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Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home

September 25, 2016


(left, not Jon)

"Jon," a Canadian who lived in his car for a year,

recounts how the experience hardened him.

He wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignores 

its own homeless, especially if they are white men. 

"Dec 25 2012. I woke up to the rain, crying, sitting in the front seat of my car next to a park. Merry Christmas to me. Each day, I cried as much for society as I did for myself."

by "Jon"


What bothered me more than living in the car was the absolute lack of concern, compassion, care from society. The people who knew I lived in a car did not invite me for a Christmas or thanksgiving dinner or a bed..shower. No one came by with extra blankets and goods, or just to sit and talk.

As a man..born and raised in Canada..I was worthless. No Christian, no religious person cared.

The government has an unlimited number of programs for homeless women..and homeless women with children...and refugees, but few for white men.

One's attitude changes after a year. There is an emotional draining that would equal a rusty bucket trying to hold water. And when the rust sets in, it keeps growing. The hole cannot be patched.

People who wish to support refugees have not been homeless. If they had been, they would know we need to help our neighbours first. The Canadian resources are ours collectively. The homeless want their share.

I tell young people to not be nice, to look after themselves first, to understand that their competition is now not only other men, but women who get more government help, and immigrants.

Those wishing to return to the "good old days" are never going to see that time again. I hope they have good memories and lots of photos.


Dec 25 2012. I woke up to the rain, crying, sitting in the front seat of my car next to a park. Merry Christmas to me. Each day, I cried as much for society as I did for myself. Not a very fun year.

I'm going to write the anti-redemption story. Most of my life I did the right thing, I followed the golden rule, I gave when asked, I put other's needs before mine. Now......I'm selfish; I no longer care for others; I am trying to be greedy and I push away every others group that has their hand out.

I'm almost normal... I'm almost happy about my new attitude. I'm colder and less compassionate towards even the homeless. I'm angry, bitter, frustrated.

I watch 30,000 extra refugees who are getting homes and food, schooling, clothing, money, social interaction. More than half of the people of Canada care about them. People are doing all they can to reach out to help them. My governments are using this for photo ops for their next elections. No politician invited my to their home for a cup of coffee.

Bitterness is an emotional cancer that kills the host. I have to hide the fact that I was homeless. One year being homeless has taken multiple years off of my life. I can see how people can turn to drugs and alcohol in order to fill their emotions. I didn't. [I turned to] Hate.


Simple the lack of human contact will drive a person mad.

People think that I'm strange for spending a minute patting their dog in order to feel another loving living creature without the judgement.  

The endless time thinking about how I'm screwed up or society or both. Billions of people, but no one cares about me.  How is this possible? 

What did I do wrong?..................most people didn't know. But those who did care were helping others overseas. The refugees or starving people in Africa...but I was right in front of them and they looked into my eyes and by their lack of action told me to "fuck off and die." So you each day you start to believe it.  And now you're in a negative feedback loop of hopelessness and helplessness.

And any computer programmer knows that a feedback loop needs an external input to break this action-inaction-action.

Sadly, I think that my experience is going to be more common in the West.  Some have more, others a lot less and more people are going to feel the need to be selfish as a form of self preservation. 


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Dan Abshear- How to be Homeless

With price of housing, many choose to live in vehicles.

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Comments for "Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home"

Kurt said (September 26, 2016):

Having never been homeless, perhaps I am less empathetic.
The question I have to ask when I hear these stories is: “My taxes support a costly welfare system. Why doesn’t it work for these people? Don’t they qualify under the means test? If not, why not?”
There must be more to the story.

JG said (September 26, 2016):

The refugees that are getting favour is good PR for the governments that support them. They are also valuable in that they help racially mingle the nation's general population to help dissolve national heritage and identity.
Their is no such thing as poor whites without influence in the fairy tale world of political correctness. They are the only group of people you can publicly condemn racially without being accused of any hate crime.
However, you need not be discouraged. The media's world and the real world are two different entities.

RB said (September 26, 2016):

Jon- I enjoyed reading Your ideas and experiences. I myself was homeless for ten years or so. I hope that things have improved for you especially Your outlook toward other people. I still have difficulty with this and have developed social phobia and perceive people as potentially a threat among other things. And I stopped being homeless in 1994. Thank you again for what you write. Many people have no idea how it feels to be completely alone and rejected by everybody but a few other homeless.

Al Thompson said (September 25, 2016):

If I were homeless like Jon was, I would go around to businesses and nag them until someone gave him a job. Don't send in resumes, just go into the business and get some kind of work. Just the action from looking for a job would keep him busy. It's hard to look for a job this way, but I think it is more effective. I

The government doesn't care about anyone but the "globalist" agenda so this has to be taken into account when making career choices. If the government cared, it wouldn't have sent the jobs to other countries.

