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What is the Secret of Jewish Success?

May 2, 2010

prince_charles_with_Jews.jpgWritten in response to Mark Twain's "Concerning the Jews"

by Sam Peyo

"In the oneness of allness, I am, in some degree or aspect, guilty of, or infected with, or suffering from, everything that I attack." (Charles Fort)
The question of why Jews have been so efficient at amassing riches and controlling political and cultural life over the centuries is most fascinating. It has not been studied much due to the tremendous psychological/emotional barrier which has been erected to prevent any serious approach. This barrier is an impressive construction -- more like the Chinese Wall than a mere taboo. In fact, it is sophisticated mind control.

We are supposed to think ill feelings against Jews are simply envy of their alleged superior intellects. Jews are stereotyped by every writer and movie director as impecunious, humble, warm-hearted, peace-loving, gifted people who value their roots and are persecuted worldwide for no clear reason or automatically used as scapegoats every time a country faces a crisis.
Any inquiry into the real socioeconomic situation of Jews now, during and before the two world wars causes an instant malaise in non-Jewish conversation partners. The discomfort manifests physically through trembling, stomach uneasiness, nervous breathing and sweating, so it must involve deep emotional conditioning.

The response is a combination of fear, incredulity, scoffing, aggression and name-calling. The person raising the issue will be branded as a Nazi sympathizer forever ("forever" because of the emotional level at which the experience is had). If you persist with your inquiry, you may be subjected to systematic defamation and unwinnable legal battles.

I cannot prove that Jewish success is not due to genetic, ethnic or hereditary factors. But, if we look at how racially heterogeneous the Jewish people have become -- Jews hardly agree on what constitutes Jewishness anymore -- it is hard to believe their success is primarily in the genes.
Some historical and cultural circumstances might give a better clue:
Whether Jews read the Talmud or not (modern people greatly underestimate the importance of oral transmission), the notion that non-Jews are ontologically inferior to Jews is ingrained to the point of being "instinctive" among Jews (religious and agnostic alike) and, surprisingly, even among non-Jews who ought to be unimpressed by such a claim. Nevertheless, people who in these days flatter themselves with even remote and dubious Jewish ancestry (whatever that means in racial terms) very quickly adopt the chosen-people attitude.
Be that as it may, unrelenting ambition (combined with social discretion),perseverance at work, frequent ethical and moral disregard for the lot of non-Jews, centuries-long investment in "white-collar" trades (with usury and banking in first place), and -- very importantly -- a zealously guarded transnational network dating from long before the idea occurred to non-Jewish populations, go a long way to explain the current state of affairs.

Maybe there is more to it. Maybe something else is needed to explain why post-Diaspora Jews have so often been accused of promoting social dissolution, sedition, subversion and attacks on traditional institutions. Scholars have pointed to something called "deviant nomadism": having temporarily become a sedentary people in Palestine, the Jews were expelled and forced to resume their wandering, only this time not like traditional nomads -- performing strictly cyclical movements -- but randomly, erratically. An interesting point, or maybe just nonsense.
If it were not for the ominous fortresses on the "Jewish Wall", it would also be interesting to make an impartial assessment of how much of American culture is actually "Jewish" culture: comedy, theatre, cinema, music, literature and so forth. Many non-Jews find themselves wondering: why are the best violinists, comedians, physicists, novelists and actors apparently Jewish? I think long-time control of media outlets and banking has given talented Jews greater access to publication, academia and politics. Or is it the other way around? Do successful people make up obscure Jewish foremothers overnight simply to follow suit?
There is no easy way the general public can tell whether Jewish performers and intellectuals are really more talented than non-Jewish artists who may have lacked the right connections and opportunities or had too many scruples to make the necessary sacrifice of conscience or who may have been robbed of their ideas and self-confidence (sometimes through blackmail).

For example, Anglo-Saxon people have historically been amazingly inventive in music, science and technology, among other areas, but to the public their respective fields are usually identified with some some Jewish icon, like Einstein, Bernstein, Friedman or Kafka.

In any case, as always, there are two sides to the question of the anti-traditional influence Jews appear to exercise in the world. Are Jews guilty of sponsoring decadent cultural productions, of promoting atheistic world views and ideologies, of subverting society and family? If they are, then there must be a hundred million non-Jews on the other side who are enthusiastically absorbing these productions, ideologies and new behaviors.

