Illuminati Plan to Fry Humanity?

August 25, 2016


I don't believe in fearmongering but
Rob Watson's vivid account 
of the Illuminati seeding our food and air 
with electromagnetic nanoparticles
to control or kill us has a credible quality
at least worth considering. 

by Rob Watson

When HG Wells wrote The War of the Worlds, he imagined creatures from outer space attacking humanity using advanced technology. Humanity is finally saved by our most basic of life forms, the bacteria which co-inhabit this planet.

But what if, instead of humanity, the tiniest of life forms DNA, mitochondria and all the numerous cells which inhabit this planet came under attack. 

This alarming scenario is actually in fact exactly what is happening with the use of Nano-technology. There is profound loss of biodiversity on this planet, and most of us had been too busy to notice that this is absolutely deliberate.

This assault on the planet and its inhabitants comes to you courtesy of corporations and your governments. They are the tools of the Illuminati, the deluded few, who believe they own this planet and humanity are simply their slaves.

They regard us as collateral or assets to be played with.

But deep down they are afraid of losing their power and of sharing the resources of this planet on a more equitable basis.
This Circus Maximus has been played throughout history. They have set slave upon slave, army upon army to maintain their control.

Today they hide their initiatives behind Climate Change, whilst they sow toxic aerosols into the atmosphere.

When the right signal is transmitted to your mobile phone, it will activate what will be described in the future as a zombie virus.

Far from being a virus, it is in fact small metal particles consumed in a food waiting for the right signal to activate them. These particles are so small that you cannot see them. They have been added to our food and drink for years waiting for the complete development of this terrible technology

On a dark command activated through your mobile phone or similar device, these particles will behave as Nano-blenders, homogenizing the organs close to the radiation source. 

When you have your mobile in your breast pocket you can expect a heart attack. When you have it in you the front pocket of your jeans your organs will be fried. Close your brain you'll have a stroke or some other CVA.

We will bleed from our eyes, our noses, our ears and mouths.

We will cry out in excruciating pain as we become zombies.

Similar technologies have been introduced to the vehicles that we drive.

Remote breaking technologies, Boston brakes, uncontrolled acceleration technologies, remote steering technologies. Similar in fact to QRS-11 gyro chip which can be used to usurp control of aircraft from pilots. 

The system will control us and it is designed to take us out.

When these things start to happen, it'll be easy to persuade law enforcement officers and the armed forces that they have to protect the rest of society from this infectious virus, by violently disposing of the individuals displaying these symptoms. Then the culling of humanity will begin.

We slaves have already been marked for disposal by the very technology that we carry.
It will tell our handlers where we are located and which aircraft we're on. 
So those considered a threat to the system can be disposed of quietly and efficiently, leaving only a report of some adverse event. For history is always written by those in power.

The youth of today are encouraged to get a Mark. Do you know what's in tattoo ink? Frankly it's not nice, more metal particles and more cancer. But we are being trained to accept quantum dots and RFID's and just a little fairy dust for good measure. 

Your life and that of your family is in imminent danger, from lack of knowledge. 

Stopping Vehicles With Directed Energy

Compare the SAR values in the Rat Model vs. SAR values from current mobile phones in the next 2 links Brain Tumors

At 1:47: 05. Cellular damage from 15minutes of cell phone use is equivalent to smoking 300 cigarettes.

A quote from the main editor of this report: "Exposure to cell-phone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken, without informed consent, and has some 4 billion participants enrolled. Science has shown increased risk of brain tumors from use of cell-phones, as well as increased risk of eye cancer, salivary gland tumors, testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia. The public must be informed."

L. Lloyd Morgan, USA, Bioelectromagnetics Society, Electronics Engineer (retired)

All the above diseases are triggered by current ambient microwave radiation from cell phones.

Also by Rob Watson- 


Why is Titanium Dioxide in Our Food?

Rob Watson is a retired photographer and independent researcher. During his working career he worked with many government doctors and scientists.This paper first appeared on Jim Stones Reactor Breach Forum in 2015

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Comments for "Illuminati Plan to Fry Humanity?"

