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Saluting Three Anti-NWO Pioneers

November 27, 2015


Tony Blizzard, 82, recalls three patriots,
all born in the 1880's. The first is Myron Fagan, an anti-Communist Jew
who was the first to expose the Council on Foreign Relations. 
The second is Paquita de Shishmareff, a White Russian aristocrat
who edited a popular edition of The Protocols of Zion under the pen name "L Fry." 
Supplying much of the information for Henry Ford's 
"The International Jew," Paquita had many
Jewish supporters who knew the Protocols were authentic.
Finally, Tony recalls the courageous Illuminati defector Edith Starr Miller
who wrote the classic exposure of the satanist NWO, "Occult Theocrasy" with Paquita.  

by Tony Blizzard

I  learned early on that all Jews do not live by the talmud. In fact, those Jews who fight the evil are the most tireless and dedicated of all.  
They know the absolute satanic evil of the agenda and what it does to the world.  

I met Myron Fagan (1887-1972) when he was a frail old man working in a hot old-time single-wide trailer, parked on a blacktop parking lot in North Hollywood with one small electric fan on his desk piled with stacks of work and research. 

In fact the trailer was pretty much one big library of precious research. He had long been blackballed in Hollywood because of his stand but was working long hours alone, in very poor health, pinching pennies to somehow get out his monthly bulletin that was so far ahead of other "patriots" that I couldn't make out the significance of what he wrote at the time, being too new in the war. 

But "Mady," who had me bring her there, knew the value of his mind, his knowledge.

Must also mention that "Mady", Paquita Louis de Shismareff, (1882-1970) when she first came from Russia with the family money, bought a mansion in NYC and used it for a half-way house for those Russians who managed to get out before being murdered. She found them a living.  Most of them arrived in steerage.  

At the same time, she had a broadsheet going with an all-women staff besides sending Cameron, editor of Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent newspaper, the information which the paper published and which eventually became Ford's "The International Jew."  Most of it written by Mady.

One day, one of the women come into her office worried and exclaimed, "There's a Jew out here who is demanding to see you." Mady told her to send him in.  

The man told Mady that he had a neighborhood business and that the rest of the businesses were also Jewish. He said that they knew there was a "hit" out on Mady, so to be careful where she went and how, but not to overly worry about it because they would not allow it to happen there.  They knew exactly what she was writing and they obviously were not in love with the Eastside Jews who were murdering Christians wholesale in the Soviet.

I have told that story to some of these deep racists and they would froth and refuse to believe it.  Their loss as far as I'm concerned. The lady and I were close friends, working together daily, for a few years. She didn't lie.  For her it would have been wasted time.


You may have forgotten that  Mady also co-authored "Occult Theocrasy" with Edith Starr Miller (1887-1933).  De Shismareff's name and co-authorship was kept silent because she had already been most viciously labeled "antisemitic" by the media powers of the time. Pequita still had several large trunks of ancient books in various languages which they had used in research which were supposed to be given to me at her death but I was not around when she died. They were probably thrown into the nearest dumpster.

The primary reason those two highly intelligent, highly educated women put together that encyclopedia of occult information was because they were incensed that Nesta Webster, in her various books, excused English Grand Lodge from the occult conspiracies.

The original publication in two volumes has a fold-out copy of Aleister Crowley's certification of appointment as National Grand Master of the O.T.O. (Gross-Orient Masonry centered in Paris) for Great Britain and Ireland, signed by Theodor Reuss at the same time that Crowley held high office in the English Grand Lodge.

There is also included documentation of the connection between English Grand Lodge and German Illuminism, plus the Societas Roseicruciana in Anglia. I have a copy of that original French publication dedicated to me in Peqita's still fine hand in her old age and after several strokes. The actual publisher, by the way, was the same Catholic publisher (R.I.S.S.) which published the original "Waters Flowing Eastward." The sizing, paper stock, cover layouts, binding, setup and type styles are identical and are companion pieces on my book shelf.

Although "Mady" (Pequita) never went into her good friend's death at age 46, she always had the highest praise for Edith Starr Miller. My own guess would be that she was murdered by someone high in those occult circles, whether her husband or another.

As an aside, that same publisher printed a ship load of "Waters" which was sent to Argentina where there was heavy interest at the time, but the ship was lost at sea without ever an explanation of how.



The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations by Myron Fagan Transcript of 1967 audio recording

Also by Tony Blizzard

Tips from a Pioneer Homeschooler
Old Man Contemplates His Dying Dog 
Repudiate this Lie of a Debt!

