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Family Law: Men Are Kicked in the Teeth

July 26, 2009


by Henry Makow Ph.D

Brian's family was the last I had expected to break up. Brian and Gail had been married 24 years. They had six children ages 7-18 and were active in the pro-life movement. At elections, they were the only ones with a lawn sign for the Conservative party.

Brian, 46, ruggedly handsome and dishevelled, was a carpenter and bricklayer. He quit grad studies in city planning because he couldn't stand the politics.

Brian is a very rare person. He is genuine. In April, he stopped a man from beating a woman on a downtown roadway. Hundreds of passersby just stood by and gawked. Ironic, he stood up for a woman, and now is being crushed by feminist family law.

Recently I met Brian, and learned why he and Gail had moved away.


It seems Brian had a mid-life crisis. He had fallen into a deep depression and couldn't work. Perhaps the stress of operating a small business for 20 years had caught up to him.

"Many times it was, if you don't get the job, you don't eat," he said.

After five months of depression, Gail secretly got a restraining order and a month later, she ordered him out of the house.

She told him she couldn't cope with his depression. She told the police she was "afraid of his temper."

While he waited in the police car handcuffed like a common thief, a cop said he should be thankful. She could have falsely accused him of assault and put him in prison for weeks.

In 24 years of marriage, Brian never hit Gail. Sure he had a temper and occasionally raised his voice. So did she. It was a normal part of family life. Gail had been "his best friend."

Brian forgives Gail and makes excuses for her. He championed causes that must have taken a toll on her. For example, they had received death threats for his defiance of a local biker gang.

But the biggest factor was a neighbor who had just split up, and filled Gail's head with feminist dogma. Gail told him: "I bet you never thought that sucky little Gail would become a strong independent woman."

This is how Communist-Satanist movements work, corrupting one person at a time. Whether its destroying one family or getting one more child on Ritalin, the cancer spreads from cell to cell.

They always operate behind the smokescreen of some "social ideal" but their real agenda is to divide and conquer and destroy.

Brian had always consulted Gail but she never took much interest in decision-making. Now she pretends to enjoy "calling the shots." She has become aggressive and abrasive.


In court, criminals get better treatment than Brian did for "having a temper." A husband and father, he was considered an enemy of society. He lost the fruits of a lifetime labor: his children and his home.

"It was all rubber-stamped," Brian said. "The lawyers and judge didn't give a damn. My lawyer said justice was just a word."

He was left with a few tools, clothes and books.

Tears welled up in Brian's eyes when he told the judge: "All I ever wanted was to be a knight in shining armor. Instead I'm Satan himself."

 Alone in his apartment, he cried over the loss of his children: "the floodgates really opened up." During the school year, Brian looked after the children more than Gail who was a schoolteacher.

"I miss getting the children up in the morning, even when they are cranky," he says.

Gail's betrayal shocked Brian out of his depression. He still sees his children who seem to be managing. He is getting work, dating and trying to put his life back together.

The novelty of being an "independent woman" is beginning to wear off for Gail. She is overwhelmed with work and parenting, and the children say she is always yelling.


Women are being hoodwinked into thinking they want power. Power is the wrong kind of fuel for them; eventually their engines start to sputter. They need male love expressed as male power. A feminist with six children will have a hard time finding it.

Many people ask me what we can do about the New World Order. Make no mistake, domestic violence and family laws are the vanguard of the Communist NWO. The Rockefeller "think tanks" have ordained the destruction of the nuclear family by smashing paternal authority. The object is to foster isolation and dysfunction so we cannot resist servitude, and to decrease population. The protection of women is not the real agenda.

Where families are concerned, the totalitarian state has arrived. If a couple is overheard having an argument, a neighbor can phone the police who will take the husband away. 

Opportunistic and naïve feminists, lawyers and politicians advance this evil agenda. There are  good people among them who could not be comfortable with this. We must ask them to reconsider.

I encourage people to form small groups and meet regularly for mutual support and action. (The NWO wants us to be isolated.) We should remind judges, the press and politicians that they have been subverted. We should demand changes in domestic violence and family laws. At election time, we should call politicians to task.

We cannot stop the attack on Iraq or Afghanistan. But we can stop the attack on families. As men, we can stand up and resist tyranny.

