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Makow--What Do We Do Now?

April 30, 2020

However serious the Coronavirus really is, there's no question the damage caused by the lockdown is 1000x greater than the virus itself. 

They're exaggerating the danger for a hidden political motive. 

They're saying, "we're going to take away your freedom for your own good."

We'll decide what's in our best interest, thank you very much.

Although not "locked down,"  Sweden and Belarus are doing just fine.

The Illuminati will press forward with their totalitarian agenda unless we resist. 

Let's defy their diktats, and see if their "pandemic" is a hoax or not. 

The evidence suggests it is actually the common flu

In Canada 80% of the deaths are people in old age homes.  Gimme a break.

Let's Talk About Civil Disobedience (updated)
By Henry Makow PhD

We suffer from cognitive dissonance. The media says we face a deadly epidemic. 

But we don't see a deadly epidemic. We see a flimsy pretext for a radical transformation of society. 

We see  a Trojan Horse for a Communist takeover. 

Are we going to be conquered by a ruse?   

Is the Western tradition of individualism, democracy and freedom going to fold like a cheap tent? 

At the heart of this audacious psyop is the Rothschild world central banking cartel. They are the only power capable of closing down the economies of practically every country in the world. Even Iran. 

This spectacle has exposed our political reality like a bolt of lightning. 

The world dances to the tune of an abstraction called "money." 

Satanists manufacture and control this electrical "currency." 

Now that they have all the money, they want all the power. They want to dispossess and enslave you. Wake up folks, before it's too late.

Politicians carry out their orders. 

The mass media puts lipstick on this pig. 

Their New World Order is a fait accompli. 

Americans celebrate Communists as their heroes.  

 The Democrat Party is Communist. The GOP is false opposition.

 Both are Freemasons, controlled by the Rothschilds. The satanists are using the #scamdemic to make their hegemony official. They want us to know. 

We may get a reprieve. Lockdowns are easing. The stock market anticipates a quick recovery. But, in many places, plans for mass vaccinations are proceeding. This scam is too good for a one off-er. They're going to bring it back year after year to enforce their Commie crackdown. 


 Satanists (Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) see humanity as "useless eaters", squatters, weeds that need to be trimmed back. The ideal is 100 million of "them" with "a billion of us to serve them."  This is what they call "sustainable." 

(Maurice Strong's Agenda in detail)

The #scamdemic is designed to advance the goals of Agenda 2030nothing less than Communist world government control of every nation. 

Closed parks are just a foretaste of what they have planned. Whole sections of the US have been cordoned off for their exclusive use.

"Social distancing is a global weapon- used to break culture and businesses. Very few could survive it. It requires marching, waiting, following orders. At all times. It will be in place for YEARS until all goals are rolled out." (Comments section)

As James Corbett demonstrates below, the Illuminati bankers have no intention of letting us return to "normal."  They intend to make permanent changes to the way we live. They intend to sicken us with vaccines and  brand us like cattle. They plan to introduce technological measures of surveillance and control already in use in China.  

Fidel Castro's son, Justin Trudeau says the economy will not be reopened until there is a vaccine.   "If you want life to get back to the way it was before, it won't," Trudeau said.

Bill Gates recently warned the United States isn't even halfway through the coronavirus pandemic: 'I wish I could say that we're halfway through, but I don't think so. It takes time to make a vaccine... " He hopes "any potential peak later this year won't be as bad as the current one."

Western civilization is in jeopardy. We are witnessing a Communist takeover modelled on Communist China. Clearly the World Health Organization is a Chinese Communist asset and its influence has spread like a cancer throughout the West. China is a proxy for the Rothschilds.

(On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau)


What should we do?  Illuminati tyranny will increase unless people resist.

The first thing is to realize that the odds are stacked against us. By virtue of their control over the banking system,  they control all the levers of power.  Their traitorous agents are in all key positions, be it police, military, media, church, law. 

More worrisome, they have gulled the majority into accepting their servitude. 

The upshot is that we're facing a formidable challenge.

1. Wherever possible, we should defy the lockdown by ignoring "social distancing" and their other shibboleths. Refusing to wear a mask is a courageous act of resistance. They can't jail thousands of people. If they fine us, we refuse to pay. We're not going to pretend that this isn't Communist tyranny.  

But if we must play along to buy food, or take an airplane, we have no choice, other than to boycott these traitors. Let's try to boycott every business that demands masks and social distancing.   And make sure they know it. 

2. We must eschew violence. It only gives them an excuse to ratchet up repression. However, if they try to enforce mandatory vaccinations, all bets are off. 

We need to be proactive: lawyer up and prepare go to court to head off mandatory vaccination. 

The worst case scenario is that they will demonize people who refuse to be vaccinated, and incarcerate them. 

