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Hitler Murdered His Niece, said his Sister

September 10, 2023

hitler-geli.jpgHitler murdered his 24-year-old niece Geli Raubal 
due to a bisexual love triangle involving the Nazi leader 
and his Jewish chauffeur-bodyguard, Emil Maurice

"I'm not saying he drove her to her death, caused her to commit suicide, or anything like that. I mean to accuse him of shooting and killing her...I have enough proof to convince a fair jury that Adolf should be convicted of murder."  - Paula Hitler (The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler, pp. 172-173.) 

Hitler's First Murder
(Updated from Feb 16, 2017 & Sept 28, 2020) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

To say
Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and killer might seem redundant, but few know that he murdered his first victim with his own hands. It was swept under the carpet and has yet to see the light of day. Western historians are as determined as Nazis to protect the Fuhrer's reputation. 

On Sept 18, 1931, he shot his beloved niece, Geli Raubal, 24. The murder was ruled a suicide by the Bavarian Minister of Justice, a political ally.

(Time Magazine's Man of the Year for 1938)

However, Raubal's body was badly bruised and her nose was broken. An unfinished letter indicated she was leaving her uncle's apartment to go to Vienna. She was buried in a Catholic cemetery that would bar suicides.  (The Munchener Post, 20th September 1931)

Hitler's sister Paula said Hitler killed Geli: "The only thing that keeps me from publicly accusing him is the memory of our mother. I would accuse him of the deliberate murder of Geli. And don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying he drove her to her death, caused her to commit suicide, or anything like that. I mean to accuse him of shooting and killing her...I have enough proof to convince a fair jury that Adolf should be convicted of murder."

"He was in love with his own niece...I begged Angela [her mother] to send Geli to me in Vienna. According to Angela, the gun went off by accident when the two of them were struggling. It was in Adolf's hand." 

She said Geli was not pregnant. The story was circulated by Goering to give her a motive for suicide. Paula attributed the information to an Austrian government investigation. "The evidence collected by Fritz Gerlich was well known to them." (The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler, pp. 172-173.) 


The bisexual love triangle that led to Raubal's murder reveals the true perverted character of a man that many "patriots" still worship.

Although a homosexual, Hitler still enjoyed the company of buxom young blonds and brunettes that fit the Nazi mold. Raubal was the daughter of Hitler's half-sister and cook. Nineteen years his junior, she was an unselfconscious extrovert who brightened every room she entered. Hitler seemed to relax when she was around.

"I love Geli and could marry her," Hitler told his friend Heinrich Hoffman. [But] "I want to remain single. So I retain the right to exert an influence on her circle of friends until such a time as she finds the right man." (Hoffman, Hitler Was My Friend, 1955.)

Hitler's rival was his own bisexual, Jewish chauffeur, and bodyguard, Emil Maurice. In December 1927, Hitler prevented his niece from marrying Maurice and fired him. The following year, Raubal wrote to Maurice: 

"Uncle Adolf is insisting that we should wait two years. Think of it, Emil, two whole years of only being able to kiss each other now and then and always having Uncle Adolf in charge. I can only give you my love and be unconditionally faithful to you. I love you so infinitely much. Uncle Adolf insists that I should go on with my studies." (Dec. 24,1928)

HITLER-MAURICE.png(The Jewish-looking Maurice and Hitler in Landsberg prison,1924)

EMIL MAURICE (1897-1972)

In Mein Kampf, Hitler describes a fracas at a beer hall when Communists tried to break up an event. He marveled at how his "stormtroopers,"  although bloodied, "swept the enemy literally out of the their head, my splendid Maurice."

Maurice was a pioneer member of the SA and later the SS. He and Hess took Hitler's dictation of Mein Kampf; and like Hess, Maurice was one of Hitler's lovers. After their release from prison, Maurice became Hitler's personal bodyguard and chauffeur. He accompanied Hitler during the 1934 Purge and personally dispatched people who had become liabilities.

"It is absolutely inconceivable that Maurice was not known as Jewish," Dr. Judith Reisman writes. [Considering] "his appearance, his family, and the very high probability of his circumcision...homosexual lust easily overpowered anti-Semitic hate."

maurice.pngWhen it later emerged that Maurice had a Jewish great-grandfather, Hitler made an exemption for him and his family. Since one-sixteenth Jews were already exempt from the Nuremberg Laws, Maurice, who became an SS general, was probably more Jewish than that. Nazi race laws were a matter of expediency, mostly designed to persecute non-Zionist Jews and justify the formation of the Jewish State.

