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The Market is Fixed

May 17, 2012


"If a ... bank's traders were able to make money every day of a quarter, were they really trading in any normal sense of the word? Or would vacuuming be a more accurate term?"

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

While hundreds of millions go to bed hungry, there are millions of people in the West who actually have money to burn.

Their incinerator of choice is the stock and commodity markets.

Wednesday for example, silver was down about 8% If you play silver using options, this translated into losses or gains of 40-50% depending whether you were long or short.

As most of you know, silver has doubled in price over the past year. The mushrooming US debt is destroying faith in the US currency. Squabbling over raising the debt limit raises the unthinkable specter of default!

Silver and gold bugs imagine precious metals will replace fiat currency as the medium of exchange. Some advocate buying silver because the big bankers have a short position. They can combine profit and politics by putting J.P.Morgan out of business!

So why did Silver tank Wednesday?  It had nothing to do with any of the above. It seems silver suddenly is tied to the price of oil.

The traders hollering in the pits used Libya as an excuse to drive up oil. Now the air is coming out of that bubble and all "commodities" are falling.

Today silver is a "commodity." Tomorrow, it may be a precious metal again, depending on which way the big boys want the market to move.

The point is - the market is fixed. Everything else is controlled -- the media, education, politics, war. Why would the market be any different?

The market is designed to separate the small "investor" (aka speculator) from his cash. Just as the Illuminati can make skyscrapers collapse due to small fires and murder the long-dead Osama bin Laden, they can make the market go up or down.

Usually they draw in the suckers by creating a bubble. Then they go short. Joe Kennedy was a master of the "stock pool."  The Great Depression was a giant version of this ploy.

A friend, Andrew, pointed me to a 2010 article that showed the banks made a profit every day of the first quarter. The author Jonathan Weil asked, "If a too-big-to-fail bank's traders were able to make money every day of a quarter, were they really trading in any normal sense of the word? Or would vacuuming be a more accurate term?"

The market is a casino. The house never loses.


A fiat currency is backed by psychology. The Illuminati bankers control the levers of mind control.  

They control the business media. They control great stores of cash. It doesn't take much to set the herd stampeding in any direction they choose.

No matter how worthless the US currency is, they have to power to sustain it. The currency will not be worthless until we see signs of Wiemar-like inflation. I haven't seen these signs yet.

I'm not economist but I would think that housing would be an indicator of inflation. As you know, US house prices are falling.

The "debt" is an abstract concept since I don't think the bankers expect it to be repaid.


As my article, "Stock Market Porn"  (below) states, we are engaged in spiritual warfare. The market is the Illuminati's most effective weapon.  Not only does it rob many people, it separates them from their soul. It makes profit and loss the only criteria for behavior. It keeps them in bondage to the almighty dollar.

"You cannot serve both God and Mammon."  Serve means worship, i.e. love/obey. Human beings must serve something. If we don't serve God to our salvation, we will serve Mammon to our detriment. Our choice is liberation versus bondage.   

This is why gambling is regarded as a "sin" by true religions. It is to protect us from ourselves.  We need principles to protect us from our greed and from those who take advantage of it.

If profit is our only principle, we deserve to be fleeced. The markets are rigged, and if we really want to combine principle and politics, we need to get out of them.

Seinfeld has a nice story about "putting his money to work." He says he lost on most of his investments. So he decided to let his money rest, and he'll do the work. Certainly paid off for him!


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puppet_on_a_string.jpgStock Market Porn

(from Jan. 2010)

There is
a masturbatory activity even more widespread than pornography, yet never identified or discussed.

I'm referring to stock market speculation. Whether it's day trading or long term investing,  these days, it's all a giant casino.

Gambling on stocks is even more widespread than sex addiction. Watching the talk shows, it's evident that everyone and his dog owns stocks. Housewives and retirees phone in to ask for guidance. We are a nation of small time speculators.

As silver is slaughtered, this may be a good time to find religion again.


