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Divide and Conquer - The Rothschilds' Gypsy Strategy

September 3, 2009

Hungarian Harbinger?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Apart from
Freemasons, and other agents of imperialism, the Rothschilds use their fellow Jews to realize their world government tyranny.  And when anti-Semitism results, as it has in Hungary, their strategy is to manufacture an enemy to combat the "anti-Semites", in other words, divide-and-conquer.

In Hungary, Rothschild agents are inflaming the one-to-two million-strong Gypsy minority against Hungarians. It is a strategy that patriotic Americans, Canadians and Europeans should be aware of. In the future, Illegal immigrants might play the role of Gypsies.

Rothschild-controlled media in Hungary and worldwide is headlining "a wave of violence" against the Gypsies (or "Roma.") There have been six murders in nine attacks over the past year.  These have been blamed on the Nationalist "Jobbik" Party who vehemently deny involvement. They maintain that a foreign-based secret police organization is using the violence to turn Gypsies against Hungarians.

Hungarians point to Gypsy violence against Hungarians. A teacher was beaten to death in front of his two children by a group of Gypsies- he was dragged out of his car and kicked in the head 22 times; an eighty-year old lady was raped, mutilated and her body thrown into the sewer; a 14-year old girl raped and murdered; her friend robbed; a teacher beaten up at class.

The Hungarians say the Gypsies have organized powerful criminal gangs indirectly supported by the Rothschild-owned European Union. The police and the courts are not allowed to prosecute these gangs which don`t even exist officially. They not only control prostitution and the drug markets but also constantly rob and murder even poor Hungarians. The police have their hands tied by politicians who take their orders from the EU. 

Nationalists believe Rothschild globalists recently murdered Gypsy children in order to convince Gypsies they are in constant danger from the locals. Ironically, these kinds of organized false flag attacks (pogroms) is how the Illuminati bankers got Jews to work for them in the first place.


Nationalists believe globalists have another motive: to recruit Gypsies into a NATO army.

There are 15 million Gypsies in total in Europe. In order to make them join the big army,  they must see the international political organizations (EU, UN, NATO) and the various Rockefeller and Soros-like globalist civil organizations as their friends.

Any Hungarian patriotic writing, speech, blog or organization is used by the globalists to trigger fear and hate amongst the Gypsies.

Hungarian prison populations are 90% Gypsy but they don`t care since they are released quickly. Jail is a proof of manhood for them, Hungarians say. 

Hungary is a country where almost everything (politics, economy, media, entertainment, several hundred religious sects and private foundations of every sort) are in the hands of the Rothschild globalists and what is left, in the hands of Israeli Zionists.


Hungary is bankrupt and the only thing that still works is taxation. The situation in the Hungarian countryside is similar to South Africa: no public security, no jobs, penniless local governments, very low wages for those who still have a job, Swiss-level consumer prices and one of the most unrealistically high taxation systems in the world, while state services (security, health, education, etc.) are close to nil. Some Nationalists say that a civil war could  break out in the coming months.
Although Hungary is a country of only 10 million people, 14 cities have been selected for "logistical NATO bases." These bases follow the internal administrative limits of the country instead of occupying geo-strategical positions as did Soviet bases. They will be used to train new NATO soldiers, including several hundred thousand young jobless Hungarian Gypsies, the only group which the NATO can enlist in Hungary.

With all Central-European Gypsies, NATO can count on cannon-fodder of at least one million  and in 2012-2013, it may be ready to attack Russia.


Closer to home, we see this divide-and-conquer strategy at work in feminism (divide women against men); diversity (promotion of homosexuality, affirmative action) and multiculturalism (immigration, mass migrations, illegals.) If resistance to world government grows, look for violent attacks against these minorities to inflame divisions and distract attention from the real enemy.

The same applies on a global scale. I believe the Illuminati bankers control Russia, China and Iran. They organize and finance the Taliban and the war on terror. You need good guys and bad guys to distract, divide, persecute and control,  the unenlightened.

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Comments for "Divide and Conquer - The Rothschilds' Gypsy Strategy"

Marti said (September 19, 2009):

I would love to know how long before people finally wake up to this age old ploy of thesis - anti-thesis = synthesis. How many more examples do people need - how many more people need to die - how many more false flag wars will be fought before people start to wake up?? I have no doubts whatsoever, that there are traitors on both sides of this conflict between the Hungarians and Gypsies since Zionists have infiltrated so many governments around the world. Here in the States it has become so blatant that Americans are even starting to see it - praise God. I always suggest reading the Protocals because they are a blueprint and it shouldn`t take a rocket scientist to realize that they are genuine by paying attention to world events. The only differences between how they worked centuries ago and now, are new faces and new technology - everything else is the same with the same goal - world conquest.

J said (September 6, 2009):

In Hungary most people thing that the Jewish influence over the country`s economy and politics is a zionist influence but in my opinion the European globalist Jews like Rothschild and Soros have much more influence here than Israel. I wouldn`t be surprised if the European globalists were somehow pushing the zionist/Mossad influence story amongst the Hungarian nationalists in order to stay themselves behind the curtains and also to feed what they can denounce as "anti-semitism". The European Union is under Jewish influence but these are not the Zionist Jews and this is well illustrated by the nowadays` opposition between the pro-Palestinian EU and the Israeli Zionists. Soros himself is much disliked by many Zionists.

