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Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists? (Updated)

October 21, 2010

(left, serial killer Russell Williams, center, with Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay, right, and Chief of Defence Staff General Walter Natyncyk. See Williams wearing bra and panties below.) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last February, Canadians
had their mental paradigm shattered when a senior member of the armed forces, Col. Russell Williams was arrested and charged with murdering two women.

"The accusations shook the armed forces and the Canadian public. Col. Williams had been hand-picked and 'pipelined' into the upper echelons of the air force. He trained new pilots, flew the prime minister's plane and last summer was awarded command of S-Wing Trenton, with 2300 men and women, the country's largest and busiest air force base." (Globe and Mail, April 17.)

Today, Oct 21, Williams was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a subordinate, Cpl Marie-France Comeau in her home last October, and another woman Jessica Lloyd on Jan. 28. He confessed to breaking into the homes of other women, stripping them, beating them and photographing them naked. He also made some 80 pantie raids on women's homes.

He will still collect his $60,000  a year pension while in prison. 

He was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police at a roadblock when an officer noticed his tire treads matched those found near Lloyd's home.

Canadians were dumbfounded. As the Globe and Mail put it: "How is it possible that someone so polished and groomed for leadership could stand accused of such crimes?"

Canadians will continue to be baffled until they realize that such events, including cases of missing persons and child molestation, are symptomatic of the presence of a satanic cult, the Illuminati, subverting "respectable" society. This is true of most countries.

bernardo.jpgPAUL BERNARDO (LEFT)

On February 12, the Ottawa Sun revealed that Russell Williams was a college pal of Paul Bernardo, who murdered and dismembered three teenage girls and raped 19 others in Toronto in the late 1980's. They both studied economics at the Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto.

The police speculated that the two may have "competed" against each other in terms of sex crimes.

Bernardo offered advice for police as they scour Williams' life.

"(Paul) suggested they go back 20 years and look at everything, because that's when his testosterone would have been at the highest," Bernardo's father said.

What the Bernardo trial covered up and the newspaper ignored, is that Bernardo's murders were satanic in nature. They were so horrific that the trial proceedings were made secret. Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka filmed the murders as snuff films for the entertainment of a network of elite Illuminati Satanists. This is the real reason the trial was hit with a publication ban.

This information is contained in a rare encyclopedic work entitled "New World Order - Corruption in Canada" (1994) edited by Robert O'Driscoll and Elizabeth Elliott. The editors had many contacts inside the Illuminati. They were told these ritual murders are a source of spiritual power for satanists. (p.24) 

"The serial killer's dissection of the body always parallels his attempt to vivisect the soul. In many cases, the limbs of the body are kept in close proximity for long periods of time even after they decompose; Damher in the US kept parts of the body in his fridge to be consumed at his will. Reports of these vivisections [and snuff films] go straight to the Illuminati or their political agents [and] to other cells of the Church [of Satan] as distant as far flung Japan." (p.25)


We will continue to have our paradigm shattered until we stop looking at the symptoms and address the cause, a vast satanic underground whose members are respected citizens by day and demons at night.

If Russell Williams is any indication, its tentacles reach into the highest offices in the land.


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Comments for "Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists? (Updated) "

Alex said (October 24, 2010):

Wow Henry, the Colonel looks A LOT like Woody Harrelson's character in the movie "Wag the Dog".

Same facial expression and everything! Woody Harrelson played a soldier who was depicted to the media and the American public, with the help of Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman's characters, as a war hero. However, in the film, it turned out that he was actually a psychopathic convicted rapist! The basic plot of the movie (for those of you who have not yet seen this underrated gem) is that two spinmeisters, played by DeNiro and Hoffman, forment a fake "war" so as to distract the public from a damaging sex scandal (involving, of course, the President of the United States).

It is so bizarre how many things in that movie are being imitated in the real world, from the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, to the patriotic culture, hysteria, and media brainwashing following september 11, to Stanley Kubrick's "suicide". Dustin Hoffman's character, "Stanley" was threatened with his life that if he ever divulged what he knew, he would pay dearly. The correlations between these two Stanleys are too numerous to detail here.

At any rate, Stanley Kubrick made films that were painly obvious (to anyone with a little backround knowledge on the subject, as well as discernment) to be related to the subject of MK ultra and Satanic society. There are some people who claim that he had connections to the elite, and one extremely elite family in Rome has an autographed photo from Kubrick in their mansion.

According to the story, Kubrick thanked the family for supporting his films. It is the same family that is rumored to be depicted (although in disguise) in the orgy scene of Kubrick's MK ULTRA-ridden "Eyes Wide Shut". It was released July 16, 1999, 40 years to the day that Apollo 11 was launched (and Kubrick was said to have made it explicitly clear in his contract that THIS was to be the release date for his film, there are some interesting correlations there as well). Kubrick died before the film was even released.

Oh my have I digressed.... anyway, very strange stuff indeed! ("Wag the Dog", by the way, was released in 1997).