I wouldn't allow myself to operate with any hatred in my heart. That is not productive. I would stand aloof from the problems, but I wouldn't wallow in hatred. If that is done then they win and he loses.

Tony B said (September 25, 2016):

Living in one's car, whole families living in the car, like living on the street, has been going on for decades in the U.S. Everything "official," especially politicians and media, ignore it as it is an odious "blight" not allowed to destroy the promoted fake prosperity. The only official attention paid is when politicians decide an area is too obvious to be ignored.

An easy example occurred in Ventura, CA as seen when I lived there. The on again, off again, Texas oil business was again turned off and many newly desperate families, following a rumor that California was booming, arrived there only to find no hope of jobs while running on their last fumes.

Those around Ventura soon discovered that the only place they could park their car/homes without police harassment was a dry river bed leading to the ocean. However this soon became a whole city of families living on whatever they could earn or beg each day and the local politicians decided this "flood plain" which no longer ever flooded was "too dangerous" to allow these obviously jobless squatters to stay, therefore families could either scatter to nowhere or be arrested and broken up by officialdom.

This was at least two decades ago and, yes, illegal aliens were pouring into California and the state was busy coddling them in every way tax money possibly could.

The agenda is obvious. Unfortunately, for too many people, those behind the politicians enforcing the agenda are still not obvious. The Rothschild cabal City of London has drained the west of all real wealth and is now looking for new blood elsewhere. Note that they were the first "westerners" to get their nose under the tent of the new Chinese bank created with BRICS nations in mind.

Dan Abshear said (September 25, 2016):

Thanks for linking what I wrote to this piece.

I've now been homeless off and on for 7 years. This happened after I was a highly paid corporate executive for a decade. [Lost it all for becoming a whistle blower.]

Thankfully I'm a military veteran, so the VA has overall taken care of my homeless needs. Living with other homeless people, I've discovered many others are in need in one way or another. So I've spent a large part of these 7 years helping others in some way. That is one positive evolution that has happened since I entered homelessness. I now care more about other people, and it's noticeable, although I do not help others to be noticed. Other evolutionary events that have happened to me is that I am clearly transient. I've lived in many different places during these 7 years. Periods during my 7 years homeless I've found myself very self destructive, void of any peace or happiness.

I wanted to add that in the 7 years I was homeless, I've never panhandled. However I've accepted monetary gifts from others at times. I've actually gone weeks without eating as a homeless person. Also during my 7 years homeless I've never demonstrated any anger or hate. I'd rather not be alone also now. So far I've never slept on the streets, but that could happen at any time. I still depend on and am thankful for the kindness strangers give me and my fellow homeless people.

Below- The Judeo Masonic Legal Octopus (scroll down)

Is "Snowden" Movie a Form of Hypnosis?

September 24, 2016


Paradoxically, since Edward Snowden exposed NSA mass surveillance 
in 2013, it is less of an issue than it was before. 
Obama and Congress have taken no action, and it isn't mentioned in the
Presidential election. 
A reader, Hamish, suggests the new movie "Snowden" is designed to lull the public into complacency and acceptance of servitude to the Masonic Jewish central bankers.

"Although the Snowden psychodrama does provide insight into our Orwellian society, it ultimately 'hoodwinks' the audience in Masonic fashion by carefully crafting the narrative: it ceremonially renders the viewers into acquiesced, morbid spectators."

by "Hamish"

Although I enjoyed Oliver Stone's new movie Snowden, I felt the narrative was still only wading in shallow waters. 

Stone did deliver symbolic props to signal to the Adept but these cinematic sigils are largely undetected by the mass audience. There was a scene where all the mass surveillance was graphically pictured as a sprawling network of digital data and as the camera panned out the image integrated into an iris then an eyeball and at that point the 'all-seeing eye' was staring at the theatre crowd. 

(Two Jews exchange Masonic handshake. Is Stone part of Snowden psyop?)

It reminded me of Stone's movie JFK where the protagonist queries his source for the identity of such a powerful force that could commit a ritualized assassination of the president in broad daylight and get away with it--at that point the camera pans out to show the Obelisk in the District of Columbia. Theses cryptic messages are the keys to analyzing our occult reality. 

So, I abridged a crucial essay that appeared in the book  Secret and Suppressed II : 'An Idiot's Guide to the Cryptocracy' by Craig Heimbichner, Feral House (2009).

