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It's OK to be a Woman!

April 24, 2019

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Konstantin Sutyagin)

"Feminism has destroyed the things you most want, namely love, courtship, marriage and children."

There are no two ways about it. We are under satanic attack. 
Church burnings and bombings are just the external manifestations.
Feminism is mental. It convinced women to be sexually
 promiscuous instead of consecrating themselves to husband and family. 

The movement to "liberate" women has destroyed femininity and made real women rarer than hen's teeth. 

Sexual intercourse is the most intimate a man and woman can be.  It should only happen in the context of a committed loving relationship. Otherwise, it is horribly degrading and dehumanizing.  Didn't realize it? That's my point. 

Sexual promiscuity has destroyed the thing we seek, REAL LOVE. Promiscuity mimics Love. It's empty and bitter like an ashtray piled with butts. Who did this to us? The Cabalist (Masonic Jewish) central bankers who "corrupt in order to control."

Can there be any doubt? Feminism is destabilizing and has made people miserable.  We are under massive occult attack. 

Under incredible pressure to see the nuclear family with disfavour. Why did housewife and homemaker become dirty words? The people who cry "hate" are the true haters.

The inmates have taken over the asylum. We are being satanically possessed like a large snake devouring a rabbit. 

Here is an article encouraging young women to obey their feminine instincts. They are under constant psychological satanic attack. Like all of us, they can't escape it unless they know it's happening.  

"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order." Protocols of Zion 16-3

It's OK to be a Woman! 
By Henry Makow PhD.
(from April 28, 2013) 

"In Spring, a young man's thoughts turn to love" and so do a young woman's.

Like pretty daffodils poking their heads above matted leaves,  attractive young women are suddenly in evidence on neighborhood streets. They are usually alone and strike me as confused. They want male approval but are told men are evil.  Their instincts say, get married and have children but society tells them families are oppressive: "Get a career instead."

If I could talk to these young women, I would say this:

You have been betrayed by society which has gone over to the dark side. Feminism, a lesbian and occult ideology which denies gender differences, is poison for women. It has destroyed the things you most want and need, namely love, courtship and marriage.

Young men no longer think in terms of winning your friendship and love. They no longer need to marry or even commit to get sex. If you don't go to bed, another girl will. No more dates. No more flowers, dinners, dances and movies.

It's booze, bed and  "Good Bye." 

"Women's rights" indeed.


DC05nOWVwAAJhha.jpgFeminism was not a spontaneous, grassroots social phenomena. It was top-down elite social engineering i.e. behavior modification orchestrated using the mass media, government and education.  It was wholly sponsored by the Illuminati (satanist) central bankers in order to make women have careers instead of families.

Film producer, the late Aaron Russo was told this by the Rockfellers. Watch this video. The purpose is to undermine the family as the primary social institution so people will be dependent on government and corporations.

It is part of a larger plan to bring in a veiled totalitarian world government by dynamiting the four legs of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family. FEMINISM TARGETS FAMILY. The "war on terror" and 9-11 are other aspects of this elite agenda.

You are in the springtime of your life. Just as flowers blossom now, the years 18-26 are when you are at the height of your fertility and most attractive to males. This is the time when you must marry and have children if you want to be surrounded by loved ones when you are older. We are part of a natural cycle and we can't get a raincheck from nature.

So my message is: reject casual sex. Demand courtship and love. (If you don't have a strong exclusive connection with a man before sex, he certainly won't have time for you after the challenge is gone. )

Consecrate yourself for your future husband and children. If you belong to many men, it will be hard to ever belong to one. Concentrate on prospective marriage-minded males, usually a few years older than you. Don't waste your time on boys or nomads. You want a home builder.

Do not compete with other women on the basis of sex. Let the sluts have the sex.  You are looking for a permanent lifetime commitment. Therefore cultivate the qualities and skills desirable in a wife and a mother. 

susie.jpg(Satanists taught us to HATE the homemaker) 

Essentially this is a willingness to sacrifice for the right man. (This will make him love you.) And the right man is someone you admire and love, who is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and demonstrates his love for you.

