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America's Forced March to Stalingrad

June 12, 2011


When traitors have usurped power, is it patriotic to obey orders? We need to resist before it is too late

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Increasingly Americans are feeling like this German soldier, left, who faced certain death after the Sixth Army was surrounded and captured in Stalingrad in Jan.-Feb. 1943.

He was betrayed by his leaders.

Adolf Hitler refused to let General Paulus make a strategic withdrawal to prevent the Soviets from encircling his army.

As a result, Germany lost 250,000 of her best troops, 100 tanks, 1,800 guns and over 10,000 vehicles.

The Wehrmacht and its intelligence arm, the Abwehr, had ample evidence that Hitler and Borman were traitors.  They knew Borman was leaking their plans. They knew Hitler was deliberately sabotaging the war effort.

They knew the Soviets were going to encircle the Sixth Army and they had to withdraw from Stalingrad quickly. Yet they continued to obey orders rather than think independently. Business as usual.

What if Paulus had defied Hitler's orders and saved his army?  Surely that would have been the right thing to do. 250,000 lives were at stake. [BTW, I am not condoning the Nazi invasion of Russia.] 

It raises the question. When traitors have usurped power, is it patriotic to obey orders? We need to resist before it's too late.


In his Memoirs "The Service" (1972) General Reinhard Gehlen wrote that the Wehrmacht expected defeat because of Hitler's sabotage:

"We saw only one solution: Hitler would have to go. At that time, we broke off this dangerous train of thought somewhat dismayed at our own presumption. We had after all sworn oaths of allegiance to Hitler, and we had grown up in the old Prussian officer tradition."

"I have always believed that high treason is high treason. It can be morally justified, however, by an exceptional national emergency...Together with those of my friends who took the ultimate risk, I would accept that Hitler's pernicious leadership would provide such an emergency." (pp.95-96)

The Wehrmacht made a feckless attempt to assassinate Hitler in 1944. It failed because the briefcase containing the bomb was moved. No one was willing to sacrifice his life for his nation by just shooting Hitler point-blank. Ironically, thousands were willing to sacrifice their lives for their country on the battlefront.

Hitler had developed a reputation for being invincible because of his early successes. But if he were a traitor, it makes sense that the English would have conceded these victories to build up his credibility.

The English also refused to conspire with the Wehrmacht and demanded "unconditional surrender." Again, this makes sense if Hitler were their agent.

The German generals should have known they had pledged their loyalty to a traitor, who would destroy their nation unless they act decisively. Yet they continued the pantomime until disaster unfolded exactly as expected.


There are many parallels with our own situation. The Illuminati bankers, who backed the Nazi Party, hold power in every country. Our leaders are undermining national Independence and cohesion to advance world government tyranny. 

Like Hitler, Obama is a foreigner with a shadowy homosexual background. He is a Freemason, and is linked to Communists.

The Second World War was a trap for Germany. It has done perfectly well without "Lebensraum."  Similarly, America's many contrived wars are bleeding it dry.

The American working and middle classes are being destroyed. The average US worker makes $25,000; and 60% have less than $50,000 saved for retirement. Most won't be able to retire. The top one percent control 42% of US wealth. US banks are insolvent and almost half of Americans fear another great depression.

The shadow of sovereign debt default looms over us. None of our "leaders" , not even Ron Paul, suggests that a large part of the debt was created out of thin air and should be repudiated. Instead, the bankers are rewarded for their treason by our legislators, who work for them. 

Meanwhile, we are attacked on every other front. Radiation from Fukushima in the air; poison in our food and water; TSA agents groping of wives and children. Schools groom our children for homosexuals; TV, movies and music deluged us with pornography, satanism and obscenity.

How much more evidence do we need that society is controlled by traitors? Does anyone believe Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK or that Al Qaeda was responsible for 9-11? Does anyone believe the 2008 credit crisis could not have been avoided?

