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ET/UFO's -- New Age Assault on Christian Faith

October 24, 2014


The UFO mythology is a another occult attack on God and Scripture, said Pastor Alan Morrison
in his important 1994 book, The Serpent and the Cross.

"The space research community, along with covert organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, are riddled with people who have a New Age/occult worldview and for whom the 'discovery' of extra-terrestrial life would be the fulfillment of a dream."

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by Alan Morrison
(Excerpt by

The very heart of the matter today is the radical conflict between atheistic or pantheistic scientists and Biblical Christianity.

One only has to examine the leading edges in genetics, obstetrics, astronomy and the 'new physics' to see that there is an all out war on the teachings of Scripture which will soon come to a head. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the true Church -- that is, genuine believers, clinging to the Cross, worshiping God, extolling Christ, preaching the Word, and eschewing the corruptions of the world -- will be utterly marginalized by all this UFO bunkum and the other discoveries which will shortly come to light; and our churches will be ridiculed as dangerous sects which refuse to cooperate with these 'beneficial' discoveries of our times.

It should also come as no surprise that the world's media was so obliging in this circus, with headlines such as 'Life on Mars -- Official' (Daily Mirror, 7/8/96), or 'In the Beginning, did God Create Aliens?" (Times, 8/8/96), or 'If the Aliens do Decide to Call, We're Listening' (Times, 12/8/96).

The bulk of the media across the world today is controlled by a few huge conglomerates which are essentially lackeys of the New World Order. So NASA's little finger twitches about micro-organisms and we have banner headlines four inches tall: LIFE ON MARS! -- and an article in the Times (12/8/96) states ,"Once dogged by the crackpot image, the search for alien life has become credible".

It is extraordinary how the world will reject the Christian Gospel as a childish myth, but yet it is so ready to accept a scientistic fable about fossils from Mars!


Surely, the primary reason so many people avidly lap up this garbage is because they know inwardly that, if true, it would utterly undermine the veracity of the Bible and the theological foundations of Judeo-Christianity.

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration is hoping to achieve what Darwinism has been unable to do during a whole century of frantic propaganda.

Back in 1974, NASA engineer Joseph Blumrich wove similar conjectural fantasies in his book, 'The Spaceships of Ezekiel' (Bantam). The space research community, along with covert organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, are riddled with people who have a New Age/occult worldview and for whom the 'discovery' of extra-terrestrial life would be the fulfillment of a dream.

Some readers may think all this is just the crazy ramblings of an overactive imagination. But these attempts of the demonic realm to cause havoc through deception and infiltration are confirmed in the Scriptures (Gen.6:2; Rev.12:17; Eph.6:12; 1 Pet.5:8).

Nearly twenty years ago, some discerning Christian authors had also realized the demonic nature of UFO's and ET's. In his commendatory preface to an excellent book on the subject, Dr. R.J. Rushdoony stated:

"Now more than ever before in history, we are in the midst of religious warfare. Although it comes in various disguises in order to conceal the fact of war, a wide variety of cults and all forms of humanism are at war with Biblical faith. We cannot begin to understand the world of our time apart from the fact of religious warfare... The authors conclude that the UFO phenomena are real; they are demonic and they are totally anti-Christian... The UFO mythology is a radical denial of God and of Scripture. We are given an alien view of man and the universe, and we find also that those who give themselves to this view and to the occult manifestations are marked by a disintegration of mind and even of body. Clearly UFO's are not a harmless concern nor merely an amusing case of superstition".


Frankly, there is no place for 'highly evolved ET's' in this universe. The concept of 'advanced aliens' arriving on this planet to lead us into the next phase of human civilization is incompatible with Bible teaching on the future course of history. Such beings could not be the unfallen angels, for they would never promote false doctrine. The idea of 'advanced aliens' rescuing the human race is also radically at odds with Bible teaching on creation and redemption. The Fall of our first parents not only brought corruption to the life of planet Earth but also to the entire universe (Rom.8:19-22).

The atonement and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are the central events in the history of the cosmos, the transformation of which is not dependent on an invasion of 'god-like' aliens but on the eschatological glorification of believers (Rom.8:21). Our hope for a perfect civilization does not lie in this world but in the world to come (2 Pet.3:13). The new universe will not be ushered in by a weird breed of beings from outer space which are never mentioned in the Bible, but by the creative power of the Triune God of Scripture (Isa.65:17).

Finally, let us remember that although God's people have nothing to fear from all this, it is important to be informed. Discerning Christians will keep a watchful eye on future events, as the build-up to the 'Big Announcement' develops. If the claims that we have made in this paper are for real, then the world has surely entered Satan's 'little season' and the closing phase of this evil age will soon be upon us.

Ultimately, these desperate tactics of the demonic realm are tremendously affirming to our faith because they provide confirmation of so much Bible prophecy!