3. Instead of demonizing people who have swallowed the blue pill, we must work patiently to help them see the totalitarian agenda at play. It doesn't benefit them. We must eschew their "divide and conquer " tactic. Everyone has Divinity within. Instead of dehumanizing liberals, we need to reconcile on the basis of common values. 

4. In the past, all resistance movements were Illuminati-Jewish sponsored. We need to form resistance cells made up only of close friends whom we know and trust. (Otherwise, they're bound to be infiltrated.) These small cells should appear on social media as supper clubs or bicycle meetups. They should determine what action to take: demonstrations, letter writing, posters & graffiti etc. If you can't find one, start your own. 

(l. Does this look like they plan to return to normal?)

5. Tax revolt? Church services. Just hold a party!  There are many ways to resist nonviolently. 

6. Remember that no permanent change can take place until national governments take back their credit and currency. 

7. Let's be POSITIVE.  Let's talk and think about all the good things in life: God. Family. Love.
Sex. Food. Pets. Sports. Movies. Music. Nature. People are beautiful. The human spirit is indomitable!  

The #scamdemic is a crime against humanity. 

Is humanity so debased that it cannot even recognize it? 

The satanist central banking cartel is waging war against you. They have already rotted out our sacred institutions: marriage, family, patriotism, racial homogeny and love of God, in order to weaken us for the kill.

Now they're attacking our freedom of movement and assembly. 

They are unravelling the psycho-social fabric. This is what Satanists do

If we don't stop them, we will be destroyed.


send me your thoughts --- 

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(The Illuminati have bamboozled the sheeple. Why would they forfeit this advantage by allowing a return to normalcy? Answer: They won't unless required to.)

Gates Funds Digital Tattoos to Confirm Vaccination & Track People

Beaches across the nation are packed as people ignore social distancing to sunbathe and relax on the sand as governors' pleas to stay at home fall on deaf ears (25 Pics)


Predictions: What Will Happen Next in the Corona Crisis?

by James Corbett

There is a second wave of Covid-19 coming in the next few months. We don't have to speculate about this. Not only have we heard this from all manner of politicians and health "authorities" over the past few months, but it was an integral part of MIT Technology Review's now-infamous "We're not going back to normal" article, which revealed how the waves of lockdown and release were going to restructure our lives and condition us into the Corona World Order. And, lest there be any doubt that this is an important part of the plandemic narrative, Bill Gates just reaffirmed it in his latest "GatesNotes" on "The first modern pandemic."


(l. Rosa Parks. Civil disobedience is cool when Communists say it is.)

In fact, the pandemic planners have warned the public of a second (and third and fourth and fifth . . .) wave of this crisis so many times now that we can virtually guarantee that such a "second wave" will occur. Now, such a second wave of sickness could actually occur, if only because--as Dr. Dan Erickson notes in his recent Covid-19 briefing--people emerging from their lockdown isolation will have lowered immune systems and thus be more susceptible to pathogens of all kinds. But this dreaded "second wave" doesn't even have to take place in reality; the statistical chicanery of the fraudsters can always be relied on to conjure up the impression of a fresh round of infections in the minds of the public. 

Heck, if the Japanese government can magically conjure a "surge" of SARS-CoV-2 infections into existence the very same day they announced the postponement of the 2020 Olympics (precisely as I predicted), you better believe governments around the world can deliver on the "second wave" narrative regardless of how many people may or may not be ill.

Here's the rub: Whatever happens, the plandemic agenda-pushers are going to blame this second wave on those evil, dastardly protesters who complained about being put under house arrest. You know, those horrible, heartless grandma-killers who dared to oppose the orders to shutter the business they've spent their entire lifetime building up and those detestable, disgusting disease-spreaders who refused to meekly accept their sudden enforced unemployment.

You can see the outlines of this narrative already being planted in the type of coverage surrounding the growing lockdown protest movement. It's those stupid, ignorant yokels who are out there protesting to "open Fuddruckers" who are putting the lives of those valiant medical heroes on the line by daring to exercise their right to peacefully assemble and demand a redress of their grievances!

So when things are opened up eventually (even just a little bit), you better believe that "second wave" is going to hit full force . . . at least in the media. And every single death in the daily death tally is going to be blamed on people who complained about their house imprisonment and forced unemployment.


 I leave you with this bone-chilling observation: Remember that latest "GatesNotes" that I mentioned way back up in Prediction #1? You know, "The first modern pandemic"? Well, here's how Bill "Pandemic Planner" Gates talks about this current crisis in his conclusion:

Melinda and I grew up learning that World War II was the defining moment of our parents' generation. In a similar way, the COVID-19 pandemic--the first modern pandemic--will define this era. No one who lives through Pandemic I will ever forget it. And it is impossible to overstate the pain that people are feeling now and will continue to feel for years to come.