"If you are outside enough of the mainstream current, you may know something of the Cryptocracy. ...Cryptocracy refers to a secret rulership, a hidden, elite network of power brokers or puppet masters who covertly pull the strings behind the show which passes for government or similarly observable societal structures....When conspiracy theory serves the purposes of the Cryptocracy, it is proclaimed as fact from the rooftops in a relentless media blitz of Big Lie repetition. Retailing conspiracy theory serves the Establishment by demonizing others...

The Cryptocracy has in fact entered the phase in which it is revealing its own plans to its enslaved servitors. ...In Blood on the Altar: The Secret History of the World's Most Dangerous Secret Society, James Shelby Downard explained: 'The Cryptocracy is not a myth; it seeks to transform humanity through alchemical processing of the mass consciousness or group mind which involves various tests and corresponding responses through channels linked to secret societies. The result is both psychological and cultural control; but more importantly, transformation. The Cryptocracy has essentially kept the mind of the masses cooking in a cauldron like a Renaissance alchemist, and occasionally tastes, adds ingredients, and stirs...

The alchemical closure phase of the Cryptocracy involves the Revelation of the Method, explicated by Michael A. Hoffman II in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare...A veteran hypnotist knows that such successive tests involve the risk of awakening the patient, but if passed successfully, yield two critical results: First, the tests reveal the depth of the trance; second, they sink the receiver down to a deeper level. 

Revelation of the Method functions exactly in this manner, and the fact that the 'leaks' and cues regarding 9/11 have not yet widely enraged and mobilized the populace into revolution indicates the trance level to be somewhere around 'deep somnambulism'...

The Cryptocracy thus grounds itself in the 'red thread' of the Kabbalah while offering the masses two false, partial choices of opinion, the Left and Right, based on Rabbi Luria's formulation of Kabbalah with its twin Pillars of Mercy (Left) and Severity (Right). The entire basis of political ping-pong and the games of opinion molders stand revealed as one grasps the importance of this charade of false dilemmas, a game which was updated into modern philosophical language by Hegel (his kabbalistic 'thesis-antithesis' is still the model framework for education). The Hegelian-Lurianic paradigm is the tube of the Cryptocracy's transmission plugged into the back of the zombie's head: disconnecting it immediately brings him to a state of cognitive dissonance, which if pursued leads ultimately out of the illusory matrix.


Another staple of psychological warfare in the arsenal of the Cryptocracy is the managing of group opinion via disinformation. In this age of information overkill, such a tactic is not only effective in maintaining a requisite level of confusion, but it also disturbs and numbs the Group Mind, keeping percipients unsure and unwilling to confront clues to their own subjection.

 The Cryptocracy thus wages psychological warfare and revels in the superstitions of symbol, number and ritual as weapons against the mind, grounded in Masonic lore and the dark 'Nightside of Eden' concepts of the Kabbalah. The unfolding of events on the trestle board of modern history can be analyzed as played-out Lodge dramas, rituals of initiation--ceremonial psychodrama (Downard) with a correlated component of psychological warfare (Hoffman).
 Terminating Hypnosis: such dynamics of Masonic sorcery illustrate the tactics and nature of the Cryptocracy, a quilt whose sections can be seen (i.e. the OTO, the Lodge, Skull & Bones, intelligence agencies, financial institutions) but whose dimensions are elusive, since they are partly hidden and partly revealed. In analyzing the Cryptocracy, the important point is not a grasp of the totality (i.e. 'getting the complete list of names'), but rather dehypnotization. To emerge from the trance is immediately to see the fabric and seams--and that is sufficient for standing against the stream even as one continues to study the meaning of events."


I posit that Stone's Snowden movie is an exercise in Revelation of the Method. Similar to other exposures, disclosures, and admissions--i.e. Wikileaks, 9/11 truth, hacking scandals, Too Big To Fail banks etc--the symbolic 'tearing away of the veil' has not solidified any operable opposition to the Cryptocracy's grip on the planet and its inhabitants. The masses are enthralled. 

So although the Snowden psychodrama does provide insight into our Orwellian society it ultimately 'hoodwinks' the audience in Masonic fashion by careful crafting the narrative: it ceremonially renders the viewers into acquiesced, morbid spectators.

Related- Webster Tarpley- Ed Snowden- How to Identify a CIA Limited Hang Out    (Thanks Kim!) 

Makow Comment- Given the lack of political dissent or revolt to date, it is hard to understand why all this surveillance is needed unless it is a boondoggle, or they foresee more repressive conditions in the future that will provoke revolt. 

