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Hitler and Churchill Belonged to the Same Satanic Cult

May 23, 2024


Left, Josslyn Victor Hay,  22nd Earl of Erroll, (1901-1941)

 In the run-up to WW3, remember that Freemasons control both sides of every major war which are designed to kill patriot dupes.
The "ugly secret" of WW2 was that FDR, Churchill, Hitler and Stalin

were all Freemasons (Satanists) who plotted war to destroy and demoralize humanity, part of a Master Plan to establish Satan as Lord of the world.  An insider, Josslyn Hay, a senior British colonial official in Kenya knew. This is why the British secret service launched "Operation Highland Clearance" in 1941 to murder him.


SOE "Operation Highland Clearance" involved more than 100 people. In the early stages of the world war, why was it so important for the Churchill government to silence this man?

The "Ugly Secret" of World War Two (Revised from Dec. 7, 2007 and Jan 26,2023)

By Henry Makow PhD.

Josslyn Victor Hay,  22nd Earl of Erroll, (1901-1941) a senior British colonial (Kenyan) official, knew the real cause of World War Two and had the stature to be heard. 

Winston Churchill ordered the Secret Service (Special Operations Executive) to kill him.  What "ugly secret" would make the British go to so much trouble to murder a prominent British colonial politician? Only that Churchill and Hitler belonged to the same satanic secret society.

Significantly the conspirators chose the codename "Operation Highland Clearance" for Erroll's murder. The brutal eviction of Scottish tenants from their farms in the early 1800s is a fitting symbol for the dispossession of the human race by the New World Order.

whitemischief.jpegThe popular version of the Nairobi, Kenya murder was depicted in the 1987 movie "White Mischief" starring Charles Dance as Lord Erroll and Greta Scacchi as Diana Broughton. 

Erroll's body was found in the early morning Jan. 24,1941 kneeling in the front passenger footwell of his car with a bullet wound behind the ear, murdered execution style. Erroll, 40, a widower, was having an affair with a married woman Diana Broughton. He had dropped her at her nearby home after midnight.

Suspicion was cast on Diana's much older husband Sir Henry Broughton, who was tried but acquitted. The movie pins the blame on him and the decadence of the white settlement in general.

The murder would have remained unsolved but for a retired SOE insider who, informed of a terminal disease, gave the information to a colleague Tony Trafford who composed a 100-page memo. Trafford, since deceased, gave it to an author, coincidentally named Errol Trzebinski, author of Out of Africa, who was writing "The Life and Death of Lord Erroll: The Truth Behind the Happy Valley Murder" (2000).

At 6 foot 2" with chiseled Nordic looks, Lord Erroll was a natural leader, heir to an ancient Scottish lineage, organized and intelligent, an excellent speaker with a photographic memory. A member of the Kenyan colonial legislature, he held the post of Military Secretary with important military and intelligence duties.

errol.jpgSOE "Operation Highland Clearance" involved more than 100 people. In the early stages of the world war, why was it so important for the Churchill government to silence this man?


Essentially, Hitler was not interested in a world war. He wanted to conquer the USSR in a "Nordic" alliance with England. Erroll belonged to the "Cliveden Set" a powerful section of the British elite that supported this alliance.

Churchill's backers, the Masonic Jewish Bank of England used Hitler to control Stalin, have a world war and destroy Germany once and for all. War enables them to concentrate power and wealth in their own hands and slaughter natural patriot elites who interfere with world government.

The bankers used the Cliveden types to fool Hitler into thinking England approved of his plans. Like proud proteges, the Nazis entertained the English and gave them information on their military build-up. Hitler probably saw himself as a British ally or even an agent. The Nazis were set up. This is the real meaning of the "Policy of Appeasement."

Errol was aware of how Hitler, Stalin, FDR and Churchill belonged to the same homosexual occult Masonic secret society. He may have said this within the hearing of MI-5 assets.  Stalin was a member of the same Illuminati and helped fund Hitler's rise. They colluded in Barbarosa. Like WW1 nd 3, WW2 was a ruse designed to kill goyim. 