 Rest assured that all authority in heaven and on earth belongs solely to the Lord Jesus Christ, whose return to the earth to bring judgement, gather His people, and transform this fallen world is the event towards which everything has been inexorably moving since the beginning of history.


Thanks to Peter for sending this.

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Is this the same Alan Morrison? (Has he changed careers?)

First Comment from Oscar

Hi Henry, I have researched for years pictures of Mars and the moon, and everything related to space travel. My personal conclusion is that this is a great scientific fraud. My assessment is that man never went to space and no satellites orbiting the earth. The theory is based on satellite microwave frequency above 400 MHz pass through the ionosphere, if this is not reality what we have is a conspiracy to control telecommunications (follow the money), and atheistic agenda with aliens included. A while ago I found a website that has a very advanced discussion on this topic (

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "ET/UFO's -- New Age Assault on Christian Faith"

CF said (October 24, 2014):

The Bible repeatedly warns of deceptions, especially as we move into the Apocalypse (literally: The Unveiling). Likewise, Vedic scriptures cite the age we are in as the age of Kali, or the Kali Yuga - a time of deceit, deception, quarrel, and conflict.

In Asian mysticism, there are "other worlds", other planets, where different beings reside; representing levels, states of consciousness. They may be viewed metaphorically/symbolically, or taken literally.

In more recent times, a supposed 'truther' continues to release 'inside info' on the elite, genocidal globalists. This 'truther' (who is a Mason) states the so-called elite are "Reptilians" from alien worlds. This relates to the UFO craze that first went into overdrive in the 1950s, and has continued since. It begs the question, 'What do these "aliens" DO to people?'

Supposedly, those abducted by "aliens" were experimented on; their bodies violated, their minds probed/controlled, they were put under surveillance, and even breeding (DNA mixing) experimentation was done... Sound familiar? - All activities commonly done today, under the cover of "science" and "security". Thus, predictive programming is the more appropriate label for the well-promoted alien-lizard circus spectacle.

Know and/or remember: The first head of NASA, Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, informed several assistants of future plans to exploit an "alien threat" (from another world) - in order to (psychologically) unite people globally. And then there were all those "alien threat" speeches by Reagan.

Therefore, we may conclude "aliens" and/or "lizard people" indeed DO exist (and not just the illegal immigrant kind). Simply, they are *inhuman, self-hating persons* whose consciousness and hearts are trapped on a dark, cold planet of their own mental concoction, where only the reptilian part of their warped/programmed brains are *allowed* to function. Thus, the continued attempts at turning this world equally dark, cold, and heartless.

Because they hate themselves, by extension, they hate all of humanity. They do not operate on any transcendental planet (plane of existence). They are psychotic materialists in the extreme. Ironically, these Machiavellian "alien-lizards" rebel against the realities of this temporal, material world. They attempt to invert all common realities. They pervert all goodness into diseased trash. They destroy the planet, while claiming to save it. They murder in the name of life. For them, "to save" means "destroy".

The real question is: Who are 'they'? - for 'they' have names. Some people call them by their more universal, common name: Evil. Yet, soon, all shall be revealed. And, like everything that is born, 'they' too shall die.

Troy said (October 24, 2014):


I was actually sucked into the ancient alien/ufo, etc thing for quite awhile.

My problem was that the ties that have been attempted to be connected in regards to ancient civilizations to aliens to mystical blah blah stuff, didn't quite click.

Once I looked at it from a biblical perspective, everything lined up. It even accounted for this exact viewpoint in that there will be millions clamoring for their Messiah from space.
Wake up people...that's the guy you DO NOT WANT AS YOUR SAVIOUR. He only good news with that is that he won't be around very long and is destined to lose.

Tyron said (October 24, 2014):

Morrison is correct in certain aspects but incorrect in others. The fact of "aliens" is not at odds with scriptures. When the war in the heavens broke out, Lucifer, then called Satan, led 1/3rd of the Angels in a war against I AM (God). On the 3rd day he whom we know now as Jesus went forth and kicked out the fallen ones, casting them INTO the earth (hades).

Christians tend to take Genesis as the end be all of the truthful creationist narrative. Most all don't know there is a huge difference between the Masoretic text invented around 900 AD and the Septuagint which is the Greek rendering of the old Hebrew that was translated around 650 BC and again into Greek around 250 BC. Furthermore, there are the books of Adam and Eve that came out of Egypt with the authentic Israelites that tell a much more descriptive narrative than Genesis while not contradicting it in any way. At the Council of Nicene these books were one vote away from being including.

If one takes the totality of these creation accounts they will see that:

1. It appears that before the war in heaven Lucifer and the angels of I AM created mankind in their own image.

2. It was this creation that is the crux for Satan's rebellion realizing he and the other angels would be under the authority of this new creation.

