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Homosexuality & Demonic Possession

December 2, 2010

" While many gays were dying from AIDS, I was living this terrible event : gayness seemed to be deadly on a physical and also on a spiritual plane. " 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This article offers more evidence that the Illuminati promotion of sexual promiscuity & homosexuality has occult implications.]

by Le Gall

The story I am about to summarize is mine. I  have absolutely no claim to a higher truth, but I can bring you some features of the reality of the unseen and the collusion between certain sexual practices and the occult.

The first gay men I met in Paris were show-business Jews. In my twenties, 25 years ago, I gravitated to the artistic world, completely dominated by Jews.

So I made the acquaintance of one of those Jews with whom I had sex (but no penetration I might add.)  The next morning, I began to feel unwell with a pain down the spine, at the perineum exactly.  This point, I learned much later corresponded to the first Shakra. My negative Kundalini was just starting, a phenomena I had never heard about.

The pains increased, gaining the tree genitourinary, and then the whole body. The discomfort was widespread but indescribable. I was both mentally and physically shaken.

gall.jpg(the author, 25 years ago)

Laboratory analysis came back negative.  Over the months, the sensations became more and more difficult and precise. Sexual desires have increased and also negative thought like the idea of suicide. I had the sensation of evil forces around me. At some people's houses, furniture creaked when I had left them. Friends told me about it.

I was very tired, full of negativity and desperate to find a solution.


A year later, returning to Paris, I met a doctor, also Jewish, who abruptly told me that I was certainly suffering  from an occult  problem. Through the doctor, I met an old clairvoyant, who delivered the terrifying following diagnosis: the homosexual relationship had put me in contact with a demonic entity.

He described it very precisely, "something" hanging on my back, from the neck to the tailbone, red and black.  This man who was supposed to have powers and to be able help people with occult problems nearly fainted as he tried to get rid of it. He was really upset and fell on one chair. When he recovered, he was totally pale. It was indeed a real possession.  I asked him a few questions:

Q- How do you get you one of "these things"?

A- During sexual intercourse... Because of negative vibrations with the universe.

He suggested I go to a monastery, to have positive thoughts, and to begin a spiritual life.


A few weeks later, unable to sleep, when I cried, "I hate God", my wooden closet  made a huge crashing noise.  This was my first experience of paranormal phenomenon. I realized that by making love with that guy, and having that psychic game, instead of having reached the 7 th sky, I had fallen into a hell pit. My physical and mental struggle was horrible: against suicidal tendencies, against physical pains (especially along the joints), and criminal "voices". I had to cope with, much bigger sexual desires than ever before. This situation was simply threatening.

I kept on seeing the same doctor, who insisted I was cursed and that it was my responsibility and no one else's. When I do think now that the other guy was not innocent at all...but, you know, remember that I only was a poor christian or goy.

Three months later, I followed the advice of the psychic and went into a monastery. There, I told a priest about the "possession", and then I met an exorcist who practiced a ritual which led to no result, no clearance at all. I had the impression of being broken from inside, and of having no more roots. And I just didn't know how not to stay sane.

More important, in this monastery, I was confronted with several paranormal phenomena, including  a luminous phenomenon consisting of points forming a geometric figure, absolutely perfect, it looked like a constellation, but it was in a room before me and at eye level: here is the shape of it :

        x            x             x

 x                                            x

       x                            x

It happened in a dark room in the monastery. I dared not going too close to it. I stared at it, and after 15 seconds, I simply left the room, totally amazed. (I would of course behave very differently now)

That was I reckon a sign from God. I really think that the Divine Power wanted me to believe in Him.

This is the main meaning of apparitions. Now, when I think of this phenomenon, I would describe it as God's electricity.

Years later I discovered this same figure but upright in the esoteric Jewish Kabbalah : the Tree of Life.

After those events, I decided not to talk to ordinary persons of what I had seen, as they would not have believed me or as they would take me for a mad person. Among other paranormal phenomena, there have been  internal visualizations: a sad face,  Shakras (heart shakra heart and "ajna shakra" called third eye, they look like bicycle wheels, years afterward, I saw designs of them in an occult book), lucid dreams where I visited haunted houses, and "cleaned them" ... So, this very weird experience was both a mixture of Kundalini, Initiation and Possession.

