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Let's be Realistic about Ron Paul

December 4, 2011


left. Paul offers a Masonic handshake to Ben Affleck on Bill Maher's show.

Ron Paul is a dream-come- true for corporations who want free trade unrestricted by regulation or taxation.

by Deadeye Dick


In the "conspiracy" media, there is a consensus  that: 1) Ron Paul is the last and only hope of America, and 2) The manifold forces of darkness are arrayed against him.

I will not accuse the good doctor of being a secret zionist, freemason, jesuit or interdimensional reptile. I think he has in some respects been a courageous and useful public servant. 

I do, however, suppose that Ron Paul - whether he knows it or not - is a perfectly acceptable option, and perhaps favored by some elements of the power elite, to be elected in 2012.

Ron Paul has been sponsored and supported not only by the alternative media, but by a network of "Austrian School" think tanks like the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

 As a young congressman enthralled with Austrian economics, he co-wrote "The Case for Gold" with Lewis Lehrman, a Jewish investment banker who later helped guide everything from the Project for a New American Century to the American Enterprise Institute to George Bush, Jr's Arbusto Energy.

The Austrian School updated the ideas of Jeremy Bentham (free trade, usury and the illegitimacy of natural law) for the post-WW2 era.

 Its leading ideologues were Anglo-sponsored "anti-fascist" Jews like Friedrich von Hayek (the tutor of David Rockefeller at the London School of Economics), Ludwig von Mises (who owed his career in America to regular grants and appointments from the Rockefeller Foundation) and Ayn Rand, who popularized Bentham's satanism under the name "objectivism".

Second-generation "Austrians" like Alan Greenspan and Milton Friedman are little discussed as such, since they exposed the program by actually putting it in practice.

The Austrian program is essentially that of Andrew Jackson - anti-nationalism. Paul vows to "End the Fed" and replace it with a deregulated rat's nest of private bank currencies (which is what led to the 1837 panic).

 No mention of bankruptcy for Wall Street or nationalization of credit and currency. He implicitly opposes all tariffs, regulations, subsidies, and any notion of morality in law (i.e. prohibitions on drugs, pornography and other key revenue streams of imperialism).


Paul is committed to paying Wall Street's debts. His recently-published "Plan to Restore America" is an austerity handbook that puts the costs of free trade and bailouts on the backs of poor people.

It cuts or eliminates school lunches, WIC, assistance to Indian reservations and other basic social welfare programs, the environment and what is left of labor unions, while reducing taxes on the wealthy (including elimination of capital gains and inheritance taxes) and corporations.

Despite his welcome anti-war positions, he publicly cites only budgetary and constitutional reasons, never mentioning the human cost of war or larger geostrategic realities being foisted upon the American people. 

He has frequently expressed the desire to allow Israel to "deal with its neighbors" without US approval or intervention. It should be noted that more US foreign aid goes to Israel's "neighbors" than Israel, which is why a substantial number of Israeli economists and zionist activists join Paul in opposing US foreign aid and "interventionism."

What is the "New World Order"?

Look at the world's true "oligarchs." Do they derive their power from TSA body scanners, tear gas and reality TV? Of course not - these are merely used to demoralize the population. 

The global oligarchy controls oil and other strategic raw materials (mineral ores, grain, water, etc.), they control multinational corporations, they control locations of geostrategic importance (shipping routes, micro-state "firewalls" like Tibet). 

They control multinational banks and investment houses, and they use their monopolies on supply and information to speculate in international futures, stock and currency exchanges. 

The "New World Order" is not the overturning of our free-trade, deregulated neoliberal order, but its completion.

The great dream of every Rothschild and Rockefeller is not a global police state, but a universal "free trade" arrangement overseen by a global body. One where national borders proliferate but every national protection - every wage or price standard, regulation, subsidy, tariff or currency control - is removed, where every nation is brought to the lowest common denominator, and where all economic surplus flows to usury, drugs, entertainment, war and other imperial franchises. 

A global government of the "free market" and a global currency based not on political considerations but upon an arbitrary resource (like gold) that can be controlled by the Wall Street / industrial cartel complex.

 In a fenced feudal plantation, the oligarchs will have total control over who is being fattened and who is led to the slaughter.


This has been slightly abridged. The whole article is here. 

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Comments for " Let's be Realistic about Ron Paul"

Tony said (December 6, 2011):

Wanted to say that all one needs to know about life time mason Ron Paul is that he has been in office for around 22 years over a 45 year period. If he was any problem to the moneyed rulers of all he would have been "unelected" long ago, one way or another. He is, without a doubt, controlled opposition. No, more like controlling opposition.