Many people spend more time fretting about their stocks than thinking about sex. They get a rush from seeing their stocks surge and making money from a few keystrokes. There is a warm feeling inside --they feel a little bit richer. They are their money and the more they have, the bigger they are.

They fantasize about their stocks multiplying in value, becoming "five and ten baggers." They fancy they've "bought" the company and talk up its virtues in chat rooms, encouraging fellow speculators.

For many, this is better than sex and more powerfully addictive.

Of course, there is a downside, the sickening gut-wrenching experience of watching hard earned money disappear down the toilet.

Up or down, the stock market is a roller coaster, and just as hair raising.

The majority of people have good jobs and are not dependent on the market to satisfy their immediate needs. They're speculating with their savings. So whether they make or lose $1000 on a given day really is an abstraction. They're not going to need that money for some time or ever. So why do they do it?

 Boredom. A feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose. There is a basic need for excitement and distraction.


In these difficult times, we must detach ourselves spiritually from the monkey house called society. People are apes who wear trousers and skirts. The only thing that makes us human is our souls and the extent to which we incorporate our spiritual ideals --beauty, truth, justice, goodness, love -- into our behavior.

The world is controlled by central bankers who worship Lucifer. They deny the existence of soul and spiritual ideals (i.e. God.) They use the media and education to snuff out truth and beauty and turn us back into animals, better to herd, and serve them.

They control the stock market through their media and money.

So if you feel good if the market cooperates, and bad if it doesn't, you're their puppet.

The stock market is bipolar. One day the glass is half-empty; the next the same glass is half-full. They decide. You lurch back and forth like a puppet on a string.

Hardly are you going to dedicate yourself to your ideals, let alone remember what they are.

You can't even remember who you are, who your family and friends are. You're too distracted.

You belong to your money. This is how the Illuminati bankers keep us in a daze. We belong to them.


If you get out of the market, and it goes up, you're not wrong. If it goes down, you're not vindicated. You're not good if you make money or bad if you don't. You just have to do the right thing.

People who have enough to meet their needs shouldn't think about money at all. They should think about what's important.

Many people die with millions unspent. They leave it to their heirs. What was the point of accumulating this fortune? Does it represent life un-lived?

Louis B. Meyer offered an actress a million dollars to marry him. She turned him down.

Beyond your immediate needs, money is an abstraction, a specious way of keeping score. But it's an abstraction that can imprison you. We need a better way of keeping score.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Market is Fixed "

Mark Anderson (Editor AFP) said (May 12, 2011):

Henry. Thanks for a engaging article on the moneychangers who stack the deck and always win. But remember, "fiat" just means by law, going back to Aristotle. There is nothing wrong with a nation producing fiat money, that is, by law. What really matters is that the state forbids going to the private banks for its money--loaned to the state at interest, thereby controlling the state and perpetually enslaving the citizenry in debt bondage--and instead produces its own scrip, interest-free. Also, the "sound money" notion needs to be set aside. Money that works is sound, and the "value" of the dollar is a misplaced idea. What truly matters is money being produced without incurring interest--that is it's real value, along with being under sovereign control. There will NOT be hyperinflation--which is a fear-mongering end-game scenario promoted widely. The US, for example, suffers from a glaring lack of money and purchasing power. We are NOT awash in cash that can only be used as worthless wallpaper. Gold and silver-backed money ideas will not work, as the plutocrats control such things. The avenue to victory is to remove the money-creation and credit-monopoly from private hands. The late Clifford's Douglas's Social Credit idea points the way.


Thurs, May 12, 2011 -- 8 p.m. Central/ 9 p.m. Eastern, for one hour.

AFP Editor Mark Anderson's guest on his AFP Hour, at, will be Yves Jacques of the Pilgrims of St. Michael, about the promising and fascinating Social Credit monetary reform and its advancements and prospects.

Daniel said (May 12, 2011):

OK…..fully agree on the stock market is fixed article and the many responses.

My question is after liquidating out of the market what do I do with the cash.

I have read and read….but cannot find definite answers as I am not very knowledgeable (as most of us out here) perhaps there are none but could it be land, food, etc.

