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Below- Mom Takes on Lesbians and Wins (scroll down)

Migchels - The Matrix is Made of Money

December 21, 2014

Monetary reformer Anthony Migchels endorses
two new documentaries available on YouTube
saying "they certainly widened my horizons."
Understanding how we are controlled is necessary
to breaking free.

by Anthony Migchels
Two Brilliant Films
(abridged by

Two new films perfectly expose how the financial system dominates the globe by centralizing wealth and power through Usury, the manipulation of money, and credit allocation.

They prove history is not a matter of competing nation states, but of a shadowy elite that rules the world through control of money. We are indeed slaves and the Matrix owns us, lock, stock and barrel.

Understanding how it all came about is impossible without a basic grasp of how their control of money governs our lives.

globalpyramid1.jpg(left. The pyramid of power)

These two films, 'Renaissance 2.0 - Financial Empire' and 'Princes of the Yen, Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy' paint a crystal clear picture of the main issues.
They certainly widened my horizons.

The first focusses on the effects of Usury, the second on how Central Banks create booms and busts. It also explains in simple and direct terms what power there is in credit allocation.

This film was created by Damon Vrabel. Here's an interesting article by him on Usury. His basic take is very sound, focussing on its exponential nature:

"The exponential math not only creates exponential debt growth, but also exponentially increasing:

    Scale - government and businesses keep getting bigger; we get smaller and local communities lose their meaning

    Velocity - the hamster wheel keeps spinning faster; human life suffers

    Consumption - we buy more and more things that break more quickly

    Production - we make more and more things that break more quickly

    Inflation - the dollar buys less and less; we can't seem to make progress

None of these things have to happen in an economic system. They only happen in ours because of debt-based money, usury, that greatly benefits the top of the pyramid while everyone else suffers according to their level in the pyramid.

So this system is guaranteed to fail due to not only the impossible math, but also the fundamental immorality. Taken together those five issues paint a horrible picture."

The film is basically a presentation he put together. It's well done, with clear cut visuals that center around the pyramid of power. It greatly helps to keep this picture in mind always. It's simply the nature of power and it's behind all their schemes, from Libertarianism to Marxism.

vrabel.jpgVrabel points at the two tier society that is automatic with Usury. He discusses many interesting dynamics of the monetary system, pointing at the different implications for those in their respective layers of the pyramid. For instance how cost for capital rises when you go lower into the pyramid.

Another great feature is his critique of 'modern economics'. He makes a solid case, showing once more how ridiculous it all really is. It's very important. We must rid ourselves of the heinous nonsense that they pay their academics to produce. It's all nonsense, existing only to explain why we must be in bondage.

Whole article and discussion of the second film appear here

Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on monetary reform on his blog Real Currencies.


How Usury Encloses The Commons
Banking Is Institutionalized Murder!
Capitalism Is Jewish Usury
Rationalizing Usury: the Time Value Hoax
Derivatives, Or: How The Money Power Created The Greatest Depression
The Goal of Monetary Reform
Understand that the Banking System is One
The Silly Pseudo Science that is 'Modern Economics'

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

BELOW -Cuba Recognition Signals Marxist Hemospheric Trend - (scroll down)

Mom Takes On Lesbians and Wins!

December 20, 2014

lesbiancouple.jpg(left, not Sam and Ronnie)

Diane proves we don't
have to accept
inappropriate behavior
from minorities sponsored
by Illuminati social engineers.

"All of a sudden, right there in the classroom, they began kissing passionately, and the more masculine mom was groping the other mom's buttocks."

by Diane

I am a stay at home mom, raising three boys.

I was very excited to join a Japanese-style  math program in my neighborhood. Similar to Kumon, it is a very popular method for kids to get an edge on math in their early years. 

The first day of the program attracted only three students: my boys Paul and Michael, and a beautiful little girl named Anastasia. She was dressed in very expensive clothes and was just adorable.