Dick (author) said (December 6, 2011):

In response to Joe (December 6),

1. I am not involved with, nor have I attended any OWS events,
though I agree with the basic premise of making Wall Street pay for this depression rather than a bunch of children on food stamps.

2. Who do you think benefits more from eliminating capital gains – you with your IRA, or Peter Schiff?

3. I started a small business with $250 when I was 21, and have
been running it and making a modest, welfare-free living since
then, and have employed a good number of people over that period.

Having worked closely with some very rich people over the years, I can promise you that most "rich guys" make their money in real
estate, hedge funds and corporate piracy, and the few new business ventures they undertake are either money-losing pet projects or some weird multi-level marketing thing.

You can still find a few real entrepreneurs. My dad started working nights in a slaughterhouse, and worked his way over decades to help build a successful industrial company. After he died a decade ago, the company couldn't compete with Indian-made knock-offs and got sold overseas.

Don't blame poor people for living in a free trade dystopia. How
many crack dealers and English lit majors could have been
industrial engineers, farmers or welders in a different universe?
Do you know that as recently as 2000, 75% of textiles bought in
America were made in America? Today – ZERO. Who got rich? Read about what William Farley did to Fruit of the Loom. The people will follow where the system goes, and our system was broken by gamblers and predators.

Joe said (December 6, 2011):

Deadeye Dick sounds more like someone from Occupy "Someplace" with his portrayal of Ron Paul and the Austrian school of economics. Sometimes the "enemy" (Rockefellers, et al) provide funding to legitimate, truth-seeking, anti-tyranny organizations just to make things look like they are working for the betterment of mankind. Even a pathological liar tells the truth once in awhile.

Ending the capital gains tax benefits more middle class Americans than upper class Americans given how many of us are invested in retirement funds and those who just play the market for the added aggravation of trying to add to our meager net worth.

If Dick would like to elaborate on just how many poor people offered him a job over the years, we would like to hear about it. Now that he's home from camping out for the past couple of months, he should clean up and get with finding suitable employment rather than expecting the gummint to take care of his needs.



Jay said (December 6, 2011):

Typical leftist propaganda.

Ron Paul understands that there is a criminal network in control of America and the world. Everything he proposes, if understood in this light, is designed to undercut the corporate criminal network. He, unlike the author, understands that this network is achieving it's goals through crony capitalism i.e. capitalism that is in bed with government and their regulators. This is designed to procure no bid contracts and to insure that the government wipes out any and all legitimate competition to the network.

Ron Paul offers a prescription on how to do that. Once the criminal network has been successfully neutered we will discover how much wealth we really have and a lot of the problems we currently face will disappear.

Watch Ron Paul, not as a liberal or a conservative, but someone who completely understands the conspiracy and is prescribing a way out.



This reminds me of a true story that occurred in Poland shortly after the beginning of WW2. Two trains full of Jews pull into a station, one fleeing the Nazis in the West, the other fleeing the Soviets in the East. The denizens of each train advise the other to join them.


James said (December 6, 2011):

I wanted to reply to Jason ranting about welfare programs.

the "entitlement" mantra is a mind control op that has been run on the public.

In a free system the notions about welfare would be correct but this is not a free system. For example, a person has no moral mandate to feed the birds. But that changes the moment you decide to keep one in a cage. Starting with the enclosure movement, mankind was kicked off the land and herded into a controlled grid. This is a human farm. And
a farmer does have a responsibility to feed his cows.

It is illegal to live outside the system. So when that system is
intentionally sabotaged, leaving million without work,food, homes,etc
-Yes, society certainly does have an ethical responsibility to care
for the injured - people who are victims of a disaster as surely as
those injured in an earthquake or at ground zero.

This is one more area of untruth coming out of Ron Paul. Rather than entirely repudiate the debt, he is talking about spending which will only come down to austerity in the end. I note that his son Rand proposed to entirely shut down HUD which houses millions of people.
This is not truth - this is cruel and demonic.

I recall in the movie "Gangs of New York" the line something like "you can always pay 1/2 of the poor to butcher the other 1/2". And it seems true enough.

The patriot movement, tea party, etc likes to wrap itself in the flag
as though they represent virtue itself - but; little secret.- its more
akin to a whore wrapped in an expensive fur. The motives are not pure
- it is not the love at truth at work here. Rather its a case where
millions of people have been clued into the fact that they personally have been screwed by the system. And they want to fight back - and the media has been busy egging them on to do so.

JB said (December 6, 2011):

Ron Paul supports a gold standard - has it occurred to anyone that the elite families very likely now own the majority of the world's gold?

And that Fort Knox is reportedly empty of gold?

How is the public interest served if the .0001% own what backs the currency?

