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Below - JFK Video Shreds US Leaders Legitimacy (scroll down)

Social Credit: A Simple Explanation

January 28, 2015


(Left. The founder of the Social Credit movement, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas 1879-1952)

Social Credit addresses a fundamental flaw in our
economic system, the gap between a plethora of
products and the lack of money in purchasers hands. 

by Oliver Heydorn Ph.D. 

   Social Credit refers to the ideas of the brilliant Anglo-Scottish engineer, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952).
   Douglas identified what is wrong with the industrial economy and also explained how to fix it.
    The core problem is that there is never enough money to buy what we produce. In essence, people don't earn enough to afford the plethora of available consumer goods and services.
   This gap is caused by many factors. Profits, including profits derived from interest on loans, is only one of them. Savings and the re-investment of savings are two others. The most important cause, however, has to do with how real capital (i.e., machines and equipment) builds up costs at a faster rate than it distributes incomes to workers.
    The economy must compensate for this recurring gap between prices and incomes. Since most of the money supply is created out of nothing by the banks, the present financial system fills the gap by relying on governments, firms, and consumers to borrow additional money into existence so that the level of consumer buying power can be increased.
    As a society we are always mortgaging our future earnings in order to get enough purchasing power so that we can pay present prices in full. Whenever we fail to borrow enough money, the economy stalls and the government may even start a war to reboot it. To the extent that we succeed in bridging the gap, we contribute to the building-up of a mountain of debt that can never be paid off.
     Filling the gap with debt-money is also inflationary, wasteful, and puts the whole society on a production-consumption treadmill. It is the prime cause behind social tensions, environmental damage, and international conflict.
     All of this dysfunction is tolerated because the banks profit from it. Compensating for the gap transfers wealth and power from the common consumers to the owners of the financial system.

    Douglas proposed that instead of filling the gap with debt-money, the gap could and should be filled with debt-free money.
     This money would be created by an organ of the state, a National Credit Office, and distributed to consumers. Some of it would be issued indirectly in the form of a National Discount on all retail prices, while another portion would be issued directly in the form of a National Dividend.[1]    
     Since the productive capacity of the modern, industrial economy is enormous, an honest representation of our productive power would allow us to enjoy an abundance of beneficial goods and services along side increasing leisure. Our economies could become socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and internationally concordant.
     Unlike some other monetary reform proposals, Social Credit does not advocate the nationalization of the banks. It is completely opposed to any scheme that would see us jump from the frying pan of a self-serving private system into the fire of a complete state monopoly over money and its issuance. The latter would be a fine basis for the introduction of a totalitarian society.
   Social Crediters, by contrast, stand for the decentralization of economic and political power in favour of the individual. Social Credit's proposal for an honest monetary system is not socialist but rather anti-socialist. It is completely compatible with a free enterprise economy (incorporating free markets, private property, individual initiative, and the profit motive) Cf. .
    Getting an understanding of Social Credit is well worth the effort, as it may just manage to save civilization.
Heydorn pic1.jpg
        Oliver Heydorn ([email protected]) is the founder and director of The Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the Study and              Promotion of Social       
         He is also the author of two recent books on the subject (available via amazon)  Social Credit Economics
         The Economics of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching

[1]    Technological progress means machines are doing more and more of the work. Thanks to the dividend, those individuals whose labour is no longer needed by the economy would nevertheless retain an income and enjoy access to goods and services.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Social Credit: A Simple Explanation"

Nishit said (January 29, 2015):

The article has good logic but a major flaw in my opinion. The flaw is that it proposes a solution called social credit or debt free money. Everyone proposes a solution that in turn is another system that must be controlled and regulated. In my opinion the solution is not another monetary system but understanding to break free from the system. This can only be done by individual effort, not by group think. When a person is conscious and is not a slave to the money banking system or any other system, then the person can easily adopt to whatever system that is in place, do his duty of work and feed his family. I think the flaw of most good hearted people is that they propose a system, instead of simply understanding of how the system, matrix works.

As Bruce Lee says, "Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system" and "....To me a system (martial arts/ money system) that clings to one small aspect of combat is actually in bondage."

