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Polish Crash Cover-Up Continues

August 8, 2011

(See this video of Putin visiting faux crash scene. That's not sorrow he's feeling. It's boredom.)

"This coup d'etat leaves no doubt that, despite cosmetic differences, Vladimir Putin is an Illuminati agent. The operation could not have taken place without his collaboration."

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The elimination of the Polish nationalist elite April 10, 2010 in a bogus plane crash ranks with 9-11 as the greatest crime of our fledgling 21st century.

The crime exhibits breath-taking audacity and depravity on the part of the Illuminati bankers and their minions.

The plane carrying the Polish President
Kaczyński, his wife, and the heads of the Polish army, navy, secret service and central bank was probably diverted to another airport where all 94 passengers were liquidated. Then, an identical plane made a crash landing and the pilots were shot. ("Change of plans," the shooter is heard saying on videotape.)

See my account: "How Satanists Say They're Sorry"  There were no bodies or baggage at the crash site. No ambulances were sent.

The Poles were planning to commemorate the slaughter of 15,000 Polish officers in 1940 by the Soviet NKVD. Thanks to the "plane crash," the Communist NWO gangsters, who still govern Russia, finished what their predecessors began: the elimination of Poland's leadership class who obstructed the country's integration into the New World Order.

This coup d'etat leaves no doubt that, despite cosmetic differences, Vladimir Putin is an Illuminati agent. The operation could not have been accomplished without his collaboration.

This heinous crime and the ease with which it has been covered up indicates how much control the Illuminati bankers exercise. Last week, Polish collaborator Prime Minister Donald Tusk released an "investigation" into the crash which essentially laid the blame on the Polish air force and its pilots, which is also the official Russian view. The Polish Minister of Defense and a handful of air force generals have been made scapegoats and forced to resign.

The bankster-controlled mass media has uniformly accepted the official story and aided the cover-up. The Guardian recently carried a story focusing on the divisions the crash has caused in Polish society and saying the majority of Poles reject the "martyr" mentality.

The majority of Poles "see "the Polish martyrdom mentality as an obstacle to Poland being able to flow in the political and intellectual mainstream of Europe and they are ashamed that such an image of the country has been created abroad."

The Guardian portrays doubters as a minority yet a poll taken in April 2011
indicated that two thirds of Poles believed the disaster hadn't been explained nor ever will it be.  Only 8% thought it was an accident. 

The crash investigations have all the hallmarks of a cover-up. When the Russian report came out last January, Rafal Rogalski, a lawyer who represents many bereaved families said: 

"I am shocked by the report ... it is an absolute scandal and is not in line with reality. It is absolutely unacceptable. In the matter of the investigation, the families want the truth... not the presentation of just one side..."

Meanwhile journalists who challenge the official story are being imprisoned: "Polish investigative journalist Rafal Gawronski spent 45 days in prison without being sentenced for any crime at all. He was not allowed to use a phone for two weeks. His family and supporters have only just been able to find out where he is after he was arrested for „slander" outside the President's Palace in Warsaw - and simply because he reported the facts about the mysterious Smolensk plane crash incident."


Like 9-11, the Polish coup d'etat is a reminder that we already live in a veiled tyranny.
The New World Order is already here. Has been for some time.

JarosÅ‚aw Rymkiewicz, a famous Polish poet and intellectual guru of the  KaczyÅ„ski camp, said recently that the Polish nation has always been made up of two groups: patriots and collaborators.

Today, this is true of every country. Tyranny wouldn't be possible without the collaboration of a class of "puppet leaders" in business, government, education and media. They are willing to betray the memory of the victims of 9-11 and Smolensk and become accessories by aiding in the cover-ups. They are willing to betray their country, religion and civilization. They are about to reap their reward and I don't think they'll like it.


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Comments for "Polish Crash Cover-Up Continues "

K van V said (August 9, 2011):

Although Putin can easily be an illuminati agent, is this proven by the bogus plane crash which killed the Polish president? It could also be the other way around:

Putin gave orders to crash the plane, because the policies of the Polish president were in fact illuminati policies with a very negative impact for Putin's Russia, such as the NAVO/Poland treaty to install nuclear rockets against Russia on Polish soil. Anyway, to murder people is terrible and should be condemned, no matter the identity of the victims. Putin is far from innocent, for sure, and there is NO justification for such a crime.

This brings me back to my previous question: is the central bank of Russia under strict illuminati control? If my information is correct, Russia is debt free of the Illuminati banking cartel, and it can create Rubles independently, for instance by selling oil to other countries (this is no electronic funny money created out of nothing). The imprisonment of the Jewish/illuminati oligarchs by Putin isn't exactly the act of an illuminati agent either. Jeltsin was more likely the Illuminati agent, if you ask me.
Also, Putin and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn were friends, and Solzhenitsyn warned Putin about the Jewish influence.

Peter said (August 9, 2011):

Although I do respect your views a time, like everyone else, you get off on some wild speculation and tangents.

Putin is not an Illuminati agent. In fact, He got rid of some of the Jewish Oligarchs that were literally destroying Russia in the 1990´s. Khodorkovsky (Jewish Oligarch) was being used by the Rothschild to chisel away the oil wealth from Russia to Western (Rothschild) hands. Putin, a zealous nationalist, destroyed these powerful oligarchs power. I do not think he did this because he is anti-semitic, since he is good friends with Michael Abromovich, another Jewish Oligarch. But Michael never desired to challenge Putin or destroy Russia.

Does it explain why Putin is so hated by the West and vilified by the media. Poland wanted to bring in the Anti-nuclear and first strike American missiles right on Russia´s borders. Imagine if Russia placed Intermediate missile right on the Mexican/American borders. There would be a third world war for sure.

