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Anthony Migchels: Feminism is Dying

October 27, 2014

watson.jpg(Left: The UN thought it sly to put a young starlet in front of millions
with some particularly pathetic talking points. As a result she was widely ridiculed on the web.)

Feminist brainwashing
is being trumped by nature
and common sense.

by Anthony Migchels

Feminism has quietly lost all support from women, except perhaps those brainwashed in University.

In 2012, a major study was published, showing that women across the board are disenchanted with it. They consider it 'too aggressive against men', 'old fashioned', '70 per cent of younger women feel far too much is expected of them, with unprecedented pressure to 'be red-hot lovers, domestic goddesses, climb the career ladder and look like supermodels'.'

But the real knock out is: "The majority of the 1,300 polled felt feminism should be about ensuring women have 'real choice over their family, career and lives', and to reinstate the value of motherhood."

It is exactly this sentiment that Feminism was designed to destroy.

According to Simone de Beauvoir, a disturbed woman, like most of the Feminists that were unleashed on an unwitting public by the Rockefeller Foundation, put it this way:

"No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.""

And the trend is long term: after a free fall in the 1970's and 80's, the number of stay-at-home moms has been slowly rising over the last decade. True, after flooding the labor market with millions of cheap, easily manipulable wage slaves ('independent women'), this is nowadays a tough proposition for many families. It's very difficult to run a family on one wage. Still the trend is clear and remarkable.

brainless-whore.jpgWhile the arty farty 'liberal' (Cultural Marxist) MSM is still parading ridiculous little whores (left)  in front of the masses, claiming that she is 'redefining beauty', the real story is on the Web: the men's movement has hammered feminism on-line and the 'Social Justice Warriors' are constantly on the defensive. Their insane man hatred (which is the core of Feminism) is being exposed.

Every time they are confronted with coherent argumentation, they immediately succumb to narcissist breakdowns, claiming 'people like you are why the world is such a mess', or 'fucking dickhead'. Clearly indicating lack of arguments, manners and most likely mental stability.

The SJW's still manage to destroy careers, like recently PGA President Ted Bishop, after he said a golfer behaved like 'a little girl'. That comparing a man with a little girl could be considered insulting is still hard to fathom for the little girls that currently control the debate.

But the real story is in the comments of for this article: the public clearly sees this is unacceptable.

At the moment, Gamer Gate is thrashing the feminist-controlled Media via their on-line outlets, particularly, which is also a hotbed of agitation against the 'Domestic Violence' hoax.

Domestic violence is mainly perpetrated by women. The best shot that women have to avoid violence against them is........refraining from violence against their mates: no less than two thirds of 'battered women' admit committing 'severe violence' against their husband before getting a taste of their own medicine.

Gamer Gate has such fall out, that major corporate sponsors are starting to see that Feminism is not about women's rights, but is actually attacking their main consumer base: men.

"Perhaps it won't surprise you to learn that microchip manufacturers and car companies are pretty sympathetic to the concerns of male consumers. But some of the things said to me-all, sadly, on condition of anonymity-have been nothing short of remarkable.

There's the Intel vice president who told me via email that GamerGate was "doing great work" and that he was "sick of slander and self-loathing from the press". He was talking about male journalists who do misandrist feminists' work for them."

Guilfoyle.jpgIn another funny development, Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle stated that young women should not vote and should not be on juries, but instead should be buying shoes and checking out on

While this is an obvious statement for anyone born before 1930 or otherwise endowed with some basic understanding of human nature, it's a far cry from what has become the norm in our completely pussified society, ruled by girly 'sensitivities'.

After getting scorched by the Left, she did not at all recant, and her co-host, a former press secretary at the White House, simply chimed in agreeing with her.

It's not really surprising that women are saying this: they tend to be acutely aware of the nonsensical pussy worship that so many men are mind controlled into. Women are well known to prefer male bosses, for instance.

Women, more than anybody else, know about the female dark side.


While Feminism and Cultural Marxism are taking a heavy beating on the Web, the MSM is clutching at straws. But this only hastens their own demise.