Dean said (January 28, 2015):

What does Social Credit look like for the man in the street? If you consider that the Canadian GDP (i.e. the realized price of everything sold that year) is about $1.2 Trillion and the US GDP is about $14T and then consider that the statistics organizations of both countries report total incomes (i.e. effective demand money with which to meet the price) of $770 Billion and $8T respectively, that is a gap in purchasing power of 43%. How does this relate to us all as individuals? It is an annual per-capita shortage of purchasing power amounting to about $17,000. This means that every adult over 18 could be given a guaranteed income of $2000/month and retail goods merchants could give consumers a 20% sales credit at the cash register; all this while causing neither inflation nor deflation. How do you pay for this? You make it up out of thin air – just like bankers do! In the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 specifically provides for it. The not-so-subtle difference between how our economy works now and how it would work under Social Credit? There would be no interest debt tied to this new money and thus no need for repayment of either principle or interest. This would effectively dismantle the welfare state and radically lower taxes and this would put even more money in the pockets of consumers. It would also loosen the hold that big money holds over our political system with their lobbying and campaign contribution “bribes” that corrupts and undermines our political democracy.

For those who presume that this debt-free issue of money would result in inflation, consider this. Producers need to borrow their capital costs so the loaned money is effectively the creation of money. As production is sold, the first place producers apply this revenue is to settle the loans as they impact profitability; but the loaned money is destroyed the instant the bank receives it.

Consequently the economy becomes short-circuited by exactly this amount – principal and interest. The debt-free issue of money in the form of guaranteed-income dividends and sales-credit compensated price fills the gap caused by this short circuit. The bottom line is that this is a FUNDAMENTAL FLAW in our cost accounting systems that must be recognized and fixed. Social Credit is the easiest fix. There have been others proposed though. Consider Nobel Lauriat Professor Fredrick Soddy and his National Economy proposals that also recognize this gap and offers a less equitable and effective remedy. Bill Still, who ran as Libertarian Party Presidential candidate in the last US election is an advocate of Soddy’s method.

If this – i.e. prosperity and less government control over our lives - is something you the reader would like to see happen in your lifetime, maybe it is not only in your best interests to learn more about Social Credit, but it is your duty to yourself and your family.

JG said (January 28, 2015):

Loans can only thrive in a fiat financed economy for so long before the rubber meets the road and that day of reckoning is coming soon for the world economy.

The American economy is run more by debt now than anytime in it's history.

1) Inflated Home mortgages that will never be paid back

2) College loans to the tune of 100,000 dollars that will never be paid back

3) An UNAFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE PLAN that most people don't have the money to buy

4) And then more loans from the banks to the investment firms based on "derivatives" from an inflated asset held as collateral that won't be paid back either

This is all the result of an economy functioning on debt

When debts can no longer be paid back the economy will collapse because debt will eventually make the real money that does exist scarce thereby producing deflation. It's already happening right now.

Robert K said (January 28, 2015):

The real basis of personal freedom is economic autonomy. The Age of Robotics contains the potential to bring this condition to every person, and our (currently perverted) money system is ideally suited to be adapted to this end. What is commonly called "democracy"--i.e., Political Democracy, the right to cast a vote in elections--is a sham so long as Economic Democracy--the power to command economic policy as consumers--is attenuated. In the context of the most astounding productive capacity in history, such phenomena as economic insecurity and government austerity policies are anomalies that must shock and repel any thinking individual.

Below- The Death of Israeli Agent and "Argentine" Prosecutor Alberto Nisman (scroll down)

JFK Video Strips US Leaders of Legitimacy

January 27, 2015

While Francis Conolly's big picture is shaky,
he conveys one chilling truth effectively:
a cabal of rich traitors, gangsters and
psychopaths run the USA. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On the eve of JFK's assassination, three future Presidents toasted the plot's success: LBJ, Richard Nixon and G.H.W. Bush. The meeting took place at oilman Clint Murchison's ranch. The Mafia was represented by  Carlos Marcello, Joe Civella and Jack Ruby. The Illuminati bankers sent John McCloy and the Brown Brothers Harriman.  Law enforcement was represented by J. Edgar Hoover and his gay lover Clyde Tolson. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, brother of ex Deputy Director of the CIA, Charles Cabell, completed the cast.

