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Network News: Seeing Through Illuminati Eyes

July 11, 2010

cbs-logo.jpg(The CBS Logo is also the symbol of the Illuminati, a dot in a circle.)

by L. C. Vincent


After WWII, with the emergence of three rival television networks, each with their own news departments, most Americans would have argued that the new age of television would grant them a multiplicity of sources and viewpoints.

Yet from their very inception, all three TV networks have been guided by men who were a product of and beholden to  America's intelligence agencies.   From the beginning, the men who ran ABC, CBS and NBC as well as those sitting on their boards of directors,  had the deepest ties to the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rothschild Banks and the Rockefeller Foundation.  From the very beginning, the US news media has been designed to promote the New World Order, guided by the "light" of the Illuminati. This is why network newscasts are virtually identical.

Three Networks, One Master

According to the late investigative reporter Eustace Mullins, CBS Chairman William S. Paley was both conduit and operative for the CIA. Many directors of CBS had CIA ties.  NBC and ABC Television networks were also riddled with CIA and Rothschild banks-linked directors.

Yet even without these overlapping network directorships, the CIA made a concerted effort to not simply shade and tilt news stories, but to actively recruit journalists to quash stories or to distort and selectively bias the presentation of stories.

Making a "Mock" ery of The News

The code name for this work was "Operation Mockingbird."  A mockingbird is a creature with the natural gift to mimic or mirror whatever song another bird makes.  So, too, the CIA's "embedded" reporters, editors and owners would mirror whatever particular slant the Agency wished the general public to perceive.  

According to author Steve Kangas, in his article "Anatomy of the Overclass", the CIA recruited 25 media organizations and over 400 reporters and journalists to do their bidding since the late 1940's. This was revealed to the Church Committee in 1975, and many felt that The Agency's reach went even deeper.  The list of assets and operatives included:

* William Paley (President, CBS Network)

* ABC Network

* NBC Network

* Philip and Katharine Graham (Publishers, Washington Post)

* Henry Luce (Publisher, Time and Life magazine)

* Arthur Hays Sulzberger (Publisher, N.Y. Times)

* Jerry O'Leary (Washington Star)

* Hal Hendrix (Pulitzer Prize winner, Miami News)

* Barry Bingham Sr., (Louisville Courier-Journal)

* James Copley (Copley News Services)

* Joseph Harrison (Editor, Christian Science Monitor)

* C.D. Jackson (Fortune)

* Walter Pincus (Reporter, Washington Post)

* Associated Press

* United Press International

* Reuters

* Hearst Newspapers

* Scripps-Howard

* Newsweek magazine

* Mutual Broadcasting System

* Miami Herald

* New York Herald-Tribune

Perhaps it would have been more prudent if the Church committee had instead asked which news organizations the CIA had not been subverted; it would surely have produced a shorter list!  

During World War II, William Paley, the head of CBS served in the psychological warfare branch of the Office of War Information, holding the rank of Colonel. After the war, he simply continued to prosecute the Illuminati war against the American people.

In the case of the Washington Post, "...owner Philip Graham was a military intelligence officer in World War II, and later became close friends with CIA figures like Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Desmond Fitzgerald and Richard Helms. He inherited the Post by marrying Katherine Graham, whose father owned it."  Graham was reported to have committed suicide in 1963.

Another example of the CIA's reach:  "...Sig Mickelson was a CIA asset the entire time he was president of CBS News from 1954 to 1961. Later he went on to become president of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, two major outlets of CIA propaganda." (Kangas)

But even worse -- the CIA actually "owned" (thru proxy) several media outlets, including Capital Cities, whose owner, William Casey, later became the Director of the CIA under Ronald Reagan.  Capital Cities later bought the entire ABC Television Network.

To illustrate the CIA's control over the flow of information, just consider this one amazing tidbit.  Apart from the Zapruder film, there are actually numerous "other" films of the JFK assassination, ALL OF WHICH remain locked in the vaults of various news organizations, and which have never seen the public light of day.  As revealed by author Richard E. Sprague, in "The Taking of America, 1-2-3", these films include:

The Dorman movie                         Private

The Robert Hughes movie               Private

The David Weigman TV footage   NBC

The Malcolm Couch TV footage   ABC

The John Martin movie                   Private

In 1996, "crack" reporter Gary Webb ran a voluminously detailed three part article entitled "Dark Alliance", exposing the CIA's involvement in the importation and distribution of crack cocaine throughout the Los Angeles ghettos, while also supplying the notorious Cripps and Bloods gangs with drugs to distribute throughout America.  

As Susan Bell of the "Independent/UK" newspaper wrote:  "Webb's pieces were not dealing with nameless peasants slaughtered in some distant republic, but demonstrated a clear link between the CIA and the suppliers of the gangs delivering crack to the ghetto of Watts, in South Central Los Angeles."  Not surprisingly, there was very little "pick up" of the story by other "independent" news agencies and organizations, many of which the CIA controlled.


The Hydra Speaks with One Voice

Anyone who wishes to see the difference between American "news" reporting versus reportage from outside this country, the easiest method is to check multiple news sources around the world on the Internet.  One quickly gathers what our "handlers" would prefer us not to know.  Take the Israeli interdiction (assault) of the relief ship convoy to Gaza, for example.  

In the US media, the consensus was brutally simple:  Israel was correct to "protect" itself by boarding these supply ships with armed commandos dangling from helicopters in the middle of the night and killing more than 10 unarmed people, while confiscating all recording devices for good measure. 

And so it goes.  It should come as no surprise, then, that Senator Joseph Lieberman has introduced a bill in the U.S. Senate to enable any president to turn off the Internet for "national security" purposes.   Indeed, as Lieberman has pointed out, China already has this ability and we should too!  Right. China should be our "model" for news reportage and in-depth analysis, and when a news story is too "controversial" then just shut off the 'net for "national security."  What could be simpler?

Supreme Court nominee Ellen Kagan could not even bring herself to admit that the First Amendment prohibits government censorship. This assault on our right to know goes hand in hand with the Illuminati's plan to create an ever further dumbed down citizenry, too distracted and stupefied by meaningless stories of celebrity and drama to discern the critically important stories which crucially impact our God-given freedoms and our way of life.  

The time may soon come when questioning public officials will be looked upon as a "terrorist assault" and asking embarrassing questions may be codified as "hate speech."

L C Vincent



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