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Below- Nuclear War-Solution to Problems of Old Age (scroll down)

"Earth Mother" Will Keep Brazil in Straitjacket

August 31, 2014

jpg(Marina Silva, left, 56, is a Green activist who will constrain economic growth)

"The Left has the amazing ability to morph itself
every couple of decades, bringing the same poison
 in a new package that promises a better product.

by Marcos

Not even the soccer World Cup can save the Marxist government of Brazil.

As I predicted four years ago, the corrupt and incompetent government of Dilma Roussef is a disaster for the country. Gone are the easy benefits of the commodities boom: say hello to inflation, zero GDP growth and recession. Taxes are at a record of almost 40% of the economy, the public sector is drowning in debt with hundreds of thousands of surplus public employees. Brazilians have experienced a big corruption scandal every week.

In a country where a truck loaded with soy beans can wait for a week to enter the harbor, Dilma gave US$ 800 MM to Cuba to build a modern port in Havana. Brazilian infrastructure is falling apart, while Brasília gives billions of dollars to neighbor countries, in order to boost a Marxist South American Union. These loans have been classified as state secrets.

Enough is enough. People chanted choruses at the over-priced stadiums in the World Cup, insulting Dilma with the worst possible words. The only people who still support her are the ones who get food stamps and are afraid that any other president would take these benefit away.


The presidential election next October seemed to be the time for a change. Aecio Neves, the former governor of the important state of Minas Gerais had been anointed in 2004 by Lord Jacob Rothschild in a meeting in London (with Rothschild pawn Mario Garnero, Thatcher and Bush Sr.) as the future president of Brazil.

He had chosen a George Soros frontman, Armínio Fraga,  who worked in Soros' Quantum Fund, as Minister of the Economy and has the full support of Brazilian masonry. Neves is a Fabian socialist from a social-democrat party which painted a future for Brazil more in line with a European third-way globalist country than a hard core Venezuela or Cuba-style Marxist one. I believed he would win.

acidente-eduardo campos (2).jpgHowever, destiny (or sabotage) played a trick on Brazilians. The candidate in third place in the run, socialist Eduardo Campos, left, was killed in a plane crash. His vice-president candidate was Marina Silva, an environmentalist and former Green Party enthusiast who had reached third place in the last election. Suddenly, with all the commotion generated by the accident and media exposure, she was catapulted to first place in all election polls, within little more than a month to voting day.

It's possible the Rothschilds soured on Dilma for her participation in the BRIC group and wanted to replace her with Neves. I would be sure the Rothschilds were in control if Neves won. However, Marina is a hardcore Marxist. Her husband in fact works for Dilma's party in Acre. In my opinion, she is a useful idiot being courted by the two sides. I am certain she will follow the UN agenda. My doubt is if she will push the Bolivarian revolution with Cuba and Venezuela like Dilma.

We will see a fight in her government between the Marxists who created her and the green billionaires who finance her now. We will probably get the worst of two worlds. But Dilma would destroy Brazil if she had four more years.


Marina is a messianic figure with a rags to riches background. Born very poor in the remote state of Acre, she was a child worker and a maid who only learned to write as an adult. She became involved with Marxist unions and got the attention of the country by fighting along international NGOs (WWF, Greenpeace)  for the rights of workers and conservation of the jungle.

Later on, she joined Dilma's party (PT, workers party) and reached the positions of senator and Minister of the Environment. During her tenure, she implemented UN's Agenda 21 in Brazil, a new world order plan that basically institutes total control of society by the State and destroys any chance of development for Third World countries.

Many people believe that because of her austere looks and evangelical background, she will be some sort of Mother Theresa of the jungle who will fix the errors and corruption of Dilma. However, she has her share of scandals, including involvement in the illegal sale of thousands of mahogany logs for foreigner buyers. The Left has the amazing ability to change and morph itself every couple of decades, bringing the same poison in a new package that promises a better product.

silphil.jpgMarina is also backed by politically-correct green billionaires like the heiress of the largest private bank in Brazil, CEOs and businessmen and also has full support of people like Prince Philip and the European Green Organizations. She was even invited to parade at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. Was that a sign she was the chosen one?


Brazil seems to be moving from one globalist block (the Eastern Marxists, China and Russia) to another (the Western Illuminati). If their fight for dominance in places like Ukraine and Syria is for real or just false Hegellian dialect conflict, we may never know.

However, the moderate Fabian-socialist approach to the new world order represented by Neves seems to be too slow for the globalists. Marina can implement brutal Agenda 21 regulations with much more speed, while keeping a Marxist government structure that will assure that Brazil will never turn to be a developed nation. Remember that the main role of Brazil in the new world order is to be a provider of natural resources and a poster-child of green environmentalism.

We can easily predict a situation where people will be living in a controlled Marxist nation, with full enforcement of politically correct and China-like control measures, while at the same  time playing whatever game the UN want it to play, including the end of the sovereignty of the country, international control of the forest with free access to the bio-wealth to the multinational pharma and biotech companies. The country will cease to be the Brazil of reality, of its citizens, to reflect the Illuminati's image of a tamed jungle nation.

