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I Married a Feminist. Now What?

Women were not the only ones brainwashed by feminism. Men were actually conditioned to admire and desire these women.But after 20 years of an "egalitarian" marriage, Kieran Dunn had enough. His "roommate" relationship saps his masculine pride.Should Kieran get a divorce or tough it out? We revisit his original postNovember

Woman Begs Men: "Rescue Us from Suicidal Feminist Brainwashing"

 (left, Feminist YouTube makes heterosexuality a crime and a sickness. It was made by Jewish feminist Hanna Rosin using a Jewish actress and is another example of the Illuminati (satanist, cabalist) Jewish perversion/subversion of the natural order and society, i.e. "the New World Order.") In an insightful female perspective, Saba

Lesbian Fires "Rough Sex" Radio Host

(Head of CBC-Radio, Heather Conway, right, and her partner, filmmaker Patricia Rozema) "Rough Sex" In private, Canadian talk show starJian Ghomeshi was into male dominance and female submission. This must have beenanathema to his boss, Heather Conway, a lesbian.Would he have been firedhad he been gay? (Many people thought he

Anthony Migchels: Feminism is Dying

(Left: The UN thought it sly to put a young starlet in front of millions with some particularly pathetic talking points. As a result she was widely ridiculed on the web.)Feminist brainwashingis being trumped by natureand common sense. by Anthony Migchels( Feminism has quietly lost all support from women, except

Is Actress Justified to Feel "Violated"?

Left, Jennifer Lawrence. "At the time it was very difficult for people to see me as a woman, or sexy, or beautiful," she told The Times. "I was just the Winter's Bone [movie] wilderness-type girl. And so I did the Esquire shoot and it was a good career move." Lawrence

Insider Confirmed Conspiracy is No "Theory"

Caroll Quigley (1910-1977) taught at Princeton, Harvard and Georgetown Universities. In his book, Tragedy and Hope, (1966) he confirmed that private merchant bankers create money out of nothing and control world affairs. He didn't mention social engineering but they are behind gender bending (feminism, homosexuality,) and sexual "liberation"."There does exist,

Jacques Derrida- Father of Our Cultural Breakdown

The Illuminati, a satanic cult based on Jewish Cabalism, have subverted humanityby finagling control of government credit (currency) which gives them control of banking and thereby everything else of importance. Our satanic possession requires that  they sever our connection to reality via language. Jewish philosophers like Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) promoted

Simone de Beauvoir: Feminist Icon Was Lesbian Pedophile

Despite condemning female subjugation, Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986) was a virtual slave of her lover the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. "Her submissiveness to him was not simply a professional matter," a biographer wrote.  In 1943, Simone de Beauvoir was fired from her teaching job for seducing female teenage students. Her

Putin - No Defender of Christian Faith & Morality President Vladimir Putin speaks with Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar in front of a portrait of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson as he visits the library of the Schneerson family of Hasidic rabbis in the Jewish Museum in Moscow, Thursday, June 13, 2013.In a key article, William Jasper blows apart

Gulf War Troops Got "Vaccine" of Nerve Gas

During the Gulf War of 1990-91 the United States Government conducted the largest experimental drug evaluation in its history. As result, approximately 250,000 of the 697,000 U.S. veterans who served in the 1991 Gulf War are afflicted with a chronic illness. Symptoms include fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes and

Feminists-Traitors to Society

Gary attended a men's group called "Evolve"  to learn to "deal with his anger." They said he needed to control his "evil demon" and follow his wife. Power is a zero-sum game. Giving it to women means taking it from men. Since masculinity is defined by power,the aim is to destroy gender

Rampant Racism & Sexism in Zionist Grants

(left, Females of color favored. Amanda Rampertab, 2014 Schulich Leader)Illuminati Jewish re-engineering of society continues unabated."We are mere subjects in an occult world empire based on control of money (credit) ..."by Henry Makow Ph.DRecently, a full-page ad featured pictures of  40 high school students who won $60,000-$80,000 scholarships to study

Feminist Claim to Female Suffrage is Bogus

Half the British men who went to the trenches in France in 1914 didn't have a vote either. Women finally got the vote in the context of both sexes getting it for the war effort. "Women were not really disenfranchised. They had the right to vote in local politics

Ray Rice: Domestic Violence Whipping Boy

(Left, Ray Rice, wife Janay Palmer  and daughter Rayven, age 3)An unfortunate altercation has allowed the Illuminati to trot out one of their favorite hobby horses,domestic violence. "How do you claim to empower women when you take the decision to prosecute out of their hands?"(Tuesday statement from Janay Palmer below

Should Children Shoot Guns?

(left, Charles Vacca,39, before he was accidentally killed Monday by nine-year-old girl he was teaching to use a Uzi)Over a million American children are enrolled in IRAgun training programs. I oppose gun control but I don't think childrenshould be armed. They're not responsible. A reader, B.J. Armstrong, takes exception.  Video

Children Need More Patriarchy Not Less

(Left, OJ Simpson's father was a homosexual who left his mother for a man when his son was three-years-old)Almost 20 years ago, psychology professor David Gutman wroteabout the unintended consequences of single-mother families. Boys need fathers in order to detach from their motherand overcome juvenile feelings of omnipotence. Otherwise, theiroedipal

Do White People Need a Survival Strategy?

(left, Feminism and "Diversity" are examples of how Illuminati Jews dis-empower White males.)Mark Green comments on the double standard that allows Jews, Blacks and Hispanics to pursue theirracial interests but forbids people of European origin from doing the same thing. Do Whites need nationalorganizations to protect their interests? Green: "Jews

Is this Primitive View of Women More Realistic?

"In an upright society, men have the predominance of violent power in their relationships, and women have other advantages.  In such a scenario, a woman's emotions will be naturally engaged, as she comes to realize that this man is her meal-ticket, and her protector..."Benjamin's original article, "Do Women Have

Do Women Have Feminine Instincts?

Benjamin, a reader, challenges the idea that women have a naturalloving instinct to sacrifice for husband and child. I think he's wrong, but I present his argument for discussion."Mama bears are simply being demanding, angry, forceful, and pitiless.  This describes western women perfectly, where they are shielded from their natural

The Trouble with Judaism

(left, Shamir) that Jewish leadership is supplanting God.By Henry Makow, Ph. D.Israel Shamir's new collection of essays, "Pardes," contains a prescient and shocking warning to Jews and to humanity as a whole: Judaism wants to make the Jewish people the intermediary between God and man replacing Christ says Shamir, an

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