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Comments for " Family Law: Men Are Kicked in the Teeth"

Victoria said (July 30, 2009):

I read this story and almost cried. I am an “independent” young woman, but there is line that must be drawn, then obeyed. I am 20 years old, and already divorced. However, it was only due to the lack of maturity in our relationship. I believe it also had to do with the fact that I am still in the military and he was…”retired” early. I completely disagree with the idea that women are “weak or inferior”. We are strong, just in a different way than men. We can multi-task more efficiently and we have a higher capacity for compassion. In most cases. It was simply the way we were made. Men are the hunters and gatherers, and women, the nurturers and child bearers. Its simple.

I do know women who seem to completely disregard any feelings that would make them “human”. I have seen mothers abandon their own children for stupid, simple pleasures that last only a short moment of their lives. I have also seen grown men take the role of mother, father, confidante and friend, all on their own. It is an impressive, and wholly wonderful site to see a father with his children and seeing them laugh. Almost in spite of the tragedies that had been laid upon the father.

I have complete respect for men who are put into situations where the court destroys them, and yet they pull through and fight back. Being in the military I have seen my fair share of injustice. Women will sleep with men, then suddenly cry “rape!” just because they can! It is truly disgusting!

All I have left to say is good luck to all the men out there who end up getting sucked down into the proverbial black hole by vicious women who have no regard for their counter-part in life.

John Carten said (July 29, 2009):

I read Brian's story and thought should pass on that I was a victim of the same nonsense by the judiciary and Family Maintenance Program in BC. My friend Karen Gibbs was also brutalized by the same kind of people.

But, we/ fought back and we arestill fighting back.

We made sure that we learned everything about every judge and every lawyer who tried to or did screw us and then we went after them and now there are seven dead judges, at least three judicial resignations due to our work and many key femminist lawyers have lost their jobs including Deputy AG of BC Gillian Wallace who was a key player in the set up of the war on families in the legal system and her pal in ottawa, Anne McLellan, and many others

I basically proved that Wallace and her crowd had directed their subordinates to commit the crimes of fraud perjury and obstruction of justice in the Sun Belt case and other cases.

The two documents entitled Police Reports at the Sun Belt web site set out very good proof of crimes by the Attorney General of BC

Facts are facts

I had a lot of help from a very good woman Karen Gibbs and from Rob Nicholson who/ was screwed by the same people and who operates the web site

Rob told me which judges were pedofiles and what the evidence was when he and I started exposing them they suddenly dropped dead or were taken out

Karen was attacked by some of the legal and judicial mobsters in BC and Alberta because she was seen to be helping me

Karen and I are now telling our story on line at

Please excuse the typing errors and misspellings at our site we are just beginners at this.

All of these people in the justice system are individuals some are very dirty and they can be taken out

Brian has to start linking to other victims who will share information about every lawyer or judge or bureaucrat who screws them when that lawyer or judge or bureaucrat breaks the law, document it, publish it, and report it to everyone everywhere.

We can clean out the bastards but it takes hard work and patience and perseverance

Seven dead judges on one case is no co-incidence.

There will probably be more dead judges and more destroyed careers before this is over because the bureaucrats in the ministry of justice are are so fucking arrogant that they think they can deliberately twist and pervert justice to harm innocent people and never get caught. The present Minister of Justice and Stephen Harper in my opinion are deliberately delaying and stalling.

They are earning much bad karma and the Gods will punish them for harming us.

It is the law of karma.

Best regards

John Carten

Chris (in Malaysia) said (July 29, 2009):

I remember listening to a Romanian female graduate student in the mid 1990's who had divorced and remarried (she then subsequently divorced again and remarried and that is the last I have heard from her). She said that she could not have a male who was indecisive and that was the reason for the divorce. It was too much for her. And many women seem that way, either by nature or nurture; I am not committing myself.

My married sister on the other hand is very dominant and she raised up 2 girls, whilst her husband worked full time and she half time as a vet in Sydney. I think that she actually holds the fort, and her husband is very passive and quiet and benefits from her work. But she stays at home most of the time and is very concerned about her girls.