3. There may well have been two creations.One of Adamic man in the inner world (paradise) and another by way of possibly theAnnunaki (fallen ones?) on the surface world.
4. Angels of I AM gave Adam and Eve the knowledge to create clothing and other such things to survive etc.
5. Later we know that fallen ones gave mankind the knowledge of warfare, cosmetics and other high tech to destroy one another.

Thus to conclude that angels (aliens) are not in the universe above or inside the earth; that they can't or won't either lead us to higher knowledge for good or bad is incompatible with the scriptures. So while Morrison is correct that we ought to keep our eye on the Kingdom to come, we must also be aware of the false kingdom and messiah that comes first because these "aliens"/angels, like it or not will be central to these final events that mark the end of the present earth age. And don't forget, the first who sits on the soon to be revealed Ark claiming "God" status is the main anti Christ but if we overcome this, we will be given our original Adamic ("angelic") bodies back that know no corruption forevermore.

Robert K said (October 24, 2014):

So just what are the meanings of "the true Church...genuine believers...the Cross...worshiping God...extolling Christ...the Word"? And what in the world is "Judeo-Christianity"?

Studying text ("Bible study") advisedly is acceptable, but must be recognized as constituting a lower-level activity. "The letter killeth, but the spirit maketh alive."

To serve the Father--to fulfil our purpose in existing--is simple and doable by all: "Go (act in the world?), and sin no more."

As for all this self-centred straining to attain "personal salvation" bunkum, the key to sinning no more is faith that in due course everything will be as it should--i.e., God's will shall be fulfilled--and as long as you are doing good you don't have to be concerned with the detail of how this will come about.

Not to sin of course means to love, which inherently means facilitating, personally and institutionally (this is the meaning of the Incarnation), everyone's ability to be himself or herself, which comes about naturally through growth in a loving milieu. As you cannot be constrained to love, freedom is love's precondition: the greater the freedom, the greater the potential for love.

Below- Making Sense of Ottawa Shooting (scroll down)

The Gay Jewish Consultant Behind Conservative Leaders

October 23, 2014

Web_F080918FF11.jpg(left, Arthur Finklestein with Bibi Netanyahu in 1999)

Michael Harris' book A Party of One, about how Canadian PM Stephen Harper
assumed dictatorial powers, has focused attention on the role
of veteran US political consultant Arthur Finkelstein, 68, whose resume reaches back to Nixon and Reagan.

His clients includes a who's who of right-wing politicians in the US, Israel, Eastern Europe and Canada. (See client list at bottom of Wiki entry.) Finkelstein is notorious for clunky but effective attack ads, such as those on Canadian Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Below are pertinent passages from articles about Finkelstein. What are the chances Arthur Finkelstein is another link between the Illuminati bankers and their political vassals? Does this help explain the decline of parliamentary democracy in Canada?

"Finkelstein is the ultimate sort of Dr. Strangelove, who believes you can largely disregard what the politicians are going to say and do, what the newspapers are going to do, and create a simple and clear and often negative message, which, repeated often enough, can bring you to victory," said Philip Friedman, a Manhattan consultant who got his start working for Finkelstein Democratic rival David Garth.

In November, please vote for the llluminati Jewish shill of your choice!

We've all been Finkelthinked

Finkelstein would also work for Ronald Reagan, before joining Canada's National Citizens Coalition [an anti-big-government lobby that Harper led from 1998-2002.] According to Gerry Nicholls, who was Stephen Harper's VP when he was running the NCC:

 Arthur [Finkelstein] was an American political consultant who worked for the NCC, he gave us political, media and fundraising advice. He was, in fact, truth-be-told, one of the chief reasons behind the NCC's success. He was also the top Republican political consultant, if not the top American political consultant period. He was also the guy who basically invented the negative ad. His nickname was the "Merchant of Venom."

And this "Merchant of Venom" taught Stephen Harper well.

Finklethinked.jpgFinkelstein's strength was in finding a weak spot, as flimsy as it might be, and then creating an entire campaign around it. Harper found Dion's in his difficulty with the English language, to create the image of a bumbling fool with the simple "Not a Leader" attack.

With Michael Ignatieff it was more difficult, but he found a "weak spot" in his five years spent teaching at Harvard. He couldn't use his teaching positions at Oxford, Cambridge or the London School of Economics, because they were British. So those five years spent in Boston became the focal point of the "Just Visiting" ads. And the fact that while teaching in Boston, Ignatieff chose "we" to connect with his students, that "we" became the most powerful two letter word in the English language.

Another strategy of Finkelstein's was to give negative connotations to certain things through repetition and association. "Tax and spend liberals", "reckless coalition", that kind of thing.

This strategy became known as "Finkel Think". But too much Finkelthinking can be a bad thing. In the U.S. several of his campaigns backfired because he used terms so much, that the negative response was aimed at the ads, and the Democrat won.


Harper gets a hand from the Merchant of Venom

Michael Harris connects the dots between Harper and Finkelstein, who is nicknamed the "merchant of venom" because of his skill with attack ads.