A Buddhist guy told me once : "had you been a woman, you would have been pregnant". I told him that his advice was not right as there had not been any kind of penetration. He looked very amazed after I had told him so.


Gradually, over the years, the pains and the symptoms eased.   The demonic force is still there, but I have learned to live with this incredible osmosis.  My body suffers sometimes, some forms of burns that circulate throughout the body, but I found a way to counteract them: avoiding seminal loss, avoid sex as much as possible, avoid crowds, never watching horror films, and praying.

Sexuality- even heterosexuality - involves for mediumic personalities games with the invisible forces that can serve as vectors, as channels for demonic entities which feed on the emitted sexual energies.  Hence the importance of sexuality in Satanism an in this decadent satanized civilization.

It is a mystery to me  seeing that I managed to survive these 25 years, with a force of which there are no other words to say it is demonic. I would say that 30 per cent of my energies are still "sucked" by it.

What I am certain of : the Illuminati plan to possess the world on a spiritual level, and degrade it on a material one .

I have decided to consecrate myself and for the rest of my life to the Light. What we call "Love" here, is for me now,  totally pointless, whatever it is, gay or straight.

It is not at random that Christianity or Buddhism call for chastity. It is the best way to reach the Light inside. I am old and strong enough now to talk about it with no complex, and wherever it is, through the net or in front-of any kind of audience.


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Comments for "Homosexuality & Demonic Possession "

Mike said (December 8, 2010):

I saw this article from your site as a Jeff Rense link. It is not as far out as many think. There is a man named William Baldwin that has done a lot of work on entity attachment, some being "dark force entities". As I am practicing hypnotist I have investigated this and practiced it somewhat, and it seems to be a real phenomenon.

Here is his website.

Matt said (December 4, 2010):

One thing I think is very important to understand is how beneficial it
is to wake up early, around 3:30 or 4:00 AM and start praying and/or
meditating. This prevents the demonic forces, which are at their peak
before and during dawn, from attacking us while we're sleeping and
susceptible. The energies of the sun are also very strong which I
think gives the negative energies power. There is some folklore about
"The Hour of the Wolf" or the "Witching Hour" from different cultures,
as they were more aware of these energies long ago. It is said that
this is the hour at which the most people die and are born than at any
other hour of the day. Ingmar Bergman made a great film named "The
Hour of the Wolf" which deals with this subject.

Also, asking forgiveness from God and from ourselves is very important
in the healing since this helps break down the guilt we accumulate
from past sins and gives us hope.

Check out:

Bill said (December 3, 2010):

omosexuality and pornography involve desecration of the human archetype and body temple. Thus Satanic forces are invoked. Those (people who are) involved (in this) access cosmic evil. Cosmic evil conveys greater pleasure than normal sexuality where there is commitment and respect. Because of the greater pleasure individuals are corrupted and subverted from the straight and narrow path. The way to combat it is to confront yourself whenever you are beginning to fantasize about sexual acts that involve desecration (of the human form). Simply confront yourself: “You’re accessing (or starting to access) cosmic evil!” This tends to throw cold water on the whole process. You start to see who the pied piper is behind it all---Satan---and you become naturally repulsed, in spite of the extraordinary pleasure. Besides this you can also transmute your energies by thinking about higher ethical and moral gratifications such as being involved with your soul mate or seeking enlightenment.

Tom said (December 3, 2010):

My family has had many battles with demonic force of the unseen world. My wife was sexually abused by her step-father from the age of 5. We have been married now for 26 years. In the darkest of days of the demonic battles our Lord Jesus gave me this prayer and it has given us victory over the demonic attacks.

It is based on the events in Luke 8:26-33. That by casting the demonic forces into the abyss and not just try to cast them out of the victim is the key. I created a website at the direction of the Holy Spirit to help others. Please pass this on to Le Gall and post it on your website.

My sons and I are available to execute the prayer in person if needed. Go to the testimony page to request personal help.

Henry, please post this as the need is very great and this is the pray that saved my wife and family from the demonic forces that have come against us. Use only my first name.

