The UW believes that gender is socially created. So they have joined a movement to create a genderless society.


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UW Collegiate Gender Role Models (Pictorial)

These are the models that appear on the UW Collegiate 2000-2001 Calendar. It is one thing to present some role models that don't fit stereotypes. It is another to only present images that are unisex in appearance. The only recognizable male is a member of an "oppressed" minority.

Course Offerings:
Should one political movement have the right to use the public education system to indoctrinate the young?

For example:
World Issues 40S—Gender and Politics
The course examines political issues of the 20/21st centuries from a gender-aware approach. The focus is on the problem of global gender inequalities as a central dimension of world politics.

Among the Objectives: "To gain a more accurate understanding of how the world works, or does not work, for all of us so we can work to create a world less burdened by inequalities."

Among the Topics: "8.Resistance Movements. 9. Ungendering Power and Politics."

Benefits: "Human relationships are political. When we study gender and politics we learn about both females and males. We carry this knowledge from this course into other classes and into our lives."

Women's Studies 41G
Among the aims: "To become more informed about the women's movement; To understand how and why females experience discrimination and oppression; To participate in working for social change; To become more skilled in voicing one's interests, perspectives, experiences and achievements."

Among the topics: "Who are women? (social construction of gender, gender analysis, bodies.) How do we learn about women? (Persons' Day, patriarchy, silence, adolescence, sexual harassment, pornography.) Where are women? (sexism, feminization of poverty, gendered violence.) What's next? (inventing the new millennium, empowerment, backlash, men's movements.)

Benefits: "As females gain access to the processes of definition and the making of meaning, they contribute to a neglected body of knowledge and experience, and to the creation of a more accurate history."

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