Glen said (August 25, 2016):

You can bet your bottom dollar everything Rob says is right on. This is a fantastic article that tries to cover a subject that could fill volumes if it were to be covered in depth. The practice of de-population was started in earnest directly following WWII. One of the main reasons for the formation of the United Nations was global population control.

A greatly reduced population on planet earth was really their(the Allied powers)objective. In his book "Killing Us Softly" Kevin Galalae explains to us the affects of water fluoridation which was introduced to the Japanese directly following their surrender. Quote: "Since all chemical agents chosen to undermine human fertility work by damaging the endocrine system, the unintended side-effects to human health are legion. By disrupting the endocrine system, fluoride has an adverse effect on every part and function of the human body, impairing reproduction and development, the immune system and the nervous system. Illnesses associated with Western living standards – heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer – conveniently attributed to poor diet and lack of physical activity, are in fact, for the most part, the result of the endocrine disrupting poisons deliberately fed to people in the developing world since 1950."

Another of the weapons to be used for sterilization and depopulation is vaccines. I find it a little weird Rob should leave this out, for it is without a doubt one of the best ways to introduce bad things into the human body. Mark Rich list some of the problems with just normal vaccines, that is not ones that are laced with nano particles or lord knows what else. From Mark's book "Invisible Eugenics" Quote: "

"Independent studies suggest that vaccines are causing: autism, cancer, brain damage, seizures, epilepsy, kidney failure, lupus, asthma,
narcolepsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS, pronounced GeeAhm Baray), dystonia, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), infertility, miscarriage, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, obesity, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington's disease, supranuclear palsy, and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of these effects are immediately perceivable, while most occur years or decades later."

"Before mass vaccinations, many of these conditions were rare. Researchers have found that the escalation in the amount of vaccinated people has been paralleled by a rise in these conditions. Thus, it has been concluded that these are vaccine-induced injuries, or what Dr.
Carley refers to as vaccine-induced diseases (VIDs)."

Like I said previously this is a great article and a great starting point for many who are unaware of the evil intents of our true rulers. Thanks for sharing Henry.

Rollo said (August 25, 2016):

Did Lebron James' cell phone give him mouth cancer?


Canadian cell phone towers- Interactive map

Larry C said (August 25, 2016):

Henry, Rob Watson is wrong when he says "We will cry out in excruciating pain as we become zombies." Why, we won't even notice much less care.

We have already become cellphone zombies and it wasn't painful--quite the contrary--it was a dopamine high. I pulled up to an intersection yesterday and glanced over at the bus stop. There was a guy sitting there fondling his cellphone. He wasn't using it, he was just fondling it between his legs like he was masturbating. I was in a mens room recently and the guy next to me was texting with his left hand while he was doing his business at the urinal with his right hand.

More and more, the world we live in is no longer experienced or understood directly. Instead it is filtered and interpreted through electronic devices and we wouldn't have it any other way. Illuminati love it.

Dan said (August 25, 2016):

What can you do?

Only use cel phones for emergencies. Use a land line or cable at home.

Just say NO to WIFI in your home. Use cable.

If you have children, find out if their school is radiating them with WIFI.
If so, HOME SCHOOL them.


You can still say NO THANKS.

Below- Masonic Gestures Compromise Us (scroll down)

NYC: Is Sex Cesspool Sign of the Times?

August 24, 2016

(left, Christian Bale in the 2000 film American Psycho about a society that has become a cesspool.) 

NYC is on Satanist Vanguard

Marriage and family are the building blocks of
society.  An insider describes how they 
have been demolished in NYC, 
where sexual depravity is rampant.

"In general, young women are being medicated to become docile sex slaves."

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"The line between a prostitute and a good girl in Manhattan is practically invisible," said my source, a longtime player who identified himself as "American Psycho." 

"It's not uncommon for a woman to ask for "cab fare" after a "date" and expect to receive a $100 or more. These are career ladies. They all have a sideline."