Guardian - The Greenest President in History
Forbes- Meet the Banking Heir Backing Silva

First Comment from Henrique:

Brazilians are probably the most neurotic and sado-masochistic people in the world, easy to control through guilt and shame - environmentalism is the ultimate "guilt and shame" scam, according to the Club of Rome.

Man himself is the enemy, against hapless Mother Earth at his mercy. The predatorial, light-skinned middle-class ( many of them descendants of Sephardic slave owners, like me ) is always looking for the new way to con the masses into giving consent to their own slavery ( as everywhere else, BTW ), and this type of psychological construct is just perfect.

"Don't you wanna save Mother Earth ? What kind of heartless monster are you ?" Businessmen jump in because that's what they do; they're opportunists on the lookout for some easy buck ( grants from government, etc. ). Greening is the new "cool"; very few attack their ideas, and those who do are always under severe risk of ostracism and ridicule.

Mentioning Lord Monckton here would be dismissed by the "intelligentsia" just for the historical stereotype associated with the title "Lord" . It's a superficial, debauched society that gorges on the sterile "wits" of Jon Stewart-like figures. I lost hope a long time ago and never vote, even though voting is ( outrageously ) obligatory. Cuban ( Communist ) doctors who don't speak the language, heavy fines for littering in Rio ( with overwhelming support from the neurotic/politically correct citizens ), now the Green Messiah. It was coming.

"Brazil of reality, of its citizens" means nothing to me. The country was hijacked long ago; actually founded by Freemasonry, like America. And this idea of opposing blocks is a stupid Carvalho's theory. They're all one at the top, with small variations to hijack hearts and minds of different local cultures; modus operandi is the same, ideologies are the same, they all finance each other, etc.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for ""Earth Mother" Will Keep Brazil in Straitjacket "

Eduardo said (September 1, 2014):

Eduardo, also from Brazil, writes:

As a Brazilian I can say that this are all true.

Currently seems the country is less controlled by US directly, however the absurd amount of Freemasons and Rosicrucians let it be very clear: we are controlled by the Illuminati; and French masons play a big role down here, since there is a deep cultural connection from long time.

Our major universities are Federal owned and organized based on masters that came from France and some remain. They defined what to teach here a long time ago. This was very well exposed by the former president Fernando Cardoso, that speaking in perfect French, gave a speech on the France parliament explaining how deep are our ties with France (and of course Freemasonry).

Brazilians are fully dictated what to think by the US CBS network that own directly or indirectly Brazilian network. Just take a look on the logo of all major tv networks: Globo, SBT, Record and Bandeirantes. All of them use a slight changed eye logo, however keeping the CBS ownership evident.

There is no real and meaningful thinking among the masses besides of what the TV tells them to think.

Below- Hebrew Scholar issues Warning to Christians (scroll down)

Nuclear War is Solution to Problems of Old Age

August 30, 2014

(l. Wannabe Jew Stephen Harper. Illuminati Jews and Freemasons are the
ruling caste in the New World Order)

Thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Canada will be a Russian
target in any future nuclear war.
My old age will be taken care of

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When Vladimir Putin warned Friday that Russia is a major nuclear power, saying "don't mess with us," I realized I could put aside my worries about old age. I wasn't going to have one.

I'll be 65 in a couple of months. I wasn't looking forward to old age.  Fortunately, my Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, a Zionist puppet, has involved Canada in the Ukraine civil war by taking a belligerent stand against Russia.

Harper has ensured that when nuclear missiles fly, Canada will not be overlooked. My home town, Winnipeg, a NORAD center, will be blown off the map. Thank you Stephen Harper. You'll certainly have my vote.

Illuminati bankers and their Zionist go-fers like Harper are behind the problems in Ukraine.  Putin's objection to "unipolar" world power is an obstacle to their "New World Order." They start most wars and are never denied. 

War is the solution to the demographic crisis facing the West. Baby boomers are aging and "a shrinking pool of young people must finance their pensions." 
Almost a third of Americans have not saved a dime for retirement. There's the strain on the healthcare system.  I certainly wasn't looking forward to witnessing my body break down and die.

lindberghandthejews.jpgSPREADING THE GLORY

I can't give Stephen Harper all the credit for this imaginative solution. I also credit the so-called "opposition leaders" Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau for supporting Harper's Ukraine policy.

I also thank the mass media for beating the war drums.
The media has not mentioned the investigation into the July 17 shoot-down of MH-17, killing 298 people.  After pinning the blame squarely on Putin, and demanding war, it would be very embarrassing to admit that Ukraine's Zionist leaders did the nasty deed. This would certainly impede the march to war, and again subject me to the perils of old age.

( I wrote July 19 that this atrocity was a false flag: "Just as we never learned what really happened to MH-370, I predict we will never have closure on MH-17 because the Illuminati and their agents never own up to their heinous crimes.")

I also want to thank the mass media for suppressing the following statement by Dutch intellectuals: "Mr. Putin. Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country. We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. We reject the double standards that are used for Russia and the West. In our societies, sufficient evidence is required for a conviction. The way you and your Nation are convicted for 'crimes' without evidence, is ruthless and despicable."

This kind of irresponsible peace-mongering and reprehensible honesty is hazardous to the war process.

