligent MGTOW know that women have been allowed, unfettered gynocentric authority through feminism and thus unnatural power over man. We know that we cannot fight this in any court in the land. It would be nothing more than a kangaroo court from the get-go. We know that the only way we can combat this is to simply leave the 'plantation'. We know that by concentrating on ourselves, working hard, saving our money, buying property and remaining single, we won't have everything removed from us, by a woman, granted to do so by a corrupt state. 
We do not allow ourselves to be in situations where a woman can charge us with a false rape or false sexual harassment allegation. 

We are simply 'ghosting' women today. We have become John Calhoun's 'beautiful ones', not through hatred of women, but through our God, given right to self preservation.

Forgive my pessimism, but after all a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist. I'm merely reading societal trends here. I cannot see any positive outcome to what's happened within society. I see a dark age approaching, which never should have been allowed to in the first place.