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Televangelist's "Death" Gives Pope Credibility

July 27, 2014


"With 100% surety I can state that the Pope is following "The Plan" to install the anti-Christ into global rule."

Illuminati defector Carolyn Hamlett discusses how the controversy over "Bishop" Tony Palmer's "death" might advance the Illuminati agenda.

by Carolyn Hamlett


Richard Evan's insightful article on Pope Francis' flirtation with sleazy televangelists accurately portrays the players for what they are. People need to hear the truth. Unfortunately there are too few people who care enough for their fellow man to stand up, stick their neck out and speak the truth to anything which involves that Goliath of the Vatican.  

I realize that on the surface this move of ecumenicalism appears Godly and wholesome. It's designed that way. However, those who know and serve "The Plan", know the endgame of this seemingly good promotion of global peace. The religious unity which the Pope has been promoting is in complete agreement and alignment with "The Plan" for globalization known as the NWO.  With 100% surety I can state that the Pope is following "The Plan" to install the anti-Christ into global rule. 

In my July 6th blog article, "Will There Be A Global "Sunday Law"?,  I detailed how the plan for globalism operates to achieve the goals which were mapped out many years ago.  Much of this step by step plan was explained to me in 1957.  I have witnessed this plan unfold as I was told it would. 

To give the readers some insight into the Pope's move toward ecumenicalism and the endgame, here are some excerpts from my June 15th article.

"Nearly 60 years ago, when "The Plan" was laid out to me, I was told that in the latter section of "The Plan", as a means to prepare the masses to embrace the global spirituality to be brought in with Lucifer's chosen "Christ", religious leaders will meet to begin promoting spiritual unity of faiths. (We are seeing this now.) Though the purpose is to appear as promoting global peace, the plan for the future of this ecumentalism is sinister. 

The plan is to condition the masses to believe that global peace can not be achieved without the unity of all faiths. 

This conditioning of the masses will continue until the majority of the world's population is convinced that global peace is being held back from them, the peoples of the world, by a minority of selfish, unloving, willfully ignorant closed minded, spiritually inferior people stuck in their outdated fundamentalist Christian belief system and too suborn to give it up.

Finally, the peoples of the world will agree to exterminate the few for the greater good of the many.  My mother called this "a compassionate plan within "The Plan"."

"The way of "The Plan" is to gently stroke the masses with suggestions. The suggestions are gradually increased and plugged where ever possible by way of TV, radio, books, and movies. Thisprimes the masses to be open and ready to embrace the final suggestion."

"I believe we will be seeing more and more reference suggesting that Sunday is the preferred "Holy-day"..or more like 'holiday" of rest.  The Pope and other religious and political leaders will bepriming the masses with talks of peace and ecumenicalism. Again, as I said before, Lucifer/Satan works through his people to make his plan for his global rulership a physical reality."

(End of quotes from my July 6th article.)


Now, on the wake of the publicized death of Tony Palmer and the rumors that he may still be alive, I have been asked by numerous people to share my thoughts on this topic....

1.) My first reaction when I heard of the accident which took the life of Tony Palmer, was shock. No doubt it was the same sort of shock many people experienced upon hearing the news. It was flat out shocking news. It was hard to picture Tony Palmer in any other way than the way we all had seen him, alive and smiling.  

2.) The next thought that came to me was the question, cui bono? ("Who benefits?" or "To whose benefit?") I was suspicious of foul play. 

Who was to benefit by such a terrible thing? 

I had my thoughts on that too, however I am sure it is more complicated than meets the eye. 

Often, the evidence of who benefits doesn't become apparent until time moves on. 

This I have noticed so far:

The publicized death of Tony Palmer, has indirectly kept alive in peoples minds the topic of the Pope, the suggested Sunday observance and the ecumenical movement, coming from a different angle which keeps the masses attention.

As I mentioned in my July 6th article, the anti-Christ organization works through the media to sway the thoughts and opinions of the masses toward target goals. This is done through suggestions which are gradually increased over time to get the masses conditioned to a certain thought or idea. 

A typical tactic of the organization is to plug an idea through a news topic, then back off from that news topic and come back from a different angle which keeps the original plugged idea still fresh in the minds of the masses. 

I see a typical pattern emerging which involves the announcement of the death of Tony Palmer. 

Last month, what do you suppose most people thought of when the name of Tony Palmer came up?