This is one of many eye-opening facts in Francis R. Conolly's gripping video "JFK to 9-11: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" which was uploaded last November and is only now gaining recognition.

This video is an inspired but flawed effort. The biggest flaw is its length-- an exhausting three and a half hours. It should have been divided into two subjects, the JFK Assassination and Conolly's view that the Illuminati are Nazis and gangsters who run America and the world. I recommend that you start this video at the one hour and thirty five minute point. That makes it a more manageable two hours and you're not missing anything too critical.

Here are some of the revelations you'll find:

Conolly pins the assassination on the CIA and the Mafia, whom he says are "two sides of the same coin." He argues there were eight shooters firing 16 shots, with two in the sewer firing the kill shots. They include Mafia hitmen and hired assassins, most of whom were later killed. He claims the point where JFK's limo had to stop was marked on the sidewalk, and (very hard to believe) the mark is still there! He says Alan Dulles and David Attlee Phillips of the CIA planned the assassination while George H.W. Bush was the field commander. There is a picture of Poppy Bush in Dealey Plaza. CIA agent Bush also recruited Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

jfk-tippit.jpgConolly solves the puzzle of why Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippit had to die. Apparently he was a JFK lookalike. He was shot by Gordon Liddy and substituted for JFK's corpse because they needed to reconstruct the wounds to fit the official story. His body may be in JFK's tomb.

Conolly claims that many of the post-assassination "investigations" were actually sponsored by the CIA. These include Oliver Stone's movie, JFK; the documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy and the book, Blood, Money & Power by Barr McClennan. Actors appeared along with real witnesses in the documentary to steer attention to the "grassy knoll."  Conolly argues that many terrorist acts use actors and that the mass media are traitors.

Conolly effectively reprises the Kay Griggs interview proving the US military leadership are sexually compromised members of the Masonic gangster cult that runs the US. You rise through the ranks by offering your bum.

Conolly's grasp of the big picture is not marred by any reading of Henry Makow. As a result, he has a socialist paradigm. He argues naively the rich are trying to monopolize wealth because if we all had more wealth, it would lose its cache! For most of the video he has an image of "a super-rich cabal of secret Nazis protecting their money from the threat of Communism." He falls for the story that the bankers tried to remove FDR in 1934.

Later on, Conolly shows Anthony Sutton and seems to realize the bankers are behind Communism too. He recognizes they created the CIA for profit but he glosses over the Jewish and Masonic dimension.

While Conolly's grasp of the big picture is shaky, he conveys one chilling truth effectively: the West is run by a cabal of super-rich traitors, gangsters and psychopaths. 

Related: CIA Domestic Assassination: JFK and Mary Pinchot Meyer

First Comment from K

Ken Adachi's post is consistent with what was confided to me in an "off the cuff" conversation I had with a physical therapy patient back in 2008.

While in a treatment room, I was treating someone who used to work US special ops in the 80's in Central and S. America. When I met him, he had since retired and "didn't care anymore" what he freely told anyone who would listen.

Anyway he had told me that in their training, they used the JFK assassination example as to "how to execute the perfect assassination". He told me directly that it was secret service (and the driver in the front seat) who ultimately fired the fatal shots, and to look closely at the body positions, head thrust, Jackie's reaction (she was crawling to the back because the shots were coming from the front seat), and other key points that have been discussed.

Made for one of the most interesting physical therapy sessions I've had in my career.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "JFK Video Strips US Leaders of Legitimacy"

Karen said (January 28, 2015):

You did a dis service when you suggested not watching the first part of the movie. That was the most interesting. Years ago I remember reading about an ad being placed that found Nixon for a future presidential candidate but I was never able to verify that info again. Now I have. Thanks. I do agree with your poster who said the body switch was sort of strange. While DNA testing was still years away, finger printing was alive and well. There were ways to verify whether that was the real JFK, not to mention body markings, etc. Were the blood types the same, color of eyes? No one just switches a president, not even a ruling class, and gets completely away with it. But I suppose stranger things have happened.