Meanwhile, pursue a career as a second priority. You need to be independent in order to hold out for the right man.

I also describe the dynamics of heterosexuality, the exchange of female power for male love, here. 


Sexual intercourse is the most physically intimate you can be with another person so you must be emotionally intimate first. People think they can get intimacy with physical intimacy. It doesn't work that way. 


Our neo-pagan society has turned sex (and romance) into mystical religious experience and way of achieving salvation. This is because our society is secretly run by a sex cult, Freemasonry.  (What do you think obelisks like the Washington Monument represent?)

Eckhardt Tolle was asked a question that illustrated how sex and romance have become our religion.

"I always thought that true enlightenment is not possible except through love in a relationship between a man and a woman. Isn't this what makes us whole again? How can one's life be fulfilled until that happens?"

Salvation!!?? Can you see how difficult it is to establish stable relationships if expectations are so high?

No wonder many men find women unapproachable. Women hold the key to their salvation! It doesn't help that the culture is inflating women's egos--telling them they are goddesses. Despite their beauty, young women are just as ordinary as men.

Don't think in terms of salvation. Think in terms of what kind of life you want and what your needs are. Look for a compatible person who will fulfil your needs, and vice-versa. If two people come through for each other over the course of time, they will love each other.

Put the romantic stuff on the back burner. Usually, it is based on Hollywood nonsense and idealization. People aren't perfect and not worthy of adulation. They are all flawed and the good is a reward for putting up with the bad.

In conclusion, you have been betrayed by society. Feminism is elite social engineering. Your choice is whether you want to participate in the natural life cycle, and grow and be fulfilled, or be another casualty of the elite war against gender and family.

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Reply From a Special Young Man:

Thanks Henry for writing a great article. I'm a 22 yr. old American guy who gets plenty of attention from women, but I wish I could pass out this article to every girl I've ever met.

Even though it would probably mean that sex would be less available for me if these women would take this article's advice. I DON"T CARE ! , As strong as my desire to have sex with pretty girls is, it doesn't compare to the desire I have to truly Love a woman. The strongest desire I have in my heart has always been to find a girl that could unleash all the love that I have in my heart.

Thankfully, it only takes one woman, and hopefully, she's reading this article right now.

New Reply from Lora:

It is ok to be a woman. It is ok to be a homemaker.

When I was young, I was what you would call today a slut. Nobody thought anything of it, nobody commented or judged. But I did get hurt and damaged by it. So desperate for someone's approval, so hungry for somebody's love, I fell in love with all the wrong men. This generation's men are mostly damaged goods too, not just women.

When I grew up, during the 80s, there was a long string of divorces by men in their 40s, who after reached the heights for their success, wanted a younger model. "She", the now wife of over 15 years, was frequently discarded like an old shoe, something to be embarrassed about. I noticed and so did many girls.

In your posts, you often discuss the importance of men taking leadership in a relationship. I have never ever experienced that. If I didn't do what was required and lead, nothing happened. Also, I am an intelligent, extremely well-educated woman with a wide range of interests. Most men are intimidated by it. Others just want another mother.

It is not after I became a proper Christian and after my divorce, that I heard some proper preaching or explanation about what relationships ought to be. Moreover, my father, who was at home with my mom and my sister, never ever sat me down to explain life to me. Not he or my mom talked to me what my worth is or what type of man I should be looking for, what to expect from a long term relationship and what to do when things get difficult.  

Somebody else was always more important or something bad was happening. We had long-term family issues, so I just grew up, the pretty, well behaved, good girl with very good reports at school and generally good success.  I wish somebody had talked to me. Would have saved me and my ex-husband a lot of grief. And maybe my fantastic kids could have their dad at home.

