Women's Studies' Radical Mission:

"Women's Studies teachers are deliberately using their classrooms for the recruiting and training of students to be feminist activists. This aim tends to produce standard proselytizing tactics such as providing comfort and support for neophytes, denouncing the enemy, rejecting opinions that contradict or complicate the party line, and engaging in rituals of confession and celebration to keep the faithful pure and committed."
Daphne Patai & Natalie Koetrtge Professing Feminism:Cautionary Tales from the World of Women's Studies p. 81

"For many of today's feminists, lesbianism is far more than a sexual orientation or even a preference. It is, as students in many colleges learn, 'an ideological, political, and philosophical means of liberation of all women from heterosexual tyranny.'"
The AntiPhallic Campaign in Rene Denfeld, The New Victorians p.45


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UW: A Lesbian Paradise?
The Women's Center put up postersacross campus inviting women to have"breast m oulding" (a bust of their bust) made March 22, at Women's Center "Bring $3 and a n old towel." Can you imagine the uproar if a "men's center" tried this?
April 3, 2002

The Economics Department at UW dropped two courses due to lack of interest: Feminist Economics and The Economics of Women's Issues. Outside English and Women's Studies (which are in practice one department), there is little and decreasing support for feminist authoritarianism.
October 26

Film Board Rules UW broke the law. School promises to teach lesbianism to students of appropriate age.
Sept. 7

Survival message for College Students 2001-2002 by Phyllis Schlafly
August 29

Court denies university request to throw out Makow law suit; Makow awarded costs
August 24

What women learn about men at UW
July 16

Feminist farce has conquered Canadian campuses
June 22

Makow files suit against UW for discrimination
June 14

A Man Reports on Taking A Woman's Studies Course: "a combination of romper room and an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting".
May 30

State authorized hate: what feminists teach
May 27

Manitoba Human Rights Commission Dismisses Makow Complaint of Discrimination
You be the judge.
May 6

For co-eds: Feminists myths compared to facts
April 20

Is radical feminism an example of regression, a societal death wish?

"Regression is the tendency to return to prior states of development, to evade reality. The wish to escape, to run from danger, to seek solace at mother's side, is probably a universal human tendency.... most contemporary psychoanalysts acknowledge that repression is a ... general or ubiquitous tendency in all mental life."

David Gilmore, Manhood in the Making:Cultural Concepts of Masculinity


Regression Repression

"Only in a feminist workplace can people get away with demanding to be made perpetually comfortable; never mind that growth and learning don't often feel so cozy."

Laura Miller, Women's Ways of Bullying: A survivor of a feminist co-operative tells all, Salon.com

“Feminism” part of New World Order
UW's Elite Agenda Prepares
you for Friendly Fascism

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

UW: a hard place to get a date with a guy

Feminism has achieved enormous power in society because it serves the long-term elite agenda of destabilizing society and reducing population. The elite's goal is "New World Order" -- a United Nations-based global government that uses the arbitrary power of the state to promote the agenda of monopoly capital. It is the “left” in the service of the “right.” Wake up people! Women's Studies is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation! Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA!

Behind the smoke screen of women's rights, feminists like UW Pres. Constance Rooke are pursuing a radical, Marxist lesbian program designed to spread psychological and social dysfunction. It denigrates heterosexuality-- masculinity, femininity and the nuclear family and promotes a gender-less or homosexual model. They are using publicly funded universities like U.W to indoctrinate young people and to shut out opposing views.

In the 1940's and 1950's, the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) advocated everything feminists advocate. Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique (1963) and founder of modern feminism, hid the fact that she had been a Communist activist for 20 years. (See Feminist historian, Kate Weigand's, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2001). The Women's Liberation Movement simply transferred Marxist class analysis to gender. The aim is the same: the "patriarchy" (white men, capitalism) is the source of all evil and must be destroyed ("transformed"). Women (the proletariat) and anyone else deemed "oppressed" (gays, people of colour) must be handed position and power on a silver platter. This is part of an elite "divide and conquer" strategy, which is now government policy.

Feminists pretend to represent women when, in fact, they despise femininity. In typical doublespeak, they practice all the things they impute to men: sexism, racism and intolerance. Self-righteous as they are self-seeking, theirs is the official ideology of the New World Order. Did you know that the expression "politically correct" originated in the Communist Party in the 1920s? We start to glimpse other disturbing signs of Maoist China or Stalinist Russia.

Feminists (consistent with Marxism) actually believe that heterosexuality and the traditional family are not natural. (Do you remember when homosexuality wasn't natural?) Feminists believe our sexual desires are "learned," "socially conditioned," designed by men in order to oppress women, and gays. Marxists whose totalitarian "utopia" failed in Russia and China are now accomplishing their goals in the West. Their Cultural Revolution includes such other attempts to "re-educate" heterosexual men and women as "sensitivity training," "political correctness", "sexual harassment", "zero tolerance" and quotas ("diversity").