Errol's father, Victor Hay, was the British High Commissioner in the Rhineland. At age 20, Errol was the private secretary to the British Ambassador in Berlin. He spoke German and French fluently, knew the Prince of Wales, and was part of the European elite.

withfirstwife.jpgHis diplomatic career hit the rocks in 1924 when he married a twice-divorced woman. Idina Sackville, eight years his senior. He followed her to Kenya where she had a large estate won in a divorce settlement. They had a daughter.

Erroll visited England, joined Oswald Mosley's Fascist party but later quit. He was a close friend of the Duke of Hamilton who was a linchpin in the Bank of England's "Hitler Project."

In May 1941, three months after Errol's death, Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer, flew to Scotland to present Hamilton with a generous peace proposal. Both men were homosexuals. Hess was Hitler's homosexual lover in the Landsberg Prison and helped him compose "Mein Kampf."  

Hitler was created by a homosexual occult secret society spanning both British and Nazi elites. This was called the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England. Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis was the common link. ( See the book  by Kevin Abrams & Scott Lively, "The Pink Swastika", online  Chapter "Homo-Occultism")

Winston Churchill, a Druid, was part of this occult scene. (He was also a friend of Edward VIII, considered a Nazi sympathizer.)  Erroll was silenced because he knew Hitler was a Judas goat empowered to lead Germany to destruction. He could give away the hidden agenda.

(See Churchill's homosexual connection. )


On Sept 7, 1940, a highly placed group including Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, the Fourteenth Duke of Hamilton, met in Scotland and decided to terminate Josslyn Hay, Lord Erroll. The matter was to be handled by SOE Cairo station.

agents.jpegJock and Diana Broughton left were MI-5 assets who entered Kenya in Nov. 1940 to discover Erroll's intentions and to involve him in a love triangle that would obscure the real purpose of his murder. In December, another agent-couple entered Kenya. On the night of the murder, they pretended to have engine trouble. They requested a ride back to town for the female who shot Errol. There were radio-controlled teams following Erroll.

Jock Broughton was tried but found innocent. He "committed suicide" shortly after returning to England. Diana who died in 1987, went on to marry one of the richest men in Kenya.

Trezebinski's retired SOE contacts try to put a slightly different spin on events suggesting Erroll was murdered because "ex-appeasers " in the establishment including "the Duke of Hamilton, senior figures in Chamberlain's last cabinet, close friends of Edward VIII and Edward himself" would be embarrassed by what Erroll knew. (p.280)

One insider told her Rudolf Hess, Lord Moyne, and Erroll shared knowledge of some "ugly secret." Jewish terrorists ostensibly murdered Lord Moyne in 1944 for this reason. 

Other Cliveden members who died mysterious and premature deaths were Lord Lothian (1940), Lord Rothermere (1940), Sir Harry Oakes (1943) and the former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who died of "cancer" in Nov. 1940 six months after leaving office. Hamilton conveniently died in action in 1944. The two SOE agents also conveniently died in action. 

Hitler-masonic-handshake-petain.jpg(left, Hitler and Petain in Masonic thumb on knuckle handshake)

According to this insider, the "ugly secret" is "not that Churchill had discovered the conspiracy ... but that he had been part of it."  

Lord Erroll was in a position to know Churchill, Hitler, Stalin and FDR were all part of the same kabbalistic secret society (Freemasonry, Illuminati) at the heart of Communism.  


The ultimate "ugly secret" is that the USSR was a creation of British Freemasonry, financed by the Bank of England. They may have lost control of Stalin and created Hitler to menace him. But the British would never abandon Stalin. Russian Communism was one-half of their NWO Hegelian dialectic. We see it today in the form of arbitrary state power, repression, censorship and indoctrination. Nazism was also a dry-run for the New World Order but it was their Plan "B"

war5.jpgAs Erroll's fate makes clear, intelligence agencies work for the Masonic central bankers, not for the countries they pretend to serve. They are used to eliminate any genuine threat to the banker's credit monopoly and world dictatorship agenda.

History is a hoax, contrived by cabalist central bankers, to advance world tyranny.  They empower Satanists, perverts, and misfits to create war and mayhem. For example, chaos relieved Winston Churchill's chronic depression. He confessed at the onset of WWI: "Everything is tending to catastrophe and collapse. I am interested, geared up, and happy. Is it not horrible to be built like this?"