Has it occurred to anyone that the fact that the dollar has been
inflated to the point of collapse was foreseen and the eventuality
planned for by those who control the presses? Or do we assume they lack basic mathematical skills?

Does it escape everyone's notice that the likes of Fox news,CNN,
Viacom, etc are promoting Ron Paul?

Or perhaps people think that hosts like Judge Napolitano Jack
Cafferty, Lou Dobbs, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and others are all free
agents who are permitted to say as they like on the very same networks which are the primary tool of the elite for programming the public mind.

Do we really believe that the elite would stand by helplessly as
"their enemy" RP ruins their plans over 100 years in the making? That the vast occult/intelligence networks, though they mow down presidents with impunity and dump presidential aids in dumpsters, are standing around slack jawed fretting about RP? Not only stand by - they allow their own media to "spill the beans" and demonstrate how the "media" are suppressing Ron Paul. Not to mention spilling the beans on the New
World Order.

I understand why the elite cannot be defeated. Because the public has the mind of a child. A mind that thinks in simplistic cowboy and Indian terms due being reared on a staple diet of television and movies. A mind that merely processes memes rather than examining the facts on the ground in detail. A personality that is more concerned with asserting the needs of the ego to be right, to have "outsmarted the elite" rather than loving the truth.

Barry said (December 6, 2011):

Hi Henry! I keep seeing the same old Ron Paulist false right wing belief that the "Founding Fathers" were against anything that might be considered Federal help or "welfare". It is simply not true. The administration of the second American President passed a law taxing seamen's wages to fund the Marine Hospital Service located in various sea ports of the early United States.

In the days of the "tall ships", seamen's back strains, twisted ankles, illnesses caught in the tropics, and venereal diseases made it difficult for ship captains to find enough crewmembers. To solve the economic problems it caused, Congress passed "An Act For The Relief Of Sick and Injured Seamen" and President John Adams signed it making it a law that all seamen were required to pay a 1+% tax on their wages, withheld by the Captain, and submitted to the Federal government. Payment of the tax was required to have a seaman's job. The Marine Hospital Service was established and a number of hospitals were built in the largest ports to treat injured and sick seamen. Ships were not allowed to set sail or return to port if the tax was not paid to the government. This eventually became the Public Health Service headed by the Surgeon General. If a seaman needed medical aid, he was given a health care voucher if his wage tax had been paid and the ship's captain had paid the tax. That this act was created by the founding fathers, who knew the intentions of the U.S. Constitution, proves that mandated federal health care paid by a tax was constitutional, contrary to the Republican right wing that fears incorrectly that it is socialism. It's also the first time taxes were withheld from American wages.

Unknown soldier said (December 5, 2011):

I completely agree with you Mr Makow, the Freemasonic handshake says everything we need to know and understand. It's just too bad that the public still doesn't get it! People will be shocked to know that Libertarianism and ultimately, Anarchism plays a HUGE role in our Luciferian future. How do I know?

I was an anarchist as a young man, then later became a die-hard Libertarian in my years as a young adult. Now, I'm older and wiser having understood the agenda of our Luciferian overlords and how they are breaking down all of our human civilizations. It was you Mr. Makow that got me to understand that the global agenda is not simply Zionist, but also Luciferian or Satanic in character! Keep up the great work!

Charlotte said (December 5, 2011):

I enjoy your articles so much! Thank you for opening the eyes of the people.

I used to think that Ron Paul was the right person to lead our nation but I am now suspecting that he is one of the most deepest of all sleeper agents for the Illuminati/freemasons.

He makes no mention of how the fraudulent odious debt of the banks will be handled. His presidency could indeed usher in one of the most repressive regimes to date if the American people are forced to pay the debts of the banks and we fail to reform the corrupt courts and law enforcement agencies.

Thank you for your courage.

Bill said (December 5, 2011):

I read your version of Let's be Realistic about Ron Paul and then read Deadeye Dick's original. I can see why you are searching for new writers. This one is a dud.

We are supposed to believe that the Austrian School of Economics, which opposes Keynesianism is the tool of British Imperialism? That by abolishing the FED and the IRS and letting the American people keep the fruits of their labor, we are somehow helping the oligarchists who own the FED? My expectation is that Ron Paul would renounce the national debt, seize all assets of (nationalize) the FED and hopefully prosecute the owners for recovery of the gold and other assets stolen from the American people since 1913. Use Interpol to hunt them down world-wide like Nazi war criminals.

I have always considered Andrew Jackson a hero for killing the central bank of the US at that time. How can his cause be considered "anti-nationalist?" He kept a national currency in accordance with our Constitution. However, I think relaxing legal tender laws would be great. Anything that give the people more options and relieve the monopoly force of Big Government should be welcomed. Speaking of which, Dr. Paul has pledged to abolish 5 entire departments of the Federal government and slash whatever remains. he would get the UN out of the US and the US out the UN. Does this sound like NWO advancing policies to you?