My now-husband, a much older man, talks to me, listens to me and explains things to me. I am 50-years-old now and we have been together for 8 years. It is with him that for the first time in my life I feel safe in a relationship. He will not leave me for some tart and he taught me how to talk things out. I learned with him how to apologise and make up. He gives me all the space I need and yet we are always together.

May the Lord forgive us women for our sins and help us how to do right by Him. May the Lord help us to forgive the hurts we have received. May the Lord deliver us from this satanic, Communist evil that has poisoned our collective minds. In Jesus Name Amen.

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Comments for " It's OK to be a Woman!"

Bruce said (April 24, 2019):

JJ (below) hits the nail on the head regarding the modern woman. I see this quite a bit in the workforce. Young women with college degrees who have been brain washed by the communist/feminist educators in the universites and colleges that having a career over family is the way to go. Yet in the same vein, these ladies have shredded their compasses; they have children out of wedlock only to see them looking for some guy to latch onto who will take care of them and the child that is not his. I mean these women are scrambling for that end. In one way it is sad, and yet in another way comical.

Another thing about these young women today: they are cocky, arrogant with a sense of entitlement and no sense of repercussions because of their attitudes. So sad.

Bruce said (April 24, 2019):

JJ (below) hits the nail on the head regarding the modern woman. I see this quite a bit in the workforce. Young women with college degrees who have been brain washed by the communist/feminist educators in the universites and colleges that having a career over family is the way to go. Yet in the same vein, these ladies have shredded their compasses; they have children out of wedlock only to see them looking for some guy to latch onto who will take care of them and the child that is not his. I mean these women are scrambling for that end. In one way it is sad, and yet in another way comical.

Another thing about these young women today: they are cocky, arrogant with a sense of entitlement and no sense of repercussions because of their attitudes. So sad.

Marc said (April 24, 2019):

Hi Henry! Excellent article and full of many truths. Thank you so very much. What is love? Here at Walk Worthy we define it as the heartfelt attitude and resulting action to be providing for and protecting God's creation in 3 ways (SEP): the Spiritual maturity, the Emotional stability, and the Physical preservation. We are, after all, body, soul, ands spirit.

Those few of us who follow the real Jesus of Nazareth (and not the American imposter of Him) know that all truth emanates from the Lord through His creation and creatures. So, the apostle Paul in the Word declares the created role for the woman:

Titus 2:3-5 Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject (obedient) to their own husbands (in everything legal, moral, & non-abusive), so that the word of God will not be dishonored (blasphemed).

Of course, there are women who are barren just like Bible times. But this is His way...for all time until the end of time. It's the wisdom of the ages from He who created the ages.

As an aside, there's only one word Paul uses to exhort and warn all types of hearers (older men, older women, young men, young women) in his letter here: sensible. Makes perfect sense to see how God's enemy, the devil and his army, would seek to make mankind made in His image to be full of non-sense.

Scott M said (April 24, 2019):

Feminism is not new, the garden was the launching ground. Man taken head on will fight, but if the one thing that controls man (SEX/WOMAN) can be controlled, then the man can be controlled. They use the woman to get the man to do/be what they want. As lucifer used Eve in the garden to bait Adam, so the occult uses women to destroy men, the head of the home, the provider and protector. Now that society has lost its men, it can be dominated.

JJ said (April 24, 2019):

The biggest threat to women are women. All one needs to do is listen in on a group of women talk. One woman will say, "My husband wants me to make supper at 6:00!" and all of the rest of the women will immediately tell her her husband is a male chauvanist pig whom she should divorce immediately and receive alot of money from.

Western women are ruthless having no understanding of authority or the fact that feminism has only thrived because our countries have gone into debt to world bankers. Younger women should take a look at these old hags who are bitter, overweight, stressed out and very, very alone in this world. They will die in seniors homes having spent the last twenty years alone with no one visiting them, half-demented with a foreign staff who have no love for them taking care of them. Most of them are childless and almost all of them will have had no sex with any man from the age of forty onward.