Why do we welcome messages of evolutionism, egalitarianism, atheism, feminism, lasciviousness, mockery, materialism and nihilism with such ravenous appetite and then complain about the people peddling them?


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Comments for "What is the Secret of Jewish Success? "

Tony said (May 3, 2010):

This is an important question for everyone, especially parents of young children, because, first, there is no question that however you
want to define "Jewish," "Jews," are disproportionately positive creative forces in this world civilization and have enriched all areas of arts and sciences.

I say it's an important question for everyone because if the first point merits common agreement, the next question is whether it's because the Jews are, as they have been described, a "people of the book." Or given, the onetime undereducated brilliant Jewish comedians and actors of previous generations (from immigrant families), is it became Jewish self definition does not allow itself to be completely absorbed by nationalism or parochial concerns. I don't know.

Is there some unconscious higher power of "creativity" or "Mind" that is operative?

I should think that some social scientist might want to research this matter to discover how Jews see themselves vis a vis the greater society and how this motivates or energizes them in a way that perhaps say, a Puerto Rican world view does not energize a Puerto Rican in the same way for one reason for another.

I'm guessing that in the Jewish framework, great importance is given to creativity and to scholarship. Then again, in this framework, how is "success" defined?

Clearly, a high percentage of parents in this culture do not know how to raise successful children. Somehow a book about Jewish child rearing could be very helpful. The upper class Chinese are another successful group that is only getting more successful as well. Are there common aspects of the child rearing?

As for the lists of "bests," I do have to take note that in spite of overwhelming Jewish brilliance in all areas of the arts and sciences, as I have said, I have observed that people in most groups tend to focus on the achievers in their own group and Jews are no exception. I do not believe that most people think of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Nicolai Tesla, etc. as Jewish or for that matter, Beethoven, Bach, etc.

I have Jewish friends who
worship Barbra Streisand, and think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the Beatles, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, the Rolling Stones, and a host of other great (the greatest?) performers and composers (Garland, Sinatra, etc.) are decidedly from other backgrounds. Same with novelists and painters. Were Wyeth, Warhol, O'Keeffe, Sargeant, Pollock, Eakins, etc. Jewish? Is Rothko the great American painter? I guess it depends on how you see things. You mention comedians. The leading comedians today are Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Martin Short, Robin Williams (who are all vaguely Irish) as well as Eddie Murphy and a long line of black comics,
some, like the late Richard Pryor, particularly brilliant. So too, if you read The New Yorker, we are seeing a new generation of brilliant African American cultural commentators and critics, who lead the pack.

I also wonder how the huge number of Jews in the arts and sciences who are no more successful than anyone else deal with that situation among their own. That could be part of the study; namely, how Jews deal with failure.

I suspect, generally speaking, in a more creative way than other groups. but I don't know.

Paul said (May 3, 2010):

Interesting article on your site on 2 May:
What is the Secret of Jewish Success?

I have been studying this for many years.

There are three fundamental causes. And everything else follows from them:

Firstly, their mode of operation is given to them in their "religious" books.
You may even see some of that in the Old Testament.

For example in the Old Testament the Jews are told to engage in usury. And they are told to do so to the detriment of other peoples. But not to charge interest to their own people. Deuteronomy 23:19 to 20.

Of course what is in their own religious texts is far worse.

Plus they really do believe they are superior.

Also, a Jew is able to obtain backing, both financial and otherwise that is unavailable to non-Jews.

Secondly, the Jews are the largest secret society. Even larger than the Freemasons. By secret, I mean that no gentile would bother to learn Hebrew just to try to find out about the inner workings of the Jews. And even if he did he would never be able to find out exactly what is going on, because he would be prevented from entering the places he needs to (for example a synagogue). Even if he was able to enter places where information exists, the Jews would never reveal their secrets and real modus operandi.

Thirdly, the Jewish male ONLY cares about money and power. And that is, on the whole, to the exclusion of everything else. The Jewish male will usually sacrifice everything, even his health and if necessary all his family ties, in pursuit of money and power.