Derek said (October 23, 2010):

One of your respondents is correct: Mary Elizabeth Harriman, Williams' wife, is very much a person of interest (as with Karla Homolka and Linda Pickton). I've discussed the evidence with a few fellow researchers: and our hypothesis is that Harriman was behind the camera taking those photos of Williams in lingerie. Observe carefully the details: Williams' facial expression and so on.

This is not about Satanism so much as a high-level entrapment, blackmail, and snuff film network. The Paul Bernardo link is no coincidence.

Notice how the media is treating Harriman with kid gloves: "Nothing to see here!" Well... we'll see about that.

Pat said (October 23, 2010):

I was wondering why would he take videos which would incriminate him. Snuff films. Big money. They say people are willing to pay $200,000 a film. A lot of crazies out there.

Tina said (October 23, 2010):

n response to one of your readers Robert, wherein he is concern about the destruction of the evidence in Russell Williams' case.

In Canada, each and every time, an accused pleads guilty for any crimes, (because the accused is either induced and/or makes a deal with the Crown) evidence always gets destroyed, and as a result the public is shut out of the process and the truth of the entire case.

For example the RCMP in British Columbia are directed to destroy all evidence that would lead directly to the governments' and other elites who were directly involved in the sale of BC Rail. David Basi and Bob Virk, both former B.C. Liberal ministerial aides, recently made a surprise plea bargain with the special prosecutor to plead guilty to some charges in exchange for a two year house arrest sentence and a $75,695 fine. As soon as a guilty plea is entered, the public is than shut out of the process and from knowing the truth.

In the case of Williams, it is evident to any reasonable person that officials are scrambling in getting the evidence destroyed so that we do not know how many other women or persons were in fact cut up while still alive and murdered by Williams and wether there were others involved with him. The media and officials, including lawyers, want the public to believe that Williams started his behaviour approximately 26 months ago. Really?

I am reminded of the case of William Pickton wherein he was found guilty for the murders of six women in B.C. He was also charged in the deaths of an additional twenty women, many of them prostitutes and drug users from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside but he was not prosecuted for the twenty woman and that in itself shows a cover up, because, unlike Williams, who pled guilty, Pickton did not. The justice system and the media in B.C. however did everything it could to make sure the public believed that Pickton was a one man show. The rumour also regarding the Pickton Farm in Coquitlam B.C. involved high officials and snuff films.

The destruction of evidence makes sense as no other person (elite) involved in the same kind of madness want to be discovered and certainly none of them intend to stop their rituals.

Robert said (October 22, 2010):

I have never understood how the Bernardo-Homulka rape-murder videotapes could be ordered destroyed. This is the erasing of the most conclusive evidence in the case. You can never be sure that it will not have a future use. For example, what if another person was implicated in the crimes at some point and the tapes contained some clue pointing to their involvement? Surely this official destruction of critical evidence contradicts the most fundamental evidentiary principles.

Now we are hearing the same suggestion being made about the Williams films and photos. How could this be perceived otherwise than as a cover-up?

The excuse is official concern about the feelings of the murdered women's families. If there were films of murders committed in, say, Auschwitz, would they be destroyed out of sympathy for the families of victims? Have the photos of the victims of Jack the Ripper been destroyed?

The reasons for preserving evidence go beyond sentiment.

The Canadian government is obliterating legal history, and, in doing so, potentially adversely affecting future research and legal proceedings. It makes no sense, and the people responsible should be identified and held accountable.

James said (October 22, 2010):

Revelation 9:20-21 says that the worship of demons would characterize the last days, along with murder, drug addiction, sexual immorality, and theft.

Phil said (October 22, 2010):

Linked from the article on your website is this -

showing the interrogation of Williams.

Notice the room number - 216.

216 = 6x6x6.

JB said (October 22, 2010):

Henry thanks for this article. when I read about this in the news those were my exact thoughts. The elite are this evil and to trust anyone they too must be involved in their filth. This also reminds me that Tim Mc Veigh was Gen. Schwortzkaufs body guard. That was no accident and as you know that whole OK City bombing was a black op and major cover up. I watched the news reports right after the bombing and they all reported numerous sophisticated bombs found unexploded. Clearly the cover story was a major lie. Henry, thanks for your continued pursuit of truth and shedding light on the darkness. GOD bless

Francois said (October 22, 2010):

think this is just the tip of the iceberg.
An interesting serie of articles on the links of the Army, the entertainment industry and mind control
Remember Charles Manson ?

Tina said (October 21, 2010):

On your current posting, I do not believe for one second that Elizabeth Harriman, the colonel's wife, who is reported to be a Heart and Stroke Foundation executive, to not have any inkling of her husband's activity, especially since he had boxes and boxes of evidence (undergarments of women) in their home.

What is even more outrageous is that the RCMP settled a damage claim for scratching the hardwood floors of the Russell Williams' home in Ottawa when law enforcement went in to drag out boxes of evidence. It appears that the only concern Elizabeth Harriman's has is with external objects, like her husbands in some ways.

Now the media, run by the elite, won't be interviewing Elizabeth Harriman and if the media gets to interview her, it will be staged and very controlled. Further, it is reported that law enforcement, with the help of the court, intend to destroy any and all evidence that the public should have knowledge of. It begs the question as to why destroy any evidence when such evidence would be needed, let's say, for the purpose of research. It's a cover up.