I think that power amongst members in a family is not militaristic, in the sense that you appear to portray; I am not comfortable with the way you put things. I think that women's intuition is of tremendous importance, and men should be sensitive to this in a common life - not a divorced one - and they can contribute with their more short sighted but perhaps more focussed approached to problem solving. IN other words, I do not see power as a single entity but rather "something" that involves communion and concern that heeds inputs from various sources, including women. The problem for me in Feminism is this horrendous promotion of communist uniformity, and in forcing a similarity of function and behavior and gender, not exploiting differences but rather forcing uniformity of function as a protected right.

I have seen in this country how male Chinese are so enormously aggressive, whilst having "submissive" wives, but I do not see any peace or justice in this type of arrangement for all but that particular race and its advancement often to the detriment of others.

So I think that the NWO's wish is for anti-communion, for the rise of Aggression, and the reduction of peace amongst people of goodwill.

Glenn said (July 29, 2009):

Wisdom is a wonderful thing to possess. The problem is that a young man generally chooses a woman for her looks alone. Like a child wants nothing but candy, so does a young man want only pretty women. Only when a man gets older does he realize that: all that glitters is not gold.

Now I am older and am no longer fooled by surface features. It is truly astonishing how the hypnotic cues of surface female beauty cover up a grotesque inner-monster. They are spoiled by nature. They are what Gibran called "gilded turds."

All men do yourself a favor. X-ray past the surface features into a woman's soul. Avoid feminists like the plague. Find a woman who is nurturing and caring. And most importantly: don't be a new-age-male sucker.

George said (July 29, 2009):

My ex wife left me with 4 small children, one only 6 mo. old, 'to go find herself".

I filed and received divorce under the old California law for desertion, yet 12 years later she kidnapped the youngest, taken 5 state lines, and her home state billed me for child support.

Nothing could be done per the local D.A. , so I raised the remaining children and paid thru the nose for the missing one.

Ex wife never paid a dime, not so much as a birthday card for the children...

I know cases where the wife, to "gain ground" alleges child sex abuse, or touching by the husband--Its a "grunge thing" that works,
Husband is presumed guilty, and one I know spent six years in prision.--another "ordered" to pay "beer money" for wife's new boyfriend as it was conducive to have a man around the children per the social worker !

That wedding ring, can quickly become a "slave ring' by just a whim on the wife's part with full support and force of the state !

Last weekend was sweet, spent it with my sons, with good wives, 6 grandchildren, and one great grand child.

The ex wife? she passed on many years ago from a wild lifestyle and became very bitter of about 'finding herself".

Ann said (July 29, 2009):

As a woman in the social services field, I actually agree with your article. I have seen dozens of men crucified in family court mediation (the mediator being a woman who is a notorious man-hater) and left financially destitute and ruined because of the system bias.

I have also personally experienced both sides of the child-support scam that goes after "deadbeat dads" like a rabid pit-bull, but does nothing about the "deadbeat" moms. My husband had half his wages garnished while I was on disability - his ex-wife had committed welfare fraud and collected it while she dumped her children on their grandfather two states away!

Once we got custody of the kids, she has not paid ONE DIME of child support, nor has the system gone after her anywhere NEAR the way they went after my husband (he refused to pay it because he knew the ex did not even have the kids in her care!!!). She was not even prosecuted for the welfare fraud she committed, and which we reported.

This nanny state business has gone TOO FAR in meddling with people's lives. That being said, I also believe that idiotic women need to stop jumping into bed/relationships with losers and jerks in the first place!

Peter said (July 29, 2009):

Great article. As a man who is still going through the mill of FC in Ireland and Australia I can tell you the system is extremely corrupt and it is intended to destroy family men. It did such to me quite effectively. I will never pay for another woman or another child again having been a family man of 20+ years. I am 45 and make USD300K in a good year.

Western women are a total disgrace in the way they allow women to treat family men now. When my ex refused my elderly and ill mother to speak to her gand-daughter on the phone not one woman of character could be found to rebuke her. Not one. That is how disgraceful the behaviour of western women is. They are going to pay a very high price. After much research I have found the remedy to Family Law based on the great work of Robert Menard at and many others. We are going to take on Family Law. We are going to win. Of this there is no doubt. It is only a matter of time and promoting the message.

