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Mossad-Chabad-Deep State Behind "Operation Parkland"

(CIA's Anderson Cooper with Deep State operatives Kevin and David Hogg) "Far from being a victim, David Hogg was one of the forward observers of the joint Israeli-CIA death squad sent to Parkland, ensuring that sufficient numbers of his classmates were killed."The Jewish-born Cruz was likely recruited by the Shomrim

The Ghastly Truth Behind Terror

left, Traitor David Hogg has become a symbol of the staged school shooting psyop in FLAlmost all terror is staged by the Deep State in order to enslave the people of the West. I am reposting this article written on the occasion of the Paris Massacre in Dec 2015 because the

"Russian Meddling?" FDR's Soviet Spies Sodomized the US

(Maj. George Racey Jordan, Lend-Lease expediter and liaison with the Russians during World War II.)Russian "meddling" in 2016 election is a farce considering the US has beenCommunist-controlled since the FDR Administration when KGB Agent  Harry Hopkins was known as "Co-President" and ran Foreign Policy. Working out of the White House, using Lend-Lease as

Feminism Was Created by the US Communist Party

For newbies, I am reposting this key article, a review of Kate Wiegand's Red Feminism: Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation (2002) as a reminder that the  transformation of society in our lifetime was quite literally Communist-inspired. Communism, in turn, was a creation of the Masonic Jewish world banking cartel that

Stopping White Genocide: An Israeli View

Do white nations have the stomach totake the extreme measures necessary to halt their own extinction? (Disclaimer: I am not Michael Berg and I do not share all of his views, especially prohibiting intermarriage by law or deporting citizens. The white genocide agenda is a direct result of the banking

Hitler was a Billionaire

(Fooled you!)Hitler projected the image of being selflessly devoted to the Nazi cause but by the mid-1930's, he was one of the richest men in Europe. Because the West is now largely controlled by Communist Jews (Soros) and Freemasons, there is a nostalgia for Hitler. But if he were their genuine opponent, would he have enrichedhimself

Documentary Film Exposes "Anti-Semitism" Trick

Prisoners of ZionAfter giving the filmmaker considerable access, ADL Director Abe Foxman suppressed this film because it revealed there is precious little anti Semitism, certainly not enough to justify the ADL's 29 US offices, annual $70,000,000 fund raising, and  Foxman's $527,000 salary.I would tell young Jews that Israel was the cause

Who are the Illuminati?

Rabbi Marvin Antelman  (193?-2014) deserves credit for revealing that the Illuminati originated in a "heretical"  Cabalist Jewish movement -- the Sabbatean Frankists -- named after its progenitors Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791.) This mostly Jewish movement, which garbs itself in Gentile Freemasonry,  assumes the identity of the

US Government Shutdown in Context: They Hate You

(The real haters. Democratic House and Senate Leaders are both Jews) The key to understanding current events is hate. Judaism hates the goyim.Organized Jewry hates white Christian America.Their wholly-owned media spin this as championing the Henry Makow Ph.D. Like a magic eye painting, it is staring us in the face and yet we can't see it.The central

Taboo Against Anti-Semitism Must be Lifted

(left, Trump is a crypto-Jew who has won power by opposing globalism. Beholden to Mossad, he belongs tothe Zionist branch of the Masonic Communist-Zionist dialectical strategy. Orchestrated by George Soros, Communist Jews & their liberal minions appear to oppose him.)Organized Jewry clearly has a pernicious political agenda. To stigmatize resistance as "bigotry"

Brendon O'Connell - Syria, Russia & Iran are Not the "Good Guys"

Makow to O'Connell: "I'm having trouble with your thesis that Netanyahu and Putin are in bed together. Seems to me  Israel was not pleased with Putin saving Syria and destroying ISIS."  This is Brendon's reply. I'm not buying it but I post it in the interest of provoking discussion.  By

#MeToo is Beginning of a Female Power Grab

(Left, Greta Gerwig gets Golden Globe for Ladybird) #MeToo is an opening artillery barrage to pathologize males. The real battle will supplant males, especially white males, as much as Henry Makow Ph.D.The headline was like a lightning strike which illuminates the road ahead on a pitch black night. Hollywood: "Women held 18% of the behind the

MI-5 Used Terror Groups to Assassinate Leaders

( Charles Haughey was Irish Prime Minister "Taoiseach" from 1979-1982 &1987-1992) MI-5 tried to assassinate Irish Prime Minister in 1985"Everyone with half-a-brain knows that Israel, the US, and Britain have used front groups like Isis and Al Nusra Front to wreak carnage in the Muslim world on behalf of Anglo-Zionist interests, but

On Christmas Day - What Christ Means to Me

Henry M- Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and Christ's teachings. Christ taught that God is a Moral Order, a spirit of Perfection, whether absolute Truth, Goodness, Love, Beauty or Justice. God is ultimate Reality. They've made religion needlessly complicated. All we need is to live up

Internet is Infrastructure for the Police State

(left, Mark Zuckerborg)Thanks to the Internet,they know where you are,and what you are thinking every moment of the day. by Henry Makow Ph.DThe Illuminati agenda is to enslave humanity mentally, spiritually and ultimately physically. The Internet is the ideal tool to identify and monitor every individual. They have begun to punish people who resist

The Unspoken Epidemic -- Immaturity

The epidemic has a name.Arrested development.Failure to mature in a timely fashion. Why did it take me 68 yearsto achieve maturity?I welcome your thoughts on arrested development and how maturation works."This world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested

Swedes Are Second-Class Citizens in their Own Country

(left, Swedish cops welcome migrants arriving at train station) Swedes today are second-class citizen in their own country,serving only as hard working cash cows to pay tax money to finance their own displacement. This is the fate of all countries that succumb to theMasonic Jewish (Communist) globalist agenda. (Translated from the Swedish by K) 

Celebration of Ridiculous Failure is a Success

(left, honest review of world's worst movie) Something has gone awry when a movie  about the making of a flop becomes a hit. With satanic possession, all standards areerased or inverted.  Bad becomes good. "It's so bad it's good.""It's all good." By Henry Makow Ph.D. A 2003 movie "The Room" garnered a 25% approval rate from Rotten Tomatoes

Brendon O'Connell is a Political Prisoner in NZ

(Brendon O'Connell in happier times)Brendon O'Connell, a thorn in the side of the Zionist World Order,arrived in New Zealand Oct 6. from Malaysia, seeking political asylum. He has been incarcerated ever since. He hasn't committed any crime. They could have denied him entry. His jailers are portraying him as

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