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Jewish Convert, Rev. Richard Wurmbrand Defined "The Spiritual War"

January 1, 2015


from Dec. 20, 2008

by Cornelius B

There are moments when we realize that we live in a world of merciless battles, and above all a world of spiritual battles. In those moments of lucidity we may understand the deep meaning of Rimbaud's conclusion, which states that the spiritual battles are as terrible as any war, and these, sometimes not well understood, and these the words of Christ - I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Yes, we live in a world of permanent battles between two opposed spiritual powers -- the subtle power of good and the rough power of evil. The first one is life creative, and works with truth, honesty, harmony, love, pardon, compassion, good will and altruism, abundance, joy and happiness, and all positive energies that feed the universe and the life we know here on earth. Opposed to this spiritual power is the evil, the father of deceptions and lies, the first revolutionary and father of tyrannical hierarchy in the universe, the spiritual power behind destruction of life, cruelty, tortures, greed, selfishness, robbery, lust and madness, all sorts of crimes, including suicide, suffer and diseases, hunger and thirst, poverty... The list could be a very long one... Just think of the crimes committed during the Bolshevik revolution, the Communist revolution of China, the first and second world wars, and all the wars and revolutions there since, including the war in Afghanistan or the absurd war between Israelis and Palestinians, the tortures and murder of millions and millions of innocent children, and people of all ethnic origins and ages. Just think at the deceptive power behind all these crimes against humanity, and how we, humans, accept lies in our lives, that cut us from the truth, from the positive spiritual power, with all the disastrous consequences. ...

I consider myself a victim of the Conspiracy, being born in Romania, where the Communism robbed the hard work of several generations of my ancestors. I faced the brutality and the tyrannical Communist regime, but what I suffered is nothing when my thoughts go to other Christians, true martyrs that suffered tortures, prison and untold persecutions.

It was in 1964, just few months after the assassination of John Kennedy, when I learnt that Communism is a Satanic sect, a very evil religion tuned on the dark side of the spiritual powers, deceiving humanity with the struggle of social classes, the "champion of the poor, of the worker," for a better world, with more justice, on the way for the perfect human society. Yes, all these lies were the "worm on the hook to easy catch big fish". Marx was a priest of the Synagogue of Satan, and his mission and will was to destroy the Christian religion. He never attacked the Jewish credo in the Talmud and Kabala; nor did Lenin, Trotsky and even Stalin. Why? Because Communism is an offspring, a creation of the Talmudists, a tool intended to bring humanity in the net of the most racist, greedy, criminal and spiritually ugly concept, the people of Satan alias Sanat.


My parents were hosting for few days in our house a legendary man, reverend Richard Wurmbrand. I was only 13 years old, but I still have the vivid image of this tall man passing the gate of our courtyard and walking slowly and with difficulty. He was in company of a friend of my father, who few years later was murdered by the secret police, the sinister "securitate" for his Christian credo. Wurmbrand's whole body was covered with deep scars, reminders of the cruel tortures the communists inflicted to this man during fourteen years of jail for his Christianity. The bones of his feet were all broken while he was severely tortured; this was the reason why this man had such difficulty to walk.

Wurmbrand was born in a Jewish family in Romania. He was in a family of four children and he was still a little boy when his father died. He had a rather harsh childhood, because his mother was a woman of modest condition, widow with the hard charge to raise four little kids. They even tried a better life for few years in Istanbul, Turkey. They returned to Romania, and by the age 16 he was brought to Paris by one of his uncles, a USA citizen gone to Paris, France, for Communist activity. Wurmbrand was introduced by his uncle to the Soviet ambassador to France.

-        Young man, said the ambassador, we need you for Romania. We shall send you to the Soviet Union to a special university to study politics. Once ready you will receive missions of high importance for the International Revolution.

He went to Moscow, and during two years he was inculcated the Marxism-Leninism in the presence of people coming from all countries, preparing the Communist revolution for the whole world.

Thus, between 1930 and 1940, he was engaged in the Communist revolutionary subversive movement in Romania. He was arrested and condemned. He was jailed at Doftana together with other Communist comrades. Following one rebellion, Wurmbrand was isolated in a cold and humid cell. Here his heart was filled with despair, and he made a try with a prayer: "God, I know that You do not exist, but if You do exist, take me out of here." He was taken out unhurt, but his fanatic attitude of revolutionary Communist was still unchanged. In 1939 he contracted lungs tuberculosis, and was released from jail. He lived for a while in the house of a Protestant family, where Wurmbrand had the opportunity to read the Bible and meet a Lutheran pastor of Jewish origin. This man gave to Wurmbrand the deep senses of what he read in the Bible. This was his conversion from Communism to Christianity, and he was baptized Lutheran. His wife, Sabina, Communist activist of Jewish origin also, after a short while became Christian too. Here is the mission of Israel - Christ came, and through Christ shall be saved the Jewish people, concluded the new Jewish Christianized couple.

