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Illuminati's "Order of the Golden Centurion"

July 27, 2011

The lodges, which go under the name of FOGC or Freemasonic "Order of the Golden Centurion," created a global net and spread under the auspices of the imperial companies of England, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal (such as the East India Company.)

[Editor's Note: This is not as clear or coherent as I would like, but expands our sense of the Illuminati's age and scope.]

by Edgar Portisch

When occult magician and stage entertainer Franz Bardon was arrested by the Gestapo in 1939, he was offered freedom and a salary for information on a string of secret societies with 99 degrees of initiation known as
the "Order of the Golden Centurion."

Hitler himself wanted this information. Despite having belonged to this lodge since his days in Munich, 1919 to 1925, Hitler was unable to find the locations and the membership of the other branches.

Bardon had been attacked by members of this secret society for revealing their signals, intimate pass-symbols on stage. He had even told the audience to take care and not be seduced into joining any such society.

While many Germans were becoming members of Hitlers' Nazi party in 1939, the affiliated secret societies - though officially banned - were also recruiting new members.


In England, the well-known Satanist Aleister Crowley had openly recorded parts of sessions of this lodge in his publication 'The Equinox', taking the rank of "grade 98" for himself and attributing grades 94, 95 and 97 to others.

For ordinary Freemasons, these were shocking new developments, far beyond their own Scottish Rite's 33 grades. Still it appears that Crowley never left the Freemasons (33°), nor was he officially expelled.

These lodges, which apparently go under the name of FOGC or Freemasonic "Order of the Golden Centurion," had created a global net, spreading under the auspices of the imperial companies of England, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal.

They have incorporated a blend of African Voodoo-like magic, various Chinese practices of entrails-reading and torture, and offer their candidates training in remote influencing, killing without touching, and other mental techniques to either influence or harm others.

In business and professional life, they are sworn to further all other members, by any means at their disposal.

In the lodges, apart from the 99 seats of the members, there remains an empty chair for the real 'Master of the Lodge'. Supposedly, this is Satan or Lucifer himself, yet Bardon believes it's just some kind of 'major Demon'.

Each year, one member is ritually sacrificed to this entity. In return for this sacrifice, the Head Demon offers the services of sub-demons and advances the mental training of the brothers.


Hitler knew two other members outside Germany - apart from Crowley, who kept in close contact with the German lodges : General Francisco Franco of Spain, and Juan Peron of Argentina.

Others he only suspected of also being "99-ers" : Trotsky and Stalin. That should have been a sign for him to let all contacts with the FOGC go, for that meant treachery among brothers. But this the FOGC does not allow : once you have sworn fealty, you're in it for life. His own brothers would definitely have killed him, for in their rules, no one can leave alive.
The adherence of the Japanese Crown Prince is also very likely, if not the Emperor himself, as such lodges resemble practices of Japanese secret societies. Their treatment by the Americans after the war, as lenient as it was, practically shows the US lodges belong as well.. What else is Skull and Bones, actually ?

When the Nazis empowered themselves through the use of the "Heil Hitler" magical sign, known as 'Energy through Volting' (Volting is the outstretched right hand), none other than Aleister Crowley showed Churchill the, at least equal magical sign of the "V" for victory.

It can thus be surmised that members of the 99 lodges were disseminated on both sides of World War II, and were thus in the game of directing human destiny through applied black magick.


Edgar Portisch, 60, is an Austrian researcher living in Madagascar. He has a website and book  on the Tarot. 


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Comments for "Illuminati's "Order of the Golden Centurion" "

Drew said (July 30, 2011):

The allegation that Adolf Hitler was a member of Thule Society can be principally traced to two books--the first was Jean Michel Angebert's "The Occult and the Third Reich" (1974). While Angebert claimed Hitler was a Thule member, he offered no real proof of this. He essentially argues that because other Nazis were members, Hitler, by association, must have been too.

The second book often cited is Goodrick-Clarke's "The Occult Roots of Nazism" (1992). Ironically, this book refutes the claim that Hitler was a Thule member, and goes as far as citing Johannes Hering's diary of Thule Society meetings, which clearly show that Hitler never attended any of them (Johannes Hering, "Beiträge zur Geschichte der Thule-Gesellschaft," typescript dated 21 June 1939, Bundesarchiv Koblenz, NS26/865).

It should come as no surprise that the Thule Society had an influence on the early foundations of the Nazi Party--after all, it was openly pro-German and anti-Jewish--as were many groups at the time in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution and spread of communism into Germany. Hitler certainly didn't need to be a Thule member to be in agreement with some of these political positions.

In fact, it is well-documented that Hitler disdained all secret societies, especially Freemasonry, which is why, when he came to power, he ordered all freemasonic lodges shut down, along with the Thule Society. See "Hitler: Memoirs Of A Confidant," edited by Henry A. Turner (Yale, 1995), for a more complete study of Hitler's understanding and opposition to freemasonic control in Europe, and especially Great Britain.

Adam said (July 28, 2011):

I enjoy such articles as this as I have found it fascinating and helpful to see the extent to which the ancient Mysteries Religions are alive and well and ruling in our present age. I find it even more shocking as I see much the symbolism of the Mysteries in the Christian churches...common now if a person knows what to look for.