Most likely, The Pope and the ecumenical movement. 

Now, today, what do you suppose most people think of when the name of Tony Palmer comes up? 

Most likely, The Pope and the ecumenical movement.   

The organization is all about selling their product and keeping the masses captive. They know when it is time to dim the spot light on one act and direct everyone's attention to a side act or diversion. The globalists know all about mind control and how to work the masses. It hasn't taken long to reduce the majority of Americans into the planned 21st century entertainment junkies who are like vampires needing their next adrenal fix. The globalist run media is more than happy to keep them hooked up, but not without a price. 

3.) The next thought I had when I heard of Tony Palmer's death was that often when something big like this hits the airwaves, it is used as a diversion to keep the masses occupied while something even more sinister is being pulled off some where else in global politics. I will leave this up to my readers to see if this applies to this event. 


Several days ago I heard there was a rumor that Tony Palmer was not deceased, and that his death was a contrived lie. I have to admit I was shocked a 2nd time. I wondered if there was any truth to the rumor and if so, cui bono? Who was reaping the benefits of this lie and for what purpose? 

All I had was a rumor of a rumor until Chris Hudson aka. "Forerunner 777" released his video update on Tony Palmer.  In this video is the audio recording of conversations Chris and his associate had with different switchboard operators at the hospital where Tony Palmer was reportedly admitted and pronounced dead later that same day. 

The switchboard operators all reported the same info, that Tony Palmer was admitted and released alive the same day he was admitted.  

So, now what do we have?

My first thought is that the organization which has vested interest in Tony Palmer is not so sloppy as to claim Tony Palmer is deceased and yet have conflicting switchboard information which listed him as being discharged. 

For what ever reason this discrepancy has occurred, several things are obvious to me. 

1.) This news item keeps the masses occupied with thoughts of Tony Palmer and his work toward ecumenicalism. This in turn indirectly keeps the Pope in the spotlight without having to tire the masses with too much repeat of the same information staring the Pope.

2.) It is possible that something else of a larger scale is being pulled off while we are all occupied with the discrepancy over Tony Palmer's accident.

3.) The discrepancy is also an open door for the organization to use as an opportunity to poke fun at "conspiracy theorists" which will gain strength in the official story of Tony's death, which will gain strength in what Tony Palmer stood for, which will strengthen the positive public view of the Pope and all that Pope is working for.  

Here's how that can happen: 

The masses have been conditioned to associate the term "conspiracy theorists" to "nut cases" and unstable people. Whenever the media pokes fun at "conspiracy theorists", the effect is that people see two sides to an issue, one that the media supports and the other which belongs to the "crazies".  

If the media uses the "conspiracy theorists" tactic, more people are likely to start taking stock in the media's view of the Pope rather than identify themselves with a "minority" which includes the "crazies".

By casting the Pope as being in one camp and the crazy "conspiracy theorists" as being the other camp, the easily-led of the masses will identify the Pope as the opposite of the crazies. They will see the Pope as a man of integrity, wisdom, sound mind, rational thinking, logic, level headedness, sensibility and trustworthiness. They will follow the Pope who follows "The Plan" which is the plan for the NWO and the plan to instal Lucifer's "Christ" (chosen one) in global power who will be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

What I have been sharing here is insight I have from my own personal experience of being a bloodline server to this  Luciferian/Satanic conspiracy to put the anti-Christ into global rule. I was one of a long line of conspirators working my assignments, doing my small part until God stepped in and changed my life forever.  I share with the readers what I know from the enemy's camp so they will not be deceived by the tactics being employed against them.  I point the readers to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ who is Salvation and the key to defeat the enemy. 

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Pope Francis' Flirtation With Sleazy Televangelists (scroll down)

Iraq Falters as ISIS Consolidates Gains

Mideast-Iraq.jpg(left, Islamists prefer Toyotas)

Our man in Basra predicts that the current division of Iraq into three parts  is  likely to become permanent.

by RA

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) may very well be the final nail in the coffin of a unified Iraq.

An unfortunate combination of deep-seated sectarianism, a dysfunctional political system, corrupt politicians and incompetent bureaucracy has resulted in a political stalemate. Following elections in April, Iraqi lawmakers have been unable to agree on a new government, although they finally elected a new president.

Terror groups like ISIS ilk thrive off instability, weak governance, inexperienced armies, inequality and division. Iraq is a perfect example of all five. 