David said (June 22, 2017):

Henry, the longer I live the more convinced I become that being a good mother is a gift (much like being a brilliant musician or artist) and not determined by biology at all.

Some of the most horrific murders & abuse of children I've read about in recent years were committed by mothers against their own offspring. I've come to feel there is no such thing as a "maternal instinct" in women.

I do know women (my wife among them) who love their husbands and are tigresses in protecting & defending their children from evil, but I also see women who think a child, even though that child was once part of her body, are disposable. These are the women who seem the most susceptible to the poison of feminism.

Jim C said (June 22, 2017):

I hope that many many young women read and take to heart the message of this day’s article.

At the moment I am an old man soon to be 79. As I look back at my encounters with the women
in my life my fondest memories are those of my grandmother. Of all the others including my mother, wives, daughters, sweethearts, and girl friends she stands head and shoulders above them all.

She was old, with wrinkled skin, flabby arms, no waist, saggy breasts, fat legs, and she wore dentures with stained teeth.

And I loved her. Of all the women I have ever met I loved her the most. Why?

She made me feel special in a way the others didn’t.
From my limited experience with women, my advice to all is if you want to be loved by a man
you must honestly do whatever it is to make him feel special. And It’s gotta come from your heart.

Can’t fake it. It has to be real. If you don’t have it, I feel sorry for you.

I loved my grandma.

Wade said (June 21, 2017):

Your articles on this subject would have been life changing for me in my youth. I am 72 and so when I was young, so were you.

I have leaned a few things over the years ( by costly and painful experiences). Two divorces and a third marriage now that has lasted 20 years, but even now I know I missed the boat all my life because of a wrong attitude. This wrong attitude of mine was brought on by Hollywood and the engineering of our culture that was pervasive everywhere. You explain it well.

The incredible intensity of the brainwashing that happened to me and almost all young people as I grew up, is evident in the fact that even now I am not totally free from it. If I knew when I was 18 what I know today my life would have gone an entirely different direction. I would have been looking for a mate in an entirely different manner, with an entirely different set of priorities.

I lost my oldest son to drugs and my younger son is not yet out of the woods with the same problem. I have two daughters that have fared better, but both are damaged. This is collateral damage on the innocent to my brainwashed condition. My 2nd former wife committed suicide two years ago.

The song from Le Miserable s that ends with the line: "My life has ruined the dream I dreamed" speaks to the hearts of millions.

Keep these articles going Henry. I believe you are reaching some of the young people.

Bert said (April 30, 2013):

When the mature woman looks back over her life, in her heart she does not see her life as a string of separate discrete events (job-1 here, job-2 there, marriage-1 here, marriage-2 there, etc.) The successful woman sees her life as a SINGLE EVENT.

It begins or is awakened when her powers are respected by the courtship of a male. It then proceeds to consecration and marriage, and then to conception of children, then birthing of them, then nursing them, then raising them, and then releasing them.

The typical male might see these events as discrete and separate. But the heart of the female thinks differently. It sees these events as one single continuity ... her life.

Fulfillment of duty happens when she makes a unique contribution to evolution of love and consciousness. After releasing her children, the joy of her heart is replenished a thousand fold when she sees her grandchildren grow in health, happiness, love and prosperity.

As an example of the real empowerment for the female, when she conceives and gives birth, she ALONE successfully transforms her husband into a father.

For her young husband, this is a hugely responsible and rewarding turning point. He knows that no job, no career, and no corporation can ever accomplish that for him. Also, the processes of conception and birthing are known to the female heart as ONE EVENT. (see the DVD by Elena Vladimirova, “Birth as We Know It.”)

Only a few generations ago, that is, prior to the creation of a medical mafia system by the Illuminati, women never once thought of lying down to conceive, until they knew that they were in a bed with a husband who wanted them to feel secure and protected. Only a few generations ago, women never even thought of conceiving new evolution (i.e. a child) until they were in the same bed in which they intended to give birth to it.