I would agree Putin probably had the Polish leadership eliminated, without a doubt.
I do not agree with much of Putin´s strong handed tactics and anti-democratic propensities.

Poland was a staunch American ally and was rabidly Anti-Russian Poland was under Soviet occupation the 45 years under harsh Soviet rule and it might explain their behavior towards Russia. But who is America to lecture about morality. We killed over a million of innocent Iraqis and still continue to do so. What about all those innocent people in Afghanistan and other third world proxy battles for the last 60 years under the name of freedom and democracy.

I think you need to see the BIG picture. My wife comes from Saint. Petersburg )(she is visiting her parents there now) and that is the home of Putin. He has done alot of good, in spite of his chrony/Fascist tendencies. I have been to Russia 6 times.

Ty said (August 9, 2011):

Not to mention, Putin also said recently that 911 was not an inside job. Now if that does not make one wonder about his agenda, I have no idea what would. Putin said as quoted by RT "This is complete nonsense, it is impossible," Putin said on Monday, responding to a question posed by an attendee of the Seliger 2011 youth forum.
"To imagine that US intelligence services did it deliberately, with their own hands, is complete nonsense," the prime minister said. “Only people who do not understand the workings of security agencies can say that. It would be impossible to conceal it.” (RT)

Now, it might be accurate to say that 911 was not completely an inside job since it was conceived and carried out primarily by Mossad agents; but to suggest there was no inside help either by dual Israeli citizens in the US Government and Military, or that no rouge element of the American Intelligence agencies were not involved is shear nonsense. It would have been impossible to have 911 occur without "inside" help. This begs the question, to whom is Putin beholden? Where are his loyalties? Are they to a Republic style Government free from the Vatican, Crown/Banker, District of Columbia triad of evil, or are his allegiances to freedom and liberty for his nation, America and the world?


RT, politics, "9/11 inside job “impossible to conceal,” says Vladimir Putin" August 2, 2011 Retrieved Aug 9, 2011

Ed said (August 9, 2011):

I could not agree more with your sentiment about president Putin. I don't think there is any evidence pointing to him killing those on board, with the exception of the four man crew, but he certainly has covered up what happened. THEY just keep bribing him to go along with everything. Russia could have stopped Libya, but didn't; they could stand up for Syria, where they now have a naval base, but won't; instead they tell the Assad government to prepare for changes. All of these fake 'anti-nwo' countries just want to be the controlling factor in the upcoming one world government.

Jarek said (August 9, 2011):

I tend to agree with many things in most articles posted on your site, whether written by you or for you, but this is not one of them.

First of all, it is not certain if 4/10 really was a covert assassination, although nobody can rule it out. Then, possibly the most important point, neither of the Kaczyński brothers ever was a true patriot in my eyes and neither were most of those accompanying him on that plane.

Sure, in front of the TV cameras they would bristle up and shake their fists at the evil communists or any other enemy, imaginary or not, but in the end they would always do what the powers that be told them to.

In 2005, when both Lech and Law and Justice (Jarosław's party) won the presidential and parliamentary elections respectively, they had it all and were technically able to make the much-needed fundamental changes they had promised to those naive enough to vote for them.

Instead, perhaps also as a result of a mass hate campaign conducted by the Illuminati-owned media, they began appeasing their political "opponents", parleying with them and eventually ousting the other two (much more socially conservative and anti-EU) coalition parties from the government which in turn brought about its downfall in 2007, followed by a crushing defeat for L&J in the subsequent early elections.

Furthermore, President Lech Kaczyński would continue its predecessors' domestic policy of implementing and strengthening socialism and will go down in history as an arch traitor to our country for signing the Treaty of Lisbon, thus ultimately eviscerating the remnants of Polish sovereignty and selling us to the cabal of international banksters.

And if you still have doubts about him being another puppet or even a co-player in this dirty game, let me remind you that in 1989 he and his brother took active part in the so-called (fake) Round Table Talks which basically laid the foundations for our current miscreant NWO-run state, the Third Polish Republic.

There is one more thing left to say. Contrary to what you wrote, Poland has been in the clutches of the NWO since at least 1939 or even before that, considering the fact that in the interwar period some disturbing events took place, one of them being the establishment of the privately-owned, monopolistic central bank (Bank Polski) in 1924. And if that is not evidence enough, how about us being a founding member of the League of Nations, then?

In conclusion, I don't know what to think about the events surrounding the Smoleńsk disaster. Much like no-one knows for sure what happened on 9/11 or 7/7 even if they all bear the marks of an inside job.

But what I know is that the Kaczyński brothers are not the anti-establishment tribunes of the people that they've always wanted to be presented as. The surviving Jarosław is as cunning a fox as his late brother and certainly knows how to dupe the masses. Regardless of that, one can only hope that the truth about 4/10 will eventually see the light of the day.


Thanks Jarek,

This is very informative. But if the official story were correct, the authorities would be far more transparent in releasing information. The videographer who filmed the crash scene would not have been murdered and journalists would not be persecuted.


R said (August 9, 2011):

Thank you for the update on the coup d'etat in Poland. I had all but forgotten it, what with the news blackout in the U.S.
It made me think of the plane crash and death of Wladyslaw Sikorski, Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile during WW II. In April 1943 he asked the International Red Cross to investigate the Katyn Forest massacre, and the Soviet Union broke off relations with his government. A couple months later his plane crashed after taking off from Gibraltar. One more example of Churchill's (and Roosevelt's) collusion with Stalin.
Poor Poland. The Katyn Forest massacre isn't over, the infamy goes on and on. But one day it won't.


Thanks R

for reminding us of the continuity of history when it is run by satanists.


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