You may witness this third point if you can get into a show by Jackie Mason where he is entertaining a Jewish audience. There his jokes are completely different from the jokes he uses for his normal public appearances. I did just that. It was an eye-opener. I was shocked at what the Jews are interested in. It is exactly as described in the above paragraph. Basically, every one of Jackie Mason's jokes was based on that. and the Jewish audience lapped it up, they were tickled pink by it.

Thus how they get on is a combination of:
(1) their greed, their single-minded quest for money and power generally to the exclusion of everything else.
Also Jew will use whatever means is available to him - political, Masonic contacts, and any amount of unethical methods. And

(2) the assistance the Jew receives from within the Jewish community. This operates as the largest "secret society" on earth for the advancement of the Jews and the exclusion of everyone else (unless in the process a Jew gains favor).

I hope this has been useful to you.

Richie said (May 3, 2010):

Mr. Newman contends that the name "Jesus" is derived from "Zeus". This is simply not remotely true.

"Jesus" comes from transliterating the Hebrew name we call "Joshua" (or "Yahoshua") into Greek. Because of the rules and forms of the Greek language (Greek does not have a "sh" sound; + a name ending in "ah" in Greek is feminine- it needed the "us" to be masculine) we end up with "Iesous" as the closest possible transliteration. That was then transliterated into Latin- and then into English- which prior to 1611 was spelled "Iesus"- the "J" to represent the j-sound not yet having gained widespread acceptance, so at that time, the "i" was used for that sound.

This info can easily be verified by many sources. The "Zeus" scenario is sometimes taught out of ignorance, and sometimes out of deceit (of which many in the "Sacred Names Movement" are involved), but it is a common mistake that has been widely propagated- especially on the internet.

anon said (May 3, 2010):

"Why do we welcome messages of evolutionism, egalitarianism, atheism, feminism, lasciviousness, mockery, materialism and nihilism with such ravenous appetite and then complain about the people peddling them?"

Concerning the above question I asked an old Lebanese man to which he replied: " are many. They are few."

In other words: '..stop supporting them.' This whole malaise can be remedied by simply withdrawing support! This old man also said concerning the 'end' of the israeli-Lebanese war: "..all the Lebanese generals got bought out.."

As a Christian New Yorker I have mostly overwhelmingly good experiences concerning Jews. I've had no urgent need to re-adjust my social view of the world. But, again, New York may be the brain-washing capital of the world!

JAK said (May 3, 2010):

Why do we welcome messages of evolutionism, egalitarianism, atheism, feminism, lasciviousness, mockery, materialism and nihilism with such ravenous appetite and then complain about the people peddling them"?

Because the Jews are the same toys of exactly the same "god" that causes all this misery and oppression in the first place, the only difference is that they think they are "chosen" when in reality they are the most deceived and enslaved of all people on the earth plane. That we follow them is only an indicator of our own stupidity.

J Hall said (May 3, 2010):

Many ago,I had the pleasure of knowing Irish gentleman whom I thought was Irish,as he looked Irish but who told me he was Jewish on his mother side.

He inform me he never went to a Gentile Bank for extra loan but a Jewish Bank where he only paid 2% back on the loan, that Gentile Bank would charge 10% or more slapped interest, to pay back the Bank for the money loaned out.

I was rather shocked by what he told me from his personal experience and I reply to him as to how he managed to get such low interest pay back to the Bank.

He told me he could pay little interest If he could prove his background to the Jewish Bank-Genealogical backgound-then the Jewish Bank would lend him the loan at low interest.

Much the same as being a high freemason-you could just enter the Bank and get a withdrawal of cash at low interest or none at all like the Jewish Bank-If full blooded Jew.

It just go to show you how the Jews get on and yet they are as Jesus Christ said-Hypocritical-crying out against ant-semitism and racism while WE Gentiles have been more prejudiced,discriminated against than the Jews, who contol our Banking system and charge US Gentiles what they wouldnt do to their own race.

This how they get on in the world opening big stores with less tax to pay while WE Gentiles cant even get a extra loan without being put into Debt through heavy tax and heavy interest paid back to the Bank.

What did Jesus do that the Jewish people hated him to this day?

He condemned Usury !

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