Yes, not only does he liken this "fight" against the "invisible enemy" to World War II--as every politician and pundit seems to be doing these days--but he even goes so far as to call this Pandemic I. Yes, "Pandemic I." As in part one. The obvious implication here is that, just like World War I was followed by World War II, so, too, will Pandemic I be followed by Pandemic II.

Kind of makes you wonder what else he has up his sleeve, doesn't it?



Hundreds of CEO's quit because they didn't want to join the hoax.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Makow--What Do We Do Now?"

RJ said (May 1, 2020):

our article is spot on, as always.

I heard it said that there are 5 stages to this collapse of us and our freedom. After each stage we eventually adjust to the shock of the experience and as we get pushed into complacency, they then whack us with the next stage.

So while we are all looking at the scamdemic, they shut down the banks. I believe this is stage 2. Soon.

Stage 3: Implementing their digital currency and giving us the jab (vaccination) which are pretty much the same thing.

Stage 4: Removing any of us who have any human DNA left in us.

Stage 5: Power up 5G.

Sad news really. But the good news is that I am quite certain they will not be completing all 5 Stages.

ML said (April 30, 2020):

We can praise and thank God for what He did for us in Jesus Christ Who tasted death for every man and was then resurrected into Glory and Eternal Life for our sake. He is The Resurrection and the Life. Think about that! It is in HIM we now live and move and have our being, if we are His people and the sheep of His pasture. We live, then, in His Resurrection Life and Power!

What can overcome the RESURRECTION? NOTHING! It is Life Forevermore! Death cannot touch us, and the last enemy of mankind is not the petty tyrants of these days, those dupes and minions who have sold out to Satan in these last days, but Death Itself, and Jesus already conquered that for us! What, then, is there to fear?

We were told these days would come. They are written in His Book. We are the generation that will see the Book of Revelation come to pass! And that is all it will do: it will come to pass, and THEN, there is nothing but Eternal Life in God's Kingdom, in Eternal, Heavenly Jerusalem, with The Christ and all His saints of all the ages, for all the ages yet to come. The Antichrist Kingdom lasts only three and a half earth years!

So, which really matters, this three and a half year, very brief time of darkness on this earth, of which we've been amply forewarned, or the Eternal Light of God's Eternal Glory that is already ours by Promise of Heaven's King?

That's all pretty much a no-brainer!

We can do this!

Love in HIM!

JG said (April 26, 2020):

Good comment by Adam [below], man is being brought down by satanic deception and he doesn't realize it.

This funeral has just begun as more businesses bite the dust. For all you football fans out there get ready for "virtual football". If they were to allow the stadiums to fill with 60,000 people than all bets for the this Corona Project will be off and people will never tolerate this bogus "anti social distancing" decree again. The 2nd wave of Corona is all ready planned just in time before kick-off. You can forget about hockey and basketball too, they are contact sport's as well. They will exist, like football, but only in the virtual dimension.

This Coroan Project is all about dehumanization, surveillance, and control.

As far as a successful civil disobedient revolt against this new government of totalitarianism I don't think it'll happen. This whole Corona Project is already being divided into "party lines".

However, even that is fading away more everyday by this new wave of bipartinism in favor of the Corona Project with all it's garbage attached.

H said (April 26, 2020):

I'm sure 95% of the humanity doesn't know the truth for all this. In fact, this scam is doubly hideous, as there is no virus creating a pandemic, because viruses are produced by our bodies and don't come from outside. So there is no contagion...

It's one of the greatest scandal of our time and it kills so many people.
This will certainly shock you, but this fraud in use started mainly in the 19th century with Louis Pasteur in France and Robert Koch in Germany. They both rigged their experiments and TPTB of the time kept their theory, named "germ theory", saying microbes, bacteria and viruses create diseases. From there, vaccines and many chemical medicine were created and you know the story.
Many doctors have denounced this scam, but their voice have not been heard and Big Pharma is of course not prone to reveal this fraud. It earns so much money with vaccines and other anti-germs drugs. And the public is so used and formated with the germ theory it can't question it or even imagine another way may exist .

If you allow me, I will provide some links to you and you will decide. It will give you much work but it is worth to know the reality.
General presentation of the germ theory :
One German microbiologist doctor named Dr Stefen Lanka has already debunked the scams of H5 N1 and H1 N1 epidemics and AIDS. His talk would be exactly the same in the present case.

There was an interview (in German), but someone translated a good part of it. It's here :

Tony B said (April 26, 2020):

One correction: It is not civil disobedience to defy criminal usurpation of government by satanic over turners of God's RIGHT ORDER. It is exactly obedience to God rather than Satan.

One cannot serve two masters. As of now we can still force a choice of which we will serve much easier than will be the case in the very near future. Minions of Satan had best stop taking temporary sops from the devil and put their minds in proper gear as they will not escape the wrath of God anymore than their victims. In fact, their just suffering will be eternal.