These perverts and monsters are our leaders.  Subverted by a Luciferian Jewish cult, Cabalism, the moral bankruptcy of Western society is masked by material prosperity but this cannot last. Thus, they are erecting a police state while the intelligentsia and masses can still be bought with their own credit.  

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Comments for "Hitler and Churchill Belonged to the Same Satanic Cult "

rh said (May 26, 2024):

In 4 to 7 years, Hitler returned prosperity to Germany. If “Hitler and Churchill Belonged to the Same Satanic Cult”, what does this say about the Allies? They destroyed Germany and Europe for the USSR to takeover? We destroyed the Japanese to boot. The USSR is a failed experiment. No?

It can’t be just about money…too many innocent people are killed. Satanic sacrifice?

Now, whose turn is it to be destroyed ?

World War II -- Explained in One Photo

rh said (May 24, 2024):

"These perverts and monsters are our leaders. Subverted by a Luciferian Jewish cult, Cabalism,"


Like attracts Like; that is what I have seen over and over again in my life, even in the lowest of corners.

Then, "Gresham's Law" kicks and the bad behavior drives out good behavior.

Finally, Evil destroys itself and all it can with it.

Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said (January 26, 2023):

It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true." -- Henry Kissinger

Important contribution today, Henry. And not that I absorbed all the sordid details of the past, but because you put in place one more piece of the puzzle regarding history's lies. I came away thinking that I doubt that any nation states ever really existed at all, independently, I mean. The contamination of history has hidden the cruel and ruthless global agenda, its objective of full control over our lives. But now, today it's too glaringly obvious to conceal it any longer.

I think of all those emotional national anthems sung, all the peoples' genuine salutes to their country's flag, all the fighting for "the homeland," a false patriotism that was cultivated to turn us all into pawns on the chessboard. But what are they to do now that so many around the world are discovering they are NOT pawns, but kings and queens, holding power to face the false and pathetic chess masters. IT IS WE, the spawns of Bobby Fischer, rising, and racing through the lies. No 3 or 4 dimensional chess for us, just a straight game with a major checkmate on the board.

Kings and queens, they want us dead. Be ready!!!

Mike P said (January 11, 2016):

"My hunch is he was illuminati and knew that Winston Churchill

and Adolf Hitler were both Illuminati and World War Two was a charade."

"And now we're watching Obama/Putin repeat the same scenario for WW3

Dan said (December 12, 2007):

Obviously. That's what makes the gay marriage debate so absurd. It's a PR op aimed at heterosexuals.

Gay marriage is a technicality which enables gays legal benefits. Civil service and some private sector jobs cover a spouse on group health
insurance and pension plans. Another big plumb is married 'couples' are favored in standing child adoption laws, for homosexuals and lesbians
who desire children.

All gays are promiscuous. I've known old gay 'couples', and their lifestyle invariably included multiple partners - invariably younger ones.

Michael said (December 10, 2007):

This is typical British Empire divide and conquer tactics. The great fear of the British Bankers was that a dominant continental power would emerge circumventing the Anglo American Alliance's maritime empire which controlled the major shipping lanes of the world. Setting up Germany and Russia to be at each others throats would prevent this from happening.

Another British Divide and Conquer ?

I've been recently reading up on a little known war that seems to have the British Bankers stamp all over it called the Taiping Rebellion(1850-64) in which 20 million died. I repeat 20 million!

Almost Unbelievable

Basically it goes like this, a failed Chinese civil servant named Hong Xiuquan has a mental breakdown, studies under the American Baptist Missionary Issachar Jacox Roberts in 1847. Hong Xiuquan starts to believe he is the younger brother of Jesus Christ and starts his campaign against the Qing Dynasty. By 1850 Hong has 30,000 followers, by 1853 he commands 800,000 Taiping soldiers and has taken a third of China from the Qing Empire. 1860-64 the British come to the aid of the Qing eventually defeating the Taiping ending the conflict. China is torn asunder, Britain continues to import opium into China, a weak Qing government is unable to stop them. China does not recover from the Taiping Rebellion until the 20th century.