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Destructive Cabalist Dogma Dooms Humanity (scroll down)

Bull Market in Stocks, U$D Far From Over- Martin Armstrong

November 26, 2015

(left, market guru Martin Armstrong's theory of market cycles is attracting attention)  

I know most of you don't have a lot of excess cash
and therefore don't need to worry about where to 
invest it. But for the lucky (?) few who do, our financial
mavin Thomas Beecham gives his outlook for 2016 and 2017
based on a recent briefing from his guru, Martin Armstrong. 

by Thomas Beecham

Why did I recently pay $2,500 to attend Martin Armstrong's latest conference in Princeton, NJ? What's so special about this man?

Back in February 2013, when gold broke 1,632 the second time, I knew gold's time was done for this cycle, and I stated so. I warned your readers of what was to come. 

At the time, I searched the internet for anyone who had not only made similar predictions, but had acted upon them. After looking for about a day, the only name I found was that of Martin Armstrong. I had never heard of the man before that time.

I have been following him for over two years and his predictions are without peer. He maintains a blog and often posts three to four times a day. He regularly shares his market, political, and economic predictions and is not afraid to express his thoughts on just about any subject. 

There are topics in which we do not agree. For instance he believes that things come together in an random sort of way, and as a result of cycles. He refuses to see the Real Conspiracy for world government, and he regularly discounts any talk of it. He often discusses the need for some sort of "direct democracy" as a solution to many of the world's problems. But it has been our "controlled-outcome" democracy that has led us to the present impasse. In other words, he gives people too much credit for being able to solve society's woes.

Although the mainstream media rarely mentions his name, the controlled alternative media have picked up on his work and growing popularity. However, they erroneously use his work on cycles to make the same pre-determined conclusions about all sorts of things, like economic collapse, the rapture, world war III, etc, as if their garbage will hold more credence if they add an Armstrong spin to the mix. 


I agreed to write this article about his macro predictions, because he really didn't say anything new at the conference. Much of what he covered during the weekend outing was already discussed in his blog and on his interviews. I left a little disappointed, but was glad I attended because it gave me a "multidimensional" view to his work and findings. I will gladly attend next year too. Plus, I hope this article helps to clarify his work, so that those listening to the alternative media do not get Armstrong disinfo on shows like Alex Jones, etc.

So, here's my take of what was discussed:

Gold - He timed the high in 2011, which was spot on. He said that gold is to bottom out as soon as next year with next year's closing low being the lowest year-end close in the cycle. He said the actual low could be in first half of 2017, but that 2017s closing low will be higher than 2016s closing low. Says lows could be at 950 or 875, or 690. Silver's nadir could be as low as $9. But with cycles, it's all about timing, not prices.

He is very bullish after this timeframe, into 2020-2021.

My take - I agree....

Real estate - In 2009 he timed the low as being 2011-12. with an echo bubble into 2015. So far he is correct. I read his 2009 paper, written while he was in prison. He currently says 2015 is the cycle high, but that rental properties will be fine as rents are supported. He says to finance for as long a duration as possible to get cheap paper (i.e. 30 year mortgages). He states that the highs are in REAL terms, not nominal terms. So prices could continue to rise or stabilize, but not rise as fast as other markets (or any upcoming inflation) over the next several years. The magnitude of underperformance depends on local government's desperation to raise tax revenue, which he says could cause liquidity problems, especially on the higher end.

My take - I kind of agree as I think the cycle high could be pushed out further to next year or first half 2017.

Stocks - In June 2011 he said sell gold and buy stocks. Nobody else said that.  Certainly not me. He says a phase transition into a final blowoff top in stocks is likely timing into mid-2017, but as always does not offer a definitive price level. He did say that depending on the circumstances at each inflection point, Dow 23k-40k as actual high likely.

My take - That is very bullish. Much more bullish than I am. He has been talking about a phase transition as far back as 2013. That has not occurred, but at the same time the Dow is up 2,000 points since. It is up much more when translated into other currencies. His reasoning is that as investors leave sovereign debt in increasing size they will place these funds into private investments, with stocks being the primary beneficiary.

His thesis is very novel and unique. However, it makes a lot of sense.

US Dollar - Another very bullish prediction. He says that the dollar will be so strong that it will cause the world's central banks to come together and offer a global solution. His estimates are for the USDX to rise to over 120. Currently at 99. At the dollar low in 2008 it was about 72. If this happens there will be tremendous monetary system problems.