First Comment from Howard:

I always found it odd that the NSA could not find Snowden in Hong Kong for the (alleged) two weeks he spent here, given the fact that they are intercepting every email and cellphone call on the planet in real time.

 I remain undecided as to whether Snowden's release of material was a limited hangout operation or a genuine disclosure. But you are right in emphasizing that far from making an issue of this all-pervasive government surveillance, the U.S. government and its sheeple have simply moved on as if nothing happened.

Recently I saw a documentary compiled of raw video footage taken during Snowden's two weeks in Hong Kong. The film is called "Citizenfour". I would highly recommend it, not because it's a good film (it is not), but because there is an aura of unreality and pretence that pervades nearly every scene. After watching it, I thought, 'This could never have happened if the U.S. didn't want it to happen.' Snowden gives no hint of being under pressure or worried. And the gaggle of journalists and assistants (and movie production people) would've stood out like a giant red flag to any American scrutiny of this tiny scrap of a city.

In the end, while I lean towards thinking Snowden's disclosures were part of an elaborate theatrical performance, the more important issue to me is that not a d*** thing has been done to stop the totalitarian growth of the American surveillance state, and that most Americans couldn't care less.


If a movie was made by Oliver Stone, it is trash in terms of historical accuracy. Just look at JFK. It did nothing but confuse and misinform the american public. And on top of this, Snowden did absolutely nothing. all he did was expose information you have had in the late 1990's. Look up William "Bill" Cooper's expose's he did on the National security Agency. These aired in January of 96'

Glen writes:

Oliver Stone is more than aware of the brain dead state of the average citizen today and does his very best to pry the sleeping eyes of our now defunct Republic open, if just for a few brief seconds. 

  Most who see "Snowden" will be in shock when they leave the theater at the level of spying that is perpetrated upon them on a daily basis, even if the technology exposed by Stone has been around for many years. The problem is that by the next day it will all be forgotten. These same people will be out buying the latest spy device, whether it be a new iPhone, iPad, desk top, lap top, or smart TV. They will be installing smart meters and signing up for that new "smart home". Deep down they will know they should fight the heavy hand of the police state and never ending intrusion into their private life. Those feelings too shall pass, for most have the attention span of a gnat. It is sad to say you can hand most Americans a shit sandwich and all you will hear in reply is "pass the ketchup". If you think that last statement is a little far fetched, just look at the two major political party candidates for the office of the presidency we as a country have not only accepted, but in most cases pledged our support to. 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Is "Snowden" Movie a Form of Hypnosis? "

OP said (September 26, 2016):

Two years ago, I was flying with my family from Chicago's O'Hare airport. Our carry-on suitcase broke while we were packing, so we used an old grandfather's bag instead, which, in rush, we did not have time to inspect. At the airport, we went through all the usual security hurdle, and we arrived at our destination without any incident.

However, when unpacking, we were shocked to discover about half a dozen of old grandpa's scissors in the front pocket of his bag. The scissors were huge, metal, and very pointy, and they passed through all security scanning for carry-on bags. Nothing beeped, and nobody realized they were there!

It dawned on us then that all that airport abuse - shoes removal, radiation, no liquids, taking laptops out of bags, scanning, shouting, patting - is only a theater.

A boondoggle!

DS said (September 25, 2016):

I worked the halls of NSA in 1971 after enlisting in the ARMY's ASA program in 1969 and studied Macrobiotics from 1977 to the present.

I was a traffic analyst in Vietnam and State side. And in both places, I analyzed enemy and friendly traffic (mostly radio communications). We monitored everything. There was very sophisticated equipment in Vietnam and before we left everything was totally terminated by thermite. Nothing was left but dust. Nothing. Anyway, upon returning to a civilian lifestyle in the states with the knowledge of the total surveillance capabilities that was out there, I lived my life with this statement: ACT AS EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL BE KNOWN, BECAUSE IT WILL.

I know EVENTUALLY the truth of the JFK ASSASSINATION, 911, Snowden's information, Clinton's e-mail, The Clinton Foundation's real policy, Julian Assanges Wilileaks, and Bill Cooper's expose will rise to the surface as truth always does. AND this is just beginning to become a landslide of truth because from my study of Macrobiotics, its philosophy of the cosmos, basically concludes that the light energy from the Milky Way is pointing more and more toward the Earth and waking us, the humans, up from a deep sleep of ignorance, deception and paradise lost of 12, 500 years.

Knowledge of the Order of the Universe gives me "Magical Spectacles" to see what is happening around me and the World. It is like reading a great fiction/non-fiction book, or watching a great movie. I'm almost like sitting back and just observing....something like the fool from the Beatles song: Fool on the Hill.

amrighthere said (September 25, 2016):

The NWO is in full swing. Snowden proves it. I saw the movie. It was good. Oliver Stone went to great lengths to dumb it down in order to show all the mindless 'sheep' how they were being led to slaughter.

