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Illuminati Plan Third Temple in Jerusalem

April 16, 2010

"The world view of the Third Temple will be that of Unitarian-coordinating Interfaith and of the Baha'i temples, such as those in Chicago and Haifa. One can picture nights when Chicago socialists Rahm Emanuel and Obama walked passed the Wilmette Baha'i temple, contemplating the dark success of the future Temple in Israel..."

By Max Bryant

(Editor's Note- This article contains some questionable assertions but I present it for your consideration and comment anyway because I respect the author. My reactions are in square brackets.) 

There are many levels of subterfuge. George Soros and Rahm Emanuel, both internationalist Jews, are scripting Obama. Very few at this time realize the intent. Obama is given a worldwide Muslim image. Internationalist Jewish media publicized Obamamania as they did Beatlemania. Why?
The reasons center on the raising of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the matter of Israel's demographic war. In the first case, the Temple is only 18 minutes away from being raised above ground. This is done through computerized hydraulics. While at the Dead Sea, this was mentioned to Eric Zieber who held a discussion with a retired IDF general. The general revealed that since 1990, a tunnel from the Dead Sea to beneath the Temple Mount, allowed workers to eventually perform this technological feat. [I can't believe this.This tunnel would have to be 30 miles long.]
In the 1980s, eschatologists generally held the view that it would be at least 15 years to the raising of the Temple, once work had begun on it. Years later, through remarkable technological advancements, the estimate was realistically lowered to six years from its inception. But now we see it will take only 18 minutes to raise through computer hydraulics. [I don't believe it.] There is just one prerequisite for Israel to do so...

That is, under the present Muslim demographics in Israel, it would be instant genocide for Jews living in the Holy Land to do this. So at least two million have to be transported into the United States of America - through US taxpayer money - and Canada. The international Jewish media earlier publicized this was a "Jesuit" plan; but now Obama with his well-known Islamic leanings can take the credit for this demographic move. [Is there any evidence that Muslims immigrants to the US come from the West Bank and Gaza?] 

Once accomplished, the Temple will then be raised with ineffective resistance from the Islamic world...  (Hydraulics are nothing new.  As Michael Rood reveals in an excellent presentation on the Book of Chronicles in the Old Testament, the ark of the covenant was hydraulically lowered from the Holy of Holies to slide to just beneath Calvary. 

Years later, when Christ was crucified, the ground was opened and His Blood spilled onto the right side, reserved for Him.  In the 1980s, the ark was found 65 feet beneath Calvary.  Unable to be brought up - nine rabbis died in nine separate attempts - a blood sample was taken from the right side, the DNA revealing in a Tel Aviv lab, that there was an earthly mother but no earthly father.) [No comment.]
Another reason Jews want Muslims in North America: The current demographic rate in Israel for the Islamic people are 8 births to every one death, while Israel's is one-to-one. This alone allows the Muslims to win the demographic war by 2020. So internationalist Jewry feels the need to relocate Muslims somewhere else and the taxpayers of the United States of America have the money to move them. [Again, where is the evidence?]

Too, with the goal of Humanist Manifesto II to follow up on Club of Rome findings (that the earth's natural and mineral resources cannot support more than 2.5 billion and that's what the Beast computer in Brussels is configured for, revealed by a former El Al computer whiz who was invited to work on it in Brussels) the present 6.7 billion world population can be significantly reduced, in their eyes, through North American Christian and Muslim conflict.

What is wrong with the Temple raised above ground? In the New Testament, when the Temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, it signaled the New Testament in the sense that now every individual believer in Christ was a "Temple of the Holy Spirit."

The physical Temple in Jerusalem was relegated to the Old Testament. When it is raised again, internationalist Jewry basically sees it as a symbolic unifier for the reformed, conservative, New Age and secular Jews, a cultural element for their naturalist perspective.

 (The two prophets will supernaturally oppose this naturalist perspective before and after they are raised from the dead.) And when we read Paul Blanshard's Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power, we see from Chapter IV, "Devices of Deification," that the world leader to sit in this temple is deified for political purposes, as several predecessors were in the 20th century.

The world view of the Third Temple will be that of Unitarian-coordinating Interfaith and of the Baha'i temples, such as those in Chicago and Haifa. One can picture nights when Chicago socialists Rahm Emanuel and Obama walked passed the Wilmette Baha'i temple, contemplating the dark success of the future Temple in Israel...



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Comments for "Illuminati Plan Third Temple in Jerusalem"

David said (April 24, 2010):

Just reading the Temple article and the comment from a defender of Bahai who would have us believe there is no linkage between and them and the UN. The priceless irony.

The link between the UN and Bahai is huge and hugely significant:

If you haven't already do PLEASE read these two primers:


Dmitri2 said (April 18, 2010):

The Baha'i Temple of Chicago is actually located in the suburb of Wilmette, Illinois, just across the border with Evanston, Illinois, my home town. It is located on the west side of Sheridan Road, very close to Lake Michigan, an area known as the North Shore. The mansions on the right side of Sheridan Road (facing north) have private beaches, as seen at the beginning of the motion picture The Razor's Edge. The wealthy area around the Baha'i Temple is now largely populated by those with a Jewish background. Even Obama's landlord, Tony Rezko, lives nearby.

Shai said (April 18, 2010):

And you will know the truth of this in about 6 months or less....there Are SIGNS AND WONDERS in the Heavens, Henry..
and you had better be prepared to meet your returning cousins..provided we make it to 2013

And all this time you thought it was greed and demons and Satanists and Rothschilds....
When in fact it is all about the Annunaki [what the Navahoes called Annazasi...and the Hebrews called Annakim] and the return of Space gods.
That is why every pyramid culture is so obsessed with star maps...and gold.