I really have no idea about Masonic or Rockefeller connections. That's why I read your site and rely on you to do the research for me. However, my faith in you is a bit shaken after reading this hit piece on a true American hero - Ron Paul.



We all want to believe in someone, and the possibility of change that benefits the people.
JFK was the last President to represent this and look what happened to him. Were his killers ever brought to justice? They still run the USA. Even if Ron Paul were elected, do you think he could enact his policies?




Loch said (December 5, 2011):

Ron Paul seems tobe an honorable man. He tells the truth. Corp orations may own everything, and everyone, but consider if RP was in office. There would be no multi-trillion bailouts to those corporations. If he does not support welfare to poor people, the neither does he support it for rich people.

If all we get with Ron Paul is integrity and a level playing field, I think that's enough.

Victoria said (December 5, 2011):

As a single human being, there is probably a limited amount that Ron Paul can do about the rot that has set into American society and, therefore, that in all Western nations. However, the one thing he is capable of doing is inspiring others to use their own creativity and energy to tackle some of the problems we're having. He's a man of vision (he foresaw back in the 1970's exactly where the economy was heading and has tried constantly since then to warn people); a man of integrity and courage (he often votes, if necessary, by himself, on issues of significance); a man of morality (married to the same woman for 54 years); a man who is humble, who has no immense ego to feed and who thanks his supporters for joining 'the revolution', not himself; he's honest (sends back surplus funds from the running of his Washington office every year); he's an intellectual who has written many books about where he thinks American society needs to be improved upon; a man of peace (wants to bring the U.S. troops home and stay out of other countries' business) etc. etc. etc.

Jason -- part 2 said (December 5, 2011):

“Despite his welcome anti-war positions, he publicly cites only budgetary and constitutional reasons, never mentioning the human cost of war”

This is another flat out lie.

Just with a simple Google search I found one of many quotes from Ron Paul’s moral stance on war

(Talking about war and the war on drugs)

."I think that's anotherwar we ought to cancel.... They kill a lot morepeople than the illegal drugs....

Clearly Paul is stating the value of human life and its cost in every aspect of war. Is that not enough of a moral stance? The author is either being obtuse or he’s quite the narcissist; and I wouldn’t put it past him that he even works for the corporate elite liberal progressives that plague our controlled media.

I hope that anyone reading this article has enough insight to see it as nothing more than a biased and ignorant rant. When you do your research it’s easy to sift through the crap and this article is just that. Crap.

Jason said (December 5, 2011):

This entire article seems like just another baseless attack on Ron Paul; all using generalities and ambiguity.

“Paul is committed to paying Wall Street's debts. His recently-published "Plan to RestoreAmerica" is an austerity handbook that puts the costs of free trade and bailouts on the backs of poor people”

Did the author even read Paul’s book in its entirety? Apparently the author has not followed Paul’s career and campaign in its entirety and doesn’t fully understand Paul’s Constitutional stance on most issues. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that closely resembles an American founding father. He is against all welfare programs because it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL to FORCE people to give to charity. Not only are welfare programs unconstitutional they are eventually corrupted. (I.e. Medicare and Social Security)

Not only are they infringing on the rights of others, welfare programs take away personal responsibility for the average American, but they also give more relevance to big government. This is something Ron Paul CONSTANTLY rants about. It has nothing to do with “shifting the debt on to the backs of the poor” it’s about restoring personal responsibility and small restricted government in the free market. Many new and veteran American business entrepreneurs have said it’s EASIER to start a business in China. There are too many taxes and regulations in theUnited States to successfully start and maintain a business. No wonder so many jobs have packed up and moved overseas. And the elite WANT it that way. No jobs mean broken desperate Americans to come begging for Federal and State assistance. What better way to usher in the new socialist America?

Maria said (December 4, 2011):

I think the top is the sentence "Despite his welcome anti-war positions, he publicly cites only budgetary and constitutional reasons, never mentioning the human cost of war or larger geostrategic realities being foisted upon the American people."

Anyone who has even a limited knowledge of Ron Paul's stance would be amazed that such a sentence could ever be written.

(Some time ago you published an article stating that Ron Paul talks about auditing the Fed but never mentions ending it. At least this author is aware that he has even written a book entitled "End the Fed"!)

Ron Paul is a extremely deep person. He is not someone you understand with some quick read and applying catch-phrases.

I don't think you'll appreciate my suggestion, but please do yourself a favor and devote some time to understand what he is saying and where his ideas come from. You would learn a lot from that and you would be happy you did.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at