When Anastasia's "parents" walked into the classroom, I realized they were a very masculine woman (short, spikey hair) and a very beautiful feminine woman.  No biggie--I live on the Left Coast.  They introduced themselves as Sam and Ronnie--I thought that was funny and sweet.

As the class began, the more masculine woman, Sam took out a camera and began filming Anastasia's every move.  I was thinking--geez--it's just a math class; she is not graduating from Harvard today. 


The lesson involved competing in a math drill; my boys were a bit disoriented.  Anastasia was all over it, doing great, and Sam began cheering, "That's it, Ana--beat those boys--show them who is smarter--go get 'em!"

It was like we were not even there. In between her cheering she would take more and more photos. 

The two women were holding hands intermittently and kissing--between photography and cheering Ana on. The more feminine, and very attractive mom, Ronnie, told her, "Get your girl power on--go for it!"

I was proud of Anastasia. But I thought the young teacher should hold off on the drilling until the kids got to know each other a bit, because friendly competition means you need to be friends first and have a comfort zone. But the teacher was young and not attuned to the kids' feelings on the very first day. She was performing for us parents.

Anastasia - getting most of the correct answers--kept asking the teacher if she could get some water. The teacher finally turned to the parents and said, "She can't keep getting water."

The more feminine mom said boldly, "Oh, that Ana, she is so into expressing her independence and that is why she does that." I kept noticing the stress they were putting this little girl under. It was just a little math class, and she was being watched and photographed the entire time. She needed to relieve the stress. 


During a break, my son Paul, 7, said, "Can we play a game where we don't compete, Its making me feel bad."

 The more masculine mom burst out laughing ! I could not believe her reaction. Here I was feeling so proud of him for sticking up for himself, and she just laughed.  The teacher agreed to start a new game. After that, they all had a lot more fun. And all three wre able to show cooperation and kindness.

ana.jpg(left, not Ana)

As the kids got more relaxed, I made some small talk with the moms. I complimented them on how adorable and outgoing Ana was, and the more feminine Mom said, "She gets the great looks from her Nordic sperm donor and her outgoing personality from me." 

I said I appreciated their eagerness to photograph their daughter, but please do not use any photos of my kids on social media, and do not photograph them--as I was very private about that.

They got a little bent out of shape at me, and the teacher said the rest of the class could be without parents.  All of a sudden, right there in the classroom, they began kissing passionately, and the more masculine mom was groping the other mom's buttocks.  Ronnie looked at me and said, "Well, we will find something really good to do in the next half hour." My son glared at her, and looked at me in a very confused way.

Sam was trying so hard to look like a male, chinos and men's sweater, but the facial features and large hips were unmistakable. I was not sure if my sons would know if she was a woman or not. Either way, their French kissing and groping in front of my kids was unacceptable. I would be mortified either way--if a straight couple or a gay couple did this.


The next day, I talked to the school's owner. She was absolutely horrified--had to sit down in her chair-- when I told her about the sexual display in front of children. She was also concerned about the photograpy. She said she would not allow them in the same class as my boys.

I never saw them again at the school. There are different policies now. This story is not a comment on sexual preference, but about unacceptable behavior that people are supposed to just accept.

I saw Ana and her family again at the mall, and wouldn't you know it, Sam had her camera and was photographing Ana playing with a holiday display. The poor little girl has a 24/7 paparazzi! 

I admit I hid behind the display to avoid them!

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Makow - Hollywood Hypes lesbian Jewish Parable

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Mom Takes On Lesbians and Wins!"

Nathan said (December 21, 2014):

Also wanted to comment on the articles from the last couple of days. Such a sad and unfortunate situation the little girl is faced with. Her exhibitionist lesbian guardians feel it is their duty to enforce uncomfortable and inappropriate situations. Like rebellious teenagers or a coven of witches, they get a sick kick out of imposing their will on people. The concern is not trying to raise a happy, healthy and well-adjusted child; the child is an accessory and the 'parenting-style' a gigantic 'fuck you' to everyone out here trying to raise normal kids. Glad that this mother took a stand; I think it is appropriate the way she handled it, rather than being confrontational and making things even more stressful for the children.

