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Use World Currency to Renounce the Debt!

July 5, 2010

MonopolyMan.jpgBy Henry Makow Ph.D.

In upcoming years, cities, states & nations will have one overwhelming choice:

1. Renounce all debt created by bankers out of nothing, or due to compound interest. This is probably 50-80% of all government debt.

2. Or accept the unbearable burden and be willing accomplices in our enslavement and destruction.

The central banking cartel wants a one-world currency. We keep seeing reminders. For example, today we read,
"The dollar is an unreliable international currency and should be replaced by a more stable system, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs said in a report released Tuesday."

What if that new currency was not based on central banking cartel (i.e. IMF) debt? What if most of the old debt was abolished? 


The human experiment is in danger of failure because our forefathers were too weak, feckless or corrupt to get money creation right.

Money has no inherent value. It is a medium of exchange like sea shells or beads. It is simply a convenient method for billions of people to exchange millions of disparate products and services.

Nobody can own a medium of exchange.  It must be public. 

But a network of private Illuminati families do own it. They produce the medium of exchange in the form of a debt to them. And they charge compound interest on this "debt" created out of thin air. We are being strangled by these debts. 

They know this lucrative fraud is unsustainable unless they enslave mankind, mentally and spiritually, if not physically.

These Illuminati banking families have used their position to control all major corporations and governments. Do you know that it takes only 3-4% of shares to control most widely-held corporations? These corporations in turn buy the executives and politicians, pundits and professors that run the world for the bankers.

Everybody in a position of power and influence today is indirectly employed by these dynastic banking families.  Their primary role, whether they understand it or not, is to protect the fraudulent credit system. They are traitors and collaborators, and as long as we support them, we are all complicit in our own destruction.

Our perception of reality is controlled by these bankers through ownership of the mass media. We see through "spectacles they arrange on our noses."   


Mankind is living a lie because our currency is based on a fraud. Our history is really the story of how these bankers have set countries against each other in pointless wars in order to kill our best men and destroy and demoralize humanity. These wars are endemic because they create enormous profits and debts which are used to enslave us.

Illuminati bankers are financing the "insurgents" in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. When will we understand that they have been waging a war on humanity for centuries?  

We are being gender neutered in the same way horses are gelded, to be obedient to their owners.

We are being morally degraded, dumbed down and distracted
to paralyze us. Many believe we are being poisoned by chem trails, fluoride or by drugs and foods. Certainly our minds and spirits are poisoned by the mass media.

They have unleashed a pernicious satanic conspiracy on humanity in the form of Communism in its many manifestations. Barack Obama and Elena Kagan are Communists. The Illuminati bankers are responsible for assassinating JFK, for 9-11 and probably for the Gulf of Mexico disaster. They are responsible for most of mankind's woes. 

To get back on course, we need to nationalize credit and money creation. We need to nationalize banks.

Who should own the medium of exchange, a private cartel or democratic governments?

If the bankers want a new currency,  give it to them, as long as it is debt and interest-free and administered by a body that represents the best interests of humanity.

Then mankind can regain its path, and begin to fulfill its amazing promise.  


Note: The documentary, "Oh Canada, the Movie" brought this issue home for me.

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Comments for " Use World Currency to Renounce the Debt!"

john said (July 7, 2010):

No need to nationalize banks any more than to nationalize Real Estate agents. What I think you mean is to nationalize two private bank powers - the present licence to create money out of thin air [legalized counterfeiting or private credit creation] and the registration of titles for receipts and payments [secret accounts, secret transfers, white and blue collar escape routes.] Real Estate agents borrow and lend; buy and sell their clients' houses but they neither create houses out of thin air or register house titles. They are not such pompous, presumptuous pricks. So I think it is essential to isolate the essential factor. It is not the private banking pie that is rotten it is the two rotten ingredients in the pie that our mesmerized majority allow to be put into this pie that leads to worldwide corruption and suffering.
So let's allow private banks to borrow & lend; buy and sell their clients'money and get their commissions in a competitive market just like ordinary agents - and no financial killings via creation and transfer which should be the provence of a truly national Central Bank.
Henry, I humbly refer you to for the People Yes Party policy under Other Policies. Scroll down to Federal Policy on Corruption and banking.

ETM said (July 6, 2010):

Nobody can own a medium of exchange. It must be public.

(print the T shirts and bumber stickers for this)

In this sentence you have hit the bullseye.

In the sixties the socialist french government in power then proposed nationalization of the banks; sadly they caved. Ever since, I have viewed this as the pre-conditional relevant political-economic change, before any other improvements can be instituted in the 'system'.

"currency-trading" what IS that?!!! Millions of hard working human lives are tossed topsy turvy like toys up and down just via this game that makes them the plaything-lives of the
Soros-few, the 'Ueber-caste' who are as dark a power as exists, and so should not be called by their own self-descriptors of being somehow 'illuminated' in their fakery and psychopathic agenda.

Inter said (July 6, 2010):

I enjoyed your article on world currency and debt and agree with your assessment on the large majority of points.