I always question when I hear and read things that make Kennedy larger than life as a good man. But he was just a man and men are men. However, I have thought his sex life was over rated. How much of that sort of enjoyment can a man really have, even in different ways, when one's back is torn up? And one has Addison's disease? I know someone who has Addison's. There's no energy left for extras. The adrenals are literally gone. So perhaps by accident the stories are far more exaggerated than the man's life. And to compensate he actually did try to make a good difference in his position of power.

Our problem on the horizon I fear is another Bush presidency. Perhaps we will elect a Clinton since our congress/senate have gone Republican. I don't know if that will help us. We may be in a whole lot more trouble than we think we are.

Tony B said (January 28, 2015):

On the "who actually killed Kennedy" part, no one so far on your latest got anywhere close.

Mike Piper is the only one who ever nailed it down. Added proof is how his book is ignored.

Brian D said (January 28, 2015):

I have not, and probably won't watch "A Rich Man's Trick," as I'm already full of the truth about JFK' death. I've read many books, and watched many videos about this, and have concluded that everyone, in power/control, wanted JFK dead.

The best video about the assassination is 'JFK2' by Hankey, 'the Bush connection.'
The actual murderer of JFK, the head-shot, is James Files. And he has confessed with much knowledge of the crime.

Everyone aware should know that 9/11 was an Israeli Mossad job helped along by Zionists in the US government(No real investigation). With or without ground guided jet airplanes.

JFK started to by-pass the FED, so he had to die.

Hankey's JFK Jr. video is also quite good. JFK Jr. was going to run against the son of the man who killed his father. The civilian flight remarks about the Coast Guard are key.

Dan said (January 28, 2015):

The documentary is fairly correct that the assassination didn't go smoothly. They'd planned for Oswald to be shot trying to escape police, but Oswald knew better than to run or resist arrest. When he said he was a patsy, all the adults in my neighborhood believed him. Then when a strip club owner shot him point blank surrounded by cops, even my grandmother said, "Those two big men are holding him there so he can't dodge the bullet". Nobody believed it wasn't a top level conspiracy.

The problem was how quickly everybody got over it and went on like nothing happened. The Beatles were introduced to America only 77 days after the assassination - Feb. 7, 1964.

They landed at the JOHN F KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, the name had just been changed (from "Idylwild") in honor of the dead President.

Rich C said (January 27, 2015):

I watched that entire video myself about 2 weeks ago. I actually thought the first portion was more valuable and interesting. His idea that the hyper inflation made it easy for bankers and producers to buy up Germany for pennies on the dollar helped explain the rise of Hitler to me. But I had a question about that too. Did Germany ever repay the debt from Versailles? I would think the hyper inflation would have been a way to pay it off rather easily, and one has to wonder if the large debt was given them in order for someone to suggest paying it off with inflated marks, which led to businesses being bought for cheap and then being able to install their guy to eventually build a war machine and make a bigger and better war.

I thought the JD Tippet body switch with JFK was absolute nonsense. And the 911 portion received extremely short shrift.

Ken Adachi said (January 27, 2015):

Essentially, the video is extremely convincing and most people will accept it as gospel, but it's misleading concerning who shot JFK. Fred Newcomb and Perry Hayes got the story right when they researched their book from 1968-74. The Secret Service limo driver, William Greer, shot JFK twice and shot Connally once. There were other shooters but the bullets that hit JFK and Connally came from Greer, and Greer alone. If you have the time, read this article and study the photos carefully. They are very revealing

Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

The oldest cover story the government uses on JFK is the mob and CIA did it. I remember seeing the David Susskind Show out of NY in the late 60s or early 70s do a show on the "CIA and mob did it."

Below- Israel Seeks World Domination (scroll down)

The Death of Israeli Agent and "Argentine" Prosecutor Alberto Nisman

January 26, 2015


nisman.jpg(left, Alberto Nisman and Argentine President Cristina Kirchner)

Prosecutor Alberto Nisman could not put together a proper case
against Iran. He was in charge of the investigation
on the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Center terror attack in Buenos Aires in July 1994
which left 85 Argentinians dead. Last week, Nisman
was shot point-blank in the forehead. Zionists have tried to
pin it on Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. 

by Adrian Salbuchi
(abridged by

Just over two months after Israel's Lebanon incursion, on September 22, 2006 a private meeting took place at the New York Waldorf-Astoria hotel between then Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, his first lady Cristina Kirchner (National Senator and soon to be president) and Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana, and key powerful Jewish leaders including the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the World Jewish Congress (WJC), the B'Nai B'Rith Jewish Masonic Lodge and its militant arm the Anti Defamation League (ADL).