The current crisis is largely due to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shia who has refused to include Sunni Muslims in his government. Yet he remains defiant and unwilling to leave his post or to facilitate power-sharing of any kind.

Emboldened by recent gains in Syria, ISIS is determined to establish a caliphate (Islamic state) that straddles large swathes of Syria and Iraq.  It has won the hearts and minds of the alienated Sunni tribes.

As a result, large parts of Northern and Eastern Iraq are currently under ISIS control, including Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul. The group has also  seized a number of towns, military bases, and oil facilities in the process.

The emergence of three different parts of Iraq is a reality. Iraqi Kurdistan has established itself as a thriving nation-state in the North, and the Southern Shiite parts of the country are being dragged closer into the Iranian sphere of influence.


It is inconceivable that ISIS is planning to take the whole country. The group has no sway whatsoever outside the Sunni community. They would meet extreme hostility and resistance in Shi'a dominated areas.

 Also, any further expansion will overstretch the group which requires an increasing need for lines of communication and supply. Such vulnerabilities may result in leadership fissures and exposure of internal weaknesses. Having learned its Syria lessons, ISIS main target is to cement control in Eastern and Northern Sunni dominated regions. 

A military solution is not achievable. Sunni militants are highly unlikely to proceed further south and take Baghdad. Iraqi Security Forces, left to their own devices, are unable to push insurgents out of the grabbed territories.

The result is gridlock along the Sunni-Shi'a boundaries north of Baghdad. After more bloodshed, a negotiated settlement will become increasingly enticing to both factions.

Iraqis are set to celebrate Eid al-Fitr holiday next week. However, one notices a deep sense of apprehension among them.

I am currently in Basra, which is much safer than Baghdad.

"We are destined to suffer", one Iraqi friend told me recently while staring sullenly at a television screen broadcasting a speech by the Iraqi Prime Minister. 


Fighting continues
Life in Mosul - Pros and Cons

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Profit Motive Drive Police State (scroll down)

Pope Francis' Flirtation With Sleazy Televangelists

July 26, 2014

ecumenical gang.jpg

In his ecumenical zeal, Pope Francis  embraced some dubious characters.
Luckily he seems to have stepped back in time.

by Richard Evans

Since January 20 until July 20th this year, the Catholic pope and the big fat 'Televangelist' mafia seemed to be announcing an ecumenical merger.

Although a merger between the ancient Roman church and these tax exempt snake-oil salesmen seems 'too weird', consider that the TV Jesus racket has siphoned off 500 million - that's half a billion people onto the rolls of the "Mega-churches".   These crooks aren't just millionaires anymore. 

None of them like to give solid figures on how much they really pull in, but Kenneth Copeland couldn't help bragging in January that his "ministry" had passed the billion dollars collected figure "some time ago", and said he's in the "billion club" - thinly veiling it by implying that means how many souls he's 'saved'.

Back in January, 500 of these professional false prophets met for the Kenneth Copeland Minister's Conference, near Ft. Worth Texas. One of them was an English-slash-South African 'Anglican-slash-Episcopal-slash-Bishop', named Tony Palmer. 

 Palmer wasn't a "real" Anglican, but ordained in a quasi-Anglican spinoff termed "Convergence".  'Convergence' refers to a 'movement' to squish or merge all the Christian denominations together into one big bag.  Palmer, who said in interviews he started out in 'the medical profession' (medical transcriptionist), converted in 1992.  I think he went to work for Copeland's organization in 1994.  He made no secret of his long, tight association with the High Priest of the televangelism, and vice versa.  In the interviews that followed the 'big event' I'm about to tell you about, Palmer referred to Copeland as "my spiritual father".

Tony-Kenneth-at-Brighton.jpg(Tony Palmer l. and Ken Copeland r.  Cheesier than a  deep dish pizza.  And look at the eyes of the Satanic Kenneth Copeland.  He looks like Hannibal Lector - "I ate his liver, with some fava beans, and a nice Chianti." )


Now here's where it gets weird.   Palmer  spoke a great deal of his personal friendship with Pope Francis - and the pope acknowledged this, referring to Palmer as "my brother bishop". 