"Appearance is everything for women. It's their only commodity. They have mobile plastic surgery in NYC. They will come to you for liposuction or botox or whatever. "

"In general, young women are being medicated to become docile sex slaves. The richer ones all have counsellors or psychiatrists who prescribe 'anti anxiety' drugs like Klonopin, Adderol, Adavan or Zanex which overrides their natural nesting instincts and makes them sexually compliant and promiscuous."

"Quasi pimps who work for nightclubs round up the poorer ones and hook them on these drugs. They are bait for men who attend these clubs. These young girls get to meet wealthy older men. It's an orgy."

"Ecstasy and Molly are also very pervasive."

"The drugs for men are alcohol and cocaine." 

"The homosexual lifestyle (i.e. promiscuity) is promoted. Along with a counsellor, every young woman must have a gay friend. If you're a man and don't approve of the homosexual agenda, you won't get a date with a woman." 

"It's considered 'healthy' to be single and promiscuous. It's a highly sexualized environment."

" Traditional nuclear families are derided and undermined. Beautiful women will hit on the loyal husband. Feminists and lesbians will contaminate the mind of the homemaker: 'He's cheating on you." 'You're life is oppressive.' It's a form of gang-stalking."

" The smallest dispute will result in break ups and restraining orders. City laws are skewed against families."

"Thanks to the Internet, new partners are so accessible that minute problems result in permanent break-ups." 

"It all originates in the Sabbatean-Frankist Jewish (i.e. Communist Illuminati) hatred of the family and belief that women should be public utilities. They believe the Messiah will come when society disintegrates into sin. So they practise every kind of sexual perversion - wife swapping, group sex, pedophilia and incest." 


Related- The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany

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Comments for "NYC: Is Sex Cesspool Sign of the Times?"

Ron said (August 25, 2016):

Actually, this NYC cesspool of drugs, sex, and spiritual emptiness fairly well describes many university campuses. I know that the university that employed me fits the description exposed here.

I would also add that a strong interest in the occult and Satanism permeated my campus, which was heavily Mexican in its student body and heavily nonwhite among the faculty, especially the younger faculty. Satanic sexual practices tied to the occult were common knowledge. Pornography use and the production of amateur pornography were also common.

Interestingly, during my 30 years working there, I only met one Christian faculty member. I also had a psychic tell me the campus was infested with demons. Maybe that holds true for New York City as well.

Al Thompson said (August 24, 2016):

Fornication is one of the most destructive forces known to mankind. While many of us have accepted it, the problem is that it is destructive and evil and it ruins the proper relationship between men and women. I really wish I had never engaged in it.

It causes massive problems in the relationship because the commitment isn't there.
Because the act of having sex is so personal, it deserves to be limited within the confines of marriage.

I agree that the communist Jews has spread this physical and spiritual error of fornication into the world through the various media; especially the movies. I think it is a good idea to make it a point to never engage in it. Sex is for making new people and establishing a loving relationship between a man and a woman; it shouldn't be considered a recreational sport.

In my opinion, it is the communist Jew who wants to destroy all of the families, including their own people. These are disgusting wretches and their ideas should never be followed.

JG said (August 24, 2016):

If you want to live in a city where "all is money" and where corruption is a way of life try NYC.

The cultural Marxist state that it now is was put into gear right around the time Kojack went to LA and Ed Koch was "elected" mayor.

New Yorkers once had a unique identity for being just and true blue. I was fortunate enough to have known a couple of New Yorkers who were once like that.

The New Yorkers of the 1970s would have never tolerated the false flag version of 911 that prevails today. They would have demanded justice and got it.

Once the courage goes, the respect for women, children, and self often go with it.

Below- Racial Prejudice Thrives in Canada (scroll down)

Masonic Gestures Compromise Us

August 23, 2016

obama fist bump-michael.jpg
Hidden in plain sight

Hand signs manifest 
the covert satanic 
possession of society. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Common hand signs like the fist bump, the Sign of Baphomet and the "OK" sign (and OK expression) reflect Western society's covert induction into the Cabalist Jewish (Freemason) satanic cult. 