Meanwhile, many in the men's movement, including major outlets like, are taking a wholly wrong turn by joining the Feminists in clamoring for 'equality', pointing at egregious inequality before the law, for instance in family courts, or punishment for men and women for the same offenses.

But there is no equality. Men are more spiritual, more rational, have a bigger brain and are simply much more powerful than women. Women are more earthly, emotional and have a womb.

Men want to possess their women and women want to be possessed. The male longing to possess her proves to her that she is wanted and desired. This also explains why by far most women are submissive in bed.

We can have something much better than equality: Male Privilege and Female Privilege.

We can have love.

Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on monetary on his blog Real Currencies and other highly opinionated articles on Making Sense of the Senseless.

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First Comment by Al Thompson:

I liked Anthony's article and I think more and more women are realizing that there are differences between men and women.  And those differences should compliment each other under the natural order that God has set forth.  To listen to a communist-socialist liberal speak of feminism is like watching someone puke in the punch bowl.
The never-ending bull shit that comes from the communist press is mind-boggling.  And the best way to be rid of this influence is to use the off switch on the television.  Better yet, take the TV outside and use it for target practice.  MSM is like having an open sewer line into the house.

There is nothing better for a woman to do than to raise good children. Most women will gravitate toward being mothers, but many are side-tracked by feminism which is a completely anti-social set of pathetic ideas.

The new world order freaks are losers and their agenda will ultimately fail because it is in conflict with the natural order of life.  I'm seeing a lot of young people with over 3 children and I don't recall seeing that since I was a young boy.  The new world order is a complete failure.  Even if they were able to kill off everyone on the planet, the end result would be that they would remain assholes who will eventually end up in hell if they don't repent.  Imagine, ending up as an asshole and then going to hell.  Again, there's no future in a communist-satanist system.

Another way to get rid of communists is to shut down the school system permanently; abolish it.  These schools are as worthless as tits on a bore hog. They have become hot beds of anti-social behavior and they are not good for anything.  If I had it all to do again, I wouldn't go to school but to learn to read and write; or learn a trade or skill that could make me some money.  But to sit in classes year after year listening to this liberal drivel is too much for a sane mind to endure.  The worst part of it is that the children graduate with little to no marketable skills.

If I had my way, I would tell the children to get married early and have as many children that you can handle.  And it is the man's responsibility to make as much money as he can to support the family on one income.  And be careful  to make sure your wife isn't approach by feminists who would love to destroy the family.

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Comments for "Anthony Migchels: Feminism is Dying "

Doug P said (October 29, 2014):

This "equality" falls apart as soon as you say it. Show me two men or two women that are "equal". We are equal in the eyes of the law only.

The commies always get us with the first thing they say, then use "logic" afterwards to keep us confused. Every statement has to be carefully examined and they can never be trusted.

Peter C said (October 29, 2014):

Well, glory be!

It’s about time that Mother Nature & God
take back Common Sense with the man and woman.
This will also make it easier to Take Back America.

There is a transvestite who is so involved in his
stupified dream of being a woman that he wears
a skirt on the outside of his pants, long ear rings and hair down to the belt. He also sits less than ten feet from the TV set, so in addition to his eye- sight problem, he is also mentally disturbed.

Fortunately for the rest of us, he does keep quiet
and doesn’t “mix” with us.

David said (October 29, 2014):

Henry, in the same way that nature is trumping the "human caused global warming" scam by turning the earth colder, so feminism is short-circuiting because generations of highly impressionable women bought into the hoax in order to be "with it" and socially accepted, are now facing a bleak spinsterhood. The post-menopausal ones I see are all rushing to find a successful man to get in their lives, in a pathetic competition for dwindling "musical chairs".

Andrew said (October 28, 2014):

Hats off to Anthony Migchels and his observations and arguments about “Feminism is Dying.”

But “feminism” like “communism” is almost a religion for some people. Sadly, I would estimate that 50% of the “feminist” are men. This subversive doctrine has thoroughly infected men as well as women, so the “feminist” issue is truly not a war between the genders. It is really a contest between reality vs. BULLSHIT.