James T said (December 21, 2014):

It is good that the mother complained and manged to get that source of corruption removed, but there is likely another problem under the surface here, for one the constant photography of the little girl by the sorrowfully corrupted women is unusual in the context described, the public display of inapropriate sexuality while the child was present would also be something I'd call an alarm bell.

Given previous cases where homosexuals etc. have had children for the sole purpose of sexual abuse (such as that one case in australia, as I recall) as well as the history of the homosexual movement working with the pedophilia movement (and the two being related perversions) I greatly fear that this little girl may be being taped doing terrible things with those two who dare call themselves her "mothers"... Frankly, the mother of the two boys should at least make a concerned report to police about the matter.

Ultimately homosexuality is a mental-spiritual disease that tries to force itself into whatever possible healthy cells it can find, and to presume that this little girl (who happens to be "on the menu", given her gender) is safe from such... especially when two sexually corrupted women who obviously display lack of impulse control (and lack of respect, as demonstrated by their negative reaction when confronted about the privacy concerns of Diane), and an obsession with taping the girl... would be in folly, I think. Suffice it to say that this looks to be a very dangerous situation, and the little girl should be checked for sexual (or other) abuse.

Tony B said (December 21, 2014):

This mother irritates the hell out of me. What a wimp. That's the problem with women - hide instead of confront for what is proper.

This mother is brainwashed herself to even allow her kids around such perverts. She should have given them a dose of sane disapproving comment for appearing there at all, shut down their response, and immediately left the place with her kids.

The little girl is liable to kill that pushy dyke with the camera one of these days. Hope so. It would be poetic justice.

Al Thompson said (December 20, 2014):

The best way to shield children from the homo garbage is to keep them at home. There are too many freaks out in the world and one never knows when he may be confronted with a situation like this one. This is what faggots do. They display their perversion right in front of children, and with this kind of behavior, how is it going to benefit the children to be putting them in school.

Libtards, socialists, "education" professionals, communists, and political types are never a place to bring in adults let alone small children. One has to separate out of these places and engage only those people who will not offend their moral conscience. Putting children in school is a big risk and the damage schools have caused is self-evident. Homeschooling is the only viable option. Schools are essentially prison camps so that the children can unlearn their moral teachings from their parents, and engage in perverted activities as "educated" people.

This kind of thing goes on in colleges and universities and they call it "education." The best way to get away from it is to separate completely. Even then, there's always a chance of an encounter with such twisted people as in this article. I bucket of cold water would have been a big help in this situation.

Below- Liberal Media Picks its Pervert (scroll down)

Cuba Move Highlights Marxist Trend in the Americas

December 19, 2014

pals.jpg(Obama with his Commie buddies, Raul and Dilma)

Obama's recognition of Cuba is a step toward
uniting the Western Hemisphere under Marxist auspices, leading to Masonic Jewish (Illuminati)
world government.
South America is already well on its way to continental union under these terms.

by Marcos

On December 17th, President Obama surprised the world by reestablishing diplomatic rellations with Cuba, a bloody dictatorship which tortures dissenters, destroyed the lives of millions of Cubans and spread Marxist totalitarianism around the continent. If ever there was a country which deserved to be invaded by the Marines and have its sick government replaced,  this is it.

Instead, supposedly encouraged by Jesuit Pope Francis, Obama gave a Christmas gift to the murderer Raul Castro in the form of diplomatic relations, travel and commerce, and even a new embassy.

This is a move which will be extremely unpopular and cause much resentment especially among Cuban immigrants who know firsthand the horrors of the regime. So, why would Obama take this absurd step?