Commodities - Stay away, especially as rates in the US rise and are dollar supportive. Mining and commodity stocks could really suffer for the next couple years.

My take - I agree

This provides a very broad framework from which to figure out how to position yourself over the next several years. He definitely has my seal of approval, which is based solely on his results. 

That is it for now.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Bull Market in Stocks, U$D Far From Over- Martin Armstrong "

Gary said (November 28, 2015):

Hi Henry, regarding Thomas's article about the Martin Armstrong lecture. Martin used to write impressive hand written posts whilst in prison. He was usually gold bullish. However, his cycles analysis always tended to allow for rather cryptic interpretations. I believe he was allowed his freedom from prison by cutting a deal to become a disinformation agent. Isn't this how things work when "Gurus" have large followings?

Gold in in fact provably manipulated downwards in USD terms on the Comex futures market. This is in order to keep the illusion of USD value/hegemony/power. Gold and Silver are naturally occurring (gifts from God) true money and the antithesis of the fiat currencies. The only trouble with manipulating prices lower is the eventual emptying of all western vaults and above ground supply. It won't matter what Kitco price is reported when you won't be able to purchase at any price. Bye bye currencies when this happens.

Precious metals must be suppressed otherwise our fiat currencies become worthless pieces of paper.

Robert K said (November 27, 2015):

How sad it is that people are still looking for ways to make a fast buck for themselves instead of trying to understand the implications of modern productive methods and promoting the adoption of financial measures that will ensure that their benefits are conveyed to all. The financial system (including the stock and commodity markets, etc.) is at bottom a racket designed to distract us from the fantastic technological heritage we all (should) have and to keep us in conflict with our neighbours, near and far, in a struggle to get a portion of "scarce economic resources". All that there is a chronic shortage of, except when it comes to installing domestic surveillance and waging war, is money, which at its source is nothing more than made-up numbers; i.e., a pure abstraction. That this situation goes essentially unchallenged is a measure of the madness to which society can be reduced by relentless propaganda in the media and in the curriculum of state-imposed "education".

This, as the Tesla spokesman says, is the future:

Unfortunately there is currently no financial provision for ensuring that consumers will have the financial wherewithal to pay for the output.

David said (November 27, 2015):

Henry, the really gifted, prescient economic forecasters are the ones who make their predictions before events bear them out. Perhaps Armstrong is one of them. I have only known a handful in my lifetime.

What I found ominous about Beecham's report was the world's central banks will "come together and offer a global solution" to the next economic crisis. These crises are engineered by central banks to begin with, since the ultimate insider traders run them.

Their foreknowledge allows them to snatch up all the hard assets the little investors sell off to raise cash once the economy stalls. That sounded like the endgame the NWO is gunning for: merge all the private central banks into one global authority that will turn the planet into one vast slave colony overseered by the 1%.

Tony E said (November 27, 2015):

I'm no guru and my portfolio reflects my lack of financial savvy,.

As far as cycles, Perhaps Armstrong would be correct in a correct world, However, there are external factors that can turn a cycle on it's head, such as a major world war. History proves this and until Armstrong can factor in cycles of war, he is as clueless as the rest of us. The stage is certainly being set for such an event as the wealth & power is currently being transferred to the East. gold much like the 'Old Tally Stick" is an accounting of a nations wealth and we in the West have empty vaults.

The illuminists are perhaps behind schedule, but we must not underestimate them, they are a persistent group of megalomaniacs hell bent on world domination & control via the issuance of currency based on the labor of us chattel.

Tony B said (November 27, 2015):

This kind of hang up on money has ALWAYS made me tired and I do everything to avoid it because it rubs me as an expression of greed.

I have long known that the value of money is set by the criminal banker creators of it and that they manipulate the market to suit themselves for THEIR profit. Thus, what people call "cycles." I don't follow them and I don't care.

What I do care about is that enough people get mad enough to FORCE honest money on one country somewhere in such a way that all the rest see the folly of trying to get rich by borrowing at usury from crooks. Or worse, by this "market" following of trying to profit without effort off some poor slob's work halfway around the world, someone who likely doesn't have enough to eat or get sufficient rest.

If real money, spent or given into circulation at no cost to the user, should be FORCED on one nation, in a relatively short time, every last family, world wide, would be able to have a decent life instead of a tiny percentage grabbing most all wealth through usury, because the rest of the nations would then see the insanity of the Rothschild scam under which the world lives.