Finally, I have been selfishly preoccupied with the problems facing seniors. What about the young who have their whole life ahead of them? 

All I can say is, follow my example. Try to see your premature demise in a positive light.

For example, have you seen how much houses cost?

Thanks to our enlightened leaders and the mass media, there's a chance you won't ever face this housing market.


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First Comment from Dan:

Remember when American war resisters were welcome in Canada during the Vietnam war?   I remember when the Canadian public prided themselves on "leading the world in pacifism", looking smugly at their warmongering neighbor to the south, governed by Greed and Avarice.

Actually, Canadian and American national politicians were joined at the hip long before they started walking lock-step in public.  Oddly enough this seamless continuity between Canadian and US military intelligence and globalist agendas doesn't mean the border has evaporated like the US southern border did. We didn't used to need a passport to visit Canada - remember that?

As for our political prostitutes at the top of our governments - or should I say our 'governance' - they've been promised the VIP survival plan in the underground cities in the event of nuclear exchange.  They've probably also been promised titles and vast estates after the smoke clears.  I'm of the opinion they're all going to use neutron bombs anyway, because those were designed to kill populations while leaving the real estate intact.

I agree that I don't mourn so much for my generation.  I see children, I always wonder what the Brave New World is going to do to them.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Nuclear War is Solution to Problems of Old Age"

Doug P said (August 31, 2014):

We are in the North American Union for economy and NATO for wars. We always fight in US wars and pretend that their media espouses truth. We embrace that "truth" no matter how silly and ridiculous and create foreign policy accordingly, as if "Canada" was "Canada" and not NAU/NATO.

Adrian said (August 31, 2014):

I would like to counter the depressing view of old age given in the article.

It is perfectly possible to live a long healthy life and die in one's sleep. What is required is activity. Mental and physical. Living as nature intended - this means getting out away from concrete box habitations and interfacing with nature. I know a couple in their 80's and the guy told me sex was less frequent but much much better than in his earlier life. I've known couples in their 80's much sharper than myself, a science graduate, in my 30's.

Laziness is the main reason for degradation of the body.

Gopi Krishna, the only illuminated scientist to my knowledge in modern times, was very concerned about nuclear annihilation. He said on this subject, that universal consciousness repeatedly provided to him the perception of a short nuclear exchange, but due to the Grace of God, some natural intervention will stop it. He speculated that might be a meteor heading towards Earth that military powers would have to turn their attention to. Who knows?

Whatever might happen, celebrating evil inspired killing whether seriously or for comedy is not a positive act.

Don said (August 31, 2014):

I admire the Netherlands for the letter to Putin. I had actually looked at Russian government websites a couple of months ago to see if there was a way to send something to Putin to tell him most Americans don’t want war.

I’m sure Russia monitors many western websites including yours. You probably have some type of counter on your website to see how many hits you get. I’m guessing that number is very large. If you had a Netherlands like letter to sign or a survey showing that readers like me don’t want a confrontation with Russia I’d put my name on it.

I think about the cost of the military. It’s like mafia protection . The bible writes about turning swords into plowshares. I’ve read a B2 bomber costs 2.2 billion each. I think you can build a nice house for $100,000 and could build 22,000 homes for the cost of a bomber. I doubt we would have any enemies if we built 22,000 homes in any country we had any disagreement with.



The irony is that for the cost one B-1 bomber, you could ban election donations and have public funding which would result in genuine freedom in a country that is supposed to be the beacon of freedom. But then they wouldn't spend trillions on war...


Elaine said (August 31, 2014):

I hate to say it, but Henry is right.

[Our Zionist-controlled politicians are setting up another Gentile genocide.]

You can't expect hapless Americans or Canadians to understand the sinister plans that
have been in the making for many years by those who are ruthless and pathological to realize their plans of one world government (better known as tyranny and diabolical evil).

We are but pawns in their game of Chess which most civilized people haven't a clue about. (These pathological liars are concerned only with themselves, their obsessions and control
of the planet.)

Robert K said (August 31, 2014):

Regarding the quote from Charles Lindbergh, Winston Churchill wrote a memorandum to the British War Cabinet on Christmas Day in 1939 which stated: " was not for light or sentimental reasons that Lord Balfour and the Government of 1917 made the promises to the Zionists which have been the cause of so much subsequent discussion. The influence of American Jewry was rated then as a factor of the highest importance, and we did not feel ourselves in such a strong position as to be able to treat it with indifference. ...when the future is full of measureless uncertainties, I should have thought it was more necessary, even than in November 1917, to conciliate American Jewry and enlist their aid in combating isolationist and indeed anti-British tendencies in the United States." (Winston Churchill, War Cabinet Paper, December 25, 1939: Cabinet Papers, 67/3. Cited in Churchill and the Jews, Martin Gilbert, 2007, p. 165 and Churchill and the Jews, Michael J. Cohen, 2013, p. 195)

Marco A said (August 30, 2014):

t is amazing, the mainstream media can shame a person more for not recycling a bottle, than shaming those who support the bombing innocents in Gaza, or who threaten the world with nuclear war by causing trouble with Russia.