Sol said (April 18, 2010):

As a Ba'hai I can verify that the idea that there is any connection between NWO and this world independent Faith is of ludicrous beyond doubt.

There are a total of nine temples on the different continents built by the global community of some 7 million believers,
non of which would ever acknowledge pagan rites as a possibility for change. The fact that they, the elite, want some kind of temple built in israel... you're not seeing it right if you don't already know the extent to which the centre for
the Baha'i faith is in Israel.

Simon said (April 17, 2010):

Simon said (April 17, 2010):

Enjoyed Max's story. As you know, various levels of intrigue are seldom given banner headlines in the L.A. Times. "Muslim immigration" can occur nightly over the US/Mexican border, as they often dress like Mexicans when coming over. They can come over the Canadian/US border and we see Michigan, for example, with now an extraordinary Muslim population. Why do you think Jewish ownership sold Canada's The Bay to Muslims, who now want a Muslim prayer room in every Canadian Bay store? It's because the internationalists want them in North America. The last time I saw Muslim demographics for Canada, I recall it was per capita just one level below that of the Sudan. Meanwhile, Internet stories just up about the plans of Emanuel and Obama to move Temple-threatening Muslims to America can be sanitized in a day or two. But they were on the Internet and if I had a day or two I would go through the C-Span archives and dig things out. Finally, things like the recent flooding catastrophes fro Israel into the West Bank... things to motivate West Bank and Gaza residents to move elsewhere.

For years, Scharansky would allow Russians one-year visas to Israel, where they would work, and when one year was up were legally qualified to relocate from Israel to America. This, also, to my knowledge, never made Reuters. But the move of Russians through Israel then to the US was quite well known in Israel, as indigenous Israelis were upset about the ongoing usurpation of employment. I suspect there are various behind-the-scenes strategies to have the Muslims into the US. Scuttlebutt is that they want the Temple aboveground before Kissinger dies.

You mentioned, "This tunnel would have to be 30 miles long." Israel is between 9 and 71 miles wide. I have stood just outside David's Citadel, and looked eastward straight down to the Dead Sea, where the Dead Sea from there actually looks quite large. But let's say it was 30 miles I don't see any real issue... Underground Bases and Tunnels by Dr. Richard Sauder is revealing: There are tunnels from two countries away moving armaments into India. I have an engineering colleague in Oregon, who had to examine the gas lines for two underground crematoriums there (can gas 84,000 per day) who told me there was over a million miles of underground tunnel in the U.S. The tunnels from Lebanon into northern Israel could be over 30 miles long.... A tunnel from the Dead Sea up into the Temple mount is no real problem or obstacle...

If one believes the much-assaulted story of the Virgin birth - that Joseph was not the father of Christ (and remember it is the internationalists spreading the story Mary was an adulteress) - than I have no trouble considering Michael Rood's account that a lab in Tel Aviv found the blood on the right side of the Ark of the Covenant to contain only the DNA of a human mother. Michael Rood used to be based in Minnesota but makes quite a few trips to Israel. The research, though he has made a film on it, was not originally his. It was archeologist Ron Wyatt's who I've studied on several hours of film and I find him to be quite honest and reliable: This Url includes the DNA Analysis references...

Graham said (April 17, 2010):

As a bit of added info to this story, I add the following.

About six to eight years ago when working as a designer with a stone company, an enquiry came past me regarding the sourcing of a large quantity of stone cut to specific plan; the job was huge and required the sourcing of a certain type of stone which was either only available in Maine or Indiana, I knew the stone available in Ontario and knew that there was no
source locally.

Anyhow, I put in a bit of effort in the hope that I could get back to the customer and hopefully make some ducats, I offered a similar stone but it
was not acceptable and could find no existing source in either of the states mentioned; I reckoned that as their was no source they would buy mine as it was very close in type, but I later discovered that a quarry had been
re-opened to supply this stone which I was advised was for the building of
the 3rd temple, I must admit that at the time it had no great meaning other than a long term plan of the Jews, my perception because of the status quo was that it would be built elsewhere, but I'm fairly sure that they got the stone they were looking for. I'll try and dig out the name of the inquiring person(s), but I'm sure that it was some foundation or other.

As for digging under the Temple Mount, the Muslims have been complaining about such activity for years, but I thought that it was archaeology that the Jews were doing.

I found this on You Tube, it comes across as an Israeli version of "nothing to see here folks move along"

Rich said (April 17, 2010):

he Bahai Temple in Chicago is in the suburb of Wilmette, IL. It is not called Wilmington as the author indicated. I live but a few miles from it and have photographed it often. It is right on Lake Michigan on a beautiful piece of property next to Wilmette Harbor which houses the Wilmette Yacht Club and a small U.S. Coast Guard Station. Wilmette lies just a bit North of Evanston, IL if that helps people get a better picture of it's location.

It is part of the North Shore and is a very wealthy area. I believe the Bahai Temple in Wilmete was built around 1960. I remember going there as a boy to view. It is absolutely amazing and it is very beautiful to view in person. I have never been to India, but to me it is the architectual equivelent of the Taj Mahal. I have no idea where the funds came to build such an edifice as I don't know anyone who is a member of that "faith". All I know is that it was explained to me as a co-mingling of religions to form a One World Religion.

It never dawned on me that this could be a part of the NWO, but it certainly fits. It is kind of amazing to me as to how I could have missed a clue like this which is literally right under my nose.

Salman said (April 16, 2010):

I agree with the latest writer on one key point - the temple will be rebuilt - and the Jews will be punished for it...there will be a heavy slaughter once the Masonic Temple is built in that ground...the holy of holies...the Qur'an prophesied the coming of the Jews in Palestine and their final destruction.

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