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Hollywood Peddles Specific Occult Themes

August 22, 2011

star-wars-1-4.jpgGeorge Lucas developed the spiritual format of Star Wars culture to be precisely Kabbalistic.

The lower levels of human society will be completely sexualized. Sexuality will saturate society. Sexual exploration will be encouraged from youth: hence the current seeding of child sexualization. Sexual practice will be a mandate, not an option. At higher levels, true sexual mastery will be taught.

by Aspen
(a former professional movie critic, see note at end)

The Illuminati are seeding the public with notions that gradually grow larger and more influential over time. They did it with Feminism; they did it with flexi-sexuality; they are doing it with anti-religion and with child sexualization now. They do this because the future society they have planned must be structured differently from what we all know now. A different structure requires citizens with different thinking who will accept that structure.

Satanism, Witchcraft, and Anti-Religion
Are the Illuminati Satanists, in the strict sense of "Satanist"? Are they witches? Do they worship a tall, horned guy with red skin? In all likelihood, no, but they heavily sponsor and support Satanic cultural influences and themes. Obvious film vehicles for apparent Satanic ideology have included the works of Roman Polanski (Rosemary's Baby ; The Ninth Gate), several films starring Nicolas Cage (um, basically, everything over the past several years), and Natalie Portman (same thing), and even the somewhat recent animated Western-style film Rango. I could provide a longer list, and I may do that later.
The Illuminati sponsor such projects in order to break the public credibility of organized religions. The so-called "New World Order" (really, it's The Other New World Order You Didn't Hear About) won't include any of the currently popular religions, or their members. If you're a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Daoist, a Satanist, or a member of any subset of those, or of any other offhand cult, you're on "the list".
Kabbalistic Ideology
The essence of Kabbalah is that there exists no real opposition between what traditional religions have chosen to label as "opposites", like Good and Evil. If you want a very straightforward representation of this, you can try to find and view an early Yiddish film called The Dybbuk, and you'll see the Kabbalah in action. A more recent film would be The Dark Crystal, directed by Jim Henson (the creator of the Muppets). This film culminates in a scene where Good and Evil coalesce into perfect, ethereal beings of pure light. It is the insertion of a small, perfect shard of crystal, into a very large and evil crystal, which makes this transformation possible.
The most popular representation of Kabbalah philosophy has been the Star Wars series of films, comics, and books. It's no accident that George Lucas was tapped to build these projects, and you can be sure that he did not do it alone. The root derivative of the very name "Lucas" means "wolf". The wolf is one of the Illuminatis' more subtle symbols, yet it is by now a constant infiltrator of film media, and that is to the point:  in the Protocols of Zion, the Illuminati name themselves as wolves. More on this later.
Most viewers of the Star Wars films are not aware that George Lucas developed the spiritual format of Star Wars culture to be precisely Kabbalistic. Within the space of the books and illustrated novels (comic books) following the conclusion of "Episode 6" (Return of the Jedi), Luke Skywalker (Luke = Lucas) travels a new path of exploration of "the Force", during which he attempts, successfully, to fuse the powers of the Good Side with the powers of the Dark Side. He nearly loses out to the temptations of the sheer power of the Dark Side, but he is narrowly saved by the love projected by his sister, Leia. He does not have to give up the Dark Side, once he has been saved.
As has already been noted on Dr. Makow's site, recent films like Black Swan contain similar messages.
Are the Illuminati Kabbalists? No. These Kabbalistic messages are only a rough transcription of the Illuminatis' more finessed version of "Kabbalah". It is a fine-tuned Utilitarian Ethics, elitist in essence because it is based on measured Intelligence. That means, that future human society is to have a hierarchy arranged according to the intelligence levels of its members.
The Illuminati present Kabbalistic ideas to the public because according to Utilitarian Ethics, "good" and "evil" are simplistic labels that destroy the human ability to make honest decisions.
portmancloser.jpg(left, Natalie Portman (nee Hershlag) in "Closer" 2004)

Feminism, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, "the inner slut", sex without commitment, no-strings flings... There's no point in providing a film list for this material, but I would recommend looking up Natalie Portman again. What is this stuff all about? It just keeps getting more and more in-your-face. Why are the Illuminati so interested in "destroying traditional family values"? Is it because they hate God? Is it because they hate all religious and traditional people?
No, that's not the point of it. The ultimate aim of the Illuminati is not to create a planet of confused and violent degenerates, but to centralize reproductive control.
In tandem with increasingly strict rules concerning what parents can and cannot do, the expansion of sexual freedoms and the amplification of potential sexual proclivities is the pre-cursor to a society that knows no central family unit. This was - PARTLY - Plato's idea. Where the Illuminati differ from Plato is that, whereas Plato intended only to scatter people's sentiments to include the body politic entirely (because if there's no family, then everyone is family), the Illuminati are more intent on controlling human evolution via the laboratory.
The plan is that gradually home parenting will be proven, scientifically, and beyond all reasonable doubt, to be less effective in producing stable individuals. Survival crises will mandate that random sexual intercourse - with an aim to REPRODUCTION -- must cease, in favor of test tube creations of superior physical condition and stamina.
In the meantime, what to do with all that sexual desire that suddenly has no "purpose"? If people are not trying to have babies, by fucking, then what are they going to be trying to do?
This is why the sexual fields of possibility are being seeded. Once the aim of reproduction has been wholly distanced from sexual activity, then human sexuality will have to have an alternative destination.
The Illuminati are fully cognizant of what sexual energy and sexual power really are. The Satanists grossly mislabel sexual power as "sex magick", but Buddhist, Hindu, and QiGong masters know better. The Illuminati also know better.
There is a two-pronged plan. The lower levels of human society will be completely sexualized. Sexuality will saturate society. Sexual exploration will be encouraged from youth: hence the current seeding of child sexualization. Sexual practice will be a mandate, not an option. At higher levels, true sexual mastery will be taught.
The Illuminati comprise a group of very powerful people who feel that the emergence of Christianity and Islam has placed the Human race in a state of endless stagnation.