It is also a burden as I am forced to question what is true and of God and what is counterfeit. So much so that I have given-up on going to church. Most consider my passion for understanding the Mysteries Religions as heresy as it often brings me into conflict with the commonly accepted doctrines of the given church but I would rather not go along, in ignorance, and follow the herd.

Even accepted (by Christians) names of God (like Jehovah and Elohim) become of concern to me when I research the origins of those names and find it conflicting with true God -- I won't use those names since I am not sure who those names invoke and the Christians I know think of this is as being heretical also ... perhaps you can shed some light on that matter.

In summary, I want to be sure I am only worshiping or praying to the true God and not a counterfeit foisted upon us by Mysteries sects.

Dan said (July 28, 2011):

I must warn readers not to study Bardon's magickal works. Especially avoid looking at his sigils. I bought and studied his introduction to Hermetics and his primer on evocation of "positive spiritual beings", summer of 1992. No sooner than I attempted to visualize one of his sigils in meditation, some strange and tragic things happened which I won't go into here.

Suffice to say that I actually took the trouble to bury those books because I was afraid to burn them, and I certainly wasn't going to sell them to a bookstore where somebody else would read them. Bardon's sorcery is as dark as the kind of Lodge that Portisch mentions. ALL sorcery is demonic. Bardon's system is the most dangerous that I have ever seen available in bookstores. There's nothing positive about it, Bardon's "powers" came entirely from demons.

Much material has been available on Bardon in English including his semi-autobiographical novel "Frabato".

Bardon's real Lodge is omitted in the available books. I could only extrapolate why his troubles with government continued after the Nazi's defeat. Bardon was imprisoned again in 1949 and 1958. Biographies say the arrests were for unlicensed manufacture of medicines and medical quackery. He died in prison.

Barton's troubles remind me of Wilhelm Reich's arrest and incarceration in the United States during the same years.
I have a question for Mr. Portisch, since he may have researched Reich also. Was Reich (to your knowledge) involved in the same occult circles as Bardon?


ps the illustration of the article is harmless. fortunately. It's just a symbolic sketch, not the kind of sigil Barton used.

Edgar replies:

Interesting !

I never considered going as far as visualization of cryptic symbols emanating from a human source. Some sigils I copied - only a few that I considered beneficial or at least harmless - and the copying work brought some insights into the workings of an other dimension. Evocation is by itself something probably best to only consider theoretically, it's a practice too open to any and all influences. Chances in the world today are probably stacked high against any contact with "positive light beings", while all we see are the efforts of daemonic forces.

In this sphere, perhaps braving the opposing entities, we do find Bardon and maybe also Wilhelm Reich. Both were destroyed by opposing forces, but that does not necessarily mean they themselves were such.

Knowledge of deep black groupings does not necessarily imply being a part of them. Rudolf Steiner seems to have "seen" into their inner workings without being a part of them. Or am I wrong ? Steiner was general secretary of the Theosophical Society in the turbulent times after MMe. Blavatsky's death. Then he moved on into the O.T.O. or Ordo Templi Orientis, whose later chief was none other than Aleister Crowley. He was also proposed to head the Rosicrucians' drive into America, in place of Max Heindl, out of which developed the AMORC in San José, Calif.

My researches in Dornach, Switzerland, home of the Antroposophists of Steiner, did not yield any definitive results, as the "occult career" of Steiner is willfully ignored or brushed aside. Anyway, key-note speaker at Steiner's 165th birthday gathering there, which I attended purely by chance, was Otto Schily, ex-Minister for the Interior, Germany. This does not bode well : head of secret police, of police as such, etc. But he may simply have been a Waldorf student in his youth.

As Armin Risi, Swiss, states in his trilogy "The Multidimensional Cosmos", it is difficult not infect oneself when searching in the deeper recesses of the black arts and their secret societies. Maybe it all seemed more harmless about a 100 years ago, with less technological threats, yet those involved even superficially must have known of the dangers inherent in the "shadow side of things".

I am not aware of any secret societies that Wilhelm Reich could have been a member of - in the end, he was left without protection. He is more a case of having discovered some aspects of hyper-physics that was to be covered up by the proponents of secret armies, a secret air force, secret space fleet, etc.

As a last word : I burned the Tarot cards of Aleister Crowley. At a special holy place, considered taboo and a positive grid point in the minds of the local people.

see my website at

A said (July 28, 2011):

I learned from gnosis (Samael gnosis) that the "V" symbol made with hands has the significance of a human being upside down. Its like the inverted pentagram.

It was chosen by Crowley to "combat" the ancient symbol of swastika in use by the nazis. Swastika symbol is divine and not satanic or negative. For instance, here in japan its called manji and in city maps its used to indicate temples!

Ironically, after second world war, the Japanese people adopted the V symbol as a very common pose when taking photos. For ordinary people its the V of victory unfortunately.

Isaiah said (July 28, 2011):

Sorry Henry, but the Nazi salutes been around for a while. It was used to salute the American flag. Hitler was not a part of any secret society or cult. That is a myth that was perpetrated by Jews.


Dear I

Does the name "Thule Society" ring a bell?


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