In the Protocols of Zion, the author, an Illuminati banker, says his goal is: "To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles sees no other way of escape except by appeal to our money and our power." (Protocol 10)

"We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority, which by its position will enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government." (Protocol 5)

There is no point continuing the Stockholm syndrome pantomime. No point letting the Illuminati set the timetable. We need to resist now.

I am encouraged by what little push-back I see. For e.g. Swiss legislators trying to arrest Henry Kissinger or Texas legislators banning TSA groping.

Take another look at the Soviet soldier in the picture. He represents monopoly capitalism, i.e. Communism, which the Illuminati is imposing on humanity.  

Take another look at the German soldier. Is this our destiny?


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Comments for "America's Forced March to Stalingrad"

Stan said (June 17, 2011):

Excellent article. Even the most casual student of WW2 history quickly sees that AH was so bad at leading his forces that his leadership could only be described as deliberate sabotage.

A point I'd like to make is that AH surrounded himself with Jews-rather strange for someone who was supposedly dedicated to wiping them out. Members of the S.S., his financiers, the man who trained him in oratory techniques, and the fortune teller who advised him to conduct occult ceremonies in order to gain power-all were Jewish. This makes sense if we acknowledge that AH was also Jewish.

Another point is the German High Command's repeated efforts to let the Jews go free- The Transfer Agreement, the Blood for Trucks Program, the Madagascar option...again, not something that would be done those trying to kill all Jews.

Of course, the Holocaust ("Burnt Offering") did take place, but for entirely different reasons than we are given in the media. It was an occult sacrifice to create the State of Israel, a seat of power for the Illuminati. The rich and powerful Jews were allowed to escape while their less fortunate kindred were rounded up and killed.

The other purpose was to destroy Germany. For some reason, the Illuminati has it in for them.... World War 1 and the blockade that followed, the carving up of Germany, the 100-million mark gold fine, then WW 2 and the firebombing of over 100 German cities, the blockade after that, the execution of the S.S., (thus lowering the average IQ of the country,) then the deliberate surrender of Eastern Germany to the Communists for so many years...what is it about Germany that they hate so much? I'm sure you're aware of all of these things, but your readers may not be.

Marcio said (June 15, 2011):

St. Thomas Aquinas (13th century philosopher and catholic priest) wrote that leaders are not to be obeyed if their orders disagree with whatever God sets forth (the same as in Acts of the Apostles 5, 29: we had better obey God than men). As simple as that. Therefore, stupidity should not be observed as if it were a heavenly revelation. Simply disobey it! So it is important to know what is important for God, not men's stupid everchanging opinions.

Joseph said (June 14, 2011):

Congratulations to you,Henry Makow,for one more marvelous,thought-provoking piece of writing.

Around the year 1912, that general period,Adolf Hitler spent something like 12 months living in - of all places - England !! His sister also lived in England,and later emigrated to the U.S.A. She recalled that, in England, Adolf would,almost every day,attend "sessions" at the "Institute". [ Think Round Table,Chatham House,Tavistock Institute,etc. ] . She recalled that, when Adolf came home from the "sessions",he almost always looked like a physical and mental wreck - with the shivers, cold sweats,unseeing eyes,pale ashen skin, and symptoms like that. There's little doubt that the British S.I.S. was busy with its centuries-old versions of " Mind Control".

The British wanted to aim the main Allied invasion of Europe into the Balkans, from the South,through the Adriatic, and so on. Some historians agree that such an approach would have shortened WW II by at least a year, if not more. But,that was not to be. The Americans made absolutely sure that the Allied Invasion would start as far to the WEST as possible,so as to allow the general war situation to develop upon "satisfactory lines" in the Eastern War Theater.

Robert said (June 13, 2011):

Ron Paul always talks about "living within our means". What is this but a concession that financial considerations should continue to have primacy over physical and technological potential and therefore that the Money Creators should continue in their position of control? How this is not "central planning", another of RP's bugbears, is beyond me. He obviously poses no threat to the financial system, which would explain why he gets the large amount of exposure he does on the corporate media.

