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College Fraternities Linked to Freemasonry

May 22, 2011

mystical-7.jpg"Through hell week, hazing, and ridicule the candidate is broken down into acts of submission to his fraternity or her sorority. Lifetime loyalty is put in place by vows and oaths, some on penalty of death."

by Fritz Springmeier

American college fraternities are a way that the Illuminati recruit and entrap university students. College fraternities were modeled after satanic secret societies, mainly Freemasonry.

Controversy has surrounded American college fraternities. On one side are leaders like 33rd degree Freemason Norman Vincent Peale, a member of Phi Gamma Delta, who spoke highly about Greek Letter frats and believed they played a positive role in developing the character of young men.

Others, like Liz Seccurro, who was drugged and gang raped by dekes (fraternity brothers of DKE) in 1984 are strongly opposed. She tells her story in her book Crash Into Me.

Some states have banned college fraternities: South Carolina (in 1897), Arkansas (in 1901) and Mississippi (in 1912). Frats were popular for returning WW II vets, but unpopular during the Vietnam War era, when for instance, 127 Greek letter chapters ceased functioning in 1972.

Phi Beta Kappa, the first American Greek Letter college fraternity, during the 1830's Anti-masonic era, was shut down as a secret society and forced to become only an honorary society. It started in 1776 with a Latin motto meaning "Philosophy is the Guide of Life".

The Philosophical Society of PA had connections to its creation. The Philosophical Society (originally called the Junto) itself was an Illuminati creation designed to control education and thinking. It was headed by Benjamin Franklin, and included members such as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Marquis de Lafayette.

 PS has always been closely connected to the Society of the Cincinnati, an organization I exposed in '91 as still actively used by the Illuminati. Phi Beta Kappa branched out to Yale with the chapter Alpha of Connecticut in 1780.

George W. Bush was president of the DKE when they had a scandal of branding pledges with cigarettes. It was other dekes who gang raped Seccuro at a fraternity house party. (Females beware...with high testosterone and mob psychology taking over, frat brothers are statistically more apt to rape than other male students. And yes, sexual abuse of women is integral to the Illuminati agenda.)

The Illuminati established a series of non-Greek fraternities in the elite ivy-league schools beginning in 1832 with the pre-eminent one the Order of Skull and Bones.

Later editions of my Bloodlines of the Illuminati exposed a spectrum of these powerful non-Greek Illuminati college fraternities.  The best book specifically on the Order of Skull & Bones is Anthony Sutton's book America's Secret Establishment (1986.)

Working through the Sheffield Scientific School, they founded another Yale secret society called Berzelius in 1848 and the Order of Book & Snake in 1863. Book & Snake uses the winged-sun disk and a snake swallowing its tail, obvious occult imagery. Four of these five Yale Orders (Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, Book & Snake, Berzelius) call their creepy temple buildings "tombs". The fifth, Wolf's Head calls theirs "a hall".

Freemasonry directly established Square & Compass as a college fraternity in 1917. It merged with Sigma Mu Sigma (est. 1921) in Aug. 1952. Some of Sigma Mu Sigma's chapters were then absorbed into Tau Kappa Epsilon (a.k.a. Knights of Classic Lore). Another masonic college fraternity is Acacia (from the Greek word akakia= everlasting). Acacia has been going strong since 1904. In 1933, Acacia dropped the prerequisite that members be Masons. American President William Taft (Yale graduate), and Ass. U.S. Attorney General Wendell Berge were both Acacia members. Many other economic, sports, psychology and political leaders have also been Acacia members. Freemason Frank S. Land, who founded the Order of DeMoley, which Bill Clinton was in, is my final example of an Acacia member.

Many groups I write about connect to college fraternities. Alpha Delta Gamma is based upon the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, and has a Book of Rituals. The LDS Mormon church created Delta Phi Kappa, and later Sigma Gamma Chi (1967). The Odd Fellows (IOOF) created Theta Rho and the Daughters of Rebekah (1851) . Odd Fellow sororities function off campus too; the Daughters of Rebekah serves as the equivalent to Masonry's Eastern Star.

Through hell week, hazing, and ridicule the candidate is broken down into acts of submission to his fraternity or her sorority. Lifetime loyalty is put in place by vows and oaths, some on penalty of death.

It can override other allegiances. For instance Confederate troops would come safely through Federal lines during the Civil War to spend time with their Phi Kappa brothers. Sigma Chi members started a chapter in WW II in their Japanese concentration camp. For many it is a commitment to a lifetime brotherhood.

While these webs of fraternities may not openly and directly contact with occult secret societies, they encourage members to think in directions parallel with the more powerful secret societies.

Were one to track the minutia of members' activities and thinking, one would garner a picture that shows members contributing to the overall control of society. Yet, who would want to question their activities? These networks of fraternities are protected by oaths of silence, as well as most pretend to be harmless and function behind a facade of philanthropic activity.

If one wants to examine the whole fabric of the elite's control, one must take note of college fraternities. Millions of Americans have been members of college fraternities and sororities, and many go on to prominence.

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Comments for "College Fraternities Linked to Freemasonry"

M said (May 23, 2011):

I can confirm 100% that their rituals were based on Freemasonry, complete with being blindfolded and quizzed before the “brethren.” No sword at the heart or cable-tow…however, secret passwords and grips absolutely, along with the Masonic “black-ball” treatment for bad “pledges”.

I also got a “pledge paddle” with which I was required to slap my mentor on the ass with, just like in “Animal House.” How faggot could it get? Why did I go through it? To get more chicks, get out of the dorm, and party!!! We had a “display” of doing charity work around town, but that’s not why we were really there, it was all for show.

On Alumni weekends or Homecoming, older brethren would show up from various places to show how successful they were or whatever. I wasn’t that impressed, considering I thought it was all really childish to start with and couldn’t imagine doing anything “TKE-related” after graduation.

I was thinking, don’t these losers have a LIFE?” So there you have it. Ooooo and I wasn’t supposed to spill the beans. I’m sure Tekes from around the globe will unite now and rend me limb from limb, feeding my heart to the crows LOL!!!

What did I gain from the experience? I have bumped into old frat brothers on Facebook. Whoopty-doo. I can also recite the entire Greek alphabet five times before a lit match burns out. Amazing.

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