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Diana Was Murdered for Seeking Love

April 30, 2012

execdiana.jpgUltimately Diana may have been murdered
 because she wanted a  loving marriage.
found no real men within the British Monarchy.

by David Sinclair

On 10th April 2012, Queen Elizabeth 2 bestowed on Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, the highest honour: Dame of the Highest Order of the Victorian Cross - for Services to the British Monarchy.  In normal circumstances this award is reserved for acts of heroism in the Armed Forces.

chandcam.jpeg(Charles, left, was recorded saying he envied Camilla's tampons.)

In this case, it means that Camilla, unlike Diana, has fully passed the Monarchy test - and is free - like Prince Charles - to do as she pleases.

She is now equal to Charles and the Queen in their personal lives.  Diana was never prepared to accept that situation - because she was horrified by what she saw from the inside. 

She was a Natural Woman who sought her equal in a Real Man.

For as long as Monarchy has existed - sex has been a key to the upper layer of royals.  Ruling monarchs can do as they please in sexual terms and bisexual behavior has been prevalent for all time. 

Centuries ago, brides could be as young as two-yrs-old! The catalog of European facts is shocking.  Anyone who 'pleases' a major royal sexually will be honored.  Many members of the Pop Industry have enjoyed honors for that reason only.

Diana hoped to break the mold.  That proved to be fatal.  She found no Real Men within British Monarchy.
The first Real Man she did find was the first to be suspiciously killed off - in another motoring accident - as a warning - to Diana.  She was convinced of that and those who know the bigger picture are also convinced of it.

mannakee.jpegHe was Barry Mannakee who was once her personal Bodyguard.  He also saw what went on first-hand and sympathized with Diana's plight. 

That was not approved.  Barry was taken off duty to Diana and put with MI-6 Security. While on a motorbike mission, a very odd accident was set up.

That also involved a Fiat Uno. From all accounts - the motorbike on which Barry was riding - suddenly became erratic - as did the Fiat Uno - as if electrical interference was disturbing his vehicle's electrics and a skid and crash took place in which he was killed.
It all happened like clockwork - and got the desired message to Diana - of fear and terror.

Some time later - a copycat accident was set up for Diana herself on the Cromwell Road, London again with a Fiat Uno involved.  That was 22nd March 1996 - the year before her third and final fatal experience.
Diana was under extreme pressures to keep silent about insider royals.  She was prepared to do that - to help her retain rights as Mother to her sons.  She had Paul Burrell the Butler to share her secrets with - which acted as a buffer for her.  However, Burrell wasn't always absolutely confidential.

Certain menace merchants wanted to get rid of her altogether including top Church of England officials.  They made no secret of it either.

They began a very nasty smear campaign questioning her sanity.  However, it didn't convince the British public who knew the real monarchy and insiders only too well. 

This was a source of outrage to the Monarchy - so the assassination strategy evolved.  Diana was scared.

Centuries ago, they could just have executed her - so whatever happened would have to be subtle - as per the two crash warnings she had received.

parkerbowles.jpegDiana knew Camilla was the reason. Camilla was a senior female to Prince Charles - she had first rights - over Diana. 

Even her husband , Andrew Parker-Bowles had to defer to her and Charles.  He had no say in whether - or when - they could disappear for sex sessions - even though he was her husband and had children by her. 

Andrew had been a senior security guard for Charles. Monarchs have these privileges - they can take who they want. It is  barbaric in modern terms such as Diana understood.

On the eve of Diana's marriage to Charles, Camilla left a note on Diana's bed telling her what days she would be allowed access to Charles.

Diana spent that night alone - whilst he went to Camilla - as Camilla requested.  This scene from a horror movie was reality for Diana.
In 2-12, UK press reported that Camilla and Charles spend most of their time apart.  She said she prefers her old life in her old house.  She complained about Charles' very bad moods and verbal sniping. He has male friends.

charlesblair.jpegOne of those is Tony Blair.  With Camilla as his new wife, he felt less free to be - free.  However, now that she has proved herself - she has royal seal of approval to move out and do as she pleases whilst keeping up the 'united' front for press - with no threat to Charles.

Charles and Blair are open supporters of Islam.  In fact, they are very clear about that.  They both want one religion - and hope to define that for the Earth.  This is despite Blair having converted to Catholicism.  He reads his copy of Q'uran every single day.  Their patronage of Islam has raised very major concerns amongst UK people and press.  Followers of Islam in UK have realized outrageous powers and that is creating unrest.

Consequently, Diana had wanted to prove that the two different religions could live well together - as real people - and sealed her allegiance with Al Fayeds on that. Dodi Al-Fayed was a real man.

The Establishment wanted their own way - with no success for Diana and no future access to her own children.  They could not risk her being active anywhere-especially America, where she planned to live.
Diana became a Martyr for the Real Man.  She is remembered for that.  When Paul Burrell looked likely to spill the beans on insider reality and facts he also knew about the sex-ploits of bisexual persons - he came under a life threatening situation.


dodi1.jpeg(Dodi & Diana, left)

Diana had left him some memorabilia in her Will.  The  Queen accused him of stealing them and he landed in High Court where he could have been imprisoned for many long years.  Once they had sealed his silence and made their point - at the eleventh hour - literally- as he stood in the Dock awaiting judgements - the Queen changed her story - to acknowledge that he had agreed to be lip stitched.  It was a tense moment. His family were threatened too.