Also, his referencing Ludwig von Mises as an authority never adverts to the fact that the latter was accorded significant financial support by the Rockefellers. Historically, persons criticizing the financial system in a serious and effective way have been marginalized, defamed, financially ruined or murdered. A lot of people who are abandoning other bandwagons for the Ron Paul one are in for a nasty shock if he is ever allowed to have a major political success. However, it's more likely that he is going to play, consciously or not, a more limited role in manipulation of the outcome of the next presidential election.

JB said (June 13, 2011):

you wrote: "None of our "leaders" , not even Ron Paul, suggests that a large part of the debt was created out of thin air and should be repudiated"

this is one more reason that I suspect Ron Paul to be false opposition. Another is his advocating a return to a gold standard. (Another is the fact that he is alive and gets air time)

The award winning documentary "The Secret of OZ" points out that Romans citizens did very well under fiat but were pushed into poverty when Caesar implemented a gold standard. It also makes the point that the issue is not that of fiat, but rather who controls the issuance of the currency. Does the US government even have a reserve of gold? The richest families own the gold. I don't have any. Wouldn't a gold standard keep them rich and me poor? How about a marijuana standard? Now that would turn the tables. All the jug heads would be on bread line.

Anyway - there is not going to be any mass awakening. And if there is it will be according to the wishes of those who control the world - Tea Party is a good example of misdirected revolt. Now that the banks have raped us, Tea Party wants to impose austerity on the poor - real patriotic bunch of winners we got here. But the mainstream media themselves are now warning about the NWO and that should be a clue that those behind the curtain are playing a far more subtle game than Alex Jones fans would like to suspect.

Whoever is behind the conspiracy to enslave mankind has a masterful understanding of human nature. They play all sides.They even made a truth movement for us. (at least according to my research)

Author William Bramley has suggested that we are dealing here with a non-human race operating behind the scenes. And I think he makes a good case for that. Its interesting to note that world government would not even be a remote possibility without electronic communications and data processing.

Yet here we have a case where they confidently planned such a thing well before either of those technologies were invented, much less conceived. They even seemingly got the timetable about right; 2008-2016 is called the "Cardinal Climax" by astrologers - and if one wanted to do an "end of the ages" thing - that would be the window not to miss - seeing as how the stress of this alignment is unparalleled in human history. Pretty good insight for guys still using muskets and horse drawn wagons.

Michael said (June 13, 2011):

This article is brilliant and extremely timely. We have very little time left to make a stand.

The difference between the German Army and the American Armed Forces is the Germans swore their allegiance to a single man ( Hitler) whereby Americans swear to uphold and defend 'the Constitution" from enemies both foreign and domestic.

The American populace is too dumbed down by poisoned food and water, insane medical treatments and poor education and weakened by years of divisions at every level of society to form a solid and coherent resistance. Everyone is out for themselves as demonstrated every Friday after Thanksgiving when all the morons are willing to trample each other to save on a big screen TV.

The only hope is that elements within the armed forces who have the power and conscience to do the right thing, and not just sell out like all the others, will step up and put an end to the treasonous government in Washington DC and restore the Constitution by returning to a Republic with a weak central ( Federal) government and sound money as defined by the Constitution.

If you are waiting for the people to agree to "take back our government" like most political slogans read, you can forget it. Most people due to the horrendous educational system do not even know what that means.

The best way for individuals to effect change is not to fight it but to opt out of the system. They should not use credit cards or bank services. They should withdraw all funds from mutual funds and money markets, cancel their cell phone service, they should not cower to the TSA if they need to fly and do as much as they can to avoid flying. The airlines will get the message and demand changes. But that takes sacrifice, it means maybe giving up a planned trip or the inconvenience of carrying cash to pay for purchases.

This would go a long way to get the message out, but people do not want to make that sacrifices, they want others to do it for them. as Gandhi said: "you must be the change you want to see in the world". I have made many of these changes in my life, but I do not see many people following. As in the Book of Daniel, the handwriting is on the wall!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at