I am not impressed by gold and silver, because in the end powers behind them. Perhaps it will be a two tiered, metals monitory system one for nations and one much lower with a loss taken by the common folks. On the other hand, it could be a digital system giving complete control to the NOW. Given the haste for microchips, tattoos, eye scans, leveling the monetary system worldwide, etc., it sure looks like it will be digital because it is the final consolidation of power and control.

In the end whoever controls the “energy” rules.

I understand you’re not a broker and am not seeking specific investment information, just general areas to consider which would preserve some wealth for a questionable future. I am 67 years old and am responsible for my own actions.

Thank for any thoughts.


I present this to my readers. Any opinions?

Saul: I'd like to make a few suggestions to Daniel if thats ok.
If he has enough capital through stocks, i'd suggest he pay his mortgage off (although judging by his age he may have done so already).
I'd also reccomend that he possibly by an alternative power supply, like solar panels because as he says whoever controls the energy rules.
Moreover, i'd reccomend that he buys extra food that isn't perishable just so he has a buffer stock to fall back on if times get hard, just look at how times can change in Japan. Perhaps he should consider making a bug out bag or BOB for if a disaster happens, see here:
As for investing, i'd say rather than invest in stocks etc, he should invest in tangiable goods like coal or fuel or food etc. or he should have enough savings to keep to see him through 6 months of Bills so he doesn't go into arrears. This may seem extreme, but i'd rather have the security that it provides if something beyond your control happens I.e Unemployment.

Steven: Daniel, I've made 240% on Silver in the last 5 years and this is using the (fairytale) spot price we now have. TPTB can say it is worth any spot price they want; go out and try to buy physical Silver at the fixed price they say and in large quantities. GOOD LUCK....Heck even Ebay is still listing at close to $50 per ounce and it is slim pickings...
You seem to believe that the people who are running things nowadays are some new kind of omnipotent being?

We have the collective wisdom of man's entire history valuing (Physical) Gold and Silver VS New Age Technophiles who have the moral fibre of thieves and common criminals; who alternativly value PAPER or Pixels on a screen.
They work feverishly at there computer terminals to create there imaginary price and somehow believe that they can change the supply and demand laws that rule and govern the real physical world. This is either child like thinking or the behaviour of lunatics..I'd guess the latter..All based on a computer generated fantasy no less that they call...
"Paper contracts"
It's LAUGHABLE at best. I know who I am going to be betting against already and will continue to do so. I thank JPM for making my physical Silver so cheap to buy.

Silver has been and always will be of great value and this generation will never escape that fact. I would go on to say that it is even more valuable now due to modern technology and the endless list of everyday things that require SILVER. You say that you are not impressed with a precious metal that has consistently returned close to 50% per annum; that is also a irreplaceable commodity needed in many roles of manufacturing?
You are a hard man to please.

You should consider buying PHYSICAL Silver now while you still can and then hold it long term while ignoring the Science Fiction writers who work at the London FIX.

Steven said (May 12, 2011):

Yes the market is fixed.

The trashing of the gold and silver prices is absolute proof of that.

The long side investors who are getting taken to the cleaners by the jacking up of margin would do better to put a 100% downpayment on gold or silver and take delivery. Many misinformed people think that electronic and paper currency is money. They are mistaken. Money is everything currency is and is a store of value because it is silver or gold in coin or bullion form. Modern official currencies are a debased substitute for money and therefore have no value in them selves. Every one who believes that paper and electronic currencies is money that has value have been robbed and deceived mentally, politically, physically and financially by a consortium of satanically inspired politically correct financial and political gangsters.

These same gangsters run the stockmarkets, the banks, the media and the governments. They rule and you pay and lose.

You have sown your seed in vain and your enemy shall eat it. And so they have and continue to do so. Every time you vote, everytime you invest in paper you empower those who rob you and deceive you. Every time a government runs a deficit the politician takes no responsibility for the debt.