In 1940, Wurmbrand became the pastor of the Lutheran Jewish community in Bucharest, organized by the Norwegian Mission for the conversion of Romanian Jews to Christianity. Wurmbrand was introduced to the highest levels of the cults, and had access to the minister of the religious cults in Romania. In this period was born his son Mihai, and the couple adopted also an orphan Romanian boy who they named Sandu.

In Romania the Sabatean/Frankist credo was adopted by a large number of Jewish people. They, as the Talmudists and Kabalists do, proclaim that the Jewish people is the long awaited Messiah.

One of Richard Wurmbrand's brothers attained the highest ranks in the Jewish lodges of the Masonry and became grand master. One day the two brothers, one Christian, the other Freemason, had a very vivid discussion.

-        How could you conceive that the few millions Jews take over and control and govern the almost five billions non Jews?

-        We have enough adepts, answered his brother. Some of them know they are our men, others do not, but all of them are at our disposal, and we will be their god. We created the Freemasonry and Communism; and through Communism, Capitalism, Materialism and Humanitarianism we already gave a Jewish spirituality to the whole world. Day after day the world is more and more Jewish. We, the Jews, we are the ferment of the 20th century.

-        Messiah already came for us, replied Richard.

-        No, answered the Freemason brother. That one was a traitor to the chosen people.

-        Why then the Messiah doesn't come?

-        Because the Jewish people even is the Messiah!

-        The Jewish people is full of sins and disobey to the commandments we received from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, therefore this people cannot be Messiah, the saint and perfect. That perfect and saint was and remains only Jesus Christ.

-        We hate you, the Christians, and you, Richard, you are a traitor to our people. When we shall build again the Temple of Salomon, we shall build in the city of Jerusalem the highest monument in the world, and on it shall be written: "Never forget what the Christians did to you."

-        Your destruction by yourself, Israel, replied Richard to his Satanist brother. There is no more heaven for you, because beyond your materialism you have no other aim, no ideal.

In 1946, in Bucharest took place a conference of the Confessions in Romania. This was arranged by Ana Pauker, a high ranked Communist of Jewish origins, promoted by the Soviets of Stalin. During this conference, the Rabin Safran accused the Christians of anti-Semitism and of crimes against the Jews, and he promised revenge according to the laws of the Jewish people. In the same while he started to negate the divine nature of Jesus Christ. The only chosen people is the Jewish People, concluded the Rabin.

The Christians were frozen of fright, and nobody defended Jesus Christ. At the conference were also present Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Sabina said to Richard:

-        You must tell the truth to the Rabin. Ask to speak!

Because he was the representative of the ecumenical movement, he was allowed to speak. Richard started by describing his Jewish origin, and then explained how he became a Christian. Then, he started to address his speech to the Rabin, with power and without being afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism, as only a Jew can do that nowadays.

- You are the guilty ones, said Wurmbrand. Your sins went up to the sky. You hate, you conspire, pile, you lie against Jesus Christ and his church. You lost your right of chosen people through the murder of Messiah, Jesus Christ, and you should ask for pardon and become Christians, because the one that you oppose is the one foretold to the patriarchs and to the prophets. Without Him you have no mercy.

Ana Pauker asked to stop the radio casting. In the vast room was chorus and loud applause. Richard Wurmbrand was taken out through a lateral door by his people, and protected against Jews who were waiting at the main entrance with the intention to slay him.

Shortly after these events, Richard Wurmbrand was arrested on the way to his church, and his martyrdom started in the Communist jails, as he so well described in his books published in several languages.

One of the most interesting of his books is titled "Marx and Satan". All the knowledge he gathered in his life out of jail and in the jail, conducted this brilliant man to the conclusion that Marx was a priest of the Synagogue of Satan, and his chief aim was the destruction of the Christian religion and the Christian civilization. He made a thorough investigation on the subject, and the documents he could find concerning Marx and Engels show the trajectory of these two men of Jewish origin from a Christian credo to the satanic credo. This is the best explanation for the deep hatred and genocides perpetrated by Communards and Communists against the Christians wherever they got in control. This is the hatred of evil powers against the positive good powers described at the beginning of this text. This hatred was also behind the massacre of the Tutsi Christians in Rwanda by the Utu animalists and pagans, programmed and assisted by high ranked personalities, such as the Satanist Madeleine Albright, and the leaders of the so called democratic western countries, deeply controlled by those who wish the destruction of a large part of humanity, and the total enslavement of the survivors.