Ian said (April 26, 2020):

"Even if you're able to help a normie accept some truth about the coronavirus scam, by the time you see them again days or weeks later, they would have consumed dozens of hours of fear-based mass media programming, erasing any
truth they may have come to believe." -- @rooshv


Henry - I just don't see the masses having the acute intellectual senses to figure this thing out; well, it will take them a lot longer than the 6 weeks, Michael Hoffman cited. Probably more than 1 year of lock-down by
then the frog would have been thoroughly cooked. The brain washing of the masses has been absolutely effective.

Wade said (April 26, 2020):

So glad to read your article today, and so proud of you for posting it. The thing that has amazed, and sickened me the most during this shamdemic is the way a lot of the sheeple have responded. I see people sitting in their cars in a Starbucks drive through line wearing gloves, a mask, and a face shield. I see people and even young men of military draft age freaked out over this shamdemic.

I also see some people (especially people of faith, but not all people of faith) most often the younger ones who, even if they are not awake, smell a rat here, and they are not living in fear. You are absolutely correct in all your article today says and people MUST WAKE UP.

I forwarded your article to friends and family. I don't have much hope for most of the sheeple, but here and there some give me hope. I am 75 and a Nam Vet. I grew up very poor as the only child of a solid Christian mother. I grew up with Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet, and 3 fuzy channels on a T.V.. Growing up I actually watched very litle T.V.. In those days kids were outside most of the time. I now am a successful self employed business owner for 38 years. So I understand that I am out of touch with much of the population today. I think the thing that sickens me the most is people of faith that are such compliant sheeple.

God bless and keep you Henry...You have always been a voice crying out in the wilderness of ignorance, selfishness, and complacency. Keep it up!!

Wade said (April 26, 2020):

By the way Henry...Have you listened to David Icke's opinion on the C-19?

He believes it is nothing more than genetic material secreted by cells that have been poisoned. No virus exists!! etc.etc.. And the way the test is manipulated it can show most people who are tested come out positive.

Robert K said (April 26, 2020):

What does the demand by police to see identity papers, as is occurring at least on the Ontario-Quebec border, have to do with protecting people against COVID-19? It is clearly psychological conditioning consistent with preparing people to accept a totalitarian future. Through propaganda to activate the "useful idiots" and blackmail to control the players in key positions (what have Trump and Barr done about the epic Jeffrey Epstein scandal?) all the ducks are in a row for the ultimate grab for power.

David C said (April 26, 2020):

That's the only way to overcome this crisis forced on humanity - mass civil disobedience. Watching videos by many different doctors has enlightened millions of people to the truth. I've been up all night watching those video. The last one I watched gave me a different opinion of doc Shiva, who I had dismissed previously because he seemed to believe CV19 was really a virulent pathogen. He exposes the medical system and medical schools for what they are, as only someone embedded within it can.

Adam said (April 26, 2020):

I would like to remind our beloved humanity that the Sworn Enemy of us all is SATAN, therefore those who worship Satan are tirelessly working day and night to seduce and trap the entire humanity into the way that opposes The Almighty Creator.

I have been traveling around the globe to expose the global elite who are working for Satan to destroy everything that humanity up to. Ample facts docs have explained in detail how it began until they had achieved the magic power to create so-called MONEY from out of thin air and lend it ON INTEREST to all governments around the globe and officially enslave them with Debt Money System.

I have personally met and contacted many nation's political leaders and had tried to convince them to resist the magician power of Satan worshipers but unfortunately, NONE who have any idea why do their nations have to borrow Money (as Medium Exchange ) from the global elite who hide behind Central Banks & International Banks.

They are today demonstrating their wizard power to fool the entire humanity to buy their story about the CORONA Festival of Deception. Their puppets and agents have been imposing Lockdown everywhere in the world to re-engineer all-natural value of humanity, destroy the economy, and scaring the entire humanity in order to pursue their next sinister agendas: to enslave and destroy the entire humanity.

Please FOLK prepare for the worse to come: 5G, Forced Vaccines, implanted RFID chip, cashless society, One World Government, and finally, their Fake Messiah will rule the world from the Third Temple of Jerusalem to replace The Almighty Creator.

Folk, still not too late, and while you still have the freedom to decide whether to worship your Creator or to become the slave of Satan???

WAKE UP, OPEN YOUR EYES, ACTIVATE YOUR BRAIN and RISE UP! Don't trust & believe any single word from the Fear Mongering Debt Slave Governments + Prostitute Medias + Fake Scientists + Pseudo Experts + Religious Charlatans, because their souls have been bought by Satan. You have VOTED for them in every election to lead you for prosperity and happiness BUT they are betraying your trust. They don't care about you at all and in fact, they are working for their Satan Master to destroy you. Let's resist and fight together to destroy their magic system of power, USURY. Kill It or otherwise !.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at