Stephen Harper is totally insane, he is definitely not conscious of reality. How can someone who is conscious of reality support what Israel did in the Gaza strip, obvious crimes against humanity. If there was true justice people would be hanging from poles right now in retribution for all those who were crushed under concrete or who had their limbs blown off for nothing.

If the world wasn't under the control of an insane Satanic cult, this provocation against Russia would not be tolerated. What a sad state of affairs, and how sad that Canada is now among the unjust nations. How can people in the 21st century, after witnessing two world wars and learning about the horrors of modern scientific war countless times, buy into this warmongering propaganda still.

War is a total lie, and it has to have alternative motives than what the public is told. Because how can grown adults, leaders of countries, not diplomatically come to solutions or reconciliation in a civilized manner. How can grown adults come to the idea that the only way to come to a solution is drop massive bombs on innocent people, destroy cities, ruin lives, mutilate a generation of young men, and perpetuate the darkness and evil of the world through horrible violence.

What a sick joke... get me off this planet.

CL said (August 30, 2014):

You have a good point regarding not having to worry about old age ;) . I'm five years younger and can honestly say that I look forward to leaving this plane of existence, known to some of us as Hell. (Or one of the many levels thereof.) With recently discovered terminal cancer (for the fourth time), I'm ready to get the hell out of Dodge, this place is too weird for me!

JG said (August 30, 2014):

Canada, whether it be in the British Commonwealth or the Province of Quebec is now a moot point, all are ruled by the same master.The flags and anthems will soon be collectable items.

De- Nationalization is always the prerequisite for loss of sovereignty and self determination. Canada has new bosses now and it's no longer the Queen of England or the nation of France, welcome to the NWO.

With the NWO Crime Syndicate there is no such thing as neutrality.There is also no such thing as "diplomatic solutions" to world conflict that they themselves have created. You are either with them or against them and both ways you loose. One is a fast death and the other is a slow death.

A war with Russia would be another White Christian genocide like WW2 and WW1. White Christians killing White Christians in Europe, America, Russia, and now possibly Canada.

It's time for Christian Solidarity around the world where all nations of the Christian Faith refuse to war against one another and defy the Anti Christian Entity that controls them from within that instigates these wars.

Below- Indie Scotland Will be Masonic Roadkill (scroll down)

Hebrew Scholar issues Warning to Christians

August 29, 2014

asher.jpgKaraite scholar says present-day Jews
descend from satanic Babylonian "Shelanite-Judah" cult
that exterminated original Hebrews.

"The basis of their law is total cultural separation
for the complete take-over and enslavement of inferior races...
you are already seeing their next move, to exterminate those
who believe they are Christian.

Dr. Asher is a Karaite Scholar who holds a Doctorate degree in Ancient Middle Eastern Comparative Religion. Emphasis on Hebrew Biblical culture and language. Dr. Asher hails from an uninterrupted family lineage of Karaite Torah scholars originating from the Hebrew Tribe of Asher in the Galilee area of Northern Canaan. Dr. Asher's teachings advance the ancient Karaite tradition of uncompromising absolute Torah truth based on original Hebrew culture, traditions, and language, with a great emphasis on the proven original texts.

Born in Brooklyn NY, Dr. Asher spent most of his childhood in NY & NJ, continuing his learning in his early twenties in Israel, where he received his citizenship. During his formative years Dr. Asher was exposed to the Christian religion extensively by those around him. Learning the Torah from the age of seven, he quickly identified that most Judeo-Christians are deeply misinformed on all levels of Hebrew history and experience, and needed help.

 Asher is the first Hebrew scholar of Hebrew lineage to publish books proving the ancient-to-modern day Jewish subterfuge and manipulation of our original Hebrew texts and all religions since. In fact, years ago, he was forced to leave his Brooklyn NY birthplace to live remotely in the West because of his teachings about them.

by Shmuel Asher

The issue is Who are the Jews?  As you read this bear in mind that I am Hebrew, with a long lineage of Hebrew scholars before me, as I have been for 35 yrs.

No one writing has done the rest of us (non-serpent) "Hebrew lineage people" the great service of at least LEARNING that there exists a MAJOR difference between "JEWS" and the other 12 ORIGINAL HEBREW tribes! 

The Christian population is not historically a SCHOLARLY population outside of their own highly "Papacy corrected" writings and dogma, all of which are originally fabricated by the same serpent people. The loss of (Jewish-controlled) Hebraic language and cultural details as Abrahim and Moshe had them, and needed for people to fully and correctly understand so many important historical points of fact, and make good decisions from those facts, has been lost. These types of articles LUMP all of us into ONE single "JEW" pile!  A totally one dimensional pile that will at some future point after all the unintentional, and even intentional brainwashing is done, lead the rest of us who are actually the MAJORITY of Hebrew - "Non-JEWS", directly into the newer, technologically advanced gas oven systems!
Christian sentiment "lovingly" derides "ALL JEWS" as the entity who is behind all such evil events through history.  NOT THAT I AM DISAGREEING!  What I attempt to bring out and inform everyone on is the TRUE identity of those you CALL - "Jews."
Now, do not get me wrong, I have published books on this exact issue of identification, and they are not making me popular among this evil sect, even Christianity's Yehshua/Jesus told you WHO those false JEW Scribes and Pharisee's were, as they remain to this very day backed by several Nation States, as we all know. 