"Finkelstein's modus operandi was always the same: Pinpoint polling aimed at exposing a weakness in an opponent; then use a trenchant, repetitive advertisement to exploit the candidate's Achilles heel," Harris writes.

Finkelstein keeps a low profile, preferring to avoid the media and delivering his advice to politicians in face-to-face meetings. But Harris found a recording of a talk he gave in Prague in May 2011 in which he outlined his tactics. (Interestingly, he told his audience that Greek riots could be used to discredit austerity opponents, which Harper's election ads did that month in Canada.)

HarperIsraelflag.jpgFinkelstein said that in politics, objective truth isn't important. Perceptions are. And it's possible to win elections by creating "a totally negative vote against an opponent while not showing your own candidate," Harris writes.

Harper often seems to efface himself, projecting blandness and leaving the spotlight on his opponents....

Finkelstein is credited with "swiftboating" John Kerry in 2004, which allowed George W. Bush to beat him.

He told the Prague audience, correctly, that Kerry might have won the election if he'd responded more quickly to the attack ads.


GOP Consultant Weds His Male Partner

Mr. Finkelstein has frequently come under criticism by gay rights groups for representing politicians who have been ardent foes of gay rights. He helped create the template for a line of attack he repeatedly invoked against Democrats, including Mario M. Cuomo of New York, describing them as liberal.

In Israel, Mr. Finkelstein used similar attacks against the Labor Party as an adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and as a consultant to the winning and losing campaigns of Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister.

Mr. Finkelstein has regularly described himself as a libertarian who supports same-sex marriage and abortion rights while opposing big government. In an interview with Maariv, an Israeli newspaper, after the American elections last year, he criticized the Republican Party as growing too close to evangelical Christians, warning it could cause long-term damage to the party.

Details of Mr. Finkelstein's relationship have appeared in regular news accounts over the years, as they did in the Boston Magazine article, which reported that Mr. Finkelstein lived with his partner and two children in Ipswich, Mass.

Still, some conservative friends said Mr. Finkelstein's marriage would roil conservatives and highlight divisions among them over the importance of social issues to their movement.

"In recent years, Arthur hasn't pretended to be a social conservative," said one longtime conservative associate, who cited Mr. Finkelstein's aversion to publicity in declining to be identified. "But this is the same man who was the architect of Jesse Helms's political rise."


#82: Arthur "Element of Hypocrisy" Finkelstein  

"GOP Consultant Weds His Male Partner" (New York Times, 4/9/2005). There's a headline you don't see every day. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if the consultant hadn't, through most of the 40 years of that domestic partnership, worked on behalf of some of America's most rabidly homophobic politicians; if he wasn't "the architect of Jesse Helms's political rise"; if he wasn't acclaimed as "the guy who slandered the term 'liberal' in American politics"; if he hadn't worked for presidents Nixon and Reagan; helped elect the likes of George W. Bush, New York Governor George Pataki, Senator Alphonse D'Amato, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "To the Right of Attila Sharon" Netanyahu; advised Sharon; helped the Swift Boat Smearers for Bush smear John Kerry's military reputation; and announced that he would be spearheading the "Get Hillary" campaign to defeat Senator Clinton's reelection campaign in 2006.

All that, and more, is on Arthur Finkelstein's resume. If you haven't heard of him before, it's because he made sure you didn't. As CNN reported in 1996: "He is the stuff of Hollywood: A man who can topple even the most powerful foes, yet so secretive that few have ever seen him." Finkelstein has been compared to criminal mastermind Kaiser Sose in The Usual Suspects, who lay so low that some doubted he really existed. CNN captioned its photo, "Only known photo of Arthur Finkelstein." This after 20 years in big-time politics.

Finkelstein, a Massachusetts resident, helped direct Republican strategy in 33 Senate races in 1996 alone. Typical Finkelstein ad lines: "Call liberal Paul Wellstone. Tell him it's wrong..." "That's liberal. That's Jack Reed. That's wrong. Call liberal Jack Reed..." "That's the Finkelstein formula," Democratic consultant Mark Mellman told CNN: "Just brand somebody a liberal, use the word over and over again..." Clients called this "Finkel-think." Among Finkelstein's most outspokenly homophobic clients were Lauch Faircloth (R-NC), Jesse Helms (R-NC), Don Nickles (R-OK), and Bob Smith (R-NH) -- four senators whose opposition helped defeat a bill banning anti-gay job discrimination. "I think it's clear that there is an element of hypocrisy where [Finkelstein] lives this kind of sedate, gay lifestyle while making millions of dollars off of candidates who bash gays," Stephen Rodrick, who outed the Fink in a 1996 article in Boston Magazine, told CNN.

harper-jews.jpg(Harper, Good for the Jews)

Nor did being Jewish stop Finkelstein from helping to constantly remind voters in a 1978 South Carolina Congressional race that the Democratic candidate, Max Heller, was Jewish. (A poll Finkelstein conducted for the Republican, Carroll Campbell, referred to Campbell as "a native South Carolinian" and Heller as "a Jewish immigrant." Five days before the election, an independent candidate jumped in -- allegedly at the Republicans' behest -- and attacked Heller for not "believ[ing] in Jesus Christ." Heller lost by less than 6,000 votes.)