Men are not equal to women any more than women are equal to men. Gender comparisons are meaningless. For example, it you want an interior decorators, hire a woman or an effeminate homosexual (a woman trapped in a man’s body). My experience is that women make better cooks unless you are dealing with a master chef trained to manage an entire restaurant kitchen. I think maybe women make better lawyers and judges because women possess superior linguistic skills. But everyone should have a chance to work in a kitchen or courtroom.

OK, maybe men have larger brains, but so what? Dolphins and whales have even larger brains than human, so brain size is meaningless…irrelevant. Brain size is not a meaningful distinction. Anthony Migchels and all of us exposing “feminism” should avoid being sucked into the dialects of men vs. women. The truth is that long term monogamous relationships are problematic and marriages can become excruciatingly boring because people live so much longer today. But long term marriage and family are worth the challenges involved.

The emphasis should be on men needing women as much as women needing men, so men and women just have to work out compromises.

CF said (October 27, 2014):

As the saying goes: Recruit and fill up an air craft carrier with men, and send it out to sea for six months, and most will be accounted for afterwards. Do the same with women, and there will be a ghost ship, drifting on the currents. The cost of the "dark side" is high.

Up until the mid-to-late 1990s, there were still many places in the world where feminism's diabolical evil had not made inroads. That changed, and lesbianism is the feminist's constant consort. Yet, as one region - by design - is put under the spell, others break free.

'Generation X' women have said, 'No way. We don't want to end up like our moms, who tried to be Super Woman, and failed.' Now, most 'Xers' much rather have a family, stay at home, and see careers as temporary.

Having one's youth and world view screwed with by rampant, unrestrained, rabid feminists is cause for resentment. Anger is the natural and correct response. Men, especially, should be angry, but not at women (who were equally duped). That anger should be directed towards those individuals and organizations responsible, not individual women.

Men and women - still under the evil spell - need to be educated, retrained. Only then will they be able to fully reclaim their natural identity and rights, as whole persons; which, in turn, enables wholesome relationships.

JG said (October 27, 2014):

Feminism is just another facet of the Jewish Talmudic culture that is being imposed on Christian America.

I learned a lot from a Jewish lawyer years ago who I use to drink with at one of the local pubs.
He explained to me how it was to be brought up in a Jewish home. I learned many things from him. He was a pleasure to be around because he was so honest and also had a sense of humor that helped kept him going. I remember the days when he was stressed and how he would call on the name of Jesus for relief.

He told me at home the Jewish mother ruled and always had the floor.The home was hers and everyone else remained silent when she spoke. Sound familiar to you all out there?

Americans don't realize it but they have been culturally Judaized in their thinking and lifestlyes more than they are aware of.

The greatest of women that I have had the honor of knowing didn't want a man she had to manipulate to get things done. She also didn't want a man that continually collapsed on her either.They wanted men they could look up to and not down on.

As Al Thompson said this role reversal garbage won't survive in the long run.

Russell said (October 27, 2014):

Feminism MAY be dying, but damage is already done. Women are sluts that thrive only on NEW attention. Men are grown boys, never to take responsibility for anything. And finally, men and women hate each other. Feminism succeeded.

Edward said (October 27, 2014):

Nice article. Completely agree with most of Anthony's assertions, except the main one: Feminism is Dying. It's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. Feminism is going to double down real soon on all of their insanity. Without people like you preaching common sense, it's going to take awhile. I'm not taking 100% of the risk/responsibility and sharing/giving away the authority in a relationship. This is what women have wanted for so long...yet they don't understand that the logical response to this is to walk away. I have to put up with incompetent needy women at work, at school, and at the gym. I refuse to put up with their shit in my personal time. Yet, even though I try hard to avoid them, they constantly annoy me in order to extract male validation from me. You see what I mean by doubling down?

So, I encourage you to get this out to as many people as possible. It's getting harder and harder to conceal these issues with political correctness.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at