HOWEVER, because of the ongoing actions of the FEW-JEW, who originate from but only ONE blood lineage out of (3) LINEAGES of Judah that existed, and still exist today as the Hebrew Tanak and English bibles clearly depict them, the media continue in their ignorance on this MAJOR issue of identifying THEM as all there is!

This is adding fuel for the next round of extermination ovens. Ovens and gas chambers by the way that were fired up by this exact same evil sect beginning with the Assyrian enslavement of our original Hebrew ancestors, and confiscation of our fertile Northern lands; then the Spanish inquisition to exterminate the descendants of our same original Northern Canaan Hebrew lineages, and in more modern times the Nazi & Russian cleansings, etc.  Do you know that the word Nazi/Nasi, is Babylonian Aramaic, and still used in the current Hebrew language to mean "Exalted one?"
There are 12 tribes that still exist to this day, not one called JEWS, and not 10 lost tribes as many incorrectly assume. These people of ancient Hebrew lineage are many people worldwide today just as promised to Abrahim. Even many of you reading this have had the blood of Abrahim mixed into you as that promise clearly stated would occur, although most of you as also the prophets clearly stated, have lost your identity.

 "Judah", would be representative of ONLY one tribe! However, the Judah who behaves in this evil predictable manner as you and many others have exposed, IS NOT and NEVER WAS a true Hebraic bloodline entity. In fact, with little research you will find that even their own Jewish Encyclopedia, it states that fact exactly! As does their Talmud! They are an amalgamation of Canaanite tribes mixed with Babylonian customs, and they openly admit this publicly. Christians just do not know what to listen for.

As I already stated in part, another major point that few understand is, that virtually all of the holocaust victims from the ancient Assyrian campaign, which this same Judah cleverly orchestrated, to the Spanish Inquisition, to our modern times, (were NOT THESE FALSE JEWS being murdered), it was all original Hebrew tribal bloodlines being exterminated by the ones who PRETEND to be Hebrew! I remind again, your Jesus flat out told you who they were, and that "THEIR law" was evil! 

Amazingly both Jew and gentile scholars know all this and have for a very long time, problem is, Christianity has had no clue that THEIR evil 2nd law - (Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy) are a literal NEW codex of laws which superseded that which was originally given, or should I more accurately say, reiterated, to Moshe. Scholars know that this particular sect of Canaanites, usually referred to as Judah, are the very ones who finally compiled, edited, and redacted all of the far more ancient texts of Moshe, which were very few; organized and overseen by the scribal Priests Ezra and Ezekiel, along with their staff in Babylon some yrs prior to their release back to Jerusalem, this is the alleged 5 book codex compilation you have today.

The basis of their law is total cultural separation for the complete take-over and enslavement of inferior races. Does this sound familiar to you? If you inquire of most Orthodox Jewish Rabbi's as to if their "Talmud" is in fact the 6th book of the Torah/bible, most will tell you yes, absolutely. It was in fact not included as such by them after the book of Leviticus was written sometime after 540 BCE, because too many people below them already knew the "alleged" Torah of Moshe to consist of 5 books only.
This false sect used to have a much better handle on where our tribes migrated to and intermingled, and once you understand who they are and how they work, you will more easily identify their paths of movement from Canaan to Europe, and also partially back to Babylon after the Romans had enough. This (Shelanite-Judah) cult followed our Hebrew people long after they left Canaan. They took over countries just as they have done since they took over Darius's Babylon, through commerce and law through the aid of the governor Nehemiah - (book of Nehemiah).

They pretend outwardly to be Hebrew in order to hide and aid their efforts in identifying the true Hebrew lineages among the Nation, then they use the might of that nation to exterminate us. WHY, because just like the runner/messenger on the battlefield, as long as he lives, the truth lives!  And as long as our lineages remain viable, then all of The Eternal Creators prophesies for us and the world remain viable! This of course gets in the way of their long term plans as you and many other people are finally coming to see.
Being Hebrew I am the worst enemy for them, because I have great credibility among both Christians and other sects of Judaism. GET READY Christian's, because the false (Shelanite-Judah) knows that Ephraim, Jacob, and their companions, are among you with a high degree of density in North America. THIS is why you are already seeing their next move, to exterminate those who believe they are Christian. If only all of you would wake up to who you truly are, as clearly expressed within all the prophets, and stop believing all the totally ridiculous (Shelanite-Jew) tainted Christian prophesy about the State of Israel being the incarnation of all end-day prophesies, which has been force fed to Christian leaders by this false sect directly in order to keep all of the true sons of Jacob deaf, dumb, and blind.