A classic Finkel-think tactic was the "independent expenditure" campaign, which, by remaining technically unaffiliated with any candidate, "can avoid spending limits while pummeling Democrats with ads GOP candidates can later disavow," Time explained. The beauty of this arrangement, a Fink colleague once explained, is that "a group like ours [Finkelstein's National Conservative Political Action Committee] could lie through its teeth, and the candidate stays clean."

Finkelstein's wedding, which was disclosed by an associate, took place in December 2004. "None of Mr. Finkelstein's better-known political clients" attended, the Times noted.

Finklestein -The Unseen Power Broker (Haaretz)

    Finkelstein's low-profile nature also has extended to the American Jewish community. He has strong ties with pro-Israel officials he helped elect, including Jewish Republican politicians; privately, he has some close relationships with American Jewish community leaders, but those relationships also tend to be behind the scenes in keeping with his general style, observers say.

Recently, he gave a rare television interview. Last month he told Channel 2 that the new joint Likud-Yisrael Beitenu list is likely garner a large number of seats - some 45 together - after January's election.

"I have believed for several years that such a union is a good move," Finkelstein said in the interview. "Separately, Netanyahu and Lieberman have a similar electorate and each will contribute something to the other - together they are much more powerful."

It is precisely the prospects of that kind of mega power that has members of Israel's center and left concerned, not to mention even those in the more moderate camp within Likud. Foreign Minister Lieberman has made his mark as one of Israel's more polarizing political personalities with a penchant for rousing distrust of the country's Arab citizens and pushing legislation that many within Israel view as anti-democratic.

Finkelstein is betting his new duo fares better than his client back home named Mitt Romney.

Related - More on the Harper Finkelstein Connection


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Gay Jewish Consultant Behind Conservative Leaders "

Anonymous said (October 24, 2014):

Arthur Finkelstein is queer? ('not that there's anything wrong with that - not') Just confirms what a CHARADE DC politicians put on, doesn't it? The so called 'Religious Right' - Jerry Falwell - with his offices down the street from Reagan White House - and Reagan - knew full well that the US elected government is - as an insider told me in DC in 1977 - "half the Senate is gay and the other half likes little girls".

That's how you get "a head" in DC politics - AIPAC doesn't back a candidate unless he's a real sick puppy to begin with, and they just make it worse. The easier to yank their chain if they ever think for a minute of standing up on their own hind legs.

Oh no. Only snakes and worms get PAC money.

I got a good glimpse inside the political culture in capitol cities of states and DC. It's upside down from what their constituents are led to believe. They're a subculture (politicians). On the inside, behind the doors, at the 'after-parties' -- they REVEL in being the opposite of what they present to the public. And the PRESSTITUTES of media are partying right there with 'em. Guarding their secrets - unless they get 'the phone call' (nowdays it's 'the text') to 'throw mamma from the train'.

JG said (October 22, 2014):

The title 'Canada's National Citizens Coalition' gives itself away as a controlled opposition movement by labeling it a nationalist movement. Anytime you hear the words national or coalition this most always means that their is NO mainstream representation or legitimate participation in "grass roots" numbers.

The CNCC was a controlled opposition "sham" from the start created to undermine Canada's existing legitimate representative government for and by it's people. The CNCC is nothing more than a handful of "power players" that created their own lobby which also includes the small number of Canadian Citizens they successfully "duped " along the way.

Washington is full of these kind of "sham opposition" lobbies that attempt to subvert all mainstream representation and legislation thereby taking away their voice in government. These lobbies are allowed to bully, blackmail, and bribe your elected officials into legislating their own anti -mainstream agendas.

Below- William Cooper's Chilling NWO Revelations (scroll down)

Making Sense of Ottawa Shooting

October 22, 2014


Everything was calculated to exaggerate
the threat. Here's why.

If Bibeau was working for ISIS, 
and ISIS is Western-backed, 
then this indeed was a false flag. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Because I am a Canadian, some readers have asked for my take on the attack Wednesday on two of Canada's national institutions.

First, an honor guard at the National War Monument, Cpl. Nathan Cirrilo, was shot and killed. Afterward the shooter, Michael Abdul Zehaf Bibeau, whose father is from Libya, was able to enter the Parliament Building where he fired off some rounds before being killed.

police-bystanders-and-soldiers-aid-a-fallen-soldier-at-the.jpg(Bystanders tend to Cirrilo at War Memorial)

The fact that Bibeau was able to enter the Parliament Buildings with a rifle is highly suspicious. He ran in the main door pursued by RCMP. 


