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Traditional Dance Company Vexes Communist China

Shen Yun Uses Animated Backdrop For Dancers.( )With five companies, Shen Yun has become the largest classical Chinese dance troop in the world touring more than 100 cities every year.This makes the Chinese Communist Party ballistic because this dance represents everything good and beautiful that the Communists have destroyed.Naturally they are determined to destroy Shen

Rule # 1 - Maintain Civility (Sanity)

We are programmed to be anxious.As long as I can remember, they have been frightening us with discord and war.  Hiroshima. The Cuban missile crisis.The Cold War. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and now potential war with Iran, Russia and China. "They" are on both sides of every issue. Isn't it time we got off their

Communism a Facade for Plundering the Goyim

(Lenin riding in Rolls Royce stolen from Tsar) Yesterday's article, NWO, Communism & the Kahal  argues that embezzling the goyim was institutionalized in the secret Jewish governingbody, the Kahal, and the Bolshevik Revolution simply extended this policy.Below find three excerpts. The first confirms Germany (i.e. German Jewish bankers) financed the "Russian Revolution" and turned Lenin and Trotsky

Hatred of Trump = Jewish Hatred of the Goyim

(left, The Jew's Tears, Israeli dual citizen, Sen. Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer tears up over travel ban.Israel is a racist apartheid state- see Note below)"More of us (Americans) are waking up to the fact that Trump is merely a proxy: The insane, deranged hatred directed at him is really meant for us Christian,

Feminism is a Depopulation Program

The world birth rate has halved in the last 50 years from roughly 3.6 births per woman to only 1.8   This coincides with the rise of feminism as the official world gender ideology.Makow -  "I am one of many who missed the opportunity to have a normal family thanks to feminism. Depopulation strikes

Did Hitler Betray Rudolf Hess (and Germany)?

(At Hitler's side.) Hitler did not have to disown his trusted associate as a lunatic. He could have confirmed that he was apeace emissary and demanded his return. Hitler and Churchill were in collusion.The object was to get rid of Henry Makow Ph.D. (from April  3, 2013) According to former Nazi officials,

In Defence of Male and Female

(Is this the face of the future? Yes, if the Illuminati have their way. We become what we worship, in this case Satan.)"Power = penis. In heterosexual relationships, only one is necessary. "This updated excerpt is from my first foray against feminism in 2000 and reflects myoriginal inspiration.Feminism and the attack on

Illuminati Flip Good and Evil

(In the climactic scene of 'The Front' Woody Allen tells the HUAC where to go."Go F**k yourselves" summarizes attitude of Cabalist Jews to the goyim, God and to the universe in general.) A movie "The Front," (1976) about the blacklistof Hollywood Communists, illustrates how Jews have been brainwashed, and, in turn, have brainwashed

Yes Virginia, There is a Masonic Jewish Conspiracy

(Left, Even Santa conceals something sinister) I am old enough to remember when Christmas wasa joyous religious celebration of the birth of Christ and the Gospel of Love. The suppression of Christmas is a symptom ofthe cancer that infects mankind. We have been subverted by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, that

Trump Promises to Liberate the Serfs

Trump is a member of the Illuminati who realized he could gain control of the US by promising to champion the disenfranchised, voiceless white Gentile majority and reverse their dispossession. Will he keep this promise?By Henry Makow Ph.D.The United States and most of the world have been colonized by the central banking

Hollywood's Occult War on Gender Intensifies

(Left, Moana, a teenage girl who saves her people is role model for all young females.)We live in a de facto Communist society where art & entertainment serve revolutionary goals. Revolutionary means overturning the natural order, replacing God with Lucifer, and inducting society into the Cabalist Jewish satanic cult, the

Don't Cry for Greece; It's Karma

 Left, Play, Mama Ellada satirized the corruption and nepotism pervading Greek society Modern Greeks are proud to cheat and regard those who obey laws and morality as fools.The "fascist" colonels were actually the good guys. They tried to stop the Francis ( bewail Athens as the bankster-torn birthplace of democracy, actually Athens is

Trudeau & Castro - Same Illuminati (Communist) Cult Family

Left, Castro bounced Justin Trudeau's brother Michel on his KneeTrudeau's remarks on Castro's death drew widespread ridicule and condemnation.Here they are: Antananarivo, Madagascar, November 26, 2016The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro:"It is with deep sorrow that I learned today

Castro Profited from Communist Scam

(left. Castro making the Trump Masonic hand sign) Communism is a scam. The people work for peanuts in the name of "equality" and "social justice" while  leaders like Castro are billionaires and live high on the hog.  Sure, the people get free health care and indoctrination (education) but so what if you

Are Jews a Nation, Race or Religion?

None of the above.Judaism is anoccult secret society. Jews and their Gentile acolytes areunwitting members of a satanic cult. from June 12, 2009By Henry Makow Ph.D. I had an "Eureka" moment when I read an interview with Shlomo Sand, the author of "The Invention of the Jewish People."  He shows that the Jews

Voodoo Adept Sees Civil War - Part Two- Revised

Part One - Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War The Illuminati have found a way to achieve their aims despite apparent setbacks. We are trying to understand how they will do it. Civil unrest may be a possibility.Francis is a voodoo adept. While his specific scenario for civil war seems outlandish, current events

Brendon O'Connell: Why I Seek Asylum in Iran

(Left, Compare the message below on the Iranian 100,000 RIAL note with the US one dollar bill which states, "In God We Trust". An all seeing eye with pyramid next to it. We can well wonder which "god" they are trusting?) Remember what Voltaire said about recognizing who your master is? Brendon O'Connell

Does Power Struggle in China Point to Change?

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping (left) Exposes Former Leader Jiang Zemin (Right)Jiang started the lucrative organ harvesting racket in 2001 in military hospitals and at least 1.5 million Falun Gong practitioners are believed to have been killed for their organs. Unofficial sources claim the number of casualties to be up

Freemasonry - The Elephant in the Room

Clearly Nigel Farage is also a Freemason. In Masonic grip with Doug Carswell, the only UKIP MP at Westminster.JEWS SHOULD CONCERN AMERICANS MORE THAN RUSSIAN INFLUENCE, NIGEL FARAGE SAYSJews will be guilty fall-guys for Freemasons like Nigel FarageIn Denial:Humanity is never going to address its problems, let alone save its

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