Later, you accurately identify the “four legs of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family.” It may be worth mentioning the emotional precedents to these important expressions of our human identity. They might be characterized as, our innocence (especially childhood!), our creativity and generosity (in a practical sense), and our satisfaction and compassion (for ourselves and others). After these personal aspects are assembled and functioning, then our civility and collectivity finds expression through the four legs that you mention.

Male and female, we have a duty to not waste our chance to make an upward contribution to evolution of consciousness. Old age then becomes a nourishment and a replenishment, rather than an Illuminati nightmare enforced by a degenerate police state. The Illuminati are well aware that if the principle of innocence can be destroyed (i.e. if the principle of innocence can be adulterated, by porn and poisoning, etc.) then the whole thing (i.e. the process of evolution) will come apart.

As I get older (I’m 66), I discover that our so-called “sex drive” is not about sex. Nor is it about power or propagation. We are given a sexual function for purposes of evolution, and possibly for renewal of the innocence of our marriage. Sex outside the protections of marriage, and even sex within marriage, but outside the duty to respect innocence of our partner becomes an adulteration and a satanic fornication.

The Illuminati are fully aware that even within a marriage, when the innocence (sex) of the marriage is abused or dirtied, it will introduce a spiritual corruption that will cause the marriage to collapse.

Take care. Again, an important article. The intention is clear. Only by protecting the innocence of marriage, do we protect the upward evolution of consciousness.

Christian said (April 28, 2013):

special thanks for this special entry.
It has touched me very deeply.

I think that as true males and not normal and mentally rearranged men ( I am talking about mass media's impact on our behaviour) our ultimate role model must be Jesus Christ.

And I would like to propose something..I know that there are many people there reading your blog.. real men and real women..

Would you like to coordinate Three Days of Prayer? one day men will pray for the women, and the other, women will pray for the men and in the last day we will pray together, giving thanks to God for hearing our prayers. We both need strength and through prayer we can give each other and one another the necessary fortitude. I sometimes pray for all the ladies who read your posts and hope that maybe someday, God will send me one, the only one prepared and created just for me.

I am 33, attractive and smart male..could have many girls but I decided to wait and let God pick for me. I've picked once and failed. So I patiently wait now and improving myself to be a better man, a better husband, better father for the kids I will have one day. Instead of dating and have one night stands, i rather listen to the Bible and write love letters to that special woman I will meet someday.

Prayer can have a magnificent effect on us if we pray together. Everybody, we your readers, can unite in prayer for a bigger cause.

Dan said (April 28, 2013):

"Young men no longer think in terms of winning your friendship and love. They no longer need to marry or even commit to get sex. If you don't go to bed, another girl will."

There's a fallacy here. If sex is the reason a male seeks marriage, he's not marriage material anyway. He doesn't comprehend marriage. He's only using it as a springboard to more sex. He'll have affairs with married women, and/or pay prostitutes of one form or another.

Everyone that grew up in this co-oped culture has arrested development - a lack of maturity. 50 years ago they changed the definition of "Adult" and "Mature" from responsible grownup - to people who have a lot of sex - especially taboo sex. The lie is these people are more 'mature' because they'll throw anything away for the 'experience'.

The advise to young women is right. Value yourself above his misplaced sexual compulsion -- or yours. Girls who can do this may feel ignored for a while but you'll attract far better men. If you're giving it away you'll attract men with problems.

Matt said (April 28, 2013):

It has been a few years since then but I realize more and more everyday how deeply rooted feminism is in today's society.

The idea of courtship and long term relationship, let alone commitment, seems to be a thought of the past. I couldn't even begin to estimate how many women I have talked to that have complained how guys nowadays just want one thing and have no idea of commitment yet in the same breathe tell me how great it is to be "liberated" and "allowed to discover themselves" thanks to feminism.