Thanks for all your great work, I have been following your writing for many years.

Gord said (December 3, 2010):

This man doesn't need some ritual.He needs to call out to the Most High.Yahushua didn't go around baptizing people who had demonic afflictions and He didn't need a website.He cast them out by His authority.Study the scriptures and ask for God's leading.There is none other like Him.He is the all powerful and He is in control.

Dave said (December 3, 2010):

Nobody out there has a clue as to how to really curb the power of possessions and to dispel them. Holy water is another bullshit distraction. Could a Vatican steeped in evil ever have an antidote for evil? Ratzinger is there not because of virtue! Having been afflicted myself, I know that possessions take place only because the body has weaknesses. Acidity is the biggest weakness. At a pH of 7.4, the body is immune. But, if you increase the pH to 8.4 for a few days, then slowly come back to 7.4, you might find that all problems depart...including possessions. Baking soda and pH strips are necessary. Magnesium oil, used transdermally, will be of benefit.

Marcos said (December 3, 2010):

Christians have always regarded immoral sex as gateways to demonic entrance. That's why the Bible admonishes that sex with a prostitute is a sin against one's own body, because there is a spiritual union during the act.

Good news is that there is a cure for this: the name of Jesus Christ. By some God's imperative, earned at the cross, demons HAVE to leave when ordered in the authority of the Lord's name. This has been proved thousands of times. No hocus-pocus, no Hollywood style exorcism, no holy water. Just the statement of a believer. My own mother used to be called by the police of her small town to quiet down possessed people whom four policemen could not hold down.

No need to suffer for 25 years ! Just remember that this is a serious commitment to God. Do it lightly, and they come back. Or resist the devil and he will flee from you.

See for a serious guy who deals with such cases, Russ Dizdar.

Georges said (December 3, 2010):

I want to say that the author of this article has an interesting situation at hand. To have an actual creature of darkness stuck to their back, siphoning off vital life-energy, is a terrible thing.

I did a little bit of brainstorming, - and I conclude that what the author needs to do is take a bath in Holy Water. The demon on his spine will quickly drown in the torrent of baptismal waters of purity, or detach and be unable to re-attach because of Le Gall's new abstinent lifestyle. It may sound like a handyman solution - but hey, it's worth a try!

Another thing to suggest is that the author go to a church and undergo traditional Christian baptism. The baptismal oaths contain powerful rejections of satan and anything unholy. If the author was already baptized at one point in their life, then they can always go and retake their baptismal oath, as many do in churches on Easter.

Demons are only strong when faith is weak.

Love for God and God's love of us shall conquer any evil.


LG Replies:

"Georges, thanks for your kind message ! But is is not that simple at all.
Of course, I did go to Lourdes , prayed the Virgin Mary and had holy water baths and so on.
Of course, I saw many priests who performed a ritual and so on, for NO result.
Christians are naive : saying Jesus, or praying Jesus is not enough at all. Some very special cases do exist.

Have you heard about the Anne-Liese Michel story in Germany ? A christian young woman who never had any mad sexual life ?and who died from possession ?
Have you heard about the sufferings of the Curé D'Ars, those of Padre Pio or Marthe Robin ? who were real saints, what I am not of course.

There is what we call "sacrificial victims", I just suppose I am one of them.
The Mission which seems to be mine is to warn people who has no more faith. To prevent some people to fall into some terrible traps.

What the Church says about possession is often false : you do not need to be frightened by holy water or to speak foreign unknown languages to be possessed.
I can describe it, now, I can also provoke a mental fight from inside, which provokes weird movements from my body, but no one else has never done anything. Even the priests of that movement called, "renouveau charismatique", a real sect.
The clairvoyant who "saw" that evil force on my spine, warned me how strong it was. I do think that as long as I shall be incarnated, I shall have problems : as those entities are connected to the matter and the flesh and when you have within you a psychic/mediumnic channel, they can easily come back.

I cope with it, I, have a huge faith, but in God (an extraordinary phenomena happened 7 years, ago, I got the proof that God loved me and supported me in that challenge), not in any exorcist at all. My story is the one of a mystical case, as you have to really be mystical, which is more than simple believer, to handle with it.

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