 Palmer introduced himself to the Archbishop of Buenos Ares in 2008 when he was representing the Ecumenical Convergence movement in Argentina.  Later, (the story went) when Jorge Bergoglio became pope, after a while he called Palmer out of the blue and asked him to "come and see me at my house in Rome".  

aaapopeandpalmer.jpg Bergoglio appointed Palmer to the 'Pontifical Council for Christian Unity', essentially legitimizing him as an autonomous envoy of the Vatican in Ecumenical affairs.   I heard Vatican Radio dignify Palmer by referring to hims as "International Evangelical Officer of the Episcopal Communion of Evangelical Churches" and Founder of the ARC online Christian Community.

I've read and listened to Palmer tell his own bio on a May 21 radio interview on TrueNews (online) Radio.  He was "ordained" by a schismatic Anglican and his "Church" is a couple of websites he and his wife put up in the mid 1990's. 


As you know, the New World Order has to replace all the traditional, cultural religions with one World religion.   Ultimately the World religion for the masses is to be Earth worship.   But before they can really get down to the business of erasing the vestiges of the masculine image of God (Jesus and the Apostles, Church fathers;  Abraham and the prophets;  Allah and Mohammed), they have to get all the faithful under the Big Top (one big tent or umbrella). During the past two hundred years there have been hundreds of cults and man-made religions that have attempted to pull this off.

If at any time while reading any of this, it crosses your mind that a merger of Televangelism 'holy rollers' with the Roman Catholic Church is too absurd to be true, keep in mind that what gives the concept gravity is the entrance of 500 million "Evangelical Charismatics" into the churches of 2 billion Catholics.   

MSM loves Televangelists because they've become second only to porn as the true religion of Television.

BUT - Televangelism isn't Christianity.  They teach a different Gospel, called "Prosperity Gospel" which is exactly the same thing as "The Secret", "Think and Grow Rich", and Theosophy's "Ye are gods" doctrine.   It's all about getting rich and realizing your 'little god' potential'.    I don't have time to go into that right now, except to remind people that Jesus taught that we are all sinners and the key to redemption is repentance -turning away from sin and rejecting Satan.   Yes, Jesus forgave all repentant sinners, but he told them 'sin no more' and to TAKE UP THE CROSS and follow his example.

The once universal understanding of this by all Christian denominations has collapsed since Vatican II.   And no small part of that collapse and emergence of this new twisted "Gospel" of using Jesus as your personal ATM machine has been fostered by TV "Evangelism" and their Megachurchs and Crusades all over the world.  This has become a MULTIBILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY 2nd only to porn.  More lucrative than porn because it's tax exempt.

Televangelists fleecing the flock...

By now bloggers across the board have noticed that the Pope who fired the Catholic "Bishops of Bling" has been 'reaching out' to the most diabolical flock fleecers on Earth as 'brothers'.

At Kenneth Copland's convention of his Televangelist mafia he gave a warm welcome to Tony Palmer as the keynote speaker.   Palmer shocked the blogosphere when after a speech calling for Unity, with a lame explanation of how "Luther's Revolution is Over - what about yours?"  and "Are you born again?  Then you're already Catholic!"  

Palmer's speech would have been a big flop if that was all had up his sleeve.  But he produced a video he made on his cell phone in the Vatican of Pope Francis, who spoke for 11 minutes (mostly in Italian with subtitles) of a merger of sorts between all denominations.  He concluded by inviting Copeland his coven - er - closest friends - to come visit him in Rome.

aaacopeland.jpgAfter the video was over, Copeland took the podium and said, 'WE HAVE A POPE', and started speaking gibberish ('Speaking in tongues'), calling this nonsense a prayer for Pope Francis.  Copeland rattled on for over an hour self-congratulating himself for this MIRACLE.

Here's the abridged viral video.  The Miracle of Unity has Begun: KCM Minister's Conference 2014

The Vatican visit between all these reptiles really did take place on June 20th.  (Can you imagine the weird energy in that room?)   Meantime the Vatican media outlets had laid low and the MSM gave the whole thing passing interest, but cautiously, waiting to see if it would fly.

It was a pretty deal across the board on the Christian and Catholic biospheres, but the mainstream public and people who leave church at church don't seem to have heard of it, or if they did, they didn't take it seriously.