American women seem to want to be put on a pedestal and love attention but they hate it when most men worship them. With this in mind, I don't even pay attention to these types of women and yet they get even more mad at me for not giving them that attention.

When I explain to them that they get mad when men give them attention yet even more mad when I don't, they don't know what to say. They don't even see the contradiction. They don't know what they want and I will take it one step further.

They don't like it when a male challenges them or their utopic vision. It shatters their feminist training that men must be afraid to challenge women for whatever reason. Every time I have "problems" or confrontations with women, usually women in their mid forties and in some position of authority, it is because I challenged their logic, reasoning or because I stood up to them. Not in a defiant way of course but just challenging their feminist ideas.

I can see that they are yearning for a "normal" male/female relationship but society has told them to be afraid of such a thing, avoid it like the plague or you might get married and start a family. It is sad.

Jen said (April 18, 2011):

Lisa, I'm 27 also but I haven't been in a relationship for quite some time because I've lost my attraction to modern men. Some people may think I'm feminist, asexual or hate men but they don't understand my core. I'm not a fan of the fake nice guy or the materialistic DC man who chooses his mate(s) based on earnings potential..or the wanna be bad boy people assume is confident... Wish they all could just be more natural.

But in a way I can understand why in some cases men want women to pay up. I mean, 85 % of females are materialistic to the bone and many don't even realize it because it's such a cultural norm. Of course I know nothing about you, but you should do a deep analysis of the situation, and if you are, prove to your man that you're on the same team by finding ways to save $. Learn some do it yourself crafts. Make him feel safe about being a future provider. Many men secretly DO want a HOMEMAKER,a complementary feminine force, but many times they'll seek Ms. Career because that option appears less risky than another typical all Western "
SAHM." (Stay-at-home-mom.)

Marcio from Brazil said (April 9, 2011):

We are sorry that women have lost their femininity. I cannot see how they could get it back. Women want to be powerful, sexually seductive and cunning enough to lead us astray, which is something hideous and disgusting that scares men away.

I was like the guy who had always dreamed of meeting that real nice lady who would respect me and love me. I have never met such woman I would like to give all my love to... They only love what they can get from you I quit! And I am 40 now (hard working, fun, communicative, family-minded, a decent son, no addictions, religious, old-fashioned guy - maybe that is why, as they are more attracted to the ones who can offer them fun and wastefulness).

Besides, a man is rarely the only bread-winner at home (thanks to women in the job market, making it cheaper to hire a worker because of the "double offer, half pay" stuff). Many men have to stand "powerful" , comfort-demanding, blackmailing wives who lead them to bankrupticy very often due to their silly excessive spending (which makes the wives' salary evaporate and leaves hubbies with the heavy duty of making ends meet - or else, they will be called losers, tramps, etc, no matter how honest and hard working they can be). And ladies complain if they have to play the man's role (thanks to the feminists). My experience as a former family court lawyer says so.

It is no use crying over spilled milk...

Men, play hard on girls. Be the decent ones since the ladies have quit being nice and decent! We, men, shall restore integrity (beginning with our own) because I cannot figure out how the ladies would do it.

Lisa said (May 21, 2008):

I can't tell you how sad & alone this article made me feel, even though I am a married woman, because I realized my husband makes me be the man.

I always wanted to marry & have kids young (I'm 27). Even though my parents really screwed their own relationship up, I instinctively knew that family is the center of life on earth. When I met my husband I was ecstatic to find another young, 20-something person who felt the same way about family & children. Now that we are married & settling into our lives together, my husband says I must continue to work & pay half of the bills, even though I want to quit my job, become a housewife & get pregnant so we can begin our family together. When we were first dating he said he wanted to have children as soon as possible. That was over 3 years ago. Now he says I must wait 5-6 more years to get pregnant. By then I will be in my thirties.