Your article on the Hungarian Gypsies is great and I hope many Hungarians will read it. Although most Hungarians would be delighted to get rid of the Gypsies through a NATO enlistment, this would not be a proper solution to the Gypsy problem since the bigger NATO is, the more chance we have it used by the Illuminati against Russia [in] another world war.

Frank said (September 5, 2009):

Interesting article, Henry.

I had relatives in Hungary long ago, and everything you say conforms to what they told me. The poverty was planned it seems to me.

About the time the Berlin Wall came down, Hungary had a negative birth rate and one of the highest mortality rates in Europe. Warsaw Pact Feminism worked just as well as the N. American version, and why is it the Anti-Abortion demonstrators haven't noticed the plunging birth rates whenever ENFORCED feminism rears its head?

Even Noam Chomsky, a dissent-industry magnate I usually have no use for, noted that Eastern Europe was NOT supposed to be a developmental show-piece; it was meant to show that "Third World" can mean Caucasians as well as Africans, Asians and so on. Noam called that one right.

Like Russia, Hungary looked with hope to the Free World -- briefly. NATO troops then did just what they aways do: They turned Hungary's young men into crooks and Hungary's young women into tarts. When the NATO flag went up, pornographers cheered: It was getting too expensive to hire young women in Belgium and California, now they had a choice!

Notice? It's the only choice the New World Order has offered anyone for a long, long time.

Laura said (September 4, 2009):

I totally agree with your conclusion; the Mexican and Muslim immigration / multiculturalism that is over running the U.S.; and the Muslim and other immigration in Europe that is causing lots of civil unrest, along with high unemployment, is a ticking time bomb for societal breakdown leading to dictatorships.

Ed said (September 4, 2009):

This article shows alot of shameful acts by the banking cartels. This is disgusting!
The Romanys or Ciganies are very skummy in that part of the area of Eastern Europe, especially Hungary and Romania. These Hungarians are suffering alot from the Rothschilds crime. No one in Hungary realises the TRUE, boss of these crimes. I'm gutted to see a race being exploited a lot of the time from the Zionists and Nazis.

This just reminds me of Arabs or Muslims being used as instruments against anti-globalists, in cases of ''terrorism''.

Both Ciganies and Hungarians are being used, to make the EU much stronger. As well as NATO. Hungarians, I don't blame them if they hate the Ciganies. At same time, those zionists are victimizing Gypsies around the world and making ciganies into criminals and laughing stocks. All the Zionists do is they just use Ciganies , just like in the Borat film. But when it comes in the Holocaust Museum in the US. Cigany exhibitions were taken out, guess when? During the early 90's! If it was not for Nazism or Communism/Zionism, white Europe would flourish and the Ciganies would assimilate and turn into educated people and Nationalist people, not into Communist crooks!

Both Hungarians and Ciganies are victims of Israel! Stop this atrocity by telling the truth about this; don't point the finger at Hungarian Nationalists or Ciganies. Point it at the Dajjalic banker Shaytan Rothschild.

May God fix this problem at once!

A said (September 4, 2009):

I am not sure but I think it was on your site that I found an article referencing a fascinating Rothschild-exposing book by Major General Count
Sperov-Chiridovich from which I got his book: " The Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand."

In any case, in this book (written in the 20's) he claims - with numerous quotations - that one of the main reasons for the Civil War was a plan to divide the US in two and give each half to a different Rothschild. When Russia moved her Navy to NYC and off the California Coast and ordered his officers to report to Lincoln and also declared war, essentially, on the UK and allied forces, the Czar swung the balance of power in favor of the North and, therefore, maintaining a unified State. There was more to it than
simply the desire to conquer and then divide, but it's also interesting that the division would go to two family members.

You might want to research this just a little because it's another example of things not being how we were taught in school - and of course the same sort of insane shenanigans are ongoing today as you keep on reporting about so well. But in this case it goes to the heart of American History and the Civil War story (like WW I and WW II and Iraq etc.) is VERY different from
what most citizens have been led to believe.

John said (September 4, 2009):

I just wanted to thank you for that article on Hungary. I am an advanced student in the Hungarian language (Europe's most difficult for English speakers to learn). I've been studying it for 3 years. It may take me another 7 till I reach fluency. I am a supporter and soon to be member of Jobbik. I am quite confident that Jobbik will pick up 20-25% of the vote in the 2010 parliamentary elections. This is going to give Budapest an enema to say the least.

The former communists of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) seem to love Gypsy crime. They only criticize those like Jobbik who criticize it. Until recently Ferenc Gyurcsany was the PM. In the communist days he was the youth director of the communist party. He's now out and care take PM Gordon Bajnai is a obvious Zionist. His first trip abroad was to Israel. Jobbik has publicized this. Recall that in June that Jobbik sent three MEP to Brussels and got 15% of the vote. I have a few friends who have had it up to here with Cigánybűnőzés Gypsy criminality. I used to think there was nothing more violence prone than the Negro americanus but I have been shown that I am wrong. I am in personal contact with the VP of Jobbik, who speaks English well. Jobbik is extremely anti Israel. Israeli leaders have made unwise quotes in the past that they are going to "take over" Hungary, Slovakia, etc. Jobbik has actually publicized and repeated the quotes of the sociopaths. Later tonight, I will be sending this article to VP Zoltán Fuzessy with my highest recommendation to read it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at