The uninitiated make these signs thinking they have a positive meaning. In fact, they're performing the rituals of a satanic cult determined to pervert and enslave them. Compare it to a spider and a fly. These hand signs draw the innocent into the web. 

(Masonic mortarboards and black gowns. Graduation = Masonic initiation.) 

People make these gestures thinking they are part of a universal social contract, a sense of a common brotherhood. When they learn that these signs really belong to another "brotherhood," an "exclusive" secret  society, their natural inclination is to want to belong to that.  And in a sense they do belong to this satanic cult without knowing it. It's just part of their general indoctrination into Satanism which is being advanced on many fronts: sex education and education in general, pop music, sexual "liberation," pornography, gay pride and the attack on gender distinctions, etc. ( God is Love. Male-female love is a way to approach God. Anonymous sex is the antithesis of love.) 

I suspect that fist bumping originates in touching Masonic rings. It is a variation on the Masonic handshake intended to allow members of this sociopathic criminal racket to identify each other. Now everyone is doing it, unaware of what they are doing.

Other signs of Masonic induction:

The Sign of Baphomet. They can't admit they serve the devil. There is always a cover story. This is passed off as "I love you" in American sign language, or the "hook 'em horns" sign of the University of Texas Longhorns.

crowd-sign of.jpeg
These Longhorn fans are pledging allegiance to the devil and they don't know it. The Satanists are counting on them not to care when they find out. Similarly, when Freemasons of the lower ranks, or Zionists, or Communists find out what their organizations are really about, it's too late. They are part of it. 

The "OK" sign, or 666 sign, or Eye of Horus. Trump is telling the initiated that he may make some changes but
the underlying course of the satanist NWO will not be affected. He's basically saying, you have nothing to worry 
about. I'm a member of the club. 

Like hand signs, Masonic expressions, symbols and architecture have pervaded society. In addition to "OK", there is "on the level" and "fair and square."   More serious are the obelisks that dot our cities and Masonic symbols in logos.   But there's something insidious when I see innocent people using Masonic hand signs without understanding the implications. 

First Comment:

unnamed (57).png
Bank of Montreal Logo from RT: "One of my favorites. Two red triangles are the eyes of the Babylonian owl. "V"s 6s all over, turned sideways is the number 13"


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-------------  The Satanic Origins of Modern Culture
-------------------- Donald Drumpf - Illuminati Jew 
---------------------  Humanity is Satanically Processed 
--------------------- Michael Richards - 33 Degree Mason

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Masonic Gestures Compromise Us"

Paul M said (August 25, 2016):

Whilst I'd already known these were satanic due to the likes of Dr. Bill Schnoebelen (who has an amazing testimony), I think it's entirely possible that not only longhorn fans, or other "ordinary" people use them not realising their satanic connotations, but instead thinking they're harmless ie OK or whatever, but it's entirely within the realm of possibility that Trump doesn't use them with the knowledge / intent of their satanic significance.

One of the reasons I say this, is because he's made it quite plain he doesn't play ball with the elites and their game plan, for which they've orchestrated an all out character assassination plan, wherein everyday the MSM runs stories negative re Trump side by side with positive spin on Hellary. I do know that Fritz Springmeier was framed and jailed for 10 yr for writing "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" in the late 90s and therein he talked about the "levels" on the female side of the illuminati, one being "Mother of Darkness'. He stated that at the point, nearly 20 yr ago, that Hellary had already surpassed that level and moved higher up the ladder.

Derek said (August 24, 2016):

That hand shape with the thumb and forefinger forming a circle is natural and comfortable. It's not necessarily a "666" sign (except when the circle is posed provocatively around someone's eye – although heck, children mime eyeglasses by forming two upside-down thumb-circles around their eyes). I disagree with granting power over handsigns to silly Masons: they don't merit that symbol trademark. Their poses aren't scary, but foolish; I find they just make themselves look ridiculous.