Below - Carrot, Stick & Blackmail- How the System Works (scroll down)

Destructive Cabalist Dogma Dooms Humanity

November 25, 2015

isiscartoon.jpg(left, ISIS, latest Illuminati masterpiece)

Why do the Illuminati start wars ?
As Cabalists (Freemasons,) they are determined to 
destroy the social order as a precursor to establishing a world
Communist dictatorship.  Essentially, Cabalists need to turn the world
 upside down so that Satan can be on top. 

All wars are designed to enslave and kill the feckless goyim 
who willingly embrace the role of traitors or dupes

(Revised from Sept 24, 2012) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

The Cabalist Doctrine of Destruction provides a key to understanding world events.

According to the Cabala, which is the secret doctrine of Judaism and Freemasonry, "Evil and catastrophe [are] endemic factors in the process of creation. Without evil there could be no good, without destruction, creation could not take place." (Kabbalah: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism, by Byron L. Sherwin, p. 72.)

Cabalists believe the Old (Christian) Order must be ruthlessly destroyed before the New (Satanic) World Order, based on the Kabbalah, can be built.

Hence, the Illuminati motto: "Order Out of Chaos." Hence, the Communist Manifesto advocates the destruction of nation, religion and family and the transfer of all private wealth to the Illuminati bankers, in the guise of the state. 

The Doctrine of Destruction explains why war and revolution have been characterized by gratuitous genocide, terror and destruction.

It explains the banishment of God from public discourse and the widespread acceptance of obscenity, pornography and the occult. It explains the attack on gender and the promotion of homosexuality to heterosexuals.  It explains the spate of false flag terror that is a hallmark of modern life. 

It explains why humanity seems cursed by never-ending crises and catastrophes. They are engineered by the Illuminati to attack and destroy anything that smacks of the healthy divine order -- spiritual or natural.


The present day Illuminati grew out of the satanic "Sabbatean-Frankist" Jewish heresy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The bankers and half the Jews of Europe adopted this pestilence and spread it to the Gentile elites through Freemasonry.

Thus, Illuminati Jews characterize the "Jewish" role in terms of the destruction of civilization.

For example, in the book "You Gentiles" (1924) Maurice Samuel writes:

"In everything, we are destroyers--even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief...We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own."  (p. 155)

In 1928, Marcus Ravage, a Jewish Rothschild biographer wrote an essay entitled, "The Real Case Against the Jews."

 "You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it."

(THE CENTURY MAGAZINE, JANUARY 1928, Vol. 115, No. 3, pp. 346-350.)

Most Jews (and liberals/leftists in general) are unaware of this cabalistic plot. They have been duped by spurious appeals to ideals of "social justice" and "equality."  


Religio means "to go within" i.e. "to know and obey" God. In any true religion, God comprises absolute spiritual ideals -- love, truth, justice, goodness, beauty, harmony -- pure and unalloyed. God is nothing if not Moral - i.e. Good.

Evil is the absence of God, just as darkness is the absence of light.

The Cabala is satanic because it says God is unknowable and has no form. 

"To the Cabalist, God is an infinite Sea of Being (En Sof) without any limit; hence without any qualities, without desire or will of any kind. He is totally incomprehensible. " (Jacob Angus, The Meaning of Jewish History (1963) p. 286. 

In fact, God is perfection, the form necessary for human evolution. Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. (Mathew 5-48) 

True religion assumes God is present in the human soul. Obeying this voice, conscience, is what makes us human. 

Anyone who denies the existence of God is a Satanist, not an atheist. 

The Cabala is satanic because it says evil is part of God: "God has two sides; [both] are essentially one thing; what we experience as evil is as Divine as what we experience as good."

Hence the expression gaining currency today: "It's all good."

The Cabalist exegesis continues

"Many texts in the Kabbalah, including the Zohar, say that the task is not to destroy evil but to return it to its source -- to "include the left within the right," in the Zoharic metaphor, "to uplift the fallen sparks" in the Lurianic one. In Chabad Hasidism, it is stated that evil exists as part of the Divine revelation itself. Indeed, to think that evil really is separate from God is, itself, the essence of evil, which is precisely the illusion of separation."

"Letting go of the reality of separate evil, and really accepting that the sitra achra [impurity, occult, evil] is a side of Divinity, is easy on paper and very difficult in reality. ... Still, to the extent it is possible to do so, the notion is indeed life-changing. Everything is a flavor of Divinity."