Also I wonder as to why law enforcement are taking all the credit for solving this case, when I heard on the news that Williams' SUV was reported by a citizen, who drove by the Lloyd's property and saw the SUV parked near the Lloyd's property and reported the matter to the police.

Peter said (April 20, 2010):

I am glad you start focusing on the matter of satanic ritual murder.

The elite of the super rich are very much involved in satanic/sexual abuse of children, torture and killing(snuff movies) and cannibalism, especially in Europe

The last couple of weeks i started researching(again) cases of missing children and killings in Europe, it goes into the thousands and thousands cases

If we manage to expose this the whole Illuminati will fall down like a house of cards

In a fact it is a world wide network of satanic pedophiles.
One group is very interesting and that is you can see on the website pictures that they advertise for dungeons(Dens)

The Dutroux case in Belgium and the Michel Fourniret case go right to the top, even the Belgian king. Than there is the so called "Zandvoort" case in Holland where they found
hundreds of thousands files of small children being abused, tortured and killed. These files disappeared

It is so terrible, unimaginable
Janett Seemann went missing after this video message


Merv said (April 20, 2010):

I assume you are aware Paul Bernardo was a Freemason.
He claims he joined as he wanted the masonic ring to flash at the border when he was smuggling cigarettes.

Sandeep said (April 20, 2010):

I really liked the last article of yours. I have been digging into this case for a little bit after I read your article, including the one you made reference to regarding this psycho and sickening individual named Bernardo. This really looks like a satanic driven psychopath. No doubt that he did stuff that other disgusting people before him and after him have done who later turned out to be involved in satanic worship and the Church of Satan, like Richard Ramirez. I don't doubt for one second that all the other serial killers are part of a satanic mind control and the demonic spirits are using these weak, disgusting people as a tool to wage war on humanity.
I read a little bit into the hyperlink you provided about Bernardo. At one point, it mentions the acts he had done on one of the girls, including pissing and defecating on the victim. Only a deranged and a person with no conscious can do this. The new case now about the interesting "coincidence" that the Col. and Bernardo have been buddies is very suspicious. The charges really resemble what his old satanic brother had done 20 years before him (or maybe he already did commit things before). Wouldn't doubt that this case will be under publication ban.

Dom said (April 19, 2010):

We, from the Balkans, have been for a long time acquainted of the “peacekeeping” role of the Canadian military which is personified in the psychopath ex- UN commander in Bosnia Lewis MacKenzie.

General Lewis MacKenzie, Canadian head of the UN peacekeeping force in Bosnia Herzegovina, was charged in a bill of indictment by chief military prosecutor Mustafa Bisic with sexually molesting four Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) women held by Serbian forces in a prison camp in a Sarajevo suburb. In a letter to the Bosnian president dated Dec. 3, 1992, Bisic cited the eyewitness testimony of a Serbian guard who had worked at the camp, known as Kod Sonje. The guard claimed he saw MacKenzie and several escorts arrive in a military transport vehicle with the UN insignia. The eyewitness claimed guards were then ordered to release four Bosniak women prisoners to MacKenzie. According to the prosecutor's complaint, the women were later murdered by camp guards under orders to "erase evidence" of this "unusual gift."

In an unrelated horrific incident, Canadian military investigators headed to a mental hospital in Bakovici, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to probe sex and drinking allegations involving 30 Canadian soldiers and four officers. A January, 1997, military report revealed that 47 Canadian peacekeepers were involved and that one of them committed sexual misconduct with a patient at the hospital. Judging from the eyewitness reports, the report was nothing more than usual whitewashing.

Enough said.

Wade said (April 19, 2010):

I have posted with you before Henry but had a bit to offer on Russ. I lived at 32 belvedere drive in Dartmouth in the 80's and 90's when Russ was posted at shearwater base. (31 belvedere drive) i could see his house directly out the front window of my previous home.

My exwife took a fancy to his wife, mary elisabeth, who I must add was a wonderful caring warm woman who was very likeable I hope she is ok. Anyway i was encouraged to associate with Russ but we never clicked really. He was very guarded and cold but not alarmingly so, i just thought he was you know "military". We had many dinners together and I was always uncomfortable as he didn't laugh alot and always seemed very preoccupied.

I remember spilling salt on his carpet and he got so mad i thought he was kidding; then he got down on his hands and knees and picked it up grain by grain. You were also never allowed to touch anything and i'm a big clumsy touchy feely guy so i always hated going over there. Anyway my children played in his yard many times and i'm just glad he didn't take an interest in any of the local women. it still gives me chills.

Tom said (April 19, 2010):

I just wanted to say thanks for providing such great information on your website. I will be grabbing your books soon. However, I have for a while wondered about feminism and marriage. While at the same time my parents have been telling me about Satanism and the breakup of the traditional family. I could not understand that for a while but now it is making sense.
By allowing women to work, the gender roles have become almost equal while at the same time the media tells woman to sleep around, and that they don?t need a man. I personally see so many girls my age (mid 20?s) with kids and I start to question what happened and why.

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