I said from the very beginning that Snowden is a whistleblower and a patriot. I will be forever grateful to him for his efforts/sacrifice to inform us to the degree that we are being spied on.

Forewarned is forearmed. I hope there is still time to do something. But if there isn't, at least I can say I saw it coming and get my affairs in order... Small comfort that it may be....

I'm looking forward to watching the debates. I hope Trump hammers how Obummer is helping
Hildabeast hide emails and other mass/gross abuses of power. I hope he stays alive.

The truth needs to come out and sources like Wikileaks (and you) need more assistance.

Glen said (September 25, 2016):

Just a quick thanks to Trevor for his links to the Bill Cooper links - good stuff.

For those who are interested I am going to leave a link to a free PDF of James Bamford's book "Body Of Secrets(anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency)". Although Bamford is all for the NSA and its operations, this is an insiders look into that organization. I hope all will take the time to download and read this book. To say the least your mind will be blown at the size and reach of this ever creeping spy organization.

"In God we trust, all others we monitor." — Intercept operator's motto

Byron said (September 25, 2016):

One might also ask why it is both Assange and Snowden have refused to release MASSIVE amounts of classified material on the Israeli state...out of "sensitivity to Jewish communities".


Joseph said (September 24, 2016):


You are so so right! There used to be a time when one could look straight into another person's eyes as one walked anywhere or just while sitting down, in a waiting room for example. Not so anymore. Today, one mostly sees the top oh bowed heads with eyes glued to those friggin' contraptions.

As an example, yesterday I was sitting in a large room waiting for my number to be called for a blood test. I was reading a book - well yes, some people still read books - and occasionally I lifted my head to observe what was going on around me. Straight ahead: a young woman, hand clasped to her iPhone or whatever it was, thumb twitching up and down, left to right with eyes fixed to the tiny screen as if hypnotized.

Right next to me, a young man in his 20's also clasping an electronic device, staring at it for a while without any hand movement until he decided to start 'thumbing' it. He must have been irritated by something because after a minute or so his left legs started to shake so rapidly and vigorously that it made the row of seats shake. I endured what I could of his nervous twitches but I finally got up and moved to another empty seat.

Lo and behold, that was not such a good idea as I found myself sitting right opposite a muslim woman - the head scarf gave her away - who was also holding an iPhone or whatever in her right hand, staring at it but the only thing that was moving were her lips as if she was lip-reading. After a couple of minutes I realized that she was most likely reciting umpteen verses of a digital Quran. I suddenly felt well protected Later on I saw her entering a small room for her blood test accompanied of course by her husband who showed up much later, just in time for her blood sample.

Tony B said (September 24, 2016):

Interesting that the only weapon that makes all these manipulations of the human mind worthless is almost never mentioned, or, if mentioned, usually with a false human twist. That weapon is simply an honest worship of God, which means living for what He asks, not for our own selfish desires. A simple life change, but not easy for most, of subjecting our free will to that of God.

This, too, is sabotaged by a multitude of human misinterpretations and sly insinuations of the plain meaning of God's words, subtly designed to turn those who wish to do His will into actually doing the devil's will. Today that manipulation is also rampant, world wide, even from the top officials of the one Church created by Jesus Christ Himself.

But, for those of true intent, hearing or reading God's plain words, without reading human errors of misinterpretation or misconception into them, will eventually lead people to God's true will, the greatest fear of those enslaving mankind.

As told to humanity by the ex pharisee, Saul (St. Paul), who uniquely knew both sides of the true war, it is a spiritual battle, no one can hope to be a winner in it using only worldly weapons.

Al Thompson said (September 24, 2016):

When any of us hear a lie and then think about it, we are wasting our time and there will be no good result. The reason is that when we hear lies, our minds are considering what was just said. It is better not to hear the lie at all than to hear it and to think in error. The communist-Jew-masonic system is built on the alter of Satan and lies. It is always prudent to be skeptical when reading all of the various news reports because they are intended to confuse and deceive.

Below- Incest is the Latest Trend in Porn (scroll down)

The Judeo Masonic Legal Octopus

September 23, 2016

Left, the Southern District of New York federal court at 500 Pearl St.,  
is where the federal judges are literally divided into commando units
to advance the corrupt Judeo Masonic agenda. 