Despite his prowess as a bouncer, Maurice, a watchmaker by training, had an artistic temperament and played the guitar at Nazi gatherings. Raubal, also a  musician, took a fancy to him during her visits to Landsberg Prison in 1924, at age 16. Thus began a passionate romance that blossomed over the years.


gelinude1.jpgFor his book, Hitler and Eva (1974) Glen Infield interviewed Wilhelm Stocker, an SS Guard at Hitler's apartment. Stocker said that when her Uncle Adolf was away, Geli had many suitors.
Because he kept her secrets, Geli told him
"that at times Hitler made her do things in the privacy of her room that sickened her but when I asked her why she didn't refuse to do them, she just shrugged and said that she didn't want to lose him to some woman that would do what he wanted."

Gregor Strasser, a Nazi leader who had a fling with Geli said she told him the Nazi dictator forced her to urinate and defecate on him. Strasser was one of the Nazi leaders who met in Hitler's apartment after the murder to decide on a story. Hitler wanted it called an "accident." But the word had already gone out that Raubel had committed suicide using Hitler's gun.

Strasser was murdered in the 1934 Purge.

hitlergeli.jpgRAUBAL'S MURDER

Michael Dean reports that after leaving Hitler's service, Maurice sued the Nazi Party for unlawful dismissal and won a tidy sum. He opened a watchmaker shop a few blocks from Hitler's apartment and resumed his affair with Raubal.

Apparently, she became pregnant and wanted to go to Vienna to have the baby. Hitler was furious at this betrayal and refused permission. When she defied him, he killed her. The cook testified after the war that Geli lay in her own blood for three days, which blurs the time of death. This blows Hitler's alibi that he was not present when she "committed suicide." 

It is not clear which betrayal was greater to Hitler since he had feelings for both Raubel and Maurice.

In any case, Hitler's relationship with Maurice proved resilient. Maurice became a senior SS official and Hitler protected him against rivals resentful of accepting orders from a Jew.

The takeaway is that before Hitler indirectly killed millions of people, Jews, and non-Jews alike, he first bloodied his hands on the young niece he supposedly loved. Millions of people chose to follow a murderer and psychopath. Nothing has changed.  


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Comments for " Hitler Murdered His Niece, said his Sister "

David C said (September 28, 2020):

World leaders promoted to positions of importance by the satanic cabal are sexually deviant psychopaths, so it makes sense Hitler was too, and I find his effeminate mannerisms in videos telling. It was also said Hitler had a homosexual relationship with his Jewish roommate while attending art school, and had a police record for being a homosexual prostitute in Vienna. Since world leaders all seem to be sexually deviant psychopaths - it may be a requirement for the job?

in the past, I've traded emails with Mike King at the "tomato bubble" website, who is a Hitler/Nazi worshipper. While Mr. King seems to be an excellent researcher, he seems to have a blind spot when it comes to that subject. Ironically, when I mentioned your name to him, Henry, King said he thought you are an excellent researcher but have a blind spot for Hitler/Nazis! There is more than enough evidence to convince me Hitler was a sexually deviant psychopath, with a narcissistic personality disorder, leading to becoming megalomaniacal. We seem to be living in Weimar America now, similar in many ways to Weimar Germany in 1932, as shown here:

It seems like we have two possibilities: "Weimar America" becomes either "Nazi Amerika", or "Bolshevik America". God help us!!

George said (February 17, 2017):

The hypothesis that Hitler was impotent makes plenty of sense. It would explain the allegations that he engaged in perverse practices exclusively.

Edgar said (March 21, 2012):

It should be remembered that black magic and the satanic evil groupings underlying all governments and secret services.

Someone having adhered to their one-world-totalitarian mindset, having been initiated in Vienna long before the first WW, with the hypnotic powers he openly displayed, would never have seen "sex" or "love" in any normal way.

Those are acts to recharge the batteries of evil, to thrive on fear and often pit different people against each other out of simple spite. So, Adolf, Jacob or whatever, definitely an agent for various diabolic secret organizations, called "clubs" then, would have had all kinds of relationships that did not involve any normal human feelings.

No wonder, as a great-grand child of Solomon Rothschild of Vienna, he was singled out very early. This character is not to be taken as a human. Those "people" are agents of entropy, of evil.