Taiping Rebellion

Marcos from Brazil said (December 10, 2007):

I must confess I am still confused with this issue, even though I have been studying it for many years.

It seems clear that Hitler was financed by the NWO, as the many connections of German businesses with Wall Street prove, including the deals with Bush's grandpa. If we read the memoirs of Hitler's
sister-in-law, Bridget, we find that he spent some good time in England, probably being directed on what to do. The fact that his
grandmother worked as a maid for the Rothschilds is just too much of a coincidence. Hess was, no doubt about it, into the whole scheme, and
there is much proof that he was a total occultist.

But the parts that puzzle me are:

1) In Alber Speer's (Hitler's friend and architect) memoirs, Speer says that Hitler was mad when he found about Hess sortie to England.
He hated Hess to his dying day. Certainly there was a point when Hitler abandoned the appeasement and sincerely thought about taking over Britain. What caused him to do that? Did he find he was being fooled?

2) How could WWII have been set up to oppose an out-of-control Stalin,if we see that the USSR was much stronger after the war? Also, if
Hitler was set to fall, bringing down the USSR could never be the real objective.

3) Pre-war Germany was totally infiltrated by communists (Rosa de Luxembourg and others). It would probably have fallen to it if not for
Nazism. Why then the NWO didn't let it happen?

So, my guess is that Stalin had always been at the side of the NWO. There is evidence that he would betray Hitler before he was betrayed.
I think Hitler was the one who got out of control and the NWO didn't expect the great tenacity of the Germans. Hitler was led to believe he
was part of the Nordic alliance, when in fact he had already been sold to be defeated by Stalin since the beginning, probably with the war
ending much sooner. Communism was not allowed to take over Germany before the war because they needed the destruction as a Satanic
sacrifice and a point of Hegelian tension, not to mention to solve the Jewish situation and create Israel for the AntiChrist.

When Hitler found out he was being trapped, a real war started.

Anyway, it is also possible that the NWO didn't have total control of the situation and much of what happened was not a conspiracy. What an
audacious bet they made ! If Hitler had defeated Russia, the NWO would be in dire straits.

These are my two cents' worth.

Thanks.I think the plan was for Hitler to fail, and I'm not sure whether he was a witting or unwitting agent. But if Hitler had conquered the USSR, I think the NWO would have manifested through Nazism. It was win-win for the Illuminati, with a preference for Communism.


Bill said (December 10, 2007):

>As Erroll's fate makes clear, intelligence agencies work for the Masonic central bankers, not for the countries they >pretend to serve. They are used to eliminate any genuine threat to the banker's credit monopoly and world >dictatorship agenda.

Dear Dr. Makow,

Would this explain why every intelligence agency (British, Russian, German, French) buttressed the CIA in its assertion that Saddam Hussein possessed (non-existent) Weapons of Mass Destruction thus justifying war?

Jim said (December 9, 2007):

Dear Henry, I just finished reading your article
published on today on the hidden
plot of the british elites (city of london) banksters to use one of their "brothers" (Hitler) to project the furtherance of their own plan for complete global dominance. It has to be one of the greatest articles ever written.

This ties to benjamin franklin's hellfire club
membership also.

This article shows that you have cracked the
code of domination over the worlds elites by
their own luciferian cult. It shows the complete
treachery used against some of their own
members as well as the public at large.

I know you are probably aware of the fact that
wash dc is set up as the upside down five
pointed luciferian star and goats head. You
probably realize the significance of the
shape of the pentagon war bulding. You
probably realize the meaning of the
"medal of honor" being and upside down
gfive pointed luciferian star with mars the
war god at its center, or the fact that the
roman goddess persephone (goddess of
the underworld and minerals) is placed on
top of the US capital.

Mars= meyer rothschild and sons
who lent most of the money to the euro kings for
war maing. Supposedly, war is a 24 hour sacrifice
to lucifer enacted by the illumina. What do you

Keep up the great, groundbreaking work.

Kilco said (December 9, 2007):

You missed the punchline " Cabalist central bankers to bring about world tyranny." Why? It was a matter of bringing in a wrecking crew to destroy as much infrastructure as possible,
so the cabal could lend untold money with interest for the reconstruction projects after the war. It was all about $$$$.

