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Illuminati Use Socialism to Buy Complicity

July 7, 2011

Red-Tape.jpg"Social security, free health care, unemployment benefits, and direct welfare payments, [at the expense of the middle class] create a dependent class whose support for our critical measures can easily be made part of a package deal." (see #5 below)

"There is no proletarian, not even a Communist, movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, in the direction indicated by money, and for the time being permitted by money--and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact." --- Oswald Spengler: "Decline of the West"

Excerpt from "The Occult Technology of Power,"  which purports to be a manual used to instruct an Illuminati heir, published in 1974. Internal references suggest that it was a work of imagination based on intensive study and observation. Mostly consistent with my conclusions, I regard it as an inspired account of reality.

The danger to our system clearly is not that the "people" will spontaneously rise up and dispossess us. The "people" never initiate anything. All successful movements are led from the top, usually without the knowledge of the movement, by men like your father with vast resources and brilliant plans.

The real danger arises in the upper-middle classes. Occasionally, these people make vast fortunes through some brilliant technological innovation in their business or through the favor of local politicians that escape our influence.

Because of their ignorance of the reality of our power, however, the new rich usually fall easily into our hands. For instance, they seldom realize until too late that the dozens of loans they may owe to apparently independent banks can be called simultaneously with a mere nod from your father...

The following measures, however, are found necessary by nearly all money lords:

1. Steeply Graduated Income Tax ~ Income tax does not affect us because our money was accumulated before the tax was imposed and most of it is now safely protected in our network of tax exempt foundations. Foundation income and capital can legally be used to finance the bulk of our social, economic, literary, and even political propaganda. In a pinch it is easily diverted to illegal uses. Expensive "studies" required by our profitable economic operations can be legitimately financed through foundations.

To the middle classes, however, income tax makes life into an endless treadmill. Even the most productive find themselves unable to accumulate significant capital. They are forced into the clutches of our Central Bank entourage for injections of the inflationary credit which we are privileged to create out of nothing....

2. Business Regulation ~ When upstarts slip through our financial tentacles and tax shields, perhaps with the aid of outsiders, a second line of defense becomes vital. Licensing in the crucial area of broadcasting has proven particularly necessary. This makes serious upstart-led mass political challenge impossible. Harassment by bureaucrats armed with arbitrary and voluminous industrial safety regulations is a new and increasingly effective technique. Security registration requirements, "to protect the small investor," can cause fatal delays in an upstart's ability to raise capital on the stock market. Ecological considerations are easily perverted to stymie the plans of those who would upset the stability of our carefully planned system.

Anti-trust law, however, is our ultimate weapon. The handy doctrine of "pure and perfect" competition which we have fostered in our universities is ideally suited to convict any successful competitor, at our discretion....

3. Subsidies, Tariffs, and Foreign Aid ~ ... Foreign aid maintains our empire of foreign dictators abroad while providing guaranteed, highly profitable sales to our corporations at home base. Foreign aid should always be contingent on the purchase of goods, usually military hardware, that only our entourage of firms can provide. Few have the courage to oppose such altruistic aid to the "starving masses" of the "third world."

4. Centralization of Power ~ Real division of power between national, state, and local government is dangerous to our system. When local politicians have real autonomy, even in limited spheres, they can do much to enable upstarts to challenge our power. Our program is to bring all levels of government under our sway through such innovations as federal aid, revenue sharing, high federal taxation, and regional government.

5. Alliance with the Lower Classes ~ In order to keep our valuable regulatory machinery in place and under our control, we must have the mass support of the numerous lower classes against our vigorous, but scarce middle-class rivals. The best method is to provide the lower classes with subsidies at the expense of the middle class. This creates a mutual hatred that prevents the middle class from appealing effectively to the lower classes for support.

Social security, free health care, unemployment benefits, and direct welfare payments, while doing nothing for us directly, create a dependent class whose support for our critical measures can easily be made part of a package deal.

Please note also that the major labor unions began with our financing and are led to this day by leaders of our choosing. No one can rise to or remain at the top of a rough and tumble union without our financial backing.

In spite of their rebellious rhetoric, bought union leaders are the source of our power over the management of firms with widely held stock. Unions are the ultimate weapon for destroying otherwise invulnerable, self-financing rivals.

Further, downward flexibility of wages and prices which obtains without widespread unionization would increase the ability of the economy to survive without our aid during the economic crises we create.

Bread and circuses are as useful today as in Roman times for mobilizing the mob against our staid adversaries.

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Comments for "Illuminati Use Socialism to Buy Complicity "

Henrique said (July 7, 2011):

From my point of view, as the revolutionary movement in the West, following advice from the Frankfurt School gurus, uses "minorities" instead of "proletariat", a law or jurisdiction of "Total legal Neutrality", which for example wouldn't treat you as a special person depending on whatever you like to do with the orifices in your body or the amount of pigmentation you have in your skin ( which reduces politics to zoology, for example ) would be quite effective in breaking all the revolutionary spearheads and give us time to reconstruct our societies based on the common natural values we share. By the way, glad you're aware of Oswald Spengler, he's the best writer in Western history, in my opinion. Also take a look at this:

Paul said (July 7, 2011):

Most men would not give their wives to another man to have her sexual needs met. Yet I meet man after man, and especially Christians, who give their wives (and the rest of their family members) over to government to have their health care needs met, their educational and retirement needs met, and to a certain extent their social needs. There is no possession anymore of our family. Our families' problems are open to the hold world. We are no longer jealous of taking care of our own kin.

Socialism is the worst threat to our society and because of socialism we have feminism and homosexuality. Without socialism the gay community would most likely just disappear and so would feminism which can only survive on government debt because it is so unprofitable otherwise.

Brian said (July 7, 2011):

I remember when I was younger I couldn't get enough material to read on the Nazis, starting with Shirer's "Rise and fall of the Third Reich". Then there were all those TV productions like "World at War", etc. which continue on, ad nauseum, to this day. I find myself in that same boat of morbid fascination when reading this series of the "Occult Technology of Power". The difference of course being that this series serves as an expose to what in effect constitutes the nuts n' bolts of the "Protocols".

I'm trying to figure out who this Illuminati heir may be, and I have a guess. This came out in 1974, and say the heir being spoken to was 58 years old at the time, meaning he would have been born in 1916. David Rockefeller is 95 years old. Do you think it's him? The time-line would be about right with John D. being the grandfather.



I believe the document is based on the Rockefellers but the workshop-for-an-heir device is purely literary.


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