Instead the politician makes you responsible for the debt whether you like it or not and even if you did not vote for the politician. Saddling a third party with debt with out his consent has to be a crime one way or another. Have you ever wondered why the debt is sometimes reckoned on a per capita basis? It is not the debt of the people ,it is the debt of the government and it was consented to by the politicians only.

Therefore it should be the politicians personal debt and no one else's. If this was made effect by law how many politicians would approve deficits?

K said (May 12, 2011):

Just one thing you left off your corrupted/manipulated list is the billion/trillion $ online gaming business/poker to be precise. !00% rigged from top to bottom.

Hope you can research and do an article.... the public needs to know! There are some recent scandals in the news.

Luther said (May 12, 2011):

I've been visiting here off and on for a lot of years. I have a little different take on things and the title of the article is a prime example. The market is not fixed, it is manipulated.

You need to understand the concept of weak hands and strong hands. If a supply and demand imbalance is beginning to happen, it is possible for the filthy rich to suppress the price of a commodity which will soon be in short supply. They are the strong hands that can take the short term loss in order to crush the weak hands. Those, who while correct, cannot sustain the short term loss and lose their position.

If you understand how to read a chart (I'm not talking about those bone heads on television) you can see the manipulation, the strong hands accumulating and that's when you jump in.

Andrew said (May 12, 2011):

You are too correct as Bloomberg writer Jonathan Weil admitted last year.

I read Bloomberg Noir because they too acknowledge the market is fixed.

The following article from this time last year:

Rigged-Market Theory Scores a Perfect Quarter: Jonathan Weil

Commentary by Jonathan Weil

May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Score another triumph for the rigged- market theory.

In a feat that would seem to defy the odds, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America this week each said its trading desk made money every day of the first quarter. Goldman said its daily net trading revenue topped $100 million 35 times last quarter out of 63 trading days. JPMorgan and Bank of America disclosed similar eye-popping stats. Citigroup, too, recorded a profit on each trading day, Bloomberg News reported, citing unnamed people who knew the results.

The intrigue is high. If a too-big-to-fail bank’s traders were able to make money every day of a quarter, were they really trading in any normal sense of the word? Or would vacuuming be a more accurate term? What kinds of risks do such incredible profits entail, for the banks and the rest of us taxpayers? And are results such as these too good to be true?

There seems to be no satisfying way to answer those questions, or even the more basic inquiry: How exactly do these banks’ trading divisions make money? Reading the companies impenetrable financial reports is of little help. However they did it, the data suggest it was as easy last quarter as hitting the side of a barn with a baseball from three feet away.

This isn’t the way “trading” works in the real world. A simple exercise in measuring probabilities is instructive here.


Stephen said (January 26, 2010):

From past day trading experience, during the "dot-com boom", I could identify with your take on stock market speculation. The highs from making money for doing nothing and the inevitable lows that follow are as you describe. I do not buy stocks any longer, preferring to stay in cash, gold and tangible things, as well as using accumulated money to help others where possible. Yet endless "serious" discussion by ostensibly legitimate financial "experts" occurs daily on "stock picks". I have often wondered why wagering on football games is illegal and frowned upon, but doing the same thing except with equities in corporate entities is encouraged. The only difference is that with the former, Manhattan-based elites do not get a piece of the action.

Bert said (January 23, 2010):

Related to the porn factor is culture of homosexuality. A speculator only "makes" money (turns his trick) when he screws at least one his fellow speculators. When he does this, in the end, all he does is screw himself, since he is a part of the crowd he intends to "speculate" against. There is no concern for actual economic productivity and happiness.

The father-in-law of Mrs. R. [below] is an example of an owner, as opposed to a speculator. He was not fantasizing quick bucks, nipped from market (PsyOps) froth of the "crowd." He searched out companies that had actual underlying economic activity (as opposed to financial activity), and he thought about them as an owner would. I venture to guess he also participated in the election of corporate directors. By comparison, the speculator is a masturbator and a homosexual as well.