I CANNOT exert pressure on this single point hard or long enough. STOP feeding the stealthy opposition through your churches! The largest Christian evangelists have been totally assimilated, they are feeding the monster that will eat them soon enough, and most likely they are beyond help now. How can you fight an enemy when you have been brainwashed (religion wide), to always fight for, and save "the Jews".  Because of course "Jesus was a Jew right?"
Well yes, he was born out of the tribe of Judah, BUT NOT their false "Shelanite-Judah" sect, he was born out of the "Pharez" line,  HUGE difference!  You want to save people?  Save both yourselves and us HEBREWS!!! Those others are just as your Jesus told you they were.
I only ask all of you reading this to put aside what you believe you know about our shared history, and take my comments here into very serious consideration. Because now Christians will be up against an enemy that is so cunning, and so invisible, that their losses (without Messianic aid), may be unthinkable, and the world will lose this brightest light on a hill called America. Exactly where our prophets very clearly said the sons of Jacob would be moved, and hidden until the end"   
If you or anyone else would like to learn the true verifiable history of this entity referred to here as "Shelanite-Judah", in the hopes that more good people like yourselves who search for the truth in all matters will begin sharing that line of important information; the following link and corresponding book will do wonders for your knowledge base on this subject, as well as many other related subjects.
AHRC.vcf The Asher Codex by Dr. Shmuel Asher

Asher Books on Amazon

Rebuttal by Stuart D:

The latest article written by the Jew who doesn't want to be a Jew was just absolute nonsense.  When are people going to learn reality and quit pushing their own false ideas?  Jesus condemned the Jews....not because they were claiming to be a different people than who they were......BUT BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T FOLLOWING THEIR OWN LAW AND TEACHINGS.  His chastisement had nothing to do with their heritage....but what came out of their mouth....deception and lies.

Is it THAT difficult to understand context?  No WONDER people don't understand the Bible.  It isn't difficult...people just insert their own ideas.  The Jews are really good at that. 

The author of that latest article has no idea what he is talking about.  NONE.  Claims to be a Torah following Jew, but rejects half of it?  And is proud of it?  I'm sorry, YOU CANNOT read the Old Testament without realizing it is about ONE person....the Messiah of the World....Jesus Christ, and that the books of the law are just that....Law...regardless if the Jew likes the rules or not.  Jews don't like rules.  At least following them. 

By the way, Henry, you and I both know damn well that NO ONE can claim to be a Hebrew, much less the detail of coming from Dan, or Asher, or wherever he claimed to be.  ALL RECORDS WERE DESTROYED TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO.  He is a liar among liars. 

Christians are not a scholarly people?  That is the DUMBEST THING I have ever heard.  As if Christians are all one race of people....all from the same land.  He really really is a JEW JEW isn't he?  And the New Testament is NOT corrupted by Jewish/Catholic translations.  For crying out loud we HAVE the original GREEK texts for verification....WAY before the Catholics came on seen.  The Word of God is PERFECT....and has NOT been corrupted.  Now....allow me to temper that statement.  The King James Bible, and indeed many translations over the past 1000 years or so, have been translated to manipulate certain verses in order to promote false Calvanistic doctrine such as original sin, total depravity, limited atonement, etc.  Even the word fornication has been substituted because those powers that were needed an excuse for divorce.  But the Word is still there, in it's pure form.  Man is without excuse knowing his Creator. 

What a bunch of crap that article was.  He has no idea what a REAL Christian is.  If he thinks Christianity is the TV stuff like Joel Osteen and what have you....he has another thing coming.  Also....the world had better realize that REAL Christians will not "turn the other cheek" as has Christ's words have been misquoted and misrepresented.  We will not just fall to the side as evil sweeps by.  There are higher laws at work over others.....and I guarantee you and this so called Jew one thing.....Christianity is alive and well.

By the way...there is NO prophecy or Scripture ANYWHERE in the Bible that indicates America.  It simply is NOT there.  These Jews haven't changed in 2000 years.  Instead of is all about oral tradition, myths, fables, mystery, etc.  America is simply not mentioned as a land, or in ANY reference in the Scriptures.  To say otherwise is to place words into Scripture that are not there.

Comment from Dan:

I must weigh in to affirm at least two of Dr. Asher's assertions.  I discovered a few of them myself by simply reading the Christian Bible and studying the documented ancient history through our times, without prejudice.   I hope he can set his prejudices aside too.  He has as much vitriol for Christians as he does for Jews.  He asks readers not to "lump all of us into one Jew PILE", so please don't make the same mistake.
The majority of people calling themselves 'Christians' have no idea what that means.  Let's make the distinction by calling what they follow "Churchianity".

I grew up attending a little church that didn't try  to indoctrinate me as boy.   I steered clear of churches for over thirty years. Five years ago, I started attending Bible "study" groups as I spent a year reading the Old and New Testaments.  I had never really read them all the way through before.
Luckily the first group I took read The Book of Acts of the Apostles.  As we read, I noticed amazing things.  For one, a common mythology of American Churchianity is that the Jews were always concentrated in 'the Holy Land', and that they didn't begin to spread out in the world till the Romans destroyed the Temple and drove them all out of Israel.   Of course with a little research, every one of these notions is false.   It's right there in print in Paul's three journeys in Acts.   You see everywhere Paul traveled in the Ancient world all the way to Rome, not only were their Jew, but they were the richest people in town. When Paul arrived at a city, he marched straight to the synagog first.   Also, it turns out these "Jews" on the Roman trade routes were largely CONVERTS to Judaism. That blows away another Churchianity myth - that Jews never sought mass conversions.  Well, they did.  Not the poor folks though, they went after converting the elite Pagans.  About that time I learned that the Emperor Nero had a Jewish wife, and he's even given hero status in the Talmud.