I see this incident in the context of what Albert Pike predicted in his famous letter to Mazzini. The Third World War would be between Zionists and Islam.

There is a need for all Westerners to feel like Israelis, under the constant threat of terror. This goes a long way toward meeting that demand.

In order to have a confrontation between Zionists and Islam, you need to build up an Islamic enemy. ISIS fills that role.

It was created by "Zionist" intelligence services: CIA, CSIS, Mossad, etc. (They can't demonize all Muslims because they would have to explain why they are importing so many.)

Then you have the Zionist-controlled nations -- the US, Canada, UK, France etc.-- declare war on ISIS. Thus, even though Canada had just extricated itself from Afghanistan, and never participated in Iraq, Stephen Harper is sending six jets to Iraq and 600 support staff to make sure they run.

In response, ISIS has warned of terror attacks, and right on schedule there have been two now. Two soldiers were hit by a car in Quebec on Monday. One died. 

ISIS apparently posted this image of Bibeau. (3.38) If he was indeed working for ISIS, and ISIS is Western-backed, then this indeed was a false flag.

As we all know by now, the mass media is a collaborator in present and future wars, including all false flag terror. 


What gets me is the exaggerated sense of danger and media hysteria Wednesday, as if the purpose was to just plain frighten Canadians.

Although the incident took place at 10 a.m., the whole downtown was in "lock down" until evening. They acted like there were another shooter on the loose when there was zero evidence of one. How hard is it to count the shooters? 

Why pretend there are more than one unless you want to exaggerate the event?

Members of Parliament, office workers etc were stuck inside all day for no reason. Children in the Parliamentary Daycare were stuck there until early evening. 

The hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs place 25 miles away was cancelled. How better make Canadians feel threatened than to take away their hockey?

vivkers.jpg(left, Vickers
Bibeau was killed by the Sargeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers, age 58. The old guy felled the shooter using his antiquated handgun. Where were the Tactical Squads and Swat Teams with their automatic weapons? 

Meanwhile the Members of Parliament cowered in their locked caucus rooms, while the nation's figurehead leaders were whisked away to safety. Stores were closed. Downtown office workers waited anxiously for news while other buildings were "evacuated." Everything was calculated to exaggerate the threat. 

In the evening, Prime Minister Netanyahu, I mean Harper went on TV and said Canada would not be intimated by the Islamists. The whole exercise seemed calculated to make Canadians feel threatened like Israelis are, and more committed to the Israeli cause, which Harper has said he would defend to the last Canadian.  I guess that war has begun.

Related- What is the explanation for this cop's antics? Taking aim- noticing cameras, laughing it up? How do we know
Bibeau killed Cirillo?
-----------Canadian terror Wave a Modern Day Gladio 

Note: "Canada Enacts Anti Terrorism Plan"
"The lockdown remained in effect throughout the afternoon and early evening, ending only at 8:30 PM. According to one news report, police were stopping vehicles leaving Ottawa in the direction of Montreal and questioning their occupants.

The emergency measures extended well beyond Ottawa. In Toronto, additional police were deployed at the Ontario legislature, City Hall, government and military facilities and on the subway. In Montreal, City Hall was closed to visitors and at the Quebec National Assembly in Quebec City, security was doubled and a helicopter circled the building.

All Canadian Armed Forces bases have been placed on high alert and NORAD, the joint US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command, has increased its "alert posture," placing an increased number of fighter jets on high alert. The US has also heightened security along the Canada-US border."

First Comment from V:

Very suspicious events in Ottawa yesterday including:

* Ottawa Police, RCMP asked public not to post photos, videos of supposed shooting.

* Ottawa Police, RCMP pointed guns at some journalists not to take pictures, video

* Supposed suspect had a double barrel shotgun inside the Parliament Buildings. How can you have a shoot-out with a gun only holding 2 bullets at once.

* ISIS pr department (CIA, MI-6, Mossad) tweets photo of supposed shooting suspect before Ottawa police know.

* Police said initially that there were multiple shooters and then changed to the lone wolf shooter. First reports about shooting at Rideau Centre (shopping mall) then changed the story to no shooting at Rideau Centre.

* The police have the suspects cell phone. This as laughable as the mint condition passport of one of the supposed 9-11 highjackers:

"Associated Press Television News journalist Jorge Barrera reported that police are in possession of a photograph of one of the gunmen, who reportedly has dark skin and long black hair. Barrera also tweeted that police have the suspect's cellphone."

Great info on the link below:

The real terrorist is Harper and his minions but he gets his marching orders from the higher ups in Ottawa, Washington and especially London, UK.

Harry writes:

I guess I'll have to rely on you, Henry, to keep me up to date on this latest bullshit Zionist maneuver, as the whole international scene has become too ridiculous for me to invest any time in.