Christine said (April 7, 2008):

Several years ago, I gave up dressing like a man for religious reasons (and no, I am not a Muslim, although it is rather peculiar to see Muslim women in blue jeans and head scarves). Since the traditional garb of a Western woman is a skirt or dress to the ankles, I try to wear that. And I do try to dress neatly.

When I made this decision, I didn't think about how it would affect men. Nevertheless, its effect on men has been most touching. It brings out the best in them and they seem to like it. Some are even vocal in their approval; only one has said he disapproved. It has become obvious that men now have more respect for me than when I wore pants. Ladies, take note!

Giuseppe Cardinal Siri wrote a lengthy condemnation of women wearing pants. He said that it damaged women psychologically, and I agree. He also said that when women wear pants, it tends to corrupt relations between the sexes.

One of the weirdest modern sights is of a woman who is dressed like a man fussing with her hair and painting her face in order to make herself prettier. Prior to the 20th century, only prostitutes wore facepaint. And even prostitutes of that era would cringe at the sight of modern women.

Veronica (Transgendered) said (April 3, 2008):

Even though I'm transgender, I agree with the theme of most of your articles. The only thing I would want to add from my life experience, though, is that there are some of us (albeit very very few of us statistically) who are born not distinctly male & not distinctly female. Believe me, I have tried every "cure:" spiritual, psychological & even some physical discipline.

Nothing has worked except for transitioning to the other gender on the outside. I don't want to bore you with my own individual details: it's too long of a story and filled with many different twists that would take several pages even to explain superficially.

So, I would only want to respond to your article by saying that what you talk about in getting back to connatural male-female relations & roles is absolutely true for the vast majority (99%) of people -- but not for all. What it really boils down to for every one of us (even the 100%) is that we have to learn to accept everyone as a precious individual and creature of God with his/her own very specific gifts and traits. Until we do that, society will continue to be polarized between different superficial (and not so superficial) competing "camps"/tribes. This is in fact what the super-elite want to do: divide and conquer us.


I appreciate this note which I posted. I can accept that there a few people like you who were born in the wrong bodies and deserve our acceptance. I also appreciate that you see I am not talking about these people but about an attack on the majority of normal heterosexuals. Thanks for your message.

Ken in Australia said (April 2, 2008):

Dear Henry love your work, here is a poem I have started (my first and only
one) but I can't finish it, each time I try I just break down over the
treachery that has happened to the male to make him feel ashamed and a
monster. I need to share it with someone and your the only person know that
understands the grief I feel.

Because I am a Man

Because I am a man I will stand my ground at The Alamo or Roark’s Drift.
Because I am a man I climb back into my Spitfire one more time.
Because I am a man I will stand to attention on the heaving deck of the
Birkenhead as the lifeboats pull away.
Because I am a man I abstain while my wife and children eat to ease their
Because I am a man I will take up arms to protect my family, my community
and my group but of my own free will but not at the behest of despots and
Because I am a man I will bend my knee or bow my head to no one.
Because I am a man I will not seek to shift the blame that is mine.
Because I am a man I will seek to honour my debts and obligations.
Because I am a man I will respect woman and protect children
Because I am a man I will speak and act true
Because I am a man I will act with both courage and compassion.
Because I am a man my integrity is more important than my life.
Because if I am not man, I am nothing

Anna said (April 2, 2008):

The problem is ( and you have to grasp this): Not all men treat women with the basic respect they deserve as human beings, Feminists do not represent us all by any means, and it has all gone too far. Angry self interested women are just a reaction to some of the arrogance of sexist men, albeit mistakenly directed to all men and not just the bad ones.

I am a woman who loves men, wants to be with one for the rest of my life. But even alot of men are now convinced that to attract a woman they have to appear as eaqually aggressive.

It's all gone too far. Men need to learn to be courteous again and women need to relax a bit. This problem is on BOTH sides and not just with the looney feminists that ruin it for us all.

But to asume that most women are feminists and most men are decent and respectful of a woman is supreme folly. The real problem is shared between sexist arrogant men and stupid angry and arrogant women.