An agreement was reached in which Argentina would accuse Iran of the AMIA attack, to which end Mr. Kirchner immediately dispatched federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman to the US to "gather the necessary evidence against Iran" from the CIA and Mossad intelligence agencies who clearly had their Anti-Iran axe to grind.

As proof of full US and Israeli satisfaction with Argentina, the World Jewish Congress's political director Rabbi Israel Singer promptly expressed these organizations' satisfaction with Argentina's accusations against Iran, proof that the Waldorf-Astoria agreement was being executed by the Kirchner Administration.

Mr. Nisman immediately accused former Iranian President Ali Rafsanjani and key ministers of masterminding the AMIA attack. However, he was never able produce proper, tenable proof.

He actually requested Interpol to arrest former Iranian ambassador to Argentina, Mr. Hami Soleimanpour in London, his arrest by British authorities quickly ended because Mr. Nisman submitted no proper evidence of its accusations, even making the Argentine government pick up the £200,000 court costs.

Irrespective of this, over the past decade Mr. Nisman became the darling of Jewish entities in the US, Israel and Europe where he regularly visited to brief them on the AMIA/DAIA case. In 2007, he actually went so far as to report on the matter to the Supreme Court... not of Argentina, but of Israel.

Mr. Nisman became very popular and was very much in the media but had just one problem: He just could not put together a proper case with proper evidence against Iran, to the growing concern of US Neocons like Republican lobbyist-legislator Ileana Ros-Lethinen and Israel's successive ultra-right-wing governments.

The case sank to new depths of confusion when in January 2014, former Israeli ambassador to Argentina during the AMIA attack, Yitzhak Aviram, publicly boasted that "the people who blew up the AMIA building have all been executed by us (Israel)." He was immediately hushed up by Israel.


In sync with the Kirchner Administration, Mr. Nisman continued to blame Iran, but when the Obama Administration came to power in 2009, the US began having second thoughts about Baby Bush's aggressive Neocon strategy of "taking out Iran".

With things growing dramatically worse in Iraq, and a growing resistance from Russia and other players to US/UK war-mongering, America became much more moderate on Iran and, through "unofficial and discrete channels" it was made clear to President Cristina Kirchner that maybe the time had come for her to have a chat with the Iranians.

Thus, in January 2013, Argentina announced that it would indeed "start talking" to the Iranians - something it had not done for almost seven years - and quickly a "Memorandum of Understanding" was signed which became local law in March 2013. As part of this, a "Commission for Truth" was to be set up (but wasn't Mr. Nisman and his Mossad and CIA controllers supposed to have in their power all the "damning truth and evidence against Iran"?)

Neocons in the US and Israelis went ballistic with rage. To add insult to injury, last December President Kirchner cleaned out the top brass at the local SI Intelligence Agency, specifically throwing out US/UK/Israeli operator-agent Jaime Stiusso.

Mr. Nisman was supposed to be on holidays touring Europe with his 15-year-old daughter during all of this month of January. However, suddenly whilst visiting Amsterdam "somebody there" seems to have ordered him to fly back immediately to Argentina. So fast that he asked his wife to pick up their daughter at Madrid Airport where he dropped her off and flew on to Buenos Aires.

Upon arriving, he produced out of his hat as if by magic, a 350 page dossier case accusing President Kirchner and her (also Jewish) Foreign Minister Hector Timerman of "covering-up" Iran. He was about to present this during a special emergency summer session in Argentina's Congress at 3pm on Monday, January 19, but he may have realized that his case was still-born and had no chance whatsoever of holding up.

Anyway - alas! - he (or "somebody") conveniently killed him sometime early Sunday, January 18.

Nisman's case and the ensuing cross-questioning would have probably thrown the whole AMIA/DAIA investigation back to square one.....If Mr. Nisman's flawed case were unmasked then the beehive would once again be stirred and that represented something very dangerous for the US, Israel, local and international Jewish lobbies that have fought so hard to put the blame on Iran. And that a far more plausible lead should be investigated: a possible Israeli connection.