I supported a wife and raised 2 daughters. I have, many times, put myself between an angry man and a woman as I am 187cm and 100kgs. No guys mess with me. My father in law and step son describe me as the best possible husband and father. Yet not one woman could be found to help me and I was left to my fate in a biased and corrupt court. Many men I talk to are less than pleased with their women folk for not only allowing such injustice, but laughing at the happless men who are abused and championing injustice.

Women are already the biggest losers of feminism only they do not know it yet. If us men defeat the elite and create a free society, the women who betrayed us in such vast numbers will not be forgotten. No matter who wins the silent war going on, women have already lost. The only question is, how badly.

Sean said (July 29, 2009):

I have become a fan of your work over the last few years, first on Rense and now I'm currently reading your latest book (mind-blowing, to say the least). An idea just occurred to me as I was reading the comment section of your article on Family Law - I've noticed on more than one occasion anti-feminist women voicing their support of your ideas. There seems to be a huge, silent group of people out there who are frustrated with the current state of the world, specifically with the feminist programming of the population that has taken place over the last generation. This frustration is often manifested in an inability to find a like-minded mate. As a 31 year-old single man with "classic" (but not even particularly conservative) Irish Catholic values, I find it nearly impossible to navigate through a dating pool of women I've dubbed "The Sex and the City Generation." I'm not at all interested in being with a woman who has had several sexual partners, cohabitated with former flames and swallows every bit of new-age propaganda she's fed through magazines, social reinforcement and media (like that depraved TV show). Have you ever considered adding a social networking element to your site? May be a great way to spread the truth and a bonus if, by happy accident, a few lasting romantic connections are made.

Rick said (July 28, 2009):

Henry. First, let me say that this lady Jennifer, [below] is by far, one of a kind. In my 63 years on this planet and spending around 50 looking for the right woman, I have never ran into one like her. Not even close. I have been married twice.Biggest mistakes of my life.

Once to a Jezebel and the second time to her twin sister. Luckily, neither marriage lasted long, but the deep scars are there for the world to see.The first one, after an argument about her going out to party with some friends, while I babysit our children, she called the cops. This was back in the late 70's when Domestic Disputes where not even in our vocabularies. The cop asked me:" Are you really married to this woman"?. If you stay, she will eventually get you in trouble."

Shortly thereafter, I moved from South Florida to the other end of the planet...Sacramento, California. The second was even worse. It happened in the early 90's, when the feminists movement and Domestic Violence were at their peak and had become a daily routine for every household in America. She accused me of "touching her". (Imagine? I touched my wife and I am arrested?)

I went to sleep in the living room and about 2 minutes later, there was a heavy knock on the door. It was midnight and as I opened the door wearing just my underwear, 5 cops burst into my apartment, pushed me up against the wall and proceeded to handcuff me and arrest me.

Immediately, between the cops, social worker assigned to the case to "give her legal advice", the crooked attorneys, the incompetent judge who KNEW the truth, but did nothing to stop the circus, they turned my entire life into a "living hell".

For the next ten years, they put me and my daughter through hell, while the mother, with the complete cooperation of the legal and mental health communities, was creative, coming up with more false allegations every week. They used my child to do their evil and dirty work. I had to see her "under supervision", pay $120.00 on hour for the clown supervising my visits.

They "claimed" they were afraid of what I would do. 8 years later, 7 attorneys, close to 200 grand in legal fees and a change of judge, I was finally exonerated from all the nasty allegations. I filed a complaint with the State Attorney"s Office, against the mother, for making "false allegations", a felony, but NOTHING was ever done to her.You WILL NEVER see a woman tried in a Court of Law for lying to prosecutors, attorneys and judges. They ALL work together, to bury you alive.

It's been ten years since the end of this case. I just retired and the wonderful system of ours, ordered the Social Security to take half of my retirement for "child support". When will this "abuse" against me stop? They will not be satisfied till I die. These people are plain evil.

Jennifer said (July 28, 2009):

I am anti-feminist female. I loved being a stay home Mom. If I could, I would gladly stay home and be pregnant as often as the good Lord saw fit.

I nursed my 3 kids till they were three and I home schooled my kids and it was the best years of my life.

However, due to the economy and my husband’s poor health, I entered the work force 2 years ago.
I have found that, I love this life too.