How did Christians become so misinformed about history?  and how can they read the Bible as adults and not notice?    I pointed out these things in the class to blank stares.   When you program children under six with these stories they're too young to notice such discrepancies.    These narratives were drilled into their minds this way and reinforced every season.   By the time the person is 60 years old, most of them can't handle any thing that contradicts the paradigm they were given, because they've made heavy life investments in these beliefs.    'Christian Zionists' have given up sons willingly to die in Iraq and Afghanistan based upon a false reading of scripture.  It's tragic, and dangerous for us all.

By the way, it was also during these studies that I heard of Karaites for the first time.   As a matter of fact it was Karaites who produced the Masoretic Text for the Rabbinical Jews, as Dr. Asher knows very well.   I was ASTOUNDED to learn that the Rabbinical Jews as late as the Middle Ages had to hire Karaites and Samaritans (whom they despised) to translate their version of the Tanakh and  Samaritan Pentateuch  from the GREEK Septuagint into Hebrew

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Hebrew Scholar issues Warning to Christians "

Debra said (August 31, 2014):

We can end debating once and for all by digging under The Mound of Hostages (Hill of Tara) to recover the Ark of the Covenant that contains the original 5 Books of Moses and the Tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written (by God Himself).

Tony B said (August 31, 2014):

Gotta write it: Bible studies, I originally loved them. But eventually it dawned on me by following the conversation:

A, "I think it means this."
B. "Um, I think it means that."
C. "Well, to me, it means this other thing."

In other words none of us had the first clue as none of us had spent the necessary time learning what the bible, Christianity actually, is all about. For such people, the bible, no matter which bogus or even true translation, is a smörgåsbord wherein each partake picks what he/she likes.

Blind leading the blind. Pot holes unending. All full of well-meaning people.

Catholics used to have priests who spend many years of hard learning before being given the obligation of making things clear to others. They KNEW what they were talking about as proved out with their Church and the establishment of Christian civilization in Europe. That was before V2. Now European civilization is crashing even faster than ours.

K said (August 30, 2014):

The members must have roots from Judea. The significance of 12 represents kings or kingdoms, and the plus one or 13 represents the Anti-Christ who will take the throne. During the final battle the Messiah will cast him away which is the final act of the 7 year tribulation. The Anti-Christ comes out of the European Union but does not live there as coming out means born; he is an Israeli General with duel citizen and will win the Battle of Gog Magog and will sign the 7 year peace treaty. This starts the 7 year tribulation period and notice the significance of the EU flag [13 stars]. The Anti-Christ must be Jewish or the people of Israel would never accept him as their Messiah.

JC said (August 30, 2014):

Another great article by Dr. Asher.

It is very unfortunate that nearly all Americans and Canadians who attend Christian churches have no ability to think in complex terms.

They let the priest/pastor do all their thinking. Their motto is: "Don't ask me to think, just tell me what to do."

Understanding the truth about ancient and modern history is complex. Christians don't do complex, they just do simple.

We live in tumultuous times prompted by evil men and women.

Dr. Asher has provided some very important information to help us understand the ancestral lineage of some Americans and Canadians who might be part of that group.

Thank you Dr. Asher.

Diane said (August 30, 2014):

Read the article by Shmuel Asher. It always pleases me to read anything that is truthful and revealing. I know the Biblical History of the 12 tribes and I know that as God promised Abraham....that he would make him the father of many nations. In Biblical prophecy America is critical so I absolutely disagree with Stuart D. Christ did not condemn the Jews. Christ condemned the serpent people or as I call them the kenites. They are the ones sitting in the house of Judah claiming to be Jews and are not but do lie and are of the synagogue of satan. The Scriptures have been changed. I read only the King James and even then I have to go back to the original language using a Strongs Concordance to understand the writings.

The English language did not exist and the translation to English does affect the meaning of the words. I do believe that the Christians today are not scholarly as stated by Shmuel Asher. We were also warned many times not to be like them. "Their lips profess me but their hearts are far from me." The ministers in sheeps clothing will pay a heavy price for leading Gods people into a mass delusion. I know of no traditional Christian today that truly seeks out the word of God in the Scriptures. They pay a man (their so called minister) to tell them what it says. Why would I pay anyone to tell me what the Scriptures say when I have the book and can search it out for myself.

I have heard many of these so called ministers and they are greedy, corrupt, vain, empty and yes evil. They know exactly what they do. You cannot read the Scriptures and speak the lies they speak. If they do not teach the serpent seed doctrine. If they do not teach the return of the anti (instead of) Christ masquerading as the true Christ than they are doing the devils work. I believe knowingly. (that is personal opinion). Stuart is mistaken. The election of God and the very Elect of God....we do not turn the other cheek nor will we ever resort to violence of any kind. As we know there is no rapture.