Cuba has always been the main agent of Marxist infiltration in the continent. In1990, it received a great boost with the creation of the Forum of Sao Paulo, an organization led by Hugo Chavez, Lula and Fidel, with the participation of Marxist parties and communist terrorist organizations, including the FARC of Colombia. Their combined efforts which included funding, technology to electoral fraud lead almost every country in the region in the direction of Marxism.

pg1.jpgThere are many examples of this Marxist alliance: Venezuela sent money to help Argentina's Kirchner in the election; Brazil built a brand new harbor in Havana; gave away oil refineries to Bolivia, and so on. Venezuela and Brazil hired tens of thousands of undereducated Cuban physicians who receive a fraction of their wages, as modern slaves (the rest goes to Castro.)

Since 2004, serious efforts have been made to officially unite the continent, through the Declaration of Cusco that launched a community in the model of Europe's.

Wikipedia summarizes it well *:

"The UNASUR Constitutive Treaty was signed on 23 May 2008, at the Third Summit of Heads of State, held in Brasília, Brazil. The Union's headquarters will be located in Quito, Ecuador. As the Treaty entered into force on 11 March 2011, UNASUR became a legal entity ... they had laid the foundation (masonic) stone for the Secretariat Headquarters. The South American Parliament will be located in Cochabamba, Bolivia."

map.jpgThis month, in a meeting in Quito, under the leadership of former President of Colombia Ernesto Samper, a globalist thug accused of receiving $6 million in campaign contributions from the Cali drug cartel** the leaders called for a continental union, a Pátria Grande (the Big Motherland). To enforce it, they will:

1) Create a military academy where all top officers will be brain washed and loose their patriotic ideas. Without the diploma, no promotion.

2) Create a cooperation in voting technology, in order to disseminate the expertise in election fraud, as seen in Venezuela and Brazil, through the use of the system the Smartmatic company developed to Chavez.

3) End of air space limits, in order to facilitate drug traffic which is a significant source of income specially to Bolivia and also help in the eventual transfer of troops.

4) Create a common fund for scholarships, facilitating the Marxist indoctrination of the youth.

5) Pave the way to a common passport and citizenship.

It must be said that Brazil shares no linguistic, no cultural, and paltry historic and economic ties with other countries in South America. For the common Brazilian who has always looked towards Europe and the US, and who could care less for their neighbors, this makes as much sense as the union of Canada with Mexico.


Venezuela is bankrupt, as is Argentina. Brazil is suffering the worst crisis in 20 years. The country is weathering huge government corruption scandals in the order of tens of billions of dollars, which has reduced Petrobras to 20% of its former value. One would expect that the presidents would be frantically trying to find solutions. Instead, they are pushing for this integration as it were the most important priority in the world.

pg.jpgThis is a rare window of opportunity to fulfill the old Club of Rome's plan to create one of the ten regions of the coming world government. They have to act quickly before the economies all fall into chaos.

Obama validates Cuba because the Castro Brothers have done the dirty deal of unifying Latin America under Marxism. There is a Marxist behemoth right south of the border which hates the US. But naive Americans think it is harmless, Obama plays Neville Chamberlain to Hitler. They are just "amigos"!

The US$2000 that Cuban exiles will be able to transfer to their families in Cuba each trimesters will also help the bankrupt island.

This stage of the plan has been fulfilled. Expect a new push for the integration of the North American Free Trade Zone soon. It is the next logical step.



You can find this article permanently at .html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Cuba Move Highlights Marxist Trend in the Americas"

Dan said (December 19, 2014):

Obama's overtures seem to have more to do with Putin's incursion into Latin America last summer, for the explicit purpose of solidifying his anti US-dollar BRICS alliance.

Our government is opposed to BRICS. That's irrefutable in light of the oil glut the US/UK proxy in OPEC (House of Saud and the Emirates) fostered. The cover story framed the glut as an attack on US shale oil, but the effect has actually been a 50% devaluation of ruble. This has knocked the wind out of Russia's sails for the short term, as oil is the lynchpin of the Russian government's budget.