I don't watch TV or listen to a radio, anymore.  Out of curiosity, I switched on the truck radio a few times, briefly, throughout the day, and sure enough the crap was still being spewed forth by our mindless and complicit media.  Learned some new words, though... like "radicalized".  Lol!  I guess men like us are "radicalized", too, in some sense.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu"... Lol, good one!  Though I've always preferred "Nutandayahoo", myself.  Both are 'special' cases, nonetheless.  Equally worthless, in my view.

My antipathy for Prime Minister Nutandayahoo grows with each passing day.  I listened to his canned speech which I would compare to a root canal without anesthesia, in terms of pleasantry.  I've never liked the bozo and now I know why.  The 'attack' was inevitable... I'll bet Nutandayahoo was crying for the opportunity to subject Canada to some kind of false flag, so he could play the victim like the UK and the US.  Little brother likes to be with the big boys, too... or should I say the little ferret-face likes to hang with the big weasels?  Even if it wasn't an overt attack, his moronic foreign policy has no doubt inspired many of us to want to shoot the bastard full of holes.

In any case, I'll be sleeping soundly IN my bed, tonight, and not UNDER it.  Sorry, CBC, your plan failed! 

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Comments for "Making Sense of Ottawa Shooting "

Raymond said (October 24, 2014):

This to me smell like "Port Arthur" Mark II...
As you can check this up on internet. This false flag that was used to disarm Australians. To keep them safe.

The event as you can read about, was supposedly perpetrated by a young man with an IQ of 60, who managed to kill 29 people with shots in the head & neck while running in the Port Arthur site Cafe & shooting from the hip.(Australian SAS man would have difficulty to do this kind of score)

Then our "Dear Leader" of the day. Ordered the total demolition of the Cafe & has cancelled a subsequent Coroner's Inquest... Then Martin Bryant (IQ of 60) was pressured/forced to plead guilty with the help of his appointed lawyer. (No proper trial)

So now . I wonder If your "Dear Leader" S Harper will totally demolish the Parliament House after this shootting??

BTW. The photos that I have seen on the net of Bibeau doesn't match with the guy holding the shotgun & an Islamic scarfe across his face....Humhh

TW said (October 24, 2014):

I was watching coverage of this as it unfolded on both CP24 and CNN. I agree with what many of the people have already said here. I had to laugh today as CNN still covered the events as if yesterday's shooting was on the same scale as the Pearl Harbor attack. They even had a nifty, new, dramatic OTTAWA ATTACK graphic to lead in with and to make everyone feel afraid. The whole thing seems to be a textbook psyop to instill fear and militancy into the people.

They also showed a looped segment where the militarized Ottawa Police were theatrically aiming their automatic weapons, presumably at the rooftops of the buildings on the opposite side of the street, as they escorted supposed V.I.P.s out of a building door that said "Post Office" over it.

There was even a bizarre piece on CNN where they showed a Google Earth image of how close Ottawa allegedly is to the American border (no doubt to whip up the phony patriots there).

We had Harper talking valiantly about remaining defiant. With all the rhetoric and gravitas from our "leaders", I felt as if I had been catapulted back to London, England during the Blitz! Harper was planning on tightening surveillance laws before this happened and now says he resolved to do just that. How convenient for him that the events of this week happened, so that he can now expect very little opposition to his plans.

Whenever someone mentions rights or the Charter, he can just point to the shooter and say it's a reasonable response.

People should take a deep breath and see this for what it was. On the face of it, and even the masses should be able to comprehend this, it was one gunman who murdered a soldier and ran through the Centre Block of Parliament.

I don't recall anyone flying into a frenzy of terrorist fear when Denis Lortie shot up the Quebec Legislature in 1984, despite the fact he killed three people and injured thirteen. That right there demonstrates how dependent people have become on television and allowed it to do their thinking for them.

I was out to eat this evening at a local hamburger joint and noticed all the patrons looking worriedly toward the TV set there as the newscaster spoke about the "Lone wolf terrorist". The sheep are ready to be shorn.

I'll tell you one thing, though. I slept just as well last night as I did the night before. My only fear is that the manipulated people will now either demand more "security" or compliantly go along with whatever draconian plan the government has up its sleeve.

CR said (October 23, 2014):

I think everyone is overreacting. Don't they realize this is just the Syrian moderate opposition lobbying parliament for increased funding? And Stephen Harper looks like he lost his script. Did he forget that this is good for Israel? Not to worry, I'm sure his buddy Netanyahu will set him straight.


JG said (October 23, 2014):

Another man jumped the fence at the White House Wednesday night and was taken away. Washington was on temporary " lockdown" until 9pm. You would really think that the President could at least afford to place a few 8 dollar an hour security guards around the perimeter of the fence by now but I guess the domestic budget is pretty tight these days.