The royals have been extremely angry that Diana is still so missed.  Her name is forbidden to be mentioned within their private circles. 

Camilla is and was duly rewarded.  She can do whatever she wants now and anyone who dares expose her will be dealt with like Diana.   It is very prehistoric.
Now UK boys are being groomed and pressured into believing that all men are gay really - but just don't understand that and won't admit that. You can't succeed in government, business or entertainment unless you sign on to this agenda.  Diana separated on all of that.  She hoped to protect her Sons from it too.
She will always be remembered as a real warrior for the Right to be NATURAL in your chosen inclinations - by personal choice.
She will always be missed.


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Comments for "Diana Was Murdered for Seeking Love"

CH said (May 1, 2012):

have said before Elizabeth II was not of the loins of George VI and I now know how it was done. Andrew and Edward are not of the loins of Prince Phillip either. So ,since this is true … her reign and the government is illegal and should have no power under the law. Princess Margaret was the true heir and she was spiritually killed because she did not know who she was. I believe there was a man from Toronto that claimed to be her son but we have not heard from him since his claim was going forward. The British Royals like the Masonic Fraternal order are Satanist, worshippers of Lucifer and the goal of this new world order is to wipe out the name of the Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ.

This will not happened !!! The Masons will accept any bible on their alter except the KJ , in fact their god is a Hindu god , remember Cameron’s movie Avatar? The Rothschild’ s needs a royal family to keep the people in line and Elizabeth is a Jezebel and is giving the people’s money to them. Besides that ,these churches are taking your money and you think you are giving to God ? These priests and ministers are of Satan, we as a people are building his Kingdom of darkness rather than Gods Kingdom. It is time that we all wake up and search for the truth. The Almighty is not a respecter of people, whether they are Kings or Queens , so where does this right of royalty come in , this is nothing but the folly of man. If you worship those that are Satanist are you not worshipping Satan (Lucifer) also ! Briton/commonwealth is a nation of the House of Israel and if you want to know what is coming upon you , read Ezekiel .

Diana was a real woman but she was led down the wrong path and this is sad . However, it will be worse for those that led her down that path and this is no joke. Finally , think about this … we are all going to Judged by Jah’s law and if Diana didn’t know it how could she be saved or should I say how can we be saved if we do not know ?

Munnna said (May 1, 2012):

I have just read the "Diana Was Murdered for Seeking Love" article.

The statement "Charles and Blair are open supporters of Islam" is the most absurd and ludicrous thing I have ever read. This author needs to pull his head out of his own rear end.

If Blair is giving the impression that he is a supporter of Islam then people need to understand that this is just a ploy to create further divisions and friction among the "sheeple". Giving the illusion of supporting Islam in Britains but all the while killing and maiming Muslims overseas. But Blair's ploy is obviously working.

The truth is Blair hates Islam. Blair is a bloodthirsty warmonger who loves nothing better than to spill the blood of Muslim people.

I am sure the author of this article is aware that Blair sent the British military to go and murder thousands upon thousands of Muslim innocents. But Blair is a "supporter of Islam". Right.

Rick said (May 1, 2012):

I have just read your very interesting article by David Sinclair regarding Diana's death and the British Royal Family. I feel, however, that he has missed the point. If your memory serves you, in the months leading up to Diana's death, she was, very successfully, protesting against landmines. Now a lot of people are (willfully) unaware that HM the Queen of England has shares in or, indeed, owns arms manufacturing companies, mostly based in my home city of Birmingham, England. If we were to view the British Royal family as, say, a mafia organization then it stands to reason that anyone within, or without, that organization that threatened the "Dons" ability to generate profit would be snuffed, then Diana;s death certainly makes a lot more sense.

Alden said (May 1, 2012):

In light of the Diana article oddly enough I thought of the term "Half Blood Prince" for some reason. It was the title of one of the Harry Potter series and perhaps in a way it's a nod to both/either of the Princes. Half human blood, half Royal blood? Something of that sort. I don't know enough about either the Royals or the Potter series and don't really care to, or to say anything for certain, but who knows what kind of connections that author has.

James said (May 1, 2012):

I don't think 'brides were as young as 2 years old'.i think they
could be betrothed at that age,but they didnt actually become
brides until their wedding night.people have forgotten what the
real meaning of 'marriage' and 'bride' is,since the state got
involved and pretended that divorce meant that you were no longer 'married'.

encouraging people to see the public ceremony as the wedding has served to distance people from the truth and paved the way for sodomites to claim to be able to get married and women to live in adultery,whilst claiming they are with their husband.

a man cannot become a bride and marry another man,in the same way that a man cannot breast feed a child,they simply do not have the physical part required.this has been so since before the church got involved in marriage and is why a bride can only ever be a virgin.

in india today,young girls can be betrothed at an early age but
they do not become brides until their wedding night,when they are biologically capable of producing a child from the act.

i know the royals are perverse,but there would have been uproar if the king had actually taken a 2 year old girl as his bride,in the
original and true meaning of the word.

Robert said (May 1, 2012):

Here's an interesting prediction deriving from the English intellectual elite. On April 8, 1906 Lytton Strachey wrote to John Maynard Keynes: "...our time will come about 100
years hence and everyone will be finally converted" [to believing that "the best feelings are Sodomitical"].

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