Insider Frederick Rotir describes how each group operates.

by Frederick Rotir

The Southern District of New York federal courthouse located in lower Manhattan New York City is literally the "Luciferian Eye" of the "Empire State," i.e. New York State, and is literally the most pre-eminent federal courthouse in the country, and possibly the world, so a great deal of Zionist Cabalist "social engineering legal experimentation" takes place there.  

(Left, Chief Justice Robert Katzmann presides over this Jewish Mafia clubhouse. Anyone recognize the hand sign?) 

These federal judges like to see "what can they get away with," so as to then impose it on the rest of the United States, who unwittingly must follow their lead in the 2nd Circuit Court of the USA (of which the SDNY is the main courthouse.) 

It is light years ahead of the rest of the federal courts in America in terms of money, power, media, racial/cultural diversity.
In addition, this jurisdiction contains the main Federal Reserve Bank with all of the entire world's gold bunkers located a few blocks away at 33 Liberty Street, New York NY, underground about five stories down (the site of another terrorist bombing a few years ago.)


Under the aegis and supervision of Chief Judge Robert Katzmann, and preceded by equally culpable Cabalist Dennis Jacobs, the federal judges of the Southern District are grouped into the following sub-groups, each with the following responsibilities:

The Black Judge Group - various federal judges such as Gregory Woods, George Daniels, Vernon Broderick, and Andrew Carter, left, were literally selected to thwart, sabotage, and obtain early dismissals for civil rights violations in New York City. 

Their other job is to cover up the crimes of terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and Israel, while nailing to the wall otherwise innocent enemies of Israel, such as Iran. 

The predominant litigants appearing in their court are racial, religious and ethnic minorities with bona fide grievances against various corrupt governmental members of New York City, such as victims of bad cops, corrupt government officials and lower court judges, out of control child protective services workers, unscrupulous bureaucrats, and others sucking the tit of the New York City taxpayer to earn their living.
The cases and controversies brought before the Southern District invariably get assigned to any one of the above named "black judges," whose job, through various legal and corrupt mechanisms, is to kill and hide these types of civil rights cases. Because who would ever suspect a "black judge" of not giving a damn about civil rights? It's the best cover, ever. 

But these black judges have long ago sold their souls for the almighty dollar, career advancement, lust for power and prestige, and loyalty to their Zionist Freemason Luciferian Cabalist masters. With the vast majority of them having been appointed by fellow supreme Uncle Tom and Freemason President Barack Obama, there is no question that their high crimes and misdemeanors, and treason to the taxpayer citizens is protected from up on high by the veritable Prince of Darkness.

The Feminazi Group - led by arch-Zio-Feminist Judge Shira Scheindlin, left, who recently retired from the bench, was literally appointed by the Luciferian Zionist Deep State as another "protected class" prostitute to torture those before her who are litigating over the Feminazi Mafia police state currently in place and driven by such satanic organizations as organ-stealing Planned Parenthood, the National Organization of Women, and other banker- funded feminist groups whose only role is to neuter the American male, destroy the American family, and force American children into dependence on the State, drug addiction, abuse, child prostitution, trafficking, and pornography. The gaggle of female Zionist witch federal judges led by supreme coven sorceress Shira Scheindlin is absolutely unparalleled in the United States, and their job is to keep the Feminazi Mafia working overtime to destroy the cornerstone of America, the family.

The White Jewish Banker Male Group - led by scumbags of humanity like Judge Alvin Hellerstein (below left), this group is primarily responsible for whitewashing and sanctioning the wholesale robbery and theft of trillions of dollars by corrupted hedge fund managers like Stephen Cohen of SAC Capital, Paul Singer of Elliot Capital, and Larry Silverstein who they allowed to hoodwink his insurance company into paying him $7 billion dollars for TWO "terrorist attacks" of 911 on his precious World Trade Center insurance policy, the building he "purchased" only a few weeks before these "attacks." In the latter case, Judge Alvin Hellerstein was culpable in insurance fraud. 

(Left, Judge Alvin Hellerstein, who even looks like Mafia, "handled" all 9-11 litigation) 

Under the color of law and authority, this federal judge sub-group has literally given meaning to the phrase, "you can steal more money with a briefcase and a pen, than with a gun." 

Most of the white or Jewish male judges in this massive finance whitewashing federal judge group went to white/jewish male privileged prep schools and the Ivy League schools. On graduation, they were grandfathered into the most exclusive and prestigious "white shoe law firms," wherein their clients were the big banks, big corporations, military industrial complex, and other pivotal and central components of the proverbial deep state Zionist Cabalistic Freemasonic elite. 

They completely understand their role in furthering and continuing the massive financial crimes originating within the great big international monetary playground of New York City. These judges are there to help other Freemasonic Zionist Luciferians steal other people's money, in a BIG WAY.