However, I found your suggested solution terrible, ie: "If thebankers want a new currency, give it to them, as long as it is
debt and interest-free and administered by a body that represents the best interests of humanity."

You and I both know that as long as the bankers have a say,currency will never be debt and interest free, so it's folly to
wish it so. Looking to government or banks to solve this problem will likely lead to more and bigger problems.

The only hope I see is if we the people, at a community level, create and use our own debt free money! For example, if a small
town were to pool resources to buy a quantity of gold or silver, then issue notes to be used within the community, that money would circulate freely without debt to anyone. And because it is only accepted within the community, it can be free from taxation, and favors local businesses rather than big box stores (who likely
would not accept it).

There have been sporadic cases of communities doing just this, here's an article from the Asian Wall Street Journal a few years back:

William said (July 6, 2010):

While your assessment is accurate, it is mypoic to say the least. Just as the U.S. constitution required ALL currency to be in the form gold or silver, it has been subverted to private banks.

If a global currency is implemented, what will stop governments from allowing it to be subverted to the banks again? Without any independent judicial body or watchdog to prosecute such traitors who do allow a currency to be subverted, it will happen again.

There would have to be specific laws implemented to prevent such a subversion of currency to private interests. The next question is, who would enforce such laws?

Taylor said (July 6, 2010):

As long as it is debt and interest-free! Are you talking about a currency(ies) in the spirit of Ellen Brown, Esq. or Bill Still? Brown and Still advocate state banks issuing their own debt while charging a nominal very low interest rate to cover basic fees and expenses. However, Brown and Still reject our present private banking fiat fractional reserve model. On the other hand, Paul, Vieira, and Griffin (as well as many others) call for debt-free/interest-free currency backed 100% by gold or gold plus silver.

I don't know the answer and I've read Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island three times! I embrace the notion of discipline and control of the money supply via precious metal backing. but I am highly suspicious of the cabal's deep inroads into the precious metal markets. Doesn't the Rothschild family already control a significant slice of known worldwide gold resources? And don't they (Rothschilds) control the ebb and flow as major market movers in the gold arena? If this is the case, could gold serve as an honest money source if Rothschild and possibly other banksters significantly control the gold market?

Joseph said (July 6, 2010):

As for consolidating all banking into a single currency, someone once wrote about how much is transacted on the FOREX. So much is done that eliminating the FOREX would take away billions if not trillions of funds out of people's livelihoods including the biggest players in that market. Thusly, don't expect a single currency to
appear too soon.

More to the issue, if the United Nations were to call for the elimination of usury, I would become a fan of theirs immediately. A little research
into what keeps impoverished nations impoverished can be linked to the burdens of compound interest set upon them for the development of their natural resources. Nations such as these are robbed in more than one way.

For any nation to grow, it needs a currency for its medium of exchange and not so much a form of money. Much like living systems, currency is
the oxygen which allows an economy to function. Not enough currency in circulation and the economy slows down to the point of ceasing. Too
much currency and the excess leads to abuses which lead to injuring that economy.

A disciplined balance is required to maintain such an economy on such a basis. The way things work now, expanding the money supply means
loaning out new funds. However, the interest required as return in payment is not included with that loan. So where does that interest come from?

Further loans to expand the money supply which are then charged with interest. This cycle continues ad nauseum to the point where the debt
owed on interest overtakes the principle initially borrowed.

And in this spectacle, we have the root of the problem. Banking is a business in search of a profit much like any other business. Were the treasury of a nation to provide the currency to its economy at a reasonable rate via
a national dividend to all taxpaying, age-of-majority citizens, the money supply would be expanded by such amounts for uses by those citizens.

Mark said (July 6, 2010):

Renouncing the debt is a great idea... However, it should be done in the USA only... Let those other countries work it out for themselves.

The best way is to re-assign the fake "national" debt to those who really created it and that would be the Rothschild's and their BIS... In other words, send the whole debt bill to those who saddled the USA with it in the first place via corrupted politicians and implanted CFR agents over the last 100 years... Them who caused it should own it!

Then, the USA should go back to printing the money our selves the way we used too... Where $20 = 1 oz of gold... All "federal reserve" notes, held privately in the USA, should be traded proportionally for the new Treasury bills on about a $5000 to $1 ratio. (Gold's way undervalued right now)

The next step would be to ban the WTO and all tariff free outsourcing. And next, would be to get rid of all small business and personal income taxes. The Government should exist on printed money based on ratio of the projected GDP to introduce new money into the system and taxes on the mega buck corporations.

...At the same time, kick out all the illegal aliens who are hogging the resources and jobs as they've been allowed in by the Feds to place a demand for the present & quickly failing currency system of the Rothschild's empire of debt.

It's really simple, but first we got to get rid of the corrupt politicians. We need a second Revolution and re-introduce the same old and honored Constitution and Bill of Rights... If we do it right, the world will follow us; they are all tired of being under the thumb of the IMF and bound by the chains of debt imposed by the actions of the BIS.