The buzz on the blogoshere was negative. Conservative Protestants and Catholics reacted violently against it. Nobody was really excited by it - except Kenneth Copeland,

The big meeting at the Vatican finally took place on June 24th.   The Pope showed up to greet FIFTY THOUSAND "Charismatics".   The event was billed as a prayer day of "Catholic Charismatics" - a 'movement' within the Catholic church - but  Copeland and others were allowed to speak, and the Pope made some noise about doing away with 'division' among Christians.    Then the Pope assumed a prayer posture while the crowd went into their "speaking in tongues" nonsense.   Here's footage of a major event in Toronto in 1994 - I won't go into to it here, but this is what they do.

After the June 24 Rome arena event, Francis met Copeland and the charlatans named in the group photo.  But later Francis distanced himself from them.

In one statement he said their way of praying made him 'uncomfortable'.   There were no glowing followup press conferences or press statements by anybody, except Palmer.  

On July 2nd Francis received Houston, Texas "Prosperity Gospel" Rev. Feelgood,  JOEL OSTEEN.  But the electricity just wasn't there either. It was like a movie that bombs because the leading actor and actress "have no chemistry".   The whole thing seems to have fizzled.

Finally on July 3rd, Francis' weekly address from St. Peters Square showed Francis can speak decisively when he chooses to.  He said in Italian,

"No one becomes Christian on his or her own! Is that clear? No one becomes Christian by him- or herself."

"Christians are not made in a laboratory. A Christian is part of a people who comes from afar. The Christian belongs to a people called the Church and this Church is what makes him or her Christian, on the day of Baptism, and then in the course of catechesis, and so on," the Pontiff continued.

"We are able to live this journey not only because of others, but together with others. In the Church there is no 'do it yourself', there are no 'free agents',"

Whatever you may feel about how people relate to God or believe they've been saved by Jesus, Francis has made the most Catholic statement I've ever heard him make.

 If there's one thing everybody should know about the Roman Catholic Church,  their most foundational doctrine is that only through the Church can people follow Jesus.  It doesn't matter what I may think about this - my point is that this statement makes clear that the Vatican's flirtation with Protestants is an invitation to convert to Catholicism.   Clearly, Francis was interested in making a deal with the Televangelists to reward them somehow, IF they would go through the motions of converting - that is, swearing obedience to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Just like TONY BLAIR did, just like NEWT GINGRICH did.

Obviously, Kenneth Copeland and his entourage thought the Pope's offer of 'Unity' came with no strings attached.   Evidently, so did Tony Palmer.


Sunday morning, July 20: Tony Palmer, who captured Pope Francis' bid for Christian unity with a cellphone, dies after motorcycle crash.

from Vatican Radio, Rome  :  Pope's friendship with late Evangelical leader Tony Palmer
22/07/2014:  The Vatican's Council for Christian Unity has sent a message of condolences following the sudden death of an Evangelical leader with whom Pope Francis became friends during his time as archbishop of Buenos Aires. Bishop Tony Palmer, the international ecumenical officer of the Communion of Episcopal Evangelical Churches and founder of the online Ark Community, died on Sunday following a motorbike accident near his home in the south of England.

The Palmer story may not be over yet.  Friday, Wikipedia said Palmer was released from the hospital Sunday.  Now it's been edited to say, "It was claimed that Bishop Tony Palmer died on Sunday 20th July, 2014, after injuries sustained in a motorbike accident."

The links to UK articles reporting his death have been pulled.   Plus, it seems somebody's tried to start a YouTube rumor that he walked out the hospital.

But I already read those early UK articles that told exactly where he died, the vehicle involved (silver Audi), plus that police were looking for passengers of a red Ford sedan that may have witnessed the accident.  

Palmer was killed while taking a spin on his motorcycle on a winding country two-lane blacktop at 6:50am Sunday morning. He was in surgery for ten hours and died of his injuries.   It doesn't take a chief inspector of Scotland Yard to see powerful motives for getting rid of him.  He'd proven to be an embarrassment to Pope, and the Vatican.

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Preview YouTube video Satanic Preachers
Preview YouTube videtedo Bishop Tony Palmer and Pope Francis - The Miracle of Unity has Begun
Preview  YouTube video Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship EPK

First Comment from Austin:

Henry - I'm glad that you've chosen to expose these 'snake oil salesmen' and their henchmen - it's about time the church and the world witnessed their outright betrayal of their christian brethren. Shaking hands with the current Pope is the same as shaking hands with Satan himself - neither of them can be trusted. I'm supplying several links where people can go and see for themselves the opulence these people enjoy and the lavish lifestyles that go with it: - facts about some televangelists - insight into the Copeland family & some scandals surrounding them

Check out the Joyce Meyer "compound" - these people are billionaires, and they have built their 'evangelistic' empires on false teaching and gullible people's money. The mere fact that some of these traitors to the cause of Christ are being photographed next to the Pope, should send shivers up and down people's spines, but it won't.