....Busybody Nisman was coming too uncomfortably close to stirring the bee hive. Maybe that's what led to his death.

Just as the police commissioner investigating the Charlie Hebdo event was "suicided" on the night of that attack; or as London Underground electrician Jean Menezes, who may have "seen something" in the days prior to the July 2005 London Transport attacks was "mistakenly" gunned down by London Police only a few days later.

Clearly, the "War on Terror" has come home to Argentina. Again.

As we write, the powerful local Jewish lobbies DAIA and AMIA are yelling and whining that they "fear a third terror attack against Jewish interests in Argentina," conveniently media-fed by the "unexplained disappearance" of an Argentine Army anti-tank missile earlier this month.

The US Center for Security Policy just published an article in The Washington Times calling on the US and EU to impose "sanctions against Argentina."

Presidential elections will be taking place later this year in Argentina, and practically all the candidates - with favorites Daniel Scioli, Mauricio Macri, and Sergio Massa leading the list - are toeing the politically correct line, a fact that is most consistent considering that they regularly visit and report to the Rockefeller-Negroponte-William Rhodes "Americas Society," and regularly pay homage to the World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, DAIA, AMIA and other local and international Israeli lobbies.

Finally, for Ms. Kirchner there are two lessons: (1) when ultra-right wing Israelis and Neocons fight amongst themselves, do not stray into the crossfire, and if you do pick one side then stay there; because (2) "Rome does not reward traitors."


Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. He is also the Founder of the Second Republic Project - Proyecto Segunda República.

Related- Kirchner calls for Overhaul of Argentine Intelligence Service 
---------   Prosecutor Shot in Forehead Point Blank, Investigator's Name is "Fein"

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Death of Israeli Agent and "Argentine" Prosecutor Alberto Nisman "

JG said (January 26, 2015):

I'm surprised that a Muslim's Terrorist ID or passport has not yet been found that was accidentally dropped around the scene of this crime by now. Has the Israeli Mossad actually lost some confidence in the goyim's gullibility? I don't think so, I'm sure that a manufactured narrative of this crime is already in the making.

This recent wave of " Israeli victimhood" whether credible or not is the trump card that has always been used when the nations become reluctant to go to war against each other. America must war for the Jews at all costs around the world because their New Testament Deniers of the clergy in Washington believe they will be cursed by God for not doing so. Any US President or Free World leader that refuses to do this will be demonized as an anti semite or a Hitler by the MSM. This strategy has yielded them much success in the past.

It's been a waste for America to arm Israel. Did they really think that Israel was going to let them off the hook and fight their own wars?
No way, Netanyahu and the House of Rothschild both know that it's the important people who start the wars and it's the "punks" who do the killing.

These people are absolutely mad and there is no way of earning their respect.

Israel Refuses to repay Iran for its Share of the Cost of a Pipeline

January 21, 2015

pipeline.jpgNetanyahu signed secrecy order to conceal Israel-Iran legal battle
Private interests in Israel ripped off Iran after the Revolution

PM intervened to hide details of decades-long legal struggle in European courts, claiming disclosure would harm national security and foreign ties.

By Aluf Benn    Ha'aretz
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly objects to revealing any information about the "oil arbitration" case that has been conducted between Israel and Iran in European courts for more than 20 years, the details of which were exposed on this weekend.

Netanyahu signed a secrecy order in November 2013 banning the publication of information on the arbitration, because it "could possibly bring about harm to national security and foreign relations."

Netanyahu intervened to head off a petition filed in Jerusalem District Court in June 2013 by attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, head of Shurat Hadin - Israel Law Center, under the Freedom of Information Law. The petition was against the foreign and justice ministries, requesting information about the arbitration proceedings with Iran.

The ministries rejected the request completely, and that case is now being heard in the Supreme Court, under a confidentiality order, after the Jerusalem District Court ordered the state to provide a proper response. The plaintiffs filed an updated brief last week, and the court is now awaiting the state's response.