Don said (July 6, 2010):

Dear Dr. Makow, this is a great article. I would add from what I have heard, to the elite Gold and Silver is real money and the debt currency they give us they laugh as they create it out of nothing now. At one time the Goldsmiths gave out IOU's to hold peoples Gold. Today they create electronic digits and determine if they are real or not. The day where one cannot buy or sell without taking the number is here.

Tommy said (July 6, 2010):

Generally in the past I have been 99% in your camp. But, not on this one.

You have asked, "Who should own the medium of exchange?" Your answer to your own question is in the form of the Hegelian dialectic. You have given the two choices of "private cartel or democratic governments".

I am certainly against a private cartel owning it. But, I am just as against "democratic" government owning it also. What is making the people believe that a democratic government would be any better in the management of our monies? The only advantage for government ownership is we would no longer be paying usury (ostensibly). But what would keep the government from printing and printing and printing... Ad nauseum. Should we trust the politicians to take care of us? I would suggest that government ownership would ultimately lead to varying degrees of inflation (hidden tax).

I would maintain that there is a third and much more viable solution; private ownership of specie based money by the INDIVIDUAL. Money as private property and an informed people is the only way to prevent quasi governmental cartels from forming. We must stop thinking in terms of someone else taking care of us particularly, political entities.

The entire history of the united States is better viewed in terms of who controls the issuance of money. Our greatest prosperity was during the times when the central banks (partnership of banks and government) were removed from the monetary process and laissez fare free enterprise was the model.

In my humble opinion, the only time government has a say in money matters is when an individual debases his currency (form of theft. Isaiah 1:21), commits fraud or outright theft. This is the proper role of government (Romans 13).

Dick said (July 6, 2010):

good article, and I'm glad to see you advocate the
nationalization of money and credit. And I'm even more glad to not
see the word "gold" in here anywhere.
- There can't be any evil plan for a "one world currency" other
than fraudulent special drawing rights or something else that
centralizes control but keeps currencies competing. If you take
away floating exchange rates and currency speculation, you take
away much of the ability of tptb to manipulate the world economy
and keep globalization going. A public world currency wouldn't be
as practical as public national currencies tied together by
treaties, but it would be even less popular with George Soros and
his Rothschild masters.

Anonymous said (July 6, 2010):

Why would the bankers allow a new international currency to pay off the debt that they put there to enslave us? Any new currency would simply rob us of more money, and increase the current debt. Why don't you suggest that we either put out our own paper money system, or go back to gold and silver coins, and accept some of the disadvantages of using them?

Any new money system we use has to be issued and controlled by us - and we have the means to put out paper, or precious metals. You can get into silver for about a dollar. A silver dime now costs about a buck. No one can claim they cannot afford silver, and the dimes aren't that heavy to mail to someone as payment for something.

I wish you'd devote a whole article to this matter, because it seems more important than any other topic. The medium of exchange for buying things has been determining about everything else we do, or cannot do

Christine said (July 6, 2010):

Voltaire said that paper currency always returns to its true value, which is nothing.

Additionally, the Israelites proclaimed a Year of Jubilee every 50 years, a custom that Medieval Europe adopted from time to time. In the Year of Jubilee, all debts were forgiven.

It would seem apparent that the banksters are being forced to accept a Year of Jubilee whether they like it or not.

As for enslaving humanity, I'd like to see them try it.

You can only push people so far before they will fight back and say "Enough is enough."

Ernest said (July 6, 2010):

n 1913, when the FED was passed in the dark of night there is a clause if it doesn't work out the US could repeal the FED for $450 million penalty.

I say pay it in funny money or mint a gold coin with the value of $450 million stamped on it.
No, better pay with the funny money.

Bill said (July 6, 2010):

In the last few days there have been credible reports from Houston, New Orleans, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio and South Carolina of an oily substance coming down in the air and in the rain. Plants are dying. It’s not just in the Gulf water anymore.

The chemical rain is not from the Corexit in the waters of the Gulf; it is coming from the aerial spaying of Corexit and other dispersants.

If the government doesn’t evacuate, there will be a panic anyway.

All of Dixie, the American South is currently in danger.

Over time that danger will spread everywhere.

Everyone is aware that BP and the U.S. government are hiding the truth. The main stream news outlets will not cover that story. Why not?

The seafloor may have been cracked when the well blew out in April. Oil could or may already be coming up elsewhere under the water.

The relief well will probably not work. There is no real Plan B to stop the leak.

If there is an official evacuation, all transportation (buses, trains, airlines, trucking, shipping, fuel) resources in the country will be devoted to the effort. The rest of the economy will come to a standstill.

Refugees will show up everywhere in the country. The Midwest and southwest will see most of them.

The failure of the U.S. government to adequately deal with the situation will dismay the populace, leading to a fracturing of the country into smaller and smaller groups competing for resources.

Some of those groups will not be made up of nice people. Prepare accordingly.

Other groups will be composed of those who take care of each other. These are the ones who will begin a re-building even as the old structures continue to collapse.

I believe we are very, very close to it all coming apart.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at