There is a large number of Jews that gave up the teachings of the Torah and embraced the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and of the Kabala, which perverted their spirit and acts. They want to dominate the whole world. They pretend to be the only ones the chosen of God, explained Richard Wurmbrand. They believe that their belonging to the Jewish people is sacred. Because the Messiah they were waiting for did not come, they arrived at the theory that the Jews themselves, in their totality, represent the Messiah. Therefore, they refuse to consider their sins, and they prohibit to be criticized or accused of whatever, be it the most justified  criticism or accusation, turning the accusation against the accuser, as anti-Semitism, with much propaganda and turmoil in the whole world.

Besides this they made the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis during the war on Jews, a "holocaust", forgetting to mention the much larger victims among other peoples. They pass under silence the much more murderous holocaust perpetrated against the Christians during the Bolshevik revolution, and during the Communist tyranny. There is no other known mass murder and genocide in the human history that can be compared with the holocaust they perpetrated on Christians. They accuse the Christians of anti-Semitism but they are not accused of being anti-Christians. They consider their blood to be sacred, and only their's, and to be revenged with hundred for one, as they did in 1930 with the genocide of more than ten million Christians in Ukraine, and of whom we hear practically nothing.

After the war, they believed that there came the time for the International Communist revolution, and grab in their claws the whole planet. They underestimated the reality and had to pull back. Now they are massed in America, while still keeping in their control the ex-communist countries, and as well the capitalist countries, they dispose of much maneuverability. The Capitalist Jews, the International bankers and the Freemasonry financed the Communism. They controlled the Communism and what happened there. For example, the hate of Christianity is pure Jewish, and this hate was practiced under Communism. Only those satanic Jews hate with such absurdity and totality Jesus Christ and his church. The Freemasonry is their creation and they have total dominion and control on it. They are arrogant, racist and excessive in all what they do. In these conditions it is hard to hope from them the humility necessary for the acceptance of Jesus Christ. The radical Talmudic Jews work to convert the whole planet to their credo and be installed as grand pontiffs over the peoples of the earth. They cultivate solidarity among them with the purpose to attain their final purpose. But they are dominated by the satanic spirit of lies and deception, and they are the enemies of the whole humanity. Nevertheless, there are more and more Jews aware of this complot against the whole planet, and they feel concerned; they already organize the resistance against this madness. A significant number of Jews became Christians, and others get away from the Talmudists and return to the teachings of the Torah. It is probable that the last people to adopt the Christian religion are the Talmudists.

They accuse anyone that opposes their abuses of anti-Semitism and hatred, but in fact they are the real haters of the peoples of the earth.

These explanations of Richard Wurmbrand were taped on a TESLA tape recorder, so I could listen to it regularly before I managed to escape from the Communists of Romania swimming across the Danube in the night to Yugoslavia, and from there to Italy. I was only nineteen years old by then, but I never forgot the teachings of this man out of common, martyr of modern times.


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Comments for "Jewish Convert, Rev. Richard Wurmbrand Defined "The Spiritual War""

John from Chicago said (December 23, 2008):

I am an irregular reader at you website. A regular reader until the last page of , Cruel Hoax.

It is interesting that when I offer Cruel Hoax to women that I know, or once knew.
They shrink away form it. As though it could be harmful to them.

My comment today concerns the use of the word; illuminatti.

Can illuminatti be the right name for that army of darkness ?
I see that bunch as rat-roaches that cannot bear the light upon themselves.
How is it that "illuminatti" is their name ?
Could that be the same confusion as satan being called; lucifer
A more apt name might be ; parasitei or excrementi.

Don't say self named origins.
I was a good boy once. What could that mean today?

Guile said (December 22, 2008):

I am on vacation and I am having the opportunity to read your book in detail (Illuminati- The cult that hijacked the world), and to re-think about everything I thought and read before. It's amazing, now I can see the whole picture. Your book is truly a treat, it is a treasure, a guide to be consulted frequently. In every chapter we go deeper and understand that what is going on the last centuries are just the battle between Good and evil.

Your last two articles on your homepage are also amazing, the spiritual battle and also the role of pop star rockers on youth brainwashing. This shows how unique and rare is your work, involving all aspects of the conspiracy (and not, as usual, focused only on a few aspects), you cover it all: religion, culture, race, arts, politics.....

Congratulations and thanks !

Hassan2 said (December 21, 2008):