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Judeo Masonic Legal Octopus"

Al Thompson said (September 23, 2016):

In my opinion, all federal courts, state courts, and even traffic courts are as corrupted as the two-bit whores with HIV positive. These are maggot-ridden cesspools whose only purpose is to screw the public and extort money from them.

The Southern District of New York federal court is not a government court in the classic understanding, but rather, it is listed as a private corporation. All of the courts and government agencies operate as private companies and they have no authority for anything. Of course, they do have violence and they use it via the United States Marshals (Brown Shirt)Service. The court is the screwer and anyone trying to use it is the screwee. Do not look for any justice in these courts.

I speak from experience. The judges will hide exculpatory evidence from the jury to ensure convictions. Going to these courts is like going to a bad religious proceeding.
All of their proceedings are Satanic to the core and no one should expose themselves to such idiocy.

In these courts, it is a massa-nigger relationship with the general public being the nigger. (The word nigger isn't limited to just black people.) The word nigger is proper because it reflects the truth. If I use the word slave it won't have the same effect.

It is the Talmudic Jew that thinks that the goyim are just animals or niggers and it can be seen hidden in the United States codes. The "government" is nothing more than a slave-trading organization with no authority other than the monopoly of violence they hold over the people. If you think the Consitution and the Bill of Rights are helpful, just try and use these rights in the courtroom and you'll see that the whole system is a fraud and a farce.

Rollo Thommassi said (September 23, 2016):

The Southern District of New York federal courthouse may be the " heart " , but the " brain " is the Royal Courts of "Justice" in London City/Temple Bar.,_London

FBI Serves Satanist Government of the USA

September 25, 2016


FBI Serves Satanist Government of the USA

How can we expect anything of a government that proclaims
 its satanist subversion on the back of its Great Seal? 

by Buddy Schwartz

If anyone has any doubt whom the FBI works for, one need only casually observe the insignia engraved on the outside of the NY FBI's offices located at 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY, which is the ultimate emblem of this Satanic organization.

What with the revelations that FBI Director James Comey "shitcanned" the entire years long and laborious investigative work against the thoroughly corrupted Clinton Foundation (main political arm of the Satanic Rothschild Cabalists) of thousands of dedicated, patriotic FBI Agents in one fail swoop with his 5 minute "press conference" delivered a few weeks ago, one would have to be an idiot not to see this.

This does not even begin to account for the decades-long coverups of organized Satanism, Child Sacrifice/Rape/Pornography/Abuse/Trafficking/Kidnapping, Drugs and Narcotics industry, espionage and control and corruption by Israel and its agents, international banking criminal activity, and other massive but state-sanctioned and approved multinational criminal activity brought to light by former FBI Director Ted Gunderson and Eustace Mullins.

download (42).jpeg
The bullshit lip-service by such co-opted congressmen and senators like Republican House Leader Jason Chaffetz (another Freemasonic Zionist Jew turned Mormon) occasionally indulge in by "subpoenaing" or "chastizing" FBI Agents and Supervisors in the press or at one of their "dog and pony show" congressional hearings only adds insult to injury - the fix is in, and has been in, for decades, if not centuries.

Indeed fellow Freemasonic Congressman Elijah Cummings made "cut-throat" movements across his neck towards FBI Director James Comey while he was testifying, reminding Mr Comey about his obligations to shut the fuck up with regards to what he actually knows.

The charade is the only thing falling down, to reveal the proverbial "Wizard of Oz" of Zionist Freemasonic Luciferian Cabalism, nothing more, nothing less, due in large part to the massive dispensation of secret information by whistleblower intelligence agents, operatives, federal and state law enforcement, congressional/senator insiders, media, and others, on pain of death and destruction for their "treason" to their Zionist Freemasonic Masters.

This is why the Zionist Freemasonic Luciferian Satanic Cabalists are in such a hurry to scrap the United States of America, now thoroughly fleeced and raped, and ready to be sacrificed on the altar of a contrived World War 3, along with all of its patriots and citizens, by the constant and non-stop provocations of Russia, Iran, the creation and funding of ISIS, and other deep state political acts.

"Cops have set themselves as the adversary of the public," says CR

September 12, 2016

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(left. Ottawa is a Masonic fiefdom. Note the 666 in the Ottawa logo

Ottawa Police say "Bullying is a criminal offence," one they appear to carry out every day.
"Cops have set themselves as the adversary of the public," says CR 

by CR

I think that people like Dan are part of the problem, they are too quick to justify the actions of the police in any situation.  Do we not have human rights?  Since when is talking back to a cop grounds for having your testicles grabbed?  That just sounds ridiculous.  You have every right to question the actions of the police when they approach you, the only excuse for them to use any sort of force is if you try to run or physically threaten or attack them.  He's lucky they didn't take him to jail, the way he's talking he would have been wearing lipstick and a blonde wig by the end of the week.