And I'm not especially worried about Trump; in fact, I find his performance thus far rather amazing, given how far the USA has slumped under malevolent assault. He's way better than any serious contender I would have expected to emerge now. He just needs to be held to account by the American people – as does any office-holder, for that matter. His instincts are great, his team is (mostly) strong and intelligent, and the old-guard globalists and Social Marxists and corporate media prostitutes are clearly shaking in their boots, as they sense they're about to be swept into the dustbin of history. Good riddance to them and what they stand for; a historical turning is at hand, and not a moment too soon. And that turning transcends Trump, although he's riding the wave elegantly.

It can be counterproductive to overemphasize the satanic cult aspect, I find. While recognizing that, yes, that aspect is present and some people foolishly pursue that degraded path, we also need to emphasize and expand what's good and "non-satanic", to a DOMINANT extent. (And turn off Hollywood junk programming and other unhealthy media.)

What's satanic is the usury-based monetary system that we need to jettison. That requires a much sharper focus and repeated exposure, in my estimation.


Thanks Derek

Hand signs are never accidental. I like much of what Trump says but we can't be naive.


Tim said (August 24, 2016):

Let's not forget the most valuable corporation in the world, Apple.

With the bite out the Apple... celebrating Original Sin.

David said (August 24, 2016):

Sorry to spoil things for you. I love all your work.

The fist-bump comes from boxing. Simply because the combatants aren't able to shake hands due to the gloves. This is how they simulate a hand-shake before the match.

Thanks David

If Obama's doing it, I suspect there is more to it. Like
I said there is always a cover story. But you may be right.


Carlos said (August 23, 2016):

Take a look at the goog chrome sign on everyone's computer! Three 6's right there in plain sight. Of course their motto on the wall of HQ is "Don't be evil".

A said (August 23, 2016):

The whole Freemason meme might be lost on some people, although the history and goal are all clearly laid out here: as well as here:

There is much more to the story than simply world domination, and it is quite the eye opener to seee the lengths at which these satanists will go to further their plan.

JJ said (August 23, 2016):

Just off the top of my head, a few Masonic terms and catchphrases used commonly:
The third degree
Black balled

or just "winking" in general. How innocuous is winking? Not very. It's one eye symbolism, for one, but it also implies something devious, usually underhanded or sexual.

Oh, "hands up," as in "don't shoot," which is a brother to brother sign of distress.

Warren said (August 23, 2016):

I have a bit of a unique perspective on the matter as someone who would be considered a "visible minority" in Canada. And I'm going to remain in the minority saying this: the solution to most of humanity's problems lies in giving people the choice to come together and form a society on the basis of values which they would never compromise on. The world would consist of city-states/cultural mosaic as opposed to a mish-mash of corporate workers and monetary low-lifes. Everyone would be so much more better off, with full control over their monetary institutions, and maybe most importantly having control over the decision of whether to overpopulate their lot of the world, or not.

The result of having this choice would be the elimination of the minority mindset and majority ruling mindset among other things. What people actually choose to do with their lives would remain largely the same, but this little choice would make the world that everyone wants to see. I find this fact to be never mentioned by anyone and probably demonized as nazi-like, although I fail to see the militaristic element of it.

The fact that I've never heard anyone speak about this all important choice disturbs me to no end. It's the very first choice that any free individual wants. If nobody else wants to talk about it, then maybe I just might dedicate my life to it because there is no issue I believe, that is of higher priority for our world today.

Probably the reason why I can recognize its importance is because as a minority living in Canada I chose to self-isolate in response to the daily BS, as a result I've never even had a relationship with anyone at all including family in my 36 years on earth.