The scriptures are quite clear. Gods people are delivered up to the councils, the synagogues to be killed. He who seeks to save his life will lose it and he who loses his life for my sake will be given a crown. Gods people do not premeditate what they will say at that time. The Holy Spirit will speak thru them. (Matthew, Mark, Luke) will not be the ridiculous babble nonsense that the Pentecostal and Baptist practice but the true language that is of God and all will understand as it was spoken in Acts on the day of penecost by the Disciples. I get the feeling that Stuart is making a serious mistake by lumping Shmuel Asher as a JEWJEW. I appreciate the words of Shmuel Asher and I am reminded daily that we live in a world that hates the truth and those that dare to speak it.

Al Thompson said (August 29, 2014):

While some people think that studying this kind of material is productive, I'm thinking that is is trimming the leaves of the tree rather than getting at the root of the problem.

The problem is that whatever system is or whoever it came from, the issue is that it is satanic. That's what people have to deal with and most governments and religions combine or conflate together to bring about the most ugly conditions upon mankind.

Satanism is manifested in modern times by various forms of communism: socialism, fascism, progressive, liberals, etc. The planks of communism are evident in almost all of the governments. Thus, communism is the modern form of slavery and the perps of communism want to include all of mankind into their particular version of hell on earth.

While the Jew issues may have a point, it is too easy to get distracted by that and waste a lot of time on learning things that won't solve the problem. Satanism is the main problem which is in the form of communism. This system of govtardment is what is being promoted by most of the psycho-Jews and other miscreants.

In addition, it is difficult to completely trust any writing because it is too easy to lie. So while one can exercise scholarship in something, that scholarship very well could be total poppycocki. Which in turn leaves mankind with the natural law which is more accurate and presented exactly the way the creator intended. To try to make sense what one Jew or group of Jews did is entirely mind-numbing and it distracts from the real problem.

Most modern governments are communist which in turn is satanic.

Adam R said (August 29, 2014):

Rebuttal to Stuart D:

The fruit of the Spirit is Love (Galatians 5:22-23 NIV: 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.) and your rebuttal to Shmuel Asher strikes me as vitriol and not gentle correction (2 Timothy 2:25: 25 Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth,) which suggests that your “rebuttal” is not of the spirit but of the flesh which is opposed to God (Romans 8:7 NIV: 7 The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so.).

I did find Mr. Asher’s book summary to have merit for consideration. For example: We are instructed to reason together (Isaiah 1:18) and it is reasonable to assert the 10 unaccounted tribes of ancient Israel were mingled and assimilated into the surrounding nations and over almost 3 millennia their bloodlines are in many of the peoples of the world. Now, I don’t hang-up too much on blood-lines since in this time of grace men enter into the lineage of Abraham by adoption; however, I find Mr. Asher’s information at least academically significant and may become more so as we enter a new era that would require more time to go into than I have right now (with respect to this article).

Thank you for sharing this Dr. Asher.

CR said (August 29, 2014):

In regards to your article today, "Hebrew Scholar issues Warning to Christians", I find it interesting that Mr. Asher is mentioned as a "Karaite" because from what I gather the meaning of Karaite is "one who follows scripture (Torah)".

He calls Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy "evil", so which Torah is he following? To give an example of what others callling themselves "Karaite" are pushing on the unwashed masses, check this: - basically saying that the holocaust happened because of a rejection of zionism, and another holocaust will happen because the zionists are not sufficiently extremist. Now, from what I understand, one part of Karaite philosophy is that the talmud is wrong and everyone is supposed to form their own interpretation, so he is not totally off track. It would be interesting to hear his opinion on what the correct laws are (and where he gets them from) if the Torah laws are evil as he says. To condemn the laws attributed to Moses with no alternative basically means that it is good for man to lay with man or to pass your children through the fire to molech, etc. I have no doubt that these books were not actually written by Moses and are reinterpreted, corrupted or distorted versions of the original laws and history, but Mr. Asher's book would probably sell more copies if he could give a bit more information in his article rather than just telling us we know nothing.

Entertainment Industry Run by Satanists - Must See Video

August 29, 2014

Entertainment Industry Run by Satanists - Must See Video ------

Below- Huffington Compost Satire Rings True - Is True   (Mark Dice) 

Is Michelle Obama a Transvestite?

Joan River's life in Danger because she exposed Michelle as a Tranny? 


Evidence Michelle Obama is a transvestite, America's first Queen

Following the Rothschilds on Twitter

August 26, 2014

rothschild (1).jpg

Following the Rothschilds on Twitter

mr_burns.jpgThe resemblance to Mr. Burns of The Simpsons is purely coincidental. Both are misanthropes but the one on the left is
Jacob Rothschild, 78, the Fourth Baron Rothschild. Both have a pack of angry dogs, but Jacob's apparently are stuffed.

Our boy wonder Scottie Spencer has been following Jacob and his son, Nathaniel on Twitter. 

Scottie writes: "I was thinking the other day, why not confront Rothschild and his Masonic cronies on twitter ???!!! So I decided to do a quick search for "Rothschild" on twitter, and low and behold, there they were ! We don't have to fight violently, but only with our fingers and hands on a keyboard to make all the difference ! I myself have taken a few tweets to Rothschild myself...take a look at the few below (Scroll down.)

RothschildSmolokoTwitterMeme.jpg(UPDATE - )


Disclaimer: I don't agree with spamming these people. I do think it interesting that they put themselves out there where they can be contacted.

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