I enjoy working and I enjoy the responsibility. My kids are in public school and although the transition was difficult at first, they are doing well.

It has seemed that through all of this it has been easier to be the head of the household as a female than as the male. For example, I was recently approved to purchase a home while my husband, who made more than I did but was always self employed and running a business, could never get approved. We moved into the home 2 months ago and we have been grateful to have a home of our own after 15 years of marriage.

The thing that I find sad about it all is that my husband is really depressed about it all. He feels that he has let us down because the house
isn’t in his name and that I have the more stable job. My husband has skin cancer and has been fighting that for a while. He has to undergo
treatment continuously and I have been loving and supportive the whole time. He feels emasculated. And I don’t know how to help him.

The fact of the matter was that while I was a stay at home Mom for 12 years, I also went to college. I am the one with the degree, which I earned while he worked his tail off in construction. And I feel that I owe it to him, now to take care of him because he took care of us. Yet he is angry at me.

All the time because he feels that he traded his youth, and his health to support us and now he has nothing to show for it and I have everything, the house, the job, the degree, and if he left, I would probably get the children too.

I have no intention of divorcing him. I am perplexed at his anger, which appears to be growing everyday. I read your article about the “Men getting their teeth kicked in by the courts”
and I have seen people’s life affected like your article first hand. All my children are boys and as bad as things are now in this department, I fear for their future and what their family life will be like when they are old enough to have a family of their own.

Some days my husband is the most wonderful person in the world and somedays, his anger is so consuming to him, that I can’t bear to be in the same room with him and I feel like a traitor and a horrible person for just wanting to get away from him. I pray for him daily and my hope is that the anger will get better.

My husband has never hit me either but I have feared for my safety at times-though nothing came from it. I too have had a friend that was going through divorce who talked to me about divorce as if it was the best thing ever and I ended up having to end the relationship with her.

I just want to let your male readers to know that not all women are cold and heartless people and that the men aren’t the aren’t the only ones who are at war.

I have hopes to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with my kids and grandkids and great-grandkids standing by my side if the good Lord tarries that long. I have been married long enough to know that every marriage has good times and bad times and I am hopeful that we will one day look back at this time as a time of growth
in our marriage.


Jennifer, You're a great woman and I wish your husband could swallow his false pride and appreciate what he has in you.


Dane said (July 28, 2009):

This rather hits the nail on the head. women are so screwed-up on the drug of feminism. it is amazing how badly by now. i hardly see anyone anymore that this has not affected in some form. now see the latest in divorce with Hulk Hogan & his ilk of a wife. she probably planned the whole thing; to cash in on him now. what a life!

L.A. said (July 28, 2009):

Because the government is anti-family (has been for years) why would any young person want to marry and raise kids?? Women also,get hooked on drugs and alcohol, and in some cases lose custody to the father..

The high divorce rate should turn any young person off on commitments..The public schools are pushing anti family agenda's in all grades and parents are wimps to allow it to happen..

Men are smart not to marry young or raise a family;(no guarantees). I know several cases where the wife left the husband with small children and ran off, and the grandparents most the time end up raising the kids. Child support is not enforced in most cases and many end up on welfare. The ideal is for a couple to marry in their mid 30's (like some I know), not have kids, and get a pre-nup.

Ken said (July 28, 2009):

The name of your website and your articles on this subject says it all. Males in America, particularly white males are under sever attack and do not seem to realize what has been and is happening. The family is the target. Its roots are spiritual from Satan the author of communism and all other ism deceptions. I certainly identify with Brian in my experience in a first marriage. Thankfully for me I became a believing Christian. It was during a deep depression after the woman left that I found the words of the Bible were the only soothing remedy for my spirit and soul. Neither did I have theological "experts" to tell me those words are not true or are symbolism or for another age. The Holy Spirit led me to Micah 7 and then in what was and was not expected of me, not according to corrupt "laws framed for mischief" and corrupt judges, but in how God deals with such matters.

Thanks for your website and your continued work in exposing the fraud of Feminism, Central Bankers, the Illuminati et al.