So I'm not surprised at all by Obama's reestablishing relations with Cuba. He has no choice after Putin's unprecedented Latin American tour. In fact, the State Department has been quietly normalizing relations with Cuba since the "fall" of the Soviet Union, and with Putin's incursion into the mix, the US has lost the advantage of an 'isolated' Cuba that existed twenty years ago.

Same for the Marxist government of Brazil. The US State Department lost control of the South American economic summits during the latter Bush years, and Obama was practically kicked out of the 2012 summit. The US can no longer dominate them, and it can't embargo or sanction them, so that leaves schmoozing.

I'm reluctant to throw around the terms Marxist too recklessly. Ideology is indoctrination for the public, especially youth. There's something more than ideology that binds these politicians. when they shake hands, don't their eyes and smirks belie an inside joke that they know but we don't?

Stuart said (December 19, 2014):

I have to disagree with the Cuba assessment. I'm with Ron Paul on this one...totally. Opening the door to Cuba is NOT going to pave the way for a Marxist hemisphere. To me, thinking such is ludicrous at best. We have traded with China, a human rights black hole, for 35 years. Where is the outcry there? Open trade with Cuba won't crumble America any faster than it she is already going.

An embargo against Cuba certainly hurts Cuban citizens. It also hurts Americans as well. The government does NOT have the right to tell me who I can and cannot trade with.

I believe Obama actually did something right here. There may be hidden agendas at play, but he ought to be doing the same to Iran, Russia, and Syria. Everyone wants to call libertarians isolationists and that cannot be further from the truth. It is our government who is isolationist with these countries. We should open the door to dialect more, and sanction (war) less.



I have been to Cuba and would like to see Cuba get a shot of US investment. The sight of Havana in decay is heart rending. Nonetheless we cannot ignore the threat that Marcos so admirably outlines.


John said (December 19, 2014):

Communism has never been a legitimate elected form of government but is a foreign "imposed" form of government on the targeted nationalistic theocracies of the world.

This is the reason why religion and traditional culture of these subjected nations is deemed the enemy of their new Communist state.

This happened under Mao Tse Tung in China with the suppression of organized Taoism and the destruction of some of China's historic relics and art. This was done to to sabotage their heritage and religious beliefs in order to turn them into the carbon copy complicit robots that a lot of them are today being void of all individuality.

The Catholic Church in Communist Latin America was allowed to survive but only under the control of it's Marxist installed leaders. A campaign of terror was launched against priests and nuns in countries like Mexico in order to put the church in line.

Father Caughlin in America who was a staunch Anti Communist was silenced by his own Catholic Church.

There is no longer a reason for America to isolate Cuba anymore. America is no longer a Constitutional Republic or a Christian Theocracy.
The only Latin leaders who America opposes today are the ones who are trying to break free from Communism by having legitimate free elections.

Adam said (December 19, 2014):

Marcos, perhaps you are unaware of piece of American foreign policy called the Monroe Doctrine (1823). As far back as President Monroe it was declared that the United States of America would control the governmental policies of the western hemisphere; so, the outcome you are observing is the "Great Work" of the United States' foreign policy.

The So-called Jews portray the so-called American Negro as a Race of 'Thugs and Buffoons'

December 5, 2014


resizedbook-6.jpegby Mr. Jibril Muhammad

The So-called Jews portray the so-called American Negro as a Race of 'Thugs and Buffoons'

Brother Philip A. Muhammad has captured the very essence of the So Called International Jews and their existence, in his thought provoking book "The HipHop Nation: Willie Lynch's Newest Slave Brother," Philip has removed the scab and in his no-punches held style has exposed and brought to the surface the mind controlling techniques used by The 10 percent bloodsuckers.