MB said (January 23, 2010):

Thanks for posting another insightful piece on this problem that harms so many of us in various ways. As you astutely point out, investing has become unbridled zero sum trading casino masturbation. Hopefully, it's not too late for most people to realize that our markets/casinos are structured to ultimately benefit only a select few who can abuse analytical knowledge, experience and technical tools (hardware/software, especially high frequency order entry systems) to ruthlessly out-parlay the rest of us.

Even more so, people will hopefully also wake up to the fact that the best-of-the-best (or rather should I say the worst-of-the-worst) traders are "Wise Guys" empowered with special insight as to tone set by The Powers That Be, which unfortunately has become the only sure fire way to position one's self profitably in today's volatile markets.

Just reflect back to March 2009 when almost all asset classes were being savaged except U.S. Treasuries and Credit Default Swap (CDS) Premiums -- to the point where Obama & Co. no doubt feared panic would thwart their Agenda For Change (i.e. transfer of wealth via health care and carbon cap & trade legislation).

It now seems obvious that the ensuing bear market rally was a joint maneuver designed to (i) soothe the masses so prospects for Obama's agenda could be restored and (ii) sucker as many patsies as possible to buy in so Wise Guys could eventually realize profits and reposition for the inevitable correction to follow.

It is pretty hard to look with hindsight and not conclude that the recovery was rigged by government's embrace of the "too big to fail" banks and their Wise Guy clients who inherently knew how the game was going to be played. It was most certainly not justified by economic fundamentals or realistic business conditions.

Now that Obama & Co. pissed away their Agenda For Change (at least for now), the bogus rallies are in serious jeopardy. Their corrections could get ugly. But don't think for a minute that The Powers That Be are without a game plan to once again profit at our expense -- just like they do in wars, political elections, etc.

Even though Obama is now lashing out at the big banks -- a false flag operation designed to win back the masses -- he will never be allowed to stop the real culprits: Wise Guy traders empowered by unbridled zero sum trading casinos. They will always be around to throw cold water on the poor souls who are afflicted with the need to masturbate to market porn.

Doug said (January 23, 2010):

Hi Henry, I read your stuff and it is good. But your analogy concerning stock market investing and porn is partly true and partly false. People who search out porn are really looking for love. Of course what they find is sex, and not only that but commercial sex, a sort of fiat love.

People invest in order to fulfill the corollary of the prime directive. The prime directive being : go forth and multiply (i.e. life). The corollary being: provide sustenance and security. This can only be acheived through wealth, i.e., controlling the means of production via ownership or having the means to purchase the means of production. Where they go wrong is in misplace trust in the tokens they are forced to use and their trust that such things as markets still exist.

In a rigged RICO like the stock market, pursuing fiat hanging chads is a total waste of time; they will always be able to print them faster than you can acquire them. Wealth is another matter. Wealth is not "money", numisma, a purely legal issue. Wealth is: children, health, arable land, water, defense capability and the means to acquire the above. Money, like love and life is a gift. It consists of a thing created, things that can only be acquired by those worthy of their posession, those who work for them. The stock market is rigged to steal them.

Money is GOLD and SILVER. Always has been. Always will be. "Investing" in an "investment bank" is lunacy. At the end of the day, the best you can do is increase the number of tokens in your pocket. Tokens under the absolute control of the adversary. If you invest in GOD MONEY, a creation, not a printed token, you always sleep well. As Doug Faber said: " never mind how many tokens you have to spend to acquire it, in the end the honest weight will be what it is."

It is akin to the search for love. As a priest once said to a confessing sinner: " I cannot help you." "WHY?", the sinner replied. "Because what you seek is God."

I firmly believe that those who apply that standard to the things they seek to acquire will never go wrong.

MRS. R said (January 22, 2010):

What you are describing in your article, "Stock Market Porn," is high risk stock investments. My father in law worked on Wall Street for 39 years, mostly in the back office. I think it was margins. Early in our marriage he advised us on stock market investment. His one caveat was that if you lie awake at night worrying about the money, the stock market isn't for you. He told us that if you continuously buy and sell stock, the only one who is making any money is the house; I would call it gambling. He invested in "widows and orphan" stock most of his life. The company should be very stable, and usually only pays small dividends compared to high risk. You buy for the long term and do not sell unless the company becomes unstable. He has done well. He retired twenty two years ago, has lived off of his dividends, and continues to invest. He has lived, and continues to live, a life of thrift.