The National Iranian Oil Company has been conducting a number of international arbitration proceedings against Israel. It has demanded compensation for its share of the joint Israeli-Iranian project for transporting and selling Iranian oil, via Israel to European customers, which was launched in 1968. At the heart of the deal stood the construction of a trans-Israel pipeline from Eilat to Ashkelon, as well as two oil storage facilities and a fleet of tankers.

The deal was hidden by a veil of secrecy, and Israel imposed censorship on any publication concerning the pipeline, its financing and operation.

A similar, smaller arbitration suit concerns a debt from the sale of Iranian oil to three Israeli fuel companies in 1979, on the eve of the Islamic Revolution. The arbitration suits are estimated to be for billions of dollars, given the interest and other costs that have accumulated over the decades.

After the Shah of Iran was deposed in January 1979, Tehran turned from being Israel's ally to its enemy. Israel continued to operate the pipeline, after nationalizing it in practice using a legal trick, and Iran sued Israel in an international arbitration process to receive its share of the profits of the joint venture.

Israel has lost a number of rounds in the arbitration, first in France and more recently in Swiss courts, where it tried to stop the arbitration process and avoid paying any money.

Both the Israeli and Iranian governments have avoided discussing the legal battle publicly, even though the various legal decisions have been published openly in Europe and raised a lot of interest in international legal circles.

Under the terms of the agreement, whose full content has yet to be made public, the Israeli government agreed to grant the oil project a 49-year concession, exemption from taxes and planning, and building leeway.

Censorship was imposed on press reports relating to the pipeline, its funding and sources of fuel. In those days of running roughshod by Mapai - the forerunner of Labor - and in the absence of green organizations and High Court of Justice petitions, the project was implemented in record time: by the end of 1969, oil was flowing through the pipeline. Israel built a second refinery in Ashdod and storage tanks at both ends of the pipeline.

Charlie Hebdo's Communist Culture War on Tradition & Religion - by Peter Myers, January 21, 2015

I won't believe this attack actually took place until i see the pictures of the bullet ridden bodies.

Charlie Hebdo's Communist Culture War on Tradition & Religion - by Peter Myers, January 21, 2015

The Culture War grew out of the 60s Movement. Many of us, including myself, participated in it without realizing where it was going.

We knew that it was led by Communists and Anarchists, but we only saw a good side: ending the Vietnam War, saving the environment, escaping social conventions, freedom from religious dogmas and strictures.

The nice people in the movement dropped out; the hardliners stayed in, and proceeded to destroy our civilization - Western Civilization. We did not realize until it was too late.

The push for Gay Marriage is not about individual rights, but about destroying the social structure. Marriage and the Family are its bedrock. Every human society up until now has been based on them, but Communists believe there's no Human Nature and that "Man Makes Himself".

Gay Marriage was pioneered by Communists, but later adopted and marketed by Liberals.

Charlie Hebdo was one of the main Culture Warriors on that Communist side. Pussy Riot is another.

In media reports, the Culture War is often mis-defined. We are told that Muslim Fundamentalists are waging a Culture War against the Liberal West.

In reality, that Liberal West is not the real West at all, but a Communist entity waging war against all tradition - whether Christian, Muslim, Asian or Aboriginal.

The editor of Charlie Hebdo, Stéphane Charbonnier, was a member of the French Communist Party (PCF); he also had strong ties to the Left Party (Parti de gauche), led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Charbonnier was a militant atheist.

Under Charbonnier, Charlie Hebdo ridiculed not only Islam but also Christianity.

Yet, in the backlash over the cartoons, Muslim mobs have attacked Christians, not realizing that they too were targets of Charlie Hebdo. This magazine has fanned the Clash of Civilizations.

An earlier editor of Charlie Hebdo was sacked for anti-Semitism . Since then, it seems, Jews and Judaism have largely escaped the magazine's venom.

Some Trots, Greens, & Anarchists, eg Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Socialist Alliance, and the WSWS site, condemn Charlie Hebdo for Provocation promoting the Clash  of Civilizations. They realize that their Culture War, once taken too far, might lead the French to install Marine Le-Pen to power, and that she will end the Culture War.
 Charlie Hebdo editor Stéphane Charbonnier ties to French Communist Party (PCF) & Left Party (Parti de gauche)


Is Belief in God Essential to Moral behavior?

January 13, 2015

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