Like Alex, I'm from Ottawa as well.  I'm white, but I grew up around a lot of black people as well as other races.  It's true that young black males are more likely to be stopped by police, but not by a large margin.  I must have been stopped by police about 10-15 times while minding my own business and committing no crime.  Most times the cops maintained some degree of professionalism, but there was an incident in which I was falsely accused of jaywalking (the cop left me alone after I started arguing with him) and another time that I was falsely arrested and put in handcuffs. 

I was walking downtown and two cops passed me on their bicycles while staring me down.  I stared right back at them and kept walking.  Next thing I knew they turned around and grabbed me and said they had a warrant for my arrest.  I asked what the warrant was for (by law you have the right to be informed of what you are under arrest for) and whether they even knew my name, they repeated "shut the fuck up, asshole" several times, searched me, called my information in to the station, and then let me go when they found out I had no warrant.  

I asked if there was someone who looked like me that had a warrant, they continued with their ""shut the fuck up, asshole" routine.  I was mad, I went home and called the Special Investigations Unit (supposedly independent agency that investigates police wrongdoing).  I had one cop's name from his name tag. When I explained to the SIU guy what happened he laughed and said "oh, that must be Claude".  Like they were good friends or something.  He then asked if I had any witnesses. When I replied that I didn't I was informed that nothing could be done because there was no record of the arrest, the police are under no obligation to comply with SIU investigations, and it would be my word against his friend. 

In Alex's case, I would assume that the fact that he lived in an all white upper class neighborhood was the main reason he was subjected to so much harassment.  That doesn't justify it at all, but I have never heard of anyone in Ottawa having so much problems with police.  It could be that a cop lived in that neighborhood and didn't want any black people in the area, I can only guess.  Most people who are constantly bothered by police are known criminals and the cops recognize them, and they don't stay out of jail long enough to get stopped that many times.   If Alex had lived in a more multicultural neighborhood, I doubt he would have had a similar experience.  If you're in low income/high crime neighborhood then all males between the ages of 15-50 are seen as potential suspects, there doesn't seem to be a high degree of discrimination here in Ottawa.

The main issue I have with police is that they have no respect for the public and are unbelievably cruel and aggressive.  They have set themselves as the adversary of the public whom they are supposed to serve and protect.  They are looking for people to arrest and charge when no crime has been reported, and when something does happen they don't care if they have the right person, "somebody has to pay" and they will do all they can to make the charges stick even if they know you are innocent.  

It's not about whether you are innocent or guilty, it's about the probability of conviction at trial and most cases end with a plea bargain.  Even if they lose, cops get time and a half for court appearances while judges and lawyers get paid hundreds of dollars per hour.  If all criminals went on strike we would have another recession because a lot of the highest paid people would be out of a job.

Dilma is OUT. by Marcos

August 31, 2016

Dilma is OUT. 

by Marcos

To the satisfaction of millions who went to the streets in protest against her and basically the whole population who hates her guts, a 9-month process has given birth to the impeachment today. 61 senators against 20. 367 Congressmen had already voted for the impeachment in a massive way, following to the letter the ritual described in article 52 of the Constitution. 

Dilma is more than guilty, and could have been charged with several crimes. The one which sealed her destiny was illegally transfering money from state companies and banks to cover the huge deficits she created with corruption and malfeasance. Personally, I believe she should have responded for betraying the country to Cuba. 

Results about the havoc she wreaked in the country keep coming in. GNP in the first semester fell 4,6%, and public debt skyrocketed to a historic record, much to the satisfaction of the bankers she helped so much, while crushing the poor with taxes. 

The propaganda people in her Party were busy filming a "documentary" to tell the world Dilma was a victim of a coup. Expect a torrent of lies in marxist news websites in the coming weeks. 

As a last spit on the face of the people, the President of the Supreme Court (appointed by Lula), who also presided over the process, stepped on the Constitution and arranged a vote session for Dilma to keep her political rights. Constitution clearly says any impeached president loses these rights for 8 years, but this was a maneuver to shield her from the hands of Judge Moro and his anti-corruption investigation. Former president Lula, however, is still expected to be in jail trouble soon. 

How could a former terrorist, a bank robber and accomplice in murder be elected in the first place? That's a question for history to answer one day.