I'm curious if Canada has a Homeland Security Department yet. After what happened in Ottawa yesterday I'm sure one is in the way along with maybe some of those "bare all" scanners like the ones used at America airports. And, maybe they'll even temporarily suspend your constitution also for your own safety and security.

Welcome to the 'War on Terror' Canada.

Tracy said (October 23, 2014):

Here in the U.S. the media reacted just as the Canadian media did. They painted it as a MASSIVE catastrophe, and I do think they exaggerated the damage done ( the taking of life is a shame, but the reporting here in the U.S. was hyped to extremes ) I watch the networks closely, especially NBC and CNN. The fear and loathing party on those channels went on all night long.
And the phrase " recently converted to Islam" was uttered ad nauseam.

I used to be a part of the tv news world, but fortunately I did not work for the national news networks, and I know that I would never want to. Their reporters and anchors appear to have absolutely no autonomy, and it seems their bosses are determined to have them frighten viewers to death, and try to herd everyone into war, yet again.

David said (October 23, 2014):

ISIS was dreamed up by American intelligence because they can't get traction with Al-Qaeda (Arabic slang for The Toilet) anymore. And don't forget about the new kid on the block, "Khorasan"! It all smacks of marketing and hard-sell campaigns, since the "war on Terror" is the big growth industry in the West

Leonard said (October 23, 2014):

Considering I do not watch establishment news either this is the first I have heard about the incident, and I am so very sorry to hear it. Here in the occupied US as you know these events go on almost all the time. It appears the false flag strategy has changed from the "lone shooter" narrative to the " Epidemic" narrative. I approach everything that comes from WDC / US media
with skepticism.

The US media( as you and other worthy news sources well know) are pure propaganda whose function is to out right lie to the US people, or when that is impossible to perform damage control. The more Sandy Hooks, Auroras, Sikh temple shootings... Ebola scares... that I hear about...the more I disbelieve the establishment script. I refuse to participate in their really bad theater productions.

Jeff said (October 23, 2014):

I kept checking back to your site all day waiting for your comment on today's events and you did not disappoint.

First on CPAC today they said the police are still searching for a motive, then on comes Harper and basically gives a motive, including the group he was 'inspired' by and a complete psychiatric evaluation of this guy. Usually he would say it would be inappropriate for him to comment because the investigation is still ongoing.

His speech was totally scripted and teleprompted. He mentioned how this will strengthen Canada's ties with our 'allies'. Of course this means US/Israel. Harper knows Canadians are cool about an extended mission in Iraq, so this will be used to boost support for such a mission.

I am currently arguing with a shill on the CNN channel who claims to be a Canadian and how this was a Muslim job 100% and that I'm a 'paranoid conspiracy theorist'. I directed him toward your piece. Funny how anyone is a terrorist now even if you don't actually belong to a group, you can be an 'inspired terrorist'. Thanks again Henry. I check out your site on a daily basis and will continue to do so.

CBC uses Sign of Satan (Baphomet) as logo

October 19, 2014

RYC_Top100.jpgCanadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's Government-owned propaganda
service uses Sign of Satan (Baphomet) as logo for a campus music talent search.

Hillary Flashback

October 18, 2014


A virus for brainwashing?

October 16, 2014

A virus for brainwashing?

Kraig writes: F
rom within our Abel Danger group someone found this video.

It appears to show a Pentagon briefing in which the idea of lobotomizing terrorists to remove their religious fanaticism using a manufactured virus containing a vaccine is seriously proposed, although debate has raged about whether the clip is authentic or not.

The footage shows a speaker giving a lecture to a handful of attendees and is also accompanied by authentic-looking Department of Defense project ID numbers. According to the text on the clip, the lecture took place inside a Pentagon briefing room.

The speaker discusses how certain people are predisposed to be religious fundamentalists because they have an aggressive VMAT 2 (God) gene which causes them to act on their beliefs in fanatical ways.

After a member of the audience asks the speaker if the idea is to "by spreading this virus....eliminate individuals who are going on to a bomb fest, who are going into a market and blowing it apart," the speaker confirms, "by vaccinating them against this, we'll eliminate this behavior."

The question of how to implement the vaccine is answered by the speaker when he responds to the man in the audience, who raises doubts over the feasibility of performing CT scans on suspected terrorists rather than just "putting a bullet in their head".

"The virus would immunize against this VMAT 2 gene and that would....essentially turn a fanatic into a normal person, and we think that would have major effects in the Middle East," states the speaker.

The audience member then asks, "How do you suggest this can be dispersed, via an aerosol?" -- to which the speaker responds, "The present plan and the tests we've done so far have used respiratory viruses such as flu and we believe that's a satisfactory way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population."

The speaker confirms that the name of the proposal is "Funvax -- the vaccine for religious fundamentalism."


found this debunk which should not be overlooked.  and