Cabalists also believe in "redemption through sin" i.e. deliberately flaunting the Old Law by doing evil (adultery, incest, pedophilia.) The  destruction of civilization (i.e. chaos)  will provoke the return of the Messiah (the anti-Christ) who will rebuild the world according to Kabbalist specifications, with the Illuminati bankers playing God.

This is all Satanism. God is inherently good. In a true religion, you do not obey God by doing evil, or by pretending evil is part of God.   


Call it illuminism, secularism, luciferianism, humanism, paganism or the occult: It's all Cabalah.  

Modern Western civilization has no moral legitimacy (and no future) because it is based on a rebellion against God, who represents the path of our spiritual development.  

Humanity had been hijacked by psychopaths intent on destroying the "old order" and building a bizarre, solipsistic, violent, depraved dystopia in its place.

These psychopaths control our government's credit and the mass media. Thus, they are able to purchase our leaders and dupe society into embracing its own downfall.


Related - David Livingstone - Cabalist "Creative Destruction" Behind Syrian War

Makow - Meditation on the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

 "Liberals are Unwitting Shills for Communism, Satanism"

Zionists Take Credit for Iraq War

The Kabbala is a Hoax

Livingstone- The NWO's Satanic Bible


First Comment from Dan:

The Kabbalah paradigm permeates our lives, so it's useful to know a bit about it.   We're not talking about the cult in L.A. that Madonna plays around with.

I think you encapsulated it very well a while back when you summed up Kabbalistic thought as "saying is believing " instead of "seeing is believing."   That's the part that's been introduced into the way we think today.  That's the hook, since it's very tempting to think "I can create reality to suit my own desires". 

Some will remember "The Secret" video that came out of nowhere in 2006. The word Kabbalah isn't mentioned once in "The Secret" but it's an intro to Kabbalistic thinking. 

Then there is the "Luciferic Initiation" that the New Age Theosophist David Spangler talked about in the 1970's.  I've got news - everybody that watched television and movies growing up, that read comic books, that listened to rock music or pop music whatever it is, even those who played with Barbie Dolls has been through Spangler's Luciferic Initiation. 

 I'll make it simple; when one has no qualms to do evil for (what they think is) a "greater good",  congratulations - you're initiated.  This is why Americans who go to church and pray to God have no qualms about bombing people into the stone age on the other side of the world.  Or the feminist social worker who talks reluctant teenage girls into getting abortions.

I prefer the Didache (the Teaching), the 1st century seven-page document that's probably the closest thing to real Christianity that we have. It begins, \
"There are two ways, one of life and one of death, and there is a great difference between the two ways."    The Didache is unambiguous.  It says emphatically that we know the difference between good and evil, and when you encounter those who make good and evil ambiguous, rebuke them and walk away.

Truther Girls go to the Kabballah seminar

ps. Indeed.   I grew up on 1950's tv shows that were pure Zohar.  Like Superman, Paladin, "Checkmate", Route 66(6), and Perry MASON".
Not to mention all those Barbie doll commercials.

The source of Kabbalah saturation of the culture was the network of Freemasonry  which was very strong after WW II.



You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Destructive Cabalist Dogma Dooms Humanity "

Larry said (November 27, 2015):

Henry, we couldn't help but wonder, what is the name of the personal God you pray to?

And if you don't pray and your God doesn't have a name, wouldn't that be no-thing-ness (En Sof)?

Can't you read Larry?

I equate God with spiritual ideals.


Peter said (November 26, 2015):

I gave up the stupid TV over 5 years ago when I could no longer stand the nonsense from the shows and the newscasters.

Your article today filled in a lot of holes that interfered with my ability to maintain Common Sense, Common Decency, etc. I was 51 years old before I actually got a Bible. However, the source was the wrong one forcing me down the wrong lane for quite a while before I “woke up” and found a better, more reliable way to deal with the world.

Then, of course, I had more light & dark crashes due to other people who didn’t seem to care when I had questions they didn’t want to deal with. It was still later before I found out that they regarded me as “politically incorrect.” Little did I know that I was being enslaved and the brainwashing was not doing its job for THEM.

Today, I am still navigating, but the article has filled a lot of those holes and my ability to “see straight” will be improved.

R said (November 26, 2015):

Morning Star, he brings false light, His only gift is endless night.

To hell with him.

To our Blessed Mother we implore that As foretold, She will crush the serpent.

The horrors that began in World War One

And on to number Two - Work of Freemasons and the Dreadful Few.

Will end now.

Venomously, the Bolsheviks to Frankfurt went to start a New World Order school.