The rest of us have to suffer as a result.

Mark said (April 2, 2008):

Your excellent articles outline the sad facts now facing our societies in the west. The breakdown of family life in the UK as well, especially amongst the lower economic groups is taking it's toll.

Youth knife and gun Crime is escalating in our cities, and this can in most cases, according to the real sociological experts, and not the "experts" be attributed to the breakdown in traditional family life and fatherlessness with the discipline this gives to children, particularly males.

This is why young people are joining gangs which substitute for family life. It is up to people to rise up and as a power in numbers to oppose this happening, and to reestablish family life, based on heterosexual commitment.

What is feared is the rise of the bourgeoise, as Marx said, so this is being discouraged, as you say. Marxist ideology is 19th Century outdated and doesn't achieve a community society.

Kevin said (April 2, 2008):

Thanks for the great article. I've concluded that the modern western women in fact really isn't a woman at all anymore. Feminism has smothered and destroyed the very thing that makes a women a women and that is Femininity. The most graceful, delicate, sweet and beautiful characteristics of the women has been destroyed; the very things that gave a women her power.

Those things are what are attractive to men. When was the last time you saw a women or girl wearing a dress or skirt? When was the last time you saw a girl with a flower or a ribbon in her hair? When was the last time you witnessed that sweet timid innocence and a blush at being observed? When was the last time you saw any traces of the most powerful manifestation of God's beauty on this earth: A feminine women????

The women for which thousands of poems were written and millions of songs sung. The women which artists painted and sculptors copied in pure white marble? The well mannered, soft spoken, princess of our dreams who overwhelms our heart with love by a discreet bashful smile and a brief greeting. We poor men of the modern age have only the remaining Victorian paintings and some old works of 19th century literature left where we can get some remaining glimpses of her.

All we see now are men in women's bodies all dressed in the standard masculine uniform of tight jeans and sweat shirts worn with an almost religious fanaticism. O sweet feminine women !! We miss you !! Come back to this less beautiful world from wherever you went and bring back that spiritual inspiration and manifestation of God's most beautiful creation which is you. It's gotten quite lonely here.

Robert said (April 2, 2008):

Henry, I would also like to say you're doing yet another good thing letting men tell of their experiences with the movement that has affected their lives more profoundly than any other-feminism. The media, the arts, education, and the courts and ALL of government, have been one big support group for women for decades. Nobody's going to do that for us men but us ourselves.

Anthony said (April 2, 2008):

Beautifully written Henry!

I had the shock of my life when I entered my late teens and early twenties and discovered that most of the girls that I came across drank too much, took drugs, slept around, used foul language and acted basically like stupid young men. Although I was physically attracted to some of these girls I found it impossible to form meaningful relationships with them as I could never foresee women like these being a loving and caring partner nor a decent and nurturing mother to my children. Instead I just looked on as my friends used them for sex and moved on to the next group of all too willing young "ladies".

As my early twenties progressed to my late twenties and I still hadn't formed any meaningful relationships with women, I started thinking that perhaps the problem lay with me. Maybe modern women weren't interested in responsible, caring guys any more who treated them well?

Luckily for me I met a beautiful young Cambodian girl who's mind hadn't been poisoned by all the feminist nonsense that had corrupted the minds of most of the other women I had known. She doesn't drink, do drugs, smoke, sleep around and she was more than willing to enter an exclusive relationship where I was her number one priority as she was mine. After a two year relationship, we were married two months ago.

As for the girls that I had known from my younger days, at last report many of them are alcoholics (although they would deny this) and many of them are still struggling to find decent partners, while they they were busy with careers and partying, most of the decent guys had moved on.

The ones that did marry are having all sorts of trouble trying to conceive as years of abuse as well as spending the most fertile years of their lives on the pill, has caused havoc with their fertility.

Oh the joys of feminism!
Anthony (Melbourne, Australia)

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