Zealots control the temple: Rooke, Levine, Besner, et al, make a farce of the university's ideals.


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University of Winnipeg denies Due Process

On May 12, 2000, Dr. Henry Makow made a formal complaint of discrimination on the basis of political belief.

The text of Makow's formal complaint, against Constance Rooke, Naomi Levine and Neil Besner.

The University of Winnipeg has ignored this complaint.

This is what the "Policy of the University of Winnipeg [concerning] Respectful Learning and working Environment" says:

"Freedom from discrimination and harassment is a fundamental right of all members of the university community. The University of Winnipeg prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment whether it occurs on university property or in conjunction with University-related activities." [Preamble]

The University "has a duty to ingestigate and remedy any such violation whether it occurs on University property or in conjuction with University activities." [Preamble]

"University community" means students, academic staff, support staff, administrators and the members of the Board of Regents of the University and anyone doing business with the University." (1.l)

In the event of a formal complaint:

"A Preliminary Investigative Report shall be made available to the complainant and respondent for comment within twenty-five 25 working days of the receipt of the complaint." (11-2)

"If the Preliminary Investigative Report is not complete within the time required in subsection (2), the Harassment Officer shall issue an interim report explaining the reason for the delay and shall in any event issue a Preliminary Investigative Report not later than seventy-five (75) working days after the receipt of the complaint." (11-3)

The policy also states:

The University continues to be committed to academic freedom and freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression among its members." (Preamble)

It defines discrimination as:

"Different treatment of an individual on the basis of the individual's actual or presumed membership or association with some class or group of persons rather than on the basis of personal merit." (2a)

This includes: "Political belief, political association, or political activity." (2.2.l)

© 2000 Henry Makow Ph.D.