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June 10, 2010

coverporn.jpgby Richard Evans

Thirty years ago, a radical feminist, Andrea Dworkin, warned that men exposed to a steady visual diet of pornography see real women as sex objects. She fired up mainstream feminism against pornography to get dirty magazines off display in convenience stores where innocent teenage girls had to stand behind the counter framed by pornography in the field of vision of anybody who came in the store day or night.
As you know Henry I rarely weigh in on the side of feminists but I wish Dworkin's 'take back the night' and anti-pornography campaigns would have succeeded.  By the 1990's radical feminism abandoned Dworkin's prediction that proliferation and mainstreaming porno would escalate rape and sex crimes against women.  It went that way for a while but ultimately some feminists realized pornography is the perfect weapon to drive the genders apart and invert them.

In a article, "The Porn Myth" Naomi Wolf writes;
"In the end, porn doesn't whet men's appetites--it turns them off the real thing".

So what really happens is short circuiting the possibility of real relationship between human beings - burnout occurs in the addict whose caught in a feedback loop of fantasy.  Pornography ultimately makes male youth programmed with it psychologically submissive to women.

Oversexualization of the female actually masculinizes her.  This is the OTO secret of the 'Scarlet Woman'.  Externalization of sex inverts the dynamics of gender.

When you consider this it makes sense of such music videos as Britney Spear's 'Toxic" -

Pornography stimulates the amygdala part of the brain, sometimes called the 'reptile brain'.  The visual stimuli triggers these organs to activate glands of arousal.  It's literally a chemical trigger which puts the victim into a bestial trance.
The neurology of the male brain is much more susceptible to visual triggering of autonomic arousal than women.  At least that's the way it was 30 years ago.  I've read that incredibly, a recent Atlanta study claims that what men and women react to when shown erotica has reversed.

Originally it was men that looked at sexual parts most - now the study said their eyes look first at the faces and eyes of the women depicted, and the women were showing arousal looking at sexual acts.
But they found that this applies to women on birth control hormones.  Birth control hormones increase a woman's response to pornography.
My question is, chemicals or hormones are young men exposed to now which accounts for the flip upside down to an almost feminine response in the space of twenty years?

It might be difficult to explain to people born after 1980 pornography addiction in a man was seen by women as a serious symptom of mental illness, or at the very least, an extreme sign of weakness in a man.  Some might laugh that I put it that way.   That just shows how far the structures of human dignity have been corroded.  In the 70's, young men hid pornography from girlfriends.  People made jokes about guys who had to 'make the scene with a magazine'.   It may be hard to imagine that images routinely on the internet that aren't even considered porn now were difficult to get before the internet.  They were sold as video tapes and magazines in sleazy 'adult' stores stuck in creepy parts of cities.  Few rural towns allowed such places to operate because porn distribution linked to organized crime.


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