These revolutionaries are quietly using Women's Studies Departments to take over universities; and universities to transform society into something gender less. They are teaching the young to see heterosexual sex and marriage as pathological. Women are indoctrinated to pursue power and career as the source of their identity. The roles of wife and mother are belittled. Men, on the other hand, are taught to fill the role abandoned by women and be "more feminine". At the same time as heterosexuality is repressed, homosexuality is presented as an attractive alternative.

The feminist goal is not equality but to undercut men and transfer ultimate power to feminists. Last year, almost twice as many U.W students were female as male. Over 80% of Entrance Scholarships went to females. From 1997-2001, male enrollment has dropped 12%. This means more women will get the best jobs; more women will be the breadwinners.

Feminists believe the purpose of the university is to indoctrinate students. "The goal of feminist teaching is not only to raise consciousness about male domination," writes feminist philosopher Ann Ferguson, "but also to create women and men who are agents of social change."**** Feminism does not believe in the pursuit of truth. In the Marxist tradition, it believes truth is a function of power. Keith Louise Fulton, the Chair of the U.W English Department, writes that feminists do not "play along with the pretence that knowledge is objective…Knowledge is power and more specifically the organization and production of knowledge within a society reflects and maintains political power." *****

Thus, feminists reject quaint notions such as objectivity, scientific evidence, honesty, fairness and truth. Everything falls victim to their ruthless quest for power. They want to destroy Western culture and civilization because white men created it. They want to seize power and "reformulate" truth from the feminist ie. Marxist point of view. Instead of transmitting our history and heritage to the young, everything from Aristotle to Shakespeare is a repetitious litany of sex, race or class persecution.

Motivated by a messianic desire to "transform" society, feminists are ideological zealots. Anyone familiar with Communist oppression will recognize their behavior. They refuse all offers to debate because they know their program is indefensible. Secretive and unaccountable, they believe in indoctrination and using state power to coerce. They deny free speech and suppress all dissenting views. They believe the "personal is political" and regularly denounce those who stray from the party line. They create an "Alice in Wonderland" reality where common sense is suspended. Galvanized by hatred of men and imaginary persecution, they are 100% certain of their righteousness.

A professor who questions their agenda is demonized and prevented from teaching. Dr. Henry Makow's contract was not renewed because he dared to teach about heterosexuality in the context of novelists like D. H. Lawrence. In the true Liberal Arts tradition, he believes the university is a place for debate and free inquiry even if this makes some people "uncomfortable." He believes students should learn to think independently and express themselves effectively. He gave A's to some feminists.

U.W President Dr. Constance Rooke accused Dr. Makow of being "anti woman." He was treated as if guilty of "sexual harassment", without any investigation. In the Alice in Wonderland university, sexual harassment is now anything that makes any student (ie. feminist) feel "unsafe or uncomfortable." On the other hand, Dr. Makow's formal complaint of discrimination was completely ignored by the university. The policy states that all complaints must be investigated but apparently discrimination doesn't apply to white men. He is currently suing the university for discrimination.

These students felt "uncomfortable" because their ideas were challenged. Isn't this the point of university? But instead of engaging in discussion, hardy feminists pretended to be "frightened, powerless" victims. Thus they were able to eliminate a teacher who tinkered with their programming.

Lesbian Marxism, masquerading as feminism, does not represent Canadian women. Rather, it is damaging women psychologically and destroying their chances for happiness. Its behavior is unacceptable in a free society. It is trampling academic freedom and creating a climate of fear. The public will hold politicians and the media accountable for letting our society and education system fall under the control of a discredited totalitarian ideology. It's time to take back the university.


* Lesbianism refers to the rejection by women of heterosexual sex, and the femal e sex role (wife, mother), along with the adoption of the male sex role. In T he New Victorians, 1996, Rene Denfeld writes that "women encountering femini sm are frequently told they should become lesbian, an assertion that runs from t he subtle to the blatant." p. 45.

** Sommers, Christina, Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women , 1994
Patai, Daphne, Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminis m, 1998

*** Creith, Elaine, Undressing Lesbian Sex: Popular Images, Private Acts and Public Consequences, 1996, p. 8.
Denfeld, Rene, The New Victorians, 1996, pp. 25-57.

**** Ferguson, Ann Radical Teacher (April 1982) p.28

*****Fulton, Keith Louise Women Changing Academe (1990) p.159


Don't believe it? Read Dr. Rooke's own code words.

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