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October 8, 2009

by Kaj Krinsmře

When a satanic monster like Mr. Tony Blair is proposed as the European Union's first President, it is symptomatic of how dark Illuminati forces and estranging political development are taking possession of the European Union.  It is the New World Order which is already a crime against humanity.

        The Bilderberg group is a front for the political assembly in City (London).  In fact global usury and Jewish Supremacism constitutes neo-British Imperialism.  The Bildergroup Group was set up many years ago when Joseph Rettinger, a Krakow Jew, approached Prins Bernhard of Holland and persuaded him to take a lead.  Joseph Rettinger was paid by CIA and became a Catholic. And earlier yet, when Mr. Arthur Balfour, as Foreign Secretary, 1917, sent his Balfour Declaration to Lord Rothschild, the monstrous Masonic/Illuminati conspiracy gained great advantage.  Jews in GB knew that they were being set up and compromised by the usurers in City, who would exploit Zionist ideology.  But the media-controlled majority-mind was focused on the First World War.  Great Britain thus became committed to support the Zionist State.  Adolf Hitler, trained at the British Army's center at Tavistock, Devon, England, in 1912, persecuted the Jews to create Israel.  In much the same manner, Europeans are now becoming committed in a satanic political nexus, the European Union, that they have no comprehension of and that only their corrupted democratic leaders have voted for.  These political whores are entirely controlled by the Illuminati assets of global usury.

        Mr. Blair is an asset of the intermarried British Imperialism and Jewish Supremacism that manifestly has been cultivated in City for a hundred years, at least, with Israel as a vital fighting wing.  When Mr. Blair and former President Bush are not being prosecuted for crimes against humanity in the International Court in Holland, this shows what monstrous corrupt and collusive international administration prevails.

USA and its privately owned central bank, Federal Reserve, is another vital aspect of British Imperialism.  America has fought world wars for British Imperialism.  The British fought two major wars for the usurers in City, only becoming poorer and poorer for it, whilst the usurers in City grew richer.  The British were confused by the ideology that Mr. Marx served up. Indeed Mr. Marx supplied the synthetic opiate that served the interests of global usury.  When international usurers financed the Bolshevik Revolution this reveals how finance is used to disrupt cultures and acquire political/economic power.  Mr. Marx wrote extensively about the problems of capital but he didn't mentioned usury which is the element of finance that cause, and is used, to create boom and bust economic cycles.  And Mr. Marx put wage earners up against their employers.  Yet, both employers and employees are at the mercy of and exploited by usurious predatory finance. Ideological flimflam and cultural subversion has prevented the employees and employers from seeing their common interests.  Why else would international usurers finance ideologies? When international politics is dominated and manipulated by usurers it is because the lick-democratic politicians are corrupted and co-opted. The European Union is managed by the whores of usury.

Mr. Blair has already been paid a million dollars to integrate the Zionist State, Israel, in the European Union.  His track record shows that he is a possessed political asset.  And when Mr. Blair converted to Catholicism some years back this divulges how Masonic assets are used to subvert what integrity may still be intact in Catholicism.  The present Pope is a Masonic asset.  Before he goes on a state visit to Israel, he takes a holyday in Austria, where the present Black Pope (Father General) lives.

Jews began using Catholicism early in the 1500s, less than two generations after the Jews were thrown out of Spain, by starting The Jesuit Order and they put a pious Basque priest up as the first Father General, Ignatius Loyola.  The second and third Father General, were Jews. One of their first "good works" was to teach children on Sicily to read and write.  During the Middle Ages the Jews, largely excluded from the self-sufficient and wealthy feudal communities, noted that people who could not read and write had more intuition than the dolts who could.  This is where mechanistic European thinking started and the ruthless logic culminated with an intellectual dolt like Immanuel Kant. 

Within the first 100 years of the Jesuit Order, the Jesuits were in secret control of virtually all political activity in Europe, partly by using the confessional to extract information.  And the Jesuit Order evolved as the world's most efficient intelligence organ.  At one point Jesuits virtually controlled Japan and they were thrown out. One of their credos declared that the holy goal justifies foul means.  Pious Catholics knew that this was a moral perversion, but by then the Jesuit Order was well established.  Gradually the Jesuit Order faded into the background in a more and more secular world and their social/political activity was superseded by a political communism, and the communists reminded the world that the revolutionary goal justifies the foul means.

Communism was a Jewish front and Catholicism is being subverted to become a satanic Masonic front for City.  The sinister legacy and the foul means of the Western world are blatantly demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Palestine.  The European Union is a facile moral bog that serves the hegemony of the New World Order which issue from City.

 And Mr. Blair is a living symptom of this criminal order of dark horses that possess Europe more and more trenchantly.  The new Europe is a socialistic phenomenon. Just as Israel was cultivated by humanistic sentiments and socialists, so the European Union is developing in the environment of socialism.  It is no coincidence that Jean Monnet worked in London when he master minded the European Union on Socialist lines.  He said that a Federal European Government would prevent the nations fighting each other.  Was he unaware that it was the international Illuminati bankers who were behind the wars and the ideologies that tore communities apart?  Glibly he sophisticated the ideological temple that has attracted legions of bureaucrats and although international usurers don't own the European Central Bank, their predatory practice is almost as pernicious in Europe as on Wall Street.  Greed for work-free assets is a satanic obsession which usurers and Socialists live high on.

Without their European and American assets, Jewish Supremacism, ruling the world from Jerusalem, is not feasible.  This will be engineered by religious and economic parameters and incentives, and by the corrupt lick-democratic leaders in Europe who flourish in hedonistic hilarity and the cognitive dissonance generated by media whores.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at