 The eccumenical movement of our day has allayed any past fears that Protestants may have had towards the Catholic hierarchy, but that false sense of security may one day be the downfall of the many.

"All roads lead to Rome..."

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Pope Francis' Flirtation With Sleazy Televangelists"

Hans said (July 27, 2014):

Kenneth Copeland is no Christian, but a Satan-worshipper. All evil begins with the love (adoration) of money.

Christ says: "Blessed be ye poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven"

Copeland says: "Poverty is an evil spirit" [Kenneth Copeland, Prosperity: The Choice is Yours, p.4].

I am sorry for that poor guy Copeland! (and the "Pope")

Debra said (July 27, 2014):

How dare anyone (pope in this case) come forward and claim to be the vicar for Christ!

The papacy is the wealthiest business EMPIRE on earth. They obtain money by deception, from the poor, to buy shares; property; paintings; gold; precious stones and pearls (Rev./Apoc. 17 v 4). What did God say about NOT storing up treasures on earth (Matt. 6 v 19-21) and about Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16 v 19-26), dressed in purple (like a bishop) and fine clothes and who lived sumptuously every day (like a bishop); and about a camel going through the eye of a needle before a rich man can enter heaven? Which means that a rich man can NEVER go to heaven (it is impossible for a camel to go through the eye of a needle).

Christ told the rich man to give his riches to the "poor", which was the disciples' collective purse or "kitty" and to follow Him; His teaching and example.

What do the popes do? They take money from the poor and give it to the rich; hoarding it in the Vatican's vaults (creating mass poverty) - the OPPOSITE of what Christ said His followers must do.

IF the popes work for Christ, why do they do the OPPOSITE of what they were commanded to do?

It is because they serve mammon NOT God.

I’ve never seen a wealthy televangelist separated from the popes. All one and the same. Honestly, knowing followers of the two types of organized-religions, neither have they. A lack of reaction from their followers (Catholic or otherwise) is because it is not news.

David said (July 27, 2014):

I can't distinguish televangelists from banksters, trial lawyers or mafia dons. They all wear expensive suits and ties to look professional, while they fleece and shake down the rest of humanity

Jason said (July 27, 2014):

A hastily arranged oddfellows conclave which ended with the Pope subtly lecturing Evangelicals on operating (lawlessly) outside of the Church. This followed by Bishop Tony Palmer's sudden death and one must ask the following.

Is it rational to believe that Church doctrine, often dogmatic, can be successfully fused with those holding a subjective theological interpretation of the Holy Scriptures?
e.g. Thousands upon thousands of Protestant denominations in existence each with a different charter.

How far is the Mother Church willing to bend to accommodate the Daughter?

Note: Bishop Palmer mentioned Salvation by grace through faith. Most Protestants don't actually believe this.

One must understand that Luther's Reformation almost immediately fell into error. Luther's rediscovery of grace (Grace: unmerited favour to those who didn't and couldn't earn it. It can never be taken away!) through faith alone (faith: a gift from God given to believers before the ages began) based on Paul's epistles to the uncircumcised quickly became imparted with grace through faith and works. Works therefore also being associated with some inclusion of the Law which was only ever given to the circumcised.

This error creates great doubt in the minds of believers. It fuels an enormous misunderstanding within the Holy Scriptures as they appear unnecessarily to contradict themselves.

Art Granda said (July 26, 2014):

I think Marcos [below]has hit the nail square on the head. Everyone is waiting for a single church to arise and all that aren't it will be forced to join. That is very one dimensional and not what one should expect from a fallen angel.

Satan is all about deception and what better way to deceive than to change the inner workings and dogma of the world's monotheistic faiths, slowly over centuries if need be, to assure that the believers are actually believing error of their own free will (free will is most important if the devil wants to appear as Christ).

They may even fight to the death to protect their beliefs, which would be a double points bonus for the devil. While we wait for the guillotines to be rolled out and the big question to be asked of us, the devil works in the shadows. As long as we have a free will choice in the practice of our religion, the red flags never appear.