My father in law is certain that the dollar will collapse; my husband and I concur. This does not change his investment advice, however. To give him credit, one of the ways the Germans were able to save their money during the hyperinflation of the Wiemar Republic was sound stock investment. While it is true that the value declined during the height of inflation, as long as they did not sell their stock and the company was stable before the inflation, in the end, they "saved" their money. There were, of course other ways that they saved their money, but not all apply to today.

In 1 Timothy 6:10, God tell us, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

What you have described in your article is the love of money. While my father in law's savings method worked, he, too, has focused on money beyond what God would like. His investments, however, would not displease God. It is all about the focus.

JIM said (January 22, 2010):

Thanks for the timely article on the stock market addiction. I agreed with it 100%, and it validated my decision to liquidate my IRA this past Monday. Truly, the stock market is a manipulated gambling casino, promising the “American Dream” if one “in for the long haul”. I seen my former employers stock driven down from $7 to $0.72 by blatant naked short selling, and then “suddenly” become worth $5.50 again…

As a born-again Christian, I still struggled with giving it up, but Christ commands us not to be conformed by the world. Seek ye first his righteousness….

I am now a free man, disconnected from the daily slave habit on checking up on the stock market. Oh, and you should have heard all the reasons why my broker said I should stay in…

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free, and you will be free indeed.

Bruno said (January 22, 2010):

about your post "Stock Market Porn". Of course you nailed it again. As bad as sex, porn, booze, stupidity etc may be, yet still it is written "the love of money is the beginning of all evil". It permeates everything everywhere even the high moral citadels of churches. It appears to corrupt people even more than all the above. Lately it seems to me that we are validating everything that is written in the Book.

Ray said (January 22, 2010):

Innovative view of the stock market and its psychological appeal. The fact is we have been conditioned to demand short term gratification and stimulation ever since the advent of TV. The old diversions were games, reading, sports, conversation, socializing and real sex with our mates. The characteristic of the old means was human to human contact; the characteristic of the new means is isolation and solitary gratification.

This type of gratification leads to a detachment from society and an increasing need for more stimulation. We have been in this trap for 60 plus years and it is no mere coincidence that the rise of adrenaline driven "pop culture" accompanied the advent of electronic media. The answer is to turn off the TV, the I Pods and the video games and stop tweeting, messaging and staring at a screen and experience real life again. It will be hard to adjust to but it can be done, and once you detach you recover your freedom and never want to go back to the adrenaline induced stupefaction characteristic of modern day America.

Frank said (January 22, 2010):

Great article! I couldn't agree more. Just yesterday I was thinking about this same issue. The stock market is just another racket for the wealthiest among us - as they say of the casinos, Wall Street wasn't built on losings. The manipulation of values is so rampant and easily conducted by those with enough money to move the market, only the most brazen attempt to beat a rigged system. Sure, there are those who manage to do well enough, but how can they sleep at night, never knowing if the money they invest is used in a humane way? I gave up on the idea of investing, when I realized that by so doing, I would be endorsing and thereby sharing in the activities of those companies in which I invested, just like a man remains responsible for the reproductive power of the seed he spreads, even if he doesn't know the outcome. I can't imagine what it would feel like to have invested in a company that has its success on the backs of underage workers, slave wages or environmental destruction. During this most recent period of economic depression, just think how many of the companies whose stocks these "apes who wear trousers and skirts" own have mercilessly eliminated jobs to maintain a decent stock price, or how many of them have maintained a history of influence peddling with congress that costs every taxpayer more than the dividend their certificates bear.

The best thing the average person could do is to withdraw from the market, move their savings out of regional, national and global banks and liquidate as much of their debt to these entities as possible. The civil rights movement advocated the boycott, and it worked. If the new human rights movement would do it, it would work, too. If we could also quit buying goods from companies that no longer even pretend to support domestic manufacturing - Wal Mart, et al, the effect would be telling.