Rudy said (July 28, 2009):

On this issue I can only suggest that people realize that a mariage in which the state is the third party, in essence a three party contract, is a poor substitute for a true marriage covenant in which the third party is God. A marriage license is an application for a state privilege. Filling out such an application for license is a good way to replace a right for a privilege. It is a contract with the devil, plain and simple. Enter into such a contract at your own risk. Should things go amiss the lawyers will bleed you dry.

Bill said (July 28, 2009):

I read your article linked at steve quayles site titled "Family Law: Men Are Getting Kicked in the Teeth"

I can relate to brians predicament and anger and frustration with the law in going through divorce.
I was a teacher at the time my ex wife broke the news she was leaving me for another relationship about 16 years ago. I ended up leaving my job, spending time in a psychiatric hospital and going on long term disability.

I can relate to the song amazing grace in that it was grace that caused my heart(mind) to fear and grace my fears relieved. the grace was the awareness that evil in the form of the perpetrators of the NWO had a lot to do with my personal suffering and also healing.

I totally agree with your assesment of the NWO and support yout efforts in trying to fight these bastards. Thank you for writing the article.

Len said (July 28, 2009):

I have no doubt, Henry, this is a true story and essentially what is happening in countless marriages and families. The poison of aggressive and heartless feminism destroys more lives than anyone has yet seen or fully understood. Thank you for doing your best and your part in exposing this incredible evil.

Men and women (as husband & wife) were meant FROM THE BEGINNING to be helpful and faithful to each other; feminism, to a very large degree, DESTROYS THAT at the very root and heart of relationship. It is truly the evil politics of selfishness and resentment.

Matt said (July 28, 2009):

It seems men are still getting screwed over in the family courts. I bet the guy is paying a nice amount in child support and alimony too. With six children they probably leave him with about 20% of his NET income. They always compute that stuff on gross revenue, but the wife probably got the tax write-off on the kids so he has to file single and zero on the full gross income minus alimony.

That typically takes away any idea of running your own business as the courts set a fixed monthly fee based on best case income from the last 3 years or so. They dont care about the normal ups and downs that happen in a small business.

I always thought it was odd that when you're married, you can have big ups and downs financially and the world didnt care. You could drive your family into a cardboard box on the street and if you "just married", its "oh well".

However, get divorced and now the father is expected to make the monthly payroll come hell or high water. There is no downs financially once you get divorced; the monthly alimony and child support keep building up like a debt and even take on interest!

In terms of divorce, child support, alimony and the like, the western governments are totally in la-la land. Who dreams these rules up? The western governments like to talk about being fair, and human rights, but its actually all BS.

Abortion is a great example of the governments double talk. It takes both man and woman agreeing to have sex, but if the woman gets pregnant, its "her body/her choice". She can kill the guys child and the father has to suck it up. If she keeps the baby, its back to both man and woman being responsible. If abortion is going to be legal, a man should either have the right to "opt out" like the woman can or "opt in" and get partial custody and have child support responsibilities. If a woman wants an abortion but the man doesnt, the woman should have the baby and give full custody of the baby to the man. Of course all of it is a big house of cards that has no easy answers, and ultimately abortion is wrong.

Anyway, I'm still living in Cebu Philippines and still believe it was the right choice for me. The cost of living is much more reasonable for me, and it helps to keep me on focus with my business work. I know that if I was still living in the States, my x-wife would have totally devastated my life with constant threats if I didnt keep up with her daily demands.

Her attitude with me is very different with me being in a different country. I have to admit that it is very hard to not see my sons that I have with her regularly, but I have flown out for long visits over the years to keep up with them.

My Filipina wife and I had a son who is now 16 months old, and its a completely different experience having a family like this. When I lived in the States with my x-wife, there was a big stress on me to earn a huge income and we definitely lived way beyond our means. In fact that life style drove us to bankruptcy. Of course going bankrupt and not having the fancy cars and 3000 sq foot house really put a dent in my x-wife and my relationship.

Here in the Philippines, my wife and I live a much more basic lifestyle, yet its fulfilling in most ways. I definitely have a significantly less stressful like which has allowed me to focus on my work and generate income. Its so different from my previous marriage that is hard to use the same word to describe both situations.

The Philippines is more reasonable when it comes to family law. While they do have lots of crazy laws like the States does, the reality is I am definitely freer here than in the States, especially as a divorced man.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at