Putin Ties with Chabad Leader (Thanks to Pablo)

August 23, 2016

Putin Ties with Chabad Leader  (Thanks to Pablo) 

download (29).jpeg

Rabbi Berel Lazar awarded Order of Merit - Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin awards Chief Rabbi of Russia with an Order of Merit in the Kremlin Moscow Russia July 31, 2014

Ancient Jewish Library Welcomed to New Home in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Moscow's Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre as an important collection of ancient Jewish books, the Schneerson library, arrived on Thursday. The President familiarised himself with the most valuable parts of the collection, which contains some 12,000 books and 50,000 rare documents dating from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

The transfer follows years of debate with the New York City based Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community who demand the return of the library. The movement argues they are the right owners of the books, as the author of the collection, Schneerson, headed the organisation after moving to the United States. However the transfer of the Schneerson library was welcomed by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, who called it a big day for Russian Jews.

Russia has maintained that it will keep the collection, saying that it is a state property and part of Russian culture. The matter got into the media spotlight in January after a US judge ordered Russia to pay $50,000 (€37,000) per day until it returns the library. The decision to move the collection to Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre was proposed by Putin himself this year during a meeting of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations.

Moscow's Jewish Museum and Centre of Tolerance was opened in November 2012, with Israeli President Shimon Peres travelling to Moscow for its inauguration. It features several interactive displays regarding the Jewish peoples' long and tumultuous place in Russian history. Now home to the the Schneerson library collection, the museum's new library department operates as a part of the Russian State Library.

Putin and Chabad sect in Russia. Leader of Russian Jewry, Rabbi Berel Lazar praises Vladimir Putin.

Rabbi Berel Lazar about Putin

"Forgiveness must be preceded by genuine repentance" from Dan

August 18, 2016

re. Zen Gardner- Forgiven Too Soon? 

forgiveness must be preceded by genuine repentance  from Dan

As for Zen Gardner I can say that forgiveness must be preceded by genuine repentance.  We cannot know if someone's repented, only they and God know. 

But we can know them by their works.   More importantly, Christian forgiveness isn't a "pass go - don't go to jail card" like the Hillary Standard.  The forgiven still has to pay for what he's done, as well as give up any position of trust he enjoyed previously.  

Another religious celebrity scandal was Father Corapi of Catholic old lady TV show on EWTN.  A former female secretary outed a sex relationship she'd had with him which included cocaine. She also revealed is lavish spending on things like a motorcycle collection. 

There have a lot of 'Christian' celebrities 'coming out' these days.  Catholic Papal Cheerleader Michael Voris of Youtube channel fame spoke a great deal against homosexuality, but he too 'confessed' earlier this year that he'd been a raging queer most of his adult life.  The fact is that that bastion of the American gay Catholicism, Cardinal Dolan's Archdiocese of New York was on the verge of 'outing' Voris, so he really had no other option but to take a gamble to save face by re-branding himself a reformed homosexual and not merely 'that Catholic Guy'.    Re-branding works in America.   It worked for so well for Voris that it actually recharged his revenue.   

Please observe that sex scandals don't have the same kind of impact they did even twenty years ago.  In 2016 if handled right, it can boost flagging ratings.

Gardner's defensive quotes here strike me as manipulative.  Probably a deeply ingrained habit.  

Personally, I equate what Zen Garder's handling of exposure with what Michael Voris did with his.   He wants to retain his position as holy man for profit.   But to my way of thinking, when such people confess it changes their authority, because there is no getting around the fact that they concealed it before.  That's hypocrisy at best, and fraud at worst, and in any case manipulative.   I think the best example of a fraud that society treated justly was the non-sexual case of Steven Glass [1], the columnist for New Republic magazine that was outed for plagiarism and presenting fictitious interviews as fact in 1998.  Not only was Glass finished in Journalism, he was banned from taking the bar exam in both New York and California.  That's righteous justice. 

I only know the mainstream stuff that came out about the Children of God cult (now called Family International), when they were exposed.  

When Berg was a hot media topic, featured on such shows as CBS '60 Minutes', they always brought up his 'Antisemitism'.  He made remarks such as "Jews are subhuman demons." In a pamphlet called "They Staged the Whole Thing", Berg wrote that the powerful Jews running both Capitalism and Communism conspired to stage WWII. 