A straightforward statement of this is delivered in the recent film The Adjustment Bureau. The Adjustment Bureau is a group of super-men (cf. Nietzsche) who have been guiding Humanity's course for thousands of years. The central character of the film becomes aware of their adjustments and challenges an agent. The agent's statement in full goes as follows:

"You know, we actually tried Free Will before. After taking you from hunting and gathering to the height of the Roman Empire we stepped back to see how you'd do on your own. You gave us the Dark Ages, for five centuries, until we finally decided we had to come back in. The Chairman thought maybe we just needed to do a better job of riding the bike before we took the training wheels off again. So we gave you the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution... We spent 600 years tempering your passion with reason, then in 1910 we stepped back again. Within 50 years you brought us World War I, the Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust, and capped it off by bringing the entire world to the brink of destruction in the Cuban Missile Crisis. A decision was made at that point that we should step in again before you did something even we couldn't fix. You don't have Free Will, David. You have the appearance of Free Will".
The aim of the Illuminati is to wipe out most of the extant population, and to create an entirely new human society. Illuminati interference in public media is a seeding operation designed to aim human minds towards an acceptance of the changes that will happen later, more fully than now. The changes happening now are small precursors to the re-invention of the race.


Part One of this article here

"Aspen" says he
is what the Illuminati call a "Signal and Context Tester."
They select individuals of superior intelligence and subject them to intrusive signals, via multiple means. This has been happening to him since he was a child. He is permitted to write to Makow because he needs to speak, and whatever Makow posts will be harmless in effect. Everything he wrote was approved.

Makow comment: Laughable that the Illuminati blame free will for "
World War I, the Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust, and capped it off by bringing the entire world to the brink of destruction in the Cuban Missile Crisis" when they are responsible for all major historical events. By making us responsible for their handiwork, they hope to discredit democratic government.  


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Comments for "Hollywood Peddles Specific Occult Themes"

EJ said (August 24, 2011):

IMHO, without any real proof so far, to believe or not believe in God, Jesus, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and all these other mind bending myths is of course a personal decision and not the breaking of any real truth. Not believing in water, gravity, fire, wind, and things like that is probably in the realm of mental illness. But the rest of this stuff, well, it's one's choice.

So when I read articles and columns and the such about these "evils" and "darkness" I make a choice based on that logic. Just because *they* believe in something doesn't make it so, it only reveals the foundation of their belief system. My feeling is faith is not fact, only fact is fact.

So yes, there are nefarious groups out there who believe in that stuff and use the scientific facts of known psychological controls from color and sound to sacred geometry and operant conditioning BUT that doesn't prove anything more then they are clever psychopaths or a path of dominance and control.

ETM said (August 24, 2011):

Interesting that the three nascent founders of Hollywood all came from the same town in Russia.

Also interesting how Orwell managed to describe so accurately the controlled media, the reliance on constant manufatured terrorist threats,
the double speak you describe in your last comment, and the system's ability to enter the psyche and use the greatest fear to control the populace.

1984 is here, albeit more 'messy' than the novel.

The novel was his death-bed work, if you read the wiki on its engendering in an isolated cold cabin up north. He barely managed to finish it in time.

It is a seminal prediction, and he condensed in it the patterns he observed as a British Empire (read Illuminati Empire - London Banks, Disraeli etc) official who had learned how things work under this aegis. He intended to call it '1948' - that is, he meant to say this is the system of control already now, but his editors asked him to change it into a futuristic novel.

Duke said (August 24, 2011):

Early in the second part I began catching heavy whiffs of disinformation. Toward the end, specifically when the events of the 20th Century were being ascribed to "letting us hold the reins" as it were, the whiff grew into a stench, and you nailed it with your comment.

Once again, the technique of spiking a bit of truth with a dose of untruth is utilized, and that always seems to fool a lot of people.

Michael said (August 24, 2011):

They give us poison, but we don't have to swallow it. I always cringe when I hear or see articles about "mind control" or similar themes, because as much as they try to corrupt and poison our minds with glorified evil, we don't have to accept it. It is possible to reject the illuminati's propaganda, keep your own sense of right and wrong pure and untouched. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever, and so is morality. It is not subjective or flexible and don't ever let them tell you otherwise.

Austin said (August 24, 2011):

I've noticed strong themes over the years in shows like Star Trek and Dr Who too, where planets inhabited by 'aliens' always portray a one world government setup. They are invariably more technologically advanced than we are (regardless of the actual point in time when we meet them) and quite often, themes such as socialism and femenism (women in control with men subjugated) are emphasised.

Look at the Star Trak insignia for their "Federation" of planets - strikes me as being very similar to the UN symbol - A globe, with Roman laurel wreaths either side and a star field in the meddle, instead of the continents of Earth - very futurustic, and very Illuminati! How stupid do they think we are - not everyone swallows their media mind control junk.

Debra said (August 23, 2011):

Has anyone considered the obscene crime of movies budgeted for millions of dollars, payment to 'movie stars' with world-wide acceptance of such an extravagance? Total conditioning for high-crime, ultimately more potent than any of these other examples presented in the two articles. Their (Elite's) extreme wealth has given them an ability to enslave billions of people with systems of education, military, technology, control of resources, and just about everything else on Planet Earth, and whilst we watch !!!

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