Tony said (April 30, 2006):

Remember it wasn't Hitler who had somewhere around 200 million human beings killed in the last century for the sake of a political agenda, it was a handful of "communist" leaders in Europe and Asia, with the usual hidden hand of western bankers prompting from their secret control channels. Always remember that the best definition of communism is "super capitalism." Wherein EVERYTHING, people included, is owned by "the state." That is, those who own the state. During the whole communist reign in the Soviet the address of Number One, Red Square housed a branch of Chase Manhattan Bank - or whatever names it had from time to time. Socialism of any substantial nature can't exist without capitalists financing it.

Hitler, the National Socialist, was (maybe unknowingly) fighting the greater enemy when he went against communism (international socialism). He never dreamed the Brits could get the U.S. to interfere in a basically European war. And one to save communism, at that. He must have thought the Americans learned their lesson in WW1. Or maybe he believed Roosevelt's lies to the American people.

Soon after WW2 we had the "Korean Conflict" and then Vietnam. Now we have genocide in the mideast by Bush & co. What heroes do you know, Henry? The more modern "heroes" are praised the more blood they seem to have dripping from their hands.

Pearl said (April 29, 2006):

WOW! The plot thickens – who would have ever guessed the real Churchill behind the façade we were taught about in school.

Also, the other articles – oh my goodness.

Our only consolation, through thick and thin, mayhem, or whatever is brought upon us the masses, the back of the book says ‘WE WIN!’ Faith is a gift from God (quote – ‘lest anyone should boast’ ). The Lord is giving them lots of opportunity to change. Also, the elite know it is difficult to organize a total nation(s) to pray. Looking back on the Old Testament, it took God to create severe conditions to get peoples’ attention.

Keep up the excellent work Henry.

Dan said (April 29, 2006):

Off the top of my head, there's no doubt that the Nazis were raised from the gutter from wence they came to perform the role of toppling Stalin. Hitler seemed to be in on an arrangement he thought he had with the British Illuminati elite. His rhetorical statements early on of including the Anglo-Saxon at the top of his version of NWO is well known, but his action at Dunkirk and the flight of Hess directly to the estate of a high member of that deal exposes that there had been a secret alliance between the high and mighty in Britain and on Wall Street, or at least the top nazis believed there was at least until after Dunkirk.

Illuminati frontmen and puppets like Hitler and Saddam Hussein have been screwed frequently. At the level of power lust and treachery such men operate I'd figure they are beyond trusting anyone to begin with. More likely their perception is that trust the 'deal'....having examined every angle of it and rest assured that their role and place in it is essential. But even I could have told Hitler that the British always hang their political allies out to dry.

Jean from Hungary said (April 29, 2006):

Nothing new under the sun.

Then, the banksters lost their control over the Soviet communism and had to create another monster –the German nazism- to fix the problem. This didn`t exactly play down as it was originally planned but the banksters nonetheless had their world war and its benefits in terms of an increased political power over the Western world and the creation of the Israeli stronghold in the Middle-East.

Today, the banksters lost their control over Russia and failed to take control of China. So, they created a monster –the American neo-conservatism- to fix the problem. The plan is probably the destruction of Russia and China in a third world war opposing these to the USA. Then, the European Union, which is now completely controlled by the banksters, would integrate a deadly injured USA as well as the ruins of the rest of the world to make what the high dignitaries of the EU have already announced in a 2004 exhibition in Bruxelles as a planetary empire called „the Union”.

A war against Iran could be the trigger of the third world war but, if it will not happen or not suffice, be sure the banksters have other scenarios ready to be implemented with the help of the puppet politicians they have now in the Western world as well as in the Middle East and, of course, in their Israeli stronghold.

This time, again, the banksters are preparing to massacre many million people on our planet. This time, again, many people are not aware of the real powers and their agenda but, instead, are believing in the necessity of making war against „terrorist” states, against an „axis of evil”.

However, thanks to alternative information sources like yours, Henry, more and more people understand they are duped and exploited by a bunch of luciferians. The question is: are we going to be enough to understand before it is too late?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at