AF said (March 20, 2012):

Another angle that is rarely visited is the body-double issue, which clouds who the real Hitler was. The initial Hitler was most likely the deviant who lived in the Viennese flophouse and was the illegitimate grandson of a Rothschild. He was groomed and was a complete puppet.

However, as this man's nature, history and actions became better understood, and the recruiting and hiring of "bull" homosexuals reached its peak, there were certainly numerous Prussian / German men of intellect and power who could no longer tolerate the intentional destruction of their Fatherland.

Mainstream history tells us there was essentially one assassination attempt on Hitler that failed, but I contend there were many and at least a few of them succeeded.

I also contend that a few body-doubles were thrust into the limelight and perhaps controlled by forces other than the "central bankers / Illuminati" for short periods of time.

In other words, the persona of Hitler was always a puppet, but controlled by different hands at different times. Greg Hallet's book, "Hitler was a British Agent," details Hitler's (which one?) dental work, which was supposedly configured as a wireless receiver, accounting for his "divine" inspirations. Whoever had access to that wireless set-up controlled the Fuhrer.

From analysis of photographs, there were at least 4 Hitlers who were used publicly as far as I know, but I am unaware of any detailed voice analysis that might shed light on how many were reading his speeches. Churchill had his primary doubles (Norman Shelley and Leslie Howard) who made appearances and speeches, and there is some speculation that the original may have died (or was it Leslie Howard?).

Regardless, an important question becomes, what Hitler (if any) escaped from the bunker in 1945? According to the Russians, there were 3 or 4 body-doubles found dead in the bunker and evidence that someone of prominence escaped. If the real Hitler was killed years earlier, why rescue a body-double? Did the rescuers know? Was it Borman who escaped instead? Surely, Borman had doubles too and would not have been in a bunker as a sitting duck (the man controlled billions worth of loot, after all).

Strange times indeed, but the body-double strategy is still playing a huge part of history and politics as evidenced by the Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden debacles. Understanding World War 2 is crucial to understanding what is happening all around us today, but it's a very hard nut to crack...

V said (March 20, 2012):

I love Clifford Shack's comments to "Hitler First Murder". So true.

Hitler was a 'sick' individual but he was not the greatest monster of the century that media makes him out to be. He knew how to take orders and follow them. If he didn't his Anglo/Jewish handlers on orders from Rothschild & Sons would have gotten rid of him and r replaced by another dupe. Hitler should have hung just for the one murder of his poor niece.

Hitler helped fit the role of the events of WWII which created a crisis thereby causing a massive Jewish migration to Palestine.

WWI had the British occupy Palestine. Millions of men, women and children died in both world wars to create the present state of Israel by the Rothschilds and other London banking families (Jew and gentile).

It will take another 'Hitler' to precipitate WWIII which will crown Jerusalem as the worlds seat of global government where the centuries old Jewish messianic plan for world dominion over the goyim will finally take hold.

MS-reply to C Shack said (March 20, 2012):


You said "Hitler didn't kill millions"...proof? If the best that you can come up with is the old "Hitler was just a puppet" argument, then you need to be schooled about human nature. Does a rapist need to be prompted to rape? Does a murderer need to be "nudged" in the right direction to murder? Obviously, the answer is no.

No, I propose it's easier to believe a bunch of faceless "bankers" pull everyone's strings to accomplish a fiendish end rather than an obvious homosexual madman who's mental equilibrium is unbalanced at best. Because of his hatred of God and all things decent, he chooses to murder the things that threaten his defiled ego whether an innocent niece or a race of Torah honoring and fearing Jews.

Clifford Shack said (March 20, 2012):

Hitler didn't murder millions, he murdered one person, his niece. The millions were murdered by London bankers. Hitler was a tiny cog in the wheel. He had as much to do with WWII as Oswald had to do with the JFK assassination.

Hitler was a recruit. He played his part well, no doubt, but he didn't fart unless he received instructions from his handlers who in turn received their instructions from the coordinated intelligence efforts of London and Washington.

Orders were filtered through various channels. Why do you think there were so many double and triple agents on all sides? Orders to Hitler were transferred through a spy network akin to osmosis.

There are stories of Hitler locking himself in a room for days until he received Divine inspiration. In reality, he was waiting for orders. WWI & II were not fought...they were orchestrated. To fight a real war requires real enemies. The Illuminati have a talent for staging wars.

As for Hitler, he was a real murderer. He murdered his niece. Don't give him more credit than that. He was a vegetarian for God's sake. People can't accept Hitler the puppet. If they do they would have to accept the truth. People hate the truth.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at