Charles said (July 26, 2014):

Your current piece by Richard Evans is highly offensive. I'm not talking about the easy hits on Kenneth Copeland, but many of the more general statements which are both inaccurate and offensive. This Evans is not very intelligent nor knowledgeable but pretends to be both. He can't help but tar anybody he doesn't like or understand.

I assume he thinks of himself as some Christian and if so, judging by his regurgitated, canned criticism he is of the ilk that believes in multiple cult-like heresies such as "the Rapture". This move by Copeland and the Pope is significant and is wrong, but having a moron like Evans add his moronic two-cents to it is not OK. I deal with these morons every day. They are late to the the party on every thing as, for instance, accepting most commonly held truths regarding the Illuminati, etc. only after decades of bitterly rejecting it and fighting it.

They claim to be biblically based but are mostly biblically illiterate. Like liberals they are bullies and have a carefully monitored list of talking points which they regurgitate but do not fully understand. Most of them are spiritually shallow people.

JG said (July 26, 2014):

This article is obviously an attack on the Catholic Church as well as Tony Palmer and Kevin Copeland.

The accusation that the Catholic Church rubbed out Tony Palmer because he was an embarrassment to Pope Francis is garbage. Some of their own priests with the help of the MSM had already done that for them.

The attempt and move to unite the Catholic Church with the Protestant Church is not a step towards a One World Religion but an attempt to consolidate the believers and not to divide them any longer.

I've also heard all the wild theories that the Anti Christ will be an End Time Catholic Pope who will deceive the nation of Israel and occupy their Temple.

These theories are quite amusing but are detached and void of reality. Israel would never accept or choose a Roman Catholic to decide the fate of their nation or people. The Roman Empire is long gone and these theories that the EU will be the revived Latter Day Roman Empire are just as unfathomable. Europe dwells today as a captive debt slave to the NWO and has lost it's sovereignty in the process.


From Richard Evans;

JG - there's a difference between attacking the Catholic Church and reporting factual information involving Pope Francis that anyone can verify on Catholic News Agency and Vatican Radio. The article in no way accuses the Catholic Church of "rubbing out" anybody. Nor does it contain any propaganda about 'The End Time', the Antichrist, or the Malachy Prophecy (which is a 16th century forgery by the way).

Give me some credit. Kyrie eleison!

Eduardo (BR) said (July 26, 2014):

What is strange for me on this article is that the Pope is displayed as a good person dealing with wolves.

The Rome church is not the Church of Christ, and this pope is not, by any means, a successor of Peter or representative of Jesus.

There are so many heresies that only a very blind by Satan could even think that the Roman Church could somehow represent Jesus interests on this world. (an I am not talking of all atrocities, lies, robbing, pederasty, etc. that are behind that institution, I am talking about the direct disobedience to the Bible, changing its significance to keep lying to the people, same thing of this TV evangelists)

Considering that this pope is a Jesuit, things get even worst: The Jesuits was created to be the Rome Mossad and make the dirt work: kill the Protestants, what they did very well, thankfully some remained.

These TV evangelist do not represent the Church of Christ, they are hand-to-hand with the Illuminati bringing them captive to the almighty power of TV.

The very same thing that Constantine understood: Religion is a way to control the people, and by that, He took the control: the Roman church started, and him the first Pope

For me, this Pope is just gathering together with his pack.

The only true God is presented by the pages of the Bible, and for the very few that love the truth.


July 24, 2014




that a woman

capable of so much love

for a man

should lose him

in the senseless war

in Iraq

Women like Cats? A Defense of Cats! by Annette

July 13, 2014

img142.jpgLeft, A  photo of the sweetheart who protected our family as valiantly as any dog. The kids used to sneak her into the house. They placed the crown on her and took the pic. She deserved it.

Annette's Response to  "Men are like Dogs; Women Like Cats"

Oh brother Henry, I can't believe I am writing  you again over all this nonsense , but here goes again. Geeeez this business about women and cats... I won't start or even end my rebuttal on the woman part. I'm here to defend cats !

We have had four cats in our family and every one of them was an amazing loving being. The guy who wrote the article obviously not only hates women - he hates cats too !

All of my kitties were stray, abused or unwanted by neighbors. We loved them and treated them with respect and they returned everything a thousand-fold. Both of my female cats showed incredible loyalty and protectiveness.