"'They staged the whole thing!' No wonder Hitler committed suicide, maybe he found out he was being used!" [1]  

It is in this context that must mention that Berg was from a long line of crypto Jews dating back to the 1700's Stuttgart Germany.   CBS and the rest never mentioned that while they used him as the poster boy pedophile Christian preacher.  The whole thing has Shabbatean/Frankist tells all over it.  Most notably, child sex, incest, screwing every member of the cult is mandatory - that's pretty Shabbatean. 

Berg's patriarchal ancestors entered a Mennonite splinter group in Stuttgart over a decade before Frank's group infiltrated the Polish Catholic church.  I think what's known of Shabbatean infiltrations in 18th century Europe is just the tip of the ice "berg." 

Christianity has been a favorite cover for con men and perverts since the beginning.  For evidence, read the oldest Christian document that warns the faithful how to recognize predator prophets, masquerading as apostles. 

"Therefore, the one who comes and teaches you all of these things which have been previously spoken, accept him. But if he, the teacher, should turn to teach another teaching, so as to release this one, do not listen to him."

The above passage means, there is only one Gospel.  Anyone who tries to make you believe another version is a devious liar. 

The Didache emphasizes the only genuine teachings of Christ:

"Two ways there are, one of life and one of death, but there is a great difference between the two ways."

"The way of life is indeed this: First, you will love the God who made you; secondly, "you will love your neighbor as yourself." Now all the things that you do not want to have happen to you, you too do not do these to one another."

"My child, do not become strongly desirous, for strong desire is the way to sexual sin. Neither should you be a speaker of filth, nor high-eyed. For adulteries are born out of all of these."

[1] Stephen Glass Wikipedia. 

[2] "They Staged the Whole Thing!", 1340:42,43

ONTARIO PC RACE --- Patrick Brown's Impotence, and the Emergence of a New Pro-Family Candidate by Thomas Carter

August 14, 2016


Patrick Brown's Impotence, and the Emergence of a New Pro-Family Candidate 

by Thomas Carter

Last year, Patrick Brown, leader of the Ontario PC party, was the beneficiary of the backlash against Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed curriculum. In the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party, several conservative websites including Coalition for Life supported Brown emphasizing he had a perfect voting record in regard to pro-life and pro-family legislation. This support helped him defeat the socially liberal MPP, Christine Elliott in the leadership race. Unfortunately, once at the helm he quickly recanted his former views and in a blatant betrayal of his conservative supporters became the first Ontario PC Party leader to march in the Gay Pride Parade.

When pressured on how he would attack Wynne's curriculum he was non-committal. He said recently "I wasn't pointing out specific criticisms at the curriculum," he says. "It was the process. I do believe life lessons, those are important for parents." His abrupt change in stance wasn't overlooked by the Liberals. Premier Wynne said of him, "He's trying very hard to tell people that he stands for something, but I think it's very unclear exactly what he believes in."

This led to the parents rights group PAFE to launch their "What to do about Patrick Brown? campaign.

They asked for parental rights advocates from the Scarborough/Rouge River district to run as independents in a Sept 1st by-election for the seat vacated by Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon . After interviewing a number of promising advocates, Queenie Yu emerged as the gal for the job. Her website is

This is more than just an independent candidate deciding to run in a by-election. This is the resistance, at first stupefied and disorientated, organizing and developing into a real force. In a championship fight the underdog can level the playing field by landing a single good punch: the champion loses a bit of confidence and becomes more defensive while the challenger catches a glimmer of hope, onlookers see the possibility of an upset, the champ's team get ready to abandon him to jump on a new bandwagon.

Just like in a fist fight the resistance has to capitalize on the enemies weaknesses and make them pay for their mistakes. Seizing the moment is key. For us, any efforts will be more effective while the extremely unpopular Kathleen Wynne is still in office. The time to strike is now. In 2014 the election was won with just 16,095 votes. Please spread the word to anyone in the Scarborough/Rouge River District to support Queenie Yu, the parental rights candidate in the Sept 1 by-election!