You are welcome brother. We are few in number and our voice is small. We do not have the platform of this Satanic machine and are ridiculed. I have always searched for the truth (and now I've found it it is both liberating and terrifying). The truth speaks to the good in all men's souls. I was born and raised in London and thought the permissiveness that surrounded me was normal and subscribed to it. Now I am following God's word I see how corrupt, debauched and disgusting it is. It is so degenerated it makes me physically ill. My father came from Pakistan in 1968 and said open illegitimacy and single motherhood were rare and discouraged (although we did have the legacy of lustful American soldiers and bored, lonely and poor British women during WW2). Now these things are normalized and encouraged by the media and generous welfare and free housing. Products of illegitimacy and single motherhood consciously or unconsciously ape their parents and grow up to be absent fathers or lone parents. Feminism and Hollywood encourages single motherhood as a sign of strength and independence (see Juno). Religion, morality and family - which protected us - is under attack. The majority of the American public is one of the most insular and duped populations in the world. The government shamelessly keeps them in dark. I will not fear anything. Allah ordained that we must prefer death over renouncing him. We should give up our lives blithely and trust in the afterlife. If you follow Allah's rules you will have the best outcome for your soul. One day these pigs/dogs/apes/rats (no disrespect to these creatures) will perish inshallah. May Allah let me do this with my bare hands for the blood of the innocents they have spilled. We will win in the end after which the Earth will be purified. It is written in the Quran.

Dan said (December 21, 2008):

Henry, you're getting a growing number of very advanced people speaking to you. It's encouraging. For years people like me felt very isolated...since 911. It is helping to simply hear that such people are out there.
I'm speaking of the man who sent you his comments on Wurmbrand. He's telling us Wurmbrand was someone who passed the wisdom to him in his youth. That's how it works.

"we live in a world of permanent battles between two opposed spiritual powers -- the subtle power of good and the rough power of evil. The first one is life creative, and works with truth, honesty, harmony, love, pardon, compassion, good will and altruism, abundance, joy and happiness, and all positive energies that feed the universe and the life we know here on earth. Opposed to this spiritual power is the evil, the father of deceptions and lies, the first revolutionary and father of tyrannical hierarchy in the universe, the spiritual power behind destruction of life, cruelty, tortures, greed, selfishness, robbery, lust and madness, all sorts of crimes, including suicide, suffer and diseases, hunger and thirst, poverty..."

That's right. That battle may never be permanently 'won' in this world where Spirit and matter meet - in us.
But that's not the point. We may not understand why we must struggle, why humanity is always having to struggle with this. The truth is we have a paradise here and all we have to do is choose to accept our place in the order of life in matter - we are not gods! Man makes a terrible 'god'. Where not designed to handle personal power over life and death. And no man every had the right so wielding it was a sin to begin with. If you see Prometheus coming down the road and he offers you a light....shoot him!

Hassan said (December 21, 2008):

agree with you and have turned to practicing Islam after a lifetime of agnosticism, materialism and sex which was indoctrinated by the media, my education and peers. I fell victim because it tapped into my baser instincts of vanity, greed and lust which themselves were motivated and encouraged. It led me to fear, frustration, loneliness, despair, depression, failure and low self-esteem. I was lost. I stood for nothing and would fall for anything. All I had to do to defend myself was follow the only truth there is: God and his prophets. The Illuminati made me think I was free when I was a slave. They made me think religion was a lie to enslave me. Now I follow God's rules and am free alhumdullilah. I see now why ostensibly anachronistic and restrictive rules against fornication, usury and dating were told to man. One day we will destroy them all inshallah when Isa kills the Dajjal and the world will find peace.

Elaine said (December 19, 2008):

Dear Henry:
I have never read a better explanation of the battle (spiritual warfare) that we find ourselves in today.

I could not read it without shedding tears not only for you and your family, but for all those in my own,(my background is German on both sides) who hadto flee their homeland because of the abuse of this system which has destroyed so many lives in the world since its beginnings so long ago.

Thank you for publishing it. It has helped to explain so much of what I had read in various places, but never so concise and thorough as on your site.

Trish said (December 19, 2008):

Richard Wurmbrand is an incredble writer, one of my very favorites ever. I've read Marx & Satan and it's absolutely brilliant.. this book should be studied. All of the books I've read by him are fantastic, I have read at least 17 of his books. Another one I would highly reccommend is THE ANSWER TO THE ATHEISTS HANDBOOK, originally titled The Answer to Moscow's Bible.

All of his writings are brilliant in my humble opinion. A few other must reads by Richard Wurmbrand are "Proof of God's Existance" and another is "If Prison Walls Could Speak".

Richard and his wife Sabina started the Voice of the Martyrs, originally called Christian Missions to the Communist World, Inc. Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned for 14 years in his homeland of Romania and was very effective in the Underground Church in Romania. One of the incredible things about Richard is his deep love for people, even his torturers couldn't escape his love.

In May of 1966, he testified before the U.S. Senate's International Security Subcommittee and stripped to the waist to show the scars of eighteen deep torture wounds covering his torso.

A dear friend of mine has a bookstore in North Haven, CT. She knew Richard personally and sponsored him to speak at Yale University Law Library in 1993. She also carries all his books, and has many personal stories of her experiences with him. Her website is

Richards wife Sabina also wrote a wonderful book about her own imprisonment by the Communists called "The Pastor's Wife" which is also beautiful.

I'm grateful that his work has come to your attention through this article. Yes it's a spiritual battle.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at