One cat, if we were out in front as a family would run to the end of the driveway to attack any dog walking by in a show of protectiveness towards us. She put her life in jeopardy by doing that.

Other times when my husband would lose his temper with the kids, the same kitty would come and show concern and try to get in between my husband and our kids. Again the same kitty would follow me to a neighbor's where I took piano lessons and wait for me on the front porch until I came out and then escort me home.

My other female cat left my neighbors and came to live at our house because she had been abused by them. She was terrified of them and the dogs they had brought into their home, and yet in a display of protectiveness towards me, she would growl when she heard their voices over the fence. I think it was all show, as  she was very frightened and timid. But she was showing me where her loyalties lay.

These cats would follow us around the yard or house as we did work or chores just to be in our company.  Cats give back what you give them- that is my experience. 

Yes dogs have some wonderful qualities but they can be totally gross and obnoxious, and vicious. No animal control ever had to put a cat down for an unprovoked attack on a child or adult. Once again some guy had problems with women and instead of contemplating himself has to demonize not only women , but for god sakes cats too ! What a loser. I'm all for hearing genuine complaints from men, but this is misogyny and not worthy of linking to your site. The coward wouldn't even sign his name to the blog.
Remember this good for nothing cat that saved a little boy's life ?   I rest my case.

Carolyn Hamlett Replies to a Reader

July 10, 2014

Carolyn Hamlett (2).jpg

Carolyn Hamlett replies to a reader who asked
 how she had the nostalgia for America
described in this July 4 article, if she were
undergoing MK-Ultra programming.
(See, Underground Pedophilia: A Victim's Memoir)

Reader's Comment:

(Henry, off the record - I thought Carolyn Hamlett said that in 1958 she was being programmed with 'kitten' training by Illuminati handlers in secret underground MKULTRA facilities    -  did I miss something? I guess one of her 'alters' wrote the current article! )

Carolyn's Response:

Yes, you did "miss something", actually quite a few some things, but that is understandable. Many people are familiar with a few terms, such as "kitten", "programming", "alters", "handlers", MKULTRA, and yet not understand some of the very basics.  

First of all, I have never used the term, "kitten" to describe any of my programming.

I have mentioned an underground facility where one type of "education" took place. That "education" was a type of programming, but nothing compared to the complexity of other types of programming that I was subjected to.

Secondly, it appears that you are either under the assumption that programmed children do not have a life outside of the programming facilities, or that programmed children are not capable of blending in with other children and appearing normal in all ways.

It is true that some children lived at the facilities where training or programming took place. Those children had no life outside of the facility such as family and school.  I saw many such children.

There were other children who were taken from their homes at night, usually by adult family members, to various places for programming, experimentation and rituals. I was one of these children. I had a good life outside of the facilities.

Last year, Daniel Duval helped me lay down some highlights of my life story by way of 7 interviews (available on YouTube) and yet we only scratched the surface on some topics and other areas we didn't cover at all. Some of the areas not covered have to do with my early childhood programming and the areas I was used in. I was not used in just one capacity, I was used in numerous areas and experienced some very complex programming. I was fully capable of carrying out more than a double life. The only surface side effect I had was fatigue, which I ignored. Children like myself were trained to ignore pain and fatigue.

In answer to your comment that you "guess one of her [my] alters wrote the article!":

This last statement of yours most especially sounds like it is coming from a person who is totally ignorant of high level programming, ignorant of the selection process of those chosen to undergo high level programming and ignorant of the dynamics of alter systems.  

The best way I know to describe myself is that I have what some would say is a strong core personality. I do have alter systems and at times another alter or two will be in the front with my core. My core personality has always had the memories of the everyday life I led. The articles I wrote about my childhood memories are my memories, just as I experienced them back in the early years of my life.

Though I am now in the autumn years of my life, that little girl who lived in the late 1950's and early 1960's is still me. Maybe many people my age have forgotten our true golden years, but for me, those memories are forever etched in my very soul. I can not read my article about the 4th of July without crying. It's because I truly morn the loss of what America used to be! America was a country where common sense was common and the majority of the citizens were people of integrity having strong moral character. The fact that I was used in government projects did not affect my ability to love my life, my country and the people around me.  

When I wrote the articles, I was hoping to refresh the dying memories of the readers of my generation and at the same time, paint an accurate picture to the younger generations, of the days when life for most Americans was good.