Dan said (January 22, 2010):

The table's rigged of course. But that's secondary to the fact that all the money that goes into this casino is fuel for NWO corporations. Those with fortunes which must be invested rather than reside in cans buried in the back yard are best put into hard assets, such as land, real estate, even tangible metals. Holding real assets doesn't fuel somebody else's hidden agendas.
Don't feed the beast

Karl in Vienna said (January 22, 2010):

Your 'Stock Market Porn' article is right on target and it is even more sinister and debilitating than you described.

I have 12 years of experience on Wall Street with three of the majors. Not in stocks and bonds, not in investment banking. My specialty is strategic thinking, planning and execution. They call in people like me when they crap their diapers and need a workout specialist to save their butts. This latest go round I told them to stick it, learn to swim honestly.

It is very much intertwined into the gambling addiction mindset. I have seen people buy Global Crossing at $25 to $56 and then ride it all the way down to $0.02 and blown out in bankruptcy. It is like a sickness that they will keep rolling those dice thinking their number will come up and save their butts from their greed and oversights. Many will absolutely refuse to admit
their error, to their own detriment. They read all the charts and news hypes, thus were so smart.

It is also an obsession about proving how smart and savvy they are. They can outsmart Wall Street and have a beer to gloat. When the snake turns and bites them, their true colors come out and one finds out fast that they are
quite stupid, quite juvenile, glaringly greedy.

Keep up the good work, your recent articles have been great.

Jeff said (January 22, 2010):

Your article touched on one of the biggest sicknesses in the world today. The worship of money. It has become the new religion of most of the world, and most certainly America. It is no longer enough to work and contribute to society in a meaningful way. We are told that we must become "investors", to accumulate and accumulate more, no matter the cost to our fellow human beings.

How is it that we have degenerated to a society that applauds such insanity, that does not value work, only the quick buck and thievery from our fellow humans? I see it everywhere, but most disturbingly among the young.

I know so many young people, including family members, who have absolutely no interest in working or contributing to society. Their only goal is to make money at any cost, to buy low and sell high, to make a "killing" in any way possible. It seems to be their only life goal. How sad that we have replaced human decency and spiritual growth with the worship of money.

Thanks for a terrific article with so much Truth in it.

Joe said (January 22, 2010):

I'm inspired by the accuracy of your statements. This article made my day. I earnestly hope humanity can shift the paradigm to desire to live for ideals greater than ourselves once again. We must escape the sinister dogma of post-modern "civilization". We owe it to ourselves as it relates to our inherent human dignity given to us by the Almighty to throw off the webs of deceit the Khazar NWO propaganda machine (mu-sick, Talmudvision, Jewry Theatres, Jews Media) has tried to drown us with. The mass communications industry is nothing more than the most expansive mind control operation ever conducted. We must keep our heads above the NWO's sewage water with the truth as the Almighty intended for man.

We only need to look to eras of history when the Rothschilds weren't enslaving the World to see that during those times man focused on higher ideals-namely the teachings of Biblical Christianity. The Church prevailed not the Khazar con-man click. During times of mental clarity, it was immensely challenging for a few slick Khazar shysters to oppress humanity but, these times of post-modern obfuscation are a playground for the sociopath NWO fiat money Khazar cabal. With enough awareness, the truth can prevail once again. Contrary to their egotistical beliefs, the funny money/counterfiter cabal is not God even if the Babylonian Talmud told them so. We can overcome their lies with the truth.

Thank you for offering a venue for a higher vision for humanity.

Best regards,

These are brilliant phrases from this article:

"In these difficult times, our goal should be to detach ourselves spiritually from the monkey house called society".


Modern history in 4 lines-

"The world is controlled by central bankers who worship Lucifer. They deny the existence of soul and spiritual absolutes (i.e. God.) They use the media and education to snuff out truth and beauty and turn us back into animals, better to herd and serve them. They control the stock market through their media and money."

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