Now their scorpions of the mind destroy,

The hapless, trusting Gentile-Goy.

Oh six million Talmudic phantoms

From 9/11 on, how you loosed your bombs

Another War, another feud - behind each ruse, a Zio-Jüde

From Khazaria to Syria, The Synagogue of Satan schemes and plots

With traitors and the Al-Saud lot.

But King Solomon’s temple will never be Rebuilt in the Holy City.

Europa now besieged and Rome itself.

Invaders swarm by land and sea

A Pharisaic plot against Christianity?

From East and West, North and South, With blessed Russia, we’ll face this test

Da Pacem Domine, for sake of all humanity.

Good Christian folk (and others too), Together we must see this through.

To prayer, to pen and mighty sword Freemen and patriots must now unite.

To end blood sacrifice and Satanic strife,

Love the Logos and choose Life.

Marco A said (November 26, 2015):

Henry, I think you are absolutely right when you write, "Anyone who denies the existence of God is a Satanist, not an atheist." When you deny God exists, you also deny God's "absolute spiritual ideals -- love, truth, justice, goodness, beauty, harmony -- pure and unalloyed."

This is common these days though, the world is full of these nihilistic God-haters.

I've recently done a few jobs for private customers who were obvious atheists. Sometimes its as easy as observing the complete lack of fire in their eyes to determine their religious beliefs (science and ego worship), and hearing them speak to determine their political views (emasculated/ snobby = leftist).
Yet, what is disturbing is that there is a common theme in their homes that I am finding - which is a mockery of God. I keep finding bobble-head Jesus's, sock puppet Jesus's, etc.
And in typical leftist fashion, the snotty Charles Dawkin's-like anti-religion books are not far away, maybe coupled with a few psychology books (because all these people are sick, maybe they try to heal themselves with endless psychology reading).
If this isn't Satanic I don't know what is. This isn't a disbelief in God, this is a cowardly rebellion against God. Out of all the things to mock, 'atheists' choose Jesus? The Son of God who died to show He loved us? What sad degenerates.

Also, they mock the One who is loved intimately and dearly by many devout people all over the world in a way which words cant describe, and they do it with a smugness and self-righteousness that lacks any scruple.
People have literally lost their souls.

Mariel said (September 25, 2012):

If today's thoughts by you (and others) are correct, then we need a guide to tell us what IS the right. Where is this guide?
I see no specific pointer to the right way. Is there a church, or other teaching body, which provides it? If we are to avoid the evil,
where do we find the teaching on what is good? People need more than being told Kabala and masonry and what they represent are evil.

They need the right way pointed out.



Can't people figure out the difference between right and wrong?
If not, I'll tell them. After all, I did invent more than 1200 moral dilemmas!


BILL said (September 25, 2012):

This is it! Bob Proctor and a host of teachers are spreading this heresy. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. Og Mandino. What about the Landmark Education movement? So many "churches" like the Crystal Cathedral. It's all positive mental attitude stuff. Or Unity - don't look outward, look inward for God. You are God....

So many words and promises - yet no action, no fulfillment. These people are con men, liars and thieves. Actions speak louder than words. Seeing is believing.

Peter said (September 25, 2012):

Henry you have surpassed yourself with this post.

Touching on so many notable themes you have successfully described the quandary of consciousness and man.

The true nature of good and evil are only devined fully on an individual basis and introvertedly via meditation.

Those who contend they are doing the world a favor by promoting war and chaos have missed the boat in many ways and are a long way from realizing their folly.

I recommend yoga nidra for those wishing to
develop their understanding further.

Jerry said (September 25, 2012):

In my own studies, I have discovered that the Kabbalah originated with Cain and his posterity. Cain was the first human murderer who murdered his brother because he was more righteous than him. Cain built a city and named it after his son Enoch. This means that he was the first mason. Enoch means to initiate, so Cain originated the doctrine of freemasonry into which one has to be "initiated." The book of Jude laments, Woe unto them! for they have gone the way of Cain. His posterity, Tubal Cain was an artificer of things in brass and iron, implements of war. The Freemasonry dictionaries reveal that Tubal Cain became the Roman god Vulcan who was in a trinitarian relationship with Jupiter, and Hesus.

Disillusioned with the Church by Marco

November 24, 2015


Disillusioned with The Church 

Marco, 24, was born a Catholic, and attended
church regularly until last year. Here he describes
his visceral reaction against the church. 