Brother Philip has skillfully pointed out how the so-called American Jew is using the HIPHOP Nation and its Music, to transform slavery from a physical thang to a psychological thang. They are using the HipHop culture, as a tool to dummy down the black population and the population at large to further their effort at world dominance. The American Media, which is controlled by the "so called Jew", is practicing a new form of Slavery and Genocide, one that uses the Willie Lynch program of enslavement to transform Black America from a physical bondage to an economic, social and psychological bondage.

The American "so- called Jew" has been and is continuing to portray black America as lacking moral character. They continue to shape and provide a medium that allows the HIPHOP Nation to portray the so-called American Negro as a race of thugs and buffoons.  Brother Philip A. Muhammad will walk his readers through an elaborate system of historical collaborations between the media, Corporate America and the American Government that will lead to World Dominance over other Nations and their National Treasures.


protocols_of_zion.jpgINTERNET TROLLING AND THE WAR AGAINST GOD  by Kevin Boyle

Goals of Protocols of Zion advanced by organized trolls on the Internet


3. But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE "GOYIM" THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.

                                                                         Extract from 'The Protocols of Zion, Protocol no. 4'

There is a YouTube clip titled "Christians get smashed to tiny idiotic shards by English Atheists" You will find it here. Note its 850,000 viewings.

Scrolling through the comments, about halfway down the page there is a thread started by one 'Jeff Brown'. If anyone cares to study this thread, particularly its later contributions, they will find textbook proof of organised, dishonest and malicious internet trolling by a group of posters who are, quite obviously an organised 'team'.

At a certain stage, when these people must have got tired of exchanges that they could not win, they all started "replying" to someone called 'Scott Zimmerman'.
It took a while to realise this, but 'Scott Zimmerman' does not exist anywhere on this or any other thread.
These posters were replying to a non-existent contributor in order to drive those who would challenge their propaganda off the thread and out of public view.

The arguments (pro or anti) are obviously irrelevant to them (and their employers). All that matters is the propaganda.

Here is a list of the names of the posters (all presenting a slightly different persona) who engaged in this tactic:

Jeff Brown
Sebastian Weetabix
Mr Planx
Jordy Van Ekelen

It is highly improbable that these characters are all the work of one demented God-hater. There are many articles about such trolling online.

Well, here's another one with the evidence to prove it.

Anyone who studies the comment threads online ('Alternet' particularly) that promote militant atheism (and often are drowning in highly offensive anti-Christian rhetoric) can observe similar exchanges.

I believe close study of the vile attacks on Christianity that appear just about everywhere such debates arise would reveal that this kind of trolling exists on a very large scale.

Who could hate Christianity and even belief in a creator consciousness we call 'God' so much?

Those who are determined to govern our minds.

And destroy our very souls.

That's who.

"Perplexed by Ferguson" by Wade

December 3, 2014

"ferguson.pngPerplexed by Ferguson by Wade 

I am very perplexed by the Ferguson insanity.

Fact...9 out of ten black people murdered are murdered by other black people.

Fact...There are more whites and Hispanics killed by police every year than blacks killed by police.

Fact...Martin Luther King once said in a speech that blacks made up 12% of the population in the city where he was speaking and yet committed 70% of the crime. The statistics nation wide today are similar.

Fact...There is REAL police misconduct going on and the Ferguson / Travon Martin false events only serve to
marginalize anyone who complains about legitimate cases of police committing crimes against citizens.

Our so called leaders in federal government are purposely stoking the racial fires here. The people who continue to be outraged over the self defense killing of a thug in Ferguson are completely unconcerned and in denial concerning the facts surrounding this event.

Pitting Americans against Americans is a divide and conquer strategy. The common enemy of all Americans are the globalists, new world order crowd. Watching people being so easily manipulated towards a race war is very disconcerting. Thanks to God we have some level headed, intelligent, black voices trying to bring some semblance of reason to the discussion.

Once again, we are witnessing yet another false flag attack aimed at our Constitution and Bill of Rights that could never ever go anywhere without the complete cooperation of the co-conspirators in the mainline news media.

Thanks for letting me vent Henry.