"This above all: to thine own self be true." Shakespeare 

By Marco 

I don't believe that the Catholic Church as we know it will play any positive role in the future of mankind. Not now that is has been subverted by Masonry, and not even were it to acquire its traditional authority again. 

I don't go to Church anymore, because I come home worse off than before I left. No one holds onto the light of faith, the priests sermons are uninspiring, and the old building seems ghoulish and dead without any life in it.

 It is said God dwells in the tabernacle there, but I don't see Him. 

For years now, Church has brought terror to my spirit like nothing I wish to describe at the moment.
Indeed, instead of a visitation to God, I felt like I was delving into darkness instead of light. The priests largely wear black, and much of the rituals, symbols and art are disconcerting and strange. 

I used to have a desire to be a monk in order to heal my spirit and escape the materialistic world, and even pursued it somewhat in the past, but now I cant even go near a Church without feeling crushed in spirit. How is that? Instead of giving me solace from the world, I suffer a new spiritual battering. 

I don't believe the Masonic powers have attacked the Church solely because they saw in it goodness they hated. Instead I believe they attacked the Church more simply in order to subvert power away from her and into their hands instead. A regime change of sorts.

I don't believe the Catholic Church has any profit to man anymore. Instead of lifting up man it puts him down and instead of inspiring it crushes his spirit. 

Catholic doctrine espouses obedience as the ultimate virtue, "We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides." St. Loyola

Yet, in obedience a man subjects himself to the control of another, and in the case of Catholic obedience, this is the subjecting of his mind and soul in the trust that it is for his own good. This is a recipe for the ultimate slavery, possibly only a far off dream by the current Masonic rulers of the World. Indeed, perhaps they are trying to replicate the old Roman servitude. 

Because what is a man other than his ability to perceive and think for himself (i.e. his mind and soul)? Take these away you destroy the man, you even destroy the animal instinct, you are left with an empty shell to manipulate.


Tony B Comments:

Marco's attack on Catholicism is explained by his age.  He never knew Catholicism, having grown up in V2, a pretense of Catholicism, another breakaway protestant sect in essence.

Apparently he has not even become aware that Christ told his followers that the Church will remain until the end of time, an indication that, once again, the present subversion of it will not last.  In fact, there are rumblings to the effect of an insider counter offensive against the present subversion already filtering out from Vatican sources.  Today's "non-pope" is not as popular as the kept media would have it.  

The real war is spiritual, not worldly.  Marco seems to be unaware of that fact.

Helen comments:

I am sad that Marco was so poorly cathechized, even in a Catholic school setting.  I was raised in the church before Vatican II.  We were taught by religious sisters  Visits to the classroom by the parish priest elicited our respect and best behaviour.  Mass was the highest celebration of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us, his beloved children.  The first thing I learned in school were the answers to the questions from the Baltimore Catechism: Who made us? Who is God?  Why did God make us?  I memorized the answers and can recite them to this day.  My children, on the other hand, were not taught the Catholic Catechism; rather, their "religious" education was drawn from the Fully Alive series (in Ontario, Canada).  Fully Alive is a watered down bunch of nothing.  

Mass is still the highest celebration of Christ's sacrifice, His body and His blood are given us in the Mass.  The last few generations raised without proper formation in the faith don't  seem to know it.  And sadly, there are forces in the Church which would have earthly concerns (youth unemployment and loneliness in old age, for instance) more pressing than the salvation of souls.  So sad.  Marco, obedience to the Truth is freedom, not slavery.  And, for your information, the three theological virtues are faith, hope and charity.  

Who made us?  God made us.
Who is God?  God is the Supreme Being and Creator of all things.
Why did God make us? God made us to show His goodness and to share with us His everlasting happiness in Heaven.  

The Catholic faith carries the truth.  It is worth studying.  Salvation of one's soul is the aim of the Catholic Church, no more, no less.

The Bible is NOT "The Word of God." by AG

November 22, 2015

The Bible is NOT "The Word of God." BY AG

The 'WORD' of God is not a book. Do people think that before there was even a sun, moon or stars, this book was flying in the Cosmos? The Word of God EXISTS but it is not a book, it cannot be written, spoken or heard by man --it can only be obtained through direct revelation. If you wish to truly search for the 'word' of God,' do so within. Search for the living Word of God which is, where Jesus told us it is, WITHIN US.

The Word of God is what Saint John tells us clearly it is, without any obscurity. I do not understand who started this business of the 'book being the Word of God' - in that book, there are God inspired writings, writings added by Esdras a Jewish rabbi because of social and political interest of the Jews, and the Gospels that relate the 'words of God when He walked this earth, but are not THE WORD ITSELF.

People must uplift their understanding and read well the quotes of Saint John, who was not talking about a book. He was clearly talking of the Primordial Being, the First Movement of God who Is, Was and Will Always BE, the Christ Himself who incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth to show us the way to our own divinity and to teach us how to sanctify ourselves through UNION WITH HIM. John 1:1.

For goodness sake, The Old Testament has Jehovah (The God of the Jews, Satan) telling people to slay the heads of children and to rape and steal. The Old Testament is a mixture of the Jewish God Jehovah, and Elohim, The Father of Jesus.

Jesus did indeed teach us not to judge because only God knows the heart, and only God knows the intention. 

Yes, judge righteously so people aren't raping and murdering at will in our society, but this business of staying away from those who error, or aren't living a so-called "good" Christian life (according to whom?) completely contradicts how Jesus lived. His disciples were murderers and prostitutes. Paul used to slay people's heads. Dismas was a murderer and a thief, and Mary Magdalene was a prostitute who was said to have been possessed by seven demons before she was transformed by her love of Jesus and He then made her His most revered disciple.

"Good" means God-like. A true Christian needs to be careful who they judge as "good" or "bad" and worthy of their time, or worthy to hang around. People think Satan is something with a tail in hell. Jesus was very clear when He taught that Satan is within each and every human being. Evil and Good exists inside each person. Satan is the Father of the ego-self, and the ego-self exists in each person. When Jesus taught, "deliver us from our enemies" in The Our Father prayer, He meant deliver us from our enemy WITHIN our own self. Our ego is our enemy, and people have mistaken the ego as meaning "pride." The human ego is anything to do with self --which can mean emotional upset like "I can't get what I want" or "I am a failure." The human ego is silence about injustice in order to be liked or to not be fired, ignoring a dog running loose on the street for self-convenience, jealously, anger, self-righteousness, and fear. 

If you read the bible, stick to the words of Jesus in the Four Gospels, it's all anyone needs.

Wynne Taking Kickbacks from Ontario Teachers

November 16, 2015

Wynne Taking Kickbacks from Ontario Teachers

Over the past decade, the Ontario Teachers Union has given the Ontario Liberal Party $800K and spend $6.5 million on attack ads against the Ontario Conservative Party. In return, the Liberal government has given the teacher's Union $6.5 million including $2.5 million in 2015 alone.

Ottawa    For Immediate Release                                                    November 16, 2015
Real Women of Canada Accuses Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne of Corruption

Corruption infers a blatant disregard for honesty and ethics or principles.  This accurately describes the behaviour of Ontario Premier Wynne.
She has a tin ear for the public's concern about her decisions. These include, among other questionable ones, the sordid business in the Sudbury by-election last December; the sale of Hydro One; and the anguished concerns of many parents over her disreputable sex-education curriculum.
There is a reason why Ms. Wynne remains serene about any political fall-out. She has an incestuous relationship with the 100,000 strong members of the teachers' unions in the province which are providing her with political protection.
The teachers' unions have poured $800,000 directly into the Liberal party's coffers over the past decade.
Members of the teachers' unions are pressured to vote for the Liberals during an election and also indoctrinate the students to do so.

The teachers' unions have spent $6.5 million in the previous three provincial elections for vicious attack ads against the Progressive Conservative Party, the Liberals' main political opponent.

In return the Liberal government:

Over the past ten years, Ontario has paid close to $66 million to the Ontario teachers' unions for undisclosed reasons, according to Ontario Public Accounts.

Provided teachers' unions with rich pay raises, special treatment and secret benefits.  In the 2015 negotiations, the Liberals gave $2.5 million secretly to the unions for their collective bargaining costs without demanding receipts.

The lack of necessity for receipts was subsequently reversed under pressure when this secret payment was disclosed by the media.  Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act reveal that the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) has a $65 million reserve to be used for collective bargaining purposes, no longer needed due to the Liberals' generous payouts.

This cozy relationship between Ms. Wynne and the Ontario teachers' unions has been carefully kept from public view until now.

Clearly, the Liberals will do or say anything to protect their self-serving relationship with the teachers' unions.  With the unions' support, Ms. Wynne is free to do anything she wishes, secure in the knowledge that the teachers' unions' vicious ads